but for real guys im super excited now

New Agnst Fic Preview (Connor x Reader)

Warning: even in this short part there’s a lot of pain beware, total angst, and death

A/N: I am writing this like super long angst fic but I’m done with the first part so I’m posting this small excerpt to kind of get it out here. It should be finished and posted this week so like look out for that my friends alright now get ready for pain

“I-I love you Connor.” You spoke, looking down at his face, thinking of all the times you could have told him just that, but you didn’t. Now he’d never get to hear it.

“You didn’t think to mention that when I was alive?”

No. No it can’t be. No no no no.

You couldn’t stop yourself from turning around.

And there he was.

“Connor?” He was there, wearing that stupid black hoodie he always had on and those blue jeans you stole once to figure out why they were his favorite pair. He looked so real, so alive.

But it wasn’t possible.

oh man. so.

My galpal, Jude would talk about her friend Walli to me sometimes , and somehow over time I thought I also have had been friends with him, like I seriously thought we’ve talked before and know each other and shit, but then today Jude was like, actually I don’t think you guys ever talked to each other before

so im like omg, I’ve been imaginary friends with Walli this whole time.

anyways this is Walli’s fluff mom, Esul. I love it when people are super excite about their own charas cause it makes me excited too xD so I wanted to draw Walli’s bara mum, hope you like it!