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Is there any way you can give some of us hope? Hope that they aren't putting Carol with Ezekiel? Hope that Caryl is still beautiful and means something? It physically hurts my heart to see their story thrown to the wayside. - A Depressed Caryler

HI, Nonny, there is always hope IMO.  

I still do not see Carz3kiel ever happening. 

In a season devoted to getting ready for war, TWD took the time to write and build episode 7.10, after investing a lot of time and money into Caryl over the years.  Plus later episodes, in which Carol and Daryl spent precious screentime talking with other people and having the other person’s name come up often. 

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hey u dont gotta publish this but i noticed in your asexuality post that u used the word 'allosexual' a lot and i know a lot of people consider it a slur/react negatively to it because its use by ace ppl to describe non-ace identifying ppl ends up being largely derogatory – i wasnt sure if u were aware of this or not. i think there are some better words to use that still make the difference clear? again u dont have to respond to this if u dont have the spoons

I’m aware of the discourse around the word, but - and I don’t mean to sound angry with you, I’m just annoyed in general - calling it a slur is absolutely preposterous. Nobody uses ‘allosexual’ as a slur besides exclusionists calling themselves “dirty allogay” as if that’s something any asexual says. 

Nobody in a position of power has ever used ‘allosexual’ to oppress anyone, and nobody is oppressed specifically for being allosexual.

‘Allosexual’ is not, in any fashion, derogatory. It is a description, the same as ‘cisgender’. When we call people allosexual, we are not putting them down or mocking them, we are just differentiating them from ourselves. An occasional person might say something like “I don’t get allos”, but that still is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a slur.

Exclusionists are constantly trying to rob us of our language, to taint our words and shame us for using them, and I refuse to give in. Allosexual is a perfectly fine word, and I’m not going to other myself by calling allos ‘non-ace’. If you want more information, you can read my allosexual tag

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How do you deal with the crushing loneliness that is losing nearly your entire social support structure because all your old friends and loved ones are no longer a part of your life after an ideological change? How do you even meet people who you can even remotely agree with politically, let alone anyone who also shares other interests? This has become unbearably difficult for me

I mean honestly there’s probably a reason they are no longer part of your life, either you realized that they are not good for you or they don’t want to support you and your changes. I know that feeling. I’ve personally grown apart from a lot of people and it’s not so bad after awhile. Especially after attempts to rekindle these friendships and realizing that it’s just not what’s best for me anymore. 

Being lonely sucks, but I’d suggest maybe attending some events in your area centered around your interests. Find out about local movements in your area that align with your beliefs. Even try to talk to people over tumblr or other social media websites. Some of my fellow mods have been really great to get to know and talk to about political stuff. It’s hard too because I’m really shy but once I started to get involved with certain stuff in my area, it got a lot easier and I’ve made some really great friends. I’ve even been able to talk to some of my old friends about politics and got them to understand where I come from. Not everyone is an asshole, sometimes it all works out.

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Hi! What would we need to do in order to transport people to the TRAPPIST-1 system? What problems need to be solved? Thanks!

In order to transport people to TRAPPIST-1, we would have to solve a LOT  of problems.

  1. It’s really hard to launch stuff into space. Spaceflight uses a LOT of energy and is very cost-ineffective. Being able to more efficiently launch stuff into space in an economical way is absolutely necessary. Some interesting ways to get around this include space elevators, which are pretty cool.
  2. Space is really empty, and everything is really far away, TRAPPIST-1 is about 40 light years away, meaning if you left earth travelling at light speed towards it, it would take 40 years to get there. 
  3. We can’t travel that fast in space right now due to cost constraints. New Horizons was the fastest space thing we’ve ever made, and it took 9 years to get to Pluto. In order to get to another star system we’d have to figure out how to travel at a fast enough speed to get the astronauts there before they died. 
  4. Space travel is expensive!! Did I mention that yet?
  5. There are a lot of effects on the human body in space//weightlessness, such as increased risk of cancer and bone degeneration. These problems would have to be combated if we are to send people into space for very long periods of time.
  6. If we could create better engines that let us actually have a chance at approaching relativistic speeds (speeds near light speed), that would be good. Ideas include solar sails and stuff, but those cost a lot of money and resources to make.
  7. We don’t know that much about the planets orbiting it, as in if they are actually able to support life (does their atmosphere allow life? is it like venus, where it’s too thick and has a runaway greenhouse effect? is there no atmosphere to protect it from harmful radiation? that kind of stuff). If TRAPPIST-1 has no life-sustainable planets, that would be something worth knowing before we left.

