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I Got You On My Mind (Part 7)

Jungkook Soulmate AU (Angst)

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Summary: Jungkook reveals why he rejected you. But is it enough for you to forgive him?

Word count: 1.7k words

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You watched, mesmerized, as Jungkook fidgeted with his hands, the chords of muscles in his forearms flexing. His gaze was downcast, his plump lower lip caught between his teeth, as he struggled to find the words to stay. You found that this uncharacteristic nervousness made him seem more genuine, but still, it was difficult for you to trust Jungkook after everything that had transpired.

After recently regaining some of your memories, the wounds Jungkook had inflicted still felt fresh. Your heart ached as if it were only moments ago that Jungkook had tossed you aside.

The conflicting memories of Jungkook warred in your mind. On one hand, Jungkook had rejected you with cutting words and a cold heart. But on the other, he had helped nurse you back to health and remained resolutely by your side. Which one was the real Jungkook? 

You wanted desperately to hold onto the version of Jungkook you had imagined as a young girl, not the one who had been sleeping with your best friend.

“She won’t believe me,” Jungkook thoughts interrupted. Your gaze flickered to his, but he was still staring at the ground, unaware that he was projecting his thoughts. You could feel his uncertainty and fear through your soulmate bond. The sudden urge to comfort him arose, but you pushed it down.

“Jungkook, I promise I’ll listen,” you said quietly. His head shot up, Jungkook’s wide eyes peering into yours. He opened his mouth, but no words came out. “I can’t promise that I’ll believe you, or that everything will be fixed, but I’ll give you this chance to explain everything.”

Jungkook sighed and looked away, his jaw clenching.

“I know I need to explain this to you,” Jungkook began slowly. “But this is really hard for me. I don’t want to show this side of myself to you.”

“Believe it or not, I don’t hate you now and I probably never will,” you said with a small laugh. “We’re soulmates for a reason, you know.”

Jungkook gave you a small smile, his gaze flickering down. “I guess I’ll start from the beginning then.”

You nodded, waiting patiently as Jungkook took an unsteady breath. He closed his eyes for a moment, before exhaling slowly and looking back at you. His eyes were raw and honest.

“The first time I heard your thoughts, I was six,” Jungkook recalled with a fond smile. “You didn’t hear me for awhile later. I still remember what you thought. ‘That looks like a fun tree to climb.’”

“That was the first thing you heard?” you asked incredulously. “I remember that! I climbed a tall-ass tree in the park, and I fell and broke my arm.”

“I know,” Jungkook replied grimly. “I felt it, too. For such an underdeveloped bond, it didn’t make sense for me to be able to feel your emotions. But I could. All I could feel was your panic and pain.”

You winced, recalling the memory from all those years ago. For a six-year-old, it was a terrifying experience.

“I was so young at the time,” Jungkook continued. “I didn’t understand why I could feel emotions that weren’t mine. I didn’t know why I could hear someone else’s thoughts. And I couldn’t understand why I cared so much about a person I’d never met.”

You opened your mouth, but Jungkook cut you off immediately. “Don’t apologize,” Jungkook said, smiling slightly. “I got over it, eventually. It got easier when you started to hear me.”

“That wasn’t until, like, a year later,” you frowned. “That must’ve been so strange.”

“It felt a little intrusive,” Jungkook shrugged. “But your thoughts were pretty entertaining. Plus, I was a really shy kid, so you were my only friend for a little while.”

“That’s really sad,” you said quietly, your voice lilting. “We didn’t have an actual conversation until we were nine.”

“We could have had spoken sooner, but I didn’t want to,” Jungkook confessed, looking away. “I learned how to block my thoughts, mostly. Sometimes I can’t, if I get too emotional.”

“Why didn’t you want to talk to me?” you questioned, a little hurt.

“It wasn’t you,” Jungkook replied immediately. Then, he frowned and clenched his fists. He didn’t speak for several moments, but when he did, his voice was quiet. “It was because of my parents. They were soulmates, but for some reason, they didn’t get along.

“My mom found out that my dad was cheating on her, and it was a mess. They divorced a few months later. My mom got custody, and my dad sort of spiralled,” Jungkook explained, his voice coloured with shame. “I didn’t know how to face my own soulmate after that. I didn’t even know if I could believe in soulmates anymore.”

“Jungkook, I’m so sorry,” you whispered. “If I had known, I would’ve–”

“No, I didn’t want you to know,” Jungkook interrupted. “You were the only person I could pretend to be fine with. You were the only person who didn’t know how fucked up my family–how fucked up I was.”

“You were just a child,” you argued. “How could I think badly of you?”

Jungkook just shook his head. “I wanted to seem like a good person in front of you,” he said. “Even after my parents, I still wanted to believe in soulmates. I wanted to have something to look forward to. You were always so happy, it was easy to pretend with you.”

A few moments of silence passed as Jungkook tried to collect his thoughts. You wanted to reach out, to hold him, but you didn’t know if he would appreciate that.

“My mom had to work a lot to support me and my brother, so she wasn’t home often,” Jungkook continued, his voice low. “My dad picked up drinking. He tried to take us home with him, once. The police had to come.

“My brother was hit pretty hard, since he was older when it happened. I was in middle school when he started high school. He joined a gang, started getting into fights and dealing.

“I didn’t follow him, but I got involved with some pretty bad people. You know what my reputation’s like–it’s because that’s who I am. From high school till now, all I did was party. I drank, I did drugs, I slept around.”

“Why didn’t I know any of this?” you asked, confused. “In all the years we’ve been talking, I couldn’t tell that a single thing was off.”

“I showed you what I wanted you to see,” Jungkook replied with a cold laugh. “I was hoping by the time I met you, I would’ve already cleaned up my act. I didn’t expect to see you that night, and I was so ashamed of myself. And I ended up pushing you away, because I wasn’t ready for you to see me like that.

