but go on someone come bother cas whilst he's training

One foot in front of the other | Open

It’s an abandoned house on the edge of the city, and he’s up in the attic. The place is empty, stripped bare - he’s sure it’s going up for sale, sooner or later, but it suits his needs for today.

With the constantly wavering channel of power, Castiel has come to realise he needs to help himself. He means to ask Sam to help him with guns, but he’s taking his own form of self-help for now - strengthening the vessel he’s now bound to. He feels every weakness in the body, and it makes things difficult. Jimmy was a runner, and he has strong legs, but very little upper body strength.

Angelic strength should negate all that, but Castiel… he’s not simply inhabiting this body anymore, but it is his own. He’s linked to every synapse and nerve ending and experiences everything as Jimmy would have - which, when tied to his own power, creates (oddly enough) an out of sync, out of body sensation. 

So Castiel is working on tying together his grace and his body. Of course, it’s not just that - he’s good at hand-to-hand, but not good enough. Alastair easily bested him, Uriel too - Castiel has a history of losing in a fist fight, despite it being his strength.

He’s got a punchbag suspended from the rafters, and he’s discarded his normal clothes off to one side in a pile, opting for soft cotton sweatpants and nothing else. His feet and fists are bare as well as his chest, and he rubs the round sigil scarring his flesh as he comes to stand beside the punchbag, taking up a stance and curling his fingers into fists.

He begins throwing punches.