So to summarize, it’s super expensive, we don’t have engines that can take us there fast enough, and there are a lot of health effects that would need to be combated. TRAPPIST-1 is super crazy cool though and I love learning more about it.

Is Monogamy & Polyamory Orientations?

As the years go by, people are learning more and more about polyamory (as well as various other orientations/identities). However, there are still a lot of misconceptions, even among some polyamorous people. 

One of the misconceptions is that monogamy and polyamory are relationship structures and have nothing to do with orientation. Many believe that polyamory and monogamy is a choice. This is only about as true as it is when applied to sexuality. 

Just like how a gay man can choose to marry a woman and have children (and many have), that doesn’t mean that guy stops being gay. Even though he’s in an opposite binary sex relationship, his sexuality is and always will be gay. 

The same can be applied to monogamy and polyamory as well. Someone who’s monogamous can choose to be in an open relationship and be okay with their partner having other partners even if it’s something they personally aren’t interested in. They are in a polyamorous relationship but are still monogamous. 

The vice versa applies too. There are polyamorous people who can give up having more than one partner and find themselves perfectly content having a monogamous relationship with their partner. However, they are still poly. 

However, just like sexuality, the examples above are not the norm. More often than not, a monogamous person who tries to be in a polyamorous relationship will eventually find themselves unhappy. The vice versa applies as well. 

It’s as much a choice as the gay man’s choice in the first example, and like the gay man, trying to force yourself to be someone you’re not can be and often is very taxing. 

In short, it is an orientation. People are hard-wired to be either monogamous or polyamorous. They cannot change that orientation any more than the gay man can think himself into being straight. They can only choose whether or not to ignore it. 


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What do you think motivates people to become therapists? I mean obviously everyone is different, but do you think there is any truth to the idea that most people get interested in the field because they have their own issues to work through? And if not, do you think somebody who has never struggled with mental health problems can be a good therapist even if they can't completely understand their clients experiences, or would it make them more judgemental, less able to empathize?

I’m going to take your questions separately: 

What do you think motivates people to become therapists? I mean obviously everyone is different, but do you think there is any truth to the idea that most people get interested in the field because they have their own issues to work through? 

In general, I think there are a lot of reasons why people choose mental health, and my guess would be that most people have multiple reasons for it. Certainly some do go into mental health due to their own mental health issues, but I think “most” is strong- I’m not aware of any evidence that a majority of people go into mental health because of personal experience. Anecdotally I more frequently hear from my colleagues that having a loved one with mental health issues was the motivating factor, rather than their own mental health experiences. Psychology in general is also something that applies to everyone, and so I think a lot of people come into psychology because of a more general interest in understanding people, including themselves, and making the world a better place. 

And if not, do you think somebody who has never struggled with mental health problems can be a good therapist even if they can’t completely understand their clients experiences, or would it make them more judgemental, less able to empathize?

I don’t think that a therapist needs to have had a mental health issue to be a good therapist. I’ve never understood the argument that having had a mental health issue makes it easier for a therapist to understand their clients- to me it looks like an example of the oversimplifying bias. A person with a mental health issue knows a lot about their own experience, certainly, but it doesn’t translate that then they know a lot about other people’s experiences. There are so many variables that go into a person’s mental health experience- the diagnosis, the specific symptoms, the severity, the duration, any comorbid mental health issues, any comorbid physical health issues, substance use, experience in treatment, stigma experiences, impact on functioning, impact on relationships, financial situation, family and social support, religiosity, values, cultural characteristics, etc etc etc- so even if a therapist and a client both have the same diagnosis, they have a completely different experience of that diagnosis. So I think it would be a poor therapeutic move to assume that your mental health experience applies to other people. 

