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what makes you ship brucas over leyton?

OK so I answered this question before so for people who have read it there may be some overlap.

I understand why Leyton ended up together and I can respect the descision but I still ship Brucas over Leyton for a few reasons.

1)  In my opinion Lucas and Brooke/Chad and Sophia had better chemistry. Even after the divorce, their onscreen chemistry never wavered and that really sells me on ships.

Just, I find there is such warmth and longing and intimacy in their stares and their hugs and it really feels like a coming together of two people, it really feels like they’re good for that moment that they’re in each other’s arms and a lot of what makes a couple work is the things unsaid that’s communicated through their physicality and Brucas really had that whereas Leyton to me felt colder to me even at their most intimate, even at their goofiest, I just didn’t get that connect that the show was working so hard to convince me that they had. So that’s one reason.

2) I  think Brooke and Lucas complemented each other even though that was supposed to be Leyton’s foundation. Lucas could see Brooke’s potential, he could see that she would do great things, he could see that she had a ponderous and serious side while also accepting and rejoicing in her extroverted, fun-loving side while I believe Brooke made Lucas a better person, more selfless and aware of those around him, which is why in season 2 Mouth tells Lucas that he’s loved Brooke for a long time but he didn’t mind seeing her with Lucas because they both had big hearts.  While with Peyton I just felt like Lucas was too wrapped up in their cosmic, doomed love, which actually relates to Peyton individually — with Lucas, she was a terrible friend and was a lot more self-righteous but when she was with Jake (Jeyton is another couple I ship because I thought they got the angst and the lightness at an exact balance that Leyton just couldn’t achieve:

) she was more caring toward those around her.

3) which is related to 2 I think Brooke and Lucas were truly themselves when they were together. Something about Leyton, it was like Lucas had to keep up his tormented, brooding persona in order for that relationship to work whereas with Brooke there was more dimension to who he was and vice verse. But of course these are all just my interpretations ;) 

I’m just so excited for the next Clexa kiss! I know there’s going to be another at some point, but how is it going to happen? Will we have to wait weeks for it? Probably! Why will they kiss? There will be some build up surely (if you don’t count what we’ve already seen) but will it be a heat of the moment thing, or a more tender moment like Lexa’s pledge? Who will initiate it? Lexa initiated it last time, and the reason Clarke gave was that she wasn’t ready to be with somebody. Lexa respected that and didn’t try again, just hinted to Clarke that she wanted to spend more time with her by asking her to Polis. And we saw that when Clarke asked her to be left alone, she did. Even though she’s the Commander and her people were aware that Wanheda would not speak with the Commander, and the Commander was just accepting that. So if she still thinks that Clarke is not ready to be with somebody, will she wait until Clarke furthers their relationship, will she wait for Clarke to kiss her, so that she knows Clarke’s ready? Will she trust that she knows and can read Clarke well enough to initiate a kiss? How will Clarke respond? Oh my, there’s so much to consider and it’s tearing me apart. 

Feel Good | Pt.2

Admin Dino Here! Writing in 1st person is actually fun.
Genre: Comedy(?), Angst, Fluff, Supernatural
Summary: Namjoon says you’re not allowed into a club for ‘exclusive’ reasons. So what happens when you decide to have some fun and find your way in?
Word Count: 2711
Part: 2/?
[Part 1] [Part 2]

I couldn’t believe this. I’ve been friends with… Vampires? How in the fuck was this even possible. Didn’t they like combust in sunlight? I mean I could probably wholeheartedly agree if Yoongi was a vampire but there would be no way in hell that Namjoon or Taehyung… I couldn’t even see Hoseok himself, even if he did show me! This was a huge moment of my life, I’ve been surrounded by non-humans in disguised as humans! I deserved an award alright, an award for being the most oblivious person in the world. How could I have not seen this?

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Viria!!!! I have a problem ;-; when I draw (I'm not very good in some opinions people have given) I feel as if drawing isn't meant for me but I want to be able to draw as good as you(you have been my inspiration since, I think, 2009.) Do you have any tips? Or advice? I reaally like to draw....but I feel untalented when I try

I’m just gonna…screencap you my favourite moment with Oikawa which is one of the main reasons I relate to him so much and generally find his character very inspiring.

