but for some people it means a lot

Queer/Gay ships should not be a joke

- we are valid no matter what just remember we are valid, the world always acts as if any queer ship is a crack ship. They act as if LGBTQ people are 1 in 2000 when in reality it is 1 in 10.

- casts tend to treat it as though it is a complete joke that can be tossed around, that it means nothing to anyone. Yes it is a fictional couple but for some of us it can mean a lot especially those in the LGBTQ community.

- we are here we are real, and hate happens and it needs to stop because wether or not people know it affects us it hurts it stings. And it brings us down.

- WE KNOW THAT IT IS UNLIKELY TO HAPPEN but maybe just maybe it could and for some of us the only way we can be in a community that accepts us is through that fandom.

- it is just a fictional couple but there is so much more to it, especially when it is a queer/ gay couple. They give us hope and make us smile so maybe just maybe we should stop being the butt of every joke.

I had to vent after the events of sdcc

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If you ever met me you'd probably call me a liberal loon-ball or something to that effect & when I first stumbled upon your Tumblr (from a non political post I found funny) I was taken aback. & then I kept scrolling (I like challenging my beliefs) & I found that we agree on a lot of things & I have been reminded that just because someone's POV is different & we don't agree on some things doesn't make them "evil" (a narrative I think is spread far too wide) we're all just trying to get it right.

Well, I’m happy you decided to stick around. I doubt I would call you a liberal loon-ball haha. I think you touched on something really important here when you said just because you don’t agree with someone doesn’t mean they’re evil. I think a lot of people have lost sight of that. Most people are trying to help, even if they’re misguided.

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So how's the super transphobic rep and fetishized homosexuality

umm whoa there friend. would you care to elaborate? Because Dream Daddy is actually a game for gay men, and made by a lot of lgbt people. Also, the game lets you be a trans dad and one of the dads is canonly trans, so how exactly is that transphobic ??? If anything is positive trans rep, and its the first dating sim i’ve ever seen that lets you be  a trans guy and have the option to let you date a trans guy, but yeah sure transphobic. And the game isn’t fetishized at all! It’s made specifically for gay men, and i mean sure some people will fetishize the dads, but the game doesn’t do that at all. Its all very positive and realistic. If you want to privately message me or send another ask explaining what exactly you meant, please go right ahead.

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I read the story about your experimental film class and I know this is late, but why didn't you just go super-meta and say that the beastie boys video was actually about people who fake being ~deep~ by doing something that seems artsy but has no meaning? That's some next-level bs-ing.

I wish I would’ve, honestly, haha…  a lot of my fellow animation students started doing sarcastic fake-deep projects in elective classes too, because the fine art people just eat that shit up.  If I had to go back and do it again, I think I would.  ‘Cause at least that way you’re putting some effort into it, you know?  Effort to criticize the project would’ve still at least been effort, haha!

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I imagine people would be really mean to Alex's boyfriend because Alex is so head strong and for sure wears the pants in the relationship neither mine at all it's what works best for them but like 'locker room talk' and some dudebro is like "yeah well they are probably each other's beards this guys obviously gay as shit and Alex is a lezzer like her moms" and starts laughing and the Alex's boyfriend (I forget his name) jumps the guy and Lexa high fives him when she finds out

I support this a lot but also he’s supposed to be as headstrong and arrogant as Lexa at first so I think these HC’s conflict

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what are some good books on ufos?

This is a tough one, partially because I’m not nearly as well read in this topic as I would like to be, and partially because the UFO literature is so hit or miss. There is a lot of good information, but it can be drowned out by crackpots and disinformation agents. And even some of the better books, because of the nature of the topic, tend to get published by rinky dink publishers who try to use sensationalism to sell them. Often, this means that even when the actual work is good, the cover and format/design make the book appear like a crackpot work. 

Another hard one is that there are different kinds of books in this area, and different people will be more interested in different types. Some people are more interested in case studies, and some are more interested in the cover-up aspect, while others are drawn to more ‘big picture’ popularizing works, and  so forth.

