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The Upside of Falling Down {teaser}

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You never expected university to be easy.

When you walked up the steps of Columbia University for the first time freshman year, you had known that the path ahead of you would be hard.  Extremely difficult, even, but nothing had prepared you for the hurricane that would be your life for the next ten months.  Between the all night cram sessions, endless term papers, lab studies, and regular class hours, you were emotionally, mentally, and even physically drained by the time you finished your final exams.  As you packed up your freshman dorm, you remembered how excited you had been while decorating it for the first time, and shook your head at how naïve you had been.  Freshman year left you beaten, bruised, and with permanent bags under your eyes, but at least it was done.

Now, walking into your sophomore year, you knew what to expect.  You knew what had to be done to manage your time and your life.  You knew what study methods worked for you, and what didn’t.  You knew when it was wise to go to a party and when to stay in to finish your English literature essay.  You knew which friends to avoid during exam week so they wouldn’t whisk you off to a frat kegger, and which friends would hold up flashcards to help you study. You knew what profs gave retests, where the best snack places were on campus, the best study corrals in the library. You knew the name of the librarian that would spend his time helping you find all the resources you needed for your chemistry write up, and the emails of every TA for every one of your classes. Unlike last year, you were prepared. You were ready.

But you weren’t ready, however, for the biology fieldtrip to Thatcher State Park, the fall you were about to have, and the unexpected consequences that would follow. There was no way to study up on how to keep a secret.  There were no flashcards on what to do if one of your classmates entrusts you with their life.  There was no way to prepare for Peter Parker.

The Upside of Falling Down {part i} coming August 25th

What is with people either thinking that Niall is going to be, or that he should be, or that they want him to be, someone else’s tour opener..? I don’t understand.

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Wow okay excuse me while I have an emotional breakdown because I literally have NOTHING prepared, ideally I would have loved to organize something awesome to properly give back to y’all but the truth is I reached this milestone while I’m the most busy I’ve been in years probably and I really don’t want to disappoint you all by never tackling the prompts (I mean all I can do is write and I’m a damn slow writer which uhhh doesn’t really work well if you want to please people by writing things for them) BUT this is also the only way I have to do something nice for my followers????????? 

So if y’all don’t mind waiting (AND I MEAN I DON’T KNOW HOW LONG YOU’LL HAVE TO WAIT SO BEAR WITH ME I’M ON MY KNEES HERE) you can send me prompts and I’ll TRY to write as many drabbles as I can but you all have to be super patient with me because as I said not only am I super busy, I also have the shitbang to think about which is gonna be soon and I’m drowning in anxiety so uhh sorry this followers celebration is me being a mess but ?? that’s all I can do now so I hope you understand and please don’t hesitate to send me prompts and don’t get mad at me if I never get to write yours but please understand that sometimes a writer just doesn’t feel a prompt you feel me my dudes/gals/nonbinary people?? 

Okay so!!!

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  • Please don’t just send me the number, copypaste the prompt sentence THANK YOU. 
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  • I’ll only be doing OTAYURI for these to make my life slightly easier.

ALTERNATIVELY if you want you can submit something and you can obviously send me nice messages (lbr you can never get enough of those).

THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING and I’ll reblog this a couple of times until this Thursday (August 24th) and then I’ll close my mailbox for a couple of days.

TL;DR: I’ll try to write as many drabbles as I can but I can’t promise when I’ll do it; mbf; only Otayuri soz.

Again, thank you for your support, whether you’re someone I talk to regularly or you’re one of my regular anons or even someone who never interacted with me directly.

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AU where Harry grew up in Neverland, Uma's a Neverland mermaid (complete with tail and a desire to drag people underwater if they get too close). Go wild!

oh worm? this is great and i’m ready to be real extra™

- harry gives zero fucks about peter pan. when he was younger, he held the same hatred for peter pan as his dad. but as he got older his opinion changed. that rivalry is his father’s business and he’s content to sail around neverland and cause mischief and terrorize others. he’s probably encountered peter pan more than once and whenever they cross paths, it’s kind of an unspoken agreement that harry won’t tell his dad that he saw peter and peter won’t interfere with whatever he’s doing as long as it’s not too bad. he’s really making a name for himself, separate from his father. some might even say he’s scarier.

- uma is still a sea witch and ursula’s daughter but she’s migrated to neverland, away from her mother. she lives primarily in the ocean and her form is the same as the one in the movie (so that counts as a mermaid right?) she’s not as much of a recluse as her mother and she does hang out with the few mermaids she respects. most of them are afraid of her. while harry rules above the sea, she rules under it. it’s what leads to them eventually meeting.

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I just wanna let hoseok know that he can take however long he wants on the hixtape. If he’s not happy with the hixtape then he’s just not happy like he’s a perfectionist he’s going to doubt himself even when we know the hixtape will be amazing but no matter what but we are going to keep supporting him and keep sending him love so he can see how many people are behind him supporting him while he finishes completing the hixtape the way he’s happy with.