What I think is important is being able to understand and empathize with the basics. For example, understanding pain, sadness, anger, confusion. Understanding the drive to change and the fear of change, and how they can appear simultaneously. Those kinds of things tend to be universal experiences, although again we all experience them differently. But, for example, everyone has experienced emotional pain, and so a therapist can draw on their understanding of emotional pain to understand someone else’s experience of it, even if the contexts were completely different. 

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(1)i think the only good thing that su critic// bring for me has that now i dont hate lapidot like i hated before,i hated the ship and the fandom in a fucking unhealthy away, but like i love su so much and amedot fandom seens to hate it right now (i know is not all) so i have to start to unfollow a lot of people, and i start follow more people that are possitive about su, with that a follow some lapidot shippers now, and like they are not that bad? like still have some people that i cant

(2)start like but they are a chill fandom in general?? and they are so creative with fanfics and fanarts?? like amedot still my otp, but now i can look at lapidot art and just Appreciate

Sadly, and I don’t mean to be harsh, I’ve had to unfollow ton of Am/e/dot blogs bc of criticism, and I started following more l/api/dot ones! I love both ships a ton and I ship all of them, but Lapidot fans seems to be more chilly vanilla about this whole drama… 

I don’t mean all of course! I still follow some neat Amedotties and avoid some not cool lapidotties, but y’all get it! 

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My favorite Austen hero is Colonel Brandon. And I love your description of him: "a sensitive and poetic soul, the true courage of an active soldier, and the deep passion of a romantic gentleman" ❤

I mean, I think that’s why many people prefer him to Edward, which is a pity because Edward has some great qualities which Brandon lacks, but Brandon just shows up better in a love story context by ticking lots of romantic boxes.

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is it wrong to be a furry without having a furry character yourself?

It’s not wrong, but i think that in a community where people represent themselves with anthropomorphic avatars it would be kind of handy. It will always help you to have something to talk about or something to open a conversation with within the community.

Of course it doesn’t mean it’s a must have or anything. There’s plenty of people within the community that enjoy the content and people within without having a fursona of some kind. But it would make things a lot easier.

It’s certainly not wrong tho. You can enjoy pokemon without a pokesona, my little pony without a ponysona(?) or any other community for that matter. You’re not obliged to conform to that standard. As long as you’re open to the ideas within the community and act in a respective way, you should be fine.

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Do people really think bi girls are that bad? Because I'm bi and have never had a girlfriend so it makes me nervous that one day I'll meet a girl and she won't date me just because I'm bi

In essence, no, good or reasonable people don’t think bi girls are bad at all. Why would they be? They’re just another human being therefore there’s no reason to dislike them. Unfortunately, lots of preconceived ideas and stigma come with certain groups of people. For example people also stereotype that gay boys are always very effeminate and sometimes annoying, lesbians are usually overweight with short hair and are more butch than femme and bisexuals are more likely to cheat because they can “choose from either sex”. All preconceptions are total bullshit. Yes I’m sure some people do fit these stereotypes but being bi doesn’t mean you’re more likely to do/be anything than straight/gay/lesbian/trans/a/non binary/queer people. 

I think this generation are much more open minded and liberal when it comes to stereotyping - especially those within the community so hopefully you won’t have much trouble. If you do have trouble with one girl, then she’s not right for you and you should move on to someone else who loves you for you. I have many friends who identify as lesbian who have had relationships with bisexual girls, as have I. It’s all good :)

there are a lot of scary people on this earth but no jokes phans are literally some of the worst and i dont mean this in a good or relatable way

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a lot of people think it's Sana that shared the dirty meaning of 'iku'. Some think it's Momo. No one thinks it's Mina. But maybe,,,just maybe, it might be Mina. Iku means to go but just in case people might misunderstand the non-japanese members Mina shared the dirty meaning as a precaution. Either way, I love Nayeon even more after that V-live. Her hyper side is really refreshing and fun. She's probably the most heart-warming friend you can have

That sounds like Mina, she’d be the one to warn them about saying anything in Japanese that has a double meaning. This is a really cute headcannon, I’m gonna go with that. Also yes, hyper Nayeon is adorable

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: Tell me i’m not the only one who loves how Mina can turn everyone into a soft puppy when they get in contact with her. Like… You don’t see Nayeon or anyone (but ny is an expert and kind of savage that’s why i’m giving her as an example) making fun of Mina. She’s too precious and they know it. EVEN TZUYU gets soft, the power that myoui possesses.. lmao

No one can resist the softness that is Myoui Mina. 

