but for some reason i liked this moment

I had a dream last night that I was Artemis and for some reason I had like eight older brothers (all of them were ‘geniuses’ but since I was Artemis, none of them were as smart as me). Anyway, for some reason all of us had written these incredible and super sappy romance novels and we had them laying around all over the mansion because Mrs. And Mr. Fowl weren’t home.

It was at this moment, when I was in the middle of reading my brothers book, that Holly called me on the communicator thing and stated “Hey mudboy. I’m just about to head up there, apparently the LEP got a warrant to search your mansion. Just thought I’d warn you.”

So I thanked her, hung up calmly, and then slowly turned to my brothers who had all turned deathly quiet, some even rather pale.

“Well, it is obvious what we must do, is it not?” The eldest brother stated calmly, all of us gravely nodding our heads.

It was then that we all stood up and then made a mad and rather panicked dash through the house, grabbing drafts and books and hurling them into the fire, or shredder as quickly as possible. Because if one thing was for sure, I would not give Fouly, or anyone for that matter, the pleasure of knowing that the Great Fowls wrote sappy romance novels.

Monster (? Scenario)

It has been a rainy gloomy day. 
I was sitting in front of the big window, sipping a hot tea, watching the beautiful sight in front of me. 
I enjoyed the rain. Those days, are for some reason, the best days. 

As I lost myself in my thoughts I slightly jumped when I felt someone wrapping his arms around me. 
But I quickly relaxed and leaned my back onto his chest and my head onto the shoulder of the person. 
“I knew I would find you here”, he whispered into my ear. 
I just smiled slightly. 
I didn’t saw him often nor did I appreciate every second with him but what I do appreciate about him is that he gives me moments like this. 
Moments where he just hugs me and where we just sit with each other, not saying anything but just relaxing. 

 I don’t have a lot of those days with him. 
He’s always busy and one certain days I’m afraid of him. 
Those days where he is isn’t himself but a monster.. 

And even though it seems like we don’t care for each other. 
We grew close to each other..
I don’t know a lot about him.
I don’t know whats his favorite color..
I don’t know whats his favorite food.. 
but what I do know is… that after all.. I can’t get away from him.. 
I can’t bring myself to leave him.. 
It’s not that I’m scared of being killed or anything.. It’s more like.. I’m scared of being alone.. 

For some reason he knows everything about me.. 
Where I like to hide when I want some time alone.
What my favorite food is when I’m sad. 
That I like to sit in front of the big window when it’s raining. 

He knows all of this. 

But I’m still asking myself.. 
When did it happen, that I fell in Love with this person.. This monster.. 
this thing that wanted to kill me first but stopped for some unsaid reason…


Should I continue with the story? And who do you think should be the strange “monster”? Or who do you think the strange “monster” is? 

Reasons Why I Love Fairy Tail (some are close to the heart)

. It’s an amazing story

. Drawings are awesome

. Mashima always has a surprise up his sleeve

. There isn’t a moment that isn’t interesting

. I’m friendly with one of the voice actors for the English Dub (can you guess who?)

. I watch the English dub anime every Saturday night with my mom instead of going out and partying like most people my age and we call it our Anime.

. Most of all, GAJEVY (and some other shippings. Come on, just plow each other already!!)

Repost and list your reasons why you love Fairy Tail


Sweet Animated Illustrations Show The Small, Happy Moments in Life

Japanese illustrator Maori Sakai’s illustrations draw inspiration from the micro moments in life that we take for granted, such as the falling of the leaves, falling asleep while reading a good book, the smell of coffee in the morning and other instances, which give us instant happiness. Overall, she hopes to convey a happy and inspirational message with doses of beauty like the presence of flowers, leaves, birds and butterflies. There is a strong element of romanticization in her work. She is subtly asking for a return to nature to find happiness, as well as glorifying the small moments in habitual life. 

A digital artist, Sakai has always loved the power of the animated image. By animating her work, she is able to capture the subtle changes of a scene or the change of mood. She told My Modern Met:

“For some reason, I can’t keep my eyes off the short loop. There’s beauty in nature and in daily experiences. I think most people depend on others or a lot of money to feel this happiness, but I think, happiness is always a state of mind.”

