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That moment Ethel is reading her poem and all you can see is Jughead in the background eating. That’s Jughead Jones for you. All he loves is food and Betty Cooper of course. 😍😝😂

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After rewatching the last episode I noticed something. In the diner scene, the strawberry milkshakes have a strawberry garnish. But not Jugheads, Betty's VANILLA milkshake does. Jughead gave up food for Betty. If that isn't love, I don't know what is. 😂

I noticed this too!!! He put his strawberry on her glass because he knows how much she likes them (and how much he prefers licking the taste out of her mouth later instead *coughs*) and for Jughead that’s like the purest sign of love and I can’t

On Borrowed Time - Chapter 1

Summary: Betty took a gap year for relaxation. What she didn’t expect it to include, was a road trip around the country with her best friend in tow.

The fact that he was on the waiting list for a heart transplant and that she’s in love with him may have factored into her decision making. Just a little bit.

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Betty gets the call coming out of a coffee shop. After a long day at her parent’s newspaper offices, she’s tired hence the coffee and itching to change out of the formal shirt, her mother insists she wears. Pulling her jacket tighter around her body to protect against the August breeze, that always came late in the month. She feels her phone chiming deep in her pockets. Sifting through various receipts from her lowly meal deals she often purchased from the nearest supermarket. She uses her teeth to shed her hand of its woollen accessory, it was not a warm summer and she was always cold, season be damned. Her eyes flick across the screen checking the caller ID, before swiping her finger across it to answer.

“What’s up, Arch? You only ever call me when you need something.” She declares, muffled by the glove that’s swinging from her mouth.

A male voice, snorts from the other end. “We’re millennials, we’re the generation that text. Get with the programme, Grandma.”

Betty grimaces, now searching animatedly in her bag for her keys as she continues the walk to her car. “You know I hate that word. Millennials. It makes me want to throw up in my mouth.” She pauses listening to the breathing on the line, waiting for him to respond. “So, you wanted something Arch?”

“Oh. Oh yeah, did you get Jug’s text?”

“No, I just got out of work. Hang on.” She lifts the phone away from her ear, to fiddle through the apps finding a text from Jughead, her childhood best friend.

Can’t do cinema tonight, at hospital. No need to worry, Archie’s just being his usual overly maternal self.

She tuts. Pressing the phone against her ear, which is now reddening from the cold. “His heart again?”

It was common, that he’d be admitted to hospital. After having a heart transplant just shy of one years old, his comprised immune system as a result making him all the more susceptible to illnesses. Her and Archie had spent most of their young lives looking out for him, any sign of a spiked temperature or flu symptoms and she’d be pestering him to see a doctor and promptly get to bed. He’d always look at her like she’d grown two more heads before scoffing.

“Worry gives small things a big shadow, Betts.”


They met on their first day of nursery school, when they were four. Back then she wore her hair in pigtails and despite the persistence of her mother’s hand with a brush. each one always curled in a different direction. He thought she was kind. She thought he was a little too thin. Emphasising her point by pushing a cookie into his hand, with a smile on her face. Her tongue sticking between the gap, where a tooth she’d recently lost had been. Her loss of baby teeth making her speak with a lisp, that Jughead still brought up even to the present day.

“I’m Betty.”

He pulled his beanie down further over his head, hiding behind the grey wool. Whispering his own name to his scuffed shoes. She surveyed him, before the toothless grin reappeared and she stated, with more confidence than most four year olds, that she would call him Juggie from now on. As she watches her pink tulle skirt floating in the September wind, the boy in the crown beanie disappearing from sight with the remainder of her cookie squashed into his mouth. She knew that was the day she fell for Jughead Jones.

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44 or 72 ☺💜💜

44. “Stay in bed”

Betty woke up to the sound of Jughead shuffling around the room. His side of the bed was still a little warm, but just barely. He was packing for his big meeting with his publisher. They were talking about turning his second novel into a movie. Jughead refused to make his first novel, about Jason Blossom’s murder, into one, saying it would monetize the town’s tragedy. Betty was ecstatic for him, of course, but she was going to really miss him.

“Stay in bed,” she whined. Jughead only chuckled.

“I can’t sunshine. I have to get to the airport in an hour.”

“So come lay with me for 20 minutes and then do your other stuff.”

“I wish you could come with me. I know I’m only going to be gone for a week, but that’s too long to be away from you.”

“I can’t get off work, otherwise I’d come. I’m gonna miss you like crazy.”

Jughead walked over to her and brushed her hair away from her face. “Betty Cooper, I love you more than the moon and the stars. I’ll be back before you know it, and I’ll call you every day.”

He leaned down for a sweet kiss that quickly heated up. Jughead had to forcibly remove himself from the situation. “If we do that now, I’ll miss my flight,” he explained, looking miserable as he said it. “We’ll have plenty of time when I get back. I need to go now.”

“Stay safe, Juggie. Best of luck! I love you!”

“I love you more,” he called back, and he was gone.

72. “What the hell was that?”

By the time Kevin got to lunch, everybody else was already settled in. Jughead was in his usual seat next to Betty, and they were deep in discussion about their game plan for finding Polly. Archie was talking animatedly about his newest song, and Veronica was scrolling through Instagram. Taking his seat next to Veronica, he noticed that Betty and Jughead were a little cozier than usual. Nudging Veronica, he tilted his chin upward toward the couple. Veronica followed his gaze and whispered, “I know, aren’t they the cutest?”

Kevin’s reply was postponed by the sight of Betty taking a couple of fries from Jughead’s tray. “Okay, what the hell was that?” he muttered. “Jughead never shares food.”

“My guess is that he’s secretly been in love with Betty for years.”

Kevin paused to ponder the heiress’s suggestion. “Holy shit, you’re right. He’s always had a soft spot for Betty, like more than everyone else. How did I never see it?”

“Because you needed an outsider’s perspective, and I’m very observant.”

“Hashtag Bughead,” he whispered, and Veronica beamed.

“Hashtag Bughead,” she confirmed

Imagine Bucky hanging out at the tower while the Avengers are out on a mission and stumbles over the others that get “left behind:” Jane is tracing out nonsense patterns in star charts, Pepper is doing yoga (while glowing), Betty is crocheting a gigantic, multicolored afghan, and Darcy is baking, even though she’s already finished like five dozen batches of cookies. He just hangs out in the doorway, watching, till Darcy looks at him and says “Dude, choose a coping mechanism and join us already. It’s better dealing with this together than freaking out all on our own.” Thus the Avengers’ Support Staff Survival Meetings were begun. 

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