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: I swear to god tzUYU INCORRECT QUOTES ARE THE BEST! 😂😂 So good that i had to yell


Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: Omg when did Jihyo or Nayeon said ‘iku’? lmao

Nayeon whispered it in Jihyo’s ear during their most recent vlive. I think they were playing a whisper game

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: I don’t understand Dubu, like she would be all 😍 whenever Sana’s around but the moment Sana would be affectionate with her she’d just turn around and sulk. Tsundere warning

Oh my god I never realised that before, Dahyun is a Tsundere

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: My suspicious is they might me learning japanese by watching movies…you know which genre

Chaeyoung likes to illegally download lesbian movies, so maybe she’s the culprit here

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: sana is such a good friend, she probably gave all the members of Twice some hands on Japanese tutoring

I bet all of Japan line have been running Japanese lessons for the members, but Sana is someone who would probably be really into it and hold up random objects asking for the korean members to name them in Japanese.

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Yeah I think Harry signed with a Sony record so he could take a weight off Louis' shoulders. I feel like it's his turn to take a break, and I'm not sure if they'll end his stunts rn, just distance him a lot, like they are doing rn. So yeah Harry signed with ~Sony so that Louis would have a bit of a break. Louis have been a lot more discreet since people have began talking about Harry coming in solo, if I'm not wrong. Like, E pap walk and 1 article but that's it? + he has the court thing coming.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Like, if he goes on his break, they’ll probably publish at some moment “Louis Tomlinson goes MIA after learning his dear son was not his.” and that would explain everything.

I hope he can take a break and I hope this means it’s ending. I’m sure they talked about this and reached a deal that would benefit both of them in some way 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I don’t understand why some people seem to think the boys all had the same goals in mind. Why can’t they just respect that they’re doing different things. I think there is a huge issue with Louis and his PR obviously. But why are people attacking Harry for all of this??

I really don’t know….

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:You know what JoJo? You did too much damage to come back at us your puns now. Not amused.

Exactly it’s that thing “when someone you hate makes a good joke” and you’re just like “yeah ok, next” 

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Hey, Noah. Just another Canadian trans guy here. I have a question that could be taken the wrong way, so I'm going to do my best to avoid that. In regards to the anon you made mention of fetishing, may I ask why it came across as fetishing to you? For myself, I worried about not being accepted and loved as I'm trans, so when people say they love and accept trans guys I'm quick to see it as a positive thing. Kind of like acceptance, you know? I'm just wondering how our opinions different. Thanks!

Hey, i totally see what you mean. Let me explain: 

So in regards to trans fetishization, theres a lot of stigma around trans men especially. People see a lot of us as cute little things. They think we’re“better than cis guys” because according to some of them, we were “girls” once and therefore now supply fetishizers with a “best of both worlds” scenario, now that we have come out as male. This is all very similar to the “i want a gay best friend” cliche. Fetishizing becomes offensive because to me, it turns my life and the life of other trans individuals into a show for cis people. It also separates us a lot from the actual male identity. So despite the fact that I’m a guy just like anyone else, I’m forced into this entirely different section of gender because people see transgender as this identity to stereotype and take advantage of, instead of just the adjective it is. 

When people say “trans guys are so much more attractive/the most attractive” it appears fetishizing/transphobic even because it’s encouraging the act of separation from the rest of the male population. It also raises the question of why? Why are trans guys more attractive? Because we look feminine? because we look more androgynous? because its “the best of both worlds” so to speak? Trans guys are not better than cis guys for their trans identities, in looks or otherwise, and vice versa. 

I’m proud of my identity, and i appreciate the acceptance, but the whole point of transitioning for me is so that people can’t tell I’m trans. I don’t want to be called cute because i still look fem. I don’t want to be told “I’m so much better” than cis guys. I don’t want to be separated or seen different than my cis male friends, because I really am not that different at all.  

I hope this made some sense, this is just how i feel about comments like that. I def get that it was meant with kind intentions, and i appreciate it. 