Harry &Louis being cute af

when they have fun together

lets get some fond into this too

their little moments

how much they trust each other

we still don´t have a reason for this but i like it so.. 

their glances when they think we don´t get it ( we do get it )

have i  already mentioned fond?



cute little touches

fond and little touches 

he nearly kissed him

getting a little possessiv too?


get to know me meme: [2/5] movies
       ↳the princess diaries 2 - the royal engagement

“Welcome. A few moments ago, I realized the only reason I was getting married was because of a law, and that didn’t seem like a good enough reason. So, I won’t be getting married today. My grandmother has ruled without a man at her side for quite some time, and… I think she rocks at it. So, as the granddaughter of Queen Clarisse and King Rupert. I ask the members of Parliament to think about your daughters, your nieces, and sisters, and granddaughters, and ask yourselves: would you force them to do what you’re trying to make me do? I believe I will be a great queen. I understand Genovia to be a land that combines the beauty of the past with all the best hope of the future. I feel in my heart and soul that I can rule Genovia. I… I love Genovia. Do you think that I would be up here in a wedding dress if I didn’t? I stand here ready to take my place as your queen. Without a husband.

proud moment

so i went to a wedding this weekend and i would like to preface this story by saying it was a bombass wedding. 

but there was a tornado.

the ceremony gets done. we sit down to eat. it’s all-you-can-drink wine and the organizer lady suddenly comes around whispering all conspiratorally that we’re gonna have to evacuate bc there’s a tornado. and we’re like cool can we bring our food and drinks?  

we evacuate to the building (there’s a peacock, for some reason there’s a fucking peacock on this ranch and he waddles right into the building too this fucking white peacock just walks right in with the guests) and Bernie, the bride, is in a back room panicking a little bit bc only like half the guests got food and they didn’t do the dances or the speeches and THERE’S A FUCKING TORNADO AT HER WEDDING so i walk in and i’m like ‘hey bernie.’ and she says ‘hey haley’ and i say ‘i’ve got something to tell u. it’s v important about tonight.’ so she waves me to go ahead and as the winds roar outside and the rain splatters against the window and her guests huddle together in masses of fruit and cheese plates in the other room half saying fuck the tornado and the other half being like no fucking way

i say

‘look. ur marriage is already weathering the storms.’


The response from people at school regarding the Bad Blood video has been so freaking amazing to hear. Friends told me the morning it came out that they had already seen it. ‘Twas a proud moment indeed. (I’ve trained them well). They thought it was “really cool” and “soo good!”. Everyone seemed to have their own individual reasons for liking it. Some loved it because it featured their fave or because they liked the song. Some loved the general feel of the video, they said it gave a sort of sin city, resident evil and Kill Bill ish kinda vibe. All these comments, especially ones from people who weren’t too fond of Taylor a couple of years back, made me feel so ecstatic and proud inside. I was like “yeah that’s my best friend Taylor out their taking over the world.” It just goes to show how far Taylor has come and how walking through a lot of rainstorms gets you clean. taylorswift I’m so proud of you and I love you so much. Thank you for being so giving and inspirational. Thank you for being the best person you can be, for being you. We appreciate it so much. Over and out.

- Alvena

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What are the secular/non religious and liberal reasons to be pro life?

I like this ask! I’d recommend checking out secularprolife for some more non-religious reasons to be pro-life. I’m going to answer this the best I can, but if anyone else wants to add onto this/correct anything I’ve said please feel free!

1. From the moment of conception we are an individual human being. We are definitely alive, we have an independent code of DNA, and we are at a lesser stage of development.

2. Morality is subjective, but most people can agree that actions that injure or kill another human being are morally wrong. In abortion the developing human being is killed.

3. The human being is developing. So are newborn babies, children, teenagers, etc. If development is an indicator of worth, newborn children must therefore be worth far less than the rest of us. Therefore the laws should reflect that, right? Why is it equally as bad to kill a baby as it is an adult? I’m not advocating that we make the penalty for killing a baby less, but assigning worth based on stage of development is incredibly arbitrary.

