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Little Witch (Part 1)

Pairings: It’ll be a Peter x reader

word count: 1730

Requested:  Hey can you write one where the avengers go to recruit a girl they heard about? She lives in the deep woods and uses magic. When they find her they weren’t expecting someone so young since she’s only like 14-15. They start having second thoughts but she shows them that she can handle herself. She also wants revenge cause hydra killed her family trying to get to her.

A/N: I made the reader a little older and i hope it’s not a problem. I really liked the request and i have a big idea how to continue this. I hope you like it and if so let me know in order to post a Part 2 and maybe more ;) Enjoy (and sorry for the mistakes)

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It was Saturday and everyone in the Avenger tower was finally able to relax. The whole week represented a lot of missions, hours of training and a serious lack of sleep. Today had to be their day off. Nat was trying to find an interesting film on the TV but for now with no luck. Steve was in his room immersed in his thought for the present again. Tony, as always, was doing something in his laboratory with Bruce but this time they weren’t eager to make a progress so fast, so they were mostly telling each other jokes rather than work. Clint and Vision, unusually, were cooking whatever they could think of while Peter, Wanda and Thor were ready to become tasters. Everything was going fine until a familiar and detestable sound reached their ears.

“Good morning, Avengers.”, said Colson, “How are you in this sunny and beautiful day?”

“Oh, hey Son of Col! We are perfect.”, Thor answered with a bright smile on his face.

Now everyone was in the living room looking at the man in a black suit showing on the huge TV.

“If you have to tell us something good then go on, if not…better fuck yourself.”

“Well, I’m glad to see you too, Romanoff.”, the man looked with a smile at the red-head and then turned again to the whole gang, “Okay, I will go to the main part. Three days ago something extraordinary happened in woods north of Minnesota.”, bellow him appeared some photos, “As you see, some of the trees are burnt but definitely not from a fire, and this one.”, a photo showing something like spikes coming from the ground became in view.

“What the hell is this?”, Peter exclaimed, “How is that even possible?”

“That’s what you have to find out.”

“What?! No!”, Tony said angrily. “No! Not going to happen! We have a day off, Colson!”

“I know you do, but it’s important. Given the fact it’s like 7km away from a Hydra base, it may be someone used for an experiment. And we need only three or four of you to go and check.”, the man announced.

“I’m in!”, Wanda said with no hesitations.

“Count me, too”, Clint raised his hand to show that he’s ready.

“And me.”

“Peter, you are not going.”, Tony declared.

“Why not? We only have to check what’s going on, that’s all.”

“He is right Tony, and I will go, too.”, Steve stated and the four of them received the needed information.

“I’m sick of Mr. Stark treating me like a kid.”, Peter breathed out as he and the other three avengers were getting in the helicopter.

“But you are a kid, Pete.”, Steve sat down and put his belt on. The others followed his actions and soon they were high above the ground.

“That’s not what I mean. I may be a kid as I am that young but I can look after myself. I can do things just like you guys. I want and I can become a hero. It seems he…he doesn’t want me to be one.”

“You know that’s not true.”, Wanda tried to calm the boy down, “He is just afraid. You and either I are new in all of this, but he, Steve and Clint are deep in this dangerous world and know what it costs to be a hero.”

“Wanda is right, boy. I share Stark’s thoughts but not completely. If you want to be a hero, you must know that you risk the lives of your beloved ones – family, friends, girlfriends… We all have experienced the feeling of losing someone; we just don’t want you to go through this at that young age.”, Clint said while checking his arrows.

“But don’t worry, we’ll be beside your back.”, Steve patted Peter’s shoulder and till the end of the flight nobody spoke.

Two hours later the group was finally at the mentioned place. There was no place for the helicopter to land so the heroes had to get down with the help of a rope.

“So…which direction should we go?”, Clint questioned as he, the last one, got on the hard ground.

“North.”, Steve looked at his compass to make sure he was right and then led the gang towards the destination.

“Why would somebody stay so deep In the woods?”, Peter decided to break the silence.

“I don’t think they are just staying there, Pete.”

“They are hiding.”, Wanda respond back.

“Why do you think so?”

“Colson said that there is a Hydra base in the distance…I think whoever managed to escape, is now terrified and…and angry.”

“How can you be so sure? Hydra probably sent out somebody to see if he can cooperate and serve them.”, the way Steve retorted back showed he had no good feeling towards the organization.

“Because I can feel it!”

“What do you mean?”, Peter was so confused given the fact he was new and didn’t have much information about the Hydra thing and Wanda’s powers.

“Sometimes I can either get in your head or memories, or feel your emotions.”

Steve was about to say something back as his anger has somehow unlocked but Clint was the one to stop them from a fight.

“Guys! We have a work to do and right now it’s in front of us.”, Hawkeye showed the previously seen spikes, which were like 10 meters away from them, “Can you solve your problems when we are back in the base, and I am away from your childish behavior?”

Wanda and Steve looked a little ashamed while Peter was still standing there with a stupid expression on his face while trying to figure the things out. While going to the strange and kind of a scary place the gang saw some burnt trees, others had a burnt hand mark on them, others were still up but their leaves were dry. As they were becoming closer a change in the temperature was felt.

“It wasn’t that hot minutes before. I’m sweating in this costume and now my body is itching like crazy.”, Parker announced as he began scratching.

“It’s coming from the inside.”

The spikes coming from the ground were making something like a dome. The sharp sides were touching at the top, while at the bottom they were forming a circle. This ‘structure’ was definitely made for some sort of protection.

“Maybe the person is inside this thing.”

“I will try to break it. Step back.”, Wanda commanded and then, using her magic, she broke one of the spikes. As she did so, another one grew but not upwards. Instead the spike with its sharp side directed at her body was about to kill her if it wasn’t Steve to save her.  They both fell on the ground while the others two tried to save themselves from the other deadly formations that suddenly appeared from the ground.  

“What the hell was that?!”, Clint exclaimed as he tried to catch his breath.

“I don’t know but we better find a way to…”, Peter was interrupted from Wanda’s scream to watch out. But his spider senses had already informed him about a danger. He jumped and used his webs to get on a high tree.  From up there he managed to notice the small aperture.

“I can get there and I will. Don’t try to stop me, we are losing time. When I get there you will attack and try to ruin this shield. Got it?”, the young boy notified the others through his micro earphone, “Let’s have some fun.”, Peter put his mask on and jumped from the tree. He landed just a meter away from the wanted place but as soon as his foots touched the spikes others began appearing. With his fastness he got in the hole seconds before getting seriously injured.

Although he has done it before, this time Peter made his superhero landing on his ass.

“Shit, that hurts.”, he cursed out but as soon as he did he was thrown against the strong wall made from the spikes.

“Tell me who the hell you are or I’ll kill you.”, a sweet, yet dry voice reached his ears. He looked up and saw a girl around his age standing defensive opposite him with a rage written on her face.

“I’m Pet-, shit! No, I’m Spiderman and I-”, but the boy was interrupted by being sent to the ‘wall’ again.

“You are lying! If Hydra is sending you, which I am sure about, you are gonna die in agony. They’ll finally see what I am capable of! That’s what they want, isn’t it?”, the girl screamed and clenched fists. Peter, who was thrown again, managed to see what she was doing and how she was capable of whisking him wherever she wanted. The guy soon realized she was a witch just like Wanda.

“I have no idea what you are talking about. We are here to help you”, as soon as those words were spoken, the girl was ready to make that boy shut up by repeating her previous actions but Peter was faster. He sent webs towards her hands, sticking them on one of the spikes. She tried to escape but with in vain. Peter used this opportunity to scan the girl. She was his height, with a (y/h/t) (y/h/c) hair, (y/e/c) now full with anger. Her clothes were dirty and scattered, her face slightly sunken maybe due to the lack of food.  

Suddenly the whole structure was hit and a part of it ruined down. The girl used this as an opportunity to go away and this time she managed. She began running but the boy shoot web at her and stopped her. The witch fell on the ground and looked at the four people standing meters away.

“I’ll kill you!”, she screamed and sent a stone towards the group. Wanda was the one to create a shield with her magic and protect her friends. The girl’s eyes widen as she saw that somebody had powers just as her.

“Stop attacking us and just listen!”, Wanda spoken calmly.