“You were the last person I wanted to hurt, but I fucked it up anyway,” Jungkook said, his words venomous. “I ruined everything before it even began. It’s fucked up, but after you lost you’re memories, I thought it was like a second chance. I know, it’s fucking disgusting, but I wanted you to see the person I could become.”


“Look, I know everything about me is fucked up, okay?” Jungkook spat. “I don’t want to hear apologies, I don’t need pity. I don’t need forgiveness, either. This is the truth. This is everything I never wanted you to know.”

“Jungkook!” you repeated, more firmly this time. You reached out and grabbed his hand, which was clammy, and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Listen to me. All I wanted was for you to be honest with me. It doesn’t matter if you’re embarrassed or ashamed of your past, of yourself. If I’m your soulmate, I want to love all of you.”

Jungkook stared at you, his mouth hanging open slightly.

“If anything, I wish I could have been there for you,” you continued sadly. You played with his large hand, weaving your own fingers in between his. “We’re soulmates, you know? We’re supposed to support each other. There’s a reason why we’re connected, even if we don’t understand.”

“I just hate disappointing you,” Jungkook sighed, squeezing your hand back. “I was afraid to see our relationship crumble. Just being soulmates–I don’t know if that’s enough. If I’m anything like my father–which I am–then we’re doomed.”

“Don’t say that,” you scolded him gently. “I’ll admit, there are some things about you that aren’t great. But you’re more than your mistakes. You’re passionate and kind, and you’ve shown me the best sides of you, too.

“We aren’t so two-dimensional, Jungkook. I’m sure I’m not the perfect person you made me out to be when we were younger,” you laughed.

“But you’re perfect for me,” Jungkook insisted, then blushed deeply. He gulped visibly and looked away.

“Look, I don’t know if I forgive you yet,” you said, and you saw Jungkook deflate. “But I will eventually. I want us to move past this together.”

“Thank you,” Jungkook whispered, his voice cracking. He looked up at you. “I know I don’t deserve that, or you. But you’re the reason why I even try. If it wasn’t for you, I’d have probably given up already.”

“You should want to live for yourself, Jungkook,” you smiled sadly. “I am your soulmate, but I’m not your entire world.”

You pulled Jungkook into your arms, and he immediately buried his nose in the crook of your neck. You weren’t sure, but you thought you could feel wetness against your skin. Was he crying?

“You helped me a lot these past few weeks,” you continued, holding Jungkook tightly in your arms. “Let me help you now. We’ll make it through this, together. Okay?”

Jungkook nodded against your neck. And despite how terribly everything began, you were almost certain that everything would turn out just fine. With Jungkook truly by your side now, you felt strong. You were determined to unravel the mystery of the boy in your arms, who felt as far away as he was close.

- Girl in Luv

One more part to go, then it’s finished! How did you guys feel about this chapter? Are you still mad at Jungkook? His behaviour sort of makes sense now…I hope. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this series, and thanks to everyone who stuck with it! Look forward to the last instalment of I Got You On My Mind. I’m always so thankful for the support we receive, from the replies to the fanmail. You guys are the best! Happy reading 💛

Yeah I know this is going back, but a lot of things in this episode always bothered me, and hardly anyone ever seems to mention them. 

One of the things I feel gets totally overlooked or brushed aside both within the episode itself and by fans,is that Amethyst was actively encouraging Peridot to make jabs at the other Gems.  It  started out as a single mildly frustrated comment about “permafusion” from Peridot and her venting about her lack of understanding,  and probably wouldn’t have gone any further, but  then Amethyst started egging her on.   

Also don’t forget Amethyst found Peridot insulting the other Gems, including Steven really funny up until a negative comment was made about her. Then suddenly Peridot was wrong, being mean, and had to apologise to Amethyst and ONLY to Amethyst (Steven got made fun of too, and at Amethyst’s request  "do Steven next!!“ ) . 

Peridot at this stage was still new to Earth social skills and what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour on Earth , so  I can understand why she was confused by Amethysts sudden angry reaction when she was doubled over laughing at similar comments made just moments before.   

 Don’t get me wrong, I like Amethyst, but I feel like she was being a total hypocrite here , and  her own blame and behaviour was never, and has never, even been acknowledged, let alone addressed.

Yes, Peridot was wrong and needed to apologise, and to Steven as well, really, not just to Amethyst,  but it wasn’t exactly unprovoked and Amethyst was in the wrong too. 

I liked the episode overall, just not how all the blame was dumped on Peridot (who by her own admission was still learning, and did feel bad that she upset Amethyst even if she initially didn’t understand how) , yet Amethyst who encouraged her to throw insults around and so escalated the whole thing in the first place , was made out to be the poor innocent victim by everyone including Steven. 

Also, getting away from Amethyst for a moment, the whole leash thing in this episode bothered me too. I can understand why Garnet would find being asked to unfuse  offensive, but Peridot didn’t, and at least tried to be polite in how she asked. Keep in mind that on Homeworld fusion is only done for practical reasons (officially anyway, the off colours prove some Gems break the rule, but its frowned on and they are severely punished if caught), and mostly that practical reason is  fighting. 

Peridot later reveals she understands and is fine with Opal because she can clearly see  and understand the practical reason for them fusing.  Peridot’s  initial discomfort with Garnet was not her objecting to the romantic relationship but her feeling intimidated because, thanks to Homeworld mentality,  she  associated fusion with violence/fighting. She’s actually fine and very quickly accepting when Garnet actually takes the time to talk to her and explain why, and that their fusion is romantic in origin, and doesn’t say another word about it. 