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Your caps startled me but yes. It’s called Neon gore and Pastel gore as well, but apparently like… I guess she must have just done it, taking the literal meaning and not like… actually taking it literally. I mean I have seen some people do the candy thing but it was obviously done a lot better, and definitely not with the actual colour of blood.

- Mod Bunny

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Ok so recently I've been realizing that I might have bpd but when I went on tumblr to see what the community was like I saw that a lot of it was about fp's but I don't relate to that at all. Like my opinions and feelings of people change a lot (mostly people I don't know/aren't close to) so idk whether it means I'm not bpd or something. Have you heard much about this or do you have any advice for me?

You don’t have to have a fp to have bpd, I can tell you that. It’s an experience that some borderlines have in common that manifests due to the symptoms of the disorder, but it’s by no means required or considered a criteria. So yeah, you could still have bpd! The fp isn’t a determining factor

I hope this helped. Have a nice day 💛

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Any reccomendations on how as an artist to get yourself known? I'm asking you because your art is amazing x

I’m glad you like my work! Thing is though, nice art doesn’t do very much when it comes to getting known, you have to do lots of other things, plus of course; Luck! 

But I did make a post a while back with some advice: http://sbneko.tumblr.com/post/148310667687/oh-my-gosh-hi-i-love-your-art-so-much-and-if-i

Keep in mind, these are things to try that have helped people, that does not mean it’s guaranteed at all. 




We as a community love you and support you no matter what as we have shown with how we responded to your recent late night vlog.


You said in your ONI livestream that you wanted someone to compile a list of some of the games people wanted you to play.


I started it back in January of 2016. It has over 6 pages of various games. SIX PAGES!

And I realize that you get thousands of messages. Emails and posts just thrown at you. But I still try..

I have made a Google Doc. Shared with your gmail (both markiplier and markipliergame) and I would post the link here but honestly… I put some more personal stuff on there… ANYWHo 


-Go to your google drive

-Get to the search bar

-Look up “Markiplier Master Game Suggestions List”

-Click it 



I do try to add more games when I can and some games are kinda old but still.

If you do see this, please give me some kind of signal?? Write on the doc, send me an ask, anything.


SU Headcanon: Amethyst Has OCD

this is just my personal headcanon & you dont have to agree with me! but here is some evidence to support my headcanon:

  • amethyst compulsively hoards. A LOT. i mean, have you seen her room? 

i mean look at this:

OCD isn’t just about neatness & being orderly. some people with OCD hoard!

plus we can look back on maximum capacity showing her compulsive hoarding tendencies:

  • amethyst has openly expressed that she has a system for her stuff (source: Together Breakfast) & doesnt like her stuff being messed with (Reformed) 

remember when pearl comes out of amethyst’s room & says she organized her mess? 

how about in Reformed, when garnet was trying to find the slinker?

she did NOT like garnet messing with her piles. this is a common thing with people with ocd! you wouldnt believe how many of us are messy & dont like our messes touched. 

  • amethyst displays obsessive thinking in Beta, where it’s shown she has not stopped thinking about jasper. people with OCD can get hooked on one thing that upsets us & obsess over it for DAYS & DAYS. not only that but she is shown to hold herself to a higher standard than others, which is a common ocd symptom! perfectionism shows itself in unique ways per person.

again… you dont have to agree with me but this is a headcanon that i enjoy & find comforting & i would like other people with ocd to find comfort in this too! 

(credit to @giffing-su for the gifs) 


This scene probably doesn’t mean a whole lot to everyone but the struggle of deciding whether or not to use one or another restroom sticks with trans people. Yes, she’s struggling with which alien bathroom to use, it’s heavily hinted trans symbolism as well. At some point in time every trans person will consider which one they should use. While this is an alien bathroom the symbolism still sticks, especially after season 1 depicting Pidge as a trans girl through the words she uses. It’s all subtext, yes, it’s not “canon,” no, but I see Pidge as a trans girl new into her identity, surrounded by loving and caring friends who support her. Pidge is important and could really help normalize transness, there’s other characters with the same kinda symbolism that can help normalize transness, it’s whether or not that the writers want to give us canon proof or not.