4. There are two bodies involved in abortion, so the ‘my body’ slogan is not accurate. The fetus is connected to the body of his or her mother. The fetus is not the same person.

5. Pregnancy is temporary and there are very few cases where pregnancy cannot be handled.

6. Pro-abortion people lack consistency. No one can agree on the exact moment when human rights begin. Some will say at the moment of birth, some will say 20 weeks, some will say more, some will say less. The pro-life viewpoint is basically universal- human rights begin at conception.

7. Abortion hurts women more than it helps. It’s a temporary band-aid to fix the much deeper societal issue of children being seen as disposable. In regards to women, it does not address the reason women are seeking abortions. Women seek abortions because of the stigma behind pregnancy and children. Pregnancy has become a punishment. Abortion encourages this mindset.

8. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was a racist eugenics supporter. Initially many Planned Parenthoods were created in inner-city areas to target the black population. Abortion has its roots in an extremely racist viewpoint. I’m going to make a post about PP soon actually, so I’ll link that here when I’m done.9. Prior to the Progressive Era many people were actually pro-abortion until the moment of quickening. This was due to misinformation about the actual point where human life began. Once science began advancing the population started becoming far more pro-life. In other words,scientific advancement promoted pro-life ideology.


Package has just arrived this morning and it was on downstairs with my family including my cousins, and grandmother.

When i opened i was happy, in front of them actually, theyre looking at me for some reason and some of them are laughing but i dont care, BUUUT my grandmother was like “bayot” (means “gay” in bisaya)…

and i was like… (ಠ3ಠ) <(*  thinking in my mind that i will (ノಠ3ಠ)ノ ︵(\ .o.)\    *)

and then i came back upstairs having a private moment and read those letters CNat just wrote.

Thank you edgarallanpony/cnat-mod!

Thoughts on Hinami’s Future

Okay so right know Haise has lied about cornering her in order to have rights over her. In that case he’d be able to decide her fate. Most likely she’ll end up going to Cochlea for the moment. I highly doubt though that Haise would let any serious harm come to her, not after watching her save his life, and not if he’s decided to try and get his memories back (though I doubt that.

He may try to do something like help her get free as repayment for saving him but that’s a big maybe.

I doubt what some people are saying about her joining the quinx because

A. She was a member of Aogiri and has no reason to we know of to want to switch sides.

B. Why would she want to join a squad that kills ghouls.

and C. She is a full ghoul there is no loophole I can see like with Kaneki.

I think Ayato and the rest of Aogiri may come after her, if not the whole group at least him. They seem close after the time skip and he’s already proved to care more about the members of the group now than the objective when he left Big Madam to die and protected Naki.

Who knows maybe Haise/Kaneki will eventually try to run off with her?

Steal My Girl.

There were two sides to every relationship.

There was the happiness you felt when you couldn’t get enough of your significant other, the moments where you could just sit around staring at each other all day like they were some unknown species you couldn’t get enough of examining.

Then on the opposite coin there was the side where you found yourself in the stupidest arguments you could ever think of like whose turn it was to wash the dishes and finding out the reason why your messages went unanswered.

Okay, and maybe I forgot the part where you were absolutely, unequivocally in love with his son.

Davi had quickly become a favorite of mine whenever he came to visit Neymar. Neymar liked to joke I came by to visit his place way more when Davi was there as well. I couldn’t quite argue against that point. I tended to try to squeeze as much time as I could out of the little guy when he was in town.

Currently, I was standing in the kitchen with Davi sitting in a chair nearby. Neymar was out for the day but would be returning soon. “So Davi, what do you want for lunch?”

“Pizzaaaa,” the young boy sang out in a gleeful tone, pounding on the table underneath him in a rhythm. He broke out into his own rhythmic repetition of, “Pepperoni, pepperoni, pepperoni!”

I giggled at the song he had managed to make. It was catchy. “I’m not too sure I’m good at making pizza.”

“Yes you are.”

“No I’m not,” I combatted playfully. He was willing to play this game.

And win of course.

“Yes you are.”