“We are here to help you, don’t need to be afraid.”, a man with a soft voice gave his hand to help her stand. The girl looked up and was met by a dirty blonde hair and kind blue eyes.

“C-captain America?”

Part 2 

in which Kate finds an old picture, circus-era old, and wants to know if Clint can still do that?

  • girly-girl I have no idea
  • let’s find out

and Lucky thinks it’s pretty great

  • dad what are you DOING
  • are we PLAYING?

As amusing as the idea of Clint and Matt meeting in a dumpster is, I also really wanna see stuff totally unrelated to that for those two. You can’t just take two disabled characters who have a lot in common ASIDE from the fact that they’re disabled and relegate them to dumpster jokes. Like:

• Clint allowing Matt to relocate some of the people like Elena into Clint’s building.

“I know it’s almost 40 minutes away, and I have some Russian bastards too, but the rent is low and I take care of my people. I protect them; I promise.”

• Joking about how a priest makes better coffee than Clint does. Clint insisting lattes are for prisses and black is the only way to drink it.

• Patching each other up at 2:30am when they’re too exhausted or embarrassed to call their other friends and too hurt to do it themselves.

• Watching movies together. Clint providing descriptions of the visual, Matt providing lines whenever Clint misses them or they’re hard to hear over the sound effects.

• Sitting on rooftops and having contests to see who can “see” farther. Clint using his A+ eyesight and Matt using A+ hearing.

“I see a kid dropping an ice cream cone three streets away.”
“Bullshit, there’s no kid there; that street’s deserted aside from that one window wiper.”
“Damn, you got me.”

• Lucky’s fur sticking to Matt so Karen and Foggy start getting the idea that Matt actually /has/ been looking into getting a service dog.

• Clint keeping Matt’s canes in his quiver so Matt doesn’t have to throw them all willy-nilly when he has to go be Daredevil.

• Clint going to ‘Nelson and Murdock’ when he gets arrested for doing some good deed that goes wrong. Foggy is excited they get to help an Avenger. Matt is just like “r u fucking srs right now.”

RoyAi - Roy Mustang x Riza Hawkeye - quickie. Guys. *dodges flying chair cause I haven’t posted art in almost a month* I realised that I have never drawn my OTP from my favourite anime ever. I don’t know how either. But I literally declined to study for a test due for tomorrow I haven’t studied a thing for (it was a good life) to make this. But tbh I regret nothing cause I really love how it turned out. I’m veeeeery proud of it^^

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You’re dating and they discover you’ve started self-harming again.

Tony: Self hatred was something that Tony was all too familiar with.  Not a day went by that he didn’t hate himself for one reason or another.  Today, he hated himself because he hadn’t noticed.  He had been completely oblivious to the way that you had secluded yourself more and more in the recent weeks.  He hadn’t noticed the fresh cut marks on your arms.  He had let you down.

He’d caught you coming out of the shower; meaning to be cheeky about it and hopefully coax you back into the shower with him.  Clad in nothing but a towel your new scars were all too visible against the cream towel.  Surprised, you pulled the towel closer to your body, twisting your arms in such a way that your scars were hidden, pressed against your chest.  “Tony.”  Before you could continue he had left the bathroom, silently stalking away to leave you to scramble to get dressed.

Changing quickly you came out of the bathroom to find Tony sitting on the bed, back leaning against the headboard with a pillow in his lap.  His fingers twirled and twirled around a stray thread of the pillowcase, eyes focused somewhere just over your shoulder.  Quietly you neared the bed; crawling onto the mattress and sitting shoulder to shoulder with Tony.

“It’s my fault.”  He began, meticulously wrapping the thread around his pointer finger to cut off the blood before slowly unwinding it again.  “Is it because I’m too caught up with work all the time?  Because I can spend less time in the lab.  We can take a week off.  A month off.  Hell, let’s travel for a year.  We’ll go wherever you want.  No work.  No distractions.  Just you and me.”

“Tony.”  You cut him off quietly.  “It’s not your fault.”  The tears in his eyes when he finally looked at you caused tears of your own to well in your eyes.

“How do I help you?  I thought we were on the right path.  I thought we were figuring it out.  Why didn’t you come to me?”

Sighing you wedged your arm between Tony’s own arm and his chest, curling against his side enough to lay your head against his shoulder.  “I’m sorry.”

His other hand came up to cradle your face as he turned his head and pressed his lips against the top of your head.  He hovered there for a long time, thumb brushing against your cheek as he held your face.  “I love you.  So much that it hurts.”

“I love you too.”

Steve: With a loud ‘oomf’ your back hit the floor pad once again, head cracking against the relatively soft padding as Steve wins the sparring match.  A big triumphant smile had him showing off all of his perfect teeth as he reached an arm down to help you back onto your feet.  Without thinking, you accept his offered hand, the sleeve of your hoodie riding up to expose the fresh scars lining your wrists.  The moment you were on your feet again you were pulling your sleeve back down, hoping that Steve hadn’t noticed.

He had, of course.  Almost nothing escaped Steve’s notice.  With a deep frown he kept your hand trapped in his own, keeping you anchored to him.  With his free hand he pulled up your sleeve enough to reveal the first of the line of scrrs before you violently pulled your sleeve back down.  “What do you think you’re doing.”


“I don’t want to talk about it.”  You caught him off guard by yanking your arm away from him hard.  Turning on your heel you stepped quickly.  “I’m going to shower off.”


You had hoped that by the time you were done showering Steve would have left the gym.  Purposely packing your gym clothes away slowly you hoisted the bag over your shoulder and slowly opened the door back into the gym.  Of course, Steve was seated on a bench close to the door.  Waiting for you.

“Ready to talk about it?”  He asked, rising to his feet as you started walking quickly out of the gym.  Easily he matched your pace, making sure to keep step with you no matter how fast or how slow you tried to move.

“No.”  You snapped.  “It’s not a big deal.”  Steve remained silent, hands stuffed in his pockets as you walked the halls quietly.  Reaching the room to your dorm, you sighed and glanced over at him.  “You’re not going away are you?”

“Not a chance.”

Huffing loudly you kicked open the door to your room and let your bag drop to the floor.  “Fine.  Let’s talk about it.”

Thor: “Y/N?”  Thor’s voice boomed from the bathroom.  Rolling over in bed, sleep still in your eyes, you let out a loud hum as answer.  Light from the bathroom interrupted the darkness of your bedroom when Thor opened the door, gingerly holding something between his thumb and pointer finger.  “What is this?”  Blinking to focus your eyes, the small razor became noticeable in Thor’s grasp.

“Where’d you find that?”  Sitting up now your heart began to beat a little faster, nervous kicking in.  Thor stepped forward to near the bed, holding the razor out like he thought you couldn’t see it properly.

“On the countertop.  Beside the sink.”  Mentally you cursed yourself for forgetting to put it away.  Holding out your hand Thor gently placed the razor in your palm.

“It looks like a miniature sword.  But it’s oddly designed.”  His blatant oblivion to what the razor represented calmed your nerves minutely.  “What is it used for?”  The bed dipped as he sat beside you.

Weighing the razor in your hand for a moment you deposited it on the nightstand.  “It’s used for cutting things, like a sword would be.  People usually use it for cutting paper, or string or something like that when they’re sewing.”

“What have you used it for?”  His question shocked you into silence.  While he had meant it to be innocent, there was a weight behind his words that he couldn’t understand.  Not unless you told him.

Slowly you pulled back the sleeve of your pajama top, revealing the stained white bandage underneath.  Thor’s giant hand quickly enclosed your own, brow furrowing as he frowned at the covered injury.  “You hurt yourself?” He asked, casting a menacing glance at the razor.

“I haven’t in a long time.  This week just,”  You paused, searching for the right words.  “This week was just tough.”  Nodding in understanding Thor released your hand and grabbed the razor instead.  Crossing the room with wide strides he dropped the razor into the trash can before coming back to the bed.

“Now it cannot hurt you anymore.”  Once again taking hold of your hand he tugged your wrist up enough so that he could press an innocent kiss against the bandage.

Clint: “Let’s have a lazy morning.”  Clint grumbled as you turned off the ringing alarm clock.  To accentuate his statement his arm flexed around your waist, holding you down.  Not that you were fighting to get up and start your morning.

“Work will miss us.”  You tried to reason.  Clint laughed behind you, breathing hot air against the back of your neck.

