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What are like 5 or 10 routines I should watch to help get me into RG? I'm an AG fan but don't know RG so well apart from a few really famous girls.

love this kind of asks !! but it’s gonna be hard to put just 10 routines in here haha

I’ll try to have some variety in terms of countries (this one’s gonna be tricky) and decades !! So here you go, some iconic routines :

- Bianka Panova (Bulgaria), clubs, Seoul OG, 1988 : x / One of the bulgarian “golden girls” from the 80s, who managed to outshadow the mighty Soviet Union at this time. The choreography, the delicacy, the interpretation, so much beauty in this routine.. Plus some interesting risks, like the one just before the end, she catches both clubs with her arched back, she missed it in the preliminary round, which eventually cost her the podium…

- Amina Zaripova (Russia), ball, Atlanta OG, 1996 : x / I love the era of RG, the premices of the 00s style but with more attention paid to execution, Amina had this classical elegance but you can already see the start of the russian style, with great flexibility and more tricky apparatus technique. Amina is Margarita Mamun’s coach now !

- Yana / Ianina Batyrshina (Russia), clubs, Atlanta OG, 1996 : x / One of most daring and innovative gymnasts of the 90s, with crazy risks and difficulty, extreme flexibility and a lot of dynamism ! She and Alina Kabaeva are often praised as the precursors of the 00s style, but more credits to Batyrshina, she did it during an area when difficulty and innovation weren’t rewarded like today, she finished 2nd of these olympics after a drop

- Elena Vitrichenko (Ukraine), ribbon, Atlanta OG, 1996 : x / really cool routine with interesting ribbon work ! Vitrichenko finished 3rd AA (the way she was harshly judged between 1996 and 2000 led to a lot of controversie..)

- Greek ensemble (Greece), 2 hoops + 3 ribbons, Osaka WCh, 1999 : x / The peak of the greek ensemble, they were world champion that year (their 10 clubs routine is also worth watching) great collective work and great transmissions (albeit a bit static compared to the routines we see nowadays) with super elegant gymnasts. They were expected to take the gold in Sydney but a mistake in finals left them with the bronze

- Yulia Barsukova (Russia), ball, Sydney OG, 2000 : x / Iconic Swan lake routine, so much elegance, precision, poise.. Barsukova was one of the last “classical” gymnasts in Russia (before they went mostly for extreme flexibility and crazy difficulty) with perfect legs (she was a ballerina til she was 13 y/o). She was expected to finish 3rd at these olympics but eventually took the gold, since Raskina from Belarus and Kabaeva from Russia both made mistakes

- Simona Peycheva (Bulgaria), ball, Madrid WCh, 2001 : x / One of the best gymnasts of the 00s, participated at 2 olympics (Athens and Beijing), had that extra fierce badass sparkle (typically bulgarian) and a great execution, which wasn’t the case for everyone in the 01-04 quad. She also attempted a comeback in 2013 after giving birth, it didn’t lead far since Bulgaria had new promising seniors, but still, she looked amazing and that’s pretty badass

- Anna Bessonova (Ukraine), hoop, Budapest WCh, 2003 : x / Another iconic Swan Lake routine haha.. The CoP changed a lot during this quad with like ~20 elements counting towards the d-score and you can see she doesn’t stop !! Anna is one of the most rewarded gymnasts of the 00s, famous for her crazy oversplits, incredible presence and longevity !!

- Irina Tchachina (Russia), hoop, Athens OG, 2004 : x / my fave russian gymnast with Barsukova, she embodied perfectly all the qualities that belonged to this quad : flexibility, dynamism, powerful jumps and leaps, intricate apparatus work + the Pirate of the Caribbean music made it epic. She had a knot in her ribbon final during the AA final and finished with silver, while Kabaeva won the gold and Bessonova the bronze. The podium is still controversial to this day (but which one isn’t in RG haha)

