but for now it looks all right

I get more and more scared
I’m running but my feet and heart forget why
Dreams just become baggage now
My only hope is to just leave it behind and run
Rushing myself to take just one more step
But when I looked up, I’m right in front of a cliff
I look back and all these expectations are lined up behind me
It pretends to support me but it’s pushing my back
—  에픽 하이 (EPIK HIGH) - 빈차 (Home Is Far Away) (Feat. OH HYUK)

no I don’t know why there’s so many goblins knocked out in my Lawn. i been studying the constellations all day, reading about the Groll right now…. and look there’s Durgle’s Crest

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Could you see Ohm as maybe Nick Bateman? Tbh he's almost exactly how I picture Ohm a lot

Ok, I just googled him and holy mother of Jesus in a tank! That guy is hot! 🤤

I can totally picture Ohm like that, just not as ripped. Maybe a little thiccer, because we all like thicc guys, right? Thank you for that. I didn’t have a specific image for Ohm before and now you gave me a great one!

looking at my raider.io and wowprogress right now, and im the 3rd best dh tank on wyrmrest accord, and the 24th best tank over all classes. which, given the size of wyrmrest accord, is impressive! but for those of y'all afraid of tanking, just hear me out here.

back when i first started playing demon hunter, i played it as tank, however i was DEADLY afraid of tanking anything. hell, i queued as a dps in tank spec bc of it. it took me a month, but i decided i wanted to actually tank for real. i signed up for my guild’s raid group, and that’s how i became my guild’s off tank for heroic/normal emerald nightmare!

now to be fair i was terrible. i didnt know what an interrupt was for three months. i didnt know what the fuck a rotation was either. stat weights, the fuck were those? but i slowly learned over the course of time what the fuck to do. and now im here today, one of the best on my realm!

basically, what im saying that just forcing yourself through the anxiety will help you a TON. i had it too. ask around for tips and tricks! do some research! all of the information is out there, but in the end its up to you to kickstart it! you may not be godly at first, but it takes practice!

Okay I really dislike having discourse on the blog so last thing about this: 

I acknowledge it’s not all Twitter stans, but it is quite a lot and many of whom are big in the fandom/stan twitter. People have the right to express discomfort with creepy behaviour - if you feel attacked by this statement then maybe take a look at your own behaviour. 

People are not saying explicit things about Derek on tumblr lmao. Maybe they did in the past, I didn’t see posts like that, but it’s not happening now. It’s not a crime to think Ramin is attractive lmao and many of us are uncomfortable with glebya and have stated so in the past. 

Omg I’m so annoyed I’ve been making an active effort all day not to think about my crush (for several reasons) and it was like fine because I never see him but then OF COURSE HE’S SOMEHOW WALKING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and I’m just like so distraught and annoyed because this wasn’t supposed to happen so instead of talking to him I just sped walked in front of him and now I’m extra annoyed because it’s like 1) ofc I would see you on the day I declare I want to stop thinking about you which made me less likely to talk to you on top of my shyness and 2) IF I DID SEE YOU THEN WHY DIDN’T I JUST SAY HI ugh why am I so incompetent 

I also look like trash today because this morning I was like it’s whatever you literally never see him anyways so stop imagining seeing him but then of course I actually see him !!! literally why 

Martin Wallström on working w/ Rami Malek

The gay continues! Since y’all wanted more, here’s the second part where Martin pretty much swoons over Rami lol. He speaks with such adoration in his voice. I’m deceased.

Karsten: How’s Rami like, then? Who plays Elliot, the main character we get to follow in this hacker thriller. He’s sort of appeared out of nowhere, too, and now everybody seems to know who he is. How does your relationship look like? You work pretty closely, right?

Exactly! Actually, in the first season we kind of kept our distance from each other, and it did some good. Having that sort of distance worked out pretty well.** Now, for season two I think we’ve let that go for a bit and… he’s… such a role model for us all. He’s so… generous, and he’s… of course, a very good actor, and… he’s just so damn good to work with. He remembers the names of everyone on set, always gives his all without complaining, it’s like… it’s just too good to be true.

♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

**before y’all start despairing, they kept their distance from each other on purpose to maintain a real tension for the actual scenes they did together. Much like Bill Skarsgård did with the IT kids.

After Midnight

For Feuilly Week 2017: A look at Feuilly and Combeferre’s shared interests.