“No they won’t.  Besides, you deserve to relax a little bit.  Take your mind off of everything.”  His hand reached down across your body to gently wrap around your wrist, tugging your hand up to press a kiss to the pulse point of your wrist.

“How long have you known for?”  You asked, twisting around in his grasp to face him.  Letting go of your hand to rest it against his face Clint hugged your waist once again.

“A while.  You’re not a good liar, you know.”  Embarrassed, you let your eyes drop away from Clints face.  “Play hooky with me today.  Maybe it will help.”  With two fingers he tilted your chin back up to force you to look at him.


Bruce: You hadn’t meant to cut as deeply as you had.  You’d tried to stifle it with towel after towel, and had finally managed to get it to slow enough to use a bandage, but that left a mess of blood stained towels across the bathroom floor and in the sink.  Knowing that Bruce was due home soon you did what you could to clean the blood, only managing to clean the sink before you heard the front door open.

Abandoning your cleaning venture, you slipped out of the bathroom and closed the door securely behind you.  Taking a deep breath you walked to the front hall, smiling softly when you saw Bruce hanging his jacket up by the door.  “Hi, honey.”  He smiles brightly, wrapping an arm around your waist and pecking you on the lips quickly.  As he went to move past you into the living room you grabbed onto the front of his shirt.

“I have to show you something.”  If you didn’t show him now, he’d find it later.  And while neither one was favorable, this was the best option.  Taking his hand you quietly lead him to the bathroom, opening the door to reveal the mess of towels still on the floor.  “I cut deeper than I meant to.  I couldn’t clean it up in time.”

Carefully detracting his hand from yours Bruce rolled up the sleeves to his button up shirt to his elbows.  Squeezing past you and the door frame he surveyed the bathroom with a weary look.  “Why don’t you go lay down on the couch and I’ll clean up here. Then we can have some tea.  Talk.”

“I didn’t mean to.”  You apologized.  Bruce smiled softly back at you before he began cleaning.

“I know.  But I don’t want you to worry about it right now.  Go relax.  I’ll be there soon.”

No regrets

So here’s the deal. I’m happy to keep this a standalone fic. But if you’d like another part, I’m happy to work on it. Enjoy!

Summary: This is a bit angsty because when the reader finally coughs up the courage to ask Bucky out, it turns out, he’s not that interested. Or is he?

Word count: 1667

Warnings: A swearword or two? Angst.

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‘Hey Y/N, Natasha asked me to drop this off for you to analyse, she’s a bit busy on another meeting’ you look up to meet the deep azure eyes. His arm is fully extended and he’s keeping the distance, his eyes quickly dart away too, as if spooked by your stare. ‘Thank you Mr Barnes’ You reply. 'Erm, Bucky. Just call me Bucky, you’re practically part of the team so might as well drop the official titles’ he shoots you a tight smile and drops the USB stick in your hand.

Since the first time you met Bucky Barnes, you tried to remain professional, but let’s be honest, professional is far from what you’d like your relationship to be. It’s his muscles, his strong jaw, his beautiful eyes, luscious silky hair, the metal arm (and it’s abilities) - needless to say, you stupidly let yourself develop a massive crush on Captain America’s best pal. In the unattainable mind of the former Winter Soldier you saw a challenge, because deep inside there’s good in everyone, and come on!, The Captain entrust him and he can’t be wrong, right?

In only a couple of seconds you manage to fully scan the man in front of you - tall and muscly, hair tied back in a low bun, still damp presumably from a recent shower. Your nostrils fill with the smell of his aftershave, it may be a cliche but that man smell just gets you going. And he does (get you going) EVERY TIME you see him. It’s ridiculous how much he affects you and it’s about time you do something about it. You cannot continue to fixate on this man, it’s just not healthy!

There is nobody else in the lab and you smell your chance. Hey, what’s the worst that can happen? He turns you down and you get to move on with your life knowing the two of you will never work out? Okay, admittedly that is a sad prospect, but there’s every chance of a good outcome so surely it’s worth the risk? You take a deep breath and go for it.

'Hey Bucky?’ You stand up from behind your desk and walk towards him 'I know it’s a bit forward but you seem like a nice guy’ his eyes widen in confusion 'So I was wondering if you’d like to grab a drink sometime, just me and you?’ You try to keep a bit of distance between you, as much as you’d like to touch every inch of him, you don’t want to cage him in.

'Gee, Y/N…’ Oh god! He’s hesitating! What were you thinking? Of course he’s not interested! You begin to panic 'I’m not too sure if it’s a good idea, you know us working together and all, it might be a bit awkward?’ He bows his head trying to meet your eyes 'I’m so sorry…’

'Hey it’s alright, yeah, I suppose you’re right. Eh, forget I asked!’ You try to smile but it’s tight lipped and there’s no way he doesn’t notice the disappointment in your voice. You take a step back, turn around and walk back to your desk to finish work. 'I’ll see you around anyway!’ You murmur. Bucky opens his mouth but shakes his head and decides not to say anything opting for a dart towards the door. As soon as he leaves you bang your head on the desk. 'Loser!’ You scoff at yourself. Your mouth feels dry and your eyes are burning but you won’t allow yourself to sulk, not right now. Right now you’re at work and you have to stay strong so try to remember one of the breathing exercises your meditation leader suggested last week. You’re fine. You’re FINE.

The rest of your workday is pretty easy and pleasantly uneventful. The last thing to do is to transfer any new data onto another USB, so it can be used in the Avengers briefing tomorrow morning. There are quite a lot of files to be saved so when you hit ‘SAVE’ the computer tells you of an estimate time of 7 minutes before the job is done. Brilliant, just enough time for a quick refresh and a change of clothes before you go home!

You’re back just in time, feeling much better, surprising what a quick splash of water to your face, and a change into comfy jeans can do! You grab your coat and bag, unplug the USB which you decide to drop off now to save you the job in the morning.

When you step out of the lift on the floor you’re intrigued to hear muffled music and laughter. You carry on to the main lounge and are met with cheer.
'Y/N!’ Natasha practically skips towards you 'Can you stay a while? We’re just having a little celebration, we had a really good mission today!’
'Yeah, I’ve seen the intel, some really important stuff there!’ You scan around the room - all the usual suspects are there: Hawkeye and Wanda, Tony and Rhodey, and the Holy Trinity Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson and, of course, Bucky Barnes. You try to think of an excuse but before you know it Natasha is grabbing your wrist and dragging you to the sofa. Thankfully Bucky is sat across the room, some distance between you so maybe you’ll be OK to stay for a bit?

Couple of hours go by, everyone’s enjoying themselves, drinking and laughing, there’s such a great atmosphere so naturally the conversation topic shifts towards relationships. 'Y/N, we don’t know much about you, are you single?’ Sam is the one to bring attention towards you.
'Yeah…’ you put on a wide smile and take a sip of your beer.
'She’s a right picky one!’ Natasha chimes in 'I tried to set her up so many times but she always finds excuses not to meet anyone!’
'That’s not true!’ You correct her 'I ask guys out all the time, I just get rejected a lot!’ You don’t mean to sound self-deprecating but it obviously comes out that way because Steve gives you a comforting smile.
'I hardly doubt that! You would reject you?! You’re beautiful and smart and any guy would be a buffoon not to take you out on a date!’ He looks around for support, smiling and nodding in a 'Am I right?’ manner. Everyone is nodding in agreement except for Bucky who, being sat behind Steve, escapes his look.
'I don’t buy it either, when was the last time you asked a guy out and he turn you down?’ Clint prods 'I bet it happened long time ago and you’re still sulking!’

As much as you’d like to vent you decide to be the bigger person here and protect Bucky, it’s not his fault he doesn’t see you that way, it’s certainly YOUR fault to allow yourself to develop such feeling for him.

'Okay, it happened this week. That’s all I can say’ you take another sip of your beer.

