but forgivness and understanding is the most important thing


This is a PSA, as someone who stanned dan and phil from 2011 and lived straight through 2012 and even as someone who got yelled at by Dan on tumblr, 2012 wasn’t as bad as you guys think. The phandom wasn’t horribly annoying and didn’t drive Dan to freaking out, he was just dealing with a lot of stuff and seemed very passive aggressive. We also got a lot of joint liveshows, baking videos, and cute tweets! They didn’t seem mad at each other, just not as touchy/feely, which is understandable. So for those of you who worry that 2012 was some horrible awful wasteland of a time, you’re wrong. It was fine, but 2016 is MUCH better because they’re obviously happier, which is the most important thing. (this is jumbled but it’s 5 am forgive me)

anyways i think forgiveness is important i think being understanding is important i think listening to people is important i think being kind is important i think being able to see the best in people is important i think most people are bigger than their mistakes i think all of us are capable of hurting people and most of us are equally capable of being better and there are of course things that are unforgivable but i’m not talking about that stuff i’m talking about mistakes we’ve all made and all will make and i believe compassion is important and love is important and people are important and i know some of y'all think this is silly and naive but that’s what i want to believe and that’s what i will always believe bc i believe in people and that most people want to be good