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Dipper - Majors in creative writing - 17
Mabel - Majors in mixed media art - 17

Mason - Majors in psychology - 21
Belle - Majors in fashion designer - 21

Tyrone - Majors in sport science - 19
May - Majors in human physiology - 19

(None of the Mabel’s are in it)

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A/N: So I decided to kill two birds with one stone and fill two prompts with one fic. A lot of you wanted to see Carlisle at work, doing his doctor thing, so I tried to show that with this fic. Also, sorry for the lack of writing. My job requires me to work Monday-Friday, so I’m still trying to find a way to work out the things I like to do around my schedule. I promise I’m going to try harder to keep posting, I just get really tired and need to lay off sometimes, y’know? Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy!


Anonymous said: Carlisle’s mate getting hurt, and he has to treat her in the hospital


jessicanjpa said: I would like to see anything with Carlisle at work in the hospital. Maybe something where his centuries of experience comes in handy saving a patient, or maybe his vampires speed/senses? (WC: 1,061 words)

Warnings: Mentions of attempted suicide, mentions of blood

“So, Dr. Cullen,” one of the bedside nurses, Janice, twirled a strand of her curly, orange hair between her fingers. “That was really sweet, what you did for that little boy who got a tonsillectomy.”

Carlisle looked up from his clipboard, smiling politely under the kittenish gaze of the nurse. “That’s very kind of you to say, but it was nothing really.”

“Oh, don’t be so modest,” she playfully slapped his arm, her hand lingering a little longer than Carlisle would prefer. “You didn’t need to buy that boy a toy, but you did anyway. That isn’t nothing.”

Carlisle bowed his head humbly, partly out of bashfulness, but more so to evade the uncomfortable flirtatious eyes that were raking his frame. “Well, we all knew he wasn’t going to eat any food unless we gave him something to make it worth his while. Sometimes we just need an incentive to keep us going.”

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  • me: I am a good musician. I should record something and put it on the internet so I can share my talent and love for music!
  • me: *watches musicians on the internet*
  • me: everyone is too good.i have nothing of worth to contribute. it isn't even worth trying i have 0 skill 0 creativity

i want you all to imagine dean at work while cas shops for furniture and stuff for their apartment, and dean just getting nonstop picture messages from cas and they’re all things like four variations on the same style of plate, cas asking him to choose one

this going on for like a week and by the end everyone at work starts teasing him about it bc he’s being so cute and domestic. dean of course pouts and glares, but always answers cas because building their life together is worth these assholes giggling and whispering about ikea

AU: Sweet Struggles of Rahkied Dragneel  Chapter 2: Unsuccessful Spying

 DShips: Rahkied x Dimaria/Laria + some Zervis

Tags: @thevampgirl19 @chychymazzu @black-cats-bring-good-luck @gelichina @lucy-tail @marumigamer 

Everyone was now getting use to the fact Dimaria and Rahkied were dating, well everyone except for Mavis. 

She spent her time pestering Rahkied about marrying Dimaria and them doing a double date. As you might guess Rahkied reaction to all of this was no 

Zeref on the other hand couldn’t care less.  Even though Mavis kept on pestering him to help her convince Rahkied to marry Dimaria.

Mavis burst into the room Zeref was in anxious but at the same time excited 

“What do you want me to do this time.”  Zeref asked uninterested 

“Rahkied and Dimaria ar…” Mavis was saying before she was cut off

“I do not care about whatever plan you have that involves my son and his girlfriend” Zeref told Mavis interrupting what she had been saying

“If you need me I’ll be outside the palace” Mavis said as she ran out of door.

Zeref couldn’t believe his luck, that is until he realised his key to his study was missing. Everything about this screamed Mavis. She knew he had important documents to finish and she wanted him to come with her. Well she wasn’t known as the fairy tactician for nothing.

A few minutes later Zeref found himself searching for Mavis. Suddenly a hand shot up from under a bush and dragged him down behind the bush

“Mavis what are you doing behind a bush?” Zeref asked looking at his wife 

“Shush your gonna get us caught!” Mavis whispered in Zeref’s ear as she pointed at the two people who were close to them 

It was no surprise to Zeref that those 2 people were Rahkied and Dimaria. Of course Mavis was stalking them

“Don’t you have anything better to do?” Zeref asked Mavis

“Actually no.” Mavis said sheepishly 

“You dragged me all the way here to spy on my son’s date!” Zeref said angrily

“You came here by your own free will!” Mavis retorted

“For my office keys!” Zeref replied

What Zeref and Mavis didn’t notice is that there argument had changed from whispering to shouting.

“What are you two doing here?” Dimaria asked looking at Mavis and Zeref arguing behind the bush.

The arguing ceased and Mavis began turning multiple shades of red,while Zeref sat there looking more relaxed then his wife.

“Ask Mavis” Zeref said calmly

“Why are you spying on our date!? ” Rahkied asked

“Uh um” Mavis said trying to speak properly and failing

Rahkied sighed before saying “Just don’t it again.”

The next day the palace was covered in video camera’s and their were guards everywhere.

That’s why the palace’s silence was broken by a pissed of Rahkied Screaming “MOM!!”

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note: new year, new tracker! as you can probably imagine, i meant to do this like a week ago and am late, as usual. it’s still going to take me some time to get to everything; i will probably never get caught up so NO PROMISES on when i’ll get all of this done. it seems like between my health and running an rp and generally business of life i’m always behind, but hopefully this is the first step in getting more on top of things. i’ve been feeling a lot better lately too, just been recovering from the holidays ;w; if i forget anyone on this list, please let me know! i am plotting with a ton of people and am likely to lose track, so if you aren’t on this list, feel free to poke me in an im again! (this goes for anyone i owe replies to that isn’t on here either.)

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I wanna punch things but also cry for 3 hours straight and stay in bed ain’t drama, hangover and period cramps a great combo

It’s 3:30 am and I’m still awake somehow,,, I WROTE SOMETHING THOUGH CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??

So this is it! The last update before I’m handing off to Anime North. The Last print with everyone from Dragon Age: Inquisition. <3

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