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Humans Are Weird

I’ve been thinking a bit and like
What if humans are really the only species to be hateful to members of their own species because of things they can’t help (Racism/Sexism/Homophobia/etc)
Like I’m just?? I don’t think I’ve seen that in any other species EXCEPT humans. All I’m seeing here is multiple conversations following along the lines of
Human: So then I said ‘Get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich!’ Hahaha
Alien: Why would she do that? Aren’t you perfectly capable of doing the same?
Human: No, it’s just.. she’s a girl, and a girl’s place is in the kitchen.
Alien: ??? Is are females of your species literally entirely dependent upon living in a single type of room in the houses you build??
Human: No,,, but,,,
Alien: If you aren’t capable of even making a simple ‘sandwich’ then I’m afraid we must’ve gotten the wrong guy on our ship. You’re a mechanic, surely you should be able to construct such a simple thing as a sandwich.
Alien: So your parents kicked you out?
Human: Yeah, they didn’t really like that I was gay.
Alien: Why would they do that? Humans are supposed to be really possessive and caring creatures, yet it seems that your 'parents’ go against most known laws about humans.
Human: Nah, it’s not that uncommon, sadly, I’m by far not the first nor the last. At least it’s better, they used to kill gay people LEGALLY for being gay.
Alien: 'Legally??’ You mean at one point it was LEGAL for you guys to kill people for an alteration in attraction?? People still do that on your planet, but just ILLEGALLY???
Various other conversations follow, and every alien is able to conclude one thing:
Humans can safely be assumed as the most BACKWARDS ASS species most have EVER found. They kill each other for fuck’s sake over something someone said in a book hundreds of years ago.

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do you have any good blogs to rec? i only trust your judgement! :P

ooooh boy i sure do!

if u wanna meet people who live in the apartment block of Namjoon’s Ass, u can’t go past @bebitojoonie @1rapmon @brightjoon @gukjoon @nevermindbyjin @ksjknj @rapmunstar @hobjoon 

and for all around out of this world high quality @hobintae @bts420  @nvmjin  @mewchim @jeonsguke @springtaes @pingkeujin @nnochu @jinblond @samwol @taejinmin @2awake​ 

so i dont know what the fUCK happened but i missed the biggest tag of all??? if u wanna follow the queen of everything ask @kimdaily i think she knows her

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hi. i know you dont use ig but between ig tumblr and twitter which site do you think is best to share your art? especially if you're just starting out? thanks !

(ahh this is super late, I kinda just found this ask as I cleaned up my askbox, sorry!)

hm it depends on what type of person you are & what criterias are more important to u. For example, tumblr is good to have a website/blog, also you can openly answer questions that might be interesting for your followers to read. But tbh I think tumblr is a bit dead recently, more and more people use twitter and instagram. Twitter is great to communicate with mutuals and followers, it´s kinda more casual and chit-chatty than tumblr? And instagram is a good place to keep it art-only, since on twitter & tumblr you tend to make random text posts in between. So that´s why I use my insta for art-only things! But it´s a bit hard to gain followers there (at least for me), as there is no sharing system like reblogging or retweeting.

I have to say at the beginning I preferred tumblr, but shifted to twitter over the time (I still like it here bc of all the cute messages I get lol also the tags are interesting/fun to read!)

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do you think daniel's parents were also cultists? what if theyre not? what if theyre both scientists and theyre very emotionless and cold and skeptic of everything. "dad look i drew you!" "oh no danny the anatomy is all wrong." *pulls out biology book* "mom the teacher said i'm very friendly." "hmm yes but she also said you're failing math. we need to work on that." he just learns to hate science and starts fighting for happiness yknow what this wasnt supposed to be as sad as it ended up.

that’s also a good one, anon! tbh, in camper daniel au i do roll with the idea that the whole cult thing was in daniel’s upbringing, but as for canon, i’m really unsure. like, obviously it’s a likely option, but the problem is that daniel doesn’t have the mindset of a follower, you feel?
i just don’t think someone could really attein the cult-leader mindset by living as a follower of one all their lives.

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Do they follow me: Yes | No

Do I follow them: Yes | No | Now

What I think about their blog: i remember, the first time rae and i talked, she drew me a blue haired josh and i was like???? i lO VE YOU?? and we havent been talking much lately but i see all the love from anons on her blog and it makes me so happy. she’s honestly such a talented person i admire her so. 


send me the url of a blog!!