“No I’m not.”

“Yes you are.”

“No I’m not.”

“Yes you areee.”

‘No I’m nottt.”

“Yes you are.”

Okay, he won.

I began pulling out the various ingredients to try and make a pizza from scratch. Thankfully, I had a bit of experience and all of the ingredients I would need. Davi broke out into his song again with, “Pepperoni, pepperoni, pepperoni, PEPPERONI!”

“Are you singing over there?” I questioned over my shoulder.


I walked over to my Beats pill and placed my phone onto it, trying to find a suitable song for both Davi and I to listen to. I figured One Direction had clean enough lyrics and he had grown to like the group thanks to my persistence on playing them.

He recognized the song immediately, breaking out into a hum, his head bobbing side to side and mumbling his way through the song as he hadn’t quite grasped the lyrics yet. I helped him along.

“She been my queen since we were sixteen.  We want the same things, we dream the same dreams. Alright,” we sang (and hummed/mumbled) together.

The chorus was more so yelled as Davi knew more of these lyrics. “Everybody wanna steal my girl! Everybody wanna take her heart away!”

I stopped singing, giving Davi a moment of a solo and laughed happily as he nailed the next few words. I rolled out the dough and grabbed for the sauce I would need to coat it. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a head peak in the doorway and confirmed that it was Neymar.

“What are you two doing in here? Are you trying to get my son to like One Direction as much as you do?”

“He already likes them,” I corrected. “I know you heard our wonderful singing.”

“I wouldn’t say wonderful,” he laughed as he walked in further, placing a quick kiss to my lips before heading to Davi and giving him a kiss as well.

“Speaking of One Direction…I’m waiting on you to introduce me to them. I’m really thinking I could be the new Zayn for them. Well, not the new Zayn. You can’t replace that beauty but I could be a new member.”

Neymar chuckled at my suggestion. “You think they’d want you in their group?”

“Yes,” I spoke confidently. “I could be the female lead. They’d all fall madly in love with me and write their parts of the song about me without even realizing they’re all writing about the same girl.”

A stale expression crossed my boyfriend’s face. “No. You don’t even need those guys. You’ve got your own little One Direction to admire every night.” He stepped up one of the chairs and stood there before he continued saying, “Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior.” He pretended to make the noises of an audience cheering and Davi chimed in with cheers of his own.

“Thank you. Thank you.” He bowed to the imaginary audience and gave off small waves. I walked near him, dropping the spoon in my hand first, before I pretended to grab for his leg.

“If you don’t get down…”

“Hey, if you break this leg you will be stuck with me all summer and you’ll have some people very, very angry at you,” he warned with a smile.

“Oh no. I don’t want to be stuck with you all summer.”

“I should break my leg purposely now.” A devious smile replaced the innocent one as he pretended to jump off of the chair. Instead, he calmly stepped down. “What are we having for lunch?”

“We, as in me and Davi, are having pizza. I don’t know what you’re having.”

Davi’s contagious giggles broke out in a melodic manner, making Neymar throw playful glares in his direction. “And why are you laughing? You’re going to let her do that to me?”

Davi just nodded his head amidst laughter.

“Are you trying to steal my girl?” he mocked the song, pulling me into his chest and enveloping me in a large hug to make Davi jealous. The boy got up from his seat and ran to my other leg, holding it tightly.

“She’s mine!” He challenged.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the two bantering back and forth over me. I guess I had found another side to the relationship: the side where my boyfriend was the most adorable father I had ever seen.

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A while ago I wrote you about that cute Amour scene at the start of XY058 where Serena goes outside and admires Ash. The moment at the end of today's episode where Serena smiles as Ash goes off to train, then scarfs down her food so she can hurry after him, gave me vibes of that (yes, Clemont and Bonnie go too, but only after looking on kind of dumbfounded as Serena goes first). Simple but cute moments like these are a huge reason I like Amour so much.

These are some of the best things, Anon.

TW Rewatch 3x01: Animals gone mad

I have to comment on all the animals acting crazy and more or less killing themselves. We’ve discussed this before, so nothing really new I think, but I find it therapeutic to run through it.

