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A Complete Guide on How To Lucid Dream

Here’s my step by step complete guide on how to lucid dream. The most effective way to lucid dream (based on my research and personal experience) which may give you a lucid dream tonight!

This will be a combination of some already known lucid dreaming techniques which are WILD,WBTB,MILD, and FILD. Look it up on Google. 

1. Want it.

Yep. Power of the mind. You have to really want it and intend to do it. Try reading a lot about lucid dreaming during the day before you go to sleep at night. Tell yourself that lucid dreaming is easy,everyone can do it, and that you will lucid dream tonight. “Tonight I’m gonna realize I’m in my dream and I will control it.” or something like that. 

2. Go to sleep

Just go to sleep normally. Don’t attempt to induce lucid dream straightaway, it might lead to insomnia. Mind that you might have to have a good sleeping pattern first.

3. Wake up 2 hours before your normal wake up time

Set your alarm clock. If you usually wake up at 6 am, set the alarm at 4 am. I found that 4 am is best for me (after going to bed at 9.30 pm that night)

4. Stay up for 30 minutes

Try not to look at your phone or laptop screen. Sometimes I don’t know what to do to spend those 30 minutes either. Drink a glass of water, go to the toilet, I don’t know, anything to keep you from falling back to sleep. 

5. Go back to sleep

Now you can do this in 2 ways.

-> The first is just to simply go back to sleep.

-> The second is to induce lucid dream using WILD technique. We’re going to trick our body to think that we’re asleep eventhough our mind is actually still awake.

Go to bed and lie down on your back. Arms on your sides and feet not touching each other. Don’t move. Don’t scratch (unless it’s unbearable, go on and go back to position), don’t swallow (there’ll be an illusion of a building saliva and that you should swallow it, try not to. Swallowing will tell your body that you’re still awake. However, it’s not that prohibited. I found that swallowing is kind of alright. The key is to let it pass and not to concentrate on it.).

Sometimes it’s hard staying awake, because you may not think too much but may not fall asleep as well. If random thoughts pop up, just “look” at it but don’t interact with it. To stay awake, I usually do FILD (Finger Induced Lucid Dream) by imagining movements of my middle fingers and then my index fingers, like playing two keys on a piano. Middle finger pressing on the bed; middle finger lift. Index finger press; index finger lift, and so on.

Then these will happen:

1. You will enter sleep paralysis. In which you can’t move your body but you’re still awake. Breathing gets heavier. Some people found this scary which I don’t understand. So I suggest you to think positive and to know that sleep paralysis is normal and it happens every night. Your body does it to prevent you from moving and injuring yourself during sleep.

2. You will hear hallucinatory sounds. I usually hear music or birds tweeting. Mind that these sounds will be very very real, vivid, and sometimes loud.

3. You will enter the hypnagogic state. You’ll see colours and shapes through closed eyelids. Just watch it but don’t interact with it. 

And there’s a missing link in which I assume I simply let myself fall asleep altogether. 

6. You will enter the lucid dream

There are 2 ways : 

1. Out Of Body Experience

In which you wake up in your bed, do a reality check (pinch your nose and try breathing through it, if you can breathe means you’re in a dream). Yep you’re in a lucid dream now. I usually go and fly from my balcony after the reality check. 

2. Visualization

You’ll see shadows which will become more and more vivid, turning into a whole dream scene. Yep you’re in a lucid dream now.

6. Explore

Enjoy. Try to control your dream using the power of your mind. 

Some tips to stabilize your lucid dream when it’s fading:

- Rub your hands together

- Spin around

- Touch things, from your shirt to anything around you. 


1. If All Else Fails

If you have tried everything above but keep failing,try this way that works for me all the time. So, after you wake up naturally, go to the toilet etc. Then go back to sleep and attempt to do WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming). You must be in a comfortable state and (as much as you can) not hearing noises from outside. And while usually you try to concentrate on staying awake, this time try to concentrate on falling asleep. Fall asleep conciously. 

2. The (Not) Scary Part

So I recently found why some people are scared during sleep paralysis. I once saw a giant metal creature like the combustion villain in the movie Thor. And I once experienced feeling dragged down by vines during sleep paralysis. Now the key, is to stay positive. Everytime you feel or see anything disturbing or scary during sleep paralysis, calmly tell yourself that it’s all not real. Relax and say in your heart, “Pfft, this isn’t real. Stop it. Imagine beautiful flowers and focus on other things. Peaceful thoughts.” using a badass tone as if you don’t care. It’s all in your head so keep a positive attitude. Don’t panic and take control.

3. How To Resume

Sometimes while you’re in the middle of the dream it just fades to black. The easiest way to resume it is to stay in position and imagine the last scene/view before the blackout. Usually the scene will emerge from the darkness and poof you’re back.

4. Tips & Tricks

I found that it’s easier to induce LD during naptime. Or when you’re taking a nap while being sleep deprived.

I wrote about eating in a lucid dream here

That’s all from me. Have a nice dream. 

Sheith Fic Rec

I figured that I wanted to contribute to the fandom in some way and I read a lot of fics, so why not make a rec list? I included the summary for each fic, plus some commentary from me in italics. I hope the authors don’t mind that I linked them, at least the ones I know of. Thank you so much for contributing to this wonderful ship, it wouldn’t be as great as it is now without you. Feel free to talk to me about sheith anytime, I’d love to make more friends.

One-Shots (Canon-verse)

the whole town’s sleeping by astrainclinant (T) 18k 

Of inevitability and stars.

Alternatively, how Keith and Shiro come together.

Basically what I’d consider a classic Sheith fic, and a must read for any Sheith fan. I will never have the words to describe how I feel when I read this.

the fear of falling by amillionsmiles/ @amillionsmiles (G) 4k

Keith can pull off a downward spiral. It’s the kind of maneuver he does in his sleep.

Keith character study, with implied Sheith. Different attempt at Keith’s backstory.

 ‘til you set fire to my atmosphere by amillionsmiles/ @amillionsmiles (T) 2k 

And it’s like the first punch Keith ever landed on him: quick and glancing, right at the ribs, out of left field and yet simultaneously a long time coming.

Pining Shiro, because Pining Shiro is everything.

the body remembers (what the mind forgets) by ShirosRedKnight (SweetFanfics)/ @shirosredknight (E) 10k

Shiro’s fingers slide up to touch his skin, warm points of contact that make Keith shiver. “It’s just a year,“ Shiro reassures him quietly, "I’ll be back before you know it. It’ll be like the time you were studying to come here.”

His lips twitch up, trying to be supportive but it’s hard. Keith knows its the right thing to do, to be happy for Shiro. But it’s hard when he’s imagining a space without Shiro in it. Loneliness is already creeping up his torso, curling around his heart and lungs and choking the happy pride he feels for Shiro.

He already misses Shiro so terribly.

tldr: Keith and Shiro were together pre-canon but then Shiro went on his mission and came back with no memories of his time with Keith. How does one even begin to deal with the love of your life forgetting you?

That Shiro forgetting Keith and their relationship AU we all need. The feelings in this were A+.

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Iron Crown (II)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jinyoung

Rating: R

Warning: Vampire!AU

Word Count: 5,037

Summary: As the Crown Princess of Vitus, your land has always been peaceful. When your power-hungry Uncle decides to stop paying the tithe though, things take a turn for the worse. The vampires who reside in the mountains are not happy and in retaliation - they set their sights on you.

Originally posted by trajktgjnr95

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blossattic  asked:

Ta-da! I'm here again :D There is a nasty bug in the bedroom! More specifically, under the sheets. Girl thinks is the chocobro teasing her but oh no! Girl freaks out and the chocobro must deal with the bug and calm her down. What will the chocobros do? Thank you!

YAY !Welcome back! Here’s some tea and cookies, make yourself at home!

I just get a bottle of perfume and they’re dead!


Finally a time to unwinded, the end of the day where you get to cuddle up to your man and just forget the rest of the world exist. Pajamas set on! Pillows fluffed to maximum comfort, and lights down low and…

What was that? Was your sweetie trying to be cute!



