but gene is totally a cat~

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Awwh thank you for headcanons! I adore that song you put in there. I live for Baberoe and cats that's why my next question is: any headcanons for Baberoe & cat? Also one question to dancing. Between Babe and Gene who is most likely to bend the other during dance just to kiss like people do in old movies?

you are so welcome! and also very in luck because do i ever have headcanons about baberoe with a pet cat…

in my mind, it’s gene that prefers cats because he’s so devoted to his work that he knows he couldn’t give a dog the level of care they need, but he does like having a warm fuzzy around to lavish with affection when they’re inclined to accept. there’s also something about their manner, the very clear way they demand either distance or attention depending on their needs, to which he can relate and which he finds soothing because of that. babe’s not totally sold, because he prefers the idea of playing fetch and going for long walks in the park, not catering to a furry lump that will sometimes pin him down and lull him away from responsibilities and sometimes seem to loathe the sight of him.

this could lead to a cat person vs dog person fight, but lbr, babe is far too devoted to gene for that. he agrees to consider getting a cat, and makes the decision final one day when some kind of upset has happened in gene’s life - i imagine them losing a patient at work, someone with whom gene got closer than usual, and the effects lingering long enough to cause babe real concern. since he can’t be there 24/7 to make sure gene is alright, he decides to bring in backup at home in the form of a little orange kitten. naturally, he comes to regret the choice of an orange one when his home life becomes a battle of the gingers for gene’s undivided attention.

maybe the funniest thing about having the cat around, at least to babe, is the fact that gene absolutely refuses to let babe get too handsy when it’s in the room. they can kiss, cuddle, be affectionate, but the moment babe tries to get any clothes off or make it too heated, he’ll be reminded that the cat’s watching in an uncomfortable whisper. it’s an unusual departure from gene’s pragmatic view of the world, one of his sentimental spots that makes babe melt. gene’s favourite thing about having the cat isn’t actually the time he spends with it, although that does bring him joy, but the times he gets to watch babe interact with it and especially when he walks into a room to find babe napping with the cat somewhere on his person.

last question! who dips the other partner to kiss them like in the movies? i think babe starts it, but then gene picks it up and does it one day to take him off-guard, and babe’s so delighted by it that gene becomes the one who does it more often.

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But... evolution. What's so confusing about it? Okay, here's an example. Say all cats somehow suddenly ended up in the wild. Brown ones would be able to hunt better than ginger and white ones, because brown cats can camouflage themselves better to catch prey. Ginger and white cats wouldn't be able to hunt as easily, and would starve. The brown cats would be left as superior and pass on their genes. Over a few generations, cats would evolve to be all brown. Simple. Is it that hard to understand?

That’s natural selection. We totally agree there.