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Former Employment

Summary: Professor Stilinski is definitely not expecting to see his favorite porn star among the students of his Human Sexuality class.

Notes: Inspired by this ask. I don’t do power imbalance, so nothing happens until Derek is out of Stiles’ class. Also, while there are mentions of porn, there is no actual smut in this. Sorry. (On AO3)

@nogitsunelichen and @cobrilee – this is probably not what you had in mind, but I wrote it!

When Stiles pushes open the doors to the lecture hall, it’s completely empty. He blinks down at his watch in surprise, and realizes he made the walk across campus faster than he realized. There’s always an adjustment period at the beginning of every semester, where he figures out where his classrooms are and how long it’ll take to get there.

Well, he might as well utilize this time, then. He sits at the desk at the front of the room, and gets back to writing his proposal for a class on the influence of society on gender.

He gradually hears students come in as he works, but he keeps focused, because he knows he has at least another ten minutes before class starts.

But when he hears a student ask, “Hey, are you the professor?” he has to look up, and he begins to wish he’d done it a lot sooner.

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slowbro sprite rating

as suggested by @hero-pons


not sure about this sprite, i feel like if you were looking at it w/out knowing what slowbro is you wouldn’t recognize that’s its tail. still cute though. 5/10


this is better. clearer. looks like he just dropped a contact and is bending over to look for it. i hope he finds it! 6/10


he found it! look how happy he is! i love him. 10/10


he dropped it again. 7/10


he’s happy again! he’s so excited to be here. happiness goals tbh?? 10/10


he’s waving hi to you because he’s so glad to see you again! how nice. shellder looks like he’s working through some things but it’ll be okay. 10/10


so cute??? looks like he’s doing a blep. this happy boy brings a smile to my face. 9/10

black/white/black 2/white 2

another happy boy, now wiggling a bit in his excitement. impatience, maybe? either way, i love him. 8/10

xy/omega ruby/alpha sapphire

looks very spaced out, as slowbro tend to be. i support him. please help your local slowbro by reminding them to close their mouths. 7/10

bonus mega slowbro

please help him/10


Tumblr please don’t kill the quality too much.

Okay, jumped on the bandwagon of @beanpots‘s Day and Night AU, which is so gorgeous I couldn’t help but draw the precious kings in a mural style. Looks a little asymmetrical (especially Yuuri OH GODS WHY), but that’s cuz I can’t do digital lineart to save my life (I definitely prefer digital colouring tho) so I just did it over my ink sketch from the paper version. Still, I’ve definitely come a long way with my digital arts, so I’m really happy with how this turned out. :3

Anyways, hope y’all like it, especially the creator of the AU LOL.

So like, I’ve been studying for like 4/5 hours and I completely forgot that the daughter of my neighbors on the floor below me was holding her birthday party.

Really loudly.

With thin walls.

And they’re playing JB’s Baby and YELLING over it.

I’m glad kids still have humor these days tbh

you enter the witch's bedroom

she’s surrounded by tarot decks, quartz crystals, and bottles of strange liquids. you don’t look too closely at what’s floating in them.

before the witch is a grimoire of some sort. she leans over the book of spells, she appears to be muttering something under her breath.

you lean in to try and catch what she’s saying:

i’m at the pizza hut, i’m at the taco bell, i’m at the combination pizza hut and taco bell

blindiemac  asked:

I'm not a fan of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games and the most exposure I have had to it is the stuff that goes around tumblr but not too long ago you got an ask from someone saying how much they enjoyed you play through with Manky and I was intrigued. I'm not a gamer but I do enjoy watching people play through games from time to time and I also really enjoy your voice so I started watching it. I have to say that it is fantastic! I love hearing you guys play this so much! It's hilarious!

Another one we have won over to the Ace Attorney side.  Glad you enjoyed the playthrough, and I’m glad people who have never experienced Ace Attorney still enjoy it.

you can watch our Ace Attorney playthrough here

There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back

This is my first smut so hopefully you guys like it…… And my god There’s nothing holdin me back sooooo GOOD!!!

The gold colours fabric of her dress clung to her body so perfectly it made her look priceless. Her hair was left down, natural an messy. Holding an aura of confidence that anyone in the room could sense. She is beautiful, gorgeous, without realizing so. Practically every guy in the room looked at her wanting to make there move but her attention was on only one.

