but god his v is just perfect

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RFA + V & Saeran head-canons with a super ticklish MC? Have a good night!

lololol yas!! love me some tickles ^-^


  • rule number 1: never tickle Yoosung
  • rule number 2: never let Yoosung tickle you back
  • because
  • he knows all the good spots that just make ticklish people go c r a z y
  • how does he know?
  • well, he’s a ticklish baby himself so obviously he’d know his stuff
  • sometimes he’d be the little demon he was and while MC and him were gaming or whatever and he wanted her to lose, he’d do that knee tickle thing 
    • u know that really light tickle that happens when someone drags their fingers across your knee DO YOU UNDERSTAND WAHT I’M SAYING
  • MC literally loses the game immediately after that because it’s too hard to bare!!!!!!!!


  • ho boy
  • he wasn’t the “average tickler” because heheehheehehhehehe
  • dirty Zenny likes to tickle under the shirt 
  • woeowwowoeowoow
  • “MC, come here!”
  • a seemingly un-harmful, happy invite for her to sit on his lap am i right?
  • the fuckin moment she sits down he shoves his hands up her shirt not that high okay only on her tummy pls get. it. together. 
  • it’s just so adorable and the way MC becomes flushed and red afterwards makes just makes him bsrgneozrusbvnw;orudbjvne;udifbkjl 
  • ya feel?


  • Baehee has never tickled anyone else other than her neice ok
  • so she was real shook when she found out that MC was ticklish like
  • “I thought those feelings left as you got older? I’m not ticklish myself so..”
  • MC’s left eye starts twitching because she just had the most devious idea
  • *cue tickle attack*
  • too bad because it’s true lmao
  • Jaehee just stood there expressionless like “mc wat r u doin pls staph touching me”
  • but.. but..
  • omg jaehee so scary what happened to you


  • he found out by accident because
  • they were getting ready for a ~fancy~ night out right
  • and MC was having trouble with those tiny ass buckles on her heels
    • gurls u know whatt i’m talkin about
  • k so Mr. Han being the gentlemanly man he was went about to help her and the moment he touched her ankle
  • um i mean she chuckled real softly and like super feminine and shit
  • and Jumin just raises his eyebrows and gives her The Look™ of confusion
  • and she’s like “hehe I’m quite ticklish”
  • i’m sorry, what?
  • he’s never heard of that word before so he asks MC to demonstrate (lol) so she tries to tickle him and u would not believe this but


  • bro lbr you SAW IT COMING OK
  • like ph-lease
  • it’s 707, memelord, literal god of the internet and pranks so he obviously thought to tickle MC the very moment he met her
  • and once he found out that she was the most precious and ticklish her person on the planet… he had no mercy 
  • tickles left and right, in the morning, right before bed, even during her beauty sleep??? most definitely. you don’t want tickles while you’re reading? well too bad you’re getting them. tickles in the car are dangerous but does that stop him? no it doesn’t because he lives on edge do u hear me he’s a hacker, a secret agent-
  • right so back on topic:
  •  because he was such a bully and would not let MC go a day without tickles he woke up one day with his hands tied together
  • “Seven, you’re gonna get a taste of your own medicine today.”
  • uh-oh


  • he was so lost when MC started laughing because he was poking her sides
  • he thought he was hurting her??? or something because well 
  • i mean she had tears forming in the corner of her eyes
  • and he already stopped poking but she wouldn’t stop laughing just what kind of sorcery
  • “MC, are you okay?”
  • after she finally calmed the f down she let this little puppy know that she was alright aand asked him if he wanted to try being tickled
  • cinnamon bun has never been tickled before (maybe by Saeyoung back in the bad good ol’ days but it’s been too long)
  • OMG u wish u were there because he was bursting out with laughter belly filled to the brim with joy 
  • his eyes were squeezed shut because it tickled so much it hurt he couldn’t even breathe lmao
  • it was just great


  • guyssssssssss
  • the minute MC starts laughing because he was being devious and tickled her for ~experimental purposes~ he ripped out his camera
  • it literally came with the speed of light and out of some magic portal found around his neck
  • it’s just camera snaps all around and he isn’t just taking pictures
  • nononono that isn’t how famous photographer v does his job
  • he’s literally those people who take pictures of models like
  • “Work it, MC, work the camera, that’s right, perfect, more, give me more smile. Keep those giggles going, yes! exactement!”
  • oh my god hoW EMBARRASSING
  • he also never lets MC live it down
  • and he shows the entire RFA the laughing mess MC becomes whenever he tickles her even the tiniest bit
  • new secret weapon? totally.

i used to be SO TICKLISH it wasn’t even funny 

~Cherry L.

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Dorm Rooms ~ Rowaelin NSFW

So I decided to go for just the dorm room AU but im not too sure how it is so let me know.
I can also continue it if yall want but as I said, let me know 😊


Aelin lay face down on her small squeaky dorm bed. Lysandra was out clubbing with Aelins cousin and had offered for her to join but she had refused, all she wanted to do was stay in bed and mope but she was beginning to regret her decision as she lay alone in silence.

Before Aelin could wallow in her thoughts any longer music started blaring from the dorm next door.

Fucking Rowan Whitehorn.

That guy drive her bloody insane and they hate they had for each other was undying. Someone was always having to pull them away frim tearing each ithers throats out.

She pounded on the wall in hopes that he would shut up but just like always the music kept playing. It wouldn’t be so bad if maybe he actually played some decent music for once but apparently that was just too much to ask for.

Aelin slammed her fist against the wall again and even tried kicking it but to no avail. Letting out an angered growl she rolled out of bed, threw open her door and barged straight into the buzzards room without knocking. Rowan spun on his heel and came face to face with a very pissed of Aelin.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing” he roared over the blaring music and Aelin wanted to reply but she was taken aback by the sight in front of her. She had clearly barged into Rowans room just as he got out the shower. His white hair was stuck to his forehead, droplets of water running down his smooth chiselled chest. Damn his chest. His tattoos didn’t stop at his neck but instead ran the full length of his side. His towel hung low on his hips giving Aelin the perfect view of his V-line. But the music screaming in her ears brought her back to the reason she was here in the first place.

“Turn down your god damn music” she roared back which started what had to be their 100th screaming contest of the week.

Aelin tried to skirt around Rowan to turn of the infuriating music but Rowan was quicker and grabbed her by the arm before she could reach it. Heat flared inside her gut at the contact and her breath hitched in her throat, his heat radiating onto her.

She had no idea what came over her but one minute she was furious and ready to smack him across the face and the next she was shoving her lips against the guy she hated most. She expected him to shove her off of him but instead found herself being pushed back against the wall, Rowan taking her free hand in his and pinning them above her head. Aelin made a small noise in the back of her throat as Rowans tongue began exploring her mouth and taking her lip between his teeth. He moved from her lips and began trailing a line of kisses down her jaw and to her collarbone.

“I-I still hate you” she panted as Rowan began sucking on her soft spot “feelings mutual” he replied before biting her neck, Aelin let out a strangled gasp, her body pushing out against Rowans bare chest. She could feel his hardness pressing against her stomach and pulled one of her hands from his grip to reach down and rub her palm against him. Rowan buried his head in the crook of Aelins neck and pushed himself further into Aelins palm. Aelin grabbed the bottom of her top and pulled it over her head along with her jeans and then ripped Rowans towel from his hips. Their lips reconnected and Aelin took his firm length in her hand, slowly moving it back and forth as she tried to fight for dominance but failing. Rowan pushed her further against the wall sandwiching her between the hot hard planes of his muscle and the cold surface of the wall.

