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I Got You On My Mind (Part 7)

Jungkook Soulmate AU (Angst)

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Summary: Jungkook reveals why he rejected you. But is it enough for you to forgive him?

Word count: 1.7k words

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You watched, mesmerized, as Jungkook fidgeted with his hands, the chords of muscles in his forearms flexing. His gaze was downcast, his plump lower lip caught between his teeth, as he struggled to find the words to stay. You found that this uncharacteristic nervousness made him seem more genuine, but still, it was difficult for you to trust Jungkook after everything that had transpired.

After recently regaining some of your memories, the wounds Jungkook had inflicted still felt fresh. Your heart ached as if it were only moments ago that Jungkook had tossed you aside.

The conflicting memories of Jungkook warred in your mind. On one hand, Jungkook had rejected you with cutting words and a cold heart. But on the other, he had helped nurse you back to health and remained resolutely by your side. Which one was the real Jungkook? 

You wanted desperately to hold onto the version of Jungkook you had imagined as a young girl, not the one who had been sleeping with your best friend.

“She won’t believe me,” Jungkook thoughts interrupted. Your gaze flickered to his, but he was still staring at the ground, unaware that he was projecting his thoughts. You could feel his uncertainty and fear through your soulmate bond. The sudden urge to comfort him arose, but you pushed it down.

“Jungkook, I promise I’ll listen,” you said quietly. His head shot up, Jungkook’s wide eyes peering into yours. He opened his mouth, but no words came out. “I can’t promise that I’ll believe you, or that everything will be fixed, but I’ll give you this chance to explain everything.”

Jungkook sighed and looked away, his jaw clenching.

“I know I need to explain this to you,” Jungkook began slowly. “But this is really hard for me. I don’t want to show this side of myself to you.”

“Believe it or not, I don’t hate you now and I probably never will,” you said with a small laugh. “We’re soulmates for a reason, you know.”

Jungkook gave you a small smile, his gaze flickering down. “I guess I’ll start from the beginning then.”

You nodded, waiting patiently as Jungkook took an unsteady breath. He closed his eyes for a moment, before exhaling slowly and looking back at you. His eyes were raw and honest.

“The first time I heard your thoughts, I was six,” Jungkook recalled with a fond smile. “You didn’t hear me for awhile later. I still remember what you thought. ‘That looks like a fun tree to climb.’”

“That was the first thing you heard?” you asked incredulously. “I remember that! I climbed a tall-ass tree in the park, and I fell and broke my arm.”

“I know,” Jungkook replied grimly. “I felt it, too. For such an underdeveloped bond, it didn’t make sense for me to be able to feel your emotions. But I could. All I could feel was your panic and pain.”

You winced, recalling the memory from all those years ago. For a six-year-old, it was a terrifying experience.

“I was so young at the time,” Jungkook continued. “I didn’t understand why I could feel emotions that weren’t mine. I didn’t know why I could hear someone else’s thoughts. And I couldn’t understand why I cared so much about a person I’d never met.”

You opened your mouth, but Jungkook cut you off immediately. “Don’t apologize,” Jungkook said, smiling slightly. “I got over it, eventually. It got easier when you started to hear me.”

“That wasn’t until, like, a year later,” you frowned. “That must’ve been so strange.”

“It felt a little intrusive,” Jungkook shrugged. “But your thoughts were pretty entertaining. Plus, I was a really shy kid, so you were my only friend for a little while.”

“That’s really sad,” you said quietly, your voice lilting. “We didn’t have an actual conversation until we were nine.”

“We could have had spoken sooner, but I didn’t want to,” Jungkook confessed, looking away. “I learned how to block my thoughts, mostly. Sometimes I can’t, if I get too emotional.”

“Why didn’t you want to talk to me?” you questioned, a little hurt.

“It wasn’t you,” Jungkook replied immediately. Then, he frowned and clenched his fists. He didn’t speak for several moments, but when he did, his voice was quiet. “It was because of my parents. They were soulmates, but for some reason, they didn’t get along.

“My mom found out that my dad was cheating on her, and it was a mess. They divorced a few months later. My mom got custody, and my dad sort of spiralled,” Jungkook explained, his voice coloured with shame. “I didn’t know how to face my own soulmate after that. I didn’t even know if I could believe in soulmates anymore.”

“Jungkook, I’m so sorry,” you whispered. “If I had known, I would’ve–”

“No, I didn’t want you to know,” Jungkook interrupted. “You were the only person I could pretend to be fine with. You were the only person who didn’t know how fucked up my family–how fucked up I was.”

“You were just a child,” you argued. “How could I think badly of you?”

Jungkook just shook his head. “I wanted to seem like a good person in front of you,” he said. “Even after my parents, I still wanted to believe in soulmates. I wanted to have something to look forward to. You were always so happy, it was easy to pretend with you.”

A few moments of silence passed as Jungkook tried to collect his thoughts. You wanted to reach out, to hold him, but you didn’t know if he would appreciate that.

“My mom had to work a lot to support me and my brother, so she wasn’t home often,” Jungkook continued, his voice low. “My dad picked up drinking. He tried to take us home with him, once. The police had to come.

“My brother was hit pretty hard, since he was older when it happened. I was in middle school when he started high school. He joined a gang, started getting into fights and dealing.

“I didn’t follow him, but I got involved with some pretty bad people. You know what my reputation’s like–it’s because that’s who I am. From high school till now, all I did was party. I drank, I did drugs, I slept around.”

“Why didn’t I know any of this?” you asked, confused. “In all the years we’ve been talking, I couldn’t tell that a single thing was off.”