- Bulgarian ensemble (Bulgaria), 2 balls + 3 hoops, Athens OG, 2004 : x / because the bulgarian ensembles will always have something the others don’t, out of five gymnasts, they truly become one coherent group. They work in great synchronisation + choreography always great, just sit back and enjoy (+ the final ball catch) 

- Natalia Godunko (Ukraine), ribbon, Baku WCh, 2005 : x / just epic, daring gymnastics, when you can do 4 rolls in a row before catching your ribbon, you’re a queen, this is law (she got 3rd for this routine and cried afterwards in the locker room, Tchachina, one of the russian gymnasts, came to her and told her everyone knew she was the best at it)

- Anna Bessonova (Ukraine), ribbon, Benidrom, 2008 : x / Besso at her best, with a Hopak inspired routine (Hopak is a traditional ukrainian dance). Ukrainian RG + spanish audience is always a great match, here it’s legendary !!

- Daria Kondakova (Russia), hoop, Montpellier WCh, 2011 : x / Dasha was the russian silver princess during Kanaeva’s reign but she was super popular among fans, bc of her interpretations, her risks, she just takes your breath away, and she had original pivot combos despite lacking in relevé

- Evgenia Kanaeva (Russia), ribbon, Montpellier WCh, 2011 : x / The Tsarina of RG, absolutely incredible handling of the ribbon

- Alina Maksymenko (Ukraine), hoop, Kiev WCh, 2013 : x / A fan and crowd favourite, no one expected her to deliver like this bc she was kind of a headcase sometimes. Risks, performance quality, leaves you breathless

- Yana Kudryavtseva (Russia), clubs, Baku European Games, 2015 : x / just shows you how much of a virtuose she is when it comes to apparatus handling, I’m in awe

- Salome Pazhava (Georgia), clubs, Bucharest Grand Prix, 2016 : x / the best she’s ever performed this routine, she is not the gymnast with the best form, but her senses of rhythm and musicality are completely unique, her dance steps (watch her feet) are inspired by traditional georgian traditional dance. I don’t think words are enough to describe my admiration and love for her gymnastics, all I can say is few gymnasts have such a unique innovative style and catch you in their own universe. How Salome performs, it just goes beyond gymnastics, in Almudena Cid’s words : ES UN ARTISTA

I don’t think I’ve managed enough diversity tbh,

other gymnasts I would recommend you to check out would be :  Margarita Mamun, Ganna Rizatdinova, Melitina Staniouta, Deng Senyue from China bc her pivots were life (she’s retired), Sabina Ashirbayeva from Kazakhstan (bc her pivots are life), Grace Legote from South Africa (bc legs and performance quality and everyone loves her), Ulyana Trofimova from Uzbekistan bc she had the best backscale pivots and backwards illusions (and still does despite being retired for 4 years), Inna Zhukova, Yulia Raskina, Liubov Charkashyna…

Thanks for your ask !!


Elena x Sister!Reader

(Y/N) Gilbert

“Oh wow look girls (Y/N) thinks she can join the junior cheer squad.” The trio of girls stopped in front of you, sneering at your hand me down squad kit that was a combination of Elena, Bonnie and Caroline’s.

“Is there a problem?” Your sister asked from behind you.

“No, we were just talking about the squad.” All nastiness vanished when the girls smiled at Elena.


“(Y/N) let’s go.” She huffed at them and pulled you off to an empty class room. “You need to stick up for yourself.”

“I didn’t have a chance and besides… they’re right I probably won’t get on the squad.” You huffed and she hugged you tight.


“Please don’t hate me for this but it’ll make things easier for you.” Elena hummed.

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Okay, one last fluffy piece, because I found this old request from ravenclawslibrary and thought I should finish it up.  It would have fit better with yesterday… but yeah.  Sometimes like is funny?

“Are you sure this is a good idea?”

               Caroline glanced up from decorating her basket – carefully curling the pink and blue ribbon she had weaved around the top.  It had to be just right, so when she added the daisies, they would sit properly. Elena watched her with the resigned expression of someone on death row, and it made Caroline roll her eyes.

