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you can't make yoruself have depression. you can make yourself sad or bored or tired but not depressed. Depressed is about brain chemistry. It's really messed up that you responded like that. read a book.

I love this response because it sounds like you think I don’t read. I want to meet the PhD out there who hasn’t read a lifetime supply of textbooks, I would be extremely impressed. I have read so many books and articles. I do have a PhD in clinical psych, so it’s required to have read thousands of page on this stuff. I don’t know that one more is going to cause some kind of massive change. 

So first- we don’t know that depression is primarily based on brain chemistry. That idea comes from pharmacology- it’s basically a backwards theory. What I mean is that the pharma industry and related researchers found that a set of drugs are helpful for some people with depression (although there’s a lot of research indicating that those drugs are actually not very effective, unfortunately). The drugs they identified change some aspects of brain chemistry, particularly the firing of serotonin and norepinephrine. Then, those people and some other researchers used that research to hypothesize the deficits or dysfunction in the firing of serotonin and norepinephrine causes depression. The problem is, we don’t have the data to back that up- at least not the extent to say “this is the cause, the only cause, and the biggest cause”- which is often how it’s presented. (Here’s more about this). 

Second- the brain and the body impact each other. That’s why drinking coffee increases physical energy- because when the caffeine suppresses adenosine, your brain sends a signal to the rest of your body that it’s time to be awake. But that relationship works the other direction, too- if you work out, for example, the movement of your body increases your adrenaline, increasing wakefulness. 

The same is true of depression. Although some aspects of depression originate in the brain, many aspects originate in the body. For example- poor sleep, lack of exercise, lack of social interaction, etc etc etc. These are behavioral changes, but they cause changes in the brain. For example, depressing serotonin, oxytocin, and norepinephrine. So the cause of depression is often behavioral, and has impacts on the brain, rather than the other way around. That doesn’t mean that people with depression intentionally caused it, it just means that behavioral changes can and do lead to mood changes. 

Friendly reminder that compare Ocs with another Ocs is terrible, and you shouldn’t do it. People tend to dedicate a lot of their times developing them for make them unique, and comments like “They remind me of X person” are really rude, specially for people who spends a lot of their time making them. Remember that Ocs are different and sometimes, they mean a lot for the creators, so it’s not okay to make comments like this. It’s normal that some artists take inspiration from well-known fandom or things to make them, but that’s not a reason to say that they are “similar” or “the same” as those characters. Keep in mind this always please, and support artists who do Ocs.

i mean no disrespect

[ONESHOT; 5300 words]

Cassian misses dating.

As stressful and frustrating as it got sometimes, it was also a lot of fun. He got to meet plenty of interesting new people (and some less interesting ones). He got to put on something nicer than an old flannel shirt, and go to places with stuff like wine lists, and cloth napkins. He got to have eventful conversations with pretty girls, conversations that either broadened his mind or left it with a faint migraine.

Sometimes he got to kiss them afterwards. Sometimes he got a lot more than just a kiss.

No offense to his friends, but he never gets that after hanging out with any of them.

So, yeah. It’s decided.

Cassian Andor is going to start dating again.

… The only problem is, Cassian Andor doesn’t really know where to start.

Or, the one where Cassian finds himself repeatedly cockblocked by one Jyn Erso. It may or may not be entirely accidental.


People calling gems like Peridot and Leggy “childs” just because they are innocent or have childish behaviours makes me a lil uncomfy…

It’s really personal and I don’t mean to like offend anyone and for some reason I have the guts that I’ve talked about this before, but as someone who identifies a lot with both (I need to clarify I am not kin with them) and someone that was mocked or “dumbed down” for being like that it really gives me a bad gut….

I am sorry if its something bad to think it’s just… yeeahh..



I wasn’t going to write anything about it tonight, but since the Power Rangers tag is filled with people bashing this movie already, here are some of my non-spoilery thoughts on the movie:

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I am in awe of your blog and I need some advice. I just got my first hate mail re: destiel and I'm feeling conflicted. Do I respond? Am I being baited? Are there ppl who just hang out in destiel tags looking for a fight? Because my blog is hate-free and I'm not mean about other ships, even ones that are notp for me.

Hey! Thank you for liking my blog! :)

Honestly, especially if you’ve never been guilty of talking bullshit about anything or anyone, I’d say don’t feed the trolls; ignore. Because there are indeed a lot of people in this fandom (or on this website in general), who are simply looking to provoke innocent bloggers in order to start drama. 