“I showed you what I wanted you to see,” Jungkook replied with a cold laugh. “I was hoping by the time I met you, I would’ve already cleaned up my act. I didn’t expect to see you that night, and I was so ashamed of myself. And I ended up pushing you away, because I wasn’t ready for you to see me like that.

“You were the last person I wanted to hurt, but I fucked it up anyway,” Jungkook said, his words venomous. “I ruined everything before it even began. It’s fucked up, but after you lost you’re memories, I thought it was like a second chance. I know, it’s fucking disgusting, but I wanted you to see the person I could become.”


“Look, I know everything about me is fucked up, okay?” Jungkook spat. “I don’t want to hear apologies, I don’t need pity. I don’t need forgiveness, either. This is the truth. This is everything I never wanted you to know.”

“Jungkook!” you repeated, more firmly this time. You reached out and grabbed his hand, which was clammy, and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Listen to me. All I wanted was for you to be honest with me. It doesn’t matter if you’re embarrassed or ashamed of your past, of yourself. If I’m your soulmate, I want to love all of you.”

Jungkook stared at you, his mouth hanging open slightly.

“If anything, I wish I could have been there for you,” you continued sadly. You played with his large hand, weaving your own fingers in between his. “We’re soulmates, you know? We’re supposed to support each other. There’s a reason why we’re connected, even if we don’t understand.”

“I just hate disappointing you,” Jungkook sighed, squeezing your hand back. “I was afraid to see our relationship crumble. Just being soulmates–I don’t know if that’s enough. If I’m anything like my father–which I am–then we’re doomed.”

“Don’t say that,” you scolded him gently. “I’ll admit, there are some things about you that aren’t great. But you’re more than your mistakes. You’re passionate and kind, and you’ve shown me the best sides of you, too.

“We aren’t so two-dimensional, Jungkook. I’m sure I’m not the perfect person you made me out to be when we were younger,” you laughed.

“But you’re perfect for me,” Jungkook insisted, then blushed deeply. He gulped visibly and looked away.

“Look, I don’t know if I forgive you yet,” you said, and you saw Jungkook deflate. “But I will eventually. I want us to move past this together.”

“Thank you,” Jungkook whispered, his voice cracking. He looked up at you. “I know I don’t deserve that, or you. But you’re the reason why I even try. If it wasn’t for you, I’d have probably given up already.”

“You should want to live for yourself, Jungkook,” you smiled sadly. “I am your soulmate, but I’m not your entire world.”

You pulled Jungkook into your arms, and he immediately buried his nose in the crook of your neck. You weren’t sure, but you thought you could feel wetness against your skin. Was he crying?

“You helped me a lot these past few weeks,” you continued, holding Jungkook tightly in your arms. “Let me help you now. We’ll make it through this, together. Okay?”

Jungkook nodded against your neck. And despite how terribly everything began, you were almost certain that everything would turn out just fine. With Jungkook truly by your side now, you felt strong. You were determined to unravel the mystery of the boy in your arms, who felt as far away as he was close.

- Girl in Luv

One more part to go, then it’s finished! How did you guys feel about this chapter? Are you still mad at Jungkook? His behaviour sort of makes sense now…I hope. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this series, and thanks to everyone who stuck with it! Look forward to the last instalment of I Got You On My Mind. I’m always so thankful for the support we receive, from the replies to the fanmail. You guys are the best! Happy reading 💛

Yeah I know this is going back, but a lot of things in this episode always bothered me, and hardly anyone ever seems to mention them. 

One of the things I feel gets totally overlooked or brushed aside both within the episode itself and by fans,is that Amethyst was actively encouraging Peridot to make jabs at the other Gems.  It  started out as a single mildly frustrated comment about “permafusion” from Peridot and her venting about her lack of understanding,  and probably wouldn’t have gone any further, but  then Amethyst started egging her on.   

Also don’t forget Amethyst found Peridot insulting the other Gems, including Steven really funny up until a negative comment was made about her. Then suddenly Peridot was wrong, being mean, and had to apologise to Amethyst and ONLY to Amethyst (Steven got made fun of too, and at Amethyst’s request  "do Steven next!!“ ) . 

Peridot at this stage was still new to Earth social skills and what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour on Earth , so  I can understand why she was confused by Amethysts sudden angry reaction when she was doubled over laughing at similar comments made just moments before.   

 Don’t get me wrong, I like Amethyst, but I feel like she was being a total hypocrite here , and  her own blame and behaviour was never, and has never, even been acknowledged, let alone addressed.

Yes, Peridot was wrong and needed to apologise, and to Steven as well, really, not just to Amethyst,  but it wasn’t exactly unprovoked and Amethyst was in the wrong too. 

I liked the episode overall, just not how all the blame was dumped on Peridot (who by her own admission was still learning, and did feel bad that she upset Amethyst even if she initially didn’t understand how) , yet Amethyst who encouraged her to throw insults around and so escalated the whole thing in the first place , was made out to be the poor innocent victim by everyone including Steven. 

Also, getting away from Amethyst for a moment, the whole leash thing in this episode bothered me too. I can understand why Garnet would find being asked to unfuse  offensive, but Peridot didn’t, and at least tried to be polite in how she asked. Keep in mind that on Homeworld fusion is only done for practical reasons (officially anyway, the off colours prove some Gems break the rule, but its frowned on and they are severely punished if caught), and mostly that practical reason is  fighting. 

