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Gay Cyclops. (Sebastian Smythe x Reader)

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My request! Y/N is Sebastian’s girlfriend. Or was. They had an unhealthy relationship. And to chop it all off, he cheated on Y/N with a girl from another show choir from a school not too far away from Dalton. To make things up for her, he buys her the necklace she had always wanted from Pandora which was way too expensive to afford. But thanks to Sebastian’s wealth, he got it just in time. Along with the help of Blaine Anderson, the once gay cyclops - who has better things in mind.

Tags: swearing, fluff

Some angels are destined to fall. Their wickedness and vanity causing them to fall from the sky and be destroyed with their wings ripped or damaged.

Sebastian Smythe felt like that. He was an angel with broken wings. Everyone misunderstood him. The bully, the evil villain of Lima, Ohio, the prince with the wannabe Disney prince haircut. The New Directions came up with so many aliases for him. Most were hurtful. He knew he didn’t deserved to be treated unfairly but after what he did to his now ex-girlfriend Y/N, he had second thoughts.

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After Hours

Some Alex/Eliza smut for the Lounge AU me and  @minky-for-short have been playing around with for a while. If you haven’t read her fic for it, you really need to go do that, it’s so good. But here is a short, sexy drabble from the same AU! Enjoy!

Alex had heard a lot of people in movies and television shows, the kind he avoided with a ten-foot bargepole for the most part, go on about how secrecy added a tantalising thrill to relationships. How the whole tragic, star crossed lovers’ thing was so romantic and exciting and exhilarating.

But after a few weeks of experiencing it himself, in real life, he’d firmly decided that that was bullshit.

Okay so he and Eliza were hardly Romeo and Juliet but still. He felt pretty damn close to challenging some of the rowdier, asshole customers to a Shakespearean duel when he had to spend his shift watching Eliza. Watching her sway and sashay up on the stage, the soft lighting catching the rhinestone edging of her dress where it hugged her full hips, highlighting the delicate curves of her arms through the sheer sleeves, illuminating her skin. Her long fingers trailing up the microphone stand as she purred and rolled her way through her songs, hitting each note perfectly and sounding like an angel, Alex couldn’t tear his eyes away as her fingers brushed and trailed and suddenly grasped hard at the stand in time with the music, making his knees feel weak. She was always sure to smile just a little and catch his amber eyes in her sweet dark ones whenever there was a particularly racy lyric or low note or growl in her voice, just so he knew that it was meant for him, no one else in the bar or the whole damn world. Just him.

More than once John had been required to tap him lightly on the shoulder to remind him that he was supposed to be pouring that whiskey in his hand into the glass, rather than just into a puddle on the bar top. Alex would jump a little defensively, mutter that he was just enjoying the song and be silently thankful that the bar covered him from the waist down.

So yeah. The whole secret relationship thing was turning out to be a lot of frustration and fidgeting and really, really wanting to run up and kiss her in front of everyone in the place. Or even just at least hug her when he saw her walk in, after having to take two train rides to hide the fact that she was spending every night at his apartment. That just an hour ago she’d been so tangled up in his arms, curled around him so tightly that he’d felt all the empty places in him healing just from her warm touch.

To hide the fact that for the first time he could remember, he was happy.

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Fic: Love/Hate Relationship

Fake boyfriends!AU.Also, Kurt and Blaine hate each other - or so Blaine thinks.

~950 words, PG-13.

Blaine huffed out a deep sigh as he split off from his friends and headed down the long, alcove-lined hall that led to his stage combat class.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and he won’t be there today, Blaine thought. Or maybe he’ll have laryngitis and I’ll be able to get through this class without wanting to tear my hair out. God, Hummel is just so – so – uptight. Arrogant.

Attractive? a mental voice that sounded suspiciously like Sam’s added.

No! Blaine thought, shaking his head like he could physically dislodge that thought. Kurt Hummel is not attractive. He’s a jerk who needs to-

What Kurt needed to do was lost when a hand darted out and dragged Blaine closer to a warm, semi-familiar chest. “Hey, sweetheart,” a voice cooed. “There you are! You’re kinda late today.”

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New Place, New Time - Chris/Will

The sequel to Same Beach, Same Year

Will’s friendship with Ashley takes him dangerously close to Chris’ life, and he realizes that their meeting again is inevitable.

Warnings for: recreational pot use.

Will doesn’t find out that Ashley works on Glee as an extra until months after meeting her.  She has one of the busiest lives of any of his acquaintances—she’s always doing something, constantly in New York, and half of the time she responds to his texts days later with apologies and promises of baked goods and alcohol that he’ll receive at work or his apartment when he least expects them.  She’s awesome—he just wishes that they had more time for each other. 

When they do manage to catch up, she usually has weeks of stories to tell, and on this particular night she’s two shots in before she starts talking about doing background work on Glee like his other friends would talk about buying artisan cheese at the farmer’s market.  And Will, who has been obsessively following the phenomena that is Glee (for more reasons than one), almost falls off of his bar stool.

“How long have you been doing that?” he asks.

“Oh, a while, but I have a speaking part this time—so fucking cool, that show is a blast.”

He has to decide whether or not to tell her, then and there, that he knows Chris.  

Chris Colfer, he thinks.  He knows Chris Colfer.  In the Biblical sense.

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