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Can I get some sfw and nsfw orochimaru hcs?


Originally posted by mindawakeatmidnight


    • Orochimaru is high key protective after losing like everyone important in his life. He just won’t show it. If his s/o is heading out on a mission or even shopping he’s gonna have them followed, sometimes by other ninja or sometimes by his summonings. They would probably never find out since he’s a genius and all but if they do and ask him his s/o can expect him to say something like “Me? Have you followed? What makes you think you’re so special?”. He’s also super prideful so he’ll try to play it cool and pretend that he doesn’t care about them.
    • He really values independence so he won’t have them watched on a day to day basis because he of all people can understand the value of privacy. He also trusts them completely to handle themselves, so the others things/people he has watching or following them are sacrificial pieces, not really people he expects to fight on their behalf. It’s more of a precautionary get away free card if needed.
    • He’s also the kinda guy who would tease the hell out of his s/o, it’ll be mostly innocent things like “wow y/n are you sure you can handle that, it is a mission for adults after all”. Subtle roasting is his thing and his s/o can expect it on a day to day basis. But when it comes to major things he does have a great deal of trust in his partner. Teasing would be playful only and he expects his s/o to know he doesn’t mean a great deal by it. It’s probably one of the few ‘serious’ ways he would communicate with his partner.


    • He’s a busy guy so his partner can’t expect to get some regularly. But when he can ‘play’ with his partner he will leave them very satisfied and tired out so they won’t be able to have sex for a while anyway. 
    • Just imagine all the things he can do with that tongue. He can go down on his partner and damn he can tire them out without using any other body part. That’s how good he is. That tongue definitely comes into use when he has his partner tied up. He will use that tongue to slowly torture his partner and make them beg. He’s a very patient guy that way.
    • That tongue is also very strong and freaking long. So sometimes his partner can expect a good tongue fuck that will give them all the release that they need.
    • With Orochimaru his partner can definitely expect hardcore bondage. This guy can get super creative with those ropes. Sometimes they can even expect silk. He’s overall a very creative guy so he can find many ways to retrain his partner. It gives him more opportunities to go exactly what he wants and get the best reactions out of his partner
    • He absolutely loves teasing his partner and will continuously try new tools to get new reactions. It satisfies his curious and prideful nature at the same time. He wants them to beg before he lets them finish. He practically tortures his partner before he gives them any release and damn can that take a while.

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I had a dream last night and thus this headcannon was born. Dick is a good cook. His mother always said she would open up a restaurant after she was too old to be an acrobat. She would often cook for the circus while she taught Dick. Oh and by the way, she would have named the restaurant Robin's! What do you think??

this is adorable!

around most people Dick would pretend not to know how to cook and purposefully fuck up so he wouldn’t be asked to cook again but around his close friends and family he puts on a show and makes these really extravagant meals like it’s nothing. he refuses to let people compliment his cooking because that’s how his mom was and cooking is personal thing to him. his mom taught him that food is a personally thing and really good way to express your emotions which is exactly what dick does. he can’t tell damian sorry for accidentally stepping on titus’s paw but he can make homemade dog treats for dami to give him. he can’t tell jason he is pissed off with him but he can make his favorite meal, completely burn only jason’s, and give it to him to eat. 

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I was wondering when the best time to post is? You get a ton of notes on all of your original content and I would really like some of that sweet validation

i don’t think there’s any real math or science behind it, but i will say some advice on posting would be to do so when your dash is busy. if your dash is slow, then that could mean that most of the people you follow are asleep or just away for a bit.

i mostly post gifs and edits and what not during the day. whereas for nights i like to answer asks because it’s a lot calming for me to do so. yknow?


Ok so what would you guys think about me doing some ships next week?? Like where you send me in a description of yourself and what you like and whatever else and I ship you with a DEH character?? Because I’ve seen a few people doing them and I’m nearly at 900 followers (!!!!!!) and I’ve been thinking about doing them for a while just to mix things up a bit? Is this something you’d want me to do?? Maybe just for a week and then if it’s popular I could make it a monthly thing?? Please let me know or like this if you think it’s a good idea?? ily guys

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You know what I think? That the monologue trope came from a bunch of superhero movies in order to move the plot along and to make the villain seem like an utter idiot. And since then, newbie villains have been foolishly following that example. Like no....That's not how it works.