Peridot later reveals she understands and is fine with Opal because she can clearly see  and understand the practical reason for them fusing.  Peridot’s  initial discomfort with Garnet was not her objecting to the romantic relationship but her feeling intimidated because, thanks to Homeworld mentality,  she associated fusion with violence/fighting. She’s actually fine and very quickly accepting when Garnet finally takes the time to talk to her and explain why, and that their fusion is romantic in origin, and doesn’t say another word about it. 

In fairness to Peridot if someone was hanging around me with a sharp knife  drawn and I could see no rational practical reason as to why they needed it in context,  I’d get uncomfortable and nervous too. Ok probably not the best metaphor, but you get the idea, and Peridots are not trained or meant for combat in the first place. She was probably feeling especially vulnerable from the still quite recent loss of her limb enhancers too. and all Garnet had to do was TALK to Peridot about it. Instead Peridot was simply tied up and kept on a leash like some disobedient animal, which would be a completely humiliating and degrading punishment for anyone, and again, no one objects  or questions it and she’s even left leashed for most of the episodes remainder. 

Apart from Steven she’s also pretty much excluded from the group for the rest of the episode too.

 This is also hypocrisy, because they are all expecting Peridot to empathise with and understand them and their viewpoint  without taking the time or effort to extend the same courtesy to her. 

 The Gems got better in subsequent episodes, but I feel like their treatment of her in this episode especially was overly harsh and very  unfair in general. 

She was not going to instantly understand or magically just know all the new rules , and confusing her by teaching her the wrong behaviour (Amethyst) was completely unhelpful. 

<sarcasm> But hey, it was all Peridots fault, and humiliation as a punishment is a great teaching tool… </sarcasm>

The Host’s Eyes

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Lets talk about the Host’s eyes for a minute. I’ve seen a couple of theories going around that Dr Iplier was convinced somehow to remove his eyes, and botched the job. I really don’t think this is likely because, between you and me, that’s a difficult to surgery to ‘botch’. You’re only removing content of the eye socket, the only way you can botch it is to either not remove something, or end up with a dead patient. 

Broadly speaking there are three basic ways a trained surgeon can go about removing an eye. 

  • Enucleation: removing only the eyeball (sometimes some tear glands)
  • Externation: removing everything in the eye socket
  • Evisceration: removing the contents of the eyeball, but leaving the globe in place.

There are three different appearances you can be left with after these procedures. 

  • Enucleation and externation: Leaves a pink socket that a fake eye can be placed in. In veterinary medicine the eyelid margins are usually removed too and the socket sutured closed, leaving just a wall of skin. 
  • Evisceration: requires something to be placed into the hollowed out shell of the eyeball.  

There’s not a huge amount that even an incompetent surgeon can stuff up, certainly not enough to leave continually bleeding eye sockets that require a constant bandage. Practically, you either don’t end up removing enough tissue, or you remove too much, and end up inadvertently performing one of the other procedures. So instead of blaming Dr Iplier and questioning both his motives and skills, I offer a few other potential theories. 

  • The Host mutilated his own eyes for his own reasons (attempted auto-enucleation) and Dr Iplier has tried to salvage what is left. You can only do so much with what you’ve got.
  • The Host’s eyelids have been removed, not his eyes, and the bandage is to prevent them drying out. Dry eyes can lead to ulcers, rupture and a lot of pain.
  • The Host’s eyes are perfectly fine, but he’s been convinced (Darkiplier?) that they are not and wears the bandage to prevent questions. Even without the bandage he cannot see. 
  • Alternatively, the eyes might be filled with darkness so that he is practically blind. The eyeballs might be filled with literal ink.
  • The Host is blind for some other reasons, but the 'blood’ on the bandage is actually red/pink die because he is less sensitive to colours and didn’t notice when something red/pink ended up in the wash.

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Pairing: Clay Jensen x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) and Clay had an intention to finish their project. Would they be successful on doing it?

Word count: 1.270

Posted: 21st of April 2017

A/N: I am so overwhelmed for the feedbacks I am receiving for my previous imagines with Clay and I would like to thank you for the support.
I love you as much as I love this cinnamon roll and I am so inspired to write 13 reasons why imagines.
Thank you for everything guys and I love you all.

P.S.: My requests for 13 reasons why are OPEN!

- G. x

Warning: (Y/E/C) is Your Eye Colour.

It has been a long and tiring day at school and to top it, you still had some projects to finish with your project buddy and best friend, Clay Jensen.

“Are you tired?” Clay worriedly asked you after he saw you yawning for the hundredth time now. “We can do it some other day, if you want. The due of the project is two weeks from now.”

“No,” You smiled at him as he was so caring and thoughtful. “it’s fine, Clay.”

“Are you sure?” He assured as he parked your bike beside his.

“I am sure, Clay!” You playfully slapped him with your black binders and you rolled your eyes as he was starting to annoy you.

“Alright, alright.” He huffed as he gave up on reassuring you. He then looked at you, pretending to be annoyed because of your actions. “Fine then.”

“Finally,” You were relieved when you both headed to his house’s doorstep. “thank God.”

“What? Finally, we are home or finally, I stopped annoying you?” He raised an eyebrow as he opened the door with his keys.

“Both!” You honestly answered and you both entered the Jensen’s home laughing and guffawing, as if something was really funny about it.

“It seems like you are both happy.” You heard a sweet voice coming from the living room.

“At least, you are honest.” He winked at you but quickly turned his head to the living room as he saw his Mum staring at him. “Oh mum, don’t you have any work for today?”

“I wanted to bring these stuffs at home.” She waved some papers that were in her hands and you noticed Clay shaking his head. You then carefully looked around the house. It was clean and perfectly in order. “(Y/N)?”