In fairness to Peridot if someone was hanging around me with a sharp knife  drawn and I could see no rational practical reason as to why they needed it in context,  I’d get uncomfortable and nervous too. Ok probably not the best metaphor, but you get the idea, and Peridots are not trained or meant for combat in the first place. She was probably feeling especially vulnerable from the still quite recent loss of her limb enhancers too. and all Garnet had to do was actually talk to Peridot about it. Instead Peridot was simply  tied up and kept on a leash like some disobedient animal, which would be a completely humiliating and degrading punishment for anyone, and again, no one objects  or questions it and she’s even left leashed for most of the episodes remainder. 

Apart from Steven she’s also pretty much excluded from the group for the rest of the episode too.

 This is also hypocrisy, because they are all expecting Peridot to empathise with and understand them and their viewpoint   without taking the time or effort to extend the same courtesy to her. 

 The Gems got better in subsequent episodes, but I feel like their treatment of her in this episode especially was overly harsh and very  unfair in general. 

She was not going to instantly understand or magically just know all the new rules , and confusing her by teaching her the wrong behaviour (Amethyst) was completely unhelpful. 

<sarcasm> But hey, it was all Peridots fault, and humiliation as a punishment is a great teaching tool… </sarcasm>

The Host’s Eyes

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Lets talk about the Host’s eyes for a minute. I’ve seen a couple of theories going around that Dr Iplier was convinced somehow to remove his eyes, and botched the job. I really don’t think this is likely because, between you and me, that’s a difficult to surgery to ‘botch’. You’re only removing content of the eye socket, the only way you can botch it is to either not remove something, or end up with a dead patient. 

Broadly speaking there are three basic ways a trained surgeon can go about removing an eye. 

  • Enucleation: removing only the eyeball (sometimes some tear glands)
  • Externation: removing everything in the eye socket
  • Evisceration: removing the contents of the eyeball, but leaving the globe in place.

There are three different appearances you can be left with after these procedures. 

  • Enucleation and externation: Leaves a pink socket that a fake eye can be placed in. In veterinary medicine the eyelid margins are usually removed too and the socket sutured closed, leaving just a wall of skin. 
  • Evisceration: requires something to be placed into the hollowed out shell of the eyeball.  

There’s not a huge amount that even an incompetent surgeon can stuff up, certainly not enough to leave continually bleeding eye sockets that require a constant bandage. Practically, you either don’t end up removing enough tissue, or you remove too much, and end up inadvertently performing one of the other procedures. So instead of blaming Dr Iplier and questioning both his motives and skills, I offer a few other potential theories. 

  • The Host mutilated his own eyes for his own reasons (attempted auto-enucleation) and Dr Iplier has tried to salvage what is left. You can only do so much with what you’ve got.
  • The Host’s eyelids have been removed, not his eyes, and the bandage is to prevent them drying out. Dry eyes can lead to ulcers, rupture and a lot of pain.
  • The Host’s eyes are perfectly fine, but he’s been convinced (Darkiplier?) that they are not and wears the bandage to prevent questions. Even without the bandage he cannot see. 
  • Alternatively, the eyes might be filled with darkness so that he is practically blind. The eyeballs might be filled with literal ink.
  • The Host is blind for some other reasons, but the 'blood’ on the bandage is actually red/pink die because he is less sensitive to colours and didn’t notice when something red/pink ended up in the wash.

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Pairing: Clay Jensen x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) and Clay had an intention to finish their project. Would they be successful on doing it?

Word count: 1.270

Posted: 21st of April 2017

A/N: I am so overwhelmed for the feedbacks I am receiving for my previous imagines with Clay and I would like to thank you for the support.
I love you as much as I love this cinnamon roll and I am so inspired to write 13 reasons why imagines.
Thank you for everything guys and I love you all.

P.S.: My requests for 13 reasons why are OPEN!

- G. x

Warning: (Y/E/C) is Your Eye Colour.

It has been a long and tiring day at school and to top it, you still had some projects to finish with your project buddy and best friend, Clay Jensen.

“Are you tired?” Clay worriedly asked you after he saw you yawning for the hundredth time now. “We can do it some other day, if you want. The due of the project is two weeks from now.”

“No,” You smiled at him as he was so caring and thoughtful. “it’s fine, Clay.”

“Are you sure?” He assured as he parked your bike beside his.

“I am sure, Clay!” You playfully slapped him with your black binders and you rolled your eyes as he was starting to annoy you.

“Alright, alright.” He huffed as he gave up on reassuring you. He then looked at you, pretending to be annoyed because of your actions. “Fine then.”

“Finally,” You were relieved when you both headed to his house’s doorstep. “thank God.”

“What? Finally, we are home or finally, I stopped annoying you?” He raised an eyebrow as he opened the door with his keys.

“Both!” You honestly answered and you both entered the Jensen’s home laughing and guffawing, as if something was really funny about it.

“It seems like you are both happy.” You heard a sweet voice coming from the living room.

“At least, you are honest.” He winked at you but quickly turned his head to the living room as he saw his Mum staring at him. “Oh mum, don’t you have any work for today?”

“I wanted to bring these stuffs at home.” She waved some papers that were in her hands and you noticed Clay shaking his head. You then carefully looked around the house. It was clean and perfectly in order. “(Y/N)?”

“Oh, yup!” Clay smiled a little bit and he pulled you to enter the living room with him. You hated him at that moment since you were somehow shy, of course, but you quickly felt comfortable and at home when you saw his mother smiling.

“Lainie!” You smiled at her and she smiled back at you. You met Clay’s mother during the parents’ meeting at your school. “How are you?”

“I’m stressed for works and for my rebellious son right here.” She pointed at the messy piles of papers on her desk and then at Clay. You just laughed as you saw Clay pouting.

“I can imagine.” You nodded, agreeing for what she has just said. “Clay’s been stressing me too.”

