but forehead ;u;


countdown to jaebum’s birthday: D-21 
abc’s of jaebum: f is for forehead

you know how lance and keith literally butt heads when arguing and being Rivals™…………… let’s consider it foreshadowed parallelism for when they become Soft Boyfriends™ and start gently touching their foreheads together to ground each other or to murmur small encouragements so that only the other can hear or they just……. lean their foreheads together and nuzzle close bc sometimes that’s how they want to share a moment of intimacy…. i forget where i was going with this

yknow who i love?????? boys i love boys sm boys r rly cute nd i want to kiss all of their foreheads hey u? are u a boy? i fucking love u trans boys nb boys bi boys chubby boys tall boys short boys boys with accents boys who wear glasses boys with a crooked smile just fuckin bOYS. i love them all of them if ur a boy and ur reading this i love u and i hope u have a good day

happy vday i drew this on skype w my gorgeous handsome boyfriend + his laugh and smile made me gay x1000 and hes talented and sweet happy vday