  • For a good mix of these, I would recommend Richard Dolan’s 2 volume UFO’s and the National Security State. Combined, they cover 50 years worth of UFO cases, and while Dolan can in some places indulge in speculation, but he is still a good historian and he diligently chronicles a lot of cases, as well as the government reactions to these incidents, in a very readable work.
  • If you asked me for one book the layman should read as a primer on this topic, I would recommend Flying Saucers and Science by Stanton T. Friedman. All of Friedman’s work is highly recommended, but this book is his best one-stop shop. Gives a good overview of the major cases, the evidence, and the history.
  • The Godfather of scientific study of UFO’s (ufology) would be J. Allen Hynek, the scientific consultant for the three major USAF investigations of UFO’s, and famously started off as not only a skeptic but a debunker (he came up with the infamous “light reflected off of venus onto swamp gas” explanation to dismiss one anomalous sighting) and over time became convinced that some UFO’s are of interplanetary origin. His book The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry is a classic and still holds up. He also has a book which is less interesting to me but still a good resource called The Hynek UFO Report. The former book is sort of a general book to the public on the topic, the evidence, etc. The latter is about 300 pages of individual cases. More of a reference book, in my opinion.
  • The most successful recent book on UFOs was Boston Globe reporter Leslie Kean’s 2010 UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record. Kean documents some of the best cases of the last 20 years, with the most evidence and most credible witness testimony. She also does a good job of giving the backstory on how this topic was successfully turned radioactive by the government and the media.

These books are all serious works, by non-cranks. They are all well written and documented, and very profitable and interesting reads.


Ubi sunt qui ante nos fuerunt? (Chapter 23: Nec aspera terrent (Epilogue))

A/N: This is it, we’ve reached the end of this story. It’s hard to believe that it’s actually done; this has been my biggest work ever and I grew very attached to it over the months <3 But it all wouldn’t have been possible without the support of so many people, so this is to you all, who read and commented, who came back week after week or joined at the end, for those who felt along and who made me feel like there was some importance in me putting time into this story. Thank you all! I know I say this a lot, but I do mean it <3

And here’s some specific people who helped me with this. To @free-to-being (tumblr) for submitting that prompt that got me to write this at all! To @parentaladvisorybullshitcontent (tumblr & ao3) content for being with me through the whole story, and allowing me to spam her and for her asking the right questions. To @wavydanrises (tumblr & ao3) who would not mind me ranting as if endlessly about this! To @philscurls (tumblr & ao3) for being a writing buddy and for helping me with some medical information that I wasn’t certain about! To @boncasphan (tumblr) for the help with psychology! And to everyone else who allowed me to rant/ramble all throughout from February all the way till now, when I was struggling with completing this because something didn’t feel right about a certain scene. (If I forgot to mention someone, I don’t mean to exclude you, you’re still in the list of everyone who helped immensely <3)

This story wouldn’t be here without all of you and I can’t thank you all enough <3


Chapter masterpost

Chapter words: 3.9k

Overall words: 61k

Read it on ao3!

Trigger warning: Panic/anxiety attack


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what I've managed to find out writing it down on paper first helps, i need to stretch my back more, and that 000100000 isn't an actual binary thing *puts head in hands* why am I so invested in this (thank you so much for this absolutely wonderful AU)

((Sometimes the numbers get scrambled when the screen glitches out ya know…And thank you!! That means a lot that people are actually trying to figure out little secrets I’m sprinkling in~ I’ll sprinkle more in in random pieces of art or tiny hints :) I’ve already been throwing some in there thus far!))

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ugh i hate the whole "yoongi is grumpy and mean and the boys are scared of him!! he's always sleeping!!" thing, like he has depression you assholes?? he's allowed to be closed off and quiet at times and he deserves all the sleep he can get :( idk i just see a lot of myself in him and it bugs me how people treat him

no honestly some of his quietness is just personality but making him out to be some closed off asshole is just kinda shitty like… to have depression n be in the spotlight constantly where you need to be interesting n lively all the time.. that’s gotta be so hard… like let him be please

To all the Slytherins, Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws and Gryffindors following me…

Thank you for following me! Every single one of you, every single follow/like/reblog means so much to me.

It’s just internet, it’s just a number, it’s just a blog… but it makes me feel less lonely.

This time I don’t want it to be about me or my blog, I want it to be about YOU. I want to get to know you and freak out about the simple things in live.

I know a lot of people are scared to send some stranger on Tumblr a message, but just do it! I won’t bite and will be pleased to find out what makes you a special and nice person.

It is time to spread the positivity and show the people on Tumblr or in your life how much you are worth. Because you are!

Tonight I will start a project to help you fighting the demons in your mind, to make you feel good. If you want to know what this project is about and how you can help, you have to send me a message. (Haha, how sneaky am I?)


D. M.

Ps. I have a lot of inspiration to write some rp’s over kik or on chat. I prefer Drarry but feel free to ship Draco with anybody you want.

⭐️ || - PSA!!!

      Scott isn’t !!! 
                  Your stereotypical air headed hot guy!!!
                                                                    or narcissistic jerk!!