He stood across the club with friends, a sweet face and black leather jacket, that hadn’t been what had caught her eye about him. Unlike all the other guys in the club, his eyes weren’t glued to her body, they stayed Fixed on her face. . Y/n wondered when the stranger would approach.

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How the group would react to finding out that you're not the cold person they thought you are:


Originally posted by omgkcjade

• Daryl would be the one who would have probably known already that you’re not completely cold. He would have had his doubts at the beginning with you but over time he would have seen through your fascade and wouldn’t be that surprised but glad when he would find out that you’re actually kind and caring 

• Rosita would be still warily about seeing you suddenly being really soft and caring through just knowing your cold and emotionless side but would finally persuaded to believe in this side of yours through Tara, who is glad about being able to see that side of you

• After seeing you caring for a sick group member, Glenn would smile and come up to you telling you that he knew that you werent just the cold person you always seemed to be and that he’s happy that you’re showing it now

• Morgan would be the one saying that you showed him once again that in almost every one who seems that cold has some kindness left inside them and would be glad that you had a lot of that 

• Maggie would tell you after seeing that side of you that she knows that this world can turn people cold and emotionless but she always hoped that there were some emotions left in you because she knew deep down that you’re one of the good things in this world

• Carl would first see you that way when you would see the wound the shot left in his eye socket and how insecure he is about that. Seeing you that kind and caring about his wellbeing would startle him at first but soon lead to him being glad and building up a closer relationship to you

• Father Gabriel would have been the one who was shocked when he saw you killing without batting an eye shortly after he became member of the group but would be more open to you after finding out about your other side

• Rick would be even more convinced that you’re an important part of the group through now not only killing people without a doubt to protect them but also showing them that you care about them especially when Michonne would tell him how much you cared about Carl

• Eugene would have always been a little scared of you through being used to see you cold and killing a ton of walkers without batting an eye but would begin to trust more in you as soon as he would see how caring you are

• Carol would have watched you warily for the time you’ve been that cold through just having seen what people are capable of doing in these times but seeing that you care for them and their wellbeing she would change her mind

• Abraham would appreciate seeing that side of you but would jokingly tell you that he hopes that you can still crack walker heads like its nothing only for Sasha to tell him he’s an idiot but that she’s also glad about you finally showing how important the group is to you

• Especially when he lead you to Alexandria, Aaron would have been warily about you and if you could become a good member for the community, even though you showed that over time he would be completely convinced once he would see you caring and worrying about your friends



So like a nerd I headed straight for the Rito village for advancing the main story of the game…they’re my favorite Zelda race (BIRD PEOPLE! WINGS!!), and I love the outfit you can buy there, it’s neat and viking-esque and cute!! ;v; I couldn’t decide which color cast I liked better though, so here’s both.

I spent all this time goofing off in the wild, I just now finished my first “Divine Beast” dungeon…it was amazing, and I’m glad to see the story side of this game certainly does not disappoint! :’D

Jack Maynard Imagine - Surprise

I’m sorry that this is quite short

Jack’s birthday was just around the corner, and your head was struck for ideas. You literally had nothing. And then, suddenly, after days and days of pointless brainstorms and restless showers, you finally found it. Or more like it found you.

You paced nervously around the flat, which looked incredibly small to your eyes now, as you waited for Jack to come back from Conor’s. It wasn’t unusual for him to be gone all day. You weren’t at home that often yourself neither. But that specific day, it was bothering you.

It wasn’t even his birthday yet. However, over the past years, you had grown the habit of giving each other your presents the night before, to make it more special. But it was 8pm already, and only you were at home.

You had your two presents carefully placed on the wooden table, waiting for Jack to open them. You chewed on the inside of your mouth nervously. What if he didn’t like that one present? What if it was too much for him? You shook your head as you looked out of the window, the bright night of London staring back at you.

At 8:35 pm, Jack finally opened the main door as you chewed on your thumbnail for the eleventh time that evening, He raised an eyebrow when he saw you, then smiled widely when he noticed his presents on the table. He had almost forgotten about his birthday “Hey, babe” he greeted you, kissing your lips softly “Everything alright?” he chuckled.

