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Hello! I’ve made this blog because I love Final Fantasy! Haha I love other FF games but this blog is for FFXV! I just ant to give a huge thanks to @ff15trashgoldenslumbers for helping me!! Go check out her blog its amazing! She also gave me the idea for this fic, drabble, scenario? Whatever you wanna call it XD. This is my first time writting for these charecters so they’re probably just maybe (if i’m lucky) a little bit OOC, forgive me for that!

The chocobros first thought when they saw their s/o


Wow she’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s like I’m staring at a goddess, maybe I should ask her out….oh god she’s looking at me. Act cool Noctis, smile, give her a nod, yeah hey girl. Is laughing good???? IS IT?! Okay she’s still looking lean on the wall! And I fell so not cool, wait she’s coming over. Haha score.



Oh my god she’s as cute as a chocobo. I didn’t think that was possible but there she is all…cute girl like. Maybe I can take a picture and say I was taking a picture of the ocean. Yeah nice thinking Prompto. And I got the picture, man she’s beautiful in this photo. Wait……she’s calling out to me. IS SHE MAD!? Just stay calm dude, she wants a copy of the photo. She knew, but I also got her number, awesome~



Hottie alert, oh shit did I say that out loud she’s looking at me. Not like I care if I said it out loud, I mean come on she’s way more then a ten~ Man would I like to do some fun things with her. Damn she’s still looking at me, I’m going to go and talk with her. And by talk I mean flirt with her like the world is ending tomorrow.



She is quite lovely, the way her hair falls in front of her face and how passionate  she talks about the things she loves. Her smile is like watching the sunrise on a new day, it’s absolutely beautiful. I’ve only just met her but I believe I’m already falling in love with her.

✨2 0 1 7 🌙 HOROSCOPES ✨

tell us what you mean when you say “new year, new me,” tell us you mean you might finally show the real you

this year, think about keeping your private matters private; learn that some things are better kept to ourselves

a social butterfly caught in society’s web; will you ever figure out that sometimes quality is better than quantity?

you know life can be overwhelming as it is, did you ever learn to take change as it comes? don’t let it get the best of your emotions

people feel comfortable in your company and everyone likes you, but maybe you should take the time to learn to love yourself

at times you think you’re the only one who can do something the right way, if no one else can get it right you should consider doing it yourself

in life and in literature, there are plot twists, as in love and in friendship there are attachments. don’t let them control you

karma and past lovers always make their way back somehow. tell us about the voicemails you swear you deleted or the dreams you had last night

do you believe fate is written in the stars? keep in mind no matter what there are consequences for the risks you take

people can be cruel and you know it all too well. remember you are not required to forgive the people who were not kind to you.

is rebellion your way of learning to be a leader? darling, there are more ways than one to stop following the masses

take the time you need to reevaluate your beliefs. it’s okay to not know what you want, its not doing anything about it that may cause problems


Through the ages, I’ve seen evil take many forms. The Sith. The Empire. Today, it is the First Order. Their shadow is spreading across the galaxy. We must face them. Fight them. All of us.

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yes hello i would like to hear wizard of oz stories

*clears throat* why hello and welcome to this brand new episode of @hamiltonmemes’s theatre adventures. in this episode, i shall tell about my theatrical shenanigans from my last winter play, the Wizard of Oz, where i was the spiciest cowardly lion to ever hit my local community theatre

ok okay let us begin spicy story time forgive me if its long but its one heck of a story *cracks knuckles*

 • I actually didn’t have the role of the lion at first, and I got to take the reins like halfway through the show. My original role was Boq the Munchkin. I had five lines and i still get angry just thinking about it mmmmmmboiiiimmmmmMMMMMM

• so when the directors announced that they needed a new lion, they asked for anyone who wanted the role to speak up; out of a group of 34 kids I was the only one to raise my hand- if that’s not true theatre friends right there I don’t know what is

• there were munchkins that were taller than me; like out of Dorothy and the gang, I was the smallest character; I GUESS ONE COULD CALL ME THE LITTLE LION 

• the lead director was super hesitant to give the role to me, but in the end he didn’t regret it 

• my lion costume had a six pack on it, if you google “macho lion” you’ll see what it looked like (also the costume was super small; I fit in it perfectly and I have no clue how original lion would have fit in it)

• the script we used has stage directions that say “lion sits on ground, on road and DABS at his eyes with the fluffy end of his tail" 

• in this show the witch had 3 evil cats (one of which was Australian) that came on as soon as act 2 started and during intermission we’d chant “pussy power pussy power”

•  ok ok so when I entered for the first time I had to attack the scarecrow, Dorothy, and the tin man. I kept on hesitating on attacking for some reason, AND THEN ONE OF THE ASSISTANT DIRECTORS NAMED SUE WHOS LIKE 67 YEARS OLD IS LIKE “Here lemme show you how it’s done” AND LIKE STRAIGHT UP SLAMS THE 6'3 TIN MAN ON THE STAGE IT WAS INSANE I SWEAR SUE SHOULD HAVE BEEN A PRO WRESLTLER 