I’ve been thinking a lot during my errands today… and I’ve came to a realization. Every now and then throughout my years of roleplaying here, I’ve kinda gotten the feeling that some automatically presume that Scott is forever a dumb hot dude. That isn’t the case!!

I mean, at first glance, it’s completely okay for your muse to think that ! Everyone has their different opinions about stars. I even have a headcanon that there are a lot of strangers out there who thinks he’s nothing but a guy who cares only for himself.

But if a person doesn’t learn that he’s more than his appearance in some fashion…. doesn’t learn that he is more than those stereotypes, he’s going to get pretty fucking pissed that people think he’s a stupid idiot that doesn’t care. Yeah, he’s a chill dude, but he’s not going to let himself be walked over. Scott will give the cold shoulder if he feels that someone isn’t listening to a thing he says. He will DROP a person from his life if they don’t change their attitude against him if he voices his concerns. A person would have to fuck up pretty bad if this loyal guy thinks its for the best.

Scott is a really smart dude! He did really well in classes since he’s good at retaining information. He’s keeps his living space clean because he spends too much to keep things dirty. He’s a careful driver because he’s grown up knowing that LA is rotten with terrible traffic. He keeps up his image since eyes are always on him. He feels he has to be a role model 24/7 to little kids who watches Bolt!  

He’s hot sure! He works out and he’s a Hollywood actor!! But that doesn’t mean he’s not capable of living and taking care of himself! He’s just an average guy who just happens to be a Hollywood Star!

i’m just tired of being angry. the game made me feel a little happier. not a lot, but a little. i can see why it means so much to a lot of people, and i can see why some people dislike it. i’m not going to devote my anger to something that makes me feel like i’m chasing my own tail with no relief and no alternative. and that’s it really.


guys, if you’re going to take or use something from my page to post in groups on facebook or to make images of, please at least give the source. I REALLY WORK HARD FINDING MY STUFF AND EDITING THEM AND EVERYTHING. i am so disappointed i just want to delete some of my stuff so people can just stop taking them. i added them here to make it as a good reference for artists. and when i see it somewhere without anyone saying where they got it, i feel really bad like my effort and time was wasted. guys i’m a med student and i study all the time and i barely have enough time to sleep but i also spend time on my content here so it means a lot to me. so pleaseeeeee stop taking things and posting them elsewhere. i have a right because i made the post and i made the effort so at least cite the source. don’t just save images and post them elsewhere without saying anything. it’s like you took all my time and effort away by doing that.

who else has those transparency sprites? the ost images i can still let go off but sighhh. i’m really sad and disappointed. i suddenly don’t feel like sharing things here anymore.

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5, 6, 31 for The Beatles Ask :)

5- Opinion on Geo’s eyebrows

I love them???? I honestly don’t see anything wrong with them. Some people have more hair above their eyes than others so,, 

6-Is Paul dead?

Only in the Beatles Cartoon.

31. If John was alive today, what do you think he’d be like?

In this day and age I figured he wouldn’t be much different than the lot of us, honestly. Hunched over a crummy laptop eating chips writing an additional chapter to his novel or endlessly scrolling on his phone as his cat attempts to knead through his pantleg. 

But if you mean how would he behave if he were alive today I know that he would be every bit of the smart, talented, and utterly unique man we all know and love. 

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hey! i was wondering if you had any advice for anyone who has just joined the community? how to get interactions and stuff like that? i've just joined and i'm not really sure what to do or how to set myself up

hey there! i’m working off the assumption that you know some basics. i’ve been in the rp for years now so a lot of this is borne from my own experience roleplaying here and what i wish people told me way back. it’s a lil harsh but i hope you’ll find this helpful

anyways, here’s a crash course:

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Troubles of being non-spiritual and black: Dating sucks

I’ll be the first to tell you this. I hate churches. I hate the institution of the black church and how they have a political stranglehold on black activism in black people. I witnessed firsthand how Church effects the ideology of black people and creates passivity. Don’t get me wrong, not everyone is about turn the other cheek nonsense that they instill in black people because that slave mentality don’t sit right with some folks.

I also resent that idea of the subtle oppression of Christianity. There is no escaping the fact that the religion was imposed on black people whether we redefine what it means to us or not. A lot of us are Christian simply because our parents imposed that on us because their parents imposed that on us and etc. I do not like the idea that my hypothetical faith contributed through slavery. And before you say, “There was Christianity in the Africa before white people.” In East Africa and the likelihood of my black ass being descended from them is 0. Sorry.

But this is not an indictment of Black Christians at all because Harriet Tubman did get a vision from “God” to free slaves. Nat Turner felt he was chosen to lead a slave rebellion. Martin Luther King Jr. was a man of faith.