“Oh, yup!” Clay smiled a little bit and he pulled you to enter the living room with him. You hated him at that moment since you were somehow shy, of course, but you quickly felt comfortable and at home when you saw his mother smiling.

“Lainie!” You smiled at her and she smiled back at you. You met Clay’s mother during the parents’ meeting at your school. “How are you?”

“I’m stressed for works and for my rebellious son right here.” She pointed at the messy piles of papers on her desk and then at Clay. You just laughed as you saw Clay pouting.

“I can imagine.” You nodded, agreeing for what she has just said. “Clay’s been stressing me too.”

“What?!” Clay looked at you and he pretended to be offended for what you have just confessed. His mum laughed and you flashed him an apologetic smile as he rolled his eyes in response.

“Mum, we’re finishing our assigned project in my room.” Clay then said, turning serious as he changed the topic.

“Sure.” Lainie smiled and you flashed her a sweet smile, before you headed to the stairs with Clay. “(Y/N), does it bother you having dinner with us?”

“Of course not, I would voluntarily join you.” You kindly said and you noticed Clay smiling widely while he stood beside you. “Thank you.”

“No, thank you.” Lainie sympathetically answered and Clay started going upstairs. “Clay?”

“Mum?” He suddenly stopped in the middle of the stair and you almost bumped him.

“Leave your room’s door open.” You giggled at hearing his mum’s reminder.

“Oh my God, Mum!” Clay whined and it made you laugh even more. He continued going upstairs and he led you to his room, leaving the door open like what his mother has reminded him. “Idiot, you are having so much fun here, eh?”

“Oh, shut up Jensen!” You flashed him a death glare as you carelessly plopped your things on his desk. “Shall we start?” Your gaze softened and he flashed you his flat smile, nodding.

“Yup.” He shortly answered and he started to get the materials that you needed to conclude your project.

You both spent the time doing your project, but it didn’t mean that you were serious and deadpan. He kept on doing silly things to make you laugh and to keep you awake. Clay Jensen – that adorable and dorky man that you’ve always liked because he was himself whenever you were with him. Who wouldn’t love him? Everybody would.

“Clay, you are an idiot!” You exclaimed when he poked fun of himself.

“It’s true that you considered me as a nerd when you first met me. Don’t lie.” He ranted as he was trying to cut a piece of paper for the almost finished project.

“It’s not true!” You lied through your teeth. He was right, you really considered him as one of those nerds, one of those good-looking nerds.

“I would kiss you so you would shut your mouth up!” Clay blurted out and your eyes both grew wide. You looked at him putting his scissors and paper down on the floor and he looked straight into your (Y/E/C) orbs.

“Clay?” You stopped yourself from doing anything and you stared at Clay as he bit his red bottom lip. He was shocked too, but he perfectly knew that he couldn’t take his words back anymore.

He created an awkward pace between the two of you, but then you suddenly found yourself closing your eyes and leaning forward, maybe copying Clay’s actions too.

A little moment later, you felt two soft lips on yours and you both slowly deepened the kiss, him constantly pulling your body closer to him. He caressed your cheek as he lingered the taste that your lips allowed and you had your arms wrapped around his neck. You felt some sort of sparks and nervousness, even though you imagined this scene in your head for uncountable times now.

He was about to close the door, but you both heard some footsteps and you suddenly broke the kiss, both scared to be caught.

“Guys, dinner is ready.” You both looked where the deep voice came from and you both nodded, still astonished for the happening between the two of you. Matt, Clay’s father, had a smirk on his face before going back downstairs and you wondered if he saw everything.

“C’mon?” You nodded as your thoughts faded away and you both followed his father.  “That was perfect.” You flashed him an embarrassed but happy smile.

“It was.” You agreed as you both entered the dining room. You could bet that you saw Clay blushing and smiling widely, you couldn’t be wrong with that.

When you entered the room, you saw his parents smiling widely and you both got into your places, so you could start having your dinner.

“How’s your project going on?” Lainie has asked with a bright smile on her face. You looked at Clay, giving him the cue that it was his turn to answer.

“Fine, it’s almost finished.” Clay has said as he tried to chew his food slowly.

“Oh, project?” Matt has asked and you noticed Clay widened his eyes. “Your project consists of kissing and cuddling?”

“Dad!” Clay protested and you both became crimson red in your face and you felt a burning sensation in your whole body. You were embarrassed and dumbfounded.

“Congrats!” His parents said in unison and they both laughed as they saw your reaction. Clay then caressed your hand under the table to calm you down and you both laughed together with his parents.

“Another reason why my door should be shut.” Clay jokingly said. “Always.”

“You have a point in there, buddy!” His father agreed and you all laughed as you felt more relaxed, welcomed and snugged as a bug in a rug.

So I saw a post that was about how similar Hogwarts house aesthetics are and I decided to make one based off me and my friends who are of house unity.

GRYFFINDOR (based on me and one other)

• Extremely quiet when you don’t know them but then they get more and more loud with each each passing second

• Wears the same thing everytime you see them

• Several different flannel shirts

• Has that urge in them to be rebellious but has a hard time accepting it (it gets stronger and harder to resist as time goes on)

• Lot’s of BBC shows

• Has a hard time showing emotions because hey don’t want to create a panic about them

• Cares deeply about other people’s happiness and will do almost anything to make sure someone is happy and boost the persons confidence

• Either procrastinates until the last possible minute or does their work with no distractions. There is no in between

• Secretly cares about what other people think of them

• Has a hard time accepting being wrong 😅

• Favourite holiday is Christmas

• Loves, loves, LOVES Disney

• Athletic

• Tries to find a simpler way of settling things without arguments

• Over-estimates themself

• One minute they are absolutely care free and then you look at them again and they’re freaking out over their future

• Hates when people show off but then literally takes every chance to show off themselves

• The one to actually get shit done.