“Wait” Aelin paused “what about Lorcan?”
“Out-he’s out”

She continued to tug his hardness, slowly speeding up as he started to jerk in her hand. He grabbed her panties but instead of pulling them down her legs he ripped them off and moved his hand to her sensitive spot and began rub his thumb against her bundle of nerves. Her grip tightened on his length as he inserted his middle finger inside her “fuck your wet” he growled into her mouth as he sped up his actions. Aelins movements sped up as Rowan inserted another finger, then another. Her head falling back against the wall, baring her neck to him as her pleasure increased and he nussled his nose into her neck.

Suddenly Rowan removed his fingers from her and pulled out of Aelins grip causing her to let out a small whimper
“what are we doing” he gasped against her smooth skin
“hate sex” was all she could think to reply with “don’t worry, this doesn’t suddenly make us like each other so just fuck me already you buzzard” Rowan grinned before taking off her bra and lifting Aelins legs to wrap around him so he could go back to holding her hands above her head.

Rowan thrust himself inside Aelin and she let out a small squeal, squeezing her eyes shut as he began to move himself inside her letting out a grunt. Their skin was flush against each other, her boobs pressed against his chest. Aelin kissed Rowans neck and he moved his head to the side to allow her better access. She nibbled against the soft exposed skin leaving marks just as he had to her.

Rowan speed started to quicken and Aelins back was hitting against the wall so if Lysandra had made it home by now with her cousin then she was fucked. Literally and figuratively. Moans started making their way from Aelins mouth as Rowan pounded into her over and over again, sweat running down his forehead, his groans becoming louder.

Rowan took both Aelins hands in one and began massaging her breast in his large hand, she let out a whimper and Rowan took the other nipple in his mouth. His tongue swirling around the hard nub and rolling it between his teeth. He pinched the other between his fingers and Aelin tugged on his white hair causing him to look like a wet mess.

Aelin let out a shriek as Rowan hit her in just the right place, her moans becoming louder than the music she had originally come to turn off
“look who’s being loud now” Rowan panted against her
“fuck off”
“I don’t think either of us want that right now” he roared “fuck… im close” but Aelin could only nod in agreement. Rowan pressed his tongue into Aelins mouth drawing one last throaty moan from her before she clenched around him and screamed as she came to her high. Rowan kept thrusting, letting her ride through her orgasm before he too exploded with a roar. Neither of them caring who could hear them through the flimsy dorm room walls.

He pulled out of her with a pop and walked them over to his small dorm bed that he could barely fit on and let her lay half on top of him. Both exhausted from the sex, falling asleep as soon as the covers were up.

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RFA + V + Saeran with MC who wears glasses please ^_^

AAAAAaaaaaaa i love this request, this is for all you glasses wearing cuties!! i also wear glasses, so this was a pretty good way to cheer myself up after a long week. but anyways thank you!!!!


  • he finds it so sooo cute
  • “can you see me without them?”
  • when you lose them omg
  • he’ll go the depths of hell to retrieve them
  • “how will my love see me now noNONOnONoN”
  • sometimes he’ll ask you if he should just get glasses
  • i mean probably bc ur always on ur damn computer
  • when u went in a haunted house once he bumped into you
  • and your glasses fell somewhere
  • not only was it was dark as shit
  • but you were also blind
  • basically you walk away somewhere and somehow get out safe and sound
  • you had a staff member go look for him though omdsjnf
  • poor kid he was about to pee himself


  • yoyoyooyyo hey cute girl
  • he thinks you’re cute with or without them
  • “my beauty must be blinding”
  • lmao u saw that one coming
  • he once asked you if he could try them on
  • shit ohgnogsakjn
  • he looks better than you
  • stop posing sTOP GIV e THEM BA CK
  • “these are more stylish than i thought”
  • gah he would love ur confused sleepy eyes in the morning
  • kisses ur nose onjdnfojan
  • i’m gonna cry
  • would definitely wear some to match with you
  • sunglasses are a must


  • she likes them 
  • a lot more than she’s willing to admit 
  • like once she let you try on the pair she wears to work 
  • you expected it to be all blurry
  • but you were hella confused when it made no difference 
  • “these don’t work???” 
  • jaehee has to explain that they aren’t even prescription glasses  
  • and ur just so confused like 
  • “why do you wear them to work then?” 
  • “don’t get me started” 
  • but listen she will carry around your case  
  • and clean them for you
  • she’s so caring wtf my gf 
  • seeing you wearing glasses kinda makes her feel some sort of way


  • wow this is his new kink
  • bro he finds it so attractive 
  • he’s obsessed with glasses on you now 
  • lmao his attraction for cats has shifted onto glasses help 
  • “do you want another pair? we can go shopping today if you want” 
  • yo you have so many now 
  • “jumin these aren’t any different from the last ones” 
  • “no no, this one has aqua accents, the last one had turquoise accents.”
  • ok whatever u say sweetie
  • he’d totally be up for you to keep them on while you two are getting it on  
  • honestly such a turn on wow 
  • but what if you wear cat ears with it 


  • we are glasses buddies!! 
  • totally would match with eachother 
  • fucksjsn wear the ugliest pairs of glasses y'all can find
  • u kno what i’m talking about
  • like those purple star ones 
  • yikes 
  • but it’s so funny 
  • who let you two out in public 
  • honestly so embarrassing 
  • he would hide ur glasses from you 
  • “help seven where’s our kitchen” 
  • he’s so stupid he can’t find his either 
  • “i don’t know is this u?” he says caressing a lamp 
  • y'all are a mess
  • lost without any hope who will help 
  • eventually vanderwood or saeran have to come and pick them up from ur bedside table  
  • “i aM aLIVE” 


  •  “is this fashion”
  •  your glasses remind him of his brother 
  •  uh Oh
  •  but he does think you look good in them 
  • “i mean– you’re not terrible looking” 
  • thanks for the compliment sweet pea 
  • what are emo glasses  
  • well he has just created them 
  • you never knew this could be a thing 
  • but it’s saeran cmon
  • he can make anything edgy 
  • just imagine omg 
  • glasses with studs and spikes bro 
  • a technical weapon 
  • he’s scary but it’s kinda cute 
  • “let’s stick with these round ones ok”
  •  “but–” 
  • “no honey you don’t wear those until you want to get arrested for wielding a weapon in public”


  • well like  
  • he can’t see 
  • usneksk i’m so sorry  
  • but your glasses make it easier for him to recognize you 
  • in his mind you look pretty cute with them on 
  • he’d probably put them on you whenever you don’t have them on 
  • “there you go! perfect” 
  • smiles like the sun
  • uhsjsk oh no my heart 
  • he wishes he could see how you look
  • “oh!! mc your glasses are a different color now!!” 
  • seven tells you that 
  • v is just next to you and simply nodding 
  • but he wishes he could see it 
  • oh my god this took a very sad turn i’m actually about to cry

GET TO KNOW ME MEME: {1/5 favorite male characters} Lex Luthor Junior

“See, what we call God depends upon our tribe, Clark Joe, ‘cause God is tribal; God takes sides! No man in the sky intervened when I was a boy to deliver me from daddy’s fist and abominations. I figured out way back: if God is all-powerful, he cannot be all good. And if he is all good, then he cannot be all-powerful. And neither can you be.

May I use my tie? (Anakin Smut)

Pairing: Anakin Skywalker x reader

Warning: smut (this is hella kinky, get ready for it oops)

Plot: Anakin gets all dressed up for an event, leaving his lover at home, very sexually frustrated, which leads to Ani dominating her once he gets home.

