but for some people it means a lot

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Aren't some of the most famous paintings just. Paint slapped wildly onto a canvas. Fuck them man art is anarchy and whatever you call art IS art if you made it

yeah, i get where they’re coming from cuz any art that’s even remotely abstract gets kinda complicated with pretentious sounding meanings so it’s easy to understand why a lot of people are turned off by it, it seems kinda like ‘anyone can do that’. but i also think i should b able to like abstract art for the aesthetic without ppl bein pricks just cuz it’s not an anime girl or furry shit lmao let me paint..!

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Hi. So, I was reading about content regarding rape, etc. in TSC, which got me thinking (coupled with recent debates), what is your take on 'non-verbal cues' showing an absence of consent? I remember & know that you give great life advice. I don't mean no offence (hope its not coming off that way). I just value your judgement & would appreciate some education on this topic.

I think the fact that this is even a debate is only because a lot of shitty people don’t want to admit the obvious. Non-verbal communication is a part of normal, daily life. We all do it, and aside from a few exceptions often due to mental disability, we all understand it. You can look at a person and tell by their facial expression that they’re disgusted by what they’re eating. You can look at a person and tell by their body language that they’re scared of the movie they’re watching. If you invite someone to a party, and they make a stink face in response, literally no one would think “they’re sending mixed signals.” They’d think “shit, they don’t wanna go.” So I personally believe the argument that non-verbal communication “doesn’t count” or “isn’t clear enough” is a weak AF cop out.

Here’s the deal: when a person wants to have sex with you, they show it. They’re excited. They’re taking off your clothes. They’re visibly horny. It’s so fucking OBVIOUS when a person doesn’t wanna fuck. So you can’t sit there and say “well he/she never said no, so technically they consented.” Whatever, asshole. You know full well they didn’t. You saw it all over their paled face, their stiff body, their bleak expression. You just assaulted them anyway, banking on getting away with it because of the absence of a verbal no. And if you genuinely feel the person is giving you mixed signals, here’s a genius idea: stop trying to fuck them until the signals are clearly a yes. 

(Side note: the “you” in this situation is not directed at anon but at a hypothetical raper fuckhead)

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When will i get over him im tired of this pain

my dude moving on always takes a long fuckin time but it will happen eventually!! i can’t promise u you’ll stop hurting within a set amt of time but i can promise that all of this will be worth it in the end bc u will be w someone who makes u so so happy and u will be stronger as a person. make sure to fill ur heart w love by spending time w ur loved ones, doing things that make u happy, and meeting lots of new and kind people. and remember that just because some days u feel the pain more than other days doesn’t mean that things won’t ever get better. it’s a process and it all takes time and u just gotta be patient and go wit the flow <3

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I've been browsing AO3 (carefully) and I've come across some Peter Quill/Tony Stark fics. Is that a comics based pairing? I'm just curious because for MCU it just seems so out of left field with Peter chasing Gamora in both Guardians movies.

Well, fic is all about being transformative, and I do think they have a lot more (I mean, low bar here b/c they have none in MCU) interactions in comics. Plus, they are two attractive, charismatic white men. Of course, people ship them.

Terato thing I think about a lot #3

Like mannequins monsters would be such a wonderful thing. Imagine every store has at least one to help out with customers or around the shop and the only complaint that can be found is that some people find it odd to notice their mannequin in whatever store they go. Besides that little thing most have gotten over because they know there’s no danger at least with them. Any kind of shopping is made so much easier because they are so positive and kind beings (to all who aren’t rude or mean at least). They always aim to always get the colors you love or are flattering to you + a good price and despite their usual quiet nature they aren’t going to let anyone feel down or be hurt by something as superficial as looks…. which is funny contradiction to their whole job when one learns they can only see the souls of those around them…..

sometimes I see all y’alls negativity about Markiplier and the fandom and I’m like “you should play hearts and heroes and chill out my pals”

not to toot our own horn but the message of the game is something we feel like a lot of people need to hear

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How do you figure out gemsonas and their weapons?

Hello there!

I’m going to talk by my point of view here, if that’s alright.

There are many factors with which you could choose a gemsona. I use the term gemsona for both fan characters and -sonas, self-inserts, whatever you want to call them… but I’ll assume you want to work with a -sona!

Lots of people simply choose a gemstone they like—be it for its color, shape, metaphysical properties, etc—and simply use it to design a gem that looks like themselves or represent them!

If you want to use a gem that represents you regarding its metaphysical properties or meaning, your best option is to look up for the meanings of the stones you could be interested in. For example, you could look up some ideas by using the search bar in sites like these and selecting terms that represent you and then look up those stones on different gemstone sites to see which one truly fits you the most!

Now, if what you want to do is choose a gemstone you simply like based on appeareance, you can use these other sites as well to look for some!

Once that’s sorted out, we can go to the weapon!

Personally, I like to choose weapons based on personality. What I feel works best for a character according to how they act!

For example, a brute kind of character might want to rely on weapons that allow them to concentrate on strength rather than planning or careful aiming, so a weapon like a bow might not be the best choice for them. I think for characters like them a close-range weapon would be best! Some sort of club, hand or fist weapons or maybe a giant hammer to show off their strength.