Why did the animals act crazy? Where they just scared shitless or also trying to warn/seek help? Let’s run through some scenarios.. 

Alt 1: The alpahs did it

Towards the end of the episode, Scott makes an assumption and draws the conclusion that deer gone mad = alphas in town.

Scott: The birds at school and the deer last night… just like the night I got trampled by the deer when I got bit by the Alpha. How many are there?
Derek: A pack of ‘em. An Alpha pack.

This does sound like a reasonable explanation. It certainly fit - but wait a moment. Why are the animals acting crazy now? Why not four months ago when they arrived? When the deer ran from Peter (assuming that was the reason, not so sure tbh) Laura had been killed and Scott was about to be bitten. Lots of danger. This time we have people held captive and twins running around merging and destroying tail lights.

 It’s now been four months of them hanging around, keeping Boyd, Erica and Cora trapped in a vault that scatters the moonlight. Isaac started nosing around and they messed with his memories and Braeden went on a rescue mission. But the alphas didn’t really do anything especially nasty, and they certainly didn’t bite anyone. So why would animals start to act crazy at this moment? Why haven’t they been acting crazy all along?

I’m not really buying it. It seems…. too simple (or I’m complicating things, take your pick)

Alt 2: Jennifer did it

Our second option is Jennifer. If you believe the theory that nurse jennifer = Jennifer Blake, then she’s been lurking around for the past six months or so, formulating a plan, and steps into it now by taking on the role of teacher. We know she’s the darach, we know she’s about to embark on a string of ritualistic murders - oh sorry, sacrifices. But she hasn’t really started yet. So why are the animals going crazy?

Stiles might have the answer

Stiles: Okay. What if it’s, like, the same thing as the deer? You know, like, how animals start acting weird right before an earthquake or something?
Lydia: Meaning what? There’s gonna be an earthquake?
Stiles: Or something. I just… maybe it means something’s coming. Something bad.

I don’t think Stiles is wrong. I think this is definitely part of it. Maybe they’re sensing the bad shit coming. And no offence to Deucalion and his A-team, but I find it much more plausible that the darach messing with the Nemeton is the reason for the animal distress. What she was planning to do would affect balance and nature much more than alpha’s killing or recruiting other alphas. 

But here’s the thing I can’t really make work - if the birds are terrified of Jennifer and the stuff she’s doing - why are they heading straight for her in the classroom?

If you’re scared you run away from it, not towards it… The deer that ran at Lydia’s car was not aggressive and battle ready, but terrified. The birds don’t really do all that much harm beyond a few scrapes - they mostly harm themselves.

Alt 3: The animals are terrified + warning/need help from… Lydia and Deaton?

What if the animals aren’t just terrified  - what if they’re also trying to warn them? And by them, I mean the druids who we know are connected to the Nemeton.

Gerard: What is that?
Chris: A Celtic five fold knot… It’s a druid symbol. The air’s different in here. Do you feel it? I think I know what this place is.
Gerard: Is that blood?
Chris: Sacrificial blood. We’re in a nemeton. It’s a sacred meeting place. Ancient Celtic druids would usually choose a large, older tree in a grove. It would represent the center of the world. There was a belief that cutting or harming the tree in any way would cause serious problems for the surrounding villages.
Gerard: What sort of problems?
Chris: Fires, plagues, strife… death and destruction of all kinds.

I’ve previously theorized that Lydia might be connected to Deaton as a sort of emissary to the druids. (I also recommend this post by calicokat-teenwolf btw)

Why am I mentioning this? Well, because all the animals we learn about specifically acting crazy, was in relation to Lydia and Deaton.

The deer hit Lydia’s car

Prada bit Lydia

The birds attacked the classroom where Lydia was…

… and curiously it hits the window right behind Lydia just as she reminds us that Jeff loves stuff in threes.. This bird attack can be viewed as the third occurrence that marks a pattern, and Lydia seems to be the magnet.

Lydia: It was a deer and a dog. What’s that thing you say about threes? Once, twice…

And then later we learn that all the animals at Deaton’s also killed themselves.