A/N: I have like 5 other requests and instead I write this?? I’m sorry??

Let’s just pretend Jedi’s sometimes wear suits, okay? Or let’s just pretend this is a parallel universe in which anakin is a normal man, whatever lmao


It was 9am, you were wrapped up comfortably in your soft bed sheets, but something wasn’t as usual. Your boyfriend, who would normally be right there next to you, wasn’t there.

Instead, he was standing a few metres from you, in front of the large mirror. He was getting ready for an important meeting and was dressed appropriately.

His jet black pants hugged his muscular yet slim legs perfectly, combined with a bright white shirt that sat tightly around his strong upper arms and chest, showing his muscles. You eyed his broad shoulders admiringly, your eyes still tired.

His skin looked as soft as ever and his hair was nearly a little too neat for your liking.

The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up halfway as he did the buttons on it slowly, but he stopped when he saw your reflection in the mirror, staring at him with an open mouth.

“Like what you see?”, he asked cockily, his voice sounding wide awake in comparison to yours, although you could still make out the extra low tone it was in every morning.

Like was an understatement, considering how your stomach flipped at the sight of him. Your mind went places you couldn’t control, imagining running your hands over his shoulders, scratching down his back, moving down his toned abs towards his v-line, pulling on the hem of his pants…

You were speechless, just smiling at him shyly, falling back into your pillow whilst letting out a content sigh. Moments like these you started questioning how you got a boyfriend this god-like.

“Do I look alright?”, he questioned.

“Ani, you look better than perfect, I- I don’t wanna let you go now”, you said, stunned.

“This is an important meeting, I gotta go, I’m sorry. But I’ll let you have a piece of this-”, he said, gesturing towards himself whilst grinning cheekily, “-when I get home.”

You groaned, showing how frustated you were.

Anakin chuckled and walked over, sitting down on the edge of the bed. His gentle hand came to stroke your cheek, as he explained “I’ll be back around 7, I’ll miss you, love”.

Then he kissed your forehead and grabbed his tie from the nightshift table, before leaving you, all alone in the king sized bed, which felt very empty without Ani next to you.

After a couple minutes of rolling around between the sheets, you decided to make the best of the day and got up.

All day long you did housework, cleaned up and even tried reading a book to take your mind off things, but nothing could drive your needy thoughts out of your brain.

Not 10 minutes passed when you didn’t think of his hands on your body and his hips between your thighs, his weight on top of you, his body warmth radiating off him, his hot breaths on your neck…

You knew he would probably be busy, but not able to control yourself you pulled out your phone to text him.

“I miss you already”, you wrote.

Unexpectedly quickly, he replied.

Inhaling sharply you stared at the picture of his crotch, the bulge of his member clearly visible. “Which part of me are you referring to exactly?”, he wrote under it.

All you could do was grin at his comment, but you knew what he was doing would just leave you more frustrated than before.

The picture of him in that suit from the morning wouldn’t let go of you as your thoughts travelled off once more. You thought of his tie around your wrists, you not being able to touch him, him having complete control over you.

Anakin was naturally in charge when the two of you had sex, but now and then he let you dominate him.

You enjoyed it whenever he let you, but you weren’t gonna lie, you preferred his dominant, commanding side, the things he would do to you…

6:30 pm.

Thinking of something to text him, you felt yourself getting more and more turned on as the picture of him tying you to the bed, teasing you endlessly, didn’t leave your head. You decided just to be straightforward this time.

“Can you tie me up later?” You clicked send, eagerly awaiting his answer.

As if he could read your mind, he replied: “May I use my tie for that, love?”

Your body responded to his simple words more than you had expected as you felt your sexual frustration grow, a wetness spreading between your thighs, the more you thought about the idea.

“Please”, you wrote quickly.

6:45 pm.

Ten minutes had passed and he hadn’t texted you anything.

You knew you shouldn’t, but you couldn’t contain your anticipation, so you sent him another message:

“Ani I need you so bad right now”

Your thighs pressed together involuntary, creating a little friction, but it didn’t do much for you.


Another message from Anakin appeared on your screen.

“Don’t you dare do anything until I’m home, understood?”

6:57 pm.

You can’t hold back as your finger presses tightly against your clit to release some tension but it doesn’t help a single bit, if anything, you long for even more now, making you sigh of tension.

At exactly 7 o'clock you could hear the familiar sound of the front door opening, making you jump slightly.

Trying to stay collected, you walked to greet your boyfriend.

As you saw him, your calmness was instantly blown away as none of you said a word but locked lips passionately. In no time the kiss grew into making out, your tongues moving against each other perfectly.

His hand grabbed your ass roughly as his body pressed against yours, guiding you towards the bedroom.

Between needy kisses and heavy breaths, you pulled his jacket off him. By the time the two of you had reached the bedroom, your shirt and bra were off, leaving a trail of fabric on the floor.

Anakins hands glided over your boobs, leaving you shivering, before he grabbed your waist tightly, pushing you down onto your shared bed.

It was already pretty dark outside and the light in the room wasn’t on, but the soft street lights that shone onto Anakin made him look incredible, even angelic, as he towered over you, straddling your hips.

Your anticipation grew when he pulled off his tie in one swift motion. By now, his hair was completely messed up and the top buttons of his shirt were open, showing his collarbones and extremely kissable neck, there was no point in denying, he looked utterly hot.

He glanced at you with determination, then grabbed your wrists, pressed them above your head and tied them together tightly.

“Those stay where they are, understood?”, he demanded rather than asked after he was satisfied with the knot around your wrists.

By now you were dripping wet of anticipation and you couldn’t do more than nod hastily at Anakin, who looked very pleased with what he saw before him.

The dominance in his voice made your stomach turn. Then his tender lips came down on yours, but pulling away far too quickly, just to move downwards, sucking and biting on your favorite spot, just where your shoulder meets your neck. You moaned quietly, earning a low chuckle from Anakin, his hot breath ghosting over the skin on your neck shortly, before he pulled away once more.

He kissed you again, deeply this time as if he was taking in every second of the moment. His mouth lingered over yours for a moment, then he asked with a husky voice: “You know your safe word?”, against your lips.

Once again, all you could do was nod for him, but he understood instantly. He continued kissing down your chest, flicking his tongue over each of your sensitive nipples, then biting down on the soft flesh of your hips.

As he positioned himself between your legs, caressing your thighs endearingly, you stared at him intensely and let out a shaky breath.

Painfully slowly he linked his delicate fingers with the fabric of your panties and whilst he slid them off your legs he commanded: “Do not make a noise, gotten that?”

One last time you nodded at him, watching him as he unbuttoned his shirt, showing off his toned body, the lighting making the usually sharp lines of his muscles appear much softer.

He looked pleased with himself as he slid one of his delicate fingers along your center and realized how wet you were for him.

Immediately you whimpered as you once again were reminded how badly you wanted him.

The cold air hit your center as he pulled away his finger again. “What did I say?”, he looked down at you, his dark eyes full of lust.

You sent him an apologetic look, to which he reacted surprisingly understanding.

As he started touching you again, slowly at first, you had to remind yourself multiple times to keep your mouth shut.

With time, his fingers moved downwards, gliding into you, pumping in and out at a steady pace.

Your hands were desperate to hold onto something, pull his soft hair, but you knew he would stop once you ignored his commands.