“Noct…” You giggled, rolling over to press kisses against the the man, and see how far it would take you. Only to find your sweetheart was dead asleep, which shouldn’t have came as a surprise as the moment the man’s head hit the pillow he was gone from the world.

Yet that tickling sensation was still on your bare leg, turning on your bedside table lamp, and pulling back the covers you saw the large bug crawling on your leg.

Now Prince Noctis figured himself a heavy sleeper in his own home, with his beloved next to his side, but one thing that would wake him up without fail was the sound of said beloved screaming. Through a sleep filled mind, Noctis heard you shriek, than felt you toss the covers, before hearing you hit the ground twice as hard despite it being carpeted.

“Sweetie, what’s…”

“There’s a bug in the bed!” You screamed.

Never had Noctis been so awake so quickly, as he jumped from the bed, drawing a sword as he tossed back the covers, yet the bug had latched onto the covers, and with him pulling back the covers it resulted in the bug going with the covers right into the couples face.

Both you and Noctis let out screams of horror, as the bug flew through the air, only to land at your feet. Both of you panicking as you rush from the room, shutting the door behind you as you stuffed towels underneath the door frame to stop it from escaping.

As the two of you sat in the living room, trying to gain the courage to go and finish the job. Only for the two of you to jump as the front door open. If anyone asked if you thought it was the bug, you’d both deny it, but…

You both totally thought it was the bug.

Instead it was Ignis, apparently in the struggle one of your phone’s managed to dial the man, and left him a rather detailed message of the two of you screaming. Thinking the worse he rushed over, only to find it was a bug, that was quickly squashed, flushed down the toilet and the man was gone. Without a glance towards either one of you, he’d be pissed at the both of you that was for sure.

But hey, at least the two of you didn’t have to deal with it.



You giggled softly, “Pompom are you trying to tell me something.”

Prompto looked up from his phone where he was currently in a raid in King’s Knight, “What was that?”

You blinked in confusion, grabbing your own phone as you turned on the light, peeking underneath the covers. It was almost comical as you performed a double take, taking a picture, then slowly climbed from the bed, walking to the other side of the bed as you pulled your boyfriend from bed.

“What’s wrong?”

You looked to your phone, to the picture of the creature that dare disturb your space, and have the gaul to cuddle between you and your boyfriend like it was some type of adorable Chocobo, and not the hell on Earth that it was. Turning your phone to Prompto, you watched as those blue eyes, widen in panic.

Yet what threw you off, was that Prompto didn’t scream like you expected, he didn’t even let out a whimper. The blonde simply moved over to the closet, pulling out his dufflebag, than moving over to the drawers, grabbing a handful of both your clothes. Dumping them within the suitcase, zipping it, walking over to you, taking your hand and leaving.

Both of you in your matching Chocobo pajamas riding down the elevator, through the front door of your apartment complex, and down the street. All within silence, as you stood before a familiar door, a home away from home as it was. Prompto knocked on the door, as a lady open the door.

“Prompto, Y/n, it’s like 1 in the morning, what are you two doing here?” She muttered.

Prompto held up your phone, the woman glanced to Prompto than you, before stepping aside, motioning you two into the apartment. Setting you two up on an air mattress in the living room, before returning back to bed.

The next morning Prince Noctis awoken, to the smell of blueberry pancakes, shuffling through his living room in his boxers and tshirt, only to stare at the air mattress where his coffee table normally stood. With his best friend and his best friend’s girlfriend, cuddled together sound asleep. Shuffling into the kitchen, he saw his girlfriend making a stack of pancakes, and bacon.

“Morning.” He called pressing a kiss to her cheek, wrapping his arms around her waist.

“Afternoon, sweetie.”

“So any reason, Prompto and Y/n are sleeping in the living room?”

“From what I gathered, a bug was in their bed, so I figured they’ll be here for the next few days.”

Noctis nodded, it obviously made all the sense in the world.

“Now go wake them up, death from Pray Mantis must work up an appetite.”



You attempted to play hard to get, it was one of your favorite things to do with Gladiolus once in bed, feeling the tickle on your arm, going down your side. When suddenly it dawned on you, Gladiolus hadn’t gotten in the bed yet.

Pulling back the sheets, you were greeted to a house centipede having the nerve to touch you, “Gladiolus!”

Gladiolus quickly rushed into the room, from the joined bathroom, only to have his girlfriend suddenly launch at him. Which he quickly caught, thanks to years of training, but he was not prepared for her to climb him like a tree and latch onto his head.

“Babe, Babe.” Gladiolus called attempting to pry you from his head, only for every time he managed to unlatch a limb, you would hold firm with another limb. “Babe what’s wrong?”

“There’s a bug in the bed!” You screamed, arms wrapped around the top of his head, legs latched onto the broad shoulders.

Gladiolus managed to pull your leg down so that he could see the bed, only to find the house centipede hanging out on the bed, “That’s all?”

“It touched me!”

Gladiolus chuckled, as he stepped back into the bathroom, being certain to duck, so as not to accidentally slam your head into the doorframe. Grabbing some tissue paper before walking back into the bedroom, picking the offensive creature up, before walking back into the bathroom, making sure to duck, before flushing the foul creature down the toilet.

“Better?” He asked moving back into the room, going to climb into bed. Only for you to lean back, almost making him fall over. “What now?”

“I’m not getting in a bed that a bug was in.” You gasped horrified that he would even suggest something like that. “We have to change the sheets.”


You finally scaled down your boyfriend, going into the hallway to get new sheets. Stripping the bed, spraying it down with your lavender scented bed spray, putting on your new sheets, making sure everything was perfect and in place. Only to gasp, as Gladiolus jumped into the bed, messing up all your hard work, while he sat there doing nothing.


“Oh come here.” Gladiolus chuckled, reaching out an arm, dragging you into the bed. “So what does your brave hero get?”

You giggled playfully, “What does he think he deserves?”

“Well your legs around my head, got me thinking.”



Something was off, something was extremely off. This was not the beauty that was your Ignis’s graceful touch. This was not the delicate caress of the man you loved. No this was sinister, this was foul!

Snapping on the bedside lamp, you heard Ignis groaned beside you, “Darling?”

“I’m sorry, something touch me…HOLY SHIVA!” You shrieked, as you quickly jumped from the bed. “Ignis, there’s a huge bug in the bed.”

Ignis was wide awake the moment that you panicked, moving from the bed, as he moved over to you. He knew that you had a fear of certain bugs, taking your hand as he softly stroked the back of it. “Here, go get one of the plastic cups, and I’ll relocate him outside.”

You nodded softly, Ignis’s touch drawing you back before you could go into a full panic attack. Stepping from the room, as you went into the kitchen, pulling the recyclable plastic cups from the pantry, as you both needed them when Noctis and Prompto came to visit, along with a paper plate, so that Ignis could move it.

“Iggy.” You called stepping back into the room, finding that he had gotten his glasses.

“Will you be comfortable in here?” Ignis inquired, taking the plate and cup from you.

“I’ll be fine.” You muttered, as Ignis moved the blankets back, showing a large brown beetle sitting in the middle of the bed. Only for it to turn towards the man, as he rose the cup.

Both of you watched in confusion as it rose up, showing it front pincers to the man, before launching forward in flight.

“Fucking Hell!”

You didn’t know what shocked you more, the fact that the beetle could fly, or that Ignis had actually cursed before you, he would alway mutter curses, but this was a loud proclamation. You maybe had to go with the crusing, as Ignis jumped back before you, tossing a dagger at the creature easily piercing it after years of practice.

“Iggy Dear?”

Ignis smooth his bangs from his face, turning towards you, checking you over. “Are you alright. love?”

You nodded softly, apparently he hadn’t realized that he had cursed before you, “I’m fine, yet I think I’ll be shopping for a us a new mattress tomorrow.”

Ignis looked to the dagger in the bed before nodding softly, “I hope you do not mind sharing the couch with me this evening.”