• my tail fell off during tech rehearsal and I didn’t realize it and as I was leaving the lead director was like “Lion you forgot your tail” and I had to scamper back and retrieve it

•we sang the The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers as a pre show ritual trust me it works to get ya energy up

• i listened to Hamilton for the first time on the way to a rehearsal and as a pre-opening night pump up during this show 

• my “courage” that I got from the wizard was actually an empty bottle of Jefferson’s Reserve bourbon whiskey, and once I drank my “courage” i stood beside the tin man all pompous and started like swinging my tail around and the crowd freakin lost it every time

• someone got me this lion hat and i wore it to all the cast parties 

• I had a dream the week after the show ended that Lin came and watched it and he said he liked it and everyone was great and then he hopped in like this super old n crusty red granny car parked behind a dumpster and drove away, never to be seen again

****BONUS ADDITION: I had to stay in character for a bit after the show ended because each night there were little kids who liked the show and wanted autographs from the characters it felt disneyland af

In the locker room...
  • Mason: Deep breath Liam. It will be fine.
  • Liam: No it wont. He hates me. I can't do this. Mason please?
  • Mason: Okay.
  • Mason *Walks to Scott while Liam peeks around the corner*:
  • Mason *reading from a note*: Scott. I'm sorry I threw you to the floor and clawed you badly.
  • Scott: Erm?
  • Mason: I'm sorry that I wrestled you and bit you. I am sorry I made you a bloody mess.
  • Scott: Oh! I see.
  • Mason: I'm sorry I tried to become the Alpha.
  • Scott: It's fine. Really-
  • Mason: You're my Alpha and always will be. Ever since you first bit me, I've loved you Scott. Please forgive me.
  • Coach *Was listening the entire time*: I am profoundly disturbed! Part of me wants to know. The other half is telling me to walk away!

…. So.. I started watching Haikyuu!! yesterday at nine… And am almost done the second season…

Uttermost respect to some senpais.

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Omygosh that HC one broke my heart!! 😭 especially Yuta's (my feels took a beating for sure) I know I've requested a lot but YOU WRITE SO GOOD!!! \^_^/ Requesting a HC of MC and the guys getting into a mini argument/not agreeing on something and avoid each other for a while then forgive one another. (but in the time that they were just friends but started to realize their feelings) but it's okay if it's too much trouble I understand 😇

I just gotta say sorry first off. I’ve had this request sitting in my inbox for a while, and with the holidays, and everything, it took me forever to finally finish it.

I was actually really looking forward to completing this one soooooooo much, since this happens all the time and whenever I think about it, just ergh a feels roller-coaster.

So here it is (I apologize in advance for the huge block of text you’re about to see, they’re a lot longer than previous ones, another reason it took so long):


                It had been two days already. Two days wasn’t that long but they were starting to take their toll on me. I lay in bed, clutching my comforter around me as I scrolled through past text messages. My fingers hovered over his name, as I re-opened the conversation I’d read dozens of times.

                “gnight.” Was his last message, dated 2 days ago. Just one word, ending with a period, that’s how I knew he wouldn’t send anything else. I’d finally worked up the courage to call him out. Why was he always such a jerk to me? so afraid to show how he really felt? I knew under that cool, brusque exterior, Yamato was careful, never careless with what he did. So why did I feel that way? My fingers slid across the screen, sliding back through our conversation. Before, I had brushed off his teasing, knowing that was just who he was, but recently, awkwardness had grown into our conversations. Sometimes I bit back my retorts, afraid of hurting his feelings.

                Why was I afraid of hurting his feelings? He obviously wasn’t afraid to hurt mine. I’d been trying not to take everything he said to heart, but lately his teasing had just filled me with self-doubt. Before I knew it my witty replies had died off, and instead replaced with sweet ones. This had just made things more awkward. But I couldn’t be mean to him anymore, even if it was joking, I was too afraid to scare him off or lose him.

                Look where that got you, I flopped down on my bed, huffing, We haven’t spoken in days. I felt my chest constrict painfully when I realized that this was exactly what I had feared, exactly what I had tried to prevent.

                I dreaded going to Physics. I knew he’d be there. Should I sit somewhere else? I wondered. But that would make things even more awkward, and I’d probably ruin my chances of ever making up. I knew all I wanted was to go back to talking with him, even if we couldn’t be more than friends, I’d decided I just needed to talk to him.

                Suddenly, my phone beeped. I almost dropped it in surprise. “Yamato” Flashed across the screen. My fingers flew madly across the lock screen to see what he’d said.

                “hey. can we talk?”

I quickly replied, “sure. what’s up?”

The response came almost instantly, “let’s talk in person, can u meet me in the dining hall in 30 mins?”

I blinked, ‘Let’s talk in person’, my stomach twisted at the words, as if something heavy had landed on my gut. I felt like I might throw up but gathered my purse and threw on a coat before rushing out the door.