A moan nearly left your mouth when Anakins breath hit your center. Licking a strip along your clit, his fingers never stopped moving inside of you, hitting your sweet spot repeatedly.

A familiar knot started forming in your stomach at the speed of his tongue flicking over your clit, sucking and even biting softly, which he knew would drive you insane.

You bit your lip, frantically trying not to cry out in pleasure which, in the long time, would’ve never worked out, but you felt your orgasm building up quickly, as Anakin didn’t slow down one second.

Through your lips pressed close, you whimpered helplessly as you came. Your thighs moved together, but Anakin pulled away his hand and gripped both of them, pulling them apart.

His tongue didn’t stop licking your center, which hurt slightly, but at the same time it felt amazing.

Without your control, your legs started shaking whilst in his iron tight grip and your back arched against the soft mattress, your chest heaving with heavy breaths of ecstasy, your eyes shut tightly.

After a couple of seconds and some more of your whimpers he finally slows down until he completely detaches his mouth from your clit.

“Good girl”, he spoke as he kissed your thighs admiringly.

Your eyes were still closed, but you could hear him getting off the bed and the sound of the zipper of his pants being pulled open.

Coming down from your high, your eyes flutter open as you make out his muscular figure.

Eagerly, he pulled down his pants, along with his underwear, revealing his fully hard member.

Your mind flashed back to the morning, as he now once more stroked your cheek carefully like then.

You knew him well enough to understand what he was thinking of, so you parted your lips obediently.

Carefully at first, he pushed his hips forward, his shaft gliding over your tongue, you licking it, making Anakin curse under his breath. His slow thrusts become more demanding and sharp after some time, hitting the back of your throat now and then, but you were still fine.

Anakins breathing quickened and you could feel his movement become unsteady. You knew he was close to coming in your mouth, but before he could release, he pulled away.

“Saving that for later”, he said, clearly out of breath, yet chuckling lightly.

Moving over to your bedside table, he picked up your sleeping mask, signalling you to lift your head to put it on.

Your stomach twisted in excitement once more as he bent down to your ear and breathed “Don’t move a muscle”, before you could make out his footsteps leaving the room.

You asked yourself how it was possible for him not to have gone crazy yet, because you sure as hell were close to it, but you were interrupted by Anakin arriving back.

The mattress sunk where he placed himself between your legs once more and you let out a small moan in anticipation.

“Anakin-”, you managed to let out, your voice weak.

“Patience, my love”, he claimed.

Suddenly you felt something ice cold touching your lips, followed by Anakin kissing you, the warmth of his lips soothing you.

He ran the ice cube down your jaw, leaving a cold, wet line on your skin, before his mouth once more kissed over it, the sensation making your breath quicken.

Although you had just come, you felt a wetness pooling between your thighs once more.

Anakin moved to your breasts, doing the same thing as before, running the piece of ice over your skin just to suck on it afterwards.

You lifted your head, wanting to follow his every move as he made his way lower and lower, but the blindfold kept you from it. Without warning he pressed the ice cube directly on you clit, giving you goosebumps.

You squealed excitedly when he replaced the ice with his mouth.

It still felt a little sore from before, but after a couple seconds had passed, you felt the pleasure taking over once more.

“You’re allowed to moan now”, Anakin said, his voice sending vibrations through your body, making you throw your head back in pleasure.

Your moans and cries became more as Anakin used his hand to rub your center, whilst still licking and sucking at the same time.

Slowly but surely, your high was built up again. Anakins name left your lips repeatedly, not holding back your shrieks anymore.

At some point he reached for the blindfold, taking it off swiftly,

“Anakin, I- I’m gonna-”, was all you could let out before your orgasm took over your body.

You moaned loudly before biting down on the sheet next to your head.

Your entire body shook in ecstasy and you felt a wave of happiness run through you, as you, coming down from your high, looked up and noticed your boyfriend smiling at you sweetly.

That sweetness only lasted for seconds before his own needs took control of him.

“Get on your knees for me now, would you?”, he ordered while he untied the knot on your wrists.

You felt content by now, but you wanted to do everything possible to make Anakin feel as amazing as he just made you feel.

Facing the wall, your ass pointed in his direction. You held yourself up on your arms, still feeling a bit shaky from your second orgasm.

His hand caressed your back softly, before pushing your upper body down onto the bed, your cheek pressing against the soft material of the sheets.

He was stood behind you, rubbing the head of his member over your sensitive bundle of nerves a couple times, making you wince quietly. Reacting to your voice he pushed himself in, filling you up completely.

“Ready?”, he asked, and before you had nodded your head one single time, Anakin pulled out nearly fully, just to slam into you again. He gripped your hips aggressively so he could pull you even closer to him as his skin slapped against yours over and over.

The sound of your moans and his name falling from your lips now and then only motivated him to fuck you harder and faster.

The strong grip on your hips made you be sure there would be marks left tomorrow, but you honestly couldn’t have cared less.

Your hands were clinging to your soft silky sheets, but it didn’t do much for comfort as your ears picked up his cursing and moans under his breath, just turning you on more.

As you felt his thrusts become sloppier you moaned his name extra loudly, knowing it would drive him over the edge, and it did.

His last thrusts were hard but slow, accompanied by a raspy moan and your name falling from his lips.

It took the two of you some time to catch your breaths as you both felt in complete awe for each other.

After you had cleaned up yourselves, you threw on one of his huge shirts, cuddled up next to him underneath the sheets and kissed him sweetly.

“You okay?”, he asked, looking at you caring.

“More than that, that was amazing, you’re amazing, you spilled out, finally being able to speak again, now that your breathing was back to normal.

He chuckled a little before pressing another kiss to your forehead. His hands stroked your hair gently, allowing you to drift off to a good nights sleep.

It’s a little thing but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone talk about Lex saying “Mother of God, would you look at the time!” at the end of his big villain monologue scene. It’s just great how he has to throw that last sarcastic dig in there, playing on the idea of Martha being the mother of a “god”, and it perfectly captures both Lex’s love of wordplay and the way he revels in his own cruelty.

bettysponytaiil  asked:

Just wondering if you had any Riverdale crackships ? Me personally growing up reading the comics I loved the idea of Betty & Reggie.(He treated her a lot better than Ginger virus did) For now I 100% ship Bughead. But if for whatever reason down the road they take a break I wouldn't mind seeing Betty & Reggie. My No otp is Veronica & Jughead. Dear God no.

Actually weirdly, I first really liked Veronica (this version) and thought she and Juggie would be perfect, hot, dark haired people, making snarky, sexy quips (sorry). Then Bughead kisses were leaked (or whatever) and I realized I could reaaalllyyyyyy dig it (just after episode four and my sobbing over his homelessness). Truth be told, there are comic versions where Veronica DOES fall for Jughead and it kinda works.

However……I never, EVER understood why neither B nor V wanted Reggie….yeah, he can be a jerk, but really no worse than Douchie (remember, I hate comic Archie, too)—and we’ve seen times he actually consoled Betty over Archie, as well. Plus Reggie’s better looking and rich, so I would’ve totally dug him.

