but forgivness and understanding is the most important thing

The most important thing to remember about apologies is their purpose. They aren’t really a time to explain or excuse. They aren’t a time to try to gain forgiveness or get favor. They’re especially not a time to bring up things other people have done.

An apology’s only purpose is to make it clear that you both understand what you did wrong and announce a responsibility for those actions and the damage done by them.

You can express regret and remorse too but ultimately the most important thing is that you’re responsible for what you’ve done and for doing better.

That’s what an apology is for.

The Greatest Gift

Breathe in then out every single time you can.   Know when to remember and when to forget.  Never pass up even the smallest opportunity to practice kindness.  As much as possible harm nothing here including yourself.   Use magic phrases like thank you, you’re welcome and please each time the opportunity arises.  Never say I love you without meaning it and never let it go unsaid when you do.  See the inherent beauty of all things here.  Give your best in all you attempt.  Learn the lesson each time you don’t succeed, and one day you’ll find that you have never failed. Give the gift that is your smile to all who pass your way.   Enjoy your successes as well as those of others.  Let your eyes be blind to their imperfections, keeping in mind that they’re human like you, and therefore less than perfect.  Be understanding, compassionate, forgiving  and loving to all, and lest you be left with great regret, remember this most important lesson, you must begin by loving you.  After all, who is more deserving of your love or any love for that matter?  The obvious answer, no one.  Loving yourself is also the greatest gift you could ever give to the world, for try as you may, you simply cannot give away something you don’t possess.  After that it’s all gravy, enjoy the journey, and oh yes, smile and don’t forget to breathe. 

After a long time Hyukjae being praised by people on Naver :’)

“Now so many people supporting you, do you know Hyukjae? You are a much better man than I could imagined, now I understand what your dad said about you! You are Lee Genius! Lee Genius is the best! You really make us proud of you! You are our pride!”

“Eunhyuk oppa, I am sorry, you had been misunderstood, my sincere apology now, will you forgive me?”

“I have been trying hard to find fault from an innocent person, I am very sorry!”

“Hyuk has been undervalued all these years, the most important thing now is to give him a proper eveluation again!” (c) (c)


I love you Hyukjae. I love you I love you I love you. So much. Even if nobody can understand how precious you are…


anonymous asked:

What is your opinion on Lin and Su's relationship? Like the development and such.

It’s great.  =D  I loved seeing where the two of them came from, and then seeing them work through it.  The difference in the way they interact from The Metal Clan to Enter the Void is amazing.  =)

What I like most about it is that it’s not just about forgiveness.  The context behind Lin’s anger is important to understanding why she remained so upset for so long, and it’s thematically relevant to the season as a whole, too.

The most telling thing about their conflict, I think, is that the thing that caused Lin to leave the acupuncture session wasn’t the memory of getting her scar – it was her memory of realizing that Su is one of the criminals she needs to arrest.

We saw a bit of Lin’s relationship with Su before that, and, from what was shown, it seemed like Lin tried to enforce on Su the sort of structure that she wished Toph would have provided for her.  Lin felt like Toph’s laissez-faire child-raising strategy demonstrated a lack of concern – she probably tried to act like a second mom to Su because she cared about her.  Of course, Su was a teenager and Toph wasn’t going to do anything to rein her in regardless of Lin’s best efforts, so it didn’t really do anyone any good.

The other thing that set Lin at odds with her family was her ideas on order and fairness.  Lin believed that the rules ought to be followed by everyone, whether they were family or not.  I can’t imagine she wanted to arrest Su – she probably felt she’d failed Su for letting her get into that position in the first place – but letting Su go just because she was family was unthinkable to her.  That Toph’s own view on the matter was exactly opposite didn’t help, because it meant that Lin ended up complicit in the coverup against her will.

I feel like those two things turned into a toxic stew of unpleasant emotions that Lin turned into anger and aimed square at Su: it was easier to blame Su for being a born criminal than to accept that she felt responsible for Su, and it was easier to blame Su for forcing Toph’s hand than to blame Toph for putting her in a terrible position for Su’s sake.  And, of course, Su and Toph’s shared tendency to let the past go didn’t help either, because Lin couldn’t let the past go when there were still so many unresolved emotions there.

In the end, it wasn’t really something Su did that brought Lin back over to her side – Lin just had the occasion to work through her emotions and end up with a healthier understanding of the situation that had driven them apart.  Su didn’t really have to change within the show’s time frame, because she’d already changed… and, interestingly, the way she’d changed showed that she appreciated what Lin was trying to do.

Su, unlike Toph, didn’t take a laissez-faire approach with her kids.  In fact, she was kind of the opposite of Toph, who imposed external order on the world as the chief of police but refused to impose any order on her children – Su mimicked Lin’s attempts to control her rather than Toph’s laissez-faire approach when dealing with her children and her city, but refused to impose external order on anyone who wasn’t her family.  It seems plausible that she, like Lin, felt like control was a way of demonstrating caring; the difference is that, unlike Lin, Su was more interested in her family and city than people in general.

(Su seems to have passed on the “control the people you care about” thing to Kuvira… with the problem being that Kuvira a. was interested in the world at large rather than just her city and b. didn’t know where to stop)

TL;DR, the Beifongs are a fascinating mess and I love them.  =)