And ignoring isn’t always easy, I know. :p Every once in a while, when a True Chosen Idiot Sandwich™ comes into my ask, I do feel the need to reply and to drag them to another zip code and back. 

But seriously, most hate mail that I get goes the way of the dodo (I read it like it’s the morning paper by now), and it gets a block/remove click, to never be seen by another member of humanity. 

So for real, if you didn’t start it, and you’re just in this fandom to blog in peace about the things you love; block and ignore them. Don’t waste your energy, and don’t give them that satisfaction, it’ll only piss them off more if you happily go on about your blogging like you always do, plus it’ll make them grow bored soon enough.

I’m sorry you’re getting hate though, I hope they’ll stop bothering you. *hugs* 

Long Post

So since Katie McGrath has been announced as a regular there has been a lot of hate comming towards her. She’s been callad things including a natzi (which I don’t get) and I don’t understand it

FIrst things first I don’t get the hate towards the actress. I am capable to understand that some people don’t like the Lena Luthor charecter but let’s separate the actors from the charecters

Let us just be happy for the actors who got their contracts extended because it means they have a job and the reason I’m even more exited for Katie is that she was out of the game for a long time

She’s a marvelous actress who inspired me during my childhood. I was (I still am) such an outcast for liking Merlin and fantasy stuff and seeing a strong charecter which is a  woman was mindblowing.

It effected me so much I started studying medival times going to fairs and that was my childhood

(I think that’s the reason I’m so attached to her)

I even picked up medival sword fighting. this is how much and if you don’t believe me here’s a pic of my gear

so no matter who you like or don’t like let us just be happy for the actors who are in season 3 and keep our fingers crossed for those we want to have in season three

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how do you make online friends??? I want to be friends w/ everyone but I'm so awkward I don't want know what to talk about. I want to talk about everything and anything with some friends and everyone seems so nice in this community and I honestly only have 1 irl friend and she's rlly mean to me :(

and you’re asking me? i am in the same boat, my friend.

i have a lot of cherished mutuals who i would like to consider friends even though we mostly just like each other’s posts. but there are only like,, 3 people that i actually talk to on here semi-regularly?

i have found, however, that a good place to start is to interact with people’s posts more than just liking: replying to (and/or reblogging) people’s posts let them know that you’re really interested in what they’re posting.

there are sooo many people i would love to be better friends with, but i’m shy as heck and never know how to start conversations :(

but my inbox is always open to invade, and you can always message me (even though i sometimes don’t reply bc i don’t know what to say and/or i’m pretty boring most of the time t b h ;__;)

sorry to hear about your irl friend. u don’t deserve it, bb. hope you meet more people who you enjoy and are nice to you!

talk to me about anything

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  • Why I like them
    • King is lazy and cute but he’s also incredibly protective of the ones he loves. I love how his power gets stronger when he’s protecting his loved ones, it just goes to show how truly selfless he is. He only has a few people that mean a lot to him (and he’s almost lost them all), but he cares a lot for them!
  • Why I don’t (I hate this question bc I don’t even dislike anything about my faves)
    • King used to be my all-time favorite, but he dropped down a couple spots in the list after the other characters got a bit more development. I guess he makes some pretty impulsive decisions sometimes which obviously aren’t the best, like fighting Meliodas under the assumption that Mel was helping the demon clan, leaving the fairy forest to save Helbram, attempting to straight up murder Ban because he thought he killed Elaine, etc. 
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie)
    • I’ve been including the manga in this question as well. Episode 19 is a definite fave of mine, because it explores so much about his past and it’s so damn heartwrenching. I’m also a huge fan of when he fights the albion by himself to save his forest immediately after the fairies all rejected him as their king. It refers back to the protective and selflessness thing I mentioned earlier.
  • Favorite line
    • “I’m a selfish king. So I want to protect the forest, my people, Diane, everything!
  • Favorite outfit
    • well
    • he only wears one
    • just using this as an excuse to post this image:
  • OTP
    • King x Diane (Kiane)
  • Brotp
    • King and Helbram
  • Head Canon
    • Whenever he’s alone, sometimes he puts on his helmet and talks to Helbram, asking him for advice, telling him about his day, etc.
  • Unpopular opinion
    • Don’t have one!
  • A wish
    • Same thing I had for Diane, pretty much. I want them to complete the training with Gloxinia and Dolor and hopefully they can develop their connection after that. Also, I want to see King’s reaction to Elaine’s possible second death, and more Helbram conversations.
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
    • I don’t want King to truly confess to Diane until she has her memories back. This should be, like…a given, I guess, but I’m still worried. Their relationship isn’t a fraction of what it’s supposed to be when Diane doesn’t remember. I don’t think this will happen, but I had to write something here.
  • 5 words to best describe them
    • Protective
    • Tenacious
    • Lethargic
    • Judgmental
    • Compassionate
  • My nickname for them
    • No nickname

Send me a character!