And could see him with either lady. Oh or IF they ever show her, Midge dumps Moose’s cheating insensitive ass for Reggie. Or Juggie while Bughead’s temporarily split up….

anonymous asked:

[climbs thru ur window] hello friend!! i was wondering if u could possibly do a rfa + v and unknown in college hc?? 😄 (or just yoosung if ur not feelin it) hope u have a great day !! [tuck and rolls while dabbing out the door]

& anotha one:  Hi! I love your blog, such great headcanons! If I may request if you haven’t done this already- university au headcanons of RFA + V? Like their majors and how they hang out? Thanks you lovely!

oh hello welcome welcome pls come in and make urself at home. do u want coffee or tea?? we live in the apartment complex of mysme hell. i couldn’t stop thinking about this…….. get fucking READY,,,, i’d respond with a dab too but the last time i dabbed i hit someone in the face so let’s..,,, not… annieways i’m probably basing this college off something like a small college city of thing, i’m touring colleges rn so this is especially fun!!

this is gonna be long, more under the cut!


the type of guy to probably end up in marketing or business for a major, and absolutely lives and dies for that shit. find him at the library quietly studying or spending time on his dad’s yacht on the weekends. probably diligently prepares for every single exam and aces his classes; this isn’t surprising since he acts as if he’s sold his soul to his major. probably the kind of guy that raises his hand to answer every question. not to be a dick or anything but just because he really does know and has already gone over the material thrice. doesn’t bike to his classes, even though almost everybody on campus does and he has a chauffeur. he’s always super fancy looking and has probably been wearing a three piece when he came out the fucking womb. it’s really awkward seeing him at school events because he is so severely overdressed until v finally pulls him aside and is like, “hey… jumin you can’t wear a three piece to every event.“ “why not” “this is literally a trip to the beach jumin.” you’ll onest to god never catch jumin slipping but one day he wears sweatpants to class and everyone also stares at him this is worse but jumin also has never gave a shit so v is just l i v i n g through this and takin so many photos.


oh god, he’s so cute. he’s the cute guy that everyone fawns over when they have a class with him and yoosung is actually fucking oblivious because he’s so caught up in LOLOL. of course he’s studying to be a vet too, and of course women are swooning over his baby cute looks. perfect skin, blonde hair with cute clips, probably rides a bike and owns like 2 messenger bags that look exactly the same, never has he ever heard of a binder and stuffs all his work into a notebook. he drifts club to club a lot and he’s very sweet like he was in high school, just more distracted and it’s hard to get ahold of him outside of his classes because he’s so attached to playing LOLOL. probably sits in the grass quad with seven and buys the fundraising cupcakes the sell there too at the club booths. also frequents the cafe too and always has his laptop by his side, it has a couple of dent marks from dropping it while rushing to class. probably works at the starbucks on campus and gets hit on a lot but he’s so dense about it that he just assumes nobody wants him. sees jaehee a lot and they’re on a first name basis!!! he draws sparkles on her cup when she orders stuff!!! always plays with people’s pets when he sees them, has a pet goldfish. lowkey failing his classes tbh. tried weed like once with seven and now smokes sometimes on the down low because he gets better at LOLOL and it soothes him a little.


don’t play these fucking games with me because you know damn well he’s an arts major, specifically theater arts. sings on his way to classes. every single girl knows who he is, he has his own fan club. photography majors always want him for a muse so he has a waiting list. is in every single fucking production, usually as one of the leads and at the least a side character with a solo. everyone loves him so he could be playing a fucking tree and they’d still give the tree a meaningful background and a solo. once somebody dm’d him saying they’d pay a hundred dollars for a strand of his hair. always hosting parties and always cool with the frats, but doesn’t really join one because sharing a bathroom is a no bueno for the man. passes his classes with not much of a program, he has pretty average grades and skateboards on his way to classes, eventually switches out to a bike because skateboarding is more dangerous and he could fall and hurt that precious face of his. legend has it if you catch him riding his bike at sundown his hair actually glitters and his eyes turn into a beautiful sunset too. everyone kinda gets annoyed at him because he’s so douchey and cocky but he’s never snobby or rude to other people so they’re just mad that he has like a thousand second long snapchat stories of just his face. got really trashed at a party and has a tattoo on his butt now. he hangs around v a lot but hanging with v means jumin is a package deal sometimes and zen honestly wants to throw fucking hands at jumin something just bOTHERS him

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BTS based on what I saw from Epilogue in Manila


  • How can people call him ugly??? He looked sooo good in person I cannot understand
  • His aura was screaming “manly” the entire damn time
  • He performed What Am I To You and I cri gurl his voice is amazing
  • I imagined he will be good in rapping but not like that like seriously, though he was out of breath a little bit sometimes, it was still amazing. Fucking hell
  • Did I mention he looked so darn good??
  • So much daddy vibes I almost peed my pants
  • He spoke about the fans’ safety at the beginning of the concert and said “no pushing” and awww that was just sweet okay
  • His english was better than what people are saying lol
  • He stood in front of me a lot of times and gawd, If I wasn’t already on the floor I don’t know what else would’ve happened to me
  • He looks good in blonde!!!!
  • And he’s not dark?? Like at all??? People are saying he is, and he wasn’t?? (in my eyes at least)
  • In the middle of the concert he took off his jacket and god damn his body proportions are out of this world
  • BICEPS. damn
  • I’m not Namjoon-biased but I might as well be rn


  • He was smiling all the time and his energy was off the roof. Seriously
  • He started with “I’m your hope” and this random bird sound (he flapped his hands like wings and he’s supposed to be an angel i dieeed) like he was the cutest I swear to god
  • Literal sunshine because he was glowing like seriously Hobi please share your skincare secrets
  • His nose was perfect like dang it
  • He’s tall but not as imposing as how Namjoon was
  • His pants were ripped like almost his whole thigh was showing and I just-
  • HIS VOICE. Damn.
  • He was so good live, like seriously you’d think he was lip syncing or something
  • He went to our side of the stage, and like in front of me did a robot dance after he picked up a Baymax plush toy. Cutie pie huhuhu
  • His expressions were really cute! He kept saying “Wow, wow woooow!” during the fan project!
  • He kept coming to our side of the stage and he just smiles a lot and it was the best feeling really
  • JUST A BIG BALL OF FLUFF I wanted to put him in my pocket


  • SIDE VIEW PROFILE. Fucking hell
  • Okay so Namjoon was like tall and daddy vibes, right? Jungkook’s tall as well (I think even taller than Namjoon) but like baby vibes. Ya feel me
  • The thighs. I cannot deny the thighs.
  • His eyes were really huge??? Like doe eyes and they were so clear?? (idek how that is hahaha)
  • His nose was like how it is in photos but like more refined? It doesn’t look particularly big really idk
  • His hair looked so fluffy!
  • HIS VOICE WAS AMAZING like really stable ohmygod 
  • His dance part in Tomorrow. fucking hell was it sensual
  • His make-up was coming off a little because he was sweating a lot. LIKE A LOT (and you know what that means hehehe)
  • Idk, he wasn’t really that present a lot of times in our area 
  • He was quiet but when he spoke his english was pretty good
  • He went in front of us one time during Miss Right and he was holding one of the signed balls and pointed the mic at us. He was such a tease hahaha


  • Okay my jaw dropped when I first saw him
  • I thought “is this man for real” cuz really, his beautiful face + beautiful skin + beautiful blonde hair = an angel and dude that’s just too good to be true
  • HE IS SO NOT BAD AT DANCING. No one in BTS was and is. I swear.
  • He sounded good live as well though there were times when he was out of breath
  • HIS LIPS WERE SO FULL ‘nuff said
  • He was always at our side so I saw everything from his head to his toe (well tip of his shoe but whatevs)
  • He was tall too and his shoulders were indeed broad but he’s got this gentle aura around him. So precious
  • HE WAS SO GOOD LOOKING i cannot even deal T___T
  • During the encore he came out with glasses and oh my god he looked so good in them
  • Looked like the perfect boyfriend, really
  • He looked sweet, you know. Like he would look at you and you’d just feel butterflies in your tummy
  • And he kept on sending flying kisses to the fans!


