but gene is totally a cat~


Mochi: Investigate the cat sim.

You approach this cat sim as he gets up the chair, then start sniffing his scent. Alas, you smell a lot of cat genes, and you get irked in no time. Furthermore, this scent is totally strange to you, increasing your suspicion toward this cat.

MOCHI: Grrrr….

TSUTO: A dog? I have no idea that girl has a dog… No, sorry buddy. I’m not doing anything vile to your master.


TSUTO: *walks away*

anonymous asked:

But... evolution. What's so confusing about it? Okay, here's an example. Say all cats somehow suddenly ended up in the wild. Brown ones would be able to hunt better than ginger and white ones, because brown cats can camouflage themselves better to catch prey. Ginger and white cats wouldn't be able to hunt as easily, and would starve. The brown cats would be left as superior and pass on their genes. Over a few generations, cats would evolve to be all brown. Simple. Is it that hard to understand?

That’s natural selection. We totally agree there.