True, the sheriff does mention he’s gotten calls about other animals as well, but who knows - they might have been going crazy trying to get to Lydia and Deaton as well for all we know.

We also have another case of scared animal later this season, with Kyle and his dog at Deaton’s. Kyle was killed by Jennifer, and the dog ran off to hide - but it didn’t run away from the clinic - it hid under the dumpsters by the clinic - perhaps feeling safer there near a druid? (I haven’t rewatched that scene yet, I might remember it wrong)

Alt 4:  The animals are terrified + warning/need help from… Stiles?

Stiles was right behind Lydia’s car when the deer hit them, he’s also in the classroom when the birds attack. Stiles doesn’t have a pet himself, and Prada could be just like the other animals the sheriff got a call about, feeling something coming, acting weird and crazy perhaps to get away. Prada is a little dog, and don’t really have a shot of running away from Lydia. But if it did, who knows what it would’ve done and where it would run… 

We’ve all noticed the flinch Jennifer has after the attack when Stiles tries to remove a feather from her hair.

It’s been speculated that she could sense “something” about him which made her consider him a threat. Many of us have noticed all the similarities between the Derek/Jennifer scenes and scenes between Stiles and Derek, and that she used it as part of her seduction - to mimic someone Derek clearly trusted. It’s entirely possible that she viewed Stiles as someone who could potentially break the “spell”, something he also seemed to do in 3x10. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

I think Stiles was already on Jennifer’s radar, and the way the scene with the birds is shot make me think that her suspicions was raised afterwards, regardless of whether the animals are there for Lydia or Stiles - Jennifer seems to think it’s because of Stiles.

let me explain.

The first bird hits the window and Jennifer goes to investigate. We know she’s a good actress, but what if she’s not faking surprise and fear in this moment. What if she’s genuinely surprised to see a swarm of birds heading their way?

She pauses, and turns towards the class…

… and then we get a shot from her POV. Look who’s in the center of the shot, in her focus - Stiles. Lydia and Allison or both on the outskirts of her vision. Not the ones she’s considering.

Being a druid herself, Jennifer might recognize the behavior of the birds and know what it means - a warning to her kind. But since she’s the one about to set things in motion and mess with the Nemeton, she realize they’re not there to warn her. And in that moment she assumes they’re there to warn him.

Ergo the flinch.  

Jennifer isn’t really ware of Lydia at all until she she sees her nemeton drawing in 3x09. But even then she only tries to kill her because she’s a girl who knows too much. She’s honestly surprised to realize that she’s something more when she screams. Jennifer certainly overlooked Lydia until that moment. Was that a mistake on her part? Was Lydia the one she really should’ve been looking at suspiciously for the birds and not Stiles? Or was she right in casting Stiles as the “culprit”?

Stiles does seem to have a strong connection to the nemeton, but it’s not really activated until later this season. But Stiles is heavily associated with water and had the concentric circles since the pilot, right after the incident in the preserve next to the nemeton where Scott was bitten. 

They might both have connections. They are two sides to a coin after all, but I think their connections are different. Lydia’s more like Deaton’s and Stiles - well he seems chosen for some reason - but is he chosen as a key to unlock and release or a key to lock and contain? He is heavily associated with keys. Heavily! (i could pic spam this post but i’m restraining myself)

Morrell cautions him to don’t let the water in, and not drown. And with the image of stiles in 3b on top of the nemeton playing go I agree that the idea set forth of him as the prize, the territory they were playing for, is a good one, and i have a feeling the game is not yet over. 

Random thought that might not mean a thing, but we’ve joked that Stiles is like catnip to the Hales. I hesitate to label them animals, but they do have an animalistic side to them. What if that’s the side that is drawn to Stiles, just like these other animals here when danger lurks? A bit farfetched, I know. But Stiles is the glue of the group, there is also the pack mom Stiles trope that sort of is the same. Malia latches on to him, Liam seem to work well with him, Erica dubbed him his batman, Isaac and Stiles seem to have a strange sibling like banter mode going on. 