When it comes to drawing or any other ~creative~ activity, many people give up halfway. Or not even reaching the halfway point. Simply because it all always involves the word “talent”. They look at people so much more “talented” than they are and think they will never have it. They will never be as good.  They don’t “feel” talented, or they keep being told by other people that they aren’t.

I can’t really blame them, probably the most common compliment “good” artists get is just how “talented” and lucky they are. Not how hardworking, not how stubborn, but how talented. It’s all about it.

And I kind of…don’t believe in talent. Or I chose not to.

Obviously there is always natural predisposition for something. Some people are simply born on the higher level than you were and it feels like you will never catch up to that level, because they always improve faster, they see things better, they just are. But talent is really 99% hard work and 1% actual talent. Someone with natural ability alone may not go the far ways comparing to someone with lots of experience behind their shoulders, even though they might not have started as good as someone with natural ability.

I don’t know if I have tips or advice decent enough for you, but I think the best thing is to unlearn how to believe in talent, and start believing in yourself. Keep drawing…and keep drawing, regardless if you think you’re talented or not. Regardless of what people think. You might not have so called “talent”, but you can always create it within you.

I said it before, but I guess I will just repeat myself by saying I always view someone who is better than me as a challenge…and a goal. The same way you can choose to feel about people who think you aren’t good enough for that - to prove them wrong. Maybe it will take years and years until you finally feel like you’re able to tell them “SUCK IT, LOOK AT HOW GOOD I’VE GOTTEN”.

Draw as much as you can and be patient. (obviously sometimes we don’t have time or motivation or simple will to do ANYTHING, but whenever you feel like you can push yourself through - do it).

If “talent” is a seed you’re growing, don’t expect it to grow overnight. Keep watering it and don’t neglect it. And one day you will see the flowers bloom, and on another you’ll be able to taste fruit.

Try to look up tutorials and draw whatever you see around you, it always gets better when you start UNDERSTANDING what you’re drawing and how things work, how they are built. I’m someone who is learning academic drawing\painting in the university, so I’ve found out SO MUCH from my professors, but if you don’t have it, it might be good to try looking up books. You won’t immediately get good by reading it, but you’ll start being more cognizant of the process itself. It’s only recently that I have been starting to feel like I understand it better.

Because skill is skill, but drawing is also a lot of thinking, to which books will add up to.

And…don’t give up, I guess. Don’t be discouraged because you don’t feel talented, because someone else is better, or because your work isn’t good just now. Think about that day in the future that it will get good. The day you’ll finally be able to get yourself a little golden star and write “I did it” over it. Though even then, most likely, there still will be something more to learn, because it’s a never-ending process.

i just remembered one of the first vividly gay moments i had back in highschool when i was in denial. i was friends with two girls who were dating and one of them made the other cry for some reason all the time like all the time. and i was always trying to comfort the one who was crying. and one day i had the thought “i wouldn’t treat you like this.”

and my het™ oriented mind immediately rejected that thought like “too bad she’s a GIRL so you wouldn’t be dating her IN THE FIRST PLACE b/c YOU’RE TOTALLY STRAIGHT.”

Once, I worked at a health-food restaurant on Eighth Street in Manhattan. And a woman came in and ordered mixed fish stew. And it came and it had fish in it. And she said, “I didn’t know it had fish in it.” And I said, “Mixed. Fish.Stew. Which part didn’t you get?” So she ordered something else. But I know that I made her feel like a piece of shit. Afterward, when she was getting ready to leave, she came up to me and put me in my place. She said, “ You know what? That wasn’t OK. I’m a human being. I don’t deserve that kind of treatment.” And I felt so bad. I’ll always remember that moment because she was completely right to confront me. She had no reason to be treated that way. I mean, we all make mistakes. At some point, we don’t all see the “fish” part in mixed fish stew.
—  Gillian Anderson for Us Magazine, October 1997.

“What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again.”

Kuroo seems to seek out contact unconsciously so Tsukishima learns to anticipate and reciprocate Kuroo’s advances just as unconsciously. Kuroo melts into casual embraces, brushing of fingers when nobody’s looking and touching of ankles underneath a table. 

