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BLACK SISTERS + doodles.

once i saw someone say that if you type in a “sufficiently masculine manner” you have male privilege on the internet

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How do I know of my third eye is open? I can literally make my center forehead tingle (almost feels like physical pressure) on command and I can see auras pretty easily (after only like 30 minutes of meditation)

That tingling sensation is, as far as I know, a sign that your third eye is open, or trying to open. I think being able to see auras and physical signs of energy is a “symptom” of the third eye opening as well.

[5 Definitive Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening]

It seems if your third eye is open/ing, you are more prone to headaches, you will feel a slight pressure or other sensations where your third eye is located, your insight and perception are increased, and even how you perceive light is changed.

I once had a tip from someone - close your eyes and try to direct your eyes beneath your lids towards the center point on your head, where the third eye would be. So basically, with your eyes closed, look up towards your forehead. Visualize a triangle connecting your two regular eyes, with the top point of the triangle touching where the third eye would be. (This happens naturally hen I do it now, lol.) Don’t try to force the third eye open, but just focus on that area with the intent of your third eye opening. It may take some time, as in numerous sessions. And once it is opened, it cannot be completely closed again, so just be wary of that and what it might mean.

That is the one way I was taught how to do it. There are obviously other ways as well, which I’m trying to look up for you. Meditation seems like a pretty common method. Besides that being mentioned over and over, I am having difficulties finding anything that seems plausible.

While doing so I found this article: [Awakening The Third Eye – Be Careful What You Wish For]. 

I hope that helps you!

Just So You Know | Rucas

Prompt: To avoid any triangles or hurt feelings, Lucas decides they’re all going to be just friends. Unfortunately for him that means Riley’s free to date.
( Inspired by the song Just So You Know [x] )
A/N: Still not too sure about posting this one. I’m MEH about it buuut anyway, there’s plenty of fics about Riley encouraging Lucas to choose Maya so I wanted to turn it around and have Lucas not choose but wish he did once he sees Riley with someone else.Someone close to him…

Lucas’ POV

I had enough. Enough of the back and forth. Enough of the unspoken thoughts and feelings. I felt like I was constantly walking on egg shells and that’s not how I wanted any of this to play out. Riley and Maya have always been my friends and I don’t want any stupid triangle to ruin that. The last thing I’d ever want to do is cause anyone any pain so I decided it was in everyone’s best interest if the three of us remained friends. That way nothing had to change. We’re in high school now, and sure this isn’t my ideal situation but it had to be done.

A few weeks had passed since I made the decision and everything seemed to be back to normal. Any awkwardness had subsided and the six of us were back to hanging out together like we always did.

It was Friday afternoon and we’re all at Topanga’s, finishing up our study group. Maya was gushing to Isadora and Farkle about some junior she met in art class that she seems to really like. I’m happy for her. She deserves to be happy.

I break my attention away from her story for a second and look up to see Zay and Riley whispering to each other in their own little world.  I tried to brush it off, not wanting to make something out of nothing. Zay’s my best friend, I don’t know why it was bothering me so much to see him being friendly with Riley.

I watch them interact and my stomach starts to turn in knots. She’s giggling, he’s playfully nudging her in the arm and my blood is boiling.

Farkle must have noticed my mood because he interrupts the conversation. “We should all do something this weekend. I hear the haunted house on bleaker is opening tomorrow night.”

Riley’s eyes grow wide and a big grin spreads across her face. “Oooo. That sounds like fun!”

“Actually, Riley…” Zay chimes in, “I was wondering if you’d maybe want to go out with me tomorrow? Just the two of us.”

Everyone, including Riley, goes silent.

Maya clears her throat. “Well this is awkward.”

Riley glances over to me and I freeze. I want to tell her not to go, I want to strangle Zay for even asking but then I remember I had no right. I told her I just wanted to be friends. I couldn’t go back on that now that she was going to start dating.