“You would be surprised how many ‘professionals’ do it, too…. Whoever started this trend better have died a horrible death, because if not, I’ll hunt them down myself….”

Dear Tom Hardy, thanks. For always making me feel human. I don’t know how you do it, I don’t how you managed to connect to me like no one else ever has, but all I’ve got is infinite thanks. You always care. You always make people feel like they matter. Every person. Every fan. On an individual level. Microscopic. You never had social media long enough to interact with fans where we beg for retweets from you, beg for a follow back. You never did what most celebrities do to interact with us. But you’re out there. And you see us. And you care. And each & every fan that stumbles across you even on your personal time, you take the time out to take a picture. You smile brightly every time like you just met the most amazing person in the world. You take the time out to talk to people. At events you make sure to walk the whole line of fans to sign things for them. You read your fanmail. You wear the things fans gift you. You show so, so much love, and if you have lovely fans its only because you’re such a lovely person yourself.

I know I post so much love for Tom on this blog, I know I do. But I’m thankful. For how human he makes me feel. How valued. How much I want to do and be better as an individual and contribute to society in a loving, positive way. He’s such a kind person. I thank Allah everyday I was given the ability to connect to someone on that level.

It’s really made me a more gentle person because of it.

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Just in reply to the anon who said the general public didn't like back to you, I've been watching reaction videos, reading comments and articles and I got the impression that people are loving it, and not just the fans! I've seen tons of praise for the song so far, and it's only been out 2 days :)

For the most part I don’t think many negative comments are from the gp they are from het harries that hate Louis. I stumbled across some on Twitter pissed when Louis’ song was doing well saying they would leave negative comments everywhere.

what is that anon talking about? i can’t speak for everyone but i follow a lot of non-1d fans on twitter and tumblr (about 1,000) and a lot of them loved it despite not really liking 1d

there definitely aren’t a lot i mean you’ll always find a few here and there but the majority of reactions are positive

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Who's worse: McNamara (Volunteered Veronica for date rape) or Duke (Made McNamara try to kill herself)?

I’d like to believe Heather M didn’t actually know the consequences of calling Veronica over and only had the mentality of “Veronica is present = Kurt stops grabbing”. This is further evidenced when she says “gosh you make it sound ugly” when Veronica explains it to her.

She did still decide not to help Veronica during blue and blue reprise but since Heather D is now “in charge” and Heather M has always been the lapdog type, she’ll just follow what the others do.

Heather D was always interjecting Heather C and being shut up whereas Heather M always fell in line making me think that Heather D wanted to be the leader all along. When Heather M snapped she suddenly spoke her mind, something she never did with Heather C making Heather D angry.

She wanted to usurp Heather C completely and Heather M wasn’t following blindly anymore. Heather D jumps on this and since she doesn’t have the subtle psychological skills of Heather C she just makes Heather M feel like shit at her most vulnerable.

In conclusion, Heather M is a sheep that follows who she thinks is the ring leader. Heather D wants to be most popular by humiliating by pushing others down since she doesn’t know how to push herself up. Therefore, I think Heather D is worse than Heather M.

The BugEyedFreaks Incidence: The Whole Story

I’ll sound like a broken record when I write this post. I made the dumb mistake of deleting my last confession post, so I’ll fix that now. Alongside that, I will add new details that wasn’t mentioned before, because I don’t think I’ve told the whole story about what happened with BugEyedFreaks, one of the more popular PPG blogs out there. There’s more to her than meets the eye, yet I learned that by making huge mistakes myself. So, if you don’t want to follow me, or want to unfollow me because of it, I won’t blame you for doing so.

So, let’s begin. For the sake of fairness, I’ll start with my confession about what I did before I delve into Bug’s troublesome behaviour, because I feel that explaining my own wrongdoing is more important than pointing the finger at someone else. Do be aware that this post will be tl;dr. Just wanted to let you know.

My Confessions

The Discord Trouble

As stated before, there’s no way I can make this 100% unbiased. I will have my share of bias when explaining my confession, just a disclaimer.