                I was hurrying to the dining hall, my nervousness growing with every step I took. My hands fidgeted in my pockets anxiously as I kept my head down against the wind, trying to keep the bad thoughts from entering my mind.


                I turned, looking for him as my name was called. Yamato?

                He was on the other side of the street, the wind blowing his auburn hair as he looked at me in surprise. We stared at each other wordlessly for a few seconds, before he started jogging over to me. When he reached me I felt a sudden warmth. Yamato had wrapped his arms around me in a hug.

                “Y-Yamato!” I stuttered, startled.

                “Shhh. Just let me say something,” He muttered in a low voice, by my ear, “Before I lose my courage.”

                I couldn’t say anything as I stood, waiting anxiously for what he wanted to say.

                “I know I’m kinda harsh sometimes,” He started, “I joke a lot, and say some things bluntly, I know, but lately it’s been bugging me,” Yamato paused, and drew back, gazing into my eyes with his brown ones, “It’s scary.”

                “What’s scary?” I asked, my heart pounding.

                “What’s scary is that I care about your reactions too much,” He admitted quietly, averting his gaze as his cheeks flushed, “I keep worrying if I hurt your feelings… and I know I did… and it’s been killing me ever since.”

                “Yamato…” I felt my chest grow warm as I looked into his blushing cheeks. He said it, I thought, He’s being honest. The warmth spread through me, bringing the happiness with it. Almost overflowing with my joy, I found myself hugging him again, tightly.


                I felt so stupid. I knew Saeki was a ladies man, I knew he was liked, I knew how flirtatious he was; and yet I let myself think I was something special to him. We hadn’t spoken for days and I, like an idiot had thought maybe I should apologize for being so harsh. Whatever for? I didn’t do anything?! I just called him out on his inappropriate behavior. Originally, his flirting hadn’t bothered me. I’d joke or pass it off or tell him to cut it out, but a few days ago I’d snapped, when I found myself wishing there were feelings behind those words.

                That was my mistake.

I cursed myself as I hurried through the crowd of students, walking quickly. I shoved my earphones into my ears, turning the volume on my phone up, to blast the music, as if to erase what I’d heard.

                But nothing could erase what I’d seen. Saeki’s smug smile at me would forever be burned into my mind. He wanted me to see him with her.

I drew my jacket around me as the biting wind cut into my cheeks. I felt my hair whipping around my face but I couldn’t pay attention to it. I didn’t feel surprised, or shocked, just numb. As if I knew this was inevitable. Saeki had never told me he had feelings for me, we’d never gone on dates, he’d never asked me to be his girlfriend, so why did I still feel this pain?

                My phone buzzed, the screen displaying “Saeki” across the top but I chucked it on the bed, instead choosing to complete an essay I had due next week. I sat at my keyboard, and pulled out the essay guidelines.

After two hours, my eyes glazed over the blank word document, I’d been unable to write anything. I’d never been more aware of the presence of my phone. I kept trying to resist flipping the messages open and looking at them, but I knew if I saw what he had to say, I couldn’t stop myself from replying. Although I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t fair he made me feel this way, I couldn’t be mad at him, I could only be mad at myself. I’d let myself believe I was special, that Saeki shared these feelings, that we were on the track to being together.

At around 11:00 p.m., two hours after I’d given up on trying to write while my mind could only think of Saeki. I’d tried to keep myself busy, but ended up just watching Netflix to distract myself. Suddenly, I heard a loud *knock knock*. I jumped, throwing my earphones off. I looked around my dorm, my roommate hadn’t returned.

*knock knock knock* the knocking continued. I slinked off my bed and peered through the peephole. Saeki?! I jumped back when I recognized the long, black, silky hair and white shirt. I felt my heart start racing as I contemplated whether or not I should the door.

”_____?” He said from the other side of the door, making me freeze. His voice didn’t have the usual cocky, joking tone. He sounded…devastated.

I raised up on my tiptoes again to peer through the peephole at him. Saeki’s brown eyes were filled with a sadness and seriousness I’d never seen. They penetrated my core, it seemed like that flirtatious façade was completely cracked, leaving behind this vulnerable Saeki I didn’t know existed.

”_____,” Saeki started again, “I’m sorry, please let me in.”

My fingers flew over the locks and I yanked the door open. Saeki’s eyes widened as he registered my face, and I felt his arms close around me.

“My honey…” His voice croaked by my ear.

“S-Saeki,” I couldn’t move, “But… I said…”

I felt his embrace tighten, “I know, you said not to say it if I didn’t mean it.” His warm hands held me close to him, “So if I mean it it’s okay, right?”


                Maybe I was asking for too much; I always knew Takao was the problem-fixer, and didn’t ever complain about himself, but I had started to feel our relationship was a little one-sided. For a few months now, he’d always been there for me. Whether I was stressed about a test, got in a fight with my parents, or just wanted someone to talk to.

                I’d started to realize however, that although I’d talked about myself all the time, I didn’t know much about Takao’s feelings. Sure, I knew all about his family and how much he loved them, but I didn’t know who Takao was.