'No way!’ Sam booms 'Who was it?’ You don’t reply straight away and that spikes Sam’s interest 'Wait! Do we know him? Is he from work?’ The 'oohs’ and 'aahs’ spread across the room and suddenly everyone’s eyes are glued on you, including Bucky’s, who is looking nervous. He’s bobbing his leg and runs hand through his hair. He’s clearly trying to avoid your eyes but when you accidentally meet his gaze he quickly averts your eyes and takes a big gulp of his drink. You look around the room and release a deep sigh.
'I don’t really want to talk about it.. But yes, he’s from work, I asked him to go out for a drink and he said he doesn’t think it’s a good idea because we work together and it may put us in an awkward situation’
A moment of silence is broken by Wanda who must have sensed your discomfort.
To be honest it doesn’t take a genius to figure you’re uncomfortable because your drink is long gone and all of a sudden you’re quiet, replaying the events from earlier in your head. A movement across the room catches your attention and it’s Bucky walking away towards the hall, perhaps to get another drink from the kitchen? You catch Steve looking at you and he sends you a wide smile. It’s so beautiful you swear that smile can cure depression! You’re certainly feeling better already!
'Fuck him, Y/N, he’s clearly not worth it, his loss!’ Wanda walks up and gives you a pat on the shoulder 'I’m gonna head off now, it’s getting pretty late and it has been a long day!’
'Yeah, me too’ you stand up and grab your coat 'Thanks for having me guys, and congrats on a great mission!’
You say your goodbyes and head towards the lift. You press the button and wait. 'Y/N?’ You hear a familiar voice and turn around to see his tall frame jogging towards you. 'Hey, sorry about earlier, I didn’t mean to upset you’
'Bucky… it’s alright, I’m not that upset, like I said, I’m used to rejection, I’m a big girl I can take it’ it takes all your strength (or what’s left of it) to smile at him.
'Listen, you seem like a really cool girl, so maybe we can go for that drink after all?’ He’s definitely talking to you, there’s no one else here, but you wouldn’t be able to tell because he’s looking everywhere else but at you, shifting nervously.
The beep of the lift brings your focus back to the situation 'Don’t worry about it, I don’t need a pity ask…’
'I didn’t mean-’
'Bucky’ you cut him off 'please don’t make this even worse, you’ve made your feelings pretty clear earlier and it’s fine. I’m fine’ you stand into the lift and wait for the door to close before releasing a strangled cry. Rejection is one thing but you certainly did not need anyone’s pity. Especially not Bucky’s.

Part 2
Much Needed Sleep (Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: passing out, swearing.


Request:Could you do one where the reader has insomnia and barely sleeps. She lies to the rest of them (the avengers) so they don’t worry. She has about 4 hours sleep a night, sometimes less. When she’s doing a mission, she collapses from exhaustion. Angst. Thanks Hun!

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Insomnia. Fucking. Sucks. You spend most nights exhausted to where you can barely keep your eyes open but when your eyes are closed, nothing. You want to sleep, but you just can’t. It doesn’t help that you’re an Avenger.

You were getting ready for a mission, and Steve noticed the bags under your eyes. “Y/N, ya’ll alright?” He asked. You looked up and looked at him for a second before smiling.

“Fine, why?” You asked.

“You look exhausted… why don’t you stay behind?” He asked. You shook your head.

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In a recent ‘exchange’ I had with somebody they accused Spidey of being a an egotistical dick and an example of ‘toxic masculinity’ in the above interactions he had with the Avengers. I want to revisit this because I find that reading so utterly nonsensical.

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No, no!

They’re right!

Let’s remove Tony from everything. Just get rid of his character.

Well, ok, so there’s no MCU to begin with. But aside from that, he didn’t stop the helicarrier from falling, so they’re all dead. Which means no Hawkeye, Widow, or Captain. Or Fury. Or Hill. Huh. Oh yeah, anyway; he doesn’t fly the nuke through the portal, so they’re all dead AGAIN, +Manhattan. And let’s face it, without Tony, Bruce wouldn’t have stuck around. So now we are down to…. Thor. Well, alright. Thor has to go back to Asgard. Shit! While he’s dealing with that, there’s no Avengers to stop Hydra in the Winter Soldier. So that millions more dead and now Hydra is kind of in control of the planet…. Ouch. So Thor comes back and he’s like wtf, and tries to stop them. But alas! He has to fight hydra, the Winter Soldier, quicksilver, and scarlet witch. We all now how Thor vs. Wanda went last time so there goes Thor. Rhodey wouldn’t have War Machine and Hydra would def label him as a threat, so he would be dead. Sam wouldn’t get his wings. Peter wouldn’t get a functional suit. So right now, we have a whole ton of Hydra, no shield, no Avengers, but I guess Spiderman can try his best.

….Huh. ok, let’s take out Captain America. Honestly, how hard would it be for someone to just shoot Red Skull. Steve could have done it without the serum. And what else did he do? Gave some orders during the battle right? They really weren’t needed, but I guess someone else could say “Hawkeye, get somewhere you can snipe. Because you’re a sniper. Also, Hulk go break stuff” and he did stop the helicarriers but Tony could of hacked them in like 15 seconds and stopped the whole thing while drinking a smoothie. Sorry. This is awkward.

(Dear Lord this is going to offend so many people.)

Any Companion in the World

Clintasha one-shot for Day 1 of Clintasha Week! (Prompt: Quotes/Lyrics)

Warnings: Lots of guns/violence, Nat removes a bullet (it’s not too graphic, so unless you’re really squeamish you should be fine), mild swearing
Word Count: 3.3k

Clint wiped the fog off the mirror with the palm of his hand, clearing it just enough to make out his reflection in the glass. He looked like shit, he decided; the dark circles under his eyes made him look like he had aged a decade in a day. Heaving a sigh, he toweled off his hair and pulled on a pair of boxers and a t-shirt.

Once he had brushed his teeth and gathered up his dirty clothes from the floor, Clint made his way out into the dimly lit hotel room that he was sharing with Natasha for this mission. She was reclined in her bed with a book cracked open, already showered and wearing her nightclothes. She glanced up at him as he deposited his dirty clothes in their pile on the floor, but hardly spared him more than a grunt of acknowledgment before she went back to whatever she was reading.

Clint flopped onto his bed so he was sprawled on his stomach, letting out a long groan into the pillow. Natasha said nothing, so Clint let out another groan, louder this time.

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Masked - Part 3

Word Count: 1917

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Peter x Reader 

Warnings: Language, some violence 

A/N: Finally Part 3! Sorry for the wait my weekend has been a bit hectic but I hope the word count makes up for it. Anyway, enjoy :) 


Masked Masterlist

Part 2 

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Ever since last night’s encounter with the masked vigilante, Tony and Bruce were holed up in the lab making sure Tony’s “ever so great” plan would run smoothly. They had enough on their plates already and the whole vigilante mess was getting old. With the world in some order SHIELD tasked the team with bringing in whoever this enhanced individual was. Though, they never thought a kid would actually become a huge thorn in the Avenger’s side. So if the team wasn’t on a mission their sole focus was on bringing in the unknown enhanced.

It was already known that SHIELD, as well as Fury, wanted to make you a part of the Avengers or at least part of SHIELD if that proved too difficult. No one was really opposed to the idea since you seem like a good person wanting to make the streets of New York safe. You shared the same traits Peter showed before he became an official member of the team and he hasn’t let the team down yet. Still, finding you was like finding a needle in a haystack.

Tony had programmed FRIDAY to alert him of any sightings of “a masked person with weird tentacle looking thingys” but half of the time you were already leaving the scene when they arrived. Everyone was beyond frustrated at this point, especially Tony. How could he find Peter so easily but not another kid probably his age saving the city? Hell, you even had alien looking enhancements that would make you stick out like a sore thumb.

“So you want to stage a fake robbery and hostage situation?” Bruce asked rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. After all the all-nighters Bruce pulled with Tony, he would have thought he’d be used to it by now but he was proven wrong as he drank his third cup of coffee.

“There’s not much we can really do and I’m tired of waiting,” He replied with his eyes glued to his tablet.

“How can we exactly stage a robbery?”

“I know a few guys and the NYPD owes me a favor anyway,” He smirked evilly.

Bruce sighed at his friend. “I’m not even going to ask.”

“Wise decision, now tell the team to meet us in the lab in five. I need to update everyone on the plan.”

Nodding, Bruce summoned everyone to the lab not caring how early it was. To no one’s surprise, Vision was the first there- followed by Steve who looked like he was about to go on a run. The others soon trudged in with unassumed faces especially Clint who was being dragged in by Natasha. Nudging Tony who was still glued to his tablet, Bruce sighed again.