“I’d love it.” You smiled allowing the man to lead you to the living room. After all Ignis cursing was rather hot, and adrenaline was still pumping, maybe you’d see if you could draw a few more curses from him tonight.

The Relationship Formula

⇢  Draco x Reader; Pure-blood Slytherin; Arranged Marriage; Requested

The foundations of a successful married union consisted of a similar social status, economic class, and financial welfare. A relationship built upon the pillars of infatuation and impulse was unlikely to endure the inevitable difficulties of life.

Beginning at a young age, strict principles of the trivial illusion of love and the necessity for esteemed marriage were intertwined with daily life. That is not to say you were taught that love did not exist; no, you were simply taught that the preservation of the sacred, pure-blood status was far more important than finding the alleged true love.

The Malfoys were a powerful, pure-blooded family, venerated by the elitist community. You were a part of the highly revered bloodline, the Y/L/N’s. Both families birthed great Slytherins in their namesakes. Thus, an arranged marriage that ensured the union between the two families came as a surprise to no one.

What was not expected, however, was an arranged union between you and the Malfoys’ only son, Draco, when he and your fraternal twin had already developed a much closer bond. At times, it seemed as if they may have loved each other.

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Climax of the Storm

Request: can i request a winwin smut pls i don’t care what it’s about but make him super dominant hehe thank u😄💕

Member: WinWin

Genre: Smut

Song: Mood Setter 

Note: Will I ever stop uploading when no one is awake? Find out next week on probably not. umm but I seriously think I’m getting better at smut like it still needs a lot of improvement but…I didn’t feel weird writing this one? Also, you said super dominant so, I tried!

“Here Y/A. You can sleep in my shirt for tonight.”

You looked up from watching the ending credits of the movie roll. Johnny was smiling down at you with one of his tee’s in his hand. You stood up from the couch and took the shirt from him while returning the smile.

“Thanks Johnny. I’m sorry to bother you. I really would’ve just been fine sleeping in what I’m in.”

He put his hand on your back and guided you towards the bathroom.

“Are you kidding? You would have been so uncomfortable in your jeans. Go ahead and get changed. You’re sleeping in WinWin’s bed right?”

You turned the knob of the bathroom while looking back at Johnny while briefly thinking of your best friend and his offer for you to sleep in his bed tonight.

“Yeah, he said I can sleep in his bed and he’ll sleep in Taeil’s since Taeil is at his girlfriend’s tonight.”

“Ok, cool. I’ll go help WinWin tidy up, his side is always a little messy.”

“Ok, thanks again!”

You entered the bathroom and changed into the shirt Johnny had loaned you. Due to his taller and more muscular stature, the shirt did hang very loosely on your body yet only stopped slightly above your bottom. You were starting to wish you had asked for some shorts but you figured you would be fine since you were going straight to bed anyway. You gave yourself one more onceover in the mirror and beelined for WinWin’s room. When you entered you saw WinWin and Johnny making the room a little more presentable for you, both of their backs turned towards you. You chuckled at their speed cleaning, as if you were their mother who had just returned home and they were trying to finish forgotten chores.

“Guys, you don’t have to make the room spotless. It’s just me, and besides my stay is unexpected,” you said motioning towards the thunder,  heavy rain, and lightning outside. Due to the bad weather, you and the other few members scattered around had decided it would be safer to just stay over at the dorm after your movie night together. That’s why you were now spending the night in your best friend’s Sicheng’s room with him.

They both turned towards you at the sound of your voice. You were expecting a response but all you received was two pairs of eyes dragging up and down your body. One boy seemed shocked and the other seemed oddly satisfied.

“Y/A. Whose shirt is that?”

You looked down at the shirt, tugging at it slightly to cover more of your thighs. You looked back up at WinWin and wordlessly pointed at Johnny with a blank stare on your face.

Johnny quirked an eyebrow and smirked while looking at WinWin.

“Why? Isn’t she cute in it?”

“I-I mean yeah but…I was going to give her my shirt,” WinWin answered under his breath. He looked away from you both and sat down on Taeil’s bed.

Johnny looked back at you and smiled.

“Well, I guess I’m gonna try and get some sleep now. This storm is so loud tonight but at least I won’t be able to hear much of Mark’s snoring. Goodnight Y/A!”

He brushed past you and pat your head on his way out. Once he left, you shut the door and scurried over to plop down next to Sicheng. He was absent mindlessly scrolling through his phone but as soon as he felt your side pressed against his you could feel him stiffen, causing worry to spread across your face.

“Are you ok Sicheng?”

He put his phone down and shifted slightly away from you.

“Yeah. I’m fine I just-the um storm! The storm has me a bit…distracted.”

You watched as his eyes trailed down your exposed legs and back up until you made eye contact once again. He gulped as he realized he had just been caught checking you out. He shifted again but this time you followed him and leaned into his side until he was almost hanging off the edge of the bed. Your own eyes trailed his lean figure adorned in basketball shorts and a hoodie. He gripped the bed sheets to keep from falling off as he leaned out of your reach. You began to back away so that he could sit comfortably. Once his guard was down again, you chuckled and placed your hand on his knee. You both watched your hand stroke his leg softly until you spoke once again to catch his attention.

“Sicheng, you aren’t nervous because of me, are you?”

You looked into his widened eyes and waited for a response. He licked his lips nervously, unsure of how to respond. His attractive best friend was flirting with him. Although, it would have been a lot easier to enjoy if you weren’t wearing another guy’s shirt. He was already beginning to get lost in dirty thoughts while he admired your body that was still leaning further towards him. Somehow, despite the baggy shirt you were in, he could still see the image of your body outline. He wanted to reach out and give into you but he wasn’t even sure on where he would begin or what he would do. Sure, he had dreamed about it often. Yet, your body was an untouchable sanctuary for the innocent Sicheng and even if you had always teased him just as you were now, he would only sit and imagine exploring your waiting body. He would never be brave enough to actually give into the tempting fruit you were offering.

He could still feel your hand stroking his knee. He pulled himself from his thoughts and slapped your hand away. He gently pushed you away until some space was put between you two once again. You would’ve loved to hear his response but you figured you had done enough teasing for the night as he avoided your eyes.

“Sicheng, I’m just joking with you, ease up! You cutie.”

You gave him a friendly slap on the back, leaving him with pinkened cheeks, and hopped off the bed to turn off the light before making your way towards your own bed for the night. You pulled the blanket up to your chin and got comfortable in the bed. You looked at Sicheng who was now getting comfortable himself by taking off his hoodie to leave his upper body bare. He settled down under his own covers. The only light coming into the room was a street light that wasn’t as strong due to the heavy rain. Occasionally, some lightning far off would flash from behind the trees scattered near the window, giving you a slightly clearer view of Sicheng’s bed. You occasionally peeked at your friend to see that he was facing away from you. He was still and unmoving, so you assumed he had already fallen asleep. You turned over on your back and watched the shadows from the window reflect and scatter across the ceiling. You began to think about your day and spending time with WinWin which led you to think about your relationship with him overall.  

You thought of all the times you had teased him just as you had done a few minutes before. You didn’t know why you did that. You used to think it was just because you liked seeing the cute and flustered reactions that Sicheng would give. A part of you knew it was a little something more. It was the small yet burning desire of him to stand up for himself and tease you for once. Make you feel hot and bothered while he controlled your reactions and left you with longing. You knew it was wrong to want to change your best friend with lust filled intentions behind your actions but you really couldn’t help yourself. He was just so submissive and you couldn’t help imagining what it would be like if he was more authoritative with you and only you. You peeked at Sicheng one more time before sighing at your ridiculous thoughts of a dominant Sicheng.

I must be really tired to be thinking about a possibility like that. I’m going to sleep.

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| Sick; PCY

Member: Chanyeol | EXO

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 3.8k

Summary: You were sick but that did not stop you and Chanyeol’s hormones from getting the best of you two.

Being sick could be a pro or con depending on how you looked at it.

