but from what i can tell overall it's good

lovelyblackcupcakes  asked:

I have returned with questions. Haha ummm what was Bts's energy like? Like how did their auras feel?

Ok i think i can answer this pretty well , since basically the whole day i was observing them. I will go in order of who i saw first

Taehyung: Very energetic! always up and doing something! like walking around or talking to people and being friendly.An eager learner , is up to learn and experience new things! haha he would always try to make convo with Warren or listen to the english around him! Seems like he has a very good heart , has a childlike aura but is still mature enough . very sweet and fun to be around! he’s the type that would be an amazing bestfriend!

Jungkook: Very cute! and extremely mature ! especially for his age! but even though he is mature he still has a childlike personality! (not in a bad way of course) like you can tell he’s young! but he’s a good person! very focused about what he does. Very curious about new things! He seems like the very advernturous one. i worry about him alot though because hes so young it bothers me that he’s in this world at such a young age! and hes always away from home! i just hope hes happy overall!

Yoongi: Is really dorky! and soooo sweet! he is actually so sweet and nice its unreal! i dont really know why he says he has a blunt personality and doesnt really show his emotions! to me that doesnt seem true at all! He is such a nice guy! I felt his genuineness the most! (also hoesok and namjoon too they were extremley genuine) He seems very appreciative of all he has and is very caring! He is so amazing i swear. He was smiley the whole time i was talking to him!

jhope: Like i was saying he’s VERY genuine! He seemed like he really cared , he was so nice and thankful! I was so happy to talk to him! and i could tell he felt the same! Hes a really funny guy! but also really chilled out and is very cool.His english is actually really good!

jin: He’s more of an observer type! so he didnt say alot! but he was very nice!  He can be silly and funny when he wants to! very timid and quite he’s a cool guy , just really chill! Super sweet ! He was very nice and tried to talk to us as much as he could with his English abilities . He gets lost in his own little world . He’s seems like more of an observer :) he’s like a mysterious type he’s amazing! Hes such a cutie too! he’s seems playful.

jimin: He’s really sweet but seemed shy to talk first believe it or not haha he’s just like how he is on tv , a cute dork :) but sexy at the same time he was so nice I love him. he is a cutie! hes very dorky ! even thought he doesnt look like it he definetly is! i didnt get to say much to him because his english isnt very good :( but he tries his best! :) his engrish very cute! he seemed sorta shy around me, and at first i thought it was because he didint wanna talk, but then  i realized ive heard him say that he is shy around strangers , hopefully next time he will be less shy! ! but he was very nice! i think us fans have alot more to learn about jimin! Hes also a very hard worker, trying his best to do what nate directed. Jimin is a wonderful person.

Namjoon: He is soooo sweet! people who hate on him bc of his ‘problematic personality’ are really missing out on a sweet , beautiful guy! He was sooo nice. He really cared and was actually showing intrest and emotion when talking to me! He really cares about the fans! they all do! He’s actually really silly too! he was always doing wierd stuff during filming haha , and i would make faces at him when they were doing film breaks and he would do them back! haha. He such an amazing leader! he really cares about bangtan! Bangtans brotherly relationship is so real and genuine you can see it! 

I hope i helped! This is what i think of the boys based on what i saw that day! If i see something i missed i will come back and edit it! thanks for the question! ~