Arriving to an evening hangout after midnight either means everyone is lounging about drowsily or that everyone is just getting fired up. Tonight it seems to be the latter. Grantaire is a little surprised by that, because this is a hangout at Enjolras’ and Combeferre’s place. That’s one of the reasons he’s late, gathering courage and all that. What he finds upon entering their living room isn’t the comfortable, but quiet scene he was expecting though. First of all, Combeferre was singing just now

“No, come on,” he snickers, pulling on Feuilly’s sleeve. “You can do it.”

“Fine, fine,” Feuilly grins. He taps a rhythm with his foot and sings: “Immanuel Kant was a real puissant, who was very rarely stable-”

“Evening,” Bahorel nods at Grantaire, handing him a beer.

“Thanks,” Grantaire says, both to the greeting and the drink. He frowns as Feuilly stumbles over the pronunciation of his words and he and Combeferre both burst out laughing. “Are they drunk?” he asks.

“Feuilly isn’t,” Bahorel says cheerfully. “He can take his alcohol. Not sure about Ferre though.”

“I can’t do this one,” Feuilly grins. “I keep tripping over Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.”

“Who doesn’t,” Combeferre sighs, letting himself fall back onto the couch and reaching for an almost empty glass of wine.

“I can sing the Rhubarb Tart one,” Feuilly offers with a grin. “I know that one by heart.”

“Yes!” Combeferre lights up. “Yes do!”

“Hold this?” Grantaire mutters, handing his beer back to Bahorel.

“Hm?” Bahorel hums, taking the bottle.

“If Ferre and Feuilly are going to be singing Monty Python all evening I am at least getting some physical proof,” Grantaire said, taking out his phone.

“Oh is that what this is,” Bahorel snickers. “Yeah, fair.”

Grantaire is just in time to film Feuilly attempting to drag Combeferre off the couch and back on his feet, singing in a voice that is remarkably clear considering the repressed laughter:

“The principles of modern philosophy
Were postulated by Descartes.
Discarding everything he wasn’t certain of
He said ‘I think therefore I am a rhubarb tart!”

All of the stars // A Reddie fic

Part 2/?

Part one here

Warnings: Again, mentions of suicide and swearing. 

Eddie threw his head back in laughter making Richie’s smile grow. They’d been driving for about twenty minutes, listening to music and singing. Richie was now making bad parodies on different people, making Eddie’s stomach hurt with happiness and Richie had never been happier than right now. He reached over and turned the volume of the music down a bit and then glanced over at Eddie. Eddie was scrunched up in the seat, head thrown back against the seat, cheeks pink, eyes shut and lips curled up into a huge grin. His hair was all messy and Richie had never seen anything more breathtaking. He wanted to take a picture of Eddie like this. He wanted to look at him forever. And he hoped he would be able to. That somehow he would end up in a place where he could drive around with Eddie all day making him laugh like this.
Eddie wanted the same thing. He wanted for this to never end and the thought of more car rides like this with Richie made his heart happy. Of course he didn’t know that tonight would be the last time Richie would ever make him laugh like this.

Eddie’s laughter died down and he caught his breath. He then turned his body a bit to look at Richie properly.
“So. Are you gonna tell me where we are going or are we just going to drive around like this the whole night?”, Eddie asked with a raised eyebrow. He wouldn’t mind the latter option. He would be the world’s happiest no matter what they did as long as they were together. Richie just shook his head and smiled softly.
“Patience Eds. We’re almost there”. Eddie rolled his eyes but the smile was still planted on his lips.
They drove for five more minutes and Richie then stopped the car in front of an arcade.

It seemed to Eddie as if they were parked in the middle of nowhere trees surrounding them so he looked at Richie, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Richie just smiled and opened his door gesturing for Eddie to do the same, so he did. Richie walked over to him and grabbed his hand. Eddie was still confused but he knew that Richie probably had a plan.
And Richie did. There was a little lake if they walked for a bit so he leaded the way, holding Eddie’s hand.
“Are you leading me into the wilderness to kill me Tozier?”, Eddie joked and Richie winked at him.
“Oh no. You figured me out. Damn it. Now I’ll have to show you this beautiful lake instead”, Richie sighed and gestured towards the little lake in front of them. Eddie looked in the direction and felt his stomach flip.
It was beautiful. The sunset throwing pink and orange shades across the sky. When Richie saw Eddie’s reaction he smiled proudly and put his arm around his smaller boyfriend, pulling him into his side.