People could say being sick is a blessing, due to the sickly being able to stay home from school or work. They could have an excuse for being lazy, a break from being expected of doing their normal routines. A day to nuzzle into a pile of blankets on the bed, or the couch, and sleep. Not having to worry about anything but getting better.

People could also say being sick is a curse. The runny noses, the coughs, the throwing up and many other nasty symptoms the sickness came with. A day filled with several trips to the bathroom and endless doses of medicine wasn’t fun. People would rather be healthy and dealing with their daily responsibilities than bedridden.

However, You were of those people who believed being sick was a blessing and a curse.

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“Little Did I Know”


After a long *long* hiatus, I have finally recollected my inspiration and I am back in time to celebrate our favorite *Academy Award Winning* movie with my man Mr. Scamander!

AU: Hogwarts (bcuz I’m trash for a school AU)

Word Count: 1333 (sorry kiddos I had a lot to write)

Warnings: So sweet you might get diabetes (also contains a timeline jump)

Without fuuuuurther ado!

Originally posted by claracivry

You stuffed your potions paperwork back into your briefcase, brushing your bangs out of your eyes and recollecting your thoughts. There was no clock in the Hufflepuff common room, but you didn’t need one to know it was late. Much later than a third year like yourself should be staying up. Yet here you were. And you know what could make you feel a hell of a lot better now? That fluffy brown hair. Those freckles and that wide goofy grin. You could listen to that boy all day. You could…

No, you willed your thoughts to halt, and clapped your hands down on the desk.

“No…” you swiftly pulled out the next set of paperwork, banishing any thoughts that weren’t related to polyjuice potions and proper cauldron cleaning.

You would often get on Newt for forgetting to clean his cauldron. He, of course, would assure you there was nothing to be worried about.

And it would blow up in his face every time. Quite literally.

You smiled fondly.

“Sporting a grin I see, may I ask why?” you hear that all too familiar voice call.

“Newt” you yelp in surprise, the papers you were holding were suddenly airborne.

“That’s me. May I ask, what are you still doing awake?” his puppy dog eyes squinted in concern. “It’s well past midnight”

“Is it? Why I haven’t even finished studying! This is all your fault anyway, for keeping  me up with those fascinating drawings of yours” You giggled in an attempt to wipe the worry off his face, but somehow your hysteria seemed to frighten him even more.

What? It’s not like you were drun-

“(Y/N) we have a big potions test tomorrow, the time for cramming has come and past.”

“You see Mister Scamander, there will always be a time for cramming” His smile widened, causing your’s too as well. Damn, this boy’s charisma was infectious.

“While I find our debates quite amusing, I’m afraid your well being must come first. Now go to sleep” He began to bend over and pick the discarded potions papers off the floor, most of which were either blank or covered in red marks. He studied one of your papers closely, eyebrows furrowed and nose scrunched. You couldn’t help but stare at how his eyes always maintained its light, even at God-knows-when at night.

“Why have you never asked me for help? (Y/N), we’re in this class together, how did I not know you were struggling?” Your attention was suddenly turned to the crisp paper in his hands, dread filling every crevice in your body.

“Oh my God I’m going to fail…” the realization dawned on you.

“Oh my God oh my God I’m going to stay at Hogwarts ‘till I’m thirty” you gathered your hair in your fists, staring off into nowhere in particular. “Newt I’m going to throw myself off the Astronomy tower.”

He suddenly rushed over to you, sensing your panic, and wrapped his warm hands around your wrists, trying to whisper any words of comfort. But you refused to meet his gaze.

“No, (Y/N), you’re not going to fail. It’s only one exam, you’re going to be fine. We are going to graduate and travel the world together. You, me, and who knows what else?! Maybe we’ll find a Niffler, how cool would that be? (Y/N) Look at me” You smile fondly at your best friend’s words, and turned your head in his direction easily.

“Maybe tomorrow won’t go so brilliantly, but I promise you will get a perfect score on the next exam. We will study for hours, just you and me, how does that sound? All you need is rest. Can you do that for me?” Your eyes wander down to Newt’s hands, still entrapping your wrists in the gentlest of grips.

“You always know what to say, Newt”

“I’ll take that as a yes. Now, I would carry you to your bed but I’m afraid that involves trespassing to places with cooties.” You let out a soft ‘pffft’  and ruffle his curly hair, making his freckled cheeks blush in embarrassment.

“Alright alright, only if you get to sleep too. That reminds me…why were you up Mr. Scamander at such an ungodly hour?” He pauses.

“I was…thinking” he admits, tilting his head to the side like a dog.

“About what?”

“About things. The future, our future, really.” Your sleep deprived mind was suddenly picked with curiosity.

“Our future? Tell me Newt, what lies in our future?” There was that grin again, and he ducked his head to hide his teeth.

“All the places we would visit. I was thinking we could start with Japan. I heard Occamies are native to the land, but I doubt we’d be able to find any.”

“Nonsense” you replied, your mind in a bit of a haze.

“I bet we’ll find a whole family with your luck! I can’t wait.”

“Yes, all of that is waiting for us if you go to sleep and not fail third year potions.” He then leaned down and pressed a kiss against your forehead, making your entire face heat up.

“You’re an asshole” you tease, attempting to swipe at him, but he was already up and out of the way.

“Goodnight (Y/N)” he called once again before disappearing up the staircase, leaving you with nothing but a dreamy feeling and a blush as red as a lobster.

You did end up lugging yourself to your bed half an hour later, instantly falling asleep as your head hit the pillow.

And you dreamed…

And you dreamed about Japan.

And you dreamed about Newt.

-Four Years Later-

“Newt! Come on we’re going to miss the train!” You called to your boyfriend as he scurried down the platform, his ridiculous blue coat and Hufflepuff scarf flapping in the wind.

“I’m coming! I’m coming don’t leave without me!” He finally caught up to you and the luggage, sweat visibly forming under his curly brown bangs.

You couldn’t help the smile widening across your face.

“And he crosses the finish line with two minutes to spare!” you exclaim, lifting his arm in the air in a display of victory.

“Stop that, people are looking” he blushed as he pulled his arm back down, looking around at the many pairs of eyes resting on the two of you.

“Oh that’s probably because of your ridiculous blue coat. I begged you not to buy that, you’re going to stick out of Japan like a sore thumb” you thumb the sleeve of his new woolen garb. He then proceeded to pout and rub his arm self consciously.

“I thought it looked dashing”

You reach for his shoulders and raise yourself onto your toes, planting a small kiss on his cheek.

“Of course you look dashing, I was only teasing. Besides, you’ll match the Occamies”

He scoffed, averting his eyes from you to the newly arrived train, a blush forming around his freckles.

“I doubt we’ll find any.”

“Nonsense, I bet we’ll even find an entire family with your luck!” His eyes suddenly brightened with a sense of recognition.

“Well that sounds familiar. Didn’t you say that to me four years ago when you were cramming like mad for a portions test?” You nod, blushing like an idiot.

Oh, you remember that night.

“Yes, I recall you gave me a kiss that night and gushed about our future.”

“Something like that…” he trailed off, staring off into the distance like he was remembering something. Your placed your hand under his chin, tilting his face down to meet your gaze, and you smiled so wide your eyes crinkled at the sides.

“I remember you said we would go to Japan together. Little did you know ‘together’ meant more that you thought”

“Little did I know…” he repeated, his eyes filled with something you couldn’t describe with anything but love.

“Now come on love, we have a train to catch”


And Strand, all of this has got to be messing with his head, right? It must be. Should I be worried about him? Is he going to get through this? Am I going to be okay? Should I be worried about myself? Jesus, I need some sleep.

How many people in America are doing exactly what I’m doing right now? Trying to sleep, I mean, not worrying about missing persons and a theoretically demonic apocalypse.

the black tapes - alex reagan

New Life In New Lives (Hercules Mulligan x Reader)

“I don’t care what he said, it doesn’t mean jack squat” self conscious reader x Herc + “Sweet Hercules smut please? Where reader is a lil sad and Herc cheers her up by showing her how amazing she is *wink wink wink* you get what im saying? I love your blog. Grade A <3. ”

These were so much fun to write! Sorry I couldn’t make full on smut, the story was already so long and I couldn’t make it any longer but I hinted at it for you. If you can’t tell, I got a bit carried away. Enjoy!