And one particular habit of Kuroo’s is lifting Tsukishima’s arm and snuggling close. Their couch is spacious but they never sit apart. It happens so often and naturally that this one time Kuroo sits on the edge of the couch he notices that Tsukishima has lifted his arm and is holding it in the air for some reason.


Tsukishima turns to him, expression confused. A wondrous moment of realization passes between them.

“I’m—just stretching,” Tsukishima explains and begins to move his arm as if he truly is only trying to give it a nice stretch.

In lieu of a reply, Kuroo scoots over, ducks his head under Tsukishima’s arm and settles over Tsukishima like a cat who’s found its favorite spot in the whole house. Tsukishima gently puts his hand down and buries his smile in Kuroo’s hair.

My Top 5 YoonMinSeok Moments

ok so @bibimkpop asked me to put together my top 5 moments for my favourite OT3s, so I’ll start with YoonMinSeok (I am also thinking of doijng SukaiSoo for exo and triple kim from ikon, plus maybe some more BTS OT3s since I ship like anyone with anyone in BTS lol brotp or otp I don’t really care).

Anyway onto Yoongi/Jimin/Hoseok and why I think they’re so great as a trio.  I feel like there is just such a great balance between them for a variety of reasons. Both Jimin and Hoseok are very affectionate and giving but prone to hiding their own worries in order to focus on making others happy.  Yoongi is very observant though so he would be there to make sure both of them actually came out and say what they need and don’t ignore their own wellbeing.  

Jimin finds criticism very cutting and has said that sometimes Yoongi’s tough love was a bit hard for him, so also having Hoseok there (who praises him constantly) would provide a good balance and help him realise theat Yoongi is just trying to help him improve.  

Yoongi is prone to withdrawing into himself, but neither Hoseok not Jimin let him get away with that, they alwaqys remind him that he is important and praise him and even if he plays it cool you know he needs it.  

Hoseok has faced tough times with some antis questioning his importance in the group, Yoongi and Jimin are both very supportive of him and also seem the type that he would be able to show his vulnerable quieter side to, not feeling that he always has to be ‘on’ as the moodmaker. 

if either Hoseok or Jimin were alone with Yoongi constantly it might be that the difference of personality would be too great or say jimin might take his constructive critiques too hard, having the two bubbly ones gives them that energy they both can bounce off.  But equally with just Hoseok and Jimin the two could get carried away with their bubbly fun and might not be able to be as realistic about things.  In short I think the dynamic of the three fits well together (although I love Jihopee, Yoonseok, and Yoonmin as individual pairings too).

So on to some moments I love:

In Run episode 10 when Yoongi and Hoseok lost and were only given simple food while the others feasted, Jimin was the only one who couldnt stand it and went over to give them food:

When at ISAC Yoongi’s playful side came out and he was practicing wresting with Jimin and Hoseok:

YoonminSeok’s various adventure’s as the ‘yet to be tall’ team on BTS RUN:

This photoshoot (which also contained one of my fave JiHope moments):

The way JiHope always seem to bring out Yoongi’s silly side and draw him into their embarassing antics:

So anyway those are just a few of my fave moments of these 3 together (if you ask about my fave yoonmin, yoonseok, or jihope moments seperately theres a LOT of different moments for those pairings I love).  Hope you enjoyed this and hope these boys have eachother to lean on through tough times and good ones for a long time.

I know these last few days have been tough. Not just for Larries, but for any supporters of Louis and Harry, regardless of whether you think they are a couple or not.

We have had to witness both Louis Tomlinson’s and Harry Styles’ names being dragged through the mud. For what end, we can only speculate.

A lot of us are emotionally charged right now - anxiety, confusion, anger, sadness, you name it, one of us is feeling it at this very moment. For every chill person, there’s another person having a hard time processing all of this.

For outsiders, this may look like a lot of fuss over “just some silly boyband”, but you know what: for whatever reason you choose to support Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn, it’s IMPORTANT TO YOU. You don’t owe anyone an explanation.

Of one thing I am fairly certain: There is a massive power play happening behind the scenes at the moment, and the outcome might not be evident tomorrow, next week, or indeed even in the coming few months, but, there is an end game in sight.