“Beautiful isn’t it?”. Eddie couldn’t do anything but nod. He then pecked Richie’s cheek softly.
“It’s amazing Rich”. Richie nodded and then lead Eddie down to the grass and sat down, padding the grass beside him. Eddie sat down, instantly feeling Richie’s arm around his shoulders. Eddie felt like the happiest boy in the world. The happiness wouldn’t last though. In less than 24 hours Eddie would be heartbroken. And Richie knew it. Making it harder for him to enjoy the time with his boyfriend. The thought of Eddie hurting was unbearable but Richie himself couldn’t stand to hurt anymore either. And maybe Eddie would get over it pretty fast. A part of Richie hoped he would. But another part of Richie, the selfish one, hoped he wouldn’t. The selfish, awful part of Richie wanted Eddie to hurt for a long time. He wanted for his death to affect Eddie, because the thought of Eddie getting over it almost before it ever happened scared the shit out of Richie. Because what if he meant so little to the person who meant so much to him? He couldn’t stand the thought. He shook it off and took a deep breath before looking down at the literal angel by his side. They sat in silence watching the sunset until Richie suddenly stood up, making Eddie give him a confused look. When Richie started taking off his jacket and t-shirt Eddie blushed and tried to figure out what to do with himself.
“What are you doing?”, he asked, making Richie laugh.
“I’m going in the lake and there’s no way I’m ruining my clothes”, he said and winked at Eddie. In reality it really didn’t matter because he was never going to wear them again. But he wanted Eddie to be able to have them. He thought he’d might like that.
Eddie shook his head but stood up as well.
“You’re insane Richie”, he giggled and Richie pulled him into his arms and kissed his cheek.
“I know. Now are you coming in with me?”, he asked while pulling off his pants so that he was now in his underwear.
“As long as you keep those on”, Eddie chuckled and started taking off his clothes as well, folding them neatly. Richie looked at him, adoration in his eyes. Eddie could literally be vacuuming the floor and Richie would be near drooling. Everything Eddie did made Riche go heart eyes and getting undressed was definitely not an exception. Eddie caught Richie staring at him and felt the heart rise in his cheeks.
“Stop looking at me like that”, he mumbled and Richie just grinned.
“Because it’s fucking weird you asshole”.
“I love you Eddie. I fucking love you more than anything, fuck”. Richie had said the three words before, many times. But the only time it had ever sounded so heartfelt and delicate was the first time. And then now. The emotion in Richie’s was made Eddie stop for a bit. It almost sounded like Richie was about to cry.
Richie was.
He turned his head to look at Richie and the smile on his face made Richie feel like he could break any second. He meant it when he said he loved Eddie. He loved Eddie more than anything. There was no way Richie would ever be able to do anything if it wasn’t for Eddie. Richie would have been death a long time ago if it wasn’t for Eddie. And it wasn’t that Eddie wasn’t still Richie’s rock. The problem was that all of the struggles weighing down on Richie had gotten too heavy. Eddie was no longer enough.

“I love you too Richie”, Eddie answered, still blushing. Richie then ran and jumped into the lake, making Eddie laugh. He followed quickly and jumped in after him, the cold water surrounding him. When his head was once again above water his eyes caught Richie.

And for what felt like hours they just goofed around in the water, splashing each other and having fun.
They were now laying on the top of Richie’s car, the late summer heat drying their bodies as they listened to toto and gazed at stars. To Eddie this was the best night he’d had in a long time and he thought that Richie looked a lot happier as well. It wasn’t a secret to Eddie that Richie had been feeling down lately. Everybody could see it. But he seemed so happy now. So carefree and Eddie hoped that it had just been a bad period for Richie.
Richie thought that this was the perfect way to spend his last night. With Eddie, seeing that perfect smile of his, hoping it’d never dissapear. At least not for long.

“I wish we could do this more often”. Eddie’s voice was low and soft making Richie’s heart ache.
“Yeah. Me too”, he mumbled looking over at his boyfriend beside him. He felt so bad because they would never do this again. And suddenly he hated himself for not doing this with Eddie more often. There were so many thing Richie wanted to do with Eddie. He wanted to take Eddie on cute dates like this. He wanted to take Eddie to prom. He wanted to look at small apartments and go furniture shopping with Eddie. Hell, he wanted to see Eddie walk down the aisle. But that was never going to happen. And he prayed he’d get to see Eddie do all of those things anyway. Even if it was with another person. He just wanted Eddie to be happy and smiling.

