but for now i'm working with what i've got


Whaddya’ mean it’s not “National kidnapping Day”??? C'mon, Daroga.…

{I know the holiday was Monday but I took a nap today instead so here we are.}

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Oh fan-bloody-tastic, now one of Mycroft’s minions has beckoned me into a car to go to another unknown location. I’m getting tired of the Holmes brothers not understanding how to communicate in ordinary ways. I’ve got a phone, Mycroft. It’s on, it’s working. Give me a buzz next time, alright.


Commissions are finally up and open!

aaaaaa I’m so nervous but anyway I’ve finally got to the point where I can finally do commissions for you guys! These are the current prices so I’m sticking to them for now, but we’ll see how it goes down the road.. >u>

Please read the info below if you’re interested!

What I will do:

  • Ponies (hybrids included)
  • Humans (chibi only for now)
  • Mild gore (cuts, bruises etc.)
  • Fanart

What I won’t/can’t do:

  • NSFW
  • Mecha/robots
  • Fetish art
  • Background

Important things to know when commissioning me:

I will not and don’t have to do your commission if there’s something I can’t and/or won’t do. (I’ll try to as much as possible though!)

You agree to my terms of service (please be sure to read!)

When you send me the details I’ll first do a sketch, which if you’re happy with then I’ll take the payment and continue! Unless it’s a sketch commission, in which I’ll have the payment first -w-

I take Paypal only ~ my e-mail is annekoart@gmail.com, which you can use for contacting me too.

When you’re writing me an e-mail about your commission,you must include:

  • Type of commission 
  • Paypal e-mail
  • Personality
  • Number of characters (1-3)
  • Reference image (if you don’t have one, you must provide a detailed description and example images.)
  • Deadline
  • Any extra details you may have ~

I can also design characters but that will cost you extra.

I will send you an invoice when I’ve received your order, please do not send me any money before that!

AS I FORGOT TO MENTION – I only have 3 slots atm, so order as soon as possible!

anonymous asked:

Hahaha I do not desperately crave your attention I was just simply stating what most people on here are thinking, being rude to your followers, the ones that have got u to where u are on tumblr is just disgusting, you should be grateful u have any at all. stupid ugly bitch!!! Go fuck yourself, there's way better writers on here that deserve there followers much more and are grateful for them, u will get no where acting like that!!!👋🏻

sorry anon

what’s that?

i can’t hear you





If you want to continue to educate me on how I got to ~where I am~ on tumblr, feel free to come off anon so we can finish this conversation privately. I won’t be publishing your anonymous messages anymore. 

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I’ve got the Timbs, the ripped jeans, the White T-Shirt ™ 

What do you guys think?

I will be working on Sims!Jimin soon because what kind of Jimin stan would I be if I don’t?

I’m a fucking child. I have been up for 20 hours now and can’t sleep and have class in 2 hours so what do I do? I texted this guy from work and asked if he will be my friend.
I, an almost 20 year old registered voter with a drivers license, half a degree in biology and chemistry, and at one point a minuscule amount of pride and self respect, texted a grown ass man and asked if he would be friends with me. Am I forward and open and super cool? Am I actually 7 fucking years old? Have I progressed developmentally even a little since middle school? Will I recover from a “no thanks” if that’s what the answer is despite my chronic fear of rejection? Will I be forced to quit my part time job due to the shame I may soon feel? Should I have chugged some NyQuil when I had the chance? Stay tuned for more updates on this episode of “Poor Decision Making Skills” with limited interruptions from my sponsors (my dealer, my tattoo artist, and soon my parents who are filled with almost as much shame as I am)

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Rainbow Dash suddenly enters the foster home, carrying two very large stacks of adoption papers. She'd actually taken the time to fill out every little thing, rather than half-arsing it like one would expect. First thing she did was look got someone to give the papers too, because, in complete honesty, she had no understanding of how the adoption process worked.

The foster parents were a pair of earth ponies, living not far from the Ponyville school. Seeing the mare with a stack of papers had them excited and surprised in equal amounts. Nopony came to them with paperwork already done, it was always worked out after they had chosen a foal. They ushered her into the office.

“Welcome, miss Dash isn’t it? We’ve never had anypony turn up at our doors with papers pre-signed like this… never knew you wanted a foal yourself.” The mare said, pressing back glasses against her face.

“Oh yes… err… I wouldn’t have thought it from somepony in the Wonderbolts, for sure…”

“Reserve, dear. But I’m sure you’re making more than enough to fit the bill! Shall we take a look?” Even doing procedures backwards, there was going to be a lot of work to go through.

ok today i remembered why i’ve never eaten a big mac? i looked at the picture of it on the menu and it had like another bun in the middle? that’s so fucking unnecessary? 

anyway, i know i should stop eating so much fast food but i have incredible coupons right now and i got a quarter pounder, a ceasar salad and a medium drink for like $4. the salad alone is usually $3-$4….

regretting my decision to buy inkheart. i read that book when i was in like 9th or 10th grade and i never finished the second one bc it was so boring. my plan was to buy the trilogy one book at a time to read them but now i don’t really want to spend the money bc of all the reviews, from what i’m seeing they got worse as they went lol, i’m probably just gonna read this first one to get my moneys worth and then donate it to my library

What's our goal on this trip? To catch Robin!!!

There are two kinds of bad clients.

The kind that are just assholes who clearly don’t think your time or effort is worth anything and treat you like garbage on purpose.

And the kind that are super sweet and nice, polite, good people who have no idea what they want and make you redraw everything a hundred times while they figure it out.