A wail rang out in the halls of your once dead-silent house. Your eyelids quickly flipped open, as you began kicking off your sheets and rolling off the bed.

“What’s that, the third time so far?” Hercules grumbled, still snuggled under the sheets next to you.

“She’s just a baby, Herc. You can’t possibly blame her.” You said as you swung your legs off the bed.

Hercules placed his hand on your shoulder before you could get up.

“Relax, I’ll get her.” He said as he gently pulled you back into the bed and rolled out.

“You sure?”

He stood up, turned and smiled at you.

“Anything for you.”

You grinned as he stumbled out of the room to the nursery.

You laid down and recalled the past year or so with Hercules. You had fallen in love with him mere months before he had to be sent to war. He was your family’s tailor, sewing all of your family members garments: everything from evening ballgowns to bath robes. He had no clue who you were; he only knew you by your sizes and fabric preferences. But you knew all too well who he was.

You could recall your crush on him that had formed years ago when he began working for your family. Being the churlish young girl that you were, you would peek at him from behind the doorframe, or even go so far as to hide in the closet of fabrics and thread, all so you could stare at him as he meticulously worked on his projects. Always focused and never idle, you sometimes giggled at the sight of a very large, handsome man pouring his heart and soul into the pink, frilly dresses he made for your little sisters.

Then, one day he requested you come down for some new sizing. A gown had to be made for your debutante ball, and for whatever reason, Hercules wanted to measure you himself. You had just taken a bath, and dressed in nothing but underwear covered by a soft robe. You had never been so nervous. After two soft knocks, his door opened, and he invited you in. You remained silent as he instructed you to stand up straight and remove your robe. You quickly obliged, releasing your grip on the silk and letting it fall to your ankles. He then began to circle you, eyes bathing in every detail. He grabbed a note pad off of his desk and scribbled onto it before taking his tape measure wrap it around your waist.

“So tell me, (Y/N),” he suddenly inquired, breaking the silence. “Why have you been hiding in my fabrics closet?”

You felt your cheeks burn with a bright red blush. You had no idea that he had any clue of your hideout.

“I…. Uh….” You stammered as Hercules let the tape measure slip off of you, and prepared to measure your chest.

“Like watching me work?” He suggested as he looped the ruler around your bust.

“Yes.” You quickly replied, thankful for his guess that made you seem like less of a creep.

“Are you sure?” He had asked, looking right into your eyes with his big, brown ones and tightening the ruler around your chest.

And the rest was history. You two fell madly in love, making every possible excuse to see each other. You went so far as to deliberately tear up your own clothes so you could bring them to him to mend. He purposefully messed up his sizing, and always asked for you to come down and see him for corrections. You were intimate every change you had. From holding hands under a table or soft kisses when no one was around, to him sneaking up to your room late at night and passionately making love. Your affections were in secret, but you did not mind.

Then everything changed.

“You what?!?” You had screamed at him, eyes wide with disbelief.

“(Y/N),” he began, trying to defend himself. “I can’t be a tailor forever. I want to be an important part of history.”

“So you’re going to go out there because martyrdom is more attractive than a life with me?!”

“(Y/N), you know that’s not what I meant…”

You two argued for the remaining few weeks. Then, he left.

You had never felt so empty.

But that emptiness was filled very soon. You found out that you were pregnant.

All that followed after was a blur. You quickly wrote Hercules, frantic, upset and confused. He wrote only two words back.

“Marry me.”

Your parents, though disapproving of the marriage, still allowed you to marry Hercules. Having a daughter married to someone a few classes below the family was more honorable than having an unmarried daughter with children. Marriage papers were promptly sent to Hercules, and he signed them. The night he returned, you eloped. By that time your belly was noticeably swollen with child.

You heard the door swing open again, snapping you out of your moments of recollection.

“(Y/N), she’s hungry. And I can’t really help with that.” Hercules mumbled as he crawled back into bed, defeated. The baby continued to wail in the background.

You gathered up the strength in your tired body and pushed yourself off the bed, steadying yourself on the floor. You padded out of the room as you glanced back at your husband, collapsed back onto his side of the bed, probably already asleep. You followed the cries down the hall until you finally reached the nursery, where your little girl was red-faced and sobbing with hunger.

“Good morning, my love.” You whispered as you reached down into the crib and gently lifted her up. Her screams subsided when you rested her against you. You let your shoulder slide out of your nightgown, and lowered her to your breast, where she instantly attached to you and began suckling.

You sighed with relief as her tears quickly came to a stop, and gently kissed the top of her head as she happily nursed.

Lifting your head up again, you caught a glance of yourself in the mirror. You sighed in disappointment. You hated your new look. With the pregnancy came putting on many pounds, hips widening, stomach stretching out, thighs becoming fatter, and breasts swollen with milk. You had expected your weight to drop after you had given birth; but unfortunately it stayed.

Suddenly, your baby detached from you, content. You smiled as you kissed the top of her head once more as you swaddled her back into her blanket and placed her into her cradle. She was babbling and her feet were kicking against the wrap, full of energy and ready to play.

“Shhhh…. little one. We must sleep now.” You cooed.

She continued to wriggle on the crib mattress. You began to gently rock the crib, attempting to coax her into sleep.

Sleep my love, and peace attend thee
All through the night;
Guardian angels God will lend thee,
All through the night,
Soft the drowsy hours are creeping,
Hill and vale in slumber steeping,
I my loving vigil keeping,
All through the night.

Her eyelids fluttered as both your singing and gentle swaying pulled her back into a sleepy state.

Angels watching ever round thee,
All through the night,
In thy slumbers close surround thee,
All through the night,
They should of all fears disarm thee,
No forebodings should alarm thee,
They will let no peril harm thee,
All through the night.

As you finished your last line, she was fast asleep, still tightly swaddled and her thumb in her mouth.

“Goodnight, my little angel,” you breathed as you turned to exit the room.

But your eye caught the mirror once more. You couldn’t help but stop and turn to face it, crest fallen. Your hands grabbed the stubborn fat surrounding your abdomen.


You eyes the largeness of your hips, and your cushiony thighs that lay beneath them.


You remembered the days when Hercules would make excuses to slip his hands and tape measure around your skinny, youthful, near-perfect frame. Back when your body was tight and glowing with health.

And now here you were, chubby after only a few months, throwing away your wonderful body for good. Your father hadn’t had the mixed words to say either, ever since he saw you after the pregnancy.
“Who knew Hercules would turn you into such an ugly cow of a daughter.” He laughed, crushing your spirit.
You weren’t used to this. You weren’t used to being so…so… ugly.

You stopped angrily grabbing at yourself when you heard someone approach the doorframe.

“My love, why are you still up?” Hercules asked, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

“I was just…thinking.”

“Well come back to bed. Lay with me.” He persuaded.

“Hercules….does this, bother you?”

He raised his eyebrows in confusion.

“This, new figure.” You explained as you turned back to face the mirror, hands groping your newly formed love-handles.

“Of course not.” He replied as he sauntered over to you, wrapping his arms around your midsection, pulling you into his chest.

“It’s just…so different.” You whimpered, falling back into him.

“I barely notice it.”

“Well my father sa-”

“I don’t care what he said, it doesn’t mean jack squat. Do you really think it means anything to me? Come, look over here,” Hercules said as he gently pulled you away from the mirror, and directed your attention to the cradle.

Your baby girl was asleep, her chest falling up and down lightly, still sucking at her thumb. A few strands of hair delicately rested on her forehead.

“You made her. Isn’t that astounding?” He said, eyes filled with pride.

You nodded.

“And why should I care if you’ve gained a few pounds? You’ve given me the greatest gift I could have ever received. And you’re still as intelligent, witty, and gorgeous as ever.” He continued.

