but footie comes first

Preference #412 His little girl

Harry: You shift as the bed dips around you, Harry coming back from the studio engulfing himself in your nap. “Hi love.” He whispers, ducking down to kiss your nose and then your lips his hands resting on either side of your body. “How is my baby today?” He asks, shimmering down your body, chin resting below your belly button. “How are you doing in there? I can’t wait for you to get out, me and Mummy really can’t wait to hold you.”

Louis: You hear his laughter before you see him, slipping into the back yard you’re given the sight of Louis and your daughter, rolling around in the grass a football within feet. “Okay love show Mum what you learned today. Kick with your right, feel with your left.” He smiles, moving a few feet back for her to make her move, her foot connecting but the ball only rolling a few inches. “Yes! Look at you go baby, you’re going to be the first big girl footie player!”

Niall: “Come on baby.” He pleads with a pout, his lower lip accentuating to the fullest. He moves his hand in small circles, spoon in hand, the green mixture full on the tip. He starts to sing the ‘food song’ that he has made up for this specific time when he gets a spoonful of blended green beans and a faceful of laughter. “Okay laugh now love, but Daddy is the one feeding ya here.” He smiles when she giggles again. “You’re right Daddy wouldn’t take away food.”

Liam: His smile widens when she toddles into the room arms full of what he believes to be her entire closet. “I want to pick my own outfit.” Her smile just as wide as his. “Want Daddy’s oh – pin – on.” He laughs as she tries to pronounce her words properly, thumb quickly going to her mouth. “What do you think is cute?” She gurgles out, laughing and picking up her blue dress. “This one makes me look just like Mummy!” She sequels, “This one Daddy!”

Zayn: He doesn’t know when he got to this point but he’s pink from the knees down and his arms are covered in it quite a bit too. He chuckles when his toddler stumbles back, hands covered completely, and grips tightly onto his knees. “Daddy – you paint now, m’tired. ” She sighs, rubbing her cheek and smearing a stripe of paint with her fingers. “We got paint everywhere.” He laughs propping her up onto his hip. “But your room looks so beautiful.”