I’d also like to give a mvp to @jimmytfallon
@sexatoxbridge and @bethaboolou
You’re posts during these last two days have made me laugh and helped me to remain chill and positive. Thank you for providing a source of positivity and calm to the people coming to your inbox and seeking reassurance.

Special mention to all my followers and mutuals: despite everything, my dash has been a pretty awesome place to be - y'all rock.

I can’t put into words how proud I am of Sam in this episode.

Lucifer was incredibly clever in his choice of manipulation to get Sam to say “yes”. The moment in the backyard in Kermit when Lucifer told Sam this was the moment that he stopped being a hero and started going soft, I could see in Sam’s eyes how much that comment hurt and the self-doubt, as he wondered if it were true.

BUT that wasn’t the moment Sam started becoming weak. That was the moment Sam started to become stronger. It was during his time with Amelia that Sam started to feel like maybe just maybe he had some value as a person and for the first time saw the possibility that he might deserve things for himself for no other reason than to make him happy.

This was the beginning of a journey for Sam that, while it had it’s set-backs (the Trials, Gadreel, the MoC), has made Sam into the more self-assured and content Sam we’ve seen glimpses of throughout the last year or so. Namely, when he told Charlie that he was happy with his life as a hunter and his confidence when dealing with Rowena and the Book of the Damned.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: a few years ago if someone had told Sam he was being weak for not sacrificing himself he would have believed them whole-heartedly and felt immensely guilty. Now, however, he has just enough self-worth to not only be confident in himself and his rights as a person, but to physically stand up and defy his abuser. 


By @mooses-unicorn-in-the-tardis  

Fitblr Valentine’s

Hiya everybody! 

I know for some Valentine’s is a sore subject for a number of reasons- but let’s throw all that out for a moment. 

I suggest, going to each other’s askbox or even submit box on Valentine’s Day (or even any day before V-Day if ya just can’t wait to spread the love!) and letting someone know that you love/care/admire them! Tell them the good qualities about them they may not see in themselves. I thought that maybe a little genuine and meaningful boost like this spread throughout the community could really help spark and inspire people, especially people trying to do the real self love challenge that might be finding it hard in the beginning to feel that love for themselves! <3

What do ya’ll think?

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I hesitated posting this so many times. I captured this while in the process of getting dressed after my echocardiogram last week.

My first reaction was shame and disgust at my disabled body. I’m very skinny these days… You can see my ribs up and down. I have no bum left, I’ve lost a lot of muscle definition too. And in all the years I was overweight my stomach never looked like THIS.

When I agreed to a feeding tube last year I was told that it should help with most of my gastrointestinal symptoms. For some reason, I at least expected it to help with swelling and bloating. Sadly, I’ve only had a minor reduction in symptoms; mostly, no longer vomiting all the time. I wake up and my stomach is the flattest it’s ever been (as long as I’m on my back but that’s a whole other issue about my abdominal muscles and how they can’t do their job). The moment I flush my feeding tube with water and start my feeds this is what my stomach turns into. It’s swollen 2-3 times its size, it’s disfigured. It is disabled, just like many other parts of me. I’m not ashamed of those parts for being disabled, why am I ashamed of this? It is obviously deeply tied to self image, vanity. But that in turn is deeply tied to what society deems is attractive and beautiful and what people (we) want to look at.

So, here I am, forcing myself AND you to look at my disabled and disfigured stomach. I hope we learn something new together through this. It was not easy for me to share (it took me 9 days), but it feels more important than almost any image I have posted. I am not ashamed to say this took courage.

{please don’t remove my words}

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What helps you when you feel sad thinking about Ace or something? You are the best big bro ever, (and Ace, of course) :')

Ah.  Well, if it’s not too bad, then I’ll often just go to the HQ library and read while snacking or drinking coffee or cocoa, because that usually makes me feel better.  Or I’ll go outside and train until I’m too tired to think.

When it gets really bad, though, I’ve discovered the best thing is to get out of my own head a little and go talk to a friend.  Not necessarily about Ace- about anything.  Sometimes I’ll just go see Hack or Iva and ask them to tell me stories about their lives, and I’ll listen quietly until I’m ready to talk back.  Being among people I care about and who care about me is always helpful.