Of course, I’d question that Tubman was hit in the head so hard that she often times fell asleep spontaneously. Nat Turner probably was not in the right mind. And MLK’s faith did not mean jack shit as he fathered several children through extramarital affairs, but I digress.

I have no problem with a black Christian who has a personal attachment to their faith instead of one who follows it because someone told them to. In fact, I commend those people who found their own connection with God because it goes beyond just believing because you were told. 

Try as I might, but Harriet Tubman was driven by her faith in God to run the largest counter-intelligence guerilla spy liberation network known to the western hemisphere. Nat Turner led the largest rebellion north of Florida(the Seminole Wars were larger) and did so in his faith of God. MLK’s values that established the Civil Rights Movement were Christian principled in spite of them vanishing in the presence of his bedroom or a bedroom.

With all that said, I never made that connection to God so I stopped…caring. Caring is the right word because I refuse to engage in the Tu Quoque circle of denying something I cannot honestly prove to be false. I am an Apatheist. 

And to black people, being atheist or apatheist is like being a Tyler Perry villain. Black people love them some Jesus and my ass is made less…desirable on that front.

Oh yeah, I am bi and boy I’ll be damned to tell them that info.

Anyways, this spiritual disconnect or idea of it makes my dating options rather slim.

“So date outside your race.”

Alright, I’ll just mention my other factors.

I do not date white men.

I do not date people with racist in-laws.

If you are Republican, or on that side of Liberalism that even thinks Ayn Rand was reasonable…hell no.

So honestly, it is just POC if the above qualifiers are met. Ideally, I would like to be with a black person. But Jesus.

Black Love is not in my cards it seems and I am only writing this because I had a nightmare that I married a Kardashian.

As promised, here is the Comic Negan playlist I made. Please note that this is purely FOR FUN. I am by no means a music expert, these are just songs I kinda sorta associate with the big dork.

You can probably guess that this has a lot of explicit lyrics.

If any of you can think of more songs to add to the playlist, just shoot me a message and I’ll consider adding them.

Tagging some people who I think might be interested:

@rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts @lupienne @lovingzombiechaos @embracetheapocalypsewithme @negansass @metalbutter @barbedbatting

The end of this blog.

Approximately 7 years ago, I started this blog as an impulse reaction to stay relevant in the life of an ex-girlfriend of mine that broke my heart after a short summer romance. This blog continued to be a part of my life as a means of venting my emotions, keeping up with the anime and video games community, and a window in which I talked to people online, who have come and gone. In a lot of ways this blog embodies my growth from adolescent to adulthood, and in some periods, my degradation. After months of a lack of posting, I thought it would be appropriate to write a conclusion to this period in my life, where this simple blogging domain was my crutch in depression and loneliness.

It is 2017 now, I am 23 years old, and it took me 5 years to graduate from college with a degree in computer science from the University of California, Santa Cruz. In my 5th year of college I finally met a girl that gave me something I had always wanted; the chance to love and be loved in return. While I’m well aware that this does not ensure me a fairy tale ending, meeting this wonderful and exciting person has renewed a confidence in myself that I thought was a fictitious shield that my lonely teenage self created out of fear.

While I credit this woman with helping me realize my own self worth, the gold in me was always there. I used to be afraid that my heart was a rotting fruit, and that I would end up hallow inside. I can’t express the joy I feel everyday when I look in the mirror and know that there’s more to me than just some emotional sad boy. It should also be noted that before meeting this woman, I came to terms with my depression and sought psychological help in both medicine and therapy. I also flunked out of college for a quarter and was hit with the realization that I had fucked up. Not beyond all repair, but it was what made me realize that I had to try a lot harder. Not just in school, but in the relationships I nourished and the ones I needed to let go.

As of this moment, I am in a happy relationship with a woman I plan to move in with as soon as I have the money to afford doing so. I have a job right out of college as a contract programmer to a company that is paying me well, and has a bright future doing something that I believe is important. I’d share more about it, but I’m technically under an NDA, so perhaps you will hear about my project in the news some day. Better yet, I hope you might hear and recognize my name, Henry Tran.

To the people who have followed me and have taken any interest in the development of my life, I thank you for your support, whether it be in the form of a DM or a like on my personal posts. To those that I don’t speak to anymore, I still wish the best for you, unless I have explicitly said otherwise. I may not be good at keeping in contact, but I always keep good people in mind.

Lastly, I will be dropping in this blog to change its title once TSM finally wins worlds, but who knows when that will happen.