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I think the belief that all 'antis' are anti shipping is one of the probs with this fandom. Having read many of their blogs, I can say a few are (militant ones 😬) but def not all, so some would be offended by being called that. These bloggers have said many times they are not against shipping per se but the actions of some, especially those who denigrate T, MM & exshippers. I despair at both sides for lumping people together and name calling. Many different opinions exist. Thx for answeringí ½...

Well, I just read that NST means “Non shipping/truther” so they ARE in fact anti shipping, aren’t they?

And I know what they say. I know what the shippers say, too.

Both groups have a lot to say about each other and every argument finds a counter argument. Both sides find a lot of negative things to say about the other group. It’s always the others who are the bad apples.

I’m not interested in this fan war. I like what I like, I ship what I ship. I love Sam and Cait and I think they’re adorable together. I’m not an ounce interested to find out what they’re REALLY in their private life, because I think their private life is for them only. Sam and Cait as I ship them are only what they publically give me and that is very likely not any less fictional than Jamie and Claire are. 

Personally, I would be ashamed to death to go and gush over their real life partners, because neither of them has publically allowed us to do so. I think it is wrong to “fan” their real life relationships, because that is indeed an invasion of privacy and even if there’s a positive intention behind it (but they must be happy if I support them?!!!) I think that’s crossing a line. It’s like peeping through a forbidden window.

So I am a shipper. A fantasy shipper and someone who doesn’t believe in Sam and Cait as a real couple, but who feels entertained by the idea of it. I think it’s romantic and sweet and exciting and I take every public picture, interview and appearance to fantasize about my ship. 

I don’t force anyone to think as I do.

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Why am I to afraid to ask things with my name showing? Like, the introvert/extrovert question and this super akward compliment and a few other questions came all from me but I am terrified of the idea that I say something stupid and then you ( who probably doesn't even remember me) think of me as a creep. Whoops and now I feel odd again. Sorry for writing this much byyye.

First of all: Of course I remember you, dear! You are kind and lovely and I don’t know how other people think about this but to me it always means a lot if someone isn’t just here for the stuff I write (which is of course great as well) but also sees me as a person. You are in no way a creep and I really hope that my blog will at some point be a place where no one feels the need to hide their face!
You can always message me, other than send an ask, but take your time, I just want you to know that I appreciate every single one of you so much.

blueeyeswhitegarden replied to your post: there are just some things that people complain…

Honestly, I’ve thought the same thing with a lot of complaints. It’s fine if people don’t like the show or don’t like the direction it went with, but some of these reactions make me wonder what they were expecting from a YGO series. Also, what the heck would Shun or Reiji get out of winning their duels? That sounds like the typical “I just want the main character to lose because of reasons” complaint that we get with every series.

For real, I mean, I get not being totally happy with where Arc V went cause tbh there are a lot of directions I wish it would have gone instead from multiple places, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the series as a whole.  Some of these people I swear, I don’t know why they’re still in the fandom.

And I’m just so not here for the bits and pieces of Yuya hate I keep stumbling across in stream and in tags, like bro, really, if you don’t like the protag and don’t want to see him succeed, why are you investing emotional energy into this show at all?  Go find something else to do, we’ll all be happier.

There’s no narrative value in Yuya losing these last few battles, and idk, maybe they’ll pull a Zexal I and Yuya will lose to Reiji, but I personally can’t see it, and I think it would be an insult to all of the character development and plot development that has happened thus far for Yuya to fail for no reason at the very end of the series.

Y'all I mean, I get wanting your faves to win, but at some point we have to realize that this show is not just about our faves, it’s a story, and there has to be narrative value to the story as a whole.  This is just me wanting Yuya to win cause he’s my fave, it’s cause I think it would be an insult to the narrative that I had become emotionally invested in if he doesn’t

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So for a long time I have been confused about whether or not nonbinary genders are real. I'm inclined to believe that they aren't because I've observed no scientific proof but there are so many people and institutions that take it seriously? I just wish I could find some evidence for or against it, especially since I have friends that both identify as nb or believe that nb is a real thing. I sought your guidance because you seem more educated on the issue, how would you handle this?