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Danse & Hancock
  • Hancock:Uh, ahem
  • Danse:*looks up* What do you want?
  • Hancock:Truth is, Sole sent me. But ah, I heard about what
  • you were-
  • Danse:Right, so you thought you’d come over here and rub it
  • in a little?
  • Hancock:At first yeah, you’ve been a fucking dick to me
  • since the day we met, so yeah I did want to “rub it in” a little but I am a man
  • of my word, and I gave my word to Sole I’d talk to ya.
  • Danse:*mock laughs* Of course you are. A Ghoul would never-
  • Hancock:NO. Before you finish you listen to me you BOS
  • asshole. Have you ever fucking considered I might have been someone once? I had
  • to turn ya known. I didn’t just wake up like this! SO YEAH FOR FIVE FUCKING
  • Danse:*silence*
  • Hancock:I turned yean, I’m a fucking Ghoul. It wasn’t
  • painless. For fuck sake I cried. Yeah I cried. It fucking hurt, everything
  • fucking moment hurt! But ya know, I learned to accept it. And I did. HA I did.
  • Yet now I have to listen to people like you tell me that I’m nothing and that I
  • would never this and never that! You know what? I’m fucking fed up of it. I
  • came over here- ME of all people- to help YOU! But you know what? FUCK YOU! You
  • are on your fucking own.
  • Danse:*looks away, almost ashamed*
  • Hancock:*storms off*
  • *1 HOUR LATER*
  • Danse:*approaches Hancock* I- I didn’t know.
  • Hancock:*looks up* You didn’t know? What the fuck to ya
  • mean by you didn’t know?!
  • Danse:The Brotherhood of Steel never told me any of what
  • you described.
  • Hancock:*laughs* Well I’m not gonna fucking lie about it
  • Danse.
  • Danse:I- I’m sorry. *looks ashamed*
  • Hancock:*chocks on his drink* YOU? You’re sorry?
  • Danse:Of course. I’m not x6-88
  • X6-88:*looks up* Keep me out of this.
  • Danse:*looks over* Well I’m not and yes I’m apologizing to
  • you for my mistakes.
  • Hancock:Pfft, alright, well… thanks. Uh. You want to talk
  • about it then, asshole? *mock smile*
  • Danse:*glares* Fine.
  • Hancock:Yes or no?
  • Danse:*sits down* Yes.
  • Hancock:Don’t worry so much. *laughs* accept it. You’ll
  • feel better.
  • Danse:I- *looks unsure*
  • Hancock:- Can. Shit Danse, you’re gonna be fine. We’re buds
  • now.
  • Danse:*groans*
  • Hancock:*laughs*

temari has a lot of pent up frustrations and anger from always feeling like she had to be in charge, and always trying to balance her father’s expectations with her siblings’ needs. she feels like everything matters and it matters So Much. everything is so much. nothing is minor. and shikamaru helps her let herself not care sometimes. and not feel sometimes. and just punch out once in a while. just punch out and let someone else worry about it for once. and it’s good. 

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how do u feel about one of the erins saying greystripe will DEFINITELY choose silverstream, even if millie was stated to be going to starclan. idk i know he loved silverstream but he was with millie for YEARS as opposed to a month or two with silverstream. idk how to feel to be honest

Hhhhhhh Idk how to feel about that either…I really don’t like this whole “having to choose” thing because it is possible to love more than one person at once.  But I do think spending a lifetime with someone is significant rather than only a few months hhhhhhhhhhhh………The Erins are very into “first love = true love” which is sorta a bad mindset to have imo

Text: Bay

So you remember how that guy I bit just died? I remember once when I was like really young that someone took a chunk out of me instead and it’s like he had a different type of reaction. He didn’t die when I bit him back in return.

Hey everyone,

I am Alex(ander),i recently turned 18 = ) and i live in Greece.

Some of the things i love are:Videogames,Guitar songs,Movies/Tv Series,Running,Deep conversations and Animals :3

More about me:I am a really shy person at first but once i get to know someone then i cant stop talking :P also i am accepting so i dont really care about your gender/sexuality/religion/race.

I’m looking for internet friends(i would like them to be around my age so 16-19).

Feel free to message either on tumblr or kik



Open RP

(Dakota the actor)

Dakota tapped his fingers against the bar table, reading as he waited for nothing in particular. He didn’t seem to aware of the room, just smirking a bit like a dumbass at the book in his other hand.

But that dumb smirk didn’t really change the fact that he was quite the looker. A very approachable looker. He barely noticed the flustered giggles and ogling, he was kind of used to it.
But he soon lifted his head once someone approached, giving a smile and set his book down.

“Hello~ there.”


I was lucky to meet this random player online whose Tetris skill level were somewhere around my Puyo skill level, so it was fun to play some proper matches against someone without being completely destroyed for once.

Here are some of our matches, I only happened to save 3 replays.

(I was playing as Maguro, that purple haired guy)

Unsettled: Part 13

For some love is simple. A certain person appears in your life and that’s it. No more searching. For most it is messy; a complicated weighing of pros and cons - fights, blissful moments, and everything between, forcing you to decide what you can live with and what you can’t. When you met Tom you thought you were one of the former. And then? He cheated.

Part One: Betrayed             Part Two: Battle Lines    
Part Three: Barricaded       Part Four: Bare          
Part Five: Brittle                  Part Six: Breathless
Part Seven: Burden            Part Eight: Bête Noire    
Part Nine: Becalm               Part Ten: Borrowed Trouble
Part Eleven: Broken            Part Twelve: Bedtime Story

And now…

PART 13: Blue

Once someone’s hurt you, its harder to relax around them,
harder to think of them as safe to love.
But it doesn’t stop you from wanting them.

– Holly Black – White Cat

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Class Episode 2

Oh, I love dragons

I had a PE teacher like that once.

Someone give Ram a hug.

Charlie needs to learn some more about humans.

Miss Quill is definite a bitch, but I like her.

Class is using all the blood Doctor Who has not used in ten years.

Seriously, someone give Ram a hug.

Ouch, I think the next rewatching of Into the Dalek is going to be weird.

Ram’s father could give Miss Quill a couple of lessons about how to chill.