So back when I started the PPGmac series, I religiously followed BugEyedFreaks; in fact, she was a massive influence to the creation of the PPGmac blog. Her initial desire to make posts celebrating the bizarre aspect of the show was unique and well-respected. She kept herself from following the usual PPG trends of ships, Girly stuffs, and Rowdyruff Boys content. So naturally, I was a fan of her blog.

But things got pretty downhill as soon as she opened her Discord chatroom.

Initially, I didn’t felt like joining the chatroom. It was only after a friend of mine invited me to her chatroom when he stated that she’s doing a livestream. So, I complied and joined her chatroom. It wasn’t my friend’s fault for everything that happened later; I was an ignorant fool.

So what happened exactly? It has to do with a lesson I should’ve learned a long time ago: There’s no reasoning to Tumblr folks with different political opinions.

I will admit, I was the cause of a huge amounts of dramas in her chat. They were mostly caused for a rather weak reason, including making an inoffensive transgender joke; one of Bug’s goons being a prick; arguing about CN’s schedule; etc. But I made the mistake of escalating these dramas. I have friends there who handled dramas a lot better than I did. While I kept barking at these goons, my friends simply kept their mouths shut. They knew how to handle the situation better than I did.

Eventually, when things got out of hand, Bug banned me from her chatroom. Because of it, I made the mistake of nagging her about it. It wasn’t a smart move at all on my end. She said she’ll decide whether she’ll unban me or not, and I should’ve kept my mouth shut. Instead, because of these naggings, she made my ban permanent. Nowadays, I’m thankful she did banned me to begin with, but I’ll get to why in a second.

So, like I once did, I sometimes submit some of my fanarts to her via her PPG blog, and I ask her a few questions. However, unlike before, she never submitted my posts or answered my questions. That gave me the childish impression that we were on bad terms. That wasn’t the case at first, but when I argued with her about it, now we’re on bad term.

Thing is, it turns out she’s not as nice of a person as she seemed to be. A friend of mine named Teacup told me that she has an unhealthy obsession on a certain PPG ship, and that she once made posts created to mock her because she shipped something she doesn’t like. With the hateful comments towards the 2016 reboot and how she complains about the whole PPG x RRB shit, it turns out her awful behaviour dated since 2013 or 2014. I’m not sure.

But here’s where I made the mistake that led to all the trouble I had.

Instead of just ignoring her and carry on, I made an unpublished draft ranting about her and how I would ‘expose her main account and OTP.’ I kept it on draft in case she ever made a posts mentioning me. Though she made a post explaining about a 'creep’ not too long after we got on bad terms, she never mentioned my username, so I could’ve just kept the post private or not alert her about it.

I let my emotions get the best of me.

I never did published that dumb post, but I did alerted her about it like a fucking idiot. She made posts about it on her Discord, and almost everyone mocked me there. Later on, I tried to apologize for what I did, but that’s where things got worse.

I used an alternative account to post my apology on Bug’s Discord, but everyone started harassing me and spamming my DM, and one of them impersonated me using my real-life picture and name. Bug, instead of trying to tone the harassment down, blocked me again, and allowed the cycle of harassment and hatred to continue for a while. Maybe it’s still going, maybe not.

Shortly after, I deleted my Tumblr accounts and made new ones. I initially lied low and waited until I return from camp to re-emerge. However, one of Bug’s goons made imposter accounts named after my deleted accounts, where they slandered me and used my real-life name and pictures without consent. They were initially taken down, but have somehow re-emerged. Thankfully, there are no posts slanderizing me so far.

The Rule 34 Contents

Not too long ago, I tried to apologize to one of Bug’s goons. I didn’t thought they were one of them, you know? The goons that purposefully attack people who disagree with their opinions. I thought they would accept my apology, or if not, reply in disagreement in a mature manner.

I have a hunch they would be just as immature when replying, but I told to myself: “You’re overreacting, Mac. They’ve been kind towards you or anyone else before all this happened. I’m sure they would have second thoughts about you.”

Sometimes, trusting my instincts isn’t as cliché’d as it sounds.

That reply, especially after they trashtalked a friend of mine, made me lose any respect towards them. They clearly overreacted to stuffs I wrote back there, seeing how they, like everyone else on Tumblr, attacks anyone who disagrees with them and over-exaggerates everything. I clearly never said anything that could be deemed “ableist;” they called me racist simply because I tried to explain about racial profiling (which I’ve learned from law class in high school); they called me lgbtphobic because of an inoffensive joke I did including a fictional show hammering the transsexual message to anyone (hammering, I said, not expressing. There’s a difference between the two); and I had the wrong definition of “white supremacy” when a certain drama happened, so I was an ignorant idiot during that time.