You know, there are a lot of people and institutions that are on board with the idea that all white people are racist, that domestic violence is a women’s issue, that the wage gap is real – I could go on. That doesn’t automatically mean that they’re right. 

The thing is, there isn’t a lot of space when it comes to real, unbiased scientific studies. As amazing as it would be, when science does find perfect ways to tell if a child or even a growing foetus is LGBT, you can guarantee that there will be parents that’ll want to abort them or have them adopted. Because people are awful, there will always be those like that. So scientists tend to be loathe to push things.

What we know and what we see is that things like conversion therapy do not work. If it did – and this isn’t particularly politically correct – then anyone who is LGBT and having a particularly difficult time with it, especially trans people, then they would go through the therapy to live happily as heterosexual or as their biological sex. Now, if being trans was just a fad or a phase or anything like that, then conversion therapy would work the majority of the time, and in the minority of the time that it didn’t work, then that would totally be down to people going through it that actively wanted to be trans. It would be nothing more than a lifestyle choice.

So, without all the concrete science of, “Okay, here’s a perfect brain scan to tell whether a person is cis or trans,” we can already tell that there has to be a scientific basis. There are plenty of trans people out there that wish that they weren’t trans, but it can’t just be willed away, or ignored. It’s always there. Just because some people hide it, that doesn’t mean that they suddenly “choose” to be trans. After all, there have been gay and lesbian people that have been forced to live complete lies, getting married to the opposite sex, having intercourse with a partner, having children, despite how horrendous it made them feel in secret. That didn’t stop them being gay or lesbian. What it did was force them through something completely unfair, for a myriad of reasons, whether that was homophobic society around them, a desperate case of denial – whatever. Caitlyn Jenner was always Caitlyn, even when she was out in the world as “Bruce.” 

Aside from all that, if you had a tiny little town with no internet and the most basic of local news, with no discussions of LGBT, no mention of anything like that, then at some point, you’re going to find a little girl that grows up to realise that she only likes girls and doesn’t understand the other girls around her that like boys. You’re eventually going to find a little boy that feels “wrong” in his own skin and wishes more than anything that he had been born a girl. 

What I don’t think you’ll find, in that same environment, is a little boy tearfully telling his loving parents that sometimes she’s a girl and other times, she’s a boy, and other times still, he’s not a girl or a boy. What you will find is a little boy that may enjoy crossdressing, that may be more interested in fashion or playing with dolls, then sometimes racing around and climbing trees and getting into fights. 

And away from that imaginary little town, in the real world, when you have a little girl that grows up to realise that she only likes girls and reads the word “lesbian” on the internet, she’s going to realise that she isn’t alone. The little boy that wishes that he’d been born a girl would read “trans” and realise that there are other people that feel the same way.

But that third little boy reading up on him liking all those different things and sees “non binary” suddenly thinks that he’s not just another ordinary little boy, that he’s different. We have a whole generation now that gender is fashion, likes, dislikes, or this great, unknowable thing. If you don’t feel Man or Woman all the time, then you’re “non binary.” People are so obsessed with how the media portrays stereotypes, particularly women, that they think that being a woman means all the stereotypical traps that come with it and being grateful for it, enjoying it, bathing in it, and it’s just not true.

At the end of the day, if your friends believe in it, if they identify as whatever, it’s down to them. If you can ignore that and focus on how good your friendships are, then that’s what should count. I wouldn’t go out of my way to challenge them, I’d just stick with the ordinary pronouns that they’ll be happy with, or default to their names at all times to avoid the conversation.

Honestly? The idea of being “non binary” is a phase. It’ll disappear in the next few years. How long exactly, I can’t tell you, but it’ll fade into obscurity, the majority of people that’ll claim those labels will drop them or finally realise that they’re trans, and the only ones left with them will be the most ardent of “activists” – the ones that can wring money out of it from those they can guilt into supporting them financially. 

It may seem like it is now, but it’s really not a long-term issue, I guarantee it. So it isn’t something to worry about.