Unfortunately the times I get the most stuck in a spiral of negative thoughts are during the middle of the night.  You know how sometimes it’s two in the morning and you can’t stop thinking of all the mistakes you’ve made and things you’ve lost?  Well, I don’t feel right waking people up in the middle of the night to talk, so I started turning on the black den den mushi- which intercepts calls and which we use to find information on the marines- and just listening to it.

A lot of the times it’s just marine talk with the occasional personal conversation picked up on and thrown in, but it’s just…nice to hear other peoples’ voices.  Sometimes it’s just static.  But even that, even static, is kinda pleasant to listen to.  It’s an improvement on silence, anyway.  It really helps me relax and get into a better frame of mind.  That’s just me, though.

My Jared photo op from Jaxcon. I was originally going to do an Impala-themed picture for this one, too, but I never got the prop I needed in time. I then realized I’d never gotten a picture with Jared hugging me where it was just me and Jared, so I decided to go with that.

I’ve gotta tell this story just because it basically changed my life. So, one of my favorite things about Jared ops (and one of the reasons I never walk out of an op with Jared not crying) is that he always does something just before you leave, some little sensory detail to help you remember the moment. It’ll be, like, a squeeze on the shoulder or a centering touch, just something that creates a physical memory so that as you’re walking away you can be like, “I remember this, I felt this happen, this was real.” For this op, I asked Jared to give me a smush hug, so he swooped down to hug me really very tight (no complaints, not complaining).

Anyway, since his hand was already on my lower back when we finished taking the picture and because I was wearing a corset, the little casual touch he threw in as I was about to walk away was to tug. my. corset. laces. DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW DEAD A PERSON IS WHEN THEY HAVE HARDCORE CORSET KINK AND THEN JARED FUCKING PADALECKI CASUALLY TUGS ON THEIR CORSET LACES. I couldn’t shut up about it all day, how my friends put up with me after that is a mystery.

Anyway, later during autographs, he complimented my shirt & I was like, “Thanks!” thinking that would be that. I grabbed my DVDs, which he had just signed, and was about to run off when he was like, “Where did you get it?” So I got to tell him about how I found the t-shirt online and then had it custom-made into a corset and he was like, “That’s so cool.” And anyway, any of you who know me know that my best fic is Oh, My Queen! in which Jared is gender fluid and wears a lot of corsets. So of course my lizard brain bits (and my bad influence friends) were like HE WANTS TO KNOW WHERE TO GET A CORSET JUST LIKE THIS SO HE CAN BE ALL PRETTY. And basically I floated off to happy porn thoughts land never to be seen again. RIP me I died of Anita feels it was bound to happen sooner or later do not mourn me.

You Suck

Michael Clifford Imagine

Requested: yesss pls enjoy send me requests in my ask

Word Count: 1.1k+

Rating: fluff

Warning: lame and cliché af

Michael Clifford was a nightmare.

For some reason you could not fathom, your friends were his friends.

You couldn’t deny that he was attractive; he was quite possible the hottest guy you’ve see. His personality was fine, adorable even.

Except his attitude around you. The moment you met him, his tone went from inviting to bitter. One second he was laughing with his friend, the next, he was staring at you with malice.

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but I was looking at those pictures of Louis and Danielle arriving at some random place and I was like: why are there paps but not people? where's the people? fans? random people? no one?

No one. As if the fans or stalkers would ever be tipped off about their location. That never happens. Right. RIGHT?

They chose the magic moment when no one was inside or outside the restaurant and did their walk in front of the paps who for some unknown reason decided to stand there. A miracle.

How I Write Genos

These are just a few headcanons and rules I go by when I write Genos for future reference for myself, but I thought I’d share. Some of these are somewhat inspired by ONE’s comment about Genos being a lot how he is now even as a kid.:

  1.     He has OCD: As I mentioned before, he has fake teeth, but still owns and uses a toothbrush (I can assume he uses one in the purpose intended because it’s right next to Saitama’s in the cup on the sink). The reason he’s always cleaning Saitama’s house isn’t just because he wants to be a good guest, but because it really bothers him if something is even slightly out of place. I imagine Genos developed a more severe case of OCD because after his traumatic experience, he wants to feel like can control the chaos in his life.
  2.     He has some sort of social disorder, possibly autism: Genos has had a lot of moments where he seems to not notice Saitama’s obvious discomfort, and sometimes continues doing whatever made him uncomfortable in the first place. Additionally, his habit of writing every little detail about Saitama and his adventures seems to be a repetitive, obsessive habit. Even Kuseno seemed a little wary about how Genos “Goes on and on about [Saitama]”.
  3.      Genos is half-American: If you’ve noticed, some of Genos’s User Interface, his PERSONAL computer system, is in English. Why American and not UK/Irish/Australian? I go by one of Japan’s stereotype of Americans; eager to be a hero, but too impulsive. Also, sleeveless shirts, cowboy boots, earring studs and machinery that constantly breaks seem all too American. 
  4.      Genos has a speech impediment: This is really a self-indulgent head canon, but I want to believe the reason Genos can go into essay-length rants without missing a beat or slowing down is because he has some sort of vocal filter that keeps him from tripping over his own words. If it malfunctions, he has a really bad stutter and is more compliant to Saitama’s “20 words or less” rule.
  5.   Is his crush on Saitama noteworthy enough? It seems obvious, but fuckit, it’s on here.
  6.  Genos used to lookup recipes online so he can cook Saitama and himself a nice meal, but because food blogs always go in depth about how awesome their childhood and family life was, Genos ended up punching a hole in his laptop and now Saitama just picks up recipe pamphlets from the grocery store
  7.   If Genos tried shaving his head he would have a lot of ugly holes in his scalp like a hairless Barbie doll
Stitches - Part 4 (Jungkook x Reader x Jimin)

Okay, this isn’t exactly the most exciting part, but here you go.

PS: and I’m still using that Jungkook gif although Jimin is also one of the male leads. But I haven’t found an angsty jikook gif. Does that even exist?

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Wordcount: 2.315

Genre: Angst

Originally posted by mrspreadinglegsjungkook

One moment can change your whole future. One tiny decision can change how your life will continue. Just like a wing beat of a butterfly can change the weather on the other side of the planet.

You were sitting on a park bench. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon. You watched a few kids playing tag on the grass while playing with the hem of your sweater. You couldn’t really explain it, but for some reason everything felt a little…blurry - just like a photograph in which the motive is slightly out of focus. You shook this feeling off as you heard your name being called.

You felt strong arms wrap around your neck from behind you and a chin on your shoulder. “Hey there.” He pressed his soft lips to your cheek and your heart fluttered in your chest. “Have you been waiting for long?” He asked you as he let go of you and stepped around the bench to sit beside you. You shook your head. “Just arrived five minutes ago.”

He smiled at you and held a cup of coffee in front of your face. “Brought you this. Just how you like it, with milk and extra sugar.” You took it and flashed him a grateful smile. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and you leaned into his side. You closed your eyes and breathed in the familiar scent of his cologne. This whole moment felt so peaceful, you wished it would be like this forever.

He took a sip of his coffee and looked at you. His eyes trailed over your cheeks up to your eyes and down again over your nose to your beautifully shaped lips. And this is where his gaze stayed for a while. Until you noticed and turned to face him with a small smile on your lips. “You’re staring.” You teased him “Like a creep.” He chuckled. “I’m not a creep, I’m your boyfriend.” He said fake offended.

You leaned closer and kissed each other. It was sweet, despite the taste of coffee on your lips, and it was as if you were made for this - to kiss no one but each other.

You pulled back first, but only far enough to still brush his nose with your own. “I love you.” You whispered as if it was a precious secret that no one else was supposed to know. “I love you, too.” He replied and pecked your lips again before sitting up straight. “You know who I saw at the coffee shop?” He said after a while. You just hummed as a signal for him to continue.


You furrowed your eyebrows slightly. “What?”

“Don’t you listen to me? Jimin.” He repeated. 

Something was odd about this. How could he have met himse- 

You turned around to face Jungkook….Jungkook. You were sitting next to Jungkook. You’d kissed Jungkook. You’d said I love you’ to Jeon freaking Jungkook. 

You gasped and moved aside to create more space between the two of you. He looked at you in confusion, noticing your shocked expression. He reached out to brush your arm in a comforting gesture, but you pulled away immediately as if his touch was lethal. 