“What?!” Clay looked at you and he pretended to be offended for what you have just confessed. His mum laughed and you flashed him an apologetic smile as he rolled his eyes in response.

“Mum, we’re finishing our assigned project in my room.” Clay then said, turning serious as he changed the topic.

“Sure.” Lainie smiled and you flashed her a sweet smile, before you headed to the stairs with Clay. “(Y/N), does it bother you having dinner with us?”

“Of course not, I would voluntarily join you.” You kindly said and you noticed Clay smiling widely while he stood beside you. “Thank you.”

“No, thank you.” Lainie sympathetically answered and Clay started going upstairs. “Clay?”

“Mum?” He suddenly stopped in the middle of the stair and you almost bumped him.

“Leave your room’s door open.” You giggled at hearing his mum’s reminder.

“Oh my God, Mum!” Clay whined and it made you laugh even more. He continued going upstairs and he led you to his room, leaving the door open like what his mother has reminded him. “Idiot, you are having so much fun here, eh?”

“Oh, shut up Jensen!” You flashed him a death glare as you carelessly plopped your things on his desk. “Shall we start?” Your gaze softened and he flashed you his flat smile, nodding.

“Yup.” He shortly answered and he started to get the materials that you needed to conclude your project.

You both spent the time doing your project, but it didn’t mean that you were serious and deadpan. He kept on doing silly things to make you laugh and to keep you awake. Clay Jensen – that adorable and dorky man that you’ve always liked because he was himself whenever you were with him. Who wouldn’t love him? Everybody would.

“Clay, you are an idiot!” You exclaimed when he poked fun of himself.

“It’s true that you considered me as a nerd when you first met me. Don’t lie.” He ranted as he was trying to cut a piece of paper for the almost finished project.

“It’s not true!” You lied through your teeth. He was right, you really considered him as one of those nerds, one of those good-looking nerds.

“I would kiss you so you would shut your mouth up!” Clay blurted out and your eyes both grew wide. You looked at him putting his scissors and paper down on the floor and he looked straight into your (Y/E/C) orbs.

“Clay?” You stopped yourself from doing anything and you stared at Clay as he bit his red bottom lip. He was shocked too, but he perfectly knew that he couldn’t take his words back anymore.

He created an awkward pace between the two of you, but then you suddenly found yourself closing your eyes and leaning forward, maybe copying Clay’s actions too.

A little moment later, you felt two soft lips on yours and you both slowly deepened the kiss, him constantly pulling your body closer to him. He caressed your cheek as he lingered the taste that your lips allowed and you had your arms wrapped around his neck. You felt some sort of sparks and nervousness, even though you imagined this scene in your head for uncountable times now.

He was about to close the door, but you both heard some footsteps and you suddenly broke the kiss, both scared to be caught.

“Guys, dinner is ready.” You both looked where the deep voice came from and you both nodded, still astonished for the happening between the two of you. Matt, Clay’s father, had a smirk on his face before going back downstairs and you wondered if he saw everything.

“C’mon?” You nodded as your thoughts faded away and you both followed his father.  “That was perfect.” You flashed him an embarrassed but happy smile.

“It was.” You agreed as you both entered the dining room. You could bet that you saw Clay blushing and smiling widely, you couldn’t be wrong with that.

When you entered the room, you saw his parents smiling widely and you both got into your places, so you could start having your dinner.

“How’s your project going on?” Lainie has asked with a bright smile on her face. You looked at Clay, giving him the cue that it was his turn to answer.

“Fine, it’s almost finished.” Clay has said as he tried to chew his food slowly.

“Oh, project?” Matt has asked and you noticed Clay widened his eyes. “Your project consists of kissing and cuddling?”

“Dad!” Clay protested and you both became crimson red in your face and you felt a burning sensation in your whole body. You were embarrassed and dumbfounded.

“Congrats!” His parents said in unison and they both laughed as they saw your reaction. Clay then caressed your hand under the table to calm you down and you both laughed together with his parents.

“Another reason why my door should be shut.” Clay jokingly said. “Always.”

“You have a point in there, buddy!” His father agreed and you all laughed as you felt more relaxed, welcomed and snugged as a bug in a rug.

Seasons of Love (Sashea/Katlaska) - Nymph

a/n: the coffee shop AU that was requested a few days back, in which katya and sasha are childhood friends and get a job working at a coffee shop with alaska and shea. you know what happens from there. are we ready for a sloooow burn fluff fic? i sure hope so! mother, i’m showing the judges versatility

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I did the thing!

Since YouTube decided that annotations are not important anymore for some reason, here is what each colour is for:

Red - Hook
Orange - Pirates
Green - Guitar and strings melodies
Blue - Chords

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert pianist. I’m fully aware that there may be parts that are written in a way that is not playable even by professionals. This is merely an “open” transcription so that anyone can modify it to their will when they play it.

Download the MIDI file here. (Google Drive won’t play it, just download it and it’ll be fine)

Download the sheet music here.


Quinn X Jumin Han

Why am I suddenly in such a huge mood to write fics for my friends that feature them? Since doing that princess fic I wanna do more, watch out ladies ;) This one is for @sinfulinsecret cause I fancied doing someting Jumin related and she likes Jumin…a lot, and I’ve finished my Uni work for two weeks…sooooo, yeah, enjoy!

“Please tell me you’ll do it, Quinn! I need you!” I heard her beg over the phone.

“Ugh, you promise me it’ll only be a one off?” I asked, already making my way to the nearest train station.

“Promise! Just play it up to the CEO and there might be a huge bonus for it! And I’ll take you out for food after!” she promised.

I sighed. H never asked me a favour unless she truly needed it, and since her director had suddenly dropped out of this stupid cat commercial project, she desperately needed someone to step in before the CEO cancelled the contract. If the contract was cancelled, no-one would get paid. Well, it was only one day, and all I had to do was follow H’s script, what could possibly go wrong?