You looked up at him and smiled. He could always make you feel better.

“Besides, there’s more to love now.” He claimed as his hand playfully squeezed your ass.

You squeaked and slapped him away as he chuckled.

“Not in front of the baby!” You harshly whispered.

“I was just trying to prove my point.” He shrugged, grinning.

You turned your attention back to the crib. She was absolutely wonderful. Hercules was absolutely wonderful. There was so much love in your life, why let yourself be miserable at a single comment from your father? Hercules was right. As he always was.

You felt him grab your hand, and begin to gently tug you out of the nursery, and back into the bedroom.

“I love you so much,” you sighed as you approached the bed.

He smirked.

“What, you’re not going to say it back?” You asked.

“No,” he responded grabbing you by the waist and pulling you into him with a soft, gentle kiss. The kiss was followed by another, until he began making a trail down to your neck. His hands expertly began slipping your night gown off.

“I’m going to prove it to you, instead.”

mtdifference suggested:  What would have Amy done if she had seen Sheldon while she was kissing Dave? Based on 9x07 episode.

Sheldon felt his heart snap in two.  Not literally of course, but he never thought that Amy would move on from him.  Not enough to be kissing some tall man in front of her apartment building.  As a single tear fell from Sheldon’s eye, he looked down at the ring box in his hand, and decided to turn to go home.  It was really over.  He understood that now.

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My Idol: Part Nineteen

My Idol
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My Idol is a South Korean competitive reality dating game show. It currently airs on Wednesday nights on Jae-bummer’s blog. First broadcast in 2016, the show offers the opportunity for a lucky fan to go on seven blind dates with seven idols. The idol plans the date with the show throwing in specific missions to complete during the day. At the end of the initial dates, the show opens up an audience vote to decide what three idols will move on to the second date.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 -
Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 -
Part 18 - Part 19 - Part 20  - Part 21 - Part 22

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Stranger on a Plane - Richard Grayson x Reader

Not only had your original flight to Gotham been cancelled, but your current one was stuck flying in circles above the city. Some kind of crisis had began after you’d taken off in London and now no planes could land. The pilot was waiting for the all clear to land in metropolis instead, but so far, everyone was stuck in the clouds.

The guy next to you had black hair and blue eyes, and he was looking out of the window carefully. Checking his phone every few seconds, as if he would somehow be getting texts when there wasn’t any service.

You had decided to be a rebel and turn off aeroplane mode, in the hopes of contacting your work or the partner you were supposed to be meeting at tonight’s gala, Bruce Wayne. You had been sent to talk some new ideas for your company with him before the gala, but now you weren’t sure if you’d make it to either.

The man sitting next you was starting to worry you. He seemed stressed and his face was going pale. He was good looking and probably knew it. You hoped he wasn’t scared of flying or something. You couldn’t be bothered to deal with someone throwing up and panicking right now.

“Closing your eyes would help.” You suggested. He jumped as you spoke, looking around until he realised you had been talking to him. He pointed at himself and you nodded, rolling your eyes slightly. He started laughing awkwardly.

“Sorry.” He smiled a mischievous grin. “I’m a little on edge and didn’t expect a pretty girl like you to start the conversation with me, shouldn’t it be the other way round.”

“Flirting whilst we’re trapped on a plane, and before you even know my name? Bold.” You snorted.

“Miss (Y/N)(Y/L/N)”

“Do we know each other?”

“Nope, I’m just a stranger on a plane.”

“How did you know my name then?”

“I could be a weird stalker…” you inched away slightly “or I could have just read the luggage tag you have in your bag.” He pointed to the label on your carry-on bag. You relaxed slightly, laughing at yourself.

“What did you mean when you said closing your eyes helps?” He questioned.

“With fear of heights of flying and stuff. Close your eyes and try to sleep.” You shrugged. “You looked stressed, Mr?”

“Grayson, Richard Grayson, everyone calls me Dick though.”

“What did you ever do to them?” He rolled his eyes at your attempt at humour, a small smile forming on his face anyway.

“I’m not scared of heights though,” his eyes twinkled slightly. “Or flying.”

“You looked stressed.” You repeated, feeling your defences go up slightly.

“Oh, I’m very stressed. My family’s in Gotham right now, and they need my help, or I want to be helping them anyway.” He grumbled.

“That must suck. Do you know what’s going on down there then?”

“Some mass robbery and hostage situation or something…” he turned back to frowning out the window. “Do you have any family you’re now worried about?”

“Nah, my family are all in London.”

“What brings you to Gotham then? Doubt it’s the crime rate.”

“It is actually. My company is working with Wayne Industries to help child poverty and the environment young people live in, the environment that makes them into criminals and encourages them to join gangs. Even children that aren’t in bad area’s, anyone with large amounts of stress or pressure from parental figures or schools.” You nodded to yourself slowly. It felt nice to know you’d be helping people once you landed. You’d been travelling everywhere recently to raise money and help people. There wasn’t any point saying you wanted to make a difference if you then let everyone else do all the work. You helped build house and collect rubbish, volunteering to teach at underfunded schools, and helping to make and serve food for young people.

“Wow.” He turned to face you again. “Wait, you said Wayne Industries?”

“Yep. They own basically everything.”

“So you’ll be going to the gala tonight then?”

“If we ever land.”

“Then I guess we’ll be reintroduced there.” He smirked. “I look a lot nicer in a tux by the way.”

“What brings you to the event?”

“My family,”

“The family that you’re worried about?”

“Some of them, yeah, I’m Bruce Wayne’s first ward. Since I’m in town for a few weeks, it’s expected for me to be there.”

“I guess it’ll be nice to see you again, when you don’t look like you’re about to throw up.”

“We have the all clear everyone. Apparently the problem in Gotham has been solved and we’ll be landing shortly.”

You noticed Dick’s phone light up. He had received a text.

“Who’s your carrier?” You motioned too it. “How do you have service up here?”

He read the text and suck back in his seat with a happy smile on his face.

“Something Wayne Industries has.”

Once you had landed, everyone was rushed out of the plane and to baggage. Dick only had hand luggage so you thought he would have disappeared, but when your luggage had arrived, he was was waiting for you in a car outside.

“This is Alfred, Bruce’s Butler.” He motioned to the driver. “Care to join me and come straight to Wayne Manor? It’ll mean you can talk to Bruce about everything you would have if we landed in time.”

“What’ll it cost me?”

“Just one dance at the gala.”

“And how do I know your really his son and not some stranger on a plane that’s going to kidnap me?” You raised your eyebrows.

“Don’t know, you’ll have to trust me and take the risk. Or you look and see all those people taking photos of us and assume that I must be telling the truth.”

“Not good enough.” You smirked, smiling for te few paparazzi that stalked the Wayne family everywhere. “But. I’ll risk it.”

He opened the door and you slipped in.

A New Face

So here’s a little story about Robbie’s first few days in the Septicego house. I would have posted this before ‘All Egos Must Die’ and ‘Time for Revenge’ but I’m not that confident with this one so I’m only posting it now. In my weird little timeline, this takes place before AEMD.

I got lazy with the gif because I’ve never edited a gif in Photoshop before and it became so tedious that I couldn’t stay focused. Curse my awful attention span! However, if you check out my headcanon post, you’ll see a better representation of how I like to think Robbie looks

Marvin was flicking cards at Chase in the living room, attempting to amuse himself as the other ego tried to sleep, but the feeling of hundreds of cards hitting his skin wasn’t helping. Meanwhile, Dr Schneeplestein was working in his room, researching various treatments for septic related infections. It was a hobby of sorts to look up anything that could relate to any ego, which also meant that Schneeple had an extensive knowledge in different teabags and could perform simple party tricks. Anti was staying with Jack since he’d been more unstable than usual and just needed to feel like he mattered, which was easy when Signe was always there to surprise him with hugs. This just left Jackieboy, who had decided to take a walk to a nearby park.