You stopped chewing your finger, and looked up at him with a wide smile. But you knew that fooling Jack after 5 years of relationship and 2 of friendship was a long shot. He could see that you were worried about something, and eventually you let it be.

“I’m actually kinda nervous about your presents” you said, a small smile forming on your lips as he took a seat in front of them.

Jack couldn’t stop smiling, and although his smile always made you relax, it didn’t happen this time. You didn’t even sit down with him as you always did. You stood up by his side instead, waiting nervously for him to open them. To open that one fucking present.

“I’m sure I’ll love them, babe” he reassured you “I always love whatever you get me. It will be no different this time” he said as he started to unwrap the first one.

You nodded and waited for his reaction. You smirked knowingly when he saw the Rolex, and his jaw dropped “Shit, babe, you didn’t have to” he said, holding you by the waist to kiss you.

“But I wanted to” you said truthfully. He always made sure you were treated like a queen. He deserved nothing less than that, even such a pricey item wasn’t enough for him, or so you thought.

When he put his hands on the last present, your heart started racing again “I really hope you like this one” you said abrumptly “You can’t really return it”

Jack let out a small laugh “I’m sure I’ll love it”

You nodded, staring blankly at the now little wooden box that laid in front of him “Yeah”.

You rubbed your eyes impatiently. When you opened them again, you saw that Jack had already gotten the fragile object out of its box, and his hand was over his mouth. You freaked out for a moment, but then he turned his head to look at you with watery eyes, and suddenly yours started feeling kind of wet as well.

“Is…is this for real?” he asked you, a shy smile forming on his mouth.

You nodded, words not able to escape your mouth. Just before you knew it, Jack was spinning you around the living room, laughing as a white porcelain mug that spelled ‘Happy Birthday, Dad!’ watched you from the table.

“I’m glad you liked that one” you joked, still on his arms, as your hand went up to push back a rebelious strand of his hair out of his eyes.

“I love it more than I love myself” he mumbled, closing the space between your lips once more. But this time, it meant the start of something new. It didn’t mean just love. It meant family.

female characters were treated /horribly/ in most of the past fandoms ive been in (sometimes just bc they were female/‘in the way’ of an m/m ship), i’m really glad it’s not really like that with overwatch

#SaveWOY Recs

@ao3org ’s International Fanworks Day might be over, but #IFDFest continues!

For this rec post, I’ll be deviating from my usual fanfiction recs to instead recommend the entire SaveWOY movement and other Wander Over Yonder fan projects.

It’s amazing all the hard work, time, and dedication people across the board have put into getting Wander Over Yonder a third season and keeping fans hopes up as the months since its cancellation drag out. So without further ado:

@peepsqueak has been absolutely dedicated to saving WOY:

There’s no way for me to know just how much she’s done for the fandom and the movement, but I’m so grateful she’s put all this together, stuck to it for so long, and given fans the chance to #SaveWOY.

@savewoy is one of the main hubs for information on the movement, and all the mods (including Peepsqueak) have done so much to make it work and keep everyone updated and involved, and is the original source of Operation Fanboom.

@woyseason3 is another really great information hub that keeps fans’ posts circulating and on @disneyxd ‘s radar.

@savewoygiftexchange and the mods there are constantly organizing monthly gift exchanges for fans. They’ve done it for four very successful exchanges already, and I hope are able to for months to come. Also, they reblog all the gifts so take a gander through the archives. Here some gifts made for me:

@dontgetusedtoit put together the wonderful #WOYtober prompt list that I had so much fun doing and produced some really amazing works from such talented people. WOYtober was a great event all around, and here are some of my favorite pieces:

And here are still more projects, old and new, complete and ongoing, SaveWOY and just for fun, by other fans throughout Tumblr: @woyvillainleaderboard@woyprompts@thewoychallenge (though currently defunct, I really enjoyed when I was able to contribute to them), @sargentnicole ‘s WOY OC Week that I got half-way through but still want to complete, the #saveWOY Sunday and #season 3 Saturday tags, @zzyzxresorts zine for the crew of WOY, the @galacticbuddies MAP tribute, the @disarmedwander comic, the WOY Ao3 page (ofc), and others.

