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2017 TV Show Thoughts - Not Including Stranger Things Season 2

**Waiting until finals are over to watch season 2 of Stranger Things but I have a feeling it would’ve been/will be in my favorite category anyway because I LOVE the show

***THESE ARE MY OPINIONS FEEL FREE TO DISAGREE! Even if a show disappointed me this past season doesn’t mean I won’t still give it a chance in the future!

****For TV Show that aired over the Fall- I have not watched ANY of the new episodes/season with the exception of my #1 favorite tv show of 2017

Disappointing Tv Seasons/Series:

5.  The 100Season 4

It was sad because we lost so many amazing characters in season 3, but season 4 for the most part things didn’t heat up (pun intended) until last 3-4 episodes, which was the best part of the season. The season as whole wasn’t that great and we did lose one of my favorite characters (again) but it wasn’t the worst, it was still somewhat entertaining…..    

4. Girl Meets World - Season 3 & Series Finale

WARNING SPOILERS: The once funny/goofy show fell hard on season 3, with stupid plot twists and being super cliché when it came to the “ships” of the show it just wasn’t that great. Very disappointing. They dumbed down Riley and here I thought they were going to do a whole deep storyline about how she was acting more childish because she was scared of the idea of growing up after high school, but nope, even when the writers talked about what they were planning if they got another season, it wasn’t there! And don’t get me started on the whole Maya becoming Riley “twist” which made NO sense to me. I think I can count the amount of good episodes of this season on 1 hand. Since this show was based on Boy Meets World I was expecting SO much more, but then again maybe it shouldn’t have been on Disney to start with.

 3. Supergirl - Season 2 

It was honestly just bland, but the show needed to get it’s footing now that it’s on the CW, but I was just barreling through the episodes waiting for the good part and that didn’t really happen. I also didn’t care for/about Kara & Mon El (Even though I loved Chris Wood since I first saw him on TVD back in season 6) which was a huge part of the season. The only good additions to the season was Tyler Hoechlin (loved him from Teen Wolf) , Katie McGrath (LOVED her since Merlin) and giving James SOMETHING to do, aside from being a once love interest. 

 2. The Flash - Season 3

It felt like a “been there, done that” season, yet ANOTHER speedster villain as the big bad… The reveal took too long and was disappointing. Flashpoint was a waste but it’s great as a loophole for the writers to explain something that doesn’t make sense, just blame it on Flashpoint…  The two parts of the season don’t seem to flow together and the season finale was very disappointing due to the fact that it was basically a combination of the season 1 & 2 finale. Iris West was basically just a plot device this season, so disappointing. HR, Cisco, Joe and Wally were the best characters this season. 

1. Pretty Little Liars - Season 7 & Series Finale

WOW. JUST WOW. I have loved this show since the first season and read most of the books, so I was ready for an epic and well deserved ending….But I was horribly wrong. This season and the finale was just SO DISSAPPOINTING. We got a half assed ending, which we only got because the original A.D. actor couldn’t stay long for the finale (seriously that’s why they didn’t go another route) and they pulled a plot twist THAT THEY USED BEFORE ON OTHER CHARACTERS in the show and was one of the major plot twists from the books. The fanbase is VERY VOCAL when the writers do something they don’t like, so it felt like everything became fanservice to please fans and everything just didn’t make sense anymore. If you thought the Gossip Girl ending was bad, just don’t watch this. To quote Emily “I WASTED SO MUCH TIME ON YOU”   


Overhyped TV Shows:

5. A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 1

As a fan of the books I just didn’t enjoy the show as much as other people, I mostly had to power through the episodes to finish it. I was mostly cringing when I watched it. With the show coming out on Netflix in January with only 8 episodes, it took me about 4-5 months to finish them. I just didn’t enjoy it. I was expecting something different, and I have an open mind if I don’t like a show at first but I couldn’t get over this. If there’s another season I may watch it due to curiosity, but I’ll try to go into a new season with different perspective. 

4.  Young & HungrySeason 5

They recycle the “will they, won’t they” storyline too much and makes the chase for the couple that you’re supposed to want to get together just unbearable to watch. The only good parts of this show is when Sofia and/or Yolanda are on the screen. Still sad Young & Sofia didn’t get picked up; Gabi is much better and more interesting as a side character. I mostly watch this show now when I’m bored or need to laugh. 