                I didn’t realize why that would bother me so much, I had someone who was always there for me, and didn’t expect anything in return, but it felt wrong. I wanted Takao to confide in me, wanted him to trust me to cheer him up, just like I trusted him to cheer me up. Every time I asked him though, he brushed it off, saying there was nothing to talk about.

                I’d gone too far though, thinking back now I felt embarrassed. I can’t believe I actually said that… I thought, angry with myself. I could see the shocked look on Takao’s face when I’d asked him if he didn’t talk to me because he didn’t trust me. He’d avoided the question, and instead told me to calm down. I clenched my hands as I remembered how angry that made me. He didn’t get it… I knew we’d never be more than we were now, just study friends, unless he opened up to me too.

                I glanced at the clock on my phone, it was 11:40 a.m. only 20 minutes until the usual study time. I sighed, Takao and I hadn’t spoken or texted since my confession. Although I was still upset, and wishing that he could trust me enough to rely on me, the idea of going another day without talking to him was even more upsetting. It’s a long shot, he probably won’t even be there, I thought, but gathered my Government notes and book and headed to the library.

                When I reached the table we’d always sit at, and saw it was empty, I cursed myself for feeling disappointed. You knew he probably wouldn’t be here, don’t be so surprised. I tried to tell myself this, but could feel my chest tightening painfully as I unpacked my notes and book, painfully aware of the empty chair next to me.

                “Sorry I’m late!”

                I turned around, to see Takao panting slightly, as he tried to catch his breath. Did he run here? He set his bag down, and began unpacking his notecards and highlighters.

                “I-I didn’t think you’d show up,” I stammered.

                Takao looked up at me, his eyes widening in surprise, “Of course, we always study together, right?”

                “Well,” I fidgeted nervously, “I didn’t know if you still wanted to after our last conversation.”

                “Oh,” Takao stopped unpacking his things and looked down, “I’ve been thinking about that.”

                My heart thudded, he wasn’t smiling. What has he been thinking? I could only feel that something bad was about to happen.

                “I’ve never really been the person to unnecessarily cause others worry,” He started, “I didn’t realize that made you unhappy…”

                My eyes widened as I realized he was trying to apologize, when I was the one who had exploded on him, “N-no Takao I didn’t mean—”

                “I don’t want you to think I don’t trust you, or count on you,” Takao continued, “Because I do, you’re really special to me.”

                I’m special to him?! I felt my heartbeat quicken as he confessed this. What did that mean exactly?

                “Oh,” Takao’s cheeks suddenly flushed as he looked at me, embarrassed, “Now I’m the one who said too much.”


                It wasn’t like Ren was normally chatty, but now I found myself missing the little he did talk. I felt so overly aware of the strained air between us. You shouldn’t have brought that up, I thought. I knew this was all my fault. I hadn’t realized how much I really enjoyed my time with Ren, how much I valued each small, cute thing he did, until he didn’t anymore.

                It had been almost a week since I’d seen that article on the internet of “Prince Leonard”, and realized he and Ren looked the same. I wished so badly that I never brought it up to him. Maybe if I hadn’t, he wouldn’t have distanced himself from me.

                I had just started to think that maybe we were growing closer. He would talk a little more, smile a little more, and open up a little more. But when I confronted him, I was mostly shocked, half-joking. He, however, had been brutally honest with me.

                “Now that you know, you also know why we can’t ever be together,” I heard his words echo in my mind. Every time I remembered them I felt my heart fill with their poison. He hadn’t even given us a chance, but I could understand why: he was Prince Leonard, and I was a regular girl.

                We managed to get through another lab, completing it without speaking to each other. I didn’t have the courage to say anything, when my mind couldn’t forget his intense expression when he told me we’d never be together.

                Just seeing his handsome green eyes, or the delicate way he handled the instruments, it was no wonder he was a Prince, someone far too perfect for me. I kept trying not to look at him, but my eyes always found their way to his face. Each time, I felt my chest constrict painfully, and yet I couldn’t stop myself.

                Why’d you have to say that, Ren? I bit my lip, turning away from the experiment, why’d you have to say that before giving us a chance? It’s because you’re just a regular girl, you’ll never be enough to be with a real-life prince, I reminded myself. I kept forgetting, because to me, Ren was just Ren, my quiet, cute, and honest lab partner. But in reality he’s much more.

                My eyes began to sting. I quickly packed my things up and fled the room. When I finally reached a quiet study place in the hallway, I slid down the wall, clutching my bag to my chest. I can’t do this, I thought, as my vision blurred with hot tears. I’d always heard about how hard a one-sided love was, but never imagined my heart could hurt this much.

                “What are you doing?”

                I froze, and slowly looked up to see Ren standing in front of me, his eyes wide in surprise as he saw my tear-stricken face. What is he doing here?

“What happened?”

                I bit my lip, looking back down again, “You happened.”

                I heard a rustling noise, then Ren sat down on the ground next to me.