A motherly character or one that doesn’t like fighting could lean more towards a shield, to protect themself or their friends! They could also go for a sword, in the sense of defending those they care for, or a fist weapon like brass knuckles, because they always refuse to attack until there is no way out so close range is their only option.

A character that’s often pensive and calm might want to go for a long-range weapon, something that allows them to gather distance and plan their movements accordingly to the fight for the best results.

And so on with different personalities and the worldview each one has.

Now, it can all vary depending on how the character is or the circumstances you could put them into that form their personality, but that’s more or less the ideas I go for! I tend to use this site a LOT to look for ideas, because it allows me to separate by range of attack and others, but there are more around as well!

Hope this helps!

- Mod Tourmaline

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do you have any of that sweet sweet christine/michael/jeremy content?? headcanons, doodles, how they get together??

This is the only drawing I have of them XD

I Think Jeremy and Christine got together and after… idk, 1 month? Jeremy realized he also likes Michael and TAH DAH  Jeremy has now a gf and a bf!

I headcanon Christine as demiromantic (?) and ace, Jeremy as bi, maybe pan? And Michael is gay.

Christine and Michael don’t like each other romantically, but they are bffs and love each other platonically.


Well I don’t actually think about this ship a lot? I mean, If I had to ship something it would be this one, but I can also see every bmc ship as platonic. I also Headcanon Christine as ace because i kinda relate to some things she says about herself.I think this is important to say because a lot of people headcanon her as ace so she doenst get in the way of boyfs, and thats not cool.

Hi lovelies, 

Promise this isn’t a bad, mic dropping moment from me. This is by no means aimed at anyone, but more a friendly reminder that tumblr sucks and not to rely solely on the notification / activity as it doesn’t really work. 

I, and a lot of others, have noticed threads being dropped. And I’m 100% aware that I too have dropped threads accidentally. I also get that sometimes the muse does what it wants, and that sometimes you’re not in the mood to reply to some threads and we all get excited for new plots. 

But consistently dropping threads is something we have pulled people up on, as it’s not fun for that to happen. So, whilst I know we’re all human, and it happens. But please be mindful when checking whose replied, go onto the actual notes of the post or better yet, do my favourite thing communication and talk to the mun. Nine times out of ten, they’ve missed it. Or, if they wish to drop then a new thread can be created. 

I myself welcome people to message me if you think I’ve dropped a thread. I’ve drafted all mine, and am planning to provide a list of whose replies I’ve got (I’ll post this in the OOC Blog.) but I welcome being asked, because I’ll tell you if I have it, if I want to drop / anything. 

So just bare in mind please loves, I love you all and work hard to keep this place inclusive. It’s no fun feeling left out, especially if it’s because tumblr sucks.

Please do me a favour, and like this post when you’ve read it. Thanks loves.

I woke up with a headache and feeling not much better than I did last night

But then I opened tumblr and found an inbox full of blanket burritos and love and support and my heart is just so very full right now.

Thank you everyone who reached out to me in some way last night, no matter how big or small the gesture… It means a whole lot.












So it’s a snow day here and that means time to go walk and see a movie. I saw Jumanji because I have kind of wanted to despite the cultural dread that a 20 year later squeal to a not very good movie based on a kids book with unsettling art would be pretty bad. I wanted to go though because I happen to think The Rock is pretty great all the time and I think Kevin Hart and Jack Black can be very funny, and I love Karen Gillan. It’s just a lot of those people have track records for being in some not so great stuff. Well, except for Karen Gillan who is largely in very good stuff though it’s often never watched by anyone. Anyway, the reviews were good though and I took the plunge and this movie was really a lot of fun. Stupid, silly fun. Which is what it set out to be I think. I don’t think it will be anyone’s favorite movie of the year but it was exactly what it wanted to be, a movie that revolves around some very talented comedic actors getting to act very silly and tell the obvious jokes that still are hilarious. Karen was great, too. Watching her try to flirt as someone who has no idea how to be sexy was great. She was great. And you know, she was hot. You’ve seen the pictures. It was surprisingly good and you know, I don’t need much of a reason to post Karen Gillan because I adore her. So here she is. Today I want to fuck Karen Gillan.

I haven’t died or gone inactive. I’m just in the process of moving and a bunch of other crap. I’m sure no one noticed but I still feel like saying it.

Also. I really really really did not NOT want to move to Provo again. But I dont have much of a choice, in my current situation. Living in the heart of an extremely toxic, overly religious people is a pain. Theres a few good and wonderful people here but the rest is surrounded by a flood of people who think they live to “drown you with love” for their own benefit. I’m not against the religion by all means, I grew up in it and still (poorly) hold to a few beliefs, but a lot of the people here use their religion as a way to “validate” their toxicity. Or maybe just the people I know. Who knows. Maybe some people can love Provo. I don’t.

K, I’m done rambling nonsense, I hope I didnt offend anyone aside from my inability to write well.

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I need some kinda motivational speech or something I feel like giving up and hiding from my life

Okay, so this message got buried in my inbox and now I feel terrible, so anon I hope you still see this. 