“So are you going to tell us why you woke us up at the crack of dawn,” Clint muttered while fixing his messy hair. “It better be about that enhanced person or I swear-”

“Alright, birdie. Take a chill pill. Let me guess, you woke up on the wrong side of the nest?” Tony chuckled as Clint flipped him off.

“Boys,” Natasha warned.

“Anyway,” Tony said taking a few steps away from the smirking red-head. “Bruce and I were able to set up a little trap for our enhanced friend.”

Pressing a button on his tablet, Tony watched as his plans projected in front of everyone. Watching as the team read over everything, he couldn’t help but smirk to himself.

“So you want to stage a robbery? Wouldn’t that just cause panic?” Sam questioned.

“Have any other ideas?” Tony snapped back.

“Hate to say it, but Stark has a point. If we know the kid would show themselves in these types of situations we might as well give it a try,” Steve said.

As the team silently nodded, Bruce walked closer to the hologram. Highlighting a few main points, he cleared his throat.

“We have everyone either a few blocks away or right on the street of the bank. Clint, you- however- are going to be hiding in the back room with your stun arrows.”

“What about Peter?” Wanda asked in a quiet voice.

“Right after we’re done here, I’m going to call him. We have him set up in a diner a few blocks away. I’m sure he won’t mind missing school,” Tony answered.

“Worst-case scenario, if arrows don’t work, we have this,” Bruce said holding up a small needle. “It’ll knock them out for maybe an hour or two depending on how they process the drug.”

“This won’t hurt the kid right,” Bucky asked with worry laced in his voice.

“No, it’s completely safe. They may have a small headache for the first few minutes after they wake up but other than that they’re fine.”

“Everyone has their orders. Let’s move out,” Steve said.

“We better get this kid,” Clint yawned.

The robbery was starting to look like one sick joke once you busted through the vent inside the bank. Normally you expect guys in tactical gear with machine guns raised toward the ceiling as they yelled orders to the hostages still inside the bank. However, instead of hostages, you were met with an empty room and no criminals in sight.

“What the-” You muttered before an arrow flew by your head.

Shielding yourself from the electrical blast that came from the arrow, you took a few steps back trying to process what had just happened. Still holding your shield up, you watched as arrows bounced off it while sighing in annoyance. Your little group of friends tried to capture once again. Rolling your eyes, you found the source of the arrows.

“Hawkeye, nice you see you again,” You chuckled before sending a blast his way. After fighting you for so long he should know by now that his arrows have no effect on your shields.

As you watched the birdman fly back, you smirked and turned towards the door. Opening the door, you saluted the surprised officers. Adding a small skip to your step, you waved at some of the bystanders when a familiar gush of air blew pieces of your hair in your face. The Avengers weren’t a team that gave up so easily and since you just blasted Hawkeye into a wall they weren’t going to be happy campers.

“The Sokovian bastard,” You smirked at the blue blur zooming around.

“Mama it’s Quicksilver!” One kid cried out as you laughed to yourself.

Out of all the Avengers, the white-hair speedster was always your favorite to mess with. From what you could tell he was cocky about his speed and you used that to your advantage. Taking a note from a scene in the Incredibles you raised your hand and casted out a huge shield. Watching the speedster bounce off of the shield into a few cops was comedy gold. You had nothing against the guy but this bit never got old.

“Always look where you’re going kids,” You laughed as their tiny little eyes stared at you with amusement.

Taking a small bow as a few of them clapped, you shot them a wink before the room of engines rang through the air. Looking up at the sky, you found some familiar faces floating above you. The two tinmen had red lasers pointed at chest while the other bird guy flew overhead. Glancing behind you, you notice the witch and the AI slowly creeping up on you. Noticing that the team was trying to surround you, you stood there with your arms crossed.

“You’re surrounded put your hands where I can see them,” Mr. American commanded as the arrow guy slowly walked out of the bank with his red-headed friend.

“Now’s it’s a party,” You grinned. “Watch and learn kids, watch and learn.”

Sending up a blinding blast, you shot two of your tentacles out of you back towards your friends trying to sneak up on you. Knocking them into Sonic the Hedgehog - who was just getting his bearings - you shielded yourself from oncoming arrows. Directing one of the blasts towards Hawkeye and Black Widow you watched as they fell to the ground paralyzed. Now that the arrows were taking care of you dodged an oncoming shield and grabbed the two iron suits with your other tentacles. Throwing them to the ground, you used all the power you had and pushed off of the ground towards Falcon. Kicking one of his wing’s engines hard you watched as he spun out of control.

Laughing to yourself, you were about to make your getaway until you felt a large force on your chest sending you flying backwards. Hitting the street hard, you rolled over on the pavement trying to catch your breath. Slowly getting up you ignore the stinging sensation in your arm and wiped the sweat off of your forehead. At this point, most of the bystanders were being summoned away by police as news crews started to surround the scene. Most of the Avengers were down except for the few helping the others up off of the ground. But standing in front of your was none other than Spider-Man himself. Sure the kid looked small but he clearly knew how to throw a punch. Cracking your neck, you angrily stomped over to the spider-boy wanting to knock him back a few blocks. It was only fair after all.

“You know for someone your size you can clearly kick some ass,” He said with an oddly familiar voice as you sent an energy blast his way.

Hearing a familiar twip you watched him effortlessly dodge your blast and he swung back around to you. Running at him with your shield up you both flew backwards as the two of you collided. As the shield broke you were blinded by the light as you hit the pavement with a thud. Trying to regain your vision, you heard the same twip again and recklessly shot your arm out trying to hit your target.  

Just them a strong force grabbed your arm as your vision returned. Before you could react, you felt a needle pick your arm as you yanked it free from Spider-Man’s grasp. Ripping the needle out of your arm you felt the ground sway beneath you.

“W-What was t-that,” You muttered as your legs gave out from under you.

“I got you,” He said quickly catching you before you hit the ground.

Trying to get up you slowly felt your whole body before numb as your eyes began to droop. Grabbing his arm in a last attempt to get up, you felt all the strength you had to leave your body.

“You’re ok,” He said looking at your panicked face. “Just let it happen. Nothing will happen to you.”

That’s when the familiar voice clicked. Your eyes widened the best they could as you cleared your throat.

“P-Peter,” You croaked losing consciousness.

Watching his eyes widened as well, black dots started to fill your vision as Peter took off your mask. This wasn’t good at all. The cute boy you just met is a part of a team trying to arrest you and most likely lock you up. You knew what the Accords were and they weren’t pretty. Hell, it even broke the Avengers a part for a brief time. But there you were unmasked as staring at the face of the guy you were just starting to like.

“(Y/N),” He said in disbelief.

Before you could respond your world went black and then you saw nothing.

Part 4

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Chameleon [part 1]

Synopsis: [in construction]
Requested: not at all
Pairing: Bucky×Reader
Warnings: none so far


This is my first Marvel fanfiction. The storyline and the time are different, some characters weren’t supposed to be there, others are out… Hope you guys like it.
P.S.: You will start seeing more drama and action from chapter 3. Still, the first two chapters are very important.

You weren’t used to be around superheroes. You saw them on tv whenever the news had amateur’s footage of the Avengers’ act of justice around the country and even the world. It was the closest you got from an Avenger before, seeing them through a tv screen in some heroic situation.

But this time was different. You were right there, in front of the national idols, the role models for the kids and teenagers of America. You wanted to feel somehow amazed by that, maybe thankful to have the opportunity to be right there and then with them in the reunion’s room. But you didn’t. You were thinking too much and getting scared of what was to come, it was when Fury introduced you to the team.

“No more procrastination, this is Y/N and she is now one of us. One of you.”
Nobody seemed to understand how could anyone like you be any good to be an Avenger.

Your looks didn’t reveal much about you, there was nothing apparently ‘bizarre’ or heroic about you. You seemed just like a young woman, a regular civilian, nothing very special to be with them. But you were choosen by Nick Fury what made the team give you some respect even if they still didn’t know what were the goods you were bringing to their cause.

“Y/N is going to get a room on the 13th floor.” Your ‘mentor’ pronounced himself once again. “She is also going to train with your guys. For that, I already arrenged her schedule; I want her with you, agent Romanoff. I know you can have this responsibility in your hands.- Stark,” he called the genius that imediatly regretted being in this room if he only knew that Nick was going to ask anything.