• Secretly likes it when people are jealous of them

• Can read emotions off literally anyone

• Notices all the small details

• Really artsy when they want to be

• Wants to do social gathering things but then can’t manage to get them together


• Love old movies and songs

• Strive real hard for that +80% in all their classes (and actually do get it)

SLYTHERIN (based off two people)

• Cares so much about what other people think

• Eyeliner is always on fleek like wtf

• For some reason has the most beautiful eyes

• Won’t listen to people they’ve known for a long time when they give them a compliment but then hears someone they’ve known for like 0.000002 seconds give them a compliment and immediately takes it and tells everyone about it like wtf they said the same thing we did

• Always tired in the mornings

• Likes to lean on people/cuddle people

• Extremely clingy

• Eats, breathes, lives, and shits K-Pop

• Holds grudges

• Will only do something if someone does it with them

• Thinks that they are super rebellious but literally cannot step out of line

• The most pure person ever in the world once you get to know them

• If you DON’T know them they seem quiet and shy and mysterious

• Likes the colour black. Looks hella good in black. Only wears black.

• When they go out to a place even if it’s a simple place they will take every chance to glam themselves up

• Triggered easily if they don’t know you’re joking

• Cat person even if they’re allergic

• Thinks they’ll be alone forever but don’t notice when people generally like them

• Memes. All the memes.

• Completely done with your shit

• Has big dreams

• Very smart once they actually start paying attention

• Somehow doesn’t work hard but gets shit done better than I can like what magic is this?



RAVENCLAW (based on two people)

• The most amazing dark black hair you’ll ever see. It doesn’t frizz or have split ends and always looks shiny but not greasy and I’m left wondering how the fuck that works

• inSANELY smart.

• Starts crying when they have a 97 on a test (that’s a true story)

• Has an undying love for their sibilings (can’t say the same for the Gryffindors)

• When they read a book they won’t stop talking about how amazing it is

• Dresses so nice

• Always doodling. Literally on their books, on their notes, on the lunch tables, on their faces

• Fuck why are they so pretty?

• Just love chocolate for some reason.

•LOVES running

• Get more sassy as they get older

• Don’t do work when they don’t feel like it

• One of them has a 90+ in all their classes and one of them is failing English with an 18

• Absolutly fine with not having a social life

• Can do cardio no problem but fail HARD when it comes to strength

• I bet they secretly wish they were British

• Knows a lot of useless facts

• Model UN club

• Likes the colour blue for some reason. Like pale blue and jean blue? That’s the shit

• Voices their opinion

• Can easily be persuaded

• No acne… why?

• Hates when you talk nonesence but laughs so hard anyway

HUFFLEPUFF (based on two people)

• Very emotional

• Always happy. Fuck, you’re just happy to be around them

• Very… VERY quiet

• Has a few friends but doesn’t mind

• People treat them like shit but the true friends always stick up for them

• Tries to be active and sometimes succeeds, sometimes fails

• Happy to try anything

• Questions when people do something dumb

• Says sorry a lot

• Look younger than they are

• TBH I don’t really know much about them but I’m trying real hard to make one aesthetic for them

• Always happy to be a part of anything

• Cool on social media

• Both of them are named after flowers and also both really like flowers

• Love the spring

Connected part 4 [tom riddle x reader]

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5* | Part 6 | Part 7

  • Warnings: physical threats
  • Word count: 2k

You sneaked back inside, through the door of the common room. The fire was still burning, but the room was empty. After going to the bathroom, where you got ready for bed, you tiptoed to your dorm, opened its door noiseless and slipped under the duvet, without waking Annie and Violet.

Your thoughts were a babbling mess inside your head. You knew that you would need time to capture and save all of the information and emotions, that were thrown at you, the past days. It took you an hour to calm down and relax, before your drifted into sleep.

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So I often leave the tv on when I’m writing/drawing just to have some background noise and I’ve been leaving it on the French channels so it doesn’t distract me, and Teen Titans Go came on and… the palette is completely off??

Like, Starfire is purple for some reason?

The red in the whole cast is kind of muted to a weird blue tone yet the backdrops are mostly fine [the couch is a little more purple than pink]

Robin and Cyborg both have burgundy in their outfits instead of red??

But when I look it up online everything has the correct colours??????

And the next episode that played afterward is completely fine?????

honestly I was so distracted by the off colour palette that I didn’t even realize that they legitimately fought a giant avocado in that episode.

Seasons of Love (Sashea/Katlaska) - Nymph

a/n: the coffee shop AU that was requested a few days back, in which katya and sasha are childhood friends and get a job working at a coffee shop with alaska and shea. you know what happens from there. are we ready for a sloooow burn fluff fic? i sure hope so! mother, i’m showing the judges versatility

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Liam was freaking out, he was in art, now art wasn’t his best subject for two reasons, reason one he can’t draw for Shit, reason two he still can’t see colour.

You see, for some fucked up reason you can’t see any colours until you first touch or meet your soulmate, which Liam would be fine with if he wasn’t the only person out of his friends who still can’t see colour.

Personally Liam hated the idea of soulmates, he thinks you should fall in love with the person for who they are not just because they’re the one that was chosen for you, so if he ever meets his ‘soulmate’ and they turn out to be an asshole, hes not staying with them. He’d rather not see colours then be with someone he doesn’t love.

So you see how art can be a little difficult for him, usually he’s fine because he’s got Mason with him, helping him choose colours. But apparently today Mason was 'as sick as a dog’ as he put it.