Richie drove Eddie home around 1 am. Both had swollen lips and red cheeks as he parked the car in front of Eddie’s house. Eddie looked at the tall boy and a smile formed on his face.
“Thank you so much for the best night ever Richie. Next time I’ll plan the date”, he said making Richie want to cry for the hundredth time that night. He smiled though but just nodded. He then leaned over at kissed Eddie softly, putting every emotion into the kiss. When he pulled back he rested his forehead against Eddie’s and kept his eyes shut. He sat there for a while enjoying the comfort of being with Eddie and then opened his eyes again.
“See you tomorrow Rich. I’ll be off work at 3pm”, Eddie said and Richie smiled, hoping Eddie wouldn’t see the sadness behind. This was the hardest goodbye Richie had ever had to say. Because it was for good. It wasn’t just a “see you” as usual. It was a goodbye.
“Goodbye Eds. I love you. Always remember that, please”. Eddie looked confused for a second but then nodded slowly.
“I love you too Richie. I won’t forget. I promise”, he said and opened the car door and got out. Richie watched him walk into the house and as soon as the door closed he broke. He drove away from there tears streaming down his face. When he got home he went up to his room and locked the door. Then he took of his jacket and put it beside the box on his table.

Everything hurt. The thought of saying goodbye to Eddie, the thought of leaving all of the losers behind. But the relief of never having to deal with his demons again overshadowed all of that. He’d never have to stare at himself in the mirror, sobbing, as he wondered what he did wrong. He’d never have to lie about the bruises on his face. He’d never have to pretend to be alright when in reality he was falling apart. He was done. And it felt so good.

Eddie had felt like this was the start of something. The start of relationship with a happy Richie. He wasn’t even able to sleep thinking about the perfect night he’d had. But soon he’d know why the voice in the back of his head kept telling him that something was wrong. He’d know why the starts seemed to turn off as he starred out of his window that night. He’d know why the world seemed to lose it’s colors. He’d know. But for now, he fell asleep with a lovesick smile on his face, clueless to the boy hanging from the ceiling at the Tozier house. 

Hii. So this was part two of all of the stars. This chapter was really hard for me to write, so if it’s not amazing that’s why. It might seem like the story would end here, but no. Because the heartbreak has just begun. 


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liz :D I sent you something on curiouscat can you check it pls?? ♥️♥️♥️


you guys this anon sent me a link to a video with footage of when i met selena look at us i’m crying

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I am naturally small, I'm tiny. But still of course Ana says it isn't enough. In most people's eyes I would look like a "thinspo girl". But it isn't enough. I've tried recovering several times (by myself) and have relapsed several times as well. I just want to be normal and other times I want to be thinner than I am now. I feel like I'm just being dramatic (even though we all know that having an ed is tough), I can't ask for help because of the horrible reaction I got last time I asked for help.

I don’t know who gave you that reaction but please dont give up, you deserve recovery. Maybe it wasnt the right person, maybe it wasnt the right time but you should ask for help again. If people you are close with doesnt help you please seek medical help.

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I normally don’t feed into so called insiders on twitter but there’s this once account who has the most credible information I’ve seen and we shouldn’t worry about ot5 or their contracts. Things are looking up 🙏🏽

That’s so good to hear.

Now, can we all just sit back and relax, and enjoy Taemin’s promotions, and look forward to the Shilla Beauty Concert, and Jjong’s concert and new solo album, and I guess It’s wishing for too much for them to surprise up with a new Japanese Christmas release…aahhh, wouldn’t that be nice? Another Winter Wonderland type song just in time for Xmas.

You guys can handle all that stuff, no problem, right?

Wait, that does seem like quite a bite to squeeze into just 2 months…

SHINee can handle it…they can do pretty much anything. They are five pretty damn amazing guys. SHINee FIGHTING! Shawols FIGHTING!

It’s all gonnna be pretty good and pretty busy in the SHINee world until Christmas…it’s a good thing! :)


Vivid stood and grabbed Lenox’s hands,placing them on her stomach. After a few moments,Lenox felt a little nudge under his palm.

Lenox Dash: Was that a kick?

Vivid: Uh huh.

Lenox Dash: Wow…does it feel weird? Like,you’re feeling that from inside your body…

Vivid: *giggles* A little bit,yeah.