“Let’s start working on some technology for our Y/N here.” Fury touched your shoulder in a caring way but never letting down his leader’s attitude.

“For that I’ll need to know what this teenager has to offer…” Tony Stark gave you a mean look, way too curious about your skills. You didn’t care about that, but the way he called you a teenager already built a wall between the two of you. You were no teenager, you were no little 'non harmful’ girl. They didn’t know anything about you. Maybe only Nick.

“I don’t need your technologies. I’ll be fine on my own skin.” Your words caught their attentions and Nick was happy to see what you got to say.

Natasha on the other hand wasn’t so pleased to know she would train you. Well, who were you in the first place? Agent Romanoff wouldn’t help anyone she didn’t know- but she had to, because she trusted Fury and all of the Avengers had this commitment with him. Trust. That’s what being a superhero was all about.

“Captain” the blue eyed man had a serious look towards the both of you, his perfect posture and clenched jaw were things you you took notice of. “May you show Y/N the accommodation is?”

The man nodded. You never thought in your entire life that you would have Captain America to show you around the Avengers’ accommodation while Tony Stark had a massive discussion with Nick Fury in the reunions room. It was comic to you, not so much to the other avengers.

“This is where we train. You’ll spend a lot of time in here with Natasha.” Steve’s serene voice was much better than his serious face from minutes ago. He was trying his best to embrace you in this whole new phase in your life even though all he knew about you was your name.

“Do you know how to throw a punch?” he asked somehow lightning up the mood. He was Captain America but he felt a little intimidated by your mysterious vibe. Who would even think of that? Surely not you.

“I prefer having a strategy, a plan, than to actually throw punchs. But if that’s what you want, I guess I’ll do my best to physically hurt someone.” your words.

Gosh, how scary you were for a girl that looked so angelical and saint. This wasn’t right to his eyes. Steve didn’t expect Fury to bring an amateur to the team, but neither he expected a strategist to join them. He thought you would be more of a physical fighter like everyone else.

Steve was wrong, everybody was wrong. They didn’t know you. You didn’t feel like you were anything like them, but someone completly original, authentic. There wasn’t anyone else like you out there, with the same powers, same life path…

How did you get there though? How did Nick find you? You were so well hidden from the world, from the big city, the villains, the criminals, the people like you and like Fury.

You shook your head before your thoughts turned into words and out of your mouth. Steve looked at you curious and concerned. He had a soft side that told him to take care of you. Nothing unusual for our Steve Rogers.

The captain led your way out of the gym. Both of you walked around the accomodation and he had all the patience to explain to you what every room was for. Sometimes he didn’t know what some of the doors would lead to, but he surely knew they were more of Bruce and Tony’s science labs.

“And this is your new room. I hope you like it. It’s not so fancy but has a nice view.” He pointed to the window where you could see the city from a very hgh level. New York, what a place.

“If you excuse me.” Rogers was making his way out of your room leaving you alone with the beautiful sunset.

After the door was closed, you let out a relieved sigh. This wasn’t going to be any easy. You didn’t feel like a superhero yourself, but you were making it for something important, for someone who trusted you, for your country and everybody else who was on the aim of getting hurt, killed…

You were an Avenger now, even if the other memebers still didn’t accept you completely. Although you felt Rogers having a positive first impression about you and this being important to gain the respect of the others, you knew that whenever they learned what were your 'superpowers’, things wouldn’t be so easy on you.

Dinner time.

Next: Part 2

A/N: If you wanna use the tag #Chameleon on this blog, you will keep up with all the chapters I’ll be posting from now. Don’t forget to leave some feedback. 

-Pearl Writer

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I dont remember if I already sent you this or not, but can I have a father hc for crocodile, mihawk, and x drake?

Papa headcanons!


  • So he’s that one dad that is like always in the shadows from his kid watching low key. And by this I mean he’s checking over your grades, or anything extra curricular activities you would do from the background. 
  • So to extend on that, if anything is off he’s gonna confront you like what is wrong. What do you need to improve. “Let me help you you stubborn child of mine”
  • He always makes sure you literally have the best of everything in anything. But for that he always wants you to try your best so he brag. 
  • It is canon that if he has a daughter she will be a hundred percent daddy’s little girl. She would like to think she has him wrapped around her finger but crocodile thinks the same thing lol. 
  • Whenever he’s upset with them it’s a severe silent treatment. But he doesn’t shun them
  • If he has a son I’m gonna say he’s gonna be training a smaller him for all the business he’s in 
  • No matter a boy or girl, crocodile will catch them one day in his big seat barking orders


  • Him and his child have telekinesis in communicating. Like he has the disappointing eyes, the approving eyes, the proud eyes, the wtf are you doing eyes, the blank stare eyes where he’s looking into their soul
  • His kids will totally inherit his eyes. Lmao. When his kids were wee babies they would always just have regular staring contest and it’s a bonding moment. 
  • His kids cry less than normal when heir a toddler. By this I mean the terrible twos isn’t really a problem for him cause his kids know fussing gets them nowhere 
  • He will always listen to what his kids say, and he is one of the best persons put their for advice so his kids are really lucky. 
  • The humandrills know not the fuck with his babies 
  • His kid(s) have at least definitely fallen asleep on his chest while he was reading something really boring. 
  • He reads them either really long complex older novels or children’s books. No in between

X drake

  • He’s the protective papa from like scissors. He’s more protective over them accidentally hurting themselves than other factors. Cause they may hurt themselves when he’s looking away for a minute but from bandits hes not worried 
  • His child accidentally saw him transform into giant Dino daddy from the ship while he was outside the ship and forever from that point found his/her dad even more amazing. 
  • Let me clarify, they always found his super cool and admirable for even the smallest things, like cooking or being a captain and having respect from other people. 
  • His child will tell him he’s their biggest hero and he will just be consumed by that kind of special happiness 
  • Now mentioning cooking, he can cook. I wouldn’t say Sanji level but he can make he basic necessities and maybe some small spins on it too. 
  • He’s kinda awkward so if it’s like something not in his specialty or experience he’ll look up helpful advice to give to his kid

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Probably Bucky and Clint would be great pals given the opportunity. You know with the whole thing of one being a sniper and the other a great archer. So now I just wanna see them throwing sucker arrows and going pium pium over some other avenger or between them. And everything is love and nothing hurts (damncivilwar)

“Get back here, punk!”

“Keep up, Grandpa!”

I can definitely imagine them having a prank war instead of a civil war.

I'll Believe For Both Of Us

She watched as he sat staring at his hands.

His gaze lead somewhere beyond his hands. She doubted if he knew that he was tracing a circle across the back of one hand with the opposite thumb.

‘I used to be able to tell what you were thinking,” she said.

His dark eyes were distant and unfocused as he looked toward her. She wondered if he had heard her.

“When we were younger,” she continued, “you’d be staring at a text book or something. I could always tell what was on your mind.”

He hummed a soft musing sound and said, “I was just thinking.“ He paused and clenched his fists, looking at his hands again as his knuckles turned white.

“I thought about breaking my hands. Just smash them somehow. You know, just to try and, and, stop for awhile.”

He took a shuddering breath and gradually unclenched his hands.

She knelt before him. He didn’t look up.

Slowly she took his hands and held them between her own. For the first time she felt them tremble. She knelt there in silence until he finally looked up at her.

“These hands have a future. These hands will create.”

“I have trouble believing that,” he whispered.

“Then for now,” she said, “I’ll believe for both of us.”


AN - Not sure where this came from. Might be used in something longer some day. Written in under an hour which is astounding for me! Haha

Sparky (Uncle!Clint Barton x Reader, slight Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

Request: Hey! I heard you were looking for requests! How about a story where reader is Clint’s best friend’s daughter and she joins the Avengers, and he’s always looking out for her?

Requested By: @jumperswellies

Word Count: 901

Warnings: Swearing, Violence

A/N: I loved this request, so thanks for requesting! I made the reader an enhanced because I thought that it helped the story line. Also, slight Pietro x reader because I also thought it helped the story line. Just to let you know, (Y/F/M) means “your favorite movie.” Last but not least, thanks for reading and requests are open!

Originally posted by live-laugh-love-fandom

“Geez, (Y/N), why did you have to bring so much stuff with ya?” Clint says exasperatedly, while dragging up your numerous amounts of suitcases.