Fans are pouring their hearts into Wander Over Yonder, a show near and dear to so many of us, and I absolutely and without reservation recommend every fan’s contribution to this fandom. Big or small, complex or simple, art, writing, memes, whatever you post, you are keeping WOY alive. So for anyone reading this: recommend a story, a project, a WOY blog you love, or anyone in this fandom who you think deserves some recognition. Without fans, there wouldn’t be a fandom, and there wouldn’t be #SaveWOY.

Oh, and last but not least: thank you, @crackmccraigen , for creating Wander Over Yonder, and everyone who worked to bring us this wonderful show.


 Word Count: 2,084

Request: can you make imagine where magcon are visiting Cameron and y/n then cam tells y/n that she’s fat and she tells him that she’s almost 4 months pregnant and that’s why she’s fat? can it be long and super cute? btw I’m in love with your imagines

From: @asvpmendes

Note: Hey! thanks so much for your request! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it! I’m glad you’ve liked my previous imagines :)

You look in the mirror. Your hands carefully glide over your now bulging stomach. Its noticeable. There’s no denying it or even trying to hide it. Your let out a groan and pull your hair back from your face with your hand. Your shirt falls back down as its support left. You let out a shaky laugh. Even though the future is now inevitable, your still in a bit of denial. You remember when you found out, you were with your best friend (Y/F/N).

You crouched in front of the toilet. Your eyes filling up, daring to flood out. A positive symbol stared back at your shocked face.
“(Y/N)?” (Y/F/N) called again to you.
The door to the bathroom room slowly creaked open as she entered your bathroom, you were crouched on the floor a hand to your mouth still staring in disbelief at the test in your hand. You missed several periods but you didn’t think it’d ever happen to you.
“oh sweetie” Your friend slowly bent down next to you, she was the one who encouraged you to take it. She probably predicted it. You let out a shaky laugh. Your body shook.
“I’m pregnant” You finally let the worlds fall out of your mouth. The invisible barrier that held your tears back finally broke. What were you going to do? You couldn’t abort it. What would Cameron do? He’d surely brake up with you. The tears were now flooding out; you couldn’t stop it. You just cried into (Y/F/N) shoulder.