3. The FostersSeason 5

CAN THIS SHOW JUST END?! I do admit I watch the new seasons when it comes on Netflix and loved this show when it first started but now it’s just another show where they’re recycling storylines between characters. Between replacing actors, boring storylines, no character development for most of the “kids or teens”, and just reaching for more or wildly odd drama is just too much for me. Stef and Lena are the only characters I like now. 

2. RiverdaleSeason 1

It’s a good show, I like most of the cast and the actors are good. I do like  and very much enjoy Riverdale, but it’s becoming larger than life and the hype has just been too much for me, personally. I do still recommend it, but it’s not the best thing since sliced bread, you know what I mean? I will probably watch season 2 after finals when they go on hiatus. 

1. 13 Reasons Why - Season 1

Okay, you knew this was probably coming with the overhype title. I really loved this show, it’s just with all the hype around it and it getting renewed for an unnecessary season 2 is the final nail in the coffin for me. (pun not intended) Hannah’s story has been told and they could’ve easily made a 2 hour movie to end the cliff hangers from season 1 instead of milking the show that was supposed to raise awareness. I don’t think I will be watching season 2, but who knows. 


Favorite TV Seasons/Series:

9. Baby DaddySeason 6 & Series Finale

I enjoyed this season, it was just as funny and entertaining as others. Everything was just tied up in a little bow as the “perfect” ending. I would’ve liked to see just one more season from this show to feel fully satisfied. I am sad that this show didn’t get renewed because it’s “competitor” Young & Hungry just recycles the same relationship storyline and gets renewed.

8. Switched at BirthSeason 5 & Series Finale

Let me just say that I’m biased towards Bay, she is by far my favorite character on this show and I have loved (almost) all of her storylines and this season was no different, we really got to see her and Daphne mature. It was a great ending to the series, I just wish they would’ve been able to get 20-22 episodes for the season to finish up some other characters storylines in more than just 5 minutes. But hey, at least they made sure everything and everyone had an ending. I also appreciate how they tackle more serious subjects with racism this season, it was so different that subjects that they have discussed in the past.

7. Legends of Tomorrow - Season 2

This season just got wacky and random but I really loved it. Nate and Amaya were great additions to the team and it was great to see Sara as captain. She did do a much better job than Rip. I also liked the character development for Mick, one of the best developments from the Arrowverse. They also brought in some great villains this season as well. Only complaint: USE FIRESTORM MORE THE HE’S AWESOME AND MORE POWERFUL THAN ANYONE ON THAT SHOW. I will be catching up on all the DCTV shows after finals as well. 

6. The Originals - Season 4

I just enjoy this show so much, there was A LOT less romance this season which was great! We really got to dive more into Vincent’s (who is one of the best characters) past as well as learn more about the werewolves. I loved that they brought back some characters this season. I also like how they sorta tribute horcruxes from Harry Potter in the finale with the main cast. (The solution very much reminded me personally, of horcruxes). I’m just not ready for this show to be over because season 5 will be the last season. 

5. ArrowSeason 5

After the DISASTER that was season 4 this season finally restored my faith in Arrow, the villain this season was not the most powerful, but was the most effective and really made Oliver come to his breaking point. On top of that they revealed the big bad identity to the audience first and I personally love seeing the villain unmasked playing our heroes in the daylight without them knowing it. 

4. Prison BreakSeasons 1-5

Just an amazing show, I finished it so fast. There’s great character development and great actors. I still think the first season is the best, there’s a few plot twists that I don’t really understand, but it might be because I didn’t get a chance to watch the revival this year. But I’m ready to binge the original series again! (I was unable to watch the season/revival that aired this year)

3. The Vampire DiariesSeason 8 & Series Finale

WARNING SPOILERS: They brought out all the stops they could think of for this season, between shocking and sometimes unfair deaths to bringing back characters for one last victory lap this season didn’t disappoint. To be nitpicky I would’ve loved to see Nina Dobrev for more than just 1 episode, have Stelena be endgame due to Nina and Ian’s lack of chemistry, and Bonnie get something a little bit better than traveling the world. In the end though I really liked how all of my favorite characters ended up being happy and that Bonnie didn’t die, plus I’m ready for Klaroline on The Originals.

2. ReignSeason 4 & Series Finale

 If you’re looking for a historically accurate, to the books tv show then this isn’t for you. I had to get over that when I decided to pick this show back up this year. I binged it from start to end when season 4 arrived on Netflix and my opinions completely changed. I watch shows and movies to check out of my reality for a little while and this show just really grabbed me, plus when events don’t go historically accurate, I have the need to look up how they really went. I think this show needed one more season, but due to the lower ratings they couldn’t pull it off. Considering that they were told only a few weeks before filming their season 4 finale that it was actually going to be their series finale they pulled it off way better than other shows that ended this year. I have to give props to the writers on this one for actually KNOWING where they wanted their characters to end up at the end of the series in advance. 

