but god carlo makes my heart break

I’ve been talking a lot of smack about Descendants 2 but I do genuinely love it so here’s some good things about it

  • Jay was gonna put Lonnie on the team and was confused about why Chad didn’t want her on the team
  • Uma’s character screams power, not even in the traditional sense just by virtue that a lot of people respect her, worship her and nothing gets done on the isle (or at least a section of it) without her approving of it.
  • The costume design, makeup and hair on Uma was spot on
  • Carlos insinuating that one of the main reasons he doesn’t want to go back to the isle is because his mother is verbally abusive
  • Ben saying that Mal & Uma aren’t so different and that she’s right to be upset about being left on the Isle.
  • Harry being fine with being Uma’s first mate and respects her authority
  • Mal’s arc about having to be true to herself and not needing to change for Ben’s sake.
  • The fact that both Mal and Uma are so extra that they can’t even make a hostage transfer without breaking into a rap battle
  • Mal’s new look (later on in the movie, not blonde!Mal)
  • Dizzy, for the love of god protect this ray of sunshine!!
  • Jay circumventing the “captain and 8 men” rule by making Lonnie captain since it doesn’t specify the gender of the captain.
  • Carlos actually wanting to be included in girl talk and wanting to support them. Both Carlos & Jay wanting to feel like Mal & Evie can come to them for support.
  • The soundtrack was excellent!!
  • It really looks like the entire cast had a lot of fun making this movie and that warms my heart.