You never told Cameron in fear he’d leave you. Now you’d have to tell him though. Magcon was making a stop at your hometown, and of course he’d want to see his girlfriend. You could hide it from the endless calls and facetimes, but in person was a whole different story. Everyone but the boys knew. Your parents were thankfully very supportive of your decision and were helping with the cost of it all. (Y/F/N) gave you endless amounts of encouragement and even went to a class for first time moms with you. Your phone let of its familiar ringtone out.
“Hello” you breathed into the phone.
“Baby!” Cameron’s soothing voice let out excitedly. “I can’t wait to see you! And hold you! And kiss you, you can’t imagine how much I miss kissing you!” His words came through the receiver fast and jumbled. It was like he only had a minute to speak and he had to let it all out before his time was up.
“Hey” You quickly made sure your sweatshirt was completely down, “So when do you um, get here?” You were fidgeting with the hem of the huge sweatshirt. A nervous habit you’ve obtained.
“You okay?” Concern laced his voice. You let a chuckle, half because it was cute that he knew you so well and was concerned and half because he knew you so well and you couldn’t tell him over the phone.
“Of course!” You faked enthusiasm.
“Okay well we just got here, want to come visit us at the hotel? We’re all going swimming!” Swimming? Crap. There is no way you’d get away with a swimsuit.
“Um…. I’ll come hang out, but I’m not feeling up for swimming” You plainly stated, hoping he’d get the hint.
“Oh okay! That time of the month huh?” He chuckled, “Okay ill text you the details!” and with that the phone beeped letting you know the call was over. At least he doesn’t suspect anything. You went to get the keys to your car while a ping signaled that Cameron sent his text.
The lobby to the hotel was filled with laughing. The boys were so loud. You followed the sounds the door. As soon as you opened it you were greeted with the warm air and the smell of chlorine.
“(Y/N)!” eight different boys yelled out. You let out a small wave and smile. You felt awkward now. None of them knew and it just felt different. Shawn’s eyes met yours. He did know. You called him crying and explained the whole ordeal. He was probably one of your closest friends besides (Y/F/N) of course.  Two warm, and wet arms wrapped around you and spun you in a circle. Then your eyes met the warm brown ones that you fell in love with.
“I’ve missed you” Cameron bent down and gave you a sweet kiss, making your body feel numb and making your chest flutter.
“I’ve missed you too” You smiled sweetly up at him.
“Now c’mon join us!” He was slightly pulling you towards the pool.
“Uh no, sorry” You chuckled, one you didn’t wear your swimsuit. Your outfit considered of huge sweatpants and a huge baggy sweatshirt. Two, the most obvious and main reason was you were carrying a child.
“Nooo just put your feet in, please” he begged. Your eyes pleaded with Shawn’s to help some.
“Cameron she’s not even dressed for it…” Shawn’s voice let out, he cleared his voice. Cameron looked at you once more and then at Shawn. His eyebrow raised slightly and his grin suddenly left his face. But just as quick as it arrived his grin was back and he shrugged.
“Aright, but you’re coming out to eat with us later” He stated before turning and diving into the pool right between Nash and Jack G. You went over to a lounge chair and pulled your feet up comfortably. Your hand reached inside your pocket for the familiar phone. Then you played some games and checked social media to pass the time.
Eventually a shadow came and blocked your lighting, the sound of water hitting the concrete loud. Your eyes finally pulled away from your phone and you lifted your eyebrows at whoever dared interrupt your screen time. Cameron’s signature smile met your face.
“you look bored” He breathed out as he joined you on the lounge chairs, a hair running through his wet hair.
“A little” you admitted.
“Then tell me what’s new, I’ve been gone awhile and facetime is nice and all but nothing beats face to face conversations.”
“Nothing I haven’t told you already” Your hand fidgeted with the hem of your sweatshirt again. Your eyes went back to the screen trying to distract yourself.
“Really?” he chided.
“Why are you fidgeting then?” You couldn’t pin point the tone of his voice, it was concern but almost like he was implying something. You began to get more nervous. What if he found out? But as you finally looked over him that uneasy feeling went away. Instead the feeling of utter warmth filled its place. Cameron was undeniably hot. Water was trickling off his hair which was a shade laughter because of the sun and running down his body in streams. His chiseled abs were way more toned than the last time you saw them and left you with the thought that he’s been working out. His shorts were tight and defiantly left a lot of room for imagination in your head. Your eyes trailed back up to his face where of course his eyebrows were quirked up. He noticed you checking him out. He leaned over his chair and his mouth came centimeters away from your ear. You felt his hot breath breathe.
“Why don’t we go out and enjoy ourselves, huh?” His voice tickled your ear and he drew out the word enjoy. You knew what he was hinting out. It was obvious but he would also notice the sudden change in your body if you did join him.
“That’s okay” you moved your head away from him. He was about to open his mouth to interject but Nash suddenly came over interrupting whatever sentence was prepared to come out of Cameron’s mouth.
“Hey guys, were all ready to go out now.” You lifted yourself out of your seat, thankful for the distraction. The boys were already toweling off in different places, Cameron looked at you and finally gave in.
“Aright then let’s go then” He stated. You all stumbled out into the California air. The hot air entering your sweatshirt making you sweat a little. Crap. You didn’t think about the temperature.
“Aren’t cha hot (Y/N)” One of the boys stated. You thought for a moment for a reply.
“Nah I’m naturally a cold person” your grinned. Hopefully the joke will lead them off and wont allow any of them to overthink it. Cameron stared at you for a moment but looked away when you raised your eyebrows in question.
Soon you were all filled at a table, fries and other assortments of foods settled between you all. You finally gave into the heat and lifted your sweatshirt. Your pudgy stomach giving away. No one said anything.
“But then the girl…” Hayes started.
“I couldn’t believe she threw them at me!” Jack Johnson interrupted.
“And that one time with the tour bus” Shawn’s laughter filled the air.
You couldn’t even concentrate on one person since there were several different conversations and stories getting out of someone’s mouth. When you looked across at Cameron he was staring at you. You stared back some fries just entering your mouth.
“You might want to hold back on the fries, eh (Y/N), you’re getting a bit bigger” Cameron laughed.
The whole table went silent. Your body tensed up and the hand that was holding your fries dropped down. Your mind went blank.
“Well yeah id hope so saying I’m eating for two” You snapped. Then a wash of realization hit you. You. Just. Told. Cameron. You watched his face morph into sudden shock and confusion. You slowly got up, your chair scraping the floor as you rushed out.
Your body was crying into a pillow at home. Tears streaming down your face. He hated you. He was going to break up with you. Your door creaked open as a small knock announced that the presence of someone was there.
“Go away” Your voice, muffled by your pillow and rough from crying, let out. A sigh was released and your bed creaked under the weight of a new presence. You felt a warm hand rubbed your shoulder in a relaxing manner.
“Why didn’t you tell me” a voice broke the silence. A voice that belonged to Cameron. A new wave of tears streamed down your face and you let out anther sob. His hand didn’t leave your shoulder and you felt him lean over you. “Hey, hey shh it okays, baby, why are you crying?” You could hear his concern.
“Your ‘hic’ going to ‘hic’ break up with me” You sobbed out, his hand suddenly left your shoulder but moved to your cheek.
“Look at me” but you didn’t budge, you looked horrible and there was no way you could bear to look at Cameron in this state.
“(Y/N), look at me” He tried again, he didn’t sound angry, he was calm and his voice was soothing. You slowly moved your face from you pillow to turn and look at him.
“I love you” he breathed out, “and that won’t ever change, ever. Why would I ever break up with you? Don’t you think id be excited for my new son or daughter??” He questioned.
“No” You admitted, the tears weren’t falling down your cheeks as hard. His thumb wiped under your eyes. Only love and concern filled his eyes.
“I love you when your sad, when your mad, when you threaten to end things, when you complain about the distance, when you have no make-up on, I love you to then end of the world and back, and ill love you when you’re carrying my child” His eyes didn’t leave your own for even a second. You felt his lips met yours in a sweet kiss. His hand moved your hair out of your face and he looked at you with such compassion.
“Promise?” you croaked out.
“Promise” He kissed your temple and pulled your body into his. “Well get through this” Your body finally relaxed and your tears finally dried. His soothing scent calmed you down as you buried your face in his shoulder. He rubbed your arm and you both sat there in silence. In happiness.