“Sorry, Uncle Clint,” You wince, seeing him drop one of the suitcases down a couple of stairs. “My dad said to pack what I needed, and well, I kinda needed it all.”

“Oh, really,” Clint remarks, rolling his eyes. “Did you really need your collection of movies? You do realize that Tony owns, like, a million, right?”

“Yes, okay maybe, but does he own this one?” You ask, pulling out (Y/F/M).

“I’m sure he does, sweetheart,” Clint huffs out, dragging the last case up the final step. “Now, will ya help your Uncle out or do I have to do all the heavy-lifting?”

“Whatever, old man,” You grin, seeing him roll his eyes at you once more.

“Everyone, this is (Y/N), my niece; (Y/N), this is everyone,” Clint announces, and everyone responds with their own sort of greetings. Scanning over your new teammates, you see that the one with the silvery-blonde hair catches your eye. Seeing this, Clint’s eyes widen.

“Oh, hell no, Speedy,” Clint all but shouts, moving in front of you. “You are not going after my niece.”

“Lighten up, old man,” the boy responds. “We’ve only just met.” And with that, he flashes you a blinding smile. Waltzing up to you, he grabs your hand, just about to place a kiss on it when-

“OUCH!” the boy yelled, pulling his hand back from you, clutching it to his chest. “What the-?”

“Oh, sorry, Speedy,” Clint retorts. “Forgot to mention that she’s an enhanced. She produces an electrical current that runs along her body. Have to be careful, y’know.” He finishes with a wicked smile on his face.

“That,” the man with the glasses starts, “Is amazing. Do you mind if I run a few tests on-”

“Banner, she just walked in the front door,” Clint says, cutting Bruce off. “Let her adjust for a bit, alright?” Clint finishes, sending a glance towards your way. Nodding your head towards him, he smiles. “Now c’mon, lets go get you all settled in.”

“Hey, Sparky, need a little help over here,” Tony grunts through the comms, blasters firing at every HYDRA agent he can see. Finishing off your own agent, you put your hands on your knees, breathing in deeply. It was your first big mission, and things were going smoothly until their reinforcements started showing up. These guys are like cockroaches, you think, slowly standing up. Looking around you, you are about to ask Tony where he was when another agent stepped out from behind the tree line. Eyes widening, you just barely dodge the knife that was thrown at you before you start sprinting towards the agent. Just before you can lay your hands on the guy to electrocute him, a knife grazes your arm, and you let out a cry of pain.

“Son of a bitch!” You scream, still moving closer to the guy. Placing your hands on him, you let the electricity surge through you and into the man, watching him fall into a crumpled heap on the forest ground. Standing back up, you grip your arm.

“Sparky, I really need you over here,” Tony’s voice rings through.

“Give me a minute,” You gasp out, pulling your hand away from your arm. “Just got cut, I’m fine th-”

What?!” You hear Clint’s voice, shocked. “(Y/N), stay where you are, I’m coming to get you.” Too tired to even mutter a response, you slink away to the nearest tree and try to hide your body from the ever-present agents. Not even five minutes later, your uncle shows up.

“Are you okay?” He breathes out, dropping on his knees to look at you. You just nod, but motion your head towards your arm. Seeing the blood on your arm, he starts to pull out his first aid kit and begins to patch you up.

“Uncle Clint, I’m-” 

“Don’t you dare say you’re sorry,” He mumbles, continuing to fix your arm. “Not your fault.”

“Still, I-I” You start, tears starting to well up in your eyes. “Maybe I’m not cut out for this, maybe I’m not strong enough for-”

“(Y/N), you are one of the strongest people I know. You always do the right thing, even when it’s the hard thing. Hell, even growing up you were strong. You were a little terror to your dad because of how headstrong you are. And you do belong in the Avengers, obviously. You kept going until you got to safety, even with a knife wound; which is hard, I might add.” Clint confesses. Before you can even respond, he continues. “And yeah, this life is hard, but you belong with us. These battles are always hard, and hell, I’m just a guy with a bow and some arrows. Doesn’t make sense. But you, you belong here with us. We are your family, and we will protect you. So don’t go thinking you’re not good enough, alright?”

Wiping tears away, you nod your head yes. “Thanks, Uncle Clint, means a lot to me.” You say with a smile.

“No problem, kiddo,” He finishes, pulling you up next to him. “Still think you have a little bit of electricity in you?” He asks, smiling.

“Definitely,” You reply, now more determined than ever before.

“Great, lets go kick some ass, Sparky.”

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for your autistic Spidey and schizo Deadpool one shots can you do one where Spidey has a panic attack in front of the avengers??? if you want to of course. Also I'm autistic and you don't find a lot of accurate autistic representation especially in fanfiction and I love the way you write Peter :))))

[Thank you, new nonnie! I assume by your comments anyway that you’re a new nonnie ;) It took me awhile to get around to it, but here it is. Not quite what you asked for I think but hopefully just as good!]

“Well, that went pretty well I’d say. Wouldn’t everyone agree?” Iron Man asks. The question is barely out of his mouth before Spider-Man sprints past him, faster than any normal twenty-or-so-year-old ever could, fast enough for Tony with his helmet face open and newly shrunk-back-down-to-human-size Bruce to feel the wind chill against their faces as he passes them.

“Not everyone,” Bruce mutters, glancing down to readjust his specially designed shorts to make sure they don’t fall down.

“Oh. Right. I’d forgotten about that part,” Tony says, unable to look away now that he’s been reminded because really, how often do you see something like that? That being Deadpool, currently impaled on a giant metal shard from the ship that exploded and fell out of the sky in pieces mere minutes ago.

(“Another alien invasion? Seriously?” Tony had griped to no one in particular as they all hurriedly geared up less than an hour ago. “We fought one last week. At this point I’d happily fight off a zombie horde instead even if it is another cliché.”

“Do not even joke about that,” Deadpool had said, he and Spidey already suited up as usual and just waiting for the others to catch up so they can all pile onto the Quinjet together. “You do not want to see what a world of flesh-eating us types looks like, trust me.”

“Yikes,” Spider-Man responded, appearing to give that some serious thought. “A bunch of supers infected with our very own homegrown T-virus? Now that would be scary.”

“You can relax though, baby boy,” Deadpool had reassured. “If I manage somehow to stay uninfected this time around, you can just lop off my limbs and eat those all day every day instead of having to worry about hunting down poor hapless humans.”


“Ugh, get a room, you two,” Tony had told them. “After you help us put these baddies down, I mean.” He didn’t even want to know what Wilson meant by ‘this time around.’ Hopefully just more of his usual crazy nonsense.)

It is decidedly strange seeing someone you were just bantering with not long ago being very decidedly dead right in front of you, but considering Deadpool’s track record of coming back faster than the Mortal Kombat guy would even be able to shout “Fatality!” he isn’t exactly worried either. Shortstop, on the other hand, seems to have no trouble worrying up a storm big enough to make up for everyone else’s nonchalance.

“As soon as he wakes up, I want to thank him,” Hawkeye tells Spider-Man soberly, the other not seeming to hear him with how busy he is holding the dead man’s dangling head in his hands and muttering his name over and over again under his breath. “If he hadn’t pushed me out of the way, it’d be me making the human kebob impression right now,” he adds to try to lighten the mood a bit.

When that doesn’t work, he tries to reassure the younger man instead. “He is going to wake up, Spider-Man, I promise. You just have to give him some time,” he says, reaching out to pat him lightly on the shoulder.

“I know that!!” Peter screams without warning, knocking Clint’s hand back with enough force that he comes dangerously close to spraining the other man’s wrist. He doesn’t notice in his own distress that Barton backs away from him ever so slightly after that, cradling his hand and looking down at it with the expression of a man who realizes how close he just came to losing it.

“I know,” he angrily shout-sobs again. Fucker just needs to hurry up and get on with it. The last time he witnessed Wade’s death, it was a bullet to the head meant for him, which this idiot decided to take for him instead even though Peter’s quick reflexes and spidey sense would have kicked in to save him just fine, dammit, seriously Wade, what the hell were you thinking, you big dumb romantic jerkface. He had woken up much faster than this though, which is one of the reasons Peter is so worked up. The other is Holy fuck, my lover just died in front of me and I couldn’t do anything to stop it and I’m allowed to feel bad about that, okay, fuck you very much.