  • (Okay so let me tell you guys first that I’m not Taehyung-biased okay so uhm Idk where to begin with Taehyung just-) 
  • He was also always, always in front of us so almost half the time I was looking at his whole being
  • THEY WEREN’T KIDDING WITH THE PERFECT FACE THING like his face was per. fect.
  • His side view profile was amazing as well like hoooow
  • His make-up was pretty much not there and you can see some blemishes on his face it was so natural and so good
  • He was the one who did a lot of fan service in my opinion. Like he was always coming to the sides to dance and stuff
  • He said “Kilala n’yo ba ako?” which means “Do you know who I am?” and we just lost it
  • He seemed like the one who studied a lot of Tagalog words (i’m crying Taehyung why you like that)
  • Like Namjoon, he wasn’t really tan?
  • He would walk around the stage slowly like he knows people are taking pictures of him and like “yeah I know I look good” and god dammit he was sexy as hell
  • He kept saying “Mahal ko kayo” and “Saranghamnida” and I just don’t know anymore
  • I think he was wearing contacts?? His eyes were beautiful
  • He seemed so excited to be there, his energy was just contagious
  • HE DRANK FROM A WATER BOTTLE AND THEN SPRAYED US. Like one minute I was filming and the next thing I know my phone was wet and there’re water droplets in my hair! BLESS TAEHYUNG


  • I was so torn with this guy seriously. One minute he’s this cute fluff ball and the next he’s sending these intense gazes like what the fuck Park Jimin
  • He’s small when you put him next to the other members but not tiny. no
  • HIS HANDS THOUGH. They’re like a baby’s I’m crying
  • He started with “Hi! Nice to meet you, I’m Jimin. Let’s have fun today.” and his english oh my god his english
  • His parody of the 3:33 dance break in Fire literally got me squealing because he was just so cute i can’t
  • HIS CHEEKS WERE SO FULL I just wanna pinch them
  • He’s just one big ball of cute when he wanted to be and my heart was weak for that
  • Like I said, he would go from “baby” to “daddy” real quick like damn it Park Jimin!
  • I’d say he’s handsome but he’s more of pretty in my eyes. He was wearing contacts and that just intensified the intense gaze. It was intense (hahaha)
  • DANCING WAS OUT OF THIS UNIVERSE. sexy. SEXY everywhere you look
  • HE STOOD A LOT IN FRONT OF ME, LIKE REALLY IN FRONT and if I reached out enough I would be able to touch him
  • One of my faves was Tomorrow and damn during his part I almost peed my pants
  • HIS VOCALS ARE NO JOKE. I’ve always loved his voice and hearing it live was just wow
  • He kissed one of the signed balls before throwing them to the fans!
  • HE GAVE ME THAT INTENSE LOOK AND THEN SMIRKED AT ME and I swear to god I almost went over to the stage to fight him. Like who do you think you are?! (I think my mouth was just hanging open after that dang it)
  • He became teary eyed at one point and I don’t know. It’s a surreal feeling to know he enjoyed our company so much.


  • So this person is my bias and when he stood in front of me I died, went to heaven and came back to continue looking at him
  • He started with the “let me hear you scream” sign, you know, when he puts his hand in his ear and then “Nice to meet you. Welcome, Philippines. I’m Suga!”
  • His english wasn’t bad at all.
  • I can say that I was surprised. Like I know he looks good in photos but in person that just multiplied by 1000%
  • All the members have fair skin but his is the fairest. (at least for me)
  • He looked so good
  • He looked tall and it was a surprise as well cuz he’s almost the same height as Jimin but with Jimin, you can tell that he’s not as tall as the others but Yoongi is different. He looked tall. Yas.
  • Idk if he’s working out or not but he’s not skinny at all. I can see some biceps, hun.
  • HIS ARMS WERE SO MANLY. Veins. Bless.
  • I love his blonde hair.
  • I can’t tell if his make up was done really good or if that’s just his natural skin because dude was he flawless. No pores at all. 
  • You can tell that he loves the stage so much. It shows in his performance. His energy was spilling over.
  • He did the 3:33 dance break in Fire during the ment and he was so cute it was like a different person
  • SWAG. 1000%
  • Daddy vibes as well like Namjoon and I cri T____T
  • Everything about him was so manly–from the way he stood, the way he walked to the way he holds the mic. 
  • DON’T EVEN ASK ME ABOUT HIS RAPPING because oh my god I only decided to get a standing ticket because I wanted to see Cypher Pt. 3 performed up close and I do not regret anything. 
  • He wore his cap as if he was covering his eyes and fucking hell he looked sexy as fuck 
  • Tomorrow was also really really awesome.
  • He was throwing the signed ball aggressively like what the hell Yoongi??? He would throw them on the floor and then let them bounce hahahaha
  • He was teary eyed as well and he said “Mahal ko ang Manila! The best talaga!” And he kept giving us the thumbs up
  • He was everything I expected and more and I might be biased but idc

I can say that I’ve been to enough Kpop concerts to be able to say that this was one of the bests, if not the best. Everything felt so personal and my heart just almost exploded with so many emotions. I can’t wait to see them again. No regrets in stanning these boys. So so so much love and respect. The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, indeed.

Rebound – Kim Namjoon (M)

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Angst/smut

Word Count: 1397

Warnings: daddy kink, oral (reader receiving), slight face riding, crappy attempt at dirty talk lol

Summary: When Namjoon comes to your apartment at a ridiculous time of the night, drunk as fuck, one thing leads to another – the next day however, didn’t go how you wanted it too.

This isn’t exactly how I wanted this to turn out but yeh here’s Namjoon’s slightly ‘blood sweat & tears’ inspired one shot. I’ve been having Namjoon feels recently so it’s probably why this is a bit long ;) just like his dic– okay I’ll shut up. Anyway enjoyyyy

Other members: Jimin / Yoongi / Taehyung / Jin / Hoseok / Jungkook

“We-we shouldn’t be doing this Namjoon” you whispered but your words were muffled out by Namjoon’s lips.

“Let me have you for tonight baby girl” he said back, his voice definitely a few octaves lower, turning you on more than you’d like to admit. He was your best friend, the one who’d been by your side since you were seven, the one who had fought off people who bullied you. Namjoon was the one who’d have movie nights with you, a routine you’d both do every Saturday, he was the one who’d hug you and feed you ice cream and fall asleep beside you with his arms wrapped you. He was the man you fell in love with.

This wasn’t okay. You were practically about to have sex with your best friend, when he was drunk and this definitely did not help your feelings towards him. Yeah of course you’d gotten off at the thought of him, many more times than you’d like to admit. You’d thought about his how his long slender fingers would caress your body, how his large hands would cup your breasts, how his big plump lips would wrap around your nipples.

How his fingers would run across your folds before slipping inside you, his deep voice whispering dirty words in your ear – those thoughts were not okay to think. He had a girlfriend. God how she was beautiful, it pissed you off to think she was the one that he’d touch – whether it be a hug or a kiss, you’d immediately feel like vomiting. Jealous, was an understatement.


Namjoon had come to your apartment drunk, his words slurring really badly – his alcohol level was way better than yours so it made you wonder how many drinks he’d really had – but he was mad too. Never did you think you’d be attracted to someone so much when they were drunk and absolutely furious, but shit he looked fucking hot.

