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Wonho: The Fanboy (Part Three)


Requested by anonymous:

a Wonho scenario where you are famous youtube singer he is fanboying over, and when you move to korea, he contacted you and started a few dates till you both being couple. You can make it fluff or smut.

Vibes: happy first date with Wonho
Word Count: 2767
A/N: For the sake of the story, let’s pretend that Wonho doesn’t get swarmed, or even bothered, when he’s out alone.

Part One | Part Two

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There was only one thing on Wonho’s mind: your new video.

He saw the video posted right before his practice and did not get a chance to plug in his earphone to take a listen. But just by the title alone, we was extremely excited to hear you do an acoustic cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”. Just imagining you playing the guitar and singing aloud in your hotel room in Seoul branded a smile on his lips the entire day. He worked hard through Monsta X’s stage rehearsals with that smile and bowed at managers and producers with that smile. There was just no getting rid of it.

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Dance with Devils Blog Update: Happy Birthday to Lindo

Lindo 「I’m happy you’re celebrating for me this year, too. Thank you.」

Good evening, everyone. Rejet staff here.

Today, 3/3 is Lindo’s birthday!

Lindo, happy birthday!!

It is Hina Matsuri but, Lindo was born as a boy.
As children, did they celebrate together the little sister’s Hina Matsuri,
along with the big brother’s birthday?

We are truly thankful for the words of celebration from everyone.

It seems big brother is happy to be congratulated by his little sister.

This year I had you celebrate for me again

To you

I’m happy that I could welcome my birthday
like this together with you this year, too.

Normally, I would say I’d made dinner, but
for today at least I’ll leave it to you.

I’ll tell you now but, make something good enough
to impress my taste buds, okay?

Just kidding, it’s a joke.
If it’s something you make, obviously whatever it is will be good.

Next year, too…… not just next year, always from now on,
let’s celebrate together.

My birthday, and your birthday, too.

Let’s continue with our normal everyday, forever and ever.

Hey, could you promise me just one thing?
Let me thank you for today on your next birthday.

It’s fine, just promise me that.
That way I’m sure I’ll be okay.

No matter what happens, for sure――because for the sake of that day, I’ll overcome it.

Even though it’s his own birthday, why is it?
Rather than being pleased about it, he seems to be concerned just about his little sister?

He must be thinking a lot about his little sister, or perhaps……?

But, there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t be happy about the day they were born…… right?

In any case!

We pray that Lindo can spend a relaxing year, and be able to celebrate next year, too.

Happy Birthday Lindo!

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I’d like to point out three things before actually starting this post:

  1. i’m aware unexclusive isn’t a word - again, sorry not sorry
  2. being a loser is actually cool
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General info

The purpose of this network is to be non-exclusive of blog type, follower count and cliques. The only thing that will discriminate between who gets in and who doesn’t is whether or not i think your blog is fkn cute. 

There will be a group chat and a network page so everyone has the opportunity to gain followers and make friend’s.

The network will be active. To encourage this, i will regularly add new members and, at my discretion, remove members who aren’t active or cause trouble (unlikely, but still), unless of course there is a valid reason for them being inactive for a period of time. Kicking people out isn’t to be mean, but rather to ensure an active network where everybody’s friends and we all help each other out instead of just one or two people benefiting. 

How do you get in?

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haremhero said

Nobody cares
Nobody cares of you try to prove ichiruki

Nobody cares if you try to find some way To say kubo loves Ichigo and rukia  As a couple.

Kubo already said they’re not romantic.

So trying to prove it dose what?

At this point of the series at the end what does trying to say our ship Means something.

Can we just say they are PRECIOUS NAKAMA and leave it at that.

Kubo obvious don’t want the two to be a couple why force it your just giving hope to things that most likely aren’t going to happen.

If you love them as a couple fine I can respect that. But let go of it being Canon
Let go of the concept please just let go of it and just

Love and be happy about bleach.

If no one cares, why you always trying to disprove IchiRuki. That shit works both ways.

so trying to disprove CANON does what?

If it doesn’t matter, why is so important to you that ICHIRUKI not be canon, be precious nakama ONLY? IT DON’T MATTER…

cuz its obvious, the two Kubo really doesn’t want to hook up is Ichigo and Orihime…since her feelings are one sided and all their arcs send them in despair and she’s the rain–something CANON says brings him down

Why you always trying to prove that…If you love them as a couple fine I can respect that. But let go of it being Canon
Let go of the concept please just let go of it and just Love and be happy about bleach.

You’re full of shit, what you mean is..

“.MY SIDE AIN’T GOT NO PROOF, PLEASE STOP POSTING YOURS…CUZ OUR SHIPS ARE NOT EQUAL, BUT FOR THE SAKE OF MY ICHIHIME SALTY FEELINGS….can we pretend that canon has not shown romance for ICHIRUKI and all that shit that IH shippers try to use, is romantic but fuck we can’t admit ..and seeing your ACTUAL CANON EVIDENCE HURTS…FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP POSTING SHIT KUBO ACTUALLY WROTE ABOUT ICHIRUKI…DON’T TALK ABOUT IT…CUZ WE CAN’T DO THAT….all we have is….

and we’re fucking bitter, cuz you guys always run around celebrating all the cheezy shit kubo says about you in canon and all canon ever gave us is bonds that easily broken, misery and rain…please…STAPH ICHIRUKI SHIPPERS IT HURTS and all this shit I am talking is false bravado, to mask my pain…so IMA just pretend that canon does matter, after calling you stupid OVER CANON…cuz it matters to me–I just dont have it. so I will pretend it’s nothing to me when it really is…cuz I only fight fights I can PRETEND to win, like I pretend IchiHime has a snowball’s chance in hell to be canon”

Otherwise you wouldn’t have been so moved to prove IchiRuKI IS NOT CANON…when you constantly post about HOW CANON ICHIHIME is