“Ok, I’m on my way, but it better be good food” I said, hopping on the first train that would take me to the offices she was at.

“You’re talking to me, of course it will be! Thank you so much!”

“No problem, I’ll be there in about 20 minutes” I said, smiling slightly at her enthusiasm.

“I’ll tell the CEO! THANK YOU” she almost screamed before hanging up the phone.

Well, like I said, what could go wrong following a simple script about a new wine for cats?

Lots of things it seemed. Not only were we using the CEO’s cat, but the cat didn’t even like the wine it was supposed to be drinking. The company’s excuse was it was still a prototype and had lots to be changed, but still, I think I should have listened to the advice everyone says about working with kids and animals. But, I had promised H, and to be honest, she was trying her absolute hardest to make sure the cat was drinking something, even if it wasn’t the wine the CEO had created for her.

While I waited for H to find something that the fluffy cat would drink, I stood and watched, going through my little plan I had made for the 30 second ad.

“It seems Elizabeth is giving you all a hard time” I heard a deep voice come up behind me.

I jumped a little, but kept my composure as best I could, we were professionals…in a weird way.

“Oh no, I’m sure she’s just having a hard day today is all, Mr. Han? Was it?” I asked.

“Mr. Han, yes, and you are the replacement the writer found? May I ask your name” he inquired.

Damn he was tall, taller than I originally thought when I first came onto the set. Massive hands, massive feet…amazing hair…jawline…eyes…lips…fuck Quinn, come on, focus!

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i really wanted some zev/warden + the ‘oh no theres only one bed’ trope so here we go (also a few of my other favourite tropes but it’ll ruin the plot if i told u 👀) special shout out to @bittywritings for the spanish translation

oh also it gets like mildly nsfw but only a little 


He had never signed up for snow.

Killing Darkspawn, absolutely. An obscene amount of rain, that too. Terribly sticky, muddy, Fereldan fields, he would tolerate at best… but only with a blonde mage that would chat to him with infectious enthusiasm at his side.

Zevran Arainai was an adaptable man, was forced to be one, but he drew the line at a snowstorm of all things.

It would have just been too much for the Urn of Sacred ashes to be somewhere sunny, in Rivain maybe, in the middle of a brothel, next to a beach. No, the blasted Urn just had to be in the middle of a frosty wasteland.

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Making a Grimoire

Is it just me or it seems like the prettiest grimoires are the ones I know I could never manage to have? For various reasons, I know I personally could never make one of those big leather-bound books all handwritten in a beautiful calligraphy. But! I’ve found ways to make something pretty, organized AND accessible!

First of all, it’s okay to type your grimoire and not handwrite it. My fine motor skills suck and my handwriting is pretty much unreadable if I write more than a few sentences. And if I try to make it pretty AND lengthy, I end up with shaky hands and a painful wrist. You don’t have to handwrite your grimoire for it to be valid and powerful.

Second, if you struggle like me with organization, having one big book full of information can be overwhelming. Break it down. Information about herbs go in one clearly labeled file, information about crystals in another. Write spells in yet another file. That way, when you’re looking for something specific, you’ll have it at the tip of your fingers.

Personally I like printing my notes and putting them in small binders (one for each subject) but you can keep your grimoire virtual: it’s still valid and anyone who tells you it’s not is a jerk.

Add pictures to your files if you want! You could put one for each herb and crystal for easy identification and other cute pictures you like. Despite my fine motor skills being pretty useless, I love colouring (it takes me a while to finish something but it’s rewarding). So I print out pretty pictures, colour them and add them to my stuff!

If for some reason you really want to handwrite things, there are alternatives to standard writing. You could invent your own alphabet with easier characters to write, like the Moon alphabet, a system invented by Dr. William Moon for blind people. The letters are made of simple lines and resemble the Latin alphabet more than braille, so there isn’t a lot of memorizing to do. From my observation, the letters in Moon are simplified versions of the Latin script and while I did make myself a “cheat sheet”, I don’t have trouble understanding sentences in Moon. My favourite feature of this script is that there are characters for suffixes, certain words and abbreviations, so there’s a lot less to write.

I also want to add that this isn’t school, you can absolutely just copy-paste information from a relevant source. Your grimoire is for YOU. You don’t have to compose poetic texts and whatnot if you don’t want to. You can even just write relevant words. Example: writing down the name of a crystal and its proprieties next to it as a bullet list. “Protection. Love. Psychic abilities.” is just as fine as “This crystal provides protection, can be used in love matters and is known to enhance psychic abilities.”

Don’t compare your grimoire to those you might see online or in movies, remember that what works for others doesn’t have to work for you. You don’t have to force yourself to make a huge leather-bound handwritten grimoire if you don’t want to/can’t. You can still make something pretty and practical that will work with your practice.

Remember, you do you.

Explaining the Rainbow

Summary: based on the above prompt from phanfic.  I added a bunch of Phil explaining colours to Dan and other fun stuff as well.

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: None

Genre: Fluff

Dan always joked about how much he wore the colour black.  He made sarcastic comments about how everything he owned seemed to be black and white.  Though that was a bit of an exaggeration, he did have some colorful things, he just had a reason for it all.  

Dan was colourblind. In the truest sense of the word as he couldn’t see any colour at all.  The world was an array of black, white, and grey.  A grey scale with only variations.

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What’s In My Satchel? 

I’ve had a few people ask me to create a post on all the essentials I have with me in my bag for study sessions or lectures, so here goes:

Being at Girton College, the furthest from the city centre, I have to make sure I don’t forget anything when I want to spend the day studying in town, so organisation is key, and I definitely have a few go-to items that I know I will always want to have with me. First things first: notebooks and pens. 