“What’s wrong, ducky?” He asked you concerned. “Why am I here with you? Where’s Jimin? Why isn’t he here with me? I’m with Jimin, not with you.” You were upset. What was happening? This was wrong. How did you even get here? 

He frowned and smiled an amused smile. “Y/N, you and Jimin broke up a while after that night you were at my house. You remember? The kiss we shared? And after a few more, you decided to break up with him.” He explained to you “Are you okay? You’re worrying me.” 

You widened your eyes and tears gathered inside them. Frantically, you shook your head. “No, no, no…Jimin. I would never do that. I’d never hurt him like this. I care about him.” Tears streamed down your face as you jumped up. You needed to find him and talk to him. 

As you stood, the blurry feeling overtook you again and you felt a little dizzy. Jungkook noticed and grabbed your wrist. “Y/N.” You tried to get out of his grip. “Y/N. Wake up.” You froze and turned to face him. “What?” He looked at you with a worried expression on his face. “Wake up, Y/N.”

“Wake up.”

You opened your eyes and closed them immediately, because you were blinded by the light. “Thank God, you’re awake.” You could hear a voice beside you. You opened your eyes again, this time more slowly and looked into the deep brown orbs that belonged to Jeon Jungkook. “Wh-What happened?” You tried to get up, but your head felt heavy and as if someone had crushed it with a sledgehammer, so you stayed on the floor. 

“Careful.” He said concerned before answering your question “You hit your head on the headboard of my bed pretty hard and fell off before I could catch you.” You frowned. “Why?” He chewed on the inside of his bottom lip and looked at everything but you. “W-we almost kissed and out of shock you jolted and, yeah. No kiss, but a momentarily unconscious girl on the floor.” He muttered and if you hadn’t awaited his answer, you wouldn’t have been able to catch what he’d said. 

Oh.” That’s all that you could say. Now you remembered. You remembered the crying. You remembered the rising tension and the kiss that almost happened. You remembered pulling away and then darkness. You sighed, relieved that the dream you had while being unconscious had in fact just been a dream and not reality. 

You brushed Jungkook’s arm. “Kookie.” You said quietly. He looked at you with raised eyebrows. “My head really hurts.” You muttered and lifted a hand to massage your left temple with it. He nodded in understanding and jumped up, leaving the room for a short while. 

When he came back, he had a cup of water and painkillers in one hand and an ice pack in the other. “Choose wisely.” He said with a smirk as he held everything in front of you. “All of these. It hurts like hell and if I don’t cool it, I’ll have a really nasty bump.” He placed everything on his bedside table. Then he helped you get up and sit down on his bed.

After taking one of the painkillers with a gulp of water and placing the ice pack on your head, you decided to not avoid the elephant in the room. “So…we almost kissed.” Jungkook swallowed thickly. You eyed him from the side. If it hadn’t been obvious before that he was quite uncomfortable talking about this, then it was now. 

“Um, this didn’t mean anything to you. Did it?” You asked carefully. His voice was slightly shaky and quiet, just like it always was when he was forced to talk although he really didn’t want to. “Of course not. I mean, we both were in need of a little comfort. Nothing more. Right?” You nodded. “Right” You fidgeted with your fingers. All you could think about was that you were glad that it hadn’t happened – having wanted it or not. Your phone buzzed. You looked at the caller’s ID to see Jimin’s name.

“Hey” If anyone asked you, you’d say that you sounded as happy as ever when talking to him. “Hey, baby. Are you home?” He asked you. “N-No. I’m still at Jungkook’s.” You decided that being honest was the right option “We went to his place after the coffee shop had closed.” “Oh. Okay. Well, I wanted to come over. But if you’re not home-“ 

“No, no. Come over, please. We haven’t seen each other in a few days. I miss you.” You interrupted him hastily. You could hear him giggle on the other side of the line before cutely answering “Okay. See you in fifteen.” You smiled and said your goodbye before hanging up.

You awkwardly shifted in your position. “I want to be there for you.” He looked at you with an expression you could not decipher. “O-okay.” He responded hesitantly. “As a friend.” You added. He nodded. Of course as a friend. What else? You rubbed your hands on your thighs in a nervous manner and stood up. “I should go over now, before Jimin arrives.” You announced. He coughed slightly upon which you raised your eyebrows in curiosity. “Can we just pretend that this never happened?” He asked. You gulped and then nodded. “Yeah. I guess.”