Leaving Liam alone with no help for colours, he was too embarrassed to speak up and say he still can’t see them, Because most of the class can already see them, and being the newer kid he didn’t want to draw to much attention to himself.

So Liam sat there for a solid 15 minutes trying to figure out which shade of grey was blue so he can continue his ocean. He was to busy concentrating he didn’t hear the sound of the door swing open.

“Mr raeken, you’re 15 minutes late not good for your first day” he heard his art teacher say, zoning out again.

He jumped when he heard the stool next to him move head snapping up to look the new boy in the eyes, he was taken back, this boy was beautiful, well as beautiful as you can be in black and white, but he was breath taking.

Liam snapped out of his gaze when he realized that new boy was talking to him “s-sorry what?” he awkwardly stuttered out feeling his cheeks heat up.
The stranger laughed “I said, is this seat taken?” feeling to embarrassed to talk Liam just shook his head, looking back down to hide his face, not sure if the boy could see colours or not he didn’t want to risk him seeing his blush.

“trying to find a colour?” he heard boy with no name ask, biting his bottom lip, he nodded, looking down embarrassed.

The boy took all the pencils from Liam’s desk and walked over to the teacher, Liam’s eyes widened what was this kid doing? Liam ducks his head down hoping the boy doesn’t tell the teacher he can’t see colours. This is not at all how he wanted everyone to know.

After about five minutes the boy Came back handing the pencils back to Liam, who was looking rather confused, “I told the teacher I couldn’t see colours and asked if he could write the names on them” he explained, Liam’s eyes widened looking down to see on each pencil was infact the names of each colour.

“i-i, thank you..” Liam stopped now realising he still doesn’t know the boys name “theo” he answered smiling at Liam. “thank you theo” Liam felt himself smile back.

They both coloured quietly chatting about anything and everything, Liam found out that Theo just moved here, after a tough fight with his parents, he didn’t say where he lived exactly only that he’s got that part covered, he also found out he loves photography and was a really good artist apparently.

Liam was too busy concentrating on what he was drawing to notice Theos, occasionally he would look up at the boys face while he was telling a story but never looked at his artwork.

Soon enough the bell rang, all students quickly packing their bags and leaving for lunch, Liam and Theo walked out together stopping just outside the door, they awkwardly stood their for a couple minutes before they both spoke “did you want to-”
“see you 'round I gue-” they both laughed staring at each other, before Liam could speak his phone started ringing, groaning he mouthed an apology before answering “hello? Mason? What’s wrong?” while on the phone he saw Theo motioning that he was going to leave him alone, and before Liam could protest, he was gone.


Liam hadn’t seen Theo for the rest of the day, which kinda bummed him out because he wanted to get to know him more, he didn’t even get the guys number. He didn’t know what it was about Theo but he felt drawn to him. It didn’t matter if they were soulmates or not he definitely knew he felt something for Theo.

Slowly making his way back to his locker, hoping he can see Theo again tomorrow, he opened his locker noticing something fall out, confused he picked up the paper unfolding it, it’s safe to say that he was shocked with what was on the paper.
It was a beautifully detailed drawing of himself, sure it was just black and white for him but he hoped one day he could see the colours.

He noticed writing in the bottom corner reading “I wanted you to have this, hope you like it, Theo” with his number written underneath, Liam’s eyes widened, Theo… Drew this? For him? It was amazing! Why would he draw Liam though? With art skills this good he should not being drawing Liam out of all things.

He carefully placed it in one of his books in his back, he took out his phone entering Theos number in sending a quick message

Liam: hey it’s Liam, just wanted to say thank you for the amazing drawing!

Liam heard a locker slam shut causing him to jump in surprise, he looked up ready to glare at whoever made the move when he noticed Theo leaning his forehead against the lockers.

“Theo? What’s wrong?” liam asked walking over to him, Theo sighed not moving “some guy found out I live in my car, he kept making fun about it. So I punched him, and he hit me back” he let out a bitter laugh, turning to Liam.

Liam gasped seeing the black eye forming on Theos face, “Theo, your eye” he said placing a hand on his cheek, and That’s when everything changed the once grey world burst with colour it was all a bit overwhelming at first, but upon seeing the greys of Theos eyes change to a beautiful hazel-green Liam was mesmerized.

“it’s you” Liam thought, trying to take in all the colours at once. “what?” Theo asked voiced laced with confusion. And Liam froze had he said that out loud? What if /he/ wasn’t theos soul mate, he’s heard it happen before, you’re soul mate having a different person as their souldmate. It was heartbreaking to think that could be happening to Liam.

He pulled back he hand slowly “i-i said its you, you’re my soul mate” upon hearing those words Theos face changed from confusion to happiness and a matter of seconds, next thing he knows he’s being pulled in for a hug, one of the best hugs he’s ever had.

Theo pulled back staring into Liam’s eyes he whispered “you’re mine too, when we met this morning I got a Whole burst of colours when I saw you, I didn’t know how to react because I wasn’t sure if you could already see colours or if it happened to you too so I didnt want to scar-” Liam cut Theo off by kissing him gently on the lips.

“how about” Liam whispered “dinner tonight, at my place and we have a guest bedroom so you don’t have to live in your truck” he suggested, he didn’t want to take things too fast so he wanted to have a few dates first, “that sounds… Wonderful” Theo smiled down at him, Liam held Theos hand interlocking their fingers as they walked to his car.

Now Liam still thought the whole soulmates thing was stupid, you should be with someone you love, and Liam was hoping, god he was praying that Theo was that someone.


