but gaaahh

Gaaahh drew a dip dopper for some digital practice

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just saw batb!!!!!

and i absolutely loved it i cried twice at two different times (evermore and the “death” of the castle kids / beast) and i was smiling like an idiot the whole time. this was like… my dream come true. and everything was so gorgeous!!! the costumes,the makeup, the sets, gaAAHH!! im pretty sure i rlly annoyed by boyfriend by shaking him every time i saw something pretty. i was shaking him pretty much the whole time lol

but anyways i lowkey want to write a spinoff with lefou’s perspective of the whole shebang plus the aftermath and him getting together with stanley… please

Tonight's Gotham:
  • Nygmobblepot: *look like they were going to kiss but just hug. ~very~ intimately hug though*
  • Baby BatCat: *Bruce tells Selina he loves her* *okay not exactly* *but basically* *and Selina kisses him*
  • Fans: *still dying over Nygmobblepot*
  • Me: this may have been the wrong episode to feature Bruce's undying live confession
  • Me: "sorry, professor I can't attend the rest of my lectures today"
  • Professor: "oh! I hope everything is okay. What happened?!"
  • Me: *quivering and looking away*
  • Me: "it's just that today's is GMM1000 and I watched it and the boys got emotional and I got emotional and it's just a mess.. Like I am so proud of them and I can't with my feelings*
  • Professor: ......
  • Me: *sniffles*
  • *clutches heart*
  • *tries not cry*
  • *fails miserably*
  • Me: "I'll take that as a yes"

the-spring-glade  asked:

So I'm guessing that screenshot of Ven in KHX is real then? What are your thoughts on the whole thing?

yep yep it’s real! Ya know, I only got into KH a few months ago thanks to my boyfriend, I’m honestly really glad i got to be a fan while all this is happening.

tbh, if it wasn’t obvious enough, BBS is my favourite KH game and my fave trio! So learning something new about Ven–I’m super stoked man. I’m curious to see how Ven managed to go from the Keyblade era to 100+ years later and ended up with Aqua and Terra. At some point, Ven is gonna get his memories back, right? Did Xehanort somehow bring Ven to the future? I mean, he can already time travel, yeah? Maybe he kidnapped Ven, wiped his memories and pretended to keep him as his “pupil”???

Gaaahh I’m just super excited idk how any of this is gonna turn out tho!