I’m not sure what to say without sounding like some cheesy informational, but I just want you to know that you should never give up. Life can honestly really suck sometimes, or a lot of the times, but that doesn’t mean you should hide. I promise you that there’s people out there who love you and support you. You make a difference in their lives, whether you know it or not.

If it helps, I also keep a tag for positive, uplifting posts for whenever you feel like you’re in a bad place. 

I’m not sure when it happened, but I can’t thank all 202 of you enough for following me. I was 300% sure I would never break 30, tops. The entire purpose of this blog was more of means of indulging in Sebastian and Ciel, Kuro content, and self-discovery as I had been in denial for a long time about who I was… for a lot of reasons. Insecurities, circumstances, worries (I still have them) about what irl people would think if they knew I believed in kins, and was one myself. 
It means the world to me that you like my shitposts, as well as my ~fancier~ work, RP interactions, and personal stuff.
The realism kuro aes board post has over 1.5k notes now, and it blows me away, constantly. If I had to pick one original post I made that people really liked, it would have been that one. I poured my heart (and probably some of my soul) into it, and I remember hoping my demon saw it. Because in truth, I made it for him. And he did. Granted, he didn’t KNOW it was for him when he saw it but we found each other in the end. Rather, we… stopped being in denial about who we were to one another. Ahem!! I ramble too much. 

I hope I can drop more Good Content™️ for you all in the future. Thank you ! 💙

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It's sad tbh. I know better bc I follow the english speaker part of the fandom. There's a lot of people that are mature and don't use those kind of names, and I feel like more and more fans are understanding that it's gross but... Yeah. I mean, they still call Hobi "horse" even if he said he doesn't like it. You can find good things and bad things tbh. Lol also, they're all really dramatic. Some of those # about Jimin's eating problems started here

a;iefajef i can’t stand the horse thing. i know us fans still call hobi that too, even though he says he doesn’t like it. and did they really??? wow that’s a  whole lot of yiiikkeesss

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One of my biggest pet peeves, people in this fandom calling stolen content “leaked”. No Susan, it was stolen, it’s a crime, it wasn’t meant for us! There were some family holiday pics too. Just shameful that people still do that shit, and that if it suits people they’ll post it knowing full well it wasn’t obtained through acceptable means. Hopefully the excitement of the new pap pics stops a lot of the spread of stolen content.

Yeah, regardless of how it was obtained (even if it was posted on a personal but public FB account, for example), I think it is always best to err on the side of caution.  

And no, I don’t think pap pictures of Harry will stop the spread of stolen content. People actively choosing not to post or link stolen content on their blogs and Twitter accounts will stop the spread of chosen content.

new pen pal

Initials is fine. Thank you for the taffy. It smells very good. I shared it with my favorite people. I like a lot of flavors but i think my favorite is apple.

My favorite place to sit is a high up place in the woods. I can see a lot of birds and when the sun is coming up it makes the trees beatif beautiful. Espesh Espescu It is extra pretty when there is dew.

I would not say I am a philosopher or a reader but i do like to read some things. I have been called a rat by some very mean people. If i had to say i am something i guess it would be that i am a salesman bisnisman fisherman gardener. I like to grow flowers and i have a very special bonsai. I grew it from a seed and i trim it every day. Thank you for writing and i hope you have a nise nice sun.



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Hi! Are you bisexual/do you identify as bisexual? I’ve asked you this before but wasn’t sure if I missed it or it didn’t come through, or if you didn’t want to answer I promise I’ll take no response to this as a sign to leave you be about it.

hiii, I’m sorry I’ve been meaning to answer I just feel like my responses (and my blog) can confuse people and can be conflicting. in short, no I do not identify as bisexual, but I also don’t know a lot about bisexuals and haven’t done a lot of reading up on the orientation, and I’m not big on labels/rigidity.

I find A LOT of females very attractive, I find myself attracted to some females in different ways, and I like to kiss/rub on/ and watch females in a sexual capacity. however, and this is where I struggle: I have zero desire to have sex, full blown 1x1 sex, with a female or be in a relationship with one. so what does that mean? I don’t know, but that’s all I can explain really. I prefer males or at least a male being present when I play with others, but maybe that comes from my natural desire to be submissive? 🤷🏼‍♀️

also, I’ve been told my past experiences may have something to do with my mentality on this subject, but I honestly don’t know. basically I’ve been used time and time again by “friends” to be a third in a relationship (or a “unicorn”) however it was never in a loving or respectful way. I was used for the experience of threesomes for males who just wanted females all around them (your basic guy who wants his dick sucked all the time and to be worshipped with giving nothing in return to his female). it made me sick and the females were also mean to me, constantly jealous or worried or causing drama, so I became pretty adverse to that whole experience 😕

honestly, being with 2 heteroflexible males was like the single most amazing experience of my life. and polyamory/ethical non-monogamy has introduced me to amazing females would handle jealousy and other emotions in a loving and respectful manner, so as I grow older and meet more and more people, I’m finding more like-minds and maybe I’ll find a female who will make everything tick for me. who knows!