                “Ren!” I tried to hide my surprise, “Y-You can’t sit down here, it’s dirty.”

                His eyes were still slightly widened when he returned my gaze, “But you’re sitting down here aren’t you?”

                I didn’t know what to say, simply hearing him say something like that made my eyes fill with more tears. Stupid, stupid Ren, stop being nice.

                “I miss you…”

                I blinked, looking at him incredulously, “W-what?”

                “I don’t like you treating me like a prince,” He said, a slight frown appearing on his face, “I liked the way it was before.”

                “b-but…” I tried to conceal my shock, “you said…”

                A gentle smile crept across Ren’s lips, “If I say I take it back, can we be like before?”


                Why won’t you text me, Yuta, I thought, clutching my phone closer. I scrolled through the messages, seeing the same words I’d re-read a thousand times. “Hey what’s up?”, “What r u doin?”, “u ok?”, and the final, embarrassing one, “R u mad at me?”

                “Ugh!” I groaned in frustration. I buried my head in my pillow. God, how needy can I be? I felt my stomach twist painfully. This sucks… The last two days had passed agonizingly slow. The worst part was realizing exactly how much I’d grown to needing Yuta. Without him talking to me, I hadn’t even gotten out of bed today. This is so sad, I thought, huffing as I once again glanced at my phone.

                Every time my eyes closed I saw his wide, joyful brown eyes, his light, wavy hair, and the jovial smile that always made me smile too. I glanced back at our conversation, at the messages I sent yesterday. “Hey” my fingers typed out. My finger hovered over the ‘send’ button, hesitant. What if he doesn’t respond to this either? I realized how much I could be annoying him, and yet I just wanted a reply.

                I went through the motions of going to class, of performing a lab experiment, but all I could think of was Yuta. Every time I thought I felt my phone vibrate, it was in my hand; and each time, it wasn’t Yuta, and my heart sank. The growing disappointment and realization that he wouldn’t text me back today either filled my stomach, and by the time lab ended, I wasn’t hungry.

                Although I didn’t think I would be able to eat anything, I found myself at the entrance to the dining hall. Why am I even here? I thought, glumly looking at the sign. I found my eyes wandering to the place where Yuta normally stood. I could almost imagine him standing on his tiptoes, waving enthusiastically, with that grin on his face. Just as I pictured it I began to feel my eyes sting. What did I do, Yuta?

                Suddenly I felt someone ram into me, and I stumbled forward.

                “Oh my God I’m so sorry!” I heard him apologize from behind me.

                It can’t be… I turned around slowly. Yuta’s already wide eyes grew with surprise when I faced him. We stared at each other for a few seconds, wordlessly.



                We both started talking at the same time, and stopped. As Yuta fought his smile in front of me I could feel myself doing the same thing. Wait, smile? I felt the clenching weight around my heart that I’d been carrying all day loosen.

                “We always seem to have a bad habit of bumping into each other,” Yuta chuckled, ruffling the back of his hair, embarrassed.

                “Yeah…” I stared at him, the main question weighing on the back of my mind, “What’s been going on with you?”

                He froze, then turned to me with his mouth open, “Oh jeez you’ll never believe what happened to me!” Yuta then proceeded to tell the most ridiculous story, of how he’d been hanging with some high-school friends and tripped and fell in the pool.

                “In the middle of winter?!” I tried to bite back my giggle, “You must have frozen!”

                “Yeah! It was crazy, the new phone was so expensive though,” He looked glum for a second.

                My eyes widened, “Wait, new phone?”

                “Well yeah,” He looked at me, surprised, “It took a swim with me when I fell. Gosh I’m such a klutz, you shoulda seen how hard they were laughing at me.” A flush crept into Yuta’s cheeks.

                I felt a smile tug at my lips, “So… you had to get a new phone?” I felt relief settling in me, That’s all it was!

“Yeah,” He dug in his pocket and pulled out a phone in a bulky, protective case, “I decided to take precautions this time.”

                I burst out laughing, until my sides hurt. Yuta started looking at me with a slightly worried expression, “I’m just relieved,” I admitted honestly, “I thought maybe you were mad at me or something.”

                “Really?!” Yuta’s jaw dropped, “Oh my God I’m sorry,” He suddenly looked downcast.

                “Hey,” I poked his shoulder, “Don’t look sad, I’m really glad.”

                Yuta beamed at me, “Awwwww, but you got all worried. Honestly I missed talking to you, but didn’t think you would miss talking to me.”

                “Hey! Your jokes and funny pictures get me through the day,” I said jokingly, but meant every word.

                Yuta’s smile grew, his eyes sparkling, “Then I’m doing something right! Everything’s much better when you’re smiling and happy.”


For those of you who are also waiting on a headcannon request, I’ll get to em, cross my heart, hopefully things’ll be a little more speedy from now on. Will probably start tonight!~

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Sabriel 19 =)

19. things you said when we were the happiest we ever were

When Sam had imagined getting married, he’d pictured a traditional wedding. A blushing bride in a long white dress, a small chapel. Jess was the closest he’d ever come to it, before. He still had the engagement ring he was going to give her, kicking around in the box he used to keep his more treasured possessions. It hurt to see it, but he couldn’t bring himself to be rid of it either.