               “Elena, try and lighten up and have a little bit of fun.”

               “Fun?  In case you forgot, there’s a murderous Hybrid on the warpath.”

               “I haven’t forgotten.”

               Had her voice come out a little more shrill than it should have?  Because she hadn’t meant for it to sound that harsh.  But of course she remembered that Klaus was on the warpath.  His psycho mom was on the loose and had bound him to his siblings – greatly thanks to Elena’s blood donation – and now they all had to live in fear of what he might do.

               Thank-you for your honesty.

               She tried to shake the image of his writing, below a picture of her with a horse out of her mind.  Because so what if he could be almost charming sometimes? Didn’t people say the same thing about Ted Bundy, and look at what he had been?

               Yeah, most psychos could be charming.  And the women they charmed usually became a footnote in history thanks to their gruesome murders.

               “But just because Klaus is throwing a snit of epic proportion, doesn’t mean we should put our lives on hold,” she said, pushing thoughts of Klaus aside and focusing again on her ribbons.  “And this is for a good cause, Elena.  The hospital really needs new equipment – you know, for all of the animal attacks.”

               “You just want to do this because Tyler is back in town,” Elena told her with a smirk and nudge, before picking up some blue ribbon and working on her own basket.  Caroline grinned at the memory of Tyler – back in town and free of the sire bone, though they couldn’t let Klaus know.  For that reason, he was off playing loyal lapdog to the Hybrid.

               The thought made Caroline’s smile fall.  Why couldn’t their life be simple?  Witches, vampires, werewolves, and Hybrids… it would all be so much easier if it was just one bad dream.

               But would you really want that? Asked a voice in the back of her mind.  It was the voice that liked what she was – because she was strong and powerful and so much more than girly little Caroline had ever been.  And yeah, the newly acquired tolerance to torture wasn’t something she’d ever expected to actually have to use, but would she really want to give it up?

               No.  She wouldn’t, though she would never admit that to anyone but herself.

               “You both should stop talking and keep working on your baskets,” Bonnie piped up, and Caroline felt almost envious when she saw the purple ribbon perfectly entwined into the basket.  “These need to be done for tomorrow.”

               “Are you cheating and using some of your magical juju on that?” Caroline asked with narrowed eyes, pointing at the basket with a circular motion of her finger.

               “Please, Caroline.  I just have mad basket skills.  Don’t be jealous.”

               Caroline rolled her eyes and threw a daisy at the witch. Bonnie just smirked and carefully added it into the weaving.

               “Besides, we all know that the big winner tomorrow will be Elena’s basket,” Bonnie added, making Elena look at her in confusion. But Caroline caught onto Bonnie’s purpose and they exchanged a grin.

               “Yeah, Elena,” she added.  “Which Salvatore brother are you hoping for?  I mean, I know which I would root for… but any preferences?”

               Elena went red and cut some of her ribbon before lifting her basket and turning up her nose in an excellent impression of the girl she’d been before her parents had died and she had changed.

               “I’m not talking about this anymore.”

               Caroline and Bonnie just chuckled as their friend sauntered away, and it felt nice.  It felt nice to smile and tease her friend – even if it was about which vampire brother she would choose if given the choice – and for a moment, she was able to forget that evil Hybrids even existed.

               You’re beautiful, you- you’re stong, you’re full of light.

               She closed her eyes, because why did she keep on thinking about him?  Tyler was back in town, she was happy Tyler was back in town, yet she remembered the way he stuttered, just a little bit, when he was telling her why he fancied her, and it made her so mad that she was still a little charmed by it.

               She shouldn’t be charmed by it.

               “What did that daisy ever do to you?” Bonnie asked her with a raised brow.  Caroline looked down at her hands and saw a crumpled daisy there.  She scowled and tossed it to the table.

               “Absolutely nothing.  I think this is as good as my basket will get.”

               She lifted it from the table to take to Carol Lockwood, and hopefully convince her to give her a job that would take her mind off of annoying, accented Hybrids that she was better off without.

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