but gaaaaaaaaaaaay

okay this is hard to explain: it is a scene frome a fanfiction about Billy Kaplan and Teddy Altman. It was a birthday present for @tagamie <3

I call it “ The tomato universe” and it is a little bit crazy :D

In my AU Teddy is a farmer from texas and Billy came to his farm while he is on a work and travel year. …and YES they fall in love … of course. So this is maybe  one of their first kisses.

Short But Accurate Summaries, Part 5
  • Ready Player One: Because being subtle about your interests is overrated
  • Carry On: Who needs the actual series when you can skip right to the fanfiction
  • You know me well: Gaaaaaaaaaaaay
  • Half Bad: Sally, we were fucking joking about the tree thing
  • The Martian: How to survive on Mars for dummies
  • The Rest of Us Just Live Here: The fourth wall is also the Mcguffin
  • The Foxhole Court: Literal fucking torture for everyone involved
  • Elantris: Do you and your significant other have trouble connecting? Well then try our new "revolutionary" couple's therapy, Overthrowing World Governments™.
  • In the Company of Shadows: SIN
  • Radio Silence: We just wanna eat ice cream, shitpost, and record a podcast. Why is that so fucking hard.
  • Wolf By Wolf: That one episode of Doctor Who where they lock Hitler in the closet
  • Trials of Apollo: Bad news, we're somehow still here. Good news, all your faves are gay now
  • The Stormlight Archive: I have literally knocked over a grown man by throwing the paperback at his head.

I saw a post about how Jughead is aroace and I feel tempted to scream “HE’S FUCKING GAAAAAAAAAAAAY” but this person is mutuals with my main and I don’t wanna start shit rn

transboylance  asked:

imagine: keith being really horrible at self care (the boy lives in a shack for fucks sake) and lance finding out about it when he goes to pet keiths hair and just. giving him a full spa treatment??? he probably gets fancy hair care stuff from coran and since lance is like, washing keiths hair he runs his hands through it a lot and keeps saying how soft it is,,,, help me its 3 am

that’s so gay that’s going on my “to write” list okay hot damn