However, there’s one thing they aren’t wrong about or over-exaggerating, and that’s what I’m about to explain to you all. Notice how they stated the word “Powerpuff Porn?”

Back in 2016/2017, when PPGmac was a massive success on Tumblr, I felt the need to bring more varieties in my PPG fanarts. I did way too many PPG shippings, and I’ve already explored the kinds of fanarts that properly reflects the show itself. So what is it I haven’t explored yet? Rule 34.

See, I was influenced by Teacup and another PPG artist named Xierra099 for that idea, since they do similar works. I believe, in most cases, that fiction doesn’t affect reality, unless the series teaches kids the wrong lesson, or whoever saw that fiction takes it too literally to the point that somebody gets hurt. So, I figured, nobody would get hurt if I just draw fictional characters in Rule 34, right? Even if the characters are portrayed in their canon-age?

Well, at first, it worked fine. The kinds of Powerpuff Girls Rule 34 works I did were much more tame than others I’ve noticed. None of them had any signs of private parts attached to them, mainly due to the fictional characters being underaged. I’d rather not draw visible signs of genitals on the Puffs and Ruffs, since it makes me a little uncomfortable doing so.

But see, that’s not the problem that got me in a permanent ditch.

What got me in that ditch, was when I made the dumb decision of reblogging these rule 34 pictures on my main blog, and even on my PPGmac blog. I felt that attaching a #nsfw tag to it wouldn’t hurt no one, but that didn’t solved anything. I had an ignorant mentality that all my watchers were adults, or at least senior teenagers. But that was an Achilles’ heel moment that ultimately led to the downfall of PPGmac (that’s why I’m more hesitant of continuing the series).

All that led to my old Tumblr accounts, before the ones taken by that imposter, to be taken down by the Tumblr staffs. I don’t blame them for doing so, because I made the mistake of reblogging these works to my SFW blogs. It was a mistake that’s possibly permanently stamped on me, and I don’t know how long before I can recover from this, or if I can at all. Nowadays, I don’t draw these kinds of stuffs anymore, unless the characters are aged up. And I don’t upload any of these on Tumblr anymore.

The Problem With Bug

…Okay, here’s where I may sound biased. Before I talk about what she allowed to happen at her Discord, I’ll explain about what happened before she opened it.

Like I said, Teacup explained to me about how she was manipulated and insulted by Bug over a ship she doesn’t like, and other bad incidence. The goon I tried to apologize to explained that Bug told me about why Teacup is a “bad person,” but hasn’t given me any good reasons. All Bug told me is that Teacup is bad, and that I should look up her archives. See, I’m a guy who interviews both parties before coming up with any conclusions, so Bug’s argument against Teacup was terrible.

Meanwhile, when I asked Teacup about what happened, you know what she did? She told me everything that happened between the two in greater details.

There may be parts missing from the whole story, but I’d rather be explained in greater details about what happened than being told to do my own research. When Bug told me to look up Teacup’s archive, that gave me the impression that she’s hiding something and doesn’t want to tell the truth.

Well, I’m about to tell what could be the truth she’s hiding. It probably isn’t, but since she never told me anything, I’ll explain what happened from Teacup’s side of the story.

Sinking Ships

Let’s start about the minor details. Bug’s main account is maz-z, and like any other accounts, she simply reblogs stuffs. The stuffs she reblogs ranges from cartoons posts to third-wave feminist posts. Yep, she’s one of them, but I’ll explain a little more in a second. The other minor detail is her PPG ship. Like I mentioned earlier, Bug harassed Teacup because she ships Akubloss, a ship she hates. So what’s her own OTP?

Mojo X Blossom. Bestiality much?

Now, I don’t bash anyone for their ships, since it’s incredibly childish for doing so. Hell, my 13 years old self made that mistake, and I wish I could slap him for doing that. But that’s not the problem; the problem is her behaviour towards anyone who disagrees with her ships, including Teacup.