“Gorgeous night,” Jackieboy muttered to himself, looking as the pink sky above him. The sun was setting and a few bright stars were already visible in between the cotton candy clouds. The park was mostly empty, with a few joggers and dog walkers scattered along the many paths. Jackieboy was following a familiar route that he would often walk when he heard a voice very similar to his.
“Jackieboy?” spoke the voice in a slow, slightly slurred tone.
Not many people knew who Jackieboy was, so it was either a fan or an ego, but there hadn’t been any videos that would spark the creation of an ego.
“Hi… Hello?” Jackieboy weaved through the trees, trying to follow a quiet groan until he saw him.
A man, identical to Jack, except with purple hair and much paler skin, was sat by a tree, his left arm a few feet away from the rest of his body. The man looked up, revealing a slice around his neck and two other large gashes on his face, and he had glassy, grey eyes. His black and white, striped, long sleeved shirt was ripped in multiple places.
“Arm…please…” he spoke again, raising his right arm to point towards the detached limb.
“Erm, yeah,” Jackieboy jogged over to the arm and handed it back to the man cautiously, “who are you?”
“Robbie… Zombie version Jack.”
That’s when the realisation hit. Being the oldest, Jackieboy always kept an eye on the fandom. He knew who they were talking about and when, but recently they had been talking about this new ego, although his origin was just a thumbnail, so he never expected the zombified version of Jack to ever gain enough attention to live. Robbie held his left arm in his right hand as he slowly stood up, looking at Jackieboy’s Septiceye Sam belt.
“Doctor… Can help?” he asked as he looked into Jackieboy’s baby blue eyes.
“Yeah, yeah! The doc can help.”

“Stooooooooop,” Chase whined, trying to use his hands as shields against Marvin. He’d gotten bored of throwing cards and instead was now flicking small balls of paper at the other man. Schneeplestein had finally decided to take a break and was currently sat in the corner of the room. He had been trying to read, but it was hard to concentrate when he was having to hold back his laughter as he looked up to see Chase pout like a child.
“Marvin, I think Chase vould like to sleep. Maybe ve could play a game or have a nice chat?” Schneeple could see the dark bags under Chase’s eyes, and as a doctor, his protective nature over the egos health kicked in.
Chase had been struggling to sleep recently, and as the only one qualified to look after the strange family they had, the doc knew that Chase needed to rest to return to maximum health and energy.
“Fine,” Marvin finally left Chase in peace.

“Guys! We’ve got another!” Jackieboy called from the door, his arm wrapped around Robbie’s waist to help him walk.
“Vhat do you… Oh,” Schneeplestein turned to see the zombie ego holding his own arm.
Robbie smiled, slowly waving his left arm in the air as he chuckled.
“This is Robbie. He needs stitching back together and then we’re going to have to find somewhere for him to stay,” Jackieboy explained, Marvin peering over the couch to see the new ego himself.
“You all look…. same….Losing…. my mind,” Robbie chuckled again before popping his head off and catching it with his detached left arm. Chase was the first to burst into a fit of laughter. Marvin soon followed, and Schneeplestein snorted as he tried to contain his laughter. Jackieboy patted Robbie’s shoulder as he giggled to himself.
“Don’t worry, Rob, you’re going to fit right in,” he reassured the ego, who was smiling happily.
The others could all agree that they already loved Robbie. Despite the smell of rotting flesh and his general slow nature, he’d been in the house for less than five minutes and had already made a better joke than any of them had that week.

Schneeplestein guided Robbie to his room where he could dig out his equipment to stitch together the zombie ego. He realised he needed to sew his arm on as well as close the wound around his neck and the two large cuts on his face, but it wasn’t too much of a task, although the doctor knew this would soon become a regular routine as zombies were known for falling apart… literally. Once the job was done, Robbie admired his stitches, enjoying the pattern it made on his skin and the contrast of the black against the red of each wound.
“Everything ok?” Schneeplestein sounded concerned.
“Good… thanks for…. help,” Robbie had his head tilted to the side as he looked into the mirror in front of him, running a finger along the stitches on his neck.
“No problem. I vant you to be safe and happy here. Velcome to the Septicego family.”
Schneeple half hugged Robbie before leading him back into the main room, where the others were eager to ask the zombie some questions and get to know him more. After all, this was their new ’ brother’.

Once Anti returned, he was shocked by the new ego. No one had informed him that they had another strange figment living in the house, and Jack himself wasn’t aware. It was all fine at first since Anti spent most of his time in his room, but once the glitch was back to his old self, he started to get frustrated with Rob. Anti wasn’t a patient person, so having to wait twice as long just for someone to make their way to the dining table to eat felt like hell. Robbie, like a typical zombie, was slow with his actions and speech, and it annoyed Anti way more than it should. Even when they were all sat down to eat, Anti had to endure watching someone eat raw meat, which made him gag. Despite his need to eat raw meat (as opposed to brains), it didn’t stop the zombie from enjoying Chase’s home cooked meals. This was the first time they had all sat together to eat, and tonight was a simple sausage and mash, but the only difference for Robbie was that his sausage was left uncooked.

It didn’t take long for the egos to adjust to another character around the house, mainly because they’d all been living together for so long that one other ego wasn’t going to have much of an effect. Jackieboy and Marvin had even worked to build Robbie a ‘shed’ which was decorated inside like any bedroom in the house would be. Although everyone seemed to get on with him brilliantly, Anti wasn’t sure if he liked his new 'brother’. He was too smart for a zombie and wasn’t afraid to stand up to Anti.

Anti had been assigned to take Robbie to buy some new clothes, but that meant he had to pace around near the door as he waited for Rob to actually get to him.
“Hurry up, you undead nightmare,” Anti screeched, static consuming his voice as his body glitched violently.
“Patience,” was Robbie’s reply as he slowly made his was down the stairs.
“Don’t try and be smart with me!” Anti was furious, metaphorical steam escaping his ears, “you’re not even a proper ego.”
“One and… the same,” Robbie’s chuckles could barely be heard underneath Anti’s growling.
It was always fun to annoy Anti, and even after only knowing him for a few days, Rob knew exactly how to do that. Anti’s expression transitioned from anger to sadness as he looked at the floor. He always was the one the others would tease and annoy, but he guessed that was only fair since Anti was always the threatening one. Robbie reached the bottom of the stairs and leaned his head on Anti’s shoulder, being careful not to tear the stitches holding him together.
“Sorry,” he muttered with a playful grin, “Robbie just…. fun.”
“I know you’re only having fun, ya goof,” Anti ruffled Robbie’s hair and booped his nose.
Maybe the new ego wasn’t that bad after all.

Once Upon a December (Part 6)

A/N: It took so long! I know, I know. But this weeks have been insane! I have several papers to do for college and so. Also, tomorrow I’ll have an interview in the university newspaper to talk about my book!

Anyway, I’m planning something new: A Natasha/Reader fanfic, so stay tuned! As always, feel free to correct, comment and feedback would be appreciated.

If you are NEW, Part 1 starts HERE

Words: 2,234.

Warnings: Angst, maybe.

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“There we are” Steve muttered as you arrived to your compartment. It had still the remains of the golden years of the reign. The walls were made in wood and the floors were carpeted in red. 

Bucky and Steve put the suitcases on the luggage rack and you sat down near the window. Your legs were open and you were almost laying on the seat. Bucky sat by your side with a book as Steve did the same with a small bag filled with painting materials. He started to draw in the documents Tony had given to him as you started to play with your necklace. Bucky glanced at you.

“Stop playing with it. And for god’s sake, sit down properly! You are the Imperial Princess” You pouted and crossed your arms.

“Actually, that’s what you say because I have no memories of it”

“Oh, c’mon” He muttered shaking his head. “You must have proper manners”


“Because that’s what princesses do”

“And how do you know what they do or not?”

“It’s my duty to know” Bucky replied as he placed his right arm on the seat, staring at you. “Listen, I’m just trying to help you”

Steve moved his eyes from the passport he was writing in with a quill and rolled his eyes. 