A/N: and there is another one! It’s currently 5:20am here and I’m still going, this one also took longer then expected hopefully y'all like it, I did attempt to make like photo edits up there for it but ye whatever but nooow onto the next one which should hopefully be done soon.

I’ll help you (M)

Kai werewolf!au x detective reader 

Genre: Horror & Romance

Word count: 2.1K

Part: 2 Preview | Part: 2 Full | Part: 3

Warning; contains swearing & slight sexual references

Originally posted by kporn

You hesitantly walked down the gloomy, dark, filthy and horrifying path that lead to the guy you we’re looking for. You noticed how foul the smell was down here, as the unwanted stench dug deep into your notrils. “Ew.” You exhaled, in irritation. 

“it smells like fucking shit down here.” You tried putting the disgusting stench behind you, continuing your slow steps down the hallway. You were determined to find this person- or creature to be exact, so you could get whatever you had to do out of the way as soon as humanly possible. 

On each side of you we’re prison cells. Rusty, old, metal bars were evenly apart in front of the cells. Men threw themselves at the bars, creating clanging sounds against the steel bars. Howling and whistling at finally seeing a woman after years of being locked up. You did everything in your power to not be fazed at the terrifing experience of being in a room full of convicted murder’s. They all had life sentence and were going to die in here. Well, this was what you signed up for.

You exhaled, taking deep breaths suddenly halting to calm your body down. You didn’t realise that you stopped abruptly beside a prison cell and a man inside of it practically threw himself at the prisons bars staring at you with hungry eyes, as he desprately reached out to touch you, but his hands didn’t make it very far, seeing how he was behind bars. 

You flinched and stared at the outstretched limb in front of you with wide eyes. Fazed by the sudden action you froze on the spot. The man inside the cell licked his lips as his eyes bored into your own.“Let me touch you, doll face. I won’t hurt ya.” He growled breathlessly. Without hesistating you shook your head, swiftly avoiding eye contact with the man inside. 

You slowly continued making your way down the path stopping in front of a much larger jail cell, which was very different from the others. A lonely, glass cage was in front of you.  There were small circle shaped cut out holes in the glass prison for the person inside to breathe.Your eyes fall on the inhabitants shadow and you suddenly felt the nerves kick in.

 You kept yourself as calm as possible. You inhaled and exhaled swiftly, before stopping and standing in front of the glass prison cell. You knew for a fact the man inside this cage was extremely dangerous. The guards outside the prison warned you numorous times to not get to close to the person inside. 

Your appearance on the outside stayed calm and collected, but on the inside you we’re freaking out. Anxiety swirmed through your veins. Naturally, your eyes scanned the room, stopping once landing on a lonely figure inside the inhabitant. You stared at figure who had it’s back to you. You swallowed your pride and cleared your throat. Without even flinching the person inside the inhabitant turned to face you.

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I did the thing!

Since YouTube decided that annotations are not important anymore for some reason, here is what each colour is for:

Red - Hook
Orange - Pirates
Green - Guitar and strings melodies
Blue - Chords

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert pianist. I’m fully aware that there may be parts that are written in a way that is not playable even by professionals. This is merely an “open” transcription so that anyone can modify it to their will when they play it.

Download the MIDI file here. (Google Drive won’t play it, just download it and it’ll be fine)

Download the sheet music here.

Day 3

Woke up after sleeping well again, got hungry but was fine after hot lemon water

First juice of the day is carrot, sweet potato, belle pepper, orange, ginger and turmeric. A sunny drink for a dark rainy morning

For some reason everything tastes really salty today, I mean even my water 💦 😯 any ideas why?

Not hungry but constantly catching myself perusing food on instagram and feeling profound jealousy 😅

Lunch: red cabbage, apple, beetroot and celery. I love the colour of this but no matter what I shall never be a great lover of cabbage or beetroot (the exception being beetroot crisps of course 😉)

Dinner: spinach, kale, cilantro, celery, green apple and lemon

anonymous asked:

Didn't you say you were allergic to make up and dyes? Yet you are never bare face and you don't have natural hair color.

Just because I don’t post make-upless photos on here it doesn’t mean I wear make-up all the time. I’m without make-up a lot more often than I wear it, I just never take or post pictures of it because there’s nothing interesting to see there.

The reason for my reactions are unknown and there’s been multiple theories ranging from allergies to bad genetics. It’s just always been easiest to go with “I’m allergic” to explain it while I look into the underlying cause, since it’s all connected to a medical history I’d rather not share with the entire Internet. I get a reaction from some make-up, sometimes even different colours from the exact same brand and range can cause different reactions (e.g. http://spookyloop.tumblr.com/post/166916904650/do-you-mind-telling-us-what-the-new-lipsticks-you), some of it is fine. It’s very hit-and-miss, but it seems that less and less make-up is giving me any kind of reactions nowadays and if it does it often just makes me drowsy instead of making me itchy or red like it used to. (Better immune system? Healthier ingredients in make-up? Who knows.)

I don’t wear heavy make-up to begin with, so it’s often just basics on eyes (mascara, winged eyeliner, soft brow), concealer under eyes, and whatever lipstick if I want it. No foundation, no heavy blending, no layering, no contouring, no eye shadow, no lip liner, nothing extra. I’ve learned to keep it simple in my daily life to avoid irritation, but every now and then I wear more which is what often ends up on my blog.

What comes to hair dyes, I can use those that are semi-permanent and vegan (still stings but at least it won’t kill me, e.g. http://spookyloop.tumblr.com/post/161709094745/my-body-is-so-sensitive-that-even-semi-permanent) but I can’t bleach my hair so it’s always done on virgin hair. I haven’t even dyed my hair in two months and it’s pretty much back to my natural colour at the moment.