anonymous asked:

I don't know if the AU question was rhetorical, but yes!!! Please????

I assume this is about the Arcade AU? 

- Jared gets Michael a night shift job at the Arcade and Michael absolutely loves it. Loves the smell of the place, the noises of all the games, the old music that plays in the Arcade, the cheap shitty prizes. Everything about it speaks to him and hes one of the best people at his job.

- Jeremy himself worked at Pottery Barn for awhile. Before he and Evan even knew that Jared and Michael were each others friends, they got a long pretty well. Always socialized with each other while there wasn’t much going on in the store.

- Evan can kick literally everyone’s ass at any game without even meaning to. He just gets so focused in the game he doesn’t realize hes doing well till its over and its just like this moment of realization like ‘Oh…woops.’

- Jeremy is very aggressively competitive at DDR. Michael points out to Jared Evan that not even he was able to win against him. 

- Fun Fact: Evan beats him at DDR and Jeremy just sits in the corner and quietly dies inside like ‘How did he even do that? Where did I go wrong’

- Michael helps any little kids at getting a lot of tickets/tokens because he just loves the kids okay. Michael is a good person and hes glad to see people still interested in old games like these.

- Jared finds it absolutely hilarious that Jeremy is having a break down over DDR.

- Jeremy spends a lot of time with Evan during work hours. Like they always help each other out. Evan handles older people while Jeremy handles the younger ones.

- Michael a;ways gets high scores on a lot of games and then helps kids beat them just so they are more confident in themselves.

- Michael spends free time with Zoe and Alana to gossip about how boys can be annoying sometimes. Hes an honorary woman leave him alone.

- Zoe has probably tried to style his hair lbh.

- Rich always tells Michael he really scored with Jeremy and his job and Michael just laughs like ‘If anything you scored with Jake.’

- Rich doesn’t get along super well with Jared, In fact Jared is kinda a dick to Rich and Rich has always been this close to full on punching Jared. But he doesn’t want to be an ass and stoop so low.

- Rich just comes to the arcade to watch Jeremy suffer at loosing at DDR with Evan lbh. Jake however, enjoys the games a little bit.