When he got married to Gabriel, it was nothing like that.

Sam was legally dead and it wasn’t like Gabriel had ever properly existed to begin with as far as the US government was concerned, so it was easier to have the ceremony in the bunker. Besides, you couldn’t get much better than Castiel, an actual angel of the Lord conducting the ceremony. The few remaining friends they had that were still alive were all there, whooping and cheering when Gabriel pulled Sam down into a passionate kiss, once their vows were done. Dean denied it after, but his eyes looked distinctly watery, as he watched the happy couple.

Some traditions, they kept with. Before the party started, Gabriel took Sam’s hand. “Dance with me.”

As they moved onto the floor, an all-too familiar song began to play. Heat of the Moment. Sam stiffened. Gabriel had to know how he felt about what had happened back at Mystery Spot, the pain he still felt. Hell, he still had nightmares. And to play this at their own wedding…

“It’s not what you think.” Gabriel stopped him from moving away, cupping Sam’s face in his hands.

“Gabe, you know how I feel about that song. Couldn’t you have picked something else?”

Gabriel shook his head. “You know why I picked that song, back in Mystery Spot?”

“‘Cause you like Asia?”

“Well, that too.” Gabriel huffed a laugh. “I knew I was gonna have to break you, if you were going to move on after Dean went to Hell. You’d hate me for it.”

“I did hate you, for a long time.”

“Point is, I never thought you’d feel the same way I did about you, especially not after that.” Gabriel’s eyes were wide and earnest. “I thought that was gonna be the only chance I had to tell you.”

Gently, Sam dipped Gabriel, leaning down to kiss him tenderly. “It’s okay. I get it.” He really did too. They’d both had so much baggage, when they’d first started dating, so much that was in need of forgiveness. Having a song that symbolized that for their first dance made sense.

It might not have been what he’d pictured. But as far as Sam was concerned, it was perfect.

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Undead Uncle
  • Zombieman meets the Mini Toasters who are fascinated with his regenerative abilities. (Wanted to show a soft side to this stoic cutie. ;D)
  • -The Minis are climbing all over him in the break room while Roku lights the tip of each of his fingers-
  • Genos: Kids, please don't climb all over him. And Roku don't burn off his fingers like that, it isn't polite...
  • Zombieman: It's okay. He's just playing.
  • -Kids 'ooh' and 'ah' as the fingers regenerate instantly.-
  • Genos: My apologies, Zombieman-san. I'd come to the Association on a quick errand and thought to leave them in the breakroom to wait until I'd finished with it. I hope they weren't bothering you too much. [-keeps a hold of Roku who wants to try and burn his hair next-]
  • Zombieman: Nah, it's fine. kids are kids.
  • Genos: Forgive me if I'm being rude, but I didn't think you'd tolerate children.(Let alone speak to others. This feels like the first time we've talked casually outside of work.)
  • Zombieman: ...Well I don't really 'dislike' them. If anything I admire them a little. They've got their lives ahead of them, and seeing your lot being this lively makes the future somewhat more hopeful and decent for this place.
  • Genos: ...I see.
  • Zombieman: Well I better head out. I likely have some missions on standby.[-easily pulls the kids down from his shoulder and pats some of them on the head-] I'll see you later, Demon Cyborg.
  • Genos: Of course.
  • Mini Genos': Bye~
  • -waves his hand without looking back-
  • Genos: (I'd always thought he was rather unsociable, but he's actually not a bad guy.)

Sooooooo, recently i hit 2k which is?????? idek like wow so i just like to say thank you thank you thank you to all of you!!! and I’m so glad i joined tumblr because here i met so so many nice people, and yeah so here’s my follow forever… (also this edit is ew but pardon me) 

bun and bum squad: YALL HATE ME SO MUCH JUST BECAUSE IM A NARRIE!! SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE!!! IM kidding i love y'all so so much, we’re always making each other laugh and i think that’s amazing! yeah I’m v glad that I’m in this group chat tbh! <3

morgan: my favorite narrie!!! you always make me laugh so much i can’t, ill never forget the day that we started talking with gifs only and we weren’t making any sense lmao and then morgarah was born that day.. good times!! #narrytopia

lika: you’ll probably never forgive me, but its okay i still love you


ana: remember when i thought melissa was you during s blog rate?? it was hilarious help, anyways you were one of the firsts that i started talking in here <333 ily

nelly: you were the first person i started talking here, we don’t talk as much as we used to but ilysm <3

janyha: you call me kale and you hate cotton candy… *insert here that photo.. you know which one* anyways besides the fact that you think cotton candy is nasty i still love you and you’re so funny and yeah <33

jena: ahhh we should talk more because you’re so nice and love dogs and ahhhh you’re the cutest

destiny: we started talking the other day and we should totally keep doing it because you’re so cute and nice and ilysm and you should def keep doing your youtube videos!!

