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sun in an empty room (trixya) - dare

LA is a dreamy kind of summer hot, and Katya is in love.

(AN: so funny story, I was stuck on a bus for four hours without wifi today which meant I couldn’t finish editing chapter five of honest world, which is fully written and – I promise – will be up on wednesday instead. while stuck on this bus i had the picture of trixie that katya posted today open on my phone and i kept LOOKING at it and… well. this happened. sorry. herein lies almost 4k of pure disgusting fluff set during trixie and katya’s (speculative) pre-all stars romp across LA this week. consider this an early apology for all the angst chapter five is gonna unload on you!)

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It occured to me the other day that I hadn’t posted about pocketfox in a while! So I am happy to report that she is doing well and adores her fox siblings. They have all been spending a lot of time with the panda you see behind them as well.

Pocketfox hopes you all have a great day 

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Ah no I want Baku and Kiri to be roughly the same height forever! Perfect for kissing, perfect for fighting back-to-back, perfect for being equals!

Also, Denki as the shortest boy suits him lol

And Sero being the tallest suits him haha

To be honest with how close in height Kirishima and Bakugou are, I like the idea of who’s the tallest of the two switching a few times as they grow? I can see it turning into a competition of sort so I absolutely don’t mind that thought haha

Stormé DeLaverie. Marsha P. Johnson. Sylvia Rae Rivera. Miss Major Griffin-Gracy. These are the women behind Stonewall. Remember their names. A cis white man did not throw the first brick. 

VOLUME 4 HYPE!!!!!!!!


Sometimes Customers Suck

So I was reading those comments about how the customer is never and I have a doozy:

So I work at a hardware store renowned for being helpful  (I’m friggn’ proud to say that most of my coworkers go above and beyond) and I make a point to learn the regulars names. 

I was helping this guy whom I didn’t know from Adam and one of the regulars came in so I greeted him, directed him to the aisle he needed, and went back to the first customer. This motherfucker has the damned audacity to look me over, before saying;

“Honey, why would a pretty little thing like you be so helpful to a dipshit like that? I mean I’m hot enough that we should just get out of here.”

One of my coworkers was mixing paint nearby and I heard him stop. They all know that I have a temper and that I think pigs like that should be booted into the creek that runs next to the store. He was expecting fireworks.

I looked at the guy and simply said: “You’re not my type.”

This caught him off guard and he immediately went all defensive. “What bullshit are you talking about? I’m fucking hot and I could rock your world.”

I had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing out loud.

“Sir, I seriously doubt that.”

“I want to see a manager.”

Cue my most wicked grin: “I am the manager on duty.”

He sputtered, looked at my coworker for help–he was too busy laughing behind the paint computers while he worked on his customers needs.

“I want to see a different manager.”

“Sir, he’s on lunch and will be back in about half an hour. You’re welcome to wait on the porch.”

“Well I’m never coming back here! You all will hear about this! You’ve lost a paying customer forever!”

“Have a nice day, sir.”

*The cherry on top was when he tried to storm out and missed the push bar on the door and face planted into it.*

My coworker let his laughter out at that point and I had to run to the register for the regular that started all of that shenaniganry.

“What was that guy’s problem?”

to all the bellamy haters atm:

Seriously though? What did you guys expect? We knew what we got ourselves into the minute this troubled, hurt and brilliant fictional character was first seen on screen. Everyone who says that they never thought bellamy would do shit like this again, that he is weak, that he goes back to his old ways or even worse has not been watching the same show. Yes, it sucks that Bellamy is acting out the way he currently is and yes, I also believe that the writers did not embrace the potential this change had and I guess all of us can agree that we are a litte disappointed but to be honest I was counting on it, I was praying for Bellamy to stand up for himself in this exact selfish and stupid way because that’s who he is - don’t get me wrong bellamy is not a bad person or someone who follows some stupid leader because he wants in on the power - but bellamy never learned to trust someone fully, bellamy never learned to deal with this kind of feeling. Was he supposed to let Clarke just come back and be happy and all when she hurt him like this? He’s human after all. That doesn’t mean you have to give shit to the person you love but what the hell do your emotions give about “normal”? I love bellarke they are my otp, one of three pairings that I will never give up on, and that exactly is the reason why I loved, I adored, I freaking celebrated that bellarke scene! Finally he showed Clarke that she really hurt him when she left, that she can’t simply decide when it’s time for them to fix things again, that he is his own person with feelings that he can’t simply change whenever she wants him too. When I read about bellarke shippers who “have to pretend that the handcuffing didn’t happen” I can’t understand how you could honestly ship bellarke and respect these characters and still want to pretend that they are all fairytales and romance. For my part that is why I ship them, because they are problematic and deep and hurt my goddamn feelings 24/7. I loved that scene because if bellamy just liked clarke, if he simply had a crush on her or liked her as a good friend he would’ve let her convince him cause deep down he knew that she was doing the right thing. BUT HE DIDN’T. Bellamy knows that Clarke is right but he can’t agree with her out of spite, because she didn’t just leave him to deal with all of this alone she fucking broke his heart (no clarke blaming here, that is his pov). She broke his heart when she left, it broke his heart when he couldn’t take her home the first time and it destroyed him when she didn’t come home with him the second. Clarke is one of the two people Bellamy actually gives a shit about and for a second he allowed himself to believe that there could be something more between the two of them. Losing that multiple times ripped him apart. That is not an excuse for being an asshole but it really is in character and when I first saw this troubled motherfucker I knew that he would always go back to believing he has to be this arrogant prick no one could ever love because that’s how he sees himself. Clarke changed that but she left (with a rather good reason I’m not shaming her for anything!) and of course he would go back to his old ways but does this not make this story interesing? There will come a moment (we already saw it in the promos) where bellamy crashes down again and clarke will probably be with him when he does, she will pick him back up and they will be stronger than before. But please do not forget that bellamy blake will always be the bellamy blake for better or for worse.