1. The Good Place - Season 1

I CAN’T STOP WATCHING IT. It’s forking hilarious! (If you watch the show you’ll get it) I love all of the actors and their characters are all so different and funny. Each character has their own unique sense of humor. Also when they tell you things that can people sent to the bad place is hilarious! I hope to get so many more seasons of this show. Such an underdog on tv right now, I can see this show going to the same level of HIMYM or Friends. Because of the twist I can’t give away too many details, but you won’t regret watching it! 

This week i decided there was the time to start a new tv-series, something to distract me from Supernatural hiatus, the long waiting of Castiel’s next appearance and the even longer gotham hiatus, gotham will be back on march 😢 😢

Then by completely random i came across on some wonderful posts about a tv-show (thank god tumblr and the awesome people of it ) i didn’t even heard of before, and just by instict i decided to give it a try

Not only this new tv-series for me totally worth it but it was also love from the first sight

I must confess that i am already addicted to this new tv-series for me and the name is Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Plus :

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This cutie stole my heart from the very first episode, he is a ray of sunshine, I love him so much !!!

king0fwolves  asked:

is the exorcist a film/movie or a tv series? or something else idk. it looks good

It was a book, which was later turned into a film, and is now a tv series on its second season. You should check it out! The story is great and it looks amazing too. Alfonso Herrera and Ben Daniels have amazing chemistry (with UST as thick as Will Graham’s thighs).

If you end up wanting to watch it, try and watch the show through Fox’s website or Hulu–something legitimate because as great as this show is, it really needs the ratings boost (and I really need a season 3).

anonymous asked:

Not sure if you've answered this before, but have you seen The Librarians? And if so, what are your thoughts on it? If not, I highly recommend it (mostly for the Australian in it :))

I love it.

No, you don’t understand, I really love it.

I don’t really like movies a lot. Only animated movies, the MCU and very few comedy movies that, aside from the Ocean’s trilogy are all from the 80s/90s. And this. The three Librarian movies. I loved them so much.

That roots from my favorite TV show, Relic Hunter. It operates under the same basic premise of magical artifacts that are being hunted down by an awesome relic hunter (hence the name). And I have intense nostalgic love for anything in that department, so I fell hard for those movies.

Which got an added bonus by Noah Wyle. I have a long-going nostalgic love for Noah Wyle, because he was amazing and my favorite on Emergency Room already and I loved him in Falling Skies too. He just has one of those faces that makes him look like everything good, sophisticated and lovable in the world, you know?

And when they seriously decided to make a TV tie-in show about that? I was out of my mind with glee, I tell you.

Not to mention the cast.

I was at first intensely bummed that Flynn Carsen wasn’t a constant main character in the show and thought it was weird that they broke lore and made multiple librarians.


You can’t fathom my love for John Laroquette, aka Jenkins. I adore this actor, also out of nostalgic reasons.

And then there is the fun twist that Lindy Booth, who plays Cassandra here, played my favorite character on Relic Hunter. (Also, that woman is most definitely a vampire or fairy queen because she has not aged a day since 1999).

And then there is glorious Christian Kane. That man is a treasure.

So, so you see I was already fangirling hard about the premise and the cast, but the execusion is amazing too.

It feels a lot like Warehouse 13, to be honest, and I feel a bit like the idea of making it into a show six years after the last movie is because Warehouse 13 is a thing that worked.

It’s funny, it’s charming, it’s endearing, its cast is great, the humor is great, the stories are fun. I love just about everything in this show.

No, really, you can’t fathom my love for “magical artifacts are A Thing That Exists and me and my team travel the world hunting for them, featuring myths and legends that Are Also True” and the fact that this small movie trilogy actually spawned a show makes me so happy.

jingleboyega  asked:

Multiples of 3

Thanks for sending this, sweetie!!❤️❤️❤️

3). Favorite musical artist / group you started listening to this year? Post Malone!!!😊

6). Episode of tv or webisode that defined the year for you? Ahhhhh omg probably the entire show of Buzzfeed Unsolved😊

9). Best month for you this year? October through December were the best months of the year, partially because it’s when I started talking to my crush more and more. And because I felt that things were gonna be alright.😊

12). Talk about a new friend you made this year?
Ahhhhh, One would be Kelsey, she’s in my psych classes and we’ve bonded over our shared love for video games and our love aliens 👽 and some good ass coffee. We actually met at the library because we procrastinated on the same paper and had to get that shit done.