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Okay let’s talk about something I noticed in this week’s SU.

at first one might see Camp Pining Hearts as a one-off goofy joke but let’s not forget Steven’s silly shows containing subtle references to present or future in-universe goings on is not unheard of (Pear’s begging for forgiveness in Crying Breakfast Friends anyone???) or that I have too much time on my hands with which to scrutinize details

So I decided that “Camp Pining Hearts” if that IS its real name warranted a closer look and friends let me tell you I was not disappointed.

So in what little we see of CPH, the conflict presented to us is that a Camper named “Paulette” affiliated with the Blue Team indicated by a Blue Diamond Shape on her hat

Is attracted to this fellow “Percy” affiliated with the yellow team as evidenced by his Yellow Diamond symbol.

The gem connections aren’t hard to make from there. Is the show suggesting a potential romance between a Yellow Diamond affiliated gem (likely Peridot) and a Blue Diamond affiliated gem.

Percy was relatively easy to place but Paulette presented more of a problem. Who, I wondered could she be?

Unless Blue Diamond herself or her Pearl showed up and saw fit to get frisky with the cast, which seemed unlikely, who do we know that serves/served Blue Diamond? (Besides Sapphire of course who has established she’s pretty Taken and “three’s a crowd”.)

But THEN I remembered…

There WAS someone else we knew in Blue Diamond’s court. Someone we haven’t seen in a while!

And that’s when things really started heating up. Because while “Percy” (Peridot?) and “Paulette” (Lapis???) seems to be canon in Camp Pining Hearts, Peridot disagrees with this notion.

Peridot thinks that Percy belongs with Pierre.


Because Pierre is “a brute” who “lays waste” to the three legged races. Now I don’t know about you guys but I know who I thought of first when I heard that.

Love Confessions(SEHUN/OC) One-Shot

*Where Sehun had broken your heart, then came back asking for forgiveness a few weeks later.*

Sehun and I used to watch those really cheesy movies where the guy apologizes to the girl by making a grand romantic gesture towards her, like throwing pebbles at the girl’s window, love letters, doves, flowers, or the classic— trying to win her over by standing gobsmacked in the middle of the rain and begging her to come back.

He never liked those—hated them, even. He complained about how it was totally unrealistic and that, that guy was dumb for making a fool out of himself. And how that girl was stupid for coming back to him. He said that he would never do that, even if there was a gun to his head. But you see, the funny thing is, he did exactly that. And there was no trace of a gun.

On the day Sehun came knocking at my door at midnight, Seattle’s weather was more of a wreck than it already is. There must’ve been something bad going on in the heavens, because the rain poured down on us like a tsunami, and it never stopped. Not only were the tress victims of the rain, but the wind, also. They were trying their best not to get carried by the vicious wind that was recklessly knocking everything in its path.

I was in my cozy room watching a Doctor Who marathon with the one and only, sleepy Chanyeol, when the booming sound of the doorbell ringing impatiently reach my ears. I flinched and looked over to Chanyeol, checking if that interrupted his peaceful sleep. Relief washed over me when his eyes kept closed and his chest was rising and falling slowly.

My eyebrows made a crease as I wondered who would be outside my apartment of all places at midnight on a day like this. My legs quickly moved towards the door. I twisted the door knob and swung the door open, revealing a face that I’ve been forcing myself to erase out of my mind for weeks. Sehun.

My body was paralyzed in shock. My eyes were about to pop out of its sockets, and my lips were parted from the disbelief. My mind races with endless questions. I blinked a couple of times, trying to see if the person who was soaking wet from head to toe would vanish into thin air, like a dream. But no, this wasn’t a dream.

The figure stood still. “Sehun…?” I managed to choke out. My vocal chords had chosen such a great time to betray me at this moment. I was the victim of being under his killer gaze for quite a long time. It made my stomach twist and knot at a small glimpse of him. Finally, he broke his gaze and both corner of his lips tugged upwards.

Silence hung thick in the air, but I didn’t care. I carried on my little interrogation. “What are you doing here! If you’re here for your hoodie, then you can have it back. I already washed it, and it’s collecting du—” my sudden rambling was rudely interrupted by him.

“Why’d you wash it?” he asked, hurt was clearly evident evident in his voice. He was slurring his words. In a blink of an eye, I found my shoulders being gripped by his strong hands. The acidic small of alcohol lingered on his breath, making me grimace. I wiggled out of his death like grip and distanced myself from him.

“You’re drunk,” I scoffed, crossing my arms. He started to ramble on about something, but I let myself drift off and observe his facial features that my eyes had been longing to see.

He had gotten so much slimmer. Instead of a bright twinkle in his eyes, a dull cold one was there. They were puffy, too. His cheeks were stained with newly shed tears, making my heart break all over again. He cried. Oh Sehun cried.

