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Hello beautiful ! Thank you guys for such an amazing page, it's been one of my go to places when I'm stressed out or my anxieties high and just shut my mind of haha. I was just wondering if maybe you know of like fanfics where stiles or Derek are truck drivers ? I looked threw the library and I couldn't find any tags for it unless I'm blind then yikes I'm sorry dummy me. Thank you for everything you do !!! Hope you have a wonderful day. 😊❤️ - Juliana ♡

hi there! thank youuu so much <3 we didnt have that tag but here is what I was able to find

We Drove All Night by Amethystina (1/1 | 13,867 | PG13)

It’s just Stiles’ luck that when he desperately needs to go home to Beacon Hills for the weekend, his Jeep is out of commission and the busses and trains have already stopped running for the night. Being more or less stranded, Stiles is grateful when his dad arranges for him to hitch a ride with some local truck driver on his way home.

Still, Stiles would have appreciated being given a heads up on just how gorgeous said truck driver is before he agreed to spend an eight-hour drive in an enclosed space with the man. Stiles might want to kiss Derek senseless, but it doesn’t seem like a very good idea considering the circumstances and the man’s unwillingness to talk. Not to mention his suprisingly intimidating countenance.

So, once again — just Stiles’ luck.

End of the Road by katieh28 (14/14 | 34,691 | PG13)

30 year old truck driver Derek Hale is on a trip to see his estranged father in Boston one last time before he dies. What Derek never expected, however, was for what was supposed to be a quick last visit and nothing more turning into the most important journey of his life. On the road he finds a severely injured teenager on a mission of his own, a boy like no one else he’d ever known in his life. What was supposed to be an easy, meaningless trip turned into one of sacrifice, forgiveness, self discovery, and possibly, maybe, love.
Two people, forever controlled by their past, finally get the chance to rewrite it.

Canine-partner-in-crime by SPCMRose (1/? | 7,828 | PG13)

Derek’s good at his job. He gets in and out and steals what he needs. He’s on the hunt for a new score when a truck driver decides he makes a good practice target

He’s only out of commission for a few days (he’ll be right as rain in a week, a month tops) when some kid adopts him.

Derek knows he needs to move on… But there’s just something about the lanky, sporadic teen that picks him instead of an admittedly cute Yorkshire terrier, that makes him want to stay. Just for a little while.