“James…”You started to speak as you stood straight, interlacing your fingers. “Do you believe I’m part of the Imperial family?”

“You know I do” He said frowning.

“Then stop bossing me” You answered bitingly, sitting again in the same position and playing with your necklace. Steve started to chuckle.

“She know what’s giving orders”

“Yeah, and I hate that on a woman” Bucky said, closing his coat as Steve took a piece of paper from his own, marking another point under your name.

The journey passed and you stayed on the compartment, watching Steve as he forged the documents. On a certain moment you were alone enjoying a book about France, immersed on the story. The sliding door opened and someone came in. You didn’t raise your head from the book and the person cleared his throat.

“Y/N…”Bucky said, placing his hands on his knees. “I think we had a bad start”

“I agree with that” You replied lowering your book as he continued speaking. “And I appreciate you come to apologise”

“Wait…what?” Bucky shook his head. “Nobody talked about apologies”

“Please, stop talking. You’ll only annoy me” You closed the book and placed it by your side, your feet on the seat opposite to you.

“Well, I’ll shut up if you shut up”



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Bullymagnet |Soul Mate Mix n Match AU

So I wrote a good chunk of this in the bullymagnet discord chat and well, decided to add more and share it with the peeps who are too shy to hang with us in the dumpster club house.

also idk how many words this is.

and here’s the fic!!

“Ahrgh, I cant read this stupid thing,” an irate voice whispers through Max’s mind, the words he’s heard thousands of times now, his soul mate’s ire towards what must be the compass mark. He could probably recite it perfectly, recreate the same emotion and tone - heck even the actions probably, but then people would know. So instead Max coughs, attempting to cover up his snort.

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I just care a lot

Another fanfic, based on prompt #25 by the incredible @lego-batjokes-prompts !

I have no idea what genre this this is supposed to be, but it has fluff.

No warnings.

Joker let out a sigh. He must have rolled around over a hundred times now. After five more minutes of shuffling and unsuccessful attempts of calming his seemingly always active mind, he finally gave up on getting any sleep today.

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Dear Master Qui Gon,

First off, thank you so much for the replacement tea cup! I know you said you were frustrated by how long it took you to convince Dooku to go shopping for it, but I had no idea of your plans and only felt the most pleasant surprise and whole-hearted gratitude for your consideration. The cup is much prettier (and more useful) than the rock you gave me years ago on my birthday! Truly, change is in the air.

Please do let me know if there is anything you would like me to send you while you’re with Dooku; I hate the idea of you waiting on the elderly (and therefore slow and forgetful) Count to find time to cater to your ghostly needs, especially if I can do something about it. As it is, I’ve ordered you some of your favorite tea—it should arrive on Serenno any day now. I look forward to sharing it with you when we meet next. I’m sorry it isn’t sooner, but Anakin keeps trying to tag along when I go for these ‘secret missions’, which means it is often difficult to find the right moment to slip away unless I leave when he and Padme are mid-coitus. (Unfortunately, post-coitus is too late: twice now, Anakin has shown up just before take-off, still sweating and wearing nothing besides a robe made of the finest Nabooian silk.)

Once again Master, as I keep telling you, no apologies are necessary! I don’t at all vividly recall every moment of that chamber in Theed, or suffer frequent nightmares about how you died slowly and painfully in my arms, or feel something in my heart crack every time we land on Naboo. No lasting damage at all, haha. If anything, it’s my own fault for not breaking through those shields to join you sooner, or not discovering a time travel machine with which to go back and save you.

Ah, well. You’re right, I suppose I have no leg to stand on after the burra beetle incident. Speaking of the Duchess, you will not believe who I met last week! Satine is still as loudly pacifist and melodramatic as ever. The medical droid currently examining my injuries just informed me that my eyes got “curiously misty” while writing ‘melodramatic’ but I really have no idea what Emtoo is getting at. I am a very rational individual and always behave with the utmost decorum! Nor do I encourage things like dramatic gestures or angry yelling or jumping out of windows! If I’m smiling it is only because it’s nice to have someone to talk to who’s not dead or currently dying in my arms.

Anyways, it was lovely to see Satine again, although she did leave me with a parting comment about my beard—she said it hid too much of my face. Master…you don’t think she’s right, do you? I’m sorry to have to ask you, but Anakin is too busy making bantha-eyes at Padme, Padme is too busy supporting democracy and designing outfits for clandestine dinner dates with Anakin, Mace only rolls his eyes, and Yoda keeps pretending he doesn’t know who the Duchess is. My third attempt at discussing the subject ended with “Satine, hmm? A type of fruit, is it not?” It just doesn’t seem right to ask Cody or the men—they don’t know how young and un-general-like I look without the beard! You’re the only one I can turn to for these things, now that you’ve returned from dying slowly in my arms. (not that I think about that very often haha)

I’m afraid I must end things here for now, Master. Emtoo has been pestering me to sleep for over ten minutes now, and it can get very pushy after the ten minute mark. If I were the suspicious sort, I’d almost want to say that Anakin managed to get his hands on its programming and tweak a couple things where I’m concerned! I don’t know where he gets these ideas. I’m perfectly fine! So what if I can’t stand up straight quite yet? Only three of my ribs are still setting, my hip is barely bruised now, and the deep burns all along my side are almost completely healed! I didn’t even get a concussion this time. My only regret is that I couldn’t stay conscious long enough to make Anakin and dearest Ahsoka some victory tea. You know how much they—

HELLO MASTER QUI GON JINN. This is medical droid M2-D9. You may call me Emtoo, as I suspect we will be in touch more often in the near future. I have had to administer another round of anesthetics to Master Obi Wan Kenobi, as my OBI WAN IS BACK HERE IN MEDICAL Protocol demands I do when Master Kenobi refuses to obey medical orders for extended periods of time. However, having gotten to know Master Kenobi over the course of his frequent past visits to the 212th medbay, I believe he would appreciate me finishing his letter and sending it to you on his behalf. After being present for his past twenty-six letters to you this past month, I am quite confident in replicating his usual farewell to you in these private communications:

Sincerely and Always Yours,
Obi Wan Kenobi (living, somehow)

PS I too would like to say goodbye and offer my hopes for your wellness and continued existence. At least Master Kenobi is too busy writing these things to keep trying to sneak out of medbay with multiple serious fractures, life-threatening burns, and a nearly-crushed windpipe. Perhaps you could put in a word with Count Dooku?


TVLINE: Kim scored a big win at Jimmy’s disbarment hearing, but it looks like she’s still wracked with guilt about what that did to Chuck.

Rhea Seehorn: I think it’s taking a toll on her. It’s a very large brick in a wall that was already being built. Because the Mesa Verde guilt is still weighing on her… the ill-gotten gains. One of the biggest things that shapes Kim this season is being forced to let go of living in black and white, and “good and bad” not being the same as “legal and illegal.” [Chuck’s] whole unraveling on the stand had so many implications. It’s a further trampling of any ideals Kim might have had, as someone who’s trying to operate on the right side of the law. To ruin someone like that… his career must be deeply damaged, if not over at that point. And that weighs on her.

And the alterations in Jimmy’s conscience, I think, Kim is observing as well. That causes a distance, for many reasons. He is her only confidant, and when you see Kim start to unravel, especially this scene at Mesa Verde… she’s not sleeping, she’s not even going home to shower. Control has been the way she’s gotten herself out of everything, up until now. And it’s beginning to be her Kryptonite. [At the hotel bar], she makes this attempt to tell Jimmy: “I’m starting to unravel,” just for a second to be that vulnerable. And unfortunately, in that moment, he goes further away. It’s sort of a lost opportunity, which makes that scene so terribly sad — not just us watching Jimmy start to lose his conscience, but Kim start to lose, really, her only anchor. It’s a terribly tragic scene. They’re not able to meet each other where they’re at. They’re both somewhere else.

Better Call Saul’s Rhea Seehorn on Kim’s Guilty Conscience, Jimmy Breaking Bad — and a Kim-Mike Scene? (TV Line - 05.22.17)