Anyone who knows me will know that I love the Moleskine notebooks with squared pages; handwriting looks neater in them, they’re great for to-do lists, you can draw timetables…the list is endless - I just love them. As they offer, presentation-wise, that bit more organisation, I only really use moleskins for my rough notes or initial thoughts. Its easier for me to read my rough notes when I use a Moleskine for some reason. I usually then copy up my notes onto lined paper to be filed away neatly in folders, and I like to use Oxford paper, as it feels beautiful, rips easily from the pad, and the ink never bleeds through to the other side - if you try this paper you will be converted instantly. And when it comes to pens I always like to have a few highlighters, fine liners and thick-brushed pens in different colours to brighten things up! 

Next on the list is my iPad and my black Moleskine everyday planner/bullet journal/sorting-out-my-life notebook. I don’t have much to say other than my iPad is really useful for when I’m taking notes from library books and need to reference for a bibliography. I’m also currently looking into apps which will mean that I can begin using my iPad more productively, so I will update on that (any suggestions please tell me!). 

The next items are a little more personal, but when preparing for a long library day its easy to forget the items that make you feel more human. As much as I love old, dusty books from the library, they can make my hands feel really dirty and dry, so to prevent myself constantly running off to the bathroom to wash my hands I always carry some hand gel. I usually have my favourite perfume with me, because I like to have some kind of fragrance at hand, and I always have my favourite lip balm too, because having dry lips is the worst. I do wear makeup pretty much every day, but personally carrying around lots of makeup takes up too much space in a bag; I tried it at school and ended up never even using it, so now I just leave the makeup at home and have faith in the idea that my face doesn’t look that bad… although if I’m feeling red lipstick, I’ll bring some for top-ups. 

I don’t have pictures here of other items I bring with me, such as any textbooks/set texts that I need for the day, and most importantly a bottle of water, but these are also on my list! I hope this shows that heavy bags filled with every single item of stationary you own are not essential to effectively studying, and instead will probably do a bit of physical damage. I’d say that a notebook and pen is all you really need, but I bring a few added extras for my own benefit. So there we have it - you now know the secrets of my satchel…

-Sarah xoxo

Using Fountain Pens For Notetaking – Wut?

I have several fountain pens, and have just recently gifted one of my trial ones to a friend. You know who you are *cough*@tenalach*cough*. I like them for the obvious aesthetic reason, the wide selection of inks and numerous other little things for personal use… but I had always thought they were not very practical for everyday use. However, unless you’re getting some rare edition several hundred (or thousand) dollar pen… there are a lot of practical pointers, reasons and facts that make them a great everyday carry.

  1. Expensive..not really: The lowest price entry I know of is the Platinum Preppy fountain pen which writes very nicely and costs around $3.00 US. Its refills are easy to use and come in a variety of colours. It’s a great introductory pen and comes in a variety of sizes. Ink is something that is fairly cheap as well, especially if you have a converter, but most cartridge models are inexpensive if you use a medium or fine nibbed pen

2. Ink comes  in every colour and variety of writing experience you can think of. Want a quick drying ink that shades from yellow to deep brown? Noodler has your back. Want something that shines with glitter? We got you covered, in multiple colours over several brands. Want something basic that dries quickly but you can still use with your fancy new pen? No prob, Bob.

                               Fast drying: Pilot Black/Blue

                               Eye-bleedingly bright pink: Noodler’s Dragon Catfish Pink

3. It reduces hand fatigue. I originally got into using them because of my fibromyalgia and the pain that I get after a very short time with regular pens. Some gel pens are okay, I’m a big fan of Pilot, but it’s really hard for me to write any length of time with most utensils. I like to handwrite notes, letters, grocery lists, ect. A good fountain pen won’t cause the same sort of pain and fatigue.

4. It’s fun. I write more than I used to. My handwriting has drastically improved. I finally found a pen that I love, as well as several inks that really suit my personality. I’ve learned the sheer pleasure in high quality (not always that more expensive either) paper. I pay more attention and recall things I write better because I’m enjoying the experience.

Suggested Pens by $$$

$ Platinum Preppy, Pilot Varsity

10-20 Pilot Kakuno, Pilot Metropolitan

20-40 Lamy series, Pilot Prera

$40-60 TWSBI 580AL (this is muh baby, but even the EF is kind of thick compared to Japanese fountain pens).

*I am partial to Pilot products, but they also lay down just about the thinnest line you’re going to get with their EF nibs which make them superior for notetaking imo. The ink is very fast drying. However, you’re restricted in color selections unless you buy a converter, which not all models take. The TWSBI 580AL can use any water-based ink you can find since it doesn’t use cartridges.

Additional Notes:

Fountain pen ink is water-based. Some have more pigmentation than others, and thus are resistant to liquids spilled on them. You have to do your research.

Japanese pens write finer than most other styles. This is a pro or a con depending on what you are looking for.

Lamy pens have a very strangely shaped grip section that helps you learn to hold a fountain pen correctly. Some people like it, some people hate it. They have a nice variety of cartridge ink though.

A Platinum Preppy is a good safe bet for someone who just wants to mess around and see if they like this type of writing instrument.. for $3.00 you’re getting a pen that writes better than quite a few expensive models I’ve used. It also has a ton of colors.


Gouletpens.com – Great company, great selection of ink, paper and pens. Carries from $-$$$$ priced pens. They’re a home grown company and I totally recommend supporting them if you can. They’re great! I always shop from them if they have what I’m looking for. However, they don’t have things like washi tape or stickers if that’s what you’re looking for. Any other purchase? Go with Goulet, seriously.

Jetpens.com – Tons of stationary of all kinds. Cute stickers. Notebooks to fit just about any price range. It’s all reasonably priced and they carry a variety of items any student could use. They are my go-to company for cheap but high quality products, especially stickers.  