That started when she made, if I remember correctly, posts about bashing people who ships Akubloss. Teacup, in response, reblogged with a clip from the cult movie The Big Lebowski, presumably a part this clip:

After Bug saw this, she made this post in response:

Teacup quickly noticed that, and told her that she could clearly see that, to which Bug responded “Good, I don’t care if you can see that.”

Now, keep in mind, at the time, Teacup and Bug were both friends before they broke up. As far as I’m concerned, they didn’t really have any trouble with each other before that. So that was more of an unnecessary dick move from Bug herself.

Another thing I’ve heard from Teacup was how she manipulated another former friend in roleplays. Yep, this happened not just to Teacup, but to someone else. Apparently, Bug manipulated that friend during roleplays of The Powerpuff Girls, because Bug has such an unhealthy obsession with Mojo Jojo that she willingly went on to harm someone mentally just to get what she wanted.

When Teacup and her roleplaying friend had enough of Bug’s behaviour towards them, things quickly escalated to a fight, before Bug blocked both of them. Since then, Teacup had since moved on from it, but not Bug. Though she states she doesn’t plan on watching Samurai Jack but will eventually, the truth is that she refuses to watch that show because she believed that Teacup “ruined it for her.” Teacup tried to reason with her as I did, and asked if they could leave all this behind and be friends, but Bug just scoffed that off.

The Real Point Behind BugEyedFreaks?

Something else that Teacup told me about Bug is that her PPG blog tends to manipulate others with lies and misinformation, specifically about herself and those critical of her. I’m not entirely sure if that’s true (she hasn’t made any mentions in her call-out posts, not even me), but comparing her PPG blog with her main blog, there’s a noticeable difference in tone from her own posts. Her PPG blog has become noticeably worse with her behaviour, including lambasting someone for talking their point of view of people supposedly joking about the Wonder Woman movie.

But, that’s just scratching the surface. Here’s where Teacup’s claim of manipulations makes a little more sense.

There are numerous posts from Bug’s PPG blog where she claims feminism shouldn’t be about trashing men. But, on her main blog, she reblogged a post that tells a completely different story on her feminist belief.

Whether she truly sees men as bad or not is debatable, since she’s sending mixed message from both her blogs. This also starts to be confusing as to what exactly is the point of her PPG blog. It’s understandable that, until now, she does her best to not reveal her main blog in her PPG blog, but generally, the point of a blog with specific themes is to focus on a part of the fandom the owner enjoys. While her PPG blog still posts great posts of the original show, the blog had gained more and more unnecessary whining about the 2016 reboot, trash-talking to anyone who disagrees with her, and posts feeding her ego. What Teacup said about Bug’s blog made to manipulate people may not be necessarily true, but she has shown to have a manipulative and aggressive behaviour, but keeps it to herself so that people can still follow her blog. To be fair, not a bad move, but she’s slipping. Her behaviour has become more apparent in her blog.

Well, I think it’s about time I explain what I witnessed from Bug, instead of what someone else saw of her.

Her True Nature in Discord

Like I said, Bug turned out to not be as kindhearted as she seemed. She is the owner of the Discord chatroom of the same name, BugEyedFreaks. The problem with the chatroom is (a) she inserted an invitation on Tumblr, a site infamous for being populated with many aggressive and rude people; and (b) there’s absolutely no rules in the chatroom. She claimed that she’s working on making rules, but as far as I’m concerned, she never made any rules.

Because of the lack of rules and the fact that she opened it on one of the most notorious sites on the Internet, she practically invited several people who were quickly known to be hateful, spiteful, and have no regards to the consequences of their actions.

What’s worse, is that she willingly allowed all this drama and hatred to happen. She never once consider stepping in and telling everyone to settle down. The only time she ever did that is whenever I’m involved in these dramas. Sure, I did made some dumb comments from time to time, but most of the others were far worse. I was blocked twice for wrongful reasons; once when I didn’t even started any dramas, and another where I tried to apologize.

The first time, everyone simply moved on from me being banned. But the second time, because of the mistake I made, started what I could only describe as a witch hunt.

These screenshots were take by another friend who was once a part of the chatroom, but recently left due to the apparent troublesome behaviours from Bug and her goons. They, alongside a few other friends, were against the idea of continuously teasing and harassing me, even after I got blocked. They even spoke up about the impersonation accounts, but everyone there simply ignored them and changed subject.