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Hi! Just wanted to let you know that a lot of the issue with Riverdale erasing Jughead's orientation is that it erases the fact that he's aromantic, as well as asexual! So, while, yes, an asexual person can happily be in a romantic relationship, and aromantic person wouldn't, which is what a big part of the issue is (I'm a massive fan of Betty & Jughead myself but not romantically. They could be some of the most important people in each other's lives and still be platonic, y'know?)

right, and that’s a good point. 

i mean, technically, to my knowledge, jughead is only canonically ace though, right? this may be me being ignorant because i haven’t read archie comics since, idk, 2006, but from what i know, jughead has only been officially ace in one universe.

i’ll grant that jughead from the 40s-70s was pretty dating-adverse (to put it simply) though, and i don’t know how much of that was written to be as a gag against archie, or how much of that was a deliberate choice to subtly explore a sexuality that wasn’t well-discussed at the time. 

the way it came off, in my memory, was mostly misogyny. jughead would say “dating adverse” things but they’d be immediately preceded or followed by something casually hateful against women. (as i said in my earlier post, this changed after the 70s) 

because there were several instances where jughead did date or even marry in future-set comics (including comics from all eras), him being aro is an interpretation, right?

but then…of course, looking for comics canon is a slippery slope, because frankly you could make the argument that no previous iteration of the character is canon beyond that writer’s universe (as “canon” events is hardly ever acknowledged between different comic heads) but then you fall into the hole of also saying that there is no erasure and that’s not really true, either.  

lord, ok. at this point i’m just having a debate with myself, so fuck if i know. 

tl;dr, there are several answers to this and they’re all a rabbit hole and this isn’t my identity so i don’t want to appear as though i am trying to speak for it. i’ve read ace people say that they support bughead’s relationship because jug is still ace to them, and then i’ve also read acearo people say it’s still total erasure and hurtful. so. i don’t know. this feels like a discussion between the community it effects. 

regardless, i agree in that i love their relationship platonically as well. they have such a solid friendship and foundation that it’s so sweet to watch them support one another. 

please correct me if i’m wrong on any of this. not trying to step on any toes or be offensive, just trying to learn and understand. 

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hey! i care about you a lot! some of those edits you made? they made my day when i was having a bad one. just know that you mean more to people than you know <3

I didn’t know that and it really made me smile. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me :D I’ll try to go back to edits this very day, it might distract me from what happened. Thank you so much for this lovely message, I really appreciate it!!

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in my opinion (im poc) its more American white people that this 'hate' should be targeted at. I live in the UK and their actually all pretty chill , i fuck w them over here. But when i lived in america i couldnt stand them hedbsjso

kinda agree. european whites n american whites are different people. like how africans and african americans are different. my dad has been to european countries a lot n he said that di yts were more open n peaceful than di whites in america. but there’s still some racist whites in europe but i mean it’s less often there than it is here tbh.

SU Headcanon: Amethyst Has OCD

this is just my personal headcanon & you dont have to agree with me! but here is some evidence to support my headcanon:

  • amethyst compulsively hoards. A LOT. i mean, have you seen her room? 

i mean look at this:

OCD isn’t just about neatness & being orderly. some people with OCD hoard!

plus we can look back on maximum capacity showing her compulsive hoarding tendencies:

  • amethyst has openly expressed that she has a system for her stuff (source: Together Breakfast) & doesnt like her stuff being messed with (Reformed) 

remember when pearl comes out of amethyst’s room & says she organized her mess? 

how about in Reformed, when garnet was trying to find the slinker?

she did NOT like garnet messing with her piles. this is a common thing with people with ocd! you wouldnt believe how many of us are messy & dont like our messes touched. 

  • amethyst displays obsessive thinking in Beta, where it’s shown she has not stopped thinking about jasper. people with OCD can get hooked on one thing that upsets us & obsess over it for DAYS & DAYS. not only that but she is shown to hold herself to a higher standard than others, which is a common ocd symptom! perfectionism shows itself in unique ways per person.

again… you dont have to agree with me but this is a headcanon that i enjoy & find comforting & i would like other people with ocd to find comfort in this too! 

(credit to @giffing-su for the gifs) 


This scene probably doesn’t mean a whole lot to everyone but the struggle of deciding whether or not to use one or another restroom sticks with trans people. Yes, she’s struggling with which alien bathroom to use, it’s heavily hinted trans symbolism as well. At some point in time every trans person will consider which one they should use. While this is an alien bathroom the symbolism still sticks, especially after season 1 depicting Pidge as a trans girl through the words she uses. It’s all subtext, yes, it’s not “canon,” no, but I see Pidge as a trans girl new into her identity, surrounded by loving and caring friends who support her. Pidge is important and could really help normalize transness, there’s other characters with the same kinda symbolism that can help normalize transness, it’s whether or not that the writers want to give us canon proof or not.