Supernatural: Crowley/Reader (Father/Child) With the Winchesters

Can you write a supernatural fic where the reader is magic (not the supernatural kind) and she likes to sit crisscross on the ceiling (like a bat) and her hair streak changes colors with her mood. Sam and Dean have to deal with it. BTW I love you blog soooooooio much.

Hey~ I hope you had a Merry Christmas! <3 i was wondering if you could do a one-shot where The reader is Crowley’s daughter but is really sweet and innocent and she runs into the Winchesters and they hang out but then Crowley shows up and is like what are you doing with my daughter? (Sorry if its too much!!)

(Hope you like it!)

My typing filled the room as I researched for the Winchesters. My hair at the moment was a bright yellow as I began stressing over the lack of information. Why bright yellow, I would never understand. But it was the colour my hair turned whenever I was stressing over something.

I looked down at my bed and sighed. There weren’t any calls from Sam or Dean. And by looking down, I was sitting on ceiling of the motel room. Sam and Dean were playing FBI while that left me, the youngest of the trio, in the motel room. I groaned and stood on the ceiling. Thankfully the ceiling was low enough for me to touch the bed if I was standing on it. I grabbed my phone and called Sam.

“Hey kid, what’s up?” He asked once he picked up. In the background I could hear Dean talking to someone.

“I’m up for one thing. And I can’t find anything!” I complained. “There is nothing! The Internet has failed me!”

“Is your hair red?” Dean asked making me realise the phone was speaker. I took a glance at my computer screen to see my hair was as red as a tomato.

“Yes.” I replied. Dean laughed.

“It’s fine. We’ll be there in a few.” Sam assured me. I sighed and hung up.

One of the reasons I was sitting on the ceiling rather than the bed was because of powers I had. For some reason, I was born differently and nobody knew why. All they did know was that I could sit on the ceiling and my hair changed colour depending on how I feel. Whenever I was angry, it would go red, when I’m stressed, it would be bright yellow. Whenever I’m happy, it’d be purple.

I hugged my laptop and phone to my chest and let gravity do its work. I fell on to the bed and bounced before lying there for a few minutes. There was a knock on the motel room door and I pushed my things to the side and stood up to answer the door. Looking through the eye hole, I saw Sam, Dean and Crowley. Curious, I opened the door for them. The brothers pushed Crowley into my room.

“Hi, what’s going on?” I asked.

“Crowley needs to talk to you.” Dean told me. I raised my eyebrows and sat on my bed. Sam and Dean shoved Crowley into a chair.

“You want to tell her or should we?” Sam asked Crowley. My hair began changing colours as different thoughts came to mind. Blue: maybe something good could happen. Then red: what if Crowley’s the reason we’re on this hunt. And then to random colours. Perks of my powers.

“Tell me!” I demanded during a silence.

“I’m your father.” Crowley told me.

Black: despair.


“I’m your father. Even though you’re a good kid. You’re mum told you I died, didn’t she?”

“Yes. Is that why I have powers?”

“Yes.” Crowley replied simply. “And don’t worry. You’re not half demon.”

“How long have you known?” Sam asked.

“Known my child is a goodie-goodie? A while now.” Crowley told me. I nodded and stood up before walking over to the wall and walking up it. Dean patted my shoulder and I sighed before sitting on the ceiling. Crowley looked up at me and there was a surprised look on his face.

“Is there a problem with me being good?”

“I’m more curious as to why you’re with Moose and Squirrel.” Crowley looked pointedly at Sam and Dean.

“We took (Y/N) in.” Dean told him.

“My mother died on a hunt they were on. They’ve been looking after me since.” I added.

“Well… You being good probably has something to do with them.” Crowley noted.  I nodded.

“Listen Crowley, (Y/N) is a good kid.” Sam told the demon.

“Oh I know. I just want the best for this one instead of the others.”

“You had other children?” I questioned.

“Another story for another day.”

Reasons why Thranduil is basically a racist granny

1. Has some serious prejudices against members of a certain race/creed/colour/species and comments openly about them

2. Has held a grudge for 60 years over some bling

3. Ends arguments by always bringing up the war

4. No one is good enough for their babies

5. Hates change, things were just fine back in the day

6. Hates finding kids messing about on their lawn

7. They’re old as shit and won’t change their minds. 

[150108] Fancafe Update - B-Joo

Title: Happy B-Joo Day :) ♥ 

Hello, this is ToppDogg fanclub admin. 
Today is B-Joo’s birthday!
I’ve come holding B-Joo’s 20Q 20A :)
So go check it!

B-Joo’s 20 Questions & 20 Answers
Name: Kim Byungjoo                         DOB: 94/1/8               Blood Type: B  -Joo

1. How would you describe yourself in a few words?
Rubber ball, bouncy charm. Because I’m aways bouncing [here & there] everyday.

2. What is your favourite number & why?
3. It looks attractive for some reason… 

3. The good & bad points of your personality?
Good – Bright
Bad – Too bright, even when I’m down I’m still cheerful. 

4. What are the top 3 memorable things for you in the past year?
1) Debut stage                       2) First birthday since debut              3) First concert 

5. If you could go back to being a student, what would you want to do the most?
Yamakashi math field trip. Study. Wear uniform & go on dates. Become the student body president. 

6. What is your favourite colour & why?
White. I’m even fine with anhydrous colour. 

7. Write down the sizes of your shirt/pants/foot/finger/toe/head that you know!
Shirt – L
Pants – 28-29
Foot – 250
Finger – ?
Toes – 2000cm…
Head – ?