What’s funny, is that one of them, as you can see, states that I’m also slandering in my previous posts (which, clearly I wasn’t, because I didn’t namedropped anyone). It’s almost as if Bug approved the idea of these impostor accounts made to mock me. Now, I don’t think she’s the one who did it; I honestly don’t think she would waste her time making them.

Long story short, Bug and most people on her Discord are hideous people for willingly going out of their way to commit cyber-bullying and illegal use of my real-life name and picture.

But… admittedly, this all happened because of me. I made the mistake of alerting her about a drafted call-out post (which, thankfully, I never posted even before I deleted my accounts), and that caused a domino effect of harassment and slander. This is probably the biggest mistake I ever made in my life, and I wish I could take back what I did. But what’s done is done. It’s a story where no sides are good.

Oof, it feels good to let it off my chest. If you want to unfollow me after what I confessed, I won’t stop you. I was being as honest as possible.

Oh, and one last thing. Please don’t go harass Bug or her goons on Tumblr or her Discord, even after all the shit she made. She may have done some horrible things, but that’s no excuse to start attacking her. At the very least, you should quietly unfollow her. But that’s something I’ll leave you to decide.

With that said, I’ll see you all, or not, on the other side.

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Hey Sophie!!! Is it possible that you could explain to me the whole pr thing? I don't think I understand completely what it means. I've known about Fifth Harmony for years but I've been more invested and interested in this world since Camila went solo. I do appreciate all the girls' personalities and talents but the "hits" they put  out as a group weren't for my taste, although I have to admit that they have some pretty good underrated songs. I've been following all five of them(1/2)

(2/2)them on social media for the last couple of months, watching old interviews, soundchecks and other videos and I’m really supportive of who they are and what they do.But I’ve noticed people talking about huge drama coming up caused by pr and I don’t quite get how it works. Also, since Camila left and has her own management isn’t she supposed to be protected? P.S. I’m a HUGE Camren shipper. I wake up everyday and watch the videos and follow the hashtags etc.I think I’ve ruined my life 😱😍😍

Hey sweets! So “p.r” means “public relations” which is basically about managing an artist’s public image. They control the informations that are communicated from the artist to the public. Their job is to choose and create what is publicly known about an artist so that it can either give them a favorable image to the fans and the medias, or give them attention, in that case the image can also be defavorable, it doesn’t really matter as long as it brings in headlines and money.

Nowadays for an artist to be recognized and well known by the public (any public), they need to be on tv, in magazines, on popular websites…. to get there faster and to stay there longer, the p.r teams often manufacture stories. Those stories aren’t true, but their purpose is to make the medias talk about the artist, so that they can have headlines and be seen by a wider audience. The most basic p.r stunts are often relationships, they take two artists, sometimes one of them not as well known as the other, and put them in a “relationship”, that only exists for the medias. It’s about getting people to talk. 

Another basic p.r stunt is to create a “feud” or another scandal from the same type, that in reality is not really happening - it gets people wondering, it gets people talking, because our generation is drama trash. Young people live for that kind story and they spread it everywhere.

Sometimes the p.r team can go as far as taking control of the artist’s social media accounts, can also give them “scripts” of things they have to say in interviews or subjects they must absolutely not mention. 

The p.r team is only here for one thing, it is to assure that the public image of the artist is an image that makes money, whatever it takes.

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can i put a few people in one ask? dundelions, sunnysky, highlightsofeverything

of course!!


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What I think about their blog: frida is so kind and strong and so, so kind? i remember when we first started talking and am so proud of how far she’s come. also, frida, did i ever tell you how much i love your url? 

i believe you mean @sannysky?

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What I think about their blog: alex is. god. i don’t think my words can do them justice because of how beautiful their own are. i haven’t even read a real, long piece of writing they’ve done but from the bits and pieces of their mind i’ve seen, it’s so beautiful. i kNOW im giving the opinion on the person and not the blog but it’s tough to say when you know the human behind the screen, you know? 


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What I think about their blog: KATEKATEKATEKATE. she is my fuel. she makes me do things i’d never finish and cheers me on when i don’t have motivation anymore. she is truly a blessing to everyone she encounters and deserves all the best in this fucking world because she’s one of the brightest lights in it. i love you, kate.

send me the url of a blog!!