I guess my point is that my blog - just like everyone else’s - doesn’t reflect every part of my life or tell the whole truth of it either. Something as simple as “I’m allergic” has years of complicated background to it and the situation keeps evolving and changing as time goes by, it’s never as straight-forward as the original statement. I’m very much a make-upless, brown-haired gothling at the moment.

The Thirteenth Doctor’s Costume!

Okay, quick little post today (And it’s NOT about Star Trek!), but we did just get a pretty exciting reveal. The Thirteenth Doctor’s costume!

(We did also get a new TARDIS Exterior, but unless you’re Clayton Hickman, you’re probably not going to look too far into it)

And, it looks like this:

Now, on a pure surface level, I think this is a nice costume. It looks unique, completely different from anything we’ve seen before, but still feels nicely Doctor-ish.

The colours remind me a little of Classic ‘Who’, especially Sylvester McCoy, for some reason, and I don’t know if it was deliberate, but the coat feels a little reminiscent of Peter Davison’s. Of course, there will be people who aren’t as keen, just on a purely aesthetic basis, but that’s fine. It’s all subjective, at the end of the day. I mean, I don’t think Colin Baker’s is anywhere near as bad as people think it is (I mean, it’s not great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not that awful) and, although he’s one of my favourite Doctors as far as his character is concerned, Christopher Ecclestone’s costume was a little bland. But, as far as my immediate opinions are concerned, I think that it’s a costume that looks good.

But, I think this says something more specific, that I’m actually really happy about.

Just after the initial announcement of Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor, I considered that the way she seemed in the announcement suggested a bit of a lighter Doctor than we’ve had with Peter Capaldi, something which, much as I’ve loved his run, the show would benefit from. My dad responded with the opinion that she’d be the sort of female characters we see a lot at the moment; an overly serious, gritty character. And, much as I hoped that we’d get something more light-hearted, I didn’t disagree with him that a character like that was what we were probably going to get.

But this costume genuinely changes everything, in my opinion. A colourful, possibly slightly 80s-inspired costume. Blue trousers, held up by yellow braces, a striped top/jumper, and a coat edged just as colourfully. It’s bright. It’s casual. It definitely doesn’t suggest that the person wearing it is going to be a brooding, emotionally distant character. Rather, to me, it suggests that we’re getting, well, The Doctor.

I don’t mind the TARDIS either, but the INTERIOR is really the important part of that, and I feel like it’s going to be a while before we actually see that.

i really wanted some zev/warden + the ‘oh no theres only one bed’ trope so here we go (also a few of my other favourite tropes but it’ll ruin the plot if i told u 👀) special shout out to @bittywritings for the spanish translation

oh also it gets like mildly nsfw but only a little 


He had never signed up for snow.

Killing Darkspawn, absolutely. An obscene amount of rain, that too. Terribly sticky, muddy, Fereldan fields, he would tolerate at best… but only with a blonde mage that would chat to him with infectious enthusiasm at his side.

Zevran Arainai was an adaptable man, was forced to be one, but he drew the line at a snowstorm of all things.

It would have just been too much for the Urn of Sacred ashes to be somewhere sunny, in Rivain maybe, in the middle of a brothel, next to a beach. No, the blasted Urn just had to be in the middle of a frosty wasteland.

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letsallbecalmchaps  asked:

I'm pretty sure orange started because it was a warm colour and is opposite the colour wheel to blue which people associated with sans , it made for more dynamic colours together and added some nice contrast. Same with how I personally wish more people used yellow for sans since that is one of his eye colours. And I agree integrity is a good choice for pap, that or kindness

Yeah that’s pretty much the only explanation I’ve ever found either? Which seems… silly and is why I was thinking maybe there was some other reason, but I guess not XD I mean, i get it from an artistic standpoint, but when you’re talking about the traits that summarize their characters… why change just for that? lol.

But yeah, to me, Sans’ primary soul trait is Patience, but his secondary is definitely Justice.

I’m totally fine with people switching up the soul traits that everyone represents (I’m not about to judge people for their headcanons lol. that way lies madness), but I don’t understand it, either. To me the canon on it is all extremely straight forward, so unless you’re looking to change it up as a way to explore a different way to tell a story or represent a character, I don’t get it.

For me, it’s always:
Toriel = Perseverance, Frisk = Determination, Sans = Patience, Papyrus = Integrity, Undyne = Kindness, Alphys = Bravery, Mettaton = Justice

They just… are. For me, anyways, heh. Again, I seriously don’t care what other people headcanon, that’s what fandom is for man, you do you!


Day 7

Patterned Nails!

For some reason I decided to do this before my fine detail brushes arrived…so not quite as neat as I would have liked but the good news is that my new brushes are arriving today so expect some less sloppy designs as of tomorrow!

Products used-

Purple- OPI in Polly Want a Lacquer?

YellowOPI in Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet

PinkOPI in Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon

OrangeOPI in No Tan Lines

Black- Sinful Colors in Voodoo

Topcoat- Barry M in Plumpy Topcoat

anonymous asked:

ugh I'm literally so fed up with tumblr rn :/ basically I fell head over heals with witch!tae immediately and did a fanart, but for some reason I can't submit (or ask for that matter, it says the feature is unavailable so I have to be on anon ffff) so I was wondering if there was another way? Like would it be ok to just post it and tag you under it so you could find it??? Did I mention I love witch!tae hehe the purple he's wearing is literally my nail polish colour pfff

yeah thats fine!! seems a lot of ppl have problems with sending asks lately?? idk why