8. What are you most interested in lately?
I’ve started to open my eyes to fashion, trying out different movie genres

9. The variety program really want to guest on?
Running Man 

10. What is the best thing you’ve done since being born?
Being born

Kim B-Joo’s toe 2000cm…. = 2m …  
His foot are 250mm and toes 2000cm for your information, everyone (º◇ º);;;;;; ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
I’m curious curious about Kim B-Joo’s little head’s measurement! 

11. Where do you rank in Topp Dogg visuals & why?
Not #0 but #1 (excluding bareface…) because it’s my birthday hehehe… 

12. What kind of movie/drama character do you want to do?
A sitcom character who is bright, fun, cool, tough & sexy 

13. Your favourite Japanese word?
Yasashii (kind)

14. If you were given a one-week break, what would you want to do?
First, I’ll spend about two days at home, just sleeping. Then I’ll hang out with my neighbourhood friends & have crazy fun. I’ll meet up with the members & play crazily.  After that I’ll go on a trip to Europe & splurge… 

15. What is the maknae line (A-Tom, Yano) to you?
Kids I don’t know well (strangers).

16. How do you maintain a skinny body?
I eat four times a day then have midnight meals & snacks like crazy.

17. (Other than yoghurt) What is your favourite food?
Korean spicy crab soup, seafood, actually I like everything except beans. 

18. What is ToppKlass to B-Joo?
North Star in the night sky because it gives you directions of where to go hehehehe 

19. What kind of B-Joo do you want to be for ToppKlass?
If thanks to me they’re able to smile, to be moved, to be happy, my dream would be accomplished

20. Your goal for 2015?
To be happier than now!

Happy New Year

Aah…… I only have 3 meals a day so that’s why I’m not as skinny as B-Joo!
Everyone starting from today please have 4 meals a day!!! If you have only 3 you’ll get fat!!!!!
Let’s all have a skinny and pretty body like B-Joo! ♥ 
(I’m obviously not crying right now..)

I uploaded B-Joo selcas too, so with this, I leave.
Everyone please congratulate B-Joo a lot a lot on his birthday :D

B-Joo-goon happy birthday!
Happy B-Joo Day !!

Translation by: Topp Dogg Intl.


Male Complexions, Humanoid and Qunari // Available on Nexus

About this mod:

  • Brows are painted on, and will layer under Tattoos, Vallaslin, and Vitaar
  • Brows tend to look different on different presets. Use Brow Size sliders in Head and Ears tab while in the CC to adjust to your taste. 
  • I made these to accent blonde hairstyles originally, but they look fine with all hair colours. 

About Humanoid Complexion 

  • Complexion A and Illias Complexion take up the same slot, don’t install at the same time.   
  • Takes up Slot 4 and all corresponding complexions. 
  • Human and Dwarves have three complexions with brows, Elves only have two. 

About Qunari Complexion 

  • Deshine and Qunari Complexion take up the same slot, do not install at the same time. 
  • Takes up slots 11, 12, 13. 
  • I do not recommend adding lip shine. For some reason the complexion doesn’t take to it well. I’ve tried to fix it and failed. 

Other Mods Used: 

Invisible Starting Armor by GrimmPrince 
Skyhold Pyjama Retexture and Qunari Pj Mod by zwierzodudle
Human Male Skyhold Outfit Retextures by horography
EYES by Ramccoid
Minimalist Vallaslin by bees-bees-fear
Lush Lashes by Shosholada

Both hair mods by myself and can be found under the my mods tab on my tumblr page. 


Pens Review - As promised here is a review of the pens I tend to use :)
Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions and other people’s opinions of these pens may differ. I am also NOT sponsored by any of these companies

Black pens (left to right)
Uniball Gel Impact (1.0mm) - I really love this pen, it’s so smooth and helps my handwriting a lot, especially since its really nice to hold. It’s often too thick for people, but I much prefer thicker pens. Only down side is that every pen of this I’ve owned has run out very quickly.
Schneider Xtra Document (0.6mm) - Again this pen is very smooth to write with. It feels thicker than my muji 0.7mm pens for some reason but still love it. The blue version is a slightly lighter and brighter blue to other blue pens I’ve had, which I really like.
Uniball Eye Fine - An absolute staple for me hahaha love it, lasts a long time and you can get some many pretty colours if you can find them. It’s a happy medium between thick and thin pens, and is easy to write quickly in without it just being squiggles or a blur of ink like thinner and thicker (respectively) pens can lead to
Pilot V Ball Grip (0.7mm) - Very nice to hold and write with. Can be very inky and could bleed through thin paper but I highly recommend it for essays and exams
Muji pen (0.7mm) - The typical studyblr pen. I do like this pen for writing flashcards and revision notes however I wouldn’t use it in exams or to write essays with because the pen is actually fairly thin and a little slippery so my hand cramps up quite quickly. But that said it is a very aesthetically pleasing pen
Staedtler Triplus Fineliner - Again another typical studyblr pen. I love this pen so much but I don’t think I would be allowed to use it in exams because of the ink (I’m doing A Levels where they now scan your answers and mark it via a screen)
Uniball Eye Micro - The thinner version of the Uniball Eye Fine (^), I personally can only use this pen when I write slowly because I find it too scratchy. But I know a lot of people who really like it so I’d say it’s a staple for those who like thin pens.
Blue Pens (left to right)
Uni Laknock (1.0mm) - Lovely smooth pen but I do prefer inky pens over biro pens. However, very nice for making quick notes in class
Schneider Slider Basic M - Not my fave pen as I don’t find it comfy to write with and not that smooth
Bic - A very simple, cheap pen which does its job well. I use it a lot for messy, quick notes in class
Uni-ball Eye Needle Point - Bit of a love hate relationship with this pen. It can be very very inky but then can also be very smooth. Will definitely run through thin-ish paper

Request a Review or just ask a Question!
Izzi x