Not sure where I’m going with this exactly (story of my life), but it might make even more sense later, so there you have it :) 

Talk some sense to me | A Steroline Drabble

A/N: In case the finale doesn’t go how I’d like.

It is pitch dark in the room. Still, she keeps her eyes closed. She holds her breath, listening distantly for the sound of Elena’s.

Inhale. Exhale.

She knows - the part of her that still listens to reason, at least - knows the breathing isn’t going to stop. Not tonight. But the irrational side, the one thats been taking over more and more lately, can’t accept it without proof.

It’s in the moment she holds her breath that Stefan’s rises in volume. Deep, heaving, deliberate. As though he’s discovered a more profound level of sleep than she’s ever been aware existed.

That’s how she knows for sure that he’s awake.

Caroline’s eyes flutter open in the darkness. Slowly, she registers Stefan’s face, just inches from her own. Eyes carefully closed. His body, beside hers.

Even as they lie side by side, they don’t touch, save his wrist draped carefully over the curve of her waist. But much more than that, she feels the warmth of his closeness in the places their bodies align, not quite touching. His breath on her face. The swell of his chest, curved in around hers. His thigh where her knee nearly grazes it.

She’s not sure how they ended up here.

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What do you think will happen if/when Haise and Amon meet? They never got any time to talk it out, and now we see them as reversed roles.

I think Amon, if he has turned into a half-ghoul himself, is the only one who will and can fully understand Kaneki/Sasaki’s position at the moment.

A lot of what will happen will depend on the circumstances tbh, whether Haise has fully regained his memories or if they are required to fight each other for some reason or if Amon’s personality has changed (hopefully he will not be like Seidou). 

I do think that Amon (if he recognises Sasaki / Kaneki) will want to share backstories with Sasaki / Kaneki. Next is that he would probably want to discuss with Haise what they should do as people who belong to both worlds, and this is especially if Amon has come to the same realisation as Kaneki did (ie. ghouls aren’t monsters like he initally thought).

Personally I’m hoping that they will eventually try to unite both worlds or something like that together.

wow i just read the spoilers and im so fucking confused..like why are ss stans so happy about? thats literally the most fucked up father-daughter reunion ever…no seriously,sasuke hasnt seen sarada for 12 years and instead of happy faces,hugs,sobbings,tears and all ,he looks annoyed by her at most…its like he doesnt give 2 flying fucks  his own daughter,i just got a constant feeling that all of sarada’s questionings and angst are treated like a joke or something not too much of a big deal by sasuke,and prety much everyone else….and did i read the spoilers right?sakura seems to know where sasuke been living all those years ?“that tower” to quote her…why  hasnt she brought her daughter to visit sasuke all those years even for  few moments? this is mind blowing…for some reason,sakura knew where sasuke is living all those years,sasuke knew he has a daughter,yet they wasted all those precious years which will never come back for some stupid reason which kishi is surely going to resolve it with a “ yeah sorry ” and a forehead poke …..any person with sanity,basic comprehension skills  knows that any excuse kishi might pull in the end would be a piece of crap..but of course not the SS stans, they have 0 standards when it comes to their ship  …they might as well ship akamaru with a rock they would get the same result as they’re getting from ss

Actually a big wish of mine for AoS s3 is pushing some of their stylistic cinematography . They’ve had some really iconic fight scenes (especially with Skye) and just other moments that are beautifully shot (like Gordon teleporting behind Fitz) and I just want more of that. I think it could really push into a good territory.

Oh that and better lighting, please.

Sooo a while back I made a post saying how Ikutsuki should totally be a bonus boss in Dancing All Night, and it’s never explained and never addressed but he’s really really good at dancing for no apparent reason and you must fight him in a dance battle (after which he disappears into the night, never to be heard from again)

and for some reason a lot of people liked that post so I said I would try to draw what was in my head at that moment

here he is - I figured if he and Adachi were DLC bonus bosses then Adachi would be 0% into it but Ikutsuki would be 1000% into it so I tried to show that with the fact that he has taken off his jacket and has new jazzy pants. As you can see at the side, when he gets super serious and is ready to dance-battle he ties back his hair.

All I can say is, you’re all welcome, Persona fandom