@enbycupcake Zack is an actual iconi??? Like a wonderful human being??? Zack is the sweetest person I’ve ever met on here and he’s so very wonderful, and y'all should know that if I die it’s because of him due to me choking on my coffee while he says the funniest and most iconic things.😊💕 Also like bruh his fics and arts and prompts so wonderful!!! He actually came for my life with his writing and aus because it’s a #blessing. And also puts up with me and my endless aus and I’m like 🤗🤗🤗. Validates me and my love for peppermint and chocolate. Pretty sure he’s an actual angel but I haven’t been able to confirm it yet.

@daryshkart cause Daria is one of the best artist and loveliest people on here!!! She’s the one who got me into Buzzfeed Unsolved and we cry to each other about the latest episode of The Exorcist and gosh like I owe her my life for sending me pics of the kitty and pupper and I cry like #bless wonderful things to wake up to tbh.

@skywalker-anakin Kass!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Kass was one of the first friends I ever made in the Star Wars fandom and is super amazing in every way possible!!! And like she’s just honestly super sweet and lovely and endlessly patient in the fic I’m writing for here since last March rip me it’s coming along!!! Also rabbits with me when I confess I haven’t seen a movie or show yet and I’m like Kass…#bless you’ve shown me the light.

@poefinn Heath??? An icon???? The reason I got into Outlast so you can blame Heath for that. Validates my love for characters and the fact the I’ve watch the play through of outlast so much. Heath’s snaps are a #mood tbh??? Honestly a wonderful person who is amazing in every way possible.

@jerseytigermoth because Lauren is amazing and has the best ideas ever and her art is how shall I put this #iconic??? And ahhhhhhh omg like honestly super amazing and cool and is probs the biggest fan ic the model and photographer au so it’s her gift! Her fics make my sob and I’m like pls just let me live.

@darlingamidala Jill is a wonderful human who is like so very very amazing and her aus!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh her aus are amazing and her bunny is also amazing and she’s just amazing tbh!!!😊😊 her art is so wonderful tbh!!!

@slcyguy Zuli is a #blessing??? His art is so gorgeous and like I still can’t believe he likes my self indulgent aus but he does and I’m like #bless. He’s super sweet and amazing and honestly just the coolest bean ever!!!

@glare-gryphon their aus have me in my feelings tbh. A wonderful person who validates my aus and is super sweet!!! Puts up with me when I’m like “y'all but consider.. au where” even though I already have 15 wips.

15). What’s a bad habit you picked up this year? Probably, saying what’s on my mind without actually thinking it through.

18). A memorable meal this year? Ahhhh I guess one would the pozole my mom made for me and my sisters and we just had such a good time and it was just nice 😊

21). What’s something new about your place of residence (room, home, or general location) now vs the start of the year? I have more personal pictures on my bedroom wall, just memories of the past year but it feels more like home.😊

24). Did you keep any New Year’s Resolutions? I actually didn’t have New Years resolution last year! But I did decide on two I want to do this year 😊

27). Did you create any characters (in games, art, or writing) this year? Describe one. No sadly I didn’t make any new characters this year.

Send me New Years asks :)

Felan saw these questions and wanted to answer them. I think @redhoodmeme or @clonememeboy posted them? 

Relationship Status:
“What is that?”
(”Uh, do you love someone, like Mama loves Daddy.”)
I love ham.
(she’s serious)

Favorite Color:
”Well, today it’s… Red. Like my boots from Carl. And sparkles! Because sparkles are best.
(break for a dissertation on sparkles and how it is, in fact, a color)

Lipstick or Chapstick:
”Ohhh, I remember once - lipstick tastes so bad, Mama. So bad.”
(break for a baby flashback to the time she ate my lipstick)

Last Song I listened to:
“Jingle Bells!”
(break for a rendition of Jingle Bells)

Last movie I watched:
“We’re gonna go see Star Wars tonight! At the Theater!”
(break for a frantic one-sided lightsaber duel)

Top Three TV Shows:

“Doctor Who, anime that Mama says I can watch and cartoons with superheroes.”
“Hey Mama why is Daddy always a bad guy in those cartoons anyway? He helps the ‘Vengers now sometimes…”

(break for a discussion of truth vs. fiction and the concept of alternate realities)

Top Three Bands:
”’Venger band aids prolly, but all band aids are good. They’re like stickers for your body.” 

