but food is love betty

That moment Ethel is reading her poem and all you can see is Jughead in the background eating. That’s Jughead Jones for you. All he loves is food and Betty Cooper of course. 😍😝😂

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After rewatching the last episode I noticed something. In the diner scene, the strawberry milkshakes have a strawberry garnish. But not Jugheads, Betty's VANILLA milkshake does. Jughead gave up food for Betty. If that isn't love, I don't know what is. 😂

I noticed this too!!! He put his strawberry on her glass because he knows how much she likes them (and how much he prefers licking the taste out of her mouth later instead *coughs*) and for Jughead that’s like the purest sign of love and I can’t

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While I agree with that anon about the Barchie thing being rough, I think it's going to happen because the Betty/Archie/Veronica love triangle is such a huge part of Archie Comics and I know the writers at least wanna stay a little bit within the comicverse (not including the murder of course) so idk and I'm kinda interested to see if Barchie will happen even though I'm like a diehard Bughead fan

Buuuuut Riverdale isn’t the comics, and I think that if they did take this turn they’d be undoing the new spin on the characters they’ve worked so hard to create. 

Jughead loves food, Betty is unerringly compassionate, Veronica can be a bit self-centred but still lovable, and Archie definitely has a thing for the ladies - these are all things taken from the comics that we’ve seen evidence of in Riverdale. Why does the love triangle have to be one of them? It’s such an overused trope and those frankly jarring looks Archie threw Betty in the finale stuck out like a sore thumb because they’ve just gone too far the other way. 

I’m not even curious at this point about what could be - I don’t want it. And not because I hate Archie, or I don’t want them to give the Barchie shippers what they want or any of that fandom wars crap. I’d just be very disappointed in the way they were treating Betty’s character if somehow she were to end up with Archie at some point. For Riverdale, at least for me, Barchie is OOC.

Imagine Bucky hanging out at the tower while the Avengers are out on a mission and stumbles over the others that get “left behind:” Jane is tracing out nonsense patterns in star charts, Pepper is doing yoga (while glowing), Betty is crocheting a gigantic, multicolored afghan, and Darcy is baking, even though she’s already finished like five dozen batches of cookies. He just hangs out in the doorway, watching, till Darcy looks at him and says “Dude, choose a coping mechanism and join us already. It’s better dealing with this together than freaking out all on our own.” Thus the Avengers’ Support Staff Survival Meetings were begun. 

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I wanna see Jughead giving some of his food to Betty

Yes I love this idea, because I know how they’ve mentioned that they tried to subtly show you Jug eating in so many scenes. I like to think that he gave her his strawberry on her milkshake in episode 13 too <3