Jimin arrived at your house seven minutes later. He kissed you softly when you greeted him at the door. You hugged him tightly. He’d brought movies and snacks with him and you cuddled up in bed and watched some romantic comedy.

After half an hour into the movie, Jimin finally dared to ask. “So, how did talking with him go? Apparently pretty good, considering that you stayed at his place afterwards.” There was no venom in his words, no accusation, just plain curiosity. You were currently lying with your head on his chest and he played with a few strands of your hair. “Well, I honestly don’t know if I’m allowed to tell you details.” You muttered.

He stiffened. “What is there that you cannot tell me about?” He wanted to know. Jimin knew about Jungkook’s feelings. Even if Jungkook had vaguely denied his feelings for you last time Jimin had asked, he knew that the boy loved you. And if that was still the case and you maybe still had feelings for him…maybe- No, Jimin. Don’t get jealous.

“He” You took a deep breath “Promise me, you’ll never tell anyone.” Jimin was slightly confused, but agreed anyways. You turned your head to look at Jimin instead of the TV screen. And then you told him everything. You told him of the nervous and fidgety Jungkook that waited for you in the coffee shop, of the bruises, of Mina and of him asking you to stay afterwards - even of hurting your head, upon which he gave it a little peck. What you didn’t tell him about was the kiss the two of you almost had shared. Well, that hadn’t happened anyways, right?

“I want to be there for him.” You said quietly as you played with the fabric of Jimin’s shirt, pulling at it. He hummed in response. “How, though?” He asked. You stopped pulling on the fabric and smoothed it out again, before looking into your boyfriend’s eyes. “I don’t know. Can’t do much, I guess. Just be there - as a friend, you know?”

He chewed on his bottom lip. He was torn. He knew that you’d missed your best friend and it wasn’t like Jimin hated him, but he was cautious. He was worried about you. It took long for you to recover from what’d happened. Jimin had helped you wherever he could and took time to put your heart back together piece by piece and after two months the work still wasn’t done completely. He didn’t want it to be for nothing. He didn’t want you to get hurt again.

He’d stayed over for the night and when you woke up in the morning, he was already downstairs preparing breakfast. You whined a little when you woke up to emptiness beside you, but the smell of fresh pancakes definitely made up for it.

You walked down into your kitchen and saw him putting two plates on the table. You smiled at him and pecked his cheek. But instead of flashing you his infamous eye smile, he pulled away. You frowned. “Jimin” You started “What’s wrong?” He didn’t look at you, only motioned you to sit down at the table. You did so and he placed a pancake onto your plate. “Eat well.” He said in a quiet voice. You looked down at the pancake and your stomach grumbled. But then you glanced at your boyfriend and you lost your appetite.

“Jimin, please tell me if something bothers you.” You said concerned. Something was obviously bothering him, but why wouldn’t he tell you? You were always honest with each other. Jimin was debating with himself. Should he tell you? Should he just stay quiet? On the other hand, he wouldn’t get it out of his system, if he didn’t speak.

He sighed. “Did you know that you sometimes talk in your sleep?” You gulped. “N-No.” You shook your head. “Well, you do.” He said “And you did so last night.” You felt your face getting hot. What had you said in your sleep that bothered him so much? Well, he was about to tell you. “You and him. You almost kissed.” His voice trailed off at the end. You took the glass that stood next to your plate and attempted to take a sip of water.

“Y/N, do you still have feelings for Jungkook?” He asked suddenly, voice almost a whisper.  You froze. Honestly, you could’ve had expected this question to come. But it was still shocking. You had assured Jungkook to forget about it. You’d known that it’d be difficult to forget and that it would probably come up again at some point, but you hadn’t known that it would actually come up the next morning at breakfast with your boyfriend. And now he was asking you this stupid, stupid question. “J-Jimin, I really love you.” You said truthfully “I do.” He let out a deep breath. “This wasn’t the question, Y/N.” You looked into his eyes and you could see the fear in them – the fear that your answer might be something he’d expected all along but still couldn’t take. 

And then you heard a shattering sound in your ear and you didn’t know if it was the glass that had slipped out of your hand or your heart.