(…Just roll with it.)

Books I’m reading:

(she runs off and returns with a literal armful of books, and dumps them in my lap)

”Start with this one, please, Mama.”

(I guess we’re reading now.)

If you wanna answer these questions yourself, go ahead. And if you want Felan (or myself) to answer any other random questions you might have, my our inbox is always open. 

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RULES: List ten of your favorite characters in ten different fandoms (in no particular order), and then tag ten people.

1. Rhysand (always) - ACOTAR

2. Kaz Brekker - Six of Crows

3. Mr Darcy - Pride and Prejudice

4. Tyrion Lannister - A Song of Ice and Fire 

5. Frodo Baggins - Lord of the Rings 

6. Ian O’Shea - The Host 

7. Sirius Black - Harry Potter

8. The Mace - Queen of the Tearling 

9. Dorian Havilliard - Throne of Glass 

10. Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock (BBC TV show)

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Ask Game

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Relationship status: single

Favourite colour: green, silver, black, purple

Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick

Last song I listened to: The Other Side - The Greatest Showman soundtrack

Last movie I watched: I don’t remember the name but it was like, about a pet detective and I think Jim Carrey was the lead actor 

Top 3 TV shows: I don’t really watch TV-shows. I do like The Good Doctor, though 

Top 3 Characters: My favorite characters change all the time. I honestly have no idea

Top 3 Bands/Artists: Fall Out Boy, Troye Sivan, Imagine Dragons

Books I’m currently reading: The Sword Of Summer - Rick Riordan

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Five things tag!

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5 Things You’ll Find in My Bag

1. My phone

2. My keys!

3. Tampons lol

4. A pharmacy

5. Something to eat hehe

5 Things You’ll Find in My Room:


2. Photos 

3. My clothes scattered everywhere (I’m a mess!) 

4. My cat’s toys

5. Did I say pillows?

5 Things that Make Me Happy

1. Christmas

2. My boyfriend

3. My family! 

4. Earl Grey tea

5. My simblr and all of my follower! 

Five Things I’m Currently Into

1. The Sims 4 (Is it obvious?)

2. My exams

3. Christmas soooongs!

4.  My favorite TV show! 

5. Cooking cakes with mama all the time

5 Things on My ToDo List

1. Buy some more Christmas gifts! 

2. Clean up my closet

3. Sleep (like forever)

4. Keep on playing! 

5. Goin’ out with my friend this Saturday! 

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Facts about me

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Relationship status: Married for three in a half years, been together for nine

Favorite color: piiiiink

Lipstick or Chapstick: I’m always a slut for Burts Bees lip balm

Last song you’ve listened to: I have Spotify up right now to find songs for my Ryder, so my current song is “Unmade” by Sleeping at Last

Last movie you’ve seen: I watched part of Great Wall last night. I love it.

Top three shows: I don’t spend a lot of time watching TV. When I do, it’s embarrassing stuff like the Teen Mom franchise. I guess also… Parks and Rec and the Good Place.

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Don’t carry one. I put cards in my pocket


  1. Me
  2. TV
  3. PS4
  4. Computer
  5. Cellphone


  1. Food
  2. One of my favorite shows/movies
  3. Fam
  4. Berleezy (And other Youtubers)
  5. Shopping


  1. Making CC
  2. Making videos
  3. Dancing
  4. Make sketches
  5. Video games


  1. Get this CC right
  2. Convert CC
  3. Get a new phone
  4. Put Christmas lights up and go Christmas shopping
  5. Go home (hometown)

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@darkmoon-goddess @dreamsofamadman @d0nutfl0ats @koshercarcosan @darklordreasonable @s-s-sidje

Relationship status: Dating @criticalglitch !

Favorite Color: Gold, with grey, purple, and teal all close behind

Lipstick or Chapstick: What a weird question! Definitely lipstick, chapstick feels super gross on my face

Last Song I listened to: Boogie Wonderland (I was on an Earth, Wind, and Fire kick)

Last Movie I watched: The Shape of Water, although I’m seeing The Last Jedi tomorrow!