“…and I would wake up at 3 am terrified out of my mind because I remembered that I can no longer see that sweet, sweet smile of yours light up when you get excited about something,” he sniffed, shaking his head in shame. And like the tress outside, he was struggling to stay in one spot. Unconsciously, my instincts kicked in and I found myself holding onto his arms to help him regain his balance.

And in just one swift move, he grabbed my arms and pulled me into his chest, embracing me. His arms fully wrapped around my waist while his face was buried at the nape of my neck.

Once again, I was paralyzed from shock. My hands began to tremble uncontrollably as if I was in Antarctica during the winter. Despite being soaked from head to toe, his body heat wrapped around me like a big fluffy jacket. His hand traveled up to my hair and caressed it gently, like a fragile piece of art that could fall apart any time. His pained muffled sobs reached my ears, making my chest hurt.

Without knowing, I slowly began to return the affection towards him. “Shh..shhh…” my trembling voice didn’t help the situation much. Tears began to drip down from my eyes. I mentally cursed at myself for being so weak in front of him. But then again, I wasn’t the soaked drunk one who was sobbing uncontrollably.

“I’m sorry…I’m so so so sorry,” he said. His voice was breaking to pieces. “I didn’t mean what I said. I only told you that I was cheating on you out of anger. I was never with a girl. I’m so sorry that I broke your heart, I’m sorry that I caused you so much pain. I’m sorry that you wasted your tears on me. Please forgive me. I am dying without you. I am dying without your bad puns lighting up my day. I am dying without your kisses. Please,” he finished, his hands gently cupped my face. I searched his face for any evidence of lies, but none came up. He was genuinely sincere.

I gnawed my bottom lip, not knowing what to do, or how to respond with the truth that weighed on my shoulders. The pouring rain filled out silence, but I didn’t mind. I was overwhelmed with emotions. I wasn’t going to deny myself the truth— I still love him. I still craved for his touch and his kiss single day. I craved seeing his little happy dance when he had found a new bubble tea store. I craved him. I missed him.

“…you didn’t cheat?” I asked, my voice was a little louder this time. He shook his head.

Suddenly, I felt a ton of weight lift off from my shoulders. It was replaced with relief and mirth. In the first time in forever, I cracked a smile. “Okay,” I nodded, “I forgive you. Just… Please don’t ever do that to me. Please.”

He frantically nodded in excitement, then swooped his head down, engulfing me into a fully passionate kiss that both of us had been longing for. My arms found its way to his neck and wrapped it, pulling him closer. His arms snaked around my waist, pulling me even closer.

Eventually, our lips parted for just a second, giving him the time to say, “I promise.” And he meant it.

wow. okay. I’ve had this in my notes for forever, and I’ve been debating wether to post this or not. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Requests are open :) feel free to ask!

A Day to Remember

TITLE: A Day to Remember


 AUTHOR: Anonymous

 ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine sitting next to a sunglasses-wearing Loki in the backseat of one of Stark’s convertibles, the wind brushing his hair back as he drapes one arm lazily over the side of the car.


 NOTES/WARNINGS: This is my first time doing something like this so FORGIVE ME IF ITS UTTERLY TERRIBLE… Notes: You are an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, you were recruited after Loki’s whole attempt to destroy earth in the Avengers movie…… You are from Asgard, so you have a similar lifespan to Loki and Thor so you aren’t exactly a mortal but you certainly aren’t a god (go with it okay?). Your “powers” or the reason S.H.I.E.L.D. recruited you is similar to Black Widow’s and Lady Sif’s. (Kick ass) You are temporarily residing on Earth to help S.H.I.E.L.D out and kinda make sure Loki doesn’t destroy anything while Thor is unavailable.

 You are awoken by the sound of your phone vibrating. There is sun permeating it’s way through your window and sprawling out in horizontal patterns across the floor. You lye semi-awake for a moment before your senses come flooding back. Wednesday. The thought of Loki that you had shoved away comes skipping back into your thoughts as well, you had begun to take a liking to Loki, especially now that he had agreed to assist in S.H.I.E.L.D missions to pay his debts (to mankind).

It was something you almost felt ashamed for thinking of, you had spent a considerate amount of time trying to convince yourself that it was wrong to love someone like him, but you cannot help who you grow fond of.

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Syfy's Plan: More Space Operas, Less 'Sharknado'

Syfy’s new executive vp original content, Bill McGoldrick, who joined in November from corporate sibling USA following the exit of Mark Stern, has two mandates: greenlight a space opera a la Battlestar and usher the network back into the golden age of high-profile, big-budget miniseries now duplicated by so many of its competitors.

McGoldrick’s first pull on the scripted trigger is Ascension, a limited series for which Syfy is closing a deal and eyeing for the fourth quarter. Part Battlestar and part Downton Abbey, it follows the 100-year-long space shuttle of colonists fleeing an Earth threatened by the early Cold War. In success, this and other forthcoming Syfy miniseries will have series potential.

Okay, I need this in my life right the frak now.

(I may have been trying to work out a BSG/DA thing in my head for a long time).