but forgivness and understanding is the most important thing

but really I don’t see enough people talking about how luke skywalker defies so many aspects of toxic masculinity and is a prime example of how kindness and compassion can be so powerful. he literally defeats darth vader by asserting again and again that vader is his father, that he doesn’t want to hurt him, that it’s not too late for him. this boy is facing death and yet he finds it in himself to understand and empathize with the man trying to kill him. he saves himself- and ultimately vader- by being forgiving, and compassionate, and kind. luke gets shitted on for being “whiny” when in reality he’s one of the few male protagonists I’ve ever seen act emotional and openly and unashamedly express his affection/feelings for others. it’s just so important to me that people realize that luke skywalker, perhaps the most iconic character to emerge over the past hundred years, is a hero BECAUSE he is kind, because he isn’t afraid to care about others, because he feels things deeply and is ultimately guided by his extraordinary heart.

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(CS anon) In fairness to Emma...Robin never asked Regina to give all the hearts of her enemies back and Snow and Charming covered up their brief jaunt into kidnapping for years. Relationships on this show would not be the healthiest in real life. The important thing is forgiveness and second chances. I was hoping for a bit of understanding between different shippers. Each ship has its problems but most CSers don't support the patriarchy any more than rumbellers do.

I think that there are just some images that it’s really hard to get around once you see them.  Merlin’s death is one of them.  Especially if you frame it as white sheriff covers up boyfriends murder of black man who is never mentioned again.  I know the show didn’t frame it that way but that doesn’t change that that’s objectively what happened.

I have tried to point out before that I’d basically want most of these characters locked up for the rest of their lives.  Belle and Henry can go free with an ankle monitor but everyone else goes into supermax.

The most important thing for all human beings to understand is that it is impossible for us to be perfect. We are going to make mistakes as we move through life. We sabotage ourselves when we set ourselves up to be perfect. As human beings we are “perfectly imperfect.” It is through our mistakes that we learn. It is with this intention and your open heart that you can move forward and live consciously. Hold yourself with compassion and patience for the mistakes that you make, and forgive yourself as you move through your day.
—  Pleiadian Initiations of Light

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I dont even know why I'm going to you with my problemz, you've got your own stuff going on and I can't go to anyone for help and I can't stop being stressed because its school stressing me out and I feel like people hate me and I can't have a single emotion without people freaking out at me

Hey, it’s ok. When I say I’m here to listen, I mean it. Your happiness and wellbeing is the most important thing to me.

I understand your feelings of school anxiety and that feeling like you’re walking on eggshells and upsetting the people around you with everything you do - trust me, I know what that feels like. I’m so sorry that you’re going through these negative feelings.

The best advice I can give you is to do your best to forgive your mistakes and praise your accomplishments. People are going to be upset - you can’t always help that and that’s not your fault. You can’t change the past. The only thing you can do is realize when you make a mistake and promise yourself to be just a little bit better tomorrow.

I’m very grateful and proud of you for coming to me to talk about your feelings. It’s important you don’t let yourself bottle those up. Express them through art, music, or even just talking to people. And if you have no one else to talk to, please know that I will always do my best to be here for you.

The most important thing to remember about apologies is their purpose. They aren’t really a time to explain or excuse. They aren’t a time to try to gain forgiveness or get favor. They’re especially not a time to bring up things other people have done.

An apology’s only purpose is to make it clear that you both understand what you did wrong and announce a responsibility for those actions and the damage done by them.

You can express regret and remorse too but ultimately the most important thing is that you’re responsible for what you’ve done and for doing better.

That’s what an apology is for.


I am so glad Kenna and Bash are back to their awesome selves. Honestly, they are the only healthy, sane ship left in this show - they get angry and have issues and then they actually (a) apologize and/or (b) admit they were wrong and/or © forgive. They actually *gasp* work things out! And, most importantly, they know that talking and understanding is important (Bash’s comment about wanting to know and understand all of her heart, even the darkest places, even if it takes years).

It’s like they are from another, saner show entirely!

I love them so freaking much. 

After a long time Hyukjae being praised by people on Naver :’)

“Now so many people supporting you, do you know Hyukjae? You are a much better man than I could imagined, now I understand what your dad said about you! You are Lee Genius! Lee Genius is the best! You really make us proud of you! You are our pride!”

“Eunhyuk oppa, I am sorry, you had been misunderstood, my sincere apology now, will you forgive me?”

“I have been trying hard to find fault from an innocent person, I am very sorry!”

“Hyuk has been undervalued all these years, the most important thing now is to give him a proper eveluation again!” (c) (c)


I love you Hyukjae. I love you I love you I love you. So much. Even if nobody can understand how precious you are…