He was wearing all black, something you loved him in. It was a colour that always suited his tanned skin and pink lips so so well. His shirt was made from a thin black material that hugged his body in all the perfect ways with a deep V-neck that showed off his amazing collarbones. God how you wish you could just kiss his collarbones, to mark them all over and leave your mark on him.

“She fucking cheated on me” you stopped staring at his body as the icy cold words left his mouth.

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warning: smut smut & more fluffy smut 


“Holy fuck!” I almost yelled as Isaac climbed through my window my heart beating erratically in fear.

“Hey hey babe its just me” He assured gesturing his hands in my direction like he was showing that he came in peace a bit of laughter evident in his mouth. “I didn’t mean to scare you darling” He smirked walking closer to me wrapping his arms around me in a warm hug placing a kiss to the side of my head.

“You’re forgiven” I sighed burying my face in his chest.

“Are you okay?” He asked softly placing his hands on my cheeks.

“Yeah I’m just…” I shrugged not really knowing what was upsetting me. Isaac smiled softly at me his soft blue eyes staring into mine. He smirked before walking into my bathroom leaving me to sit down on my bed my attention back onto my computer thinking he was just peeing. A few moments later he walked out with a smirk on his face.

“Come on love” Isaac said softly holding my door open for me. I walked over to him confused taking his hand letting him lead me to my bathroom my jaw dropping a bit at the sight. He had filled up my bathtub filled with bubbles the smell of vanilla entering my senses along with the smell of the multiple candles around my bathroom burning. The fairy lights around my bathroom were the only other light besides the burning candles.

“Isaac” I breathed softly looking at him shocked. His hands slipped under my shirt rubbing his thumbs against the soft skin of my hips. He slowly pulled off my shirt his lips gently pressing against my neck, as he undressed me slowly. A sigh leaving my lips as he gently massaged my breasts after he discarded my bra onto the floor. His hands left my breast gently caressing my sides pulling my underwear down before helping me step out of my underwear and helping me step into the bathtub. My eyes fluttering shut at the warm water encasing my body. I looked up at Isaac just as he handed me my water that I’d been drinking before climbed through my window and he dragged me in here. He was gorgeous and just the sight of him looking at my body with lust filled eyes made a burning desire in my stomach erupt. “Isaac” I said softly reaching my hand out for him. “Join me?” I asked quietly batting my eyelashes at him.

“Of course” He said blinking a couple of times before pulling off his shirt making me bite onto my bottom lip watching as he stepped out of his shoes, jeans and lastly his boxers his thick length already semi harder. God he was perfect, his toned torso and chest, prominent v line, broad shoulders and his long thick cock that I couldn’t wait to have buried deep inside my snug pussy. I scooted forwards a bit allowing him to sink in behind me, his chest pressed against my back, his arms wrapped around my midsection. I felt his hard on against my back his lips gently nipping at my neck. A soft moan left my lips as his hands grabbed at my breasts roughly.
“Isaac” I moaned softly letting my head fall back onto his shoulder feeling him smirk against my skin. His hands glided down my body to my core gently rubbing his thumb in circles around my clit making whimpers leave my lips. “Please” I moaned as his fingers ran up and down my slit collecting my wetness, even through the bath water.

“Please what baby what do you want?” He asked softly a loud whimper leaving my as his fangs dragged across my neck.
“Your fingers Isaac please” I cried trying to move my body around to make his fingers push into my entrance but nothing worked.
“Don’t worry baby, I’ve got you” He assured plunging two fingers into me making me arch my back in pleasure reaching back to grab onto his neck. Keeping him close to me as I cried to thrust my hips into his hand as he added another finger and rubbing my clit tirelessly.

“God Isaac-“
“I’ve got you babygirl, I’ve got you” He breathed biting into my neck softly edging me on to reach my high.
“Fuck baby-“ I started before coming around his fingers my body shuddering as he held me in his arms. A series of whimpers left my lips as I came down from my high.

“You look so beautiful when you come” He sighed biting onto my earlobe.

“Fuck me” I whined reaching down to position his cock at my entrance. But he quickly grabbed my hands stopping me making me look at him confused. He smirked before quickly turning me around so I was straddling his lap before repositioning himself against my heat before pushing his cock head into my making me whine and ease down onto him until he bottomed out inside of me his length stretching me to the max.

“God you feel so good” Isaac breathed placing his forehead against mine beginning to rock his hips against mine neither of us caring about the water splashing out of the tub. Ignoring the stinging in my body of being stretched by his length, I began moving faster on him beginning to ride him properly. His breath came out in short pants fanning against my neck occasionally pressing open-mouthed kisses to the soft skin.

“Isaac,” I cried out feeling my body, begin to tense up at the feeling of my stomach tightening.
“Fuck do that again,” He groaned holding my cheek in his palm as I clenched around him once again a quiet growl leaving his lips. His bright blue eyes staring into mine. Occasionally his eyes would flicker gold making a quiet whimper leave my lips knowing that even though he could be this, strong rather monstrous being, but he was here, with me cradling me like I was all he had in this world and god I couldn’t be more thankful for him.

“’M so close” I breathed softly moving faster against him. He smirked against mine skin reaching down between us and rubbing my clit torturously slow.

“Me too darling,” He murmuring nuzzling his nose against my neck as I became a shuddering mess in his arms as I came around him. He cursed loudly at the feeling his fangs running over the side of my neck softly as he came as well. He held me against him gently riding out his orgasm before removing his face from my neck gently kissing my nose making me smile softly leaning up to place a kiss to his lips.
“I love you,” I whispered running my thumb across his cheek.

“I love you,” He replied smiling brightly at me, and in that moment it felt like we were one, a team, a partnership, and nothing could ever change that.

BTS Reaction to Your Wallpaper Being Him




He’d turn into a giggling mess and be extremely smug at the same time. His ego would explode and he would start jokingly act cocky.


He would get a bit shy and since he doesn’t know how to release the shyness, Jin would just be extremely fidgety. However in the end he’d totally love it.


He’d tease you about it for a while, but he loved that you made him the background on your phone. You just loved look at him when you two were separated throughout the day.


He would turn into a little awkward duck when he saw your phone. He loved it, don’t get him wrong, it’s more like he doesn’t know how to react.


Let’s just say would be so happy that the day at practice he’d tell the boys. So the next time you went to visit him at work, you got teased really bad. It didn’t really bother you since you were so proud to have Taehyung as your boyfriend.


He wouldn’t care. You could have a picture of him or the sunset and he wouldn’t care either way. However it stroked his ego a bit when he overheard you bragging to your friends about him and showed them your background.

Rap Monster:

He’d be slightly bashful and have no idea how to handle the fact that you like to look at his face everyday. So he would just kind cover his face with the biggest grin on his face and thank god that you loved him so much.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a gif reaction where their usually not affectionate girlfriend saying "i love you" to them. Thank you so much and i really love your blog. All of you are amazing *(^o^)*

This was a really, really cute request. I don’t know if I did it justice, but it was fun. Just to clarify, I took this as their significant other has already said “I love you” to them before, but they just don’t say it very often. Thanks for the request, love ~

Jin: “Oh, really? How much?” *wink wink*

Suga: *teasing* “Oh, really? Little ol’ me? I had no idea.”

Namjoon: *just starts screaming and losing his shit* “YAASSSSSS!!”

J-Hope: *seductive Hoseok* “Would you like to show me how much?”

Jimin: *excited* “She just - yeah she di - oh mY GOD YESS!”