It must be the metal shard that’s keeping him from regenerating yet, he thinks, deciding to ignore Wade’s previous handwavey comments about “comic inconsistency for the sake of dramatic tension, blah blah” in favor of doing whatever he can to speed Wade’s so-good-it’s-like-magic healing factor along.

“Whoa! Hey!” Tony shouts once he’s recovered from the sudden shock of witnessing a huge, javelin-shaped hunk of metal go flying half a city block and bury itself deep into one of the only slabs of concrete still standing from a burnt out husk of a building across the street. “Watch what the hell you’re doing, underoos, you could have hit someone!”

The sound Spider-Man makes when Tony approaches is nearly akin to that of a territorial jungle cat, and only slightly less unnerving than the way he gathers Wilson’s body up in his arms and backs up, all the way up the side of a building behind him with all the spindly, jerky finesse of one of his namesakes. Tony almost half-expects the young man to wrap Wilson up in a tight web cocoon to save him for later, causing a shudder and, not for the first time, the unwelcome intrusive thought that the kid would truly be a nightmare if the thing holding him together inside ever snaps and causes him to flip sides.

Tony backs up to stand with the others again and mutters to Bruce, “What are the odds you think of Deadpool not waking up this time?”

“Slim to none,” is Banner’s official scientific prognosis. “Why do you ask?” He knows Tony well enough by now to tell that his concern is about more than the potential loss of a fallen comrade.

“Did you see that just now?” Stark replies, gesturing as subtly as he can at the jagged shard embedded in the wall across the way. “Christ, I can’t believe I’m about to say this in a not you-based situation but,” he turns his head slightly, one hand held unnecessarily to his ear in an unbreakable habit from ye olden days of old-school Bluetooth, “Friday, just as a precaution make sure Veronica is primed and ready to go, would you please.”

“The Hulkbuster? Are you being serious right now?” Bruce hisses under his breath.

“Look, I hope like hell it’s not necessary but you did see that, right? You want to imagine for a sec what happens next if Mr. Creepy Undead Boyfriend over there drops the ‘un’ for good this time?”

“I really don’t like saying this, but Tony’s got a point,” Clint mutters just as softly as the other two.

“Surprised you heard that,” Tony mumbles.

“It’s called a hearing aid, you asshole,” Clint jabs a finger furiously at the device just barely visible inside his own ear. “Back to the part you missed where I was actually agreeing with you for once,” he adds, slipping off his glove to show them the bruise forming on the back of his hand, “this sucker’s gonna be the size of an egg by tomorrow morning, and that’s him still trying to hold himself back for now. I don’t like it either, guys, but if somehow Wade doesn’t pull through this time, it means that God hates us and doesn’t think locusts or floods are gonna be enough to wipe us out. It’ll be Apocalypse via Spidey.”

“Don’t let Natasha see that,” Bruce warns. Clint nods, pulling the glove back on with a slight wince. She, Cap, and Falcon are scoping town to check for any stragglers from the alien army while Scarlet Witch leads a team including Vision and Ant-Man to search for survivors who might not have made it out of the wreckage in time and still need assistance. Bucky is away, currently aiding T’Challa with some other project in Wakanda, and Thor had to return to Asgard to avert another crisis there, though the latter will probably be miffed when he hears about all the fun he missed out on here once he returns.

A loud, sputtering gasp pulls their focus back to the situation at hand—or rather, the lack of one now. Each man relaxes minutely in his own way to see Wade Wilson, still dangling high above ground in Spidey’s arms, take in many deep, sharp breaths like a drowning man.


Peter is so happy now he could flap, if not for the fact that he’s stuck to the side of a building with arms full of his now not-so-dead weight but still pretty heavy boyfriend. Instead, he crushes the man closer into a hug and mumbles his name over and over again just like he did a few minutes before.

“Hey, b’by boy, wassup?” Wade mumbles, slurring just a little as he recovers from his recent demise like a heavy sleeper just waking up. “Oh, looks like us apparently,” he giggles once he realizes they’re high up off the ground.

“Wade, I hate it when you do that,” Peter complains into the crook of his neck, still shaken. He can’t tell him not to do it though, not when it’s to save someone else who won’t be coming back if he gets skewered.

“What, die?” Wade asks. All Peter can do is nod, blinking back tears that can’t be seen through the mask but that Wade knows are there anyway. This is why he tries to avoid dying as often now when he can. He shushes the younger man and reassures him, giving comfort despite the fact that he’s the one being held.

“This is giving me some pretty fabulous ideas for later though,” Wade tells him, waggling his eyebrows suggestively behind his own mask. It works at shaking loose the last bit of tension in Peter’s muscles while he laughs.

“Later,” he agrees, and gingerly climbs back down with his precious cargo in hand.

This lovely person sent in a awesome request but wanted to stay anonymous :) I like the way you think btw

headcanons for awkward boners, omg, can you do the most stoic characters ever? like law, zoro, mihawk… add anyone you feel like :))) 


  • Omg I would die laughing. He would get an awkward boner because he thought he could’ve hold in his urges throughout the meeting with the strawiest, but no. 
  • His face would just suddenly turn a lot more grim, and with a light blush across his face
  • If anyone said one word, they have to find there body parts scattered.
  • He go take a cold shower lmao 

Originally posted by gif-007


  • He confuse his sexual urges with training XD
  • He would not notice and keep eye contact with who he was talking too
  • He get a boner when he was stubbornly asked someone for directions, he wonders why people kept running away everytime he asked them to help him with his problem (lmao)


  • Mihawk omg this would be something hilarious because Mihawk will weigh innocence like no other
  • Mihawk will not crack, he will pretend to the end of the earth it is not there, standing up tall, bulging in his pants
  • He will drink wine and continue to read whatever he is reading. Nope. N o B o n e r  H e r e
  • Shanks be like ‘ohoho Mihawk your little sword is up’

Admiral Aikanu

  • Say a damn thing and you will get demoted
  • Admiral Kizaru would drop and leave immediately to come back with napkins and a porn magazines and give Aikanu a thumbs up and leave asap
  • He would try to use will power to make it go down
  • He didnt know it could go up that quick wink wank


  • If you suddenly see Smoker smoking 6 cigars you know exactly why
  • His men will say something, or at least they give it away they know something is “up”
  • He loosen his pants os no on would notice. He looks his door and relieves himself after debating if he should do it for a long time. Tashigi may or may not have walked in. He came at that time. Cliff hanger  

Originally posted by pbonnie89


  • Kid would be like ‘ dude go get a chick or guy I don’t know what the fuck your into, but get your nuts out of my face’
  • Killer is also guilty of feigning innocence, he is very appreciative of his mask now 

LMAO SMOKERS LEFT ME DYING. Tell me if this made you laugh :)

Weekly Reading List #25

Hello there!

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It’s Sunday again and I’m glad to finish my Weekly Reading List for you! It’s not that short this time, especially because some fanfictions are multiparter. I hope you gonna enjoy them!

Unfortunately it’s a busy time for me right now due to work and my honorary office (is it called like that? I hope so). That means I don’t have enough time to work on my “Favorite of the Day”-series and that’s frustrating me a lot. I just hope there will be light at the end of the tunnel soon, because there are a lot of good fanfictions I like to show you! And I’m thinking about writing some fanfics on my own, but there isn’t really much time for that now. Maybe I should hurry up and find me a new job, a job with regular working time and free weekends… but even for writing a job application I need time… vicious circle.

But thanks to you and this amazing writers there are a lot of small things to cheer me up and I hope they do it to you, too! Until next week!

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Real Characters

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HOLY SHIT okay so I’m on season two right and I have the imdb page pulled up so I can double check episode titles for liveblog purposes and I was scanning down the list of season two episodes and ummmmm there is apparently an actual actually canon gay on this show??????? like I think it’s a Very Special Episode about homophobia and frank is like 500% more of an asshole than usual but like. this is like way before don’t ask don’t tell even. the show takes place right in the lavender scare. this is how many hecking years before dawson’s creek even?????????????????

@ current tv producers if they could manage to have a gay character (who is, based on the imdb summary I accidentally read, treated as like a sympathetic and totally normal guy) in 1973 y’all need to step it the fuck up