Top 3 TV Shows: True Detective (first season, duh), The X-Files, I can’t think of a third oops

Top 3 Characters: Vhailor (Planescape: Torment), Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect), Mr. Hanekoma (The World Ends With You)

Top 3 Bands/Artist: Gorillaz, Mystery Skulls, Goldfish

Books I’m Currently Reading: Listening to an audiobook of The Storm Before The Storm: The Beginning of the End of the Roman Republic, and then I have a physical copy of Last Call that I don’t have the executive function to start yet.

Questions meme!

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These are her questions, which I guess part of the thing is to make up questions for others to answer. Most people know I am not much of a tagger so you all remain safe!

1. What got you into writing fanfiction?

Ultimately the Star Trek fandom attracted me, I go back to TOS, Next Gen, and DS9 but more specifically after Into Darkness, I began reading Spirk fanfiction and fell so in love I decided to write my own. This was back in in 2013. I always swear I will end this obsession some day but I have yet to do so.  

2. AO3, K/S Archive, fanfiction.net or other? AO3

3. Who is your favorite book character of all time and why? Ebenezer Scrooge. He is the ultimate redemption story.

4. Who is your favorite movie or TV show character of all time and why? Robert Goren from Law & Order Criminal Intent is my favorite TV Show character. He’s quirky, and brilliant and sexy. For movies I just have too many.

5. If you had penned one of the most famous books ever written (i.e., Gone With The Wind), which one would it have been and why? A Christmas Carol, because that’s my favorite.

6. What is the one AU you’d love to write for Spirk but you’re just hesitant so far, and why? I haven’t really come across something I won’t write. I even wrote Mirror Verse. I am finally debuting the Winter story I’ve wanted to write for more than a year come January.

7. What is your favorite thing about the one person you’ve loved more than anyone else in your entire life? His unending care and love for me. Believe me I am sometimes hard to love but never ever for him.

8. If you could live during any time period on Earth, when would that be and why? Medieval times. I love castles and knights.  

9. If you could wave a magic wand and eradicate just one disease from the face of the Earth forever, which one would it be? Tell why, if you don’t mind. Cancer. Although AIDS is very close. Cancer effects more people I think ultimately so I pick that. I’ve known too many lost to it.

10. If you had no relatives, who or what organization would you bequeath all your worldly goods to and why? LGBQT Youth Organizations

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Relationship status: it be like that
Favorite Color: blue!!
Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick, but it has to be vaseline 
Last Song I listened to: 3WW - alt j
Last Movie I watched: some hallmark xmas movie my mom made me watch with her
Top 3 TV Shows: not a big fan of tv shows in general
Top 3 Characters: gyro zeppeli, alphonse elric, and korra 
Top 3 Bands/Artist: metallica, glass animals, and ANIMA!
Books I’m Currently Reading: lovecraft’s complete collection and some classical mythology book i found in my closet

i’ll tag… @spunko @capsvlecorps @cryptoterrestrial @4uv and uhhh that’s it

most of us know how important representation is, but i feel like we don’t always realize how vital it is for white cishet people to see representation as well. like my white cishet 65 year old mom’s favorite show is brooklyn nine nine, and when she first began watching it she was so perplexed by ray holt. she had never really seen black gay characters in television before, and the very few times she has they were stereotypes, so she was just so interested by him bc “gay people can be like this?”

like obviously it would be great if she already knew lgbt+ people aren’t the tired stereotypes that society tries to portray us as, and it would be great if she was more educated that Yes black gay men exist and are common. but she didn’t know that, because she’s never really seen it. but just watching brooklyn nine nine has educated her so much!! she’s seeing a black gay man run a police squad, she’s seeing a large black man be one of the most gentle people ever, she’s seeing women of color empowering each other and totally kicking ass, she’s seeing a jewish man repeatedly talking about issues such as transphobia, homophobia, anti-semitism, racism, and she’s also seeing all these characters understand when it ISNT their place to talk about certain issues

so my mom sees stuff like this and thinks “oh i was so wrong about these groups” and then she recommends these types of shows to her other ignorant friends, and she also corrects people when they say bigoted things that enforce the toxic stereotypes she is now educated on. all from some proper representation on a half-hour tv show!! like representation doesn’t just help minorities, it helps the privileged people who have ingrained bigotry in them to see what minorities are really like and what they can be and it’s so important!! and then these privilaged people can move forward and use their privilege to try and help minorities. representation of minorities helps the privileged too, and helps society to evolve!! so can bigots stop saying that it only benefits minorities. even if it did only help minorities that wouldn’t be a bad thing, but that isn’t the case so?? stop??