Lenox looked up at Vivid as she was looking lovingly down at their hands on her stomach. Despite how sick she had been,Vivid was dealing with all of this with no complaints. It was incredible.

Vivid: *yawns* Mmm…I think I’m tired enough to sleep now.

Lenox Dash: Oh…right. Forgot how late it was.

Vivid leaned in and kissed Lenox gently on the cheek,just as she had at the romance festival…

I’m not dead, but my blog probably is.

I’m not saying I’m never going to post again, but real life has snuck up on me and I don’t really have the time, energy, or motivation to keep up with politics right now, let alone to comment on them. Of course, I could turn around and start regularly posting again tomorrow; the world is a mysterious place.

I recently graduated college and I’ve been looking (with no success) for a professional job, which is a time consuming, spirit breaking process. I don’t have it in me right now to care about some mouth-foaming, self-righteous douchebags when I’m stressing about being a grade-A failure at real life.

When I made this blog, I never in a million years imagined I’d have 100 followers, let alone over 1,000. Y’all really know how to make a girl feel special, you know? I achieved a tiny sliver of Tumblr success, and it’s one of the coolest things that has happened to me in my life.

I’m not going to say my blog is 100% dead, but you can continue to expect more general silence with the occasional reblog/original post every now and then. Basically I’m just addressing the fact that I haven’t posted in forever, and will likely continue to not post anything for long stretches of time.

As a condolence, here is a little bit about me, as I’ve always been pretty vague about who I am, as I’ve always believed that my age, race, or gender doesn’t matter, rather that what I have to say is what should be the most important thing. But I digress.

I’m a moderately attractive 23 year old (single) white female who recently graduated college with honors, and finally lost their freshman 15 (or 30 in this case). I was a hairline away from being classified as obese, and over the summer I made some life changes and got myself back to where I should be. I can fit back into my pants from high school, which is awesome.

I don’t really align with any particular political party, and I don’t truthfully know where I fall on the political spectrum. I don’t care if you’re gay and want to get married. I don’t care if you are trans or declare yourself as some made-up gender. I don’t care if you get gender reassignment surgery or transition. 

What I do care about it when children are allowed to transition, as it’s a major life change that should be carefully thought out once you’ve reached adulthood. You can ask me to call you “they” to “zee” or whatever, I don’t really care, but what I do care about is when legislation is being pushed to make it illegal or a hate crime to misgender someone. If I want to call Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson a female and only use female pronouns to describe HER, I should have the freedom to do so.

I believe in freedom of speech for everyone. I don’t like it when groups try to silence other groups or individuals. Everyone has the right to speak their minds. 

I don’t personally believe in abortion, but I’m not going to hold it against someone if they’ve had one. I might be disappointed, but I’m not going to hate someone because they chose that option. I do believe there should be a more specific, possibly federal, cutoff date for termination. With technology advancing as quick as it is, the viability of a fetus gets sooner and sooner, depending on where you are in the country. 

I support the second amendment, even though I don’t own a firearm myself. Yes the amendment was written when we only really had single shot muskets that took a while to load, but that’s all the government had as well. I don’t think the average Joe needs a fully-automatic weapon, but those are already highly regulated and mostly illegal to own. The purpose of the second amendment was for citizens to be able to protect themselves from government tyranny, which has been an integral part of the development of our nation.

I support Donald Trump. I don’t support the Republican party, but I support Donald Trump. I supported him during the general election, mostly because he’s everything traditional politicians aren’t, and I feel that’s what we need. I can’t say I’m up to date with everything Trump’s done in office, but I do fully believe he has the nation’s best interests at heart. I don’t believe he is this evil creature the media makes him out to be. He certainly is a character, and I appreciate how he calls out North Korea, since they are getting a little too full of themselves. He is showing that we are not afraid, and I think that is very important.

I think that about covers it. Cool. I will talk to y’all later I guess?

Fictober 5-Sentence Challenge: Day 23 - Hot Chocolate

Fandom: Fairy Tail

“Here, take it,” Natsu pressed the cup of hot chocolate into Lucy’s hands and smiled. “Them running out right now means you get to warm me up instead of that drink.”

“But,” said Lucy, “I know how much you were looking forward to coming here - we went across town for this café!”

“I’ve got an idea, take a sip,” urged Natsu, “and then let me have a taste,” his smile turning sly.

Lucy did as she was bid, not surprised at all when Natsu swooped in for a forceful kiss - this was her preferred method to warm up anyway.