V: *excited* “Victory. Did you hear that, guys? My perfect, gorgeous girlfriend loves me.” *whispers in your ear* “I love you too, beautiful.”

Jungkook: *confused and scared fetus* Is this a trap? Should I just say “I love you too”? No, that’s too easy… it can’t be that easy… can it?

Personally, I find that if someone who doesn’t usually give affection - like admin ariel - starts handing it out like it’s free, there are usually 2 options. 1. It’s a trap or, 2. they’re drunk.

~ Admin Shiro

BTS reaction where you fangirl over EXO

Anon said:  Can I have a BTS reactions when you fangirling over exo? (Sorry about my English :<)

- Your english is just fine honey <3 Hope you like it :D

Request some more BTS reactions guys! :D 

Jimin: You’re listening to “Love me right” and fangirling over Kai
“Y/N I am right hereeee and so much better than him” *points at himself*

Originally posted by allforyoo

Jungkook: Notices you’re watching “Call me baby” MV and looking at Lay 
“He’s sooo cute” you said being super excited
“Well I am cuter you know?” he smiled

Originally posted by hugtae

J-Hope: *watches you fangirling over one of the EXO songs* 
Sees how cute you are and so happy,then he gets up and dances with you too

Originally posted by bts-gfx

Rap Monster: “Jagiiii you know I can dance soo much better than them” *shows off his skills*

Originally posted by thisisjustforfunval

Suga: *opens the bedroom door* He sees you fangirling over EXO again
“Oh God not this again” he laughs as he sees you *closes the door and walks away*

Originally posted by sugaglos

V: He would just laugh and smile looking at how cute you when you are fangirling over them
“Ahhh jagiiii stop being so cute”
He would sing along and make some dance moves too just for fun.

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Jin: “OH MY GOD JIN!” you scream and point at the laptop screen
“I think you should fangirl over BTS more, especially me” he said smiling at you

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OH MY GOD I KNOW!! Like I got into EXO later so I only had a little bit of kits hi and then he left and I just i miss them 😭😭😭 and their size difference was so perfect cause suho could could cuddle up to him or when they held hand his hands disappeared and I was so weak!!!

donT MENTION the hand holding bc

do u see suho’s hand just kinda … get swallowed whole just e n v e l o p e d by kris’s hand bc I’m dying I’m on the ground pls help

[screams] for WHY !!!

[squints] can you even see suho’s hand ??? I can’t >_>

please for the love of all that’s pure and holy let me live this ship is so m u c h

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I JUST REMEMBERED!!!! One of the few times Hades is allowed up to Olympus without invitation or anything like that is during the Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year! So what if Sai takes Genos up with him so he can show off his pretty Iron Queen? I mean not a lot of people would've seen Genos' cyborg form before, they only know the soft squishy. Hades and his Iron Queen visit during the Winter Solstice and slay everyone, metaphorically.


Sai is so eager to show Genos off, but as a second thought, he’s worried that Gen might be hesitant BUT NO GENOS IS IN THE OTHER ROOM GETTING READY

Gold jewelry across his throat and arms stands out perfectly against the dark colors of his plating and his little light crowns are glowing extra bright red and he’s got a perfect gold head band that Sai helps him put on

And Sai is absolutely HEAD OVER HEELS because Genos WANTS to be seen with him, he wants other gods to know who is his chosen and that HE IS PROUD to be beside HIS KING

There is no doubt in my mind that some gods may try to drag Genos down and even attack his looks saying things along the lines that his metal form destroys his beauty and that his natural form should be his only form


People may judge all the want, but as long as Sai is looking at him like he is his world and loves him just as much as he does, Genos can’t find the sense to even care, they’re trivial and just fly right by and he ignores them without a second thought


Were Genos not gently patting his chest and tugging him down to kiss his nose, Sai would have IMPALED SOMEONE WITH HIS HORNS BY THEN, THE PARTY WOULD BE OVER AND A GOD WOULD NEARLY BE DEAD

But with Genos’ calming aura, he is gently restrained and promised extra kisses and a lil something if he’s a good boy ov<


Genos hears someone talking about himself, he doesn’t give a damn, but Sai is already snarling. Sai hears someone talking about himself, he doesn’t give a damn, but Genos is already opening his mouth and clenching his fists, IT’S A NEVER ENDING CYCLE BUT IT IS LOVELY

In reality, Genos is still very beautiful, if anything his beauty is preserved in his metal form and Sai’s power is respected (and FEARED) enough that there is barely a hitch and they both have a wonderful time surrounded in each other’s company as well as a few friends and allies ;v;

and i was just answering this one when i got your new one, aaah thank you for blessing me with your beautiful ideas bby QAQ:


I’m having an internal crisis trying to figure out who the forge god might be, a friend of Sai’s….. maybe Draper (the old tailor from the Road to Hero ova, that’s what they call him on the wiki omg) but ANYWAY

A way to incorporate Sai’s saving habits into the Underworld!AU is with this: like rather than trading/buying the jewels that are placed in the jewelry that he wants to give Genos, HE MINES THEM HIMSELF


The rawest, most pure form of these gems are brought to the surface to this Forger and this god is utterly astounded and he asks Sai WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU EVEN GET THESE??? and Sai just kinda shrugs and blushes because who else would do this for their significant other

And when Sai, VERY BASHFULLY I CAN ASSURE YOU, gifts them to Genos, Gen just looks up at him with these big, beautiful wide eyes and those very words on his face “THIS LOOKS EXPENSIVE”

but Sai just shakes his head because whatever gold or silver used for the basic shape were a SLIVER of the cost of the gems he collected for them, and he’d gently lean down and kiss Genos’ forehead while the boy is still stunned into silence until Sai gently takes the earrings or headband or necklace and puts it on for him

The gems embedded into these things are SO PRECIOUS, they almost literally come from Sai’s heart and are given to Genos because HE IS SO PRECIOUS TO SAI, it’s a physical representation of his feelings for Genos and what he would do for him to tell him this


It actually warms my heart that batman v superman broke records in its opening weekend despite everyone bitching about the trailer and the casting and the countless poor reviews from critics.

I think it really shows just how much dc fans waited for this movie, how long comic fans waited for a superman story that was more than just his origin, or a batman story centred around his constant character development rather than constant angst, and how god damn long fans waited to see wonder woman on a big screen. I was in awe for more than half the movie because I couldn’t believe how well Ben played batman, and how Henry perfected superman’s kind naivety, and how Gal really made the wonder woman character come to life. I truly cannot wait for the rest of dc’s film releases.

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V or J-hope???

oh my god another hard choice……

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but yea my heart says hoseok:))

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he is so meme im so attracted 

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ugh i hate him and his perfect rap and his charisma and all he is just-

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hobi is 60% fluff 20% dance 10% meme 10% sCREAM

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hoseok is my happiness

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Batman v Superman

Saw the movie yesterday and honestly I was so emotionally unprepared. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire time. My heart beat was so high. Zack Snyder thank you for making this movie, honestly the raw emotions, the background story and everything was perfect. The soundtrack, oh god this just made me shriek in the cinema because it was beyond perfect. Now the person who stole the show for me has to be Jesse Eisenberg. This is simply because him as Lex Luthor was perfect casting; his moments where he would show his psychotic side his actually gave me chills. Gal Gadot as Wonder women honestly made my heart stop when she was introduced. Be Affleck I mean to all those people who hated him seriously what do you have to say for yourself? Henry Cavill also displayed the emotions so accurate I found myself sympathising with him so much. To finish this Batman v Superman was perfect and honestly it’s for the fans.

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