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Voltron fic recs, the first

Yoo, lets get this show on the road! I’ve had a number of requests for this and since I very obviously have a Fanfic Problem, I thought I’d inflict it on the rest of you poor sods. 

As with any rec list, please pay attention to the tags and warnings <3

A Fish and A Bird - 13K; klance; Lance has a boyfriend. Lance does not realize he has a boyfriend. Keith, understandably, does not react well.

i bet you look good on the dancefloor - 43K; klance; Lance McClain’s dancing career begins and ends with Keith. Keith just wants to find out what Lance’s deal is.

The Coxcomb - 56K (WIP); shklance; Lance takes the job for the money. Love is apparently a package deal. [AKA the stripper AU you didn’t know you needed]

The Fox and the Hounds - 21K (WIP); shklance; Lance McClain, better known as Blue, is the greatest thief in the history of the world; no treasure is safe from him. Stealing the hearts of two beautiful detectives, though? That gets a little hairier.

call me, beep me - 85K; klance; (00:31) Do you think she gave me the wrong number on purpose? [Wherein Lance messages the wrong number and things kind of snowball from there…]

Homesick at Space Camp - 33K (WIP); klance; “He can’t marry the princess because he’s already married to me!” For the sake of intergalactic diplomacy Lance and Keith have to pretend to be married. And they have to be convincing about it…

anonymous asked:

ned is such a Soft Boy but dont mess w peter bc everyone knows he will not hesitate to punch a transphobe in the face for His Boy

peter coming out as trans at a young age (around age 7) and it kinda causes an uproar among peter’s friend group and their parents, bc suddenly there are parents accusing may and ben of not being good guardians.

and when they find out that may and ben are putting peter on blockers they say “that child is too young to know what they want” and get furious when may and ben reply with “if a child is old enough to know they’re cisgender then they’re old enough to know they’re transgender”

and some kids at school begin to tease peter a bit, saying shit like “my mom and dad told me that your aunt and uncle are crazy, and that you are too” or they begin to call him trans slurs, and may and ben hate that those kids didn’t know what those slurs were a few weeks ago, and that their parents taught them what they think peter should be called

and one day peter is sitting at lunch alone and flash walks up and begins calling peter names, and peter tries to ignore him. but he’s already having a bad day (he only got an A- on his math test instead of an A+) and he’s just a kid, and he begins to cry. and that only makes flash laugh. peter is hoping that some teachers will come aid him, but they don’t, they never do. so he just sits there as flash and his goons continue to snickers, and he tries to get his tears under control so he doesn’t encourage flash more.

but then suddenly flash is being shoved by ned leeds, that quiet dude in his class who never talks much. peter doesn’t know him very well, but he never thought ned would be the kind of guy to stand up for him. or even try to know him.

and flash swears at ned, but ned just punches flash and tells him in a really low voice to “leave peter alone” and that…. just shakes peter. nobody besides his aunt and uncle have called him peter yet, everyone else deadnames him. it’s almost surreal to be hearing somebody else call him peter, especially someone he’s never really spoken to.

some teachers come over and pull ned away from flash (because of course they’ll defend flash even though peter was just loudly being bullied by him), and ned throws an apologetic glance over his shoulder as he’s escorted to the principals office. flash glares at peter and goes back to his own table in the cafeteria. and peter waits a few moments, picks at his food thoughtfully, before he gets up to go sit outside of the principals office.

he waits outside the office for about twenty minutes, not really caring that he’s missing his history lesson, and then finally the door opens and ned walks out with his head hung low. he’s holding a dark pink letter, something people only get when they’ve gotten a detention.

ned startles when he sees peter and then sheepishly fiddles with the letter, kind of afraid that peter might be mad with him. peter worries ned in turn might be upset too.

“i’m sorry,” they both say, before looking confusedly at each other

“why are you sorry?” peter asks quietly, standing up from the bench he’d been sitting on

“i made a big scene, i’m sorry about that,” ned sighs. his voice is smooth and soft, much different than how it sounded when he was talking to flash.

peter blushes then sighs. “i should be the one saying sorry, i’m the reason you got detention and – ”

“no!” ned says angrily. “you didn’t do anything, flash is the reason i got detention! he needs to stop bullying you!”

peter looks down and kicks at nothing in particular. he needs to retie one of his shoes. “yeah… i dunno, i’m beginning to wonder if they’re right about me. maybe i am just a freak.”

ned walks close to him, and peter flinches, but all ned does is hug him. ned is much bigger and taller than him, everyone kinda is, and they usually use that advantage to be cruel. but all ned does is hug him. and peter just kinda wants to crumble. he gets this kind of affection from may and ben all the time, but he’d missed having it from others. he had felt so alone since he came out that he had started to forget how it felt to have a friend.

“you aren’t a freak,” ned whispers. “you’re so cool! and smart! they’re just stupid, peter, they’re really dumb!!”

peter doesn’t know what to say really, so he doesn’t say anything. he just whispers a shy “thank you” back. ned hugs him for a bit longer and then finally pulls back. peter doesn’t want this to stop, maybe he’s being greedy but he wants ned to be around him always. suddenly he feels addicted to ned’s company, despite only having it for 10 minutes or so.

“school’s almost over,” peter says shyly. “do you wanna come over to my house and play legos? i know they aren’t very – ”

“legos!!” ned says, his eyes going big and a silly smile breaking across his face. his voice cracks lightly, the early stages of puberty beginning to creep over him. “i love legos!!”

“really?” peter says, beginning to bounce on the balls of his feet. he’s so happy.

“yeah!! and model planes too!”

“my uncle builds those!! and those neat ships in bottles!!”

they both begin gabbing about building legos and ships and planes as they walk outside of the school. peter introduces ned to may when she picks peter up from school, and ned calls his mom to say that he’s going over to a friend’s house (making sure to let may speak to his mom first). peter likes where this is going, he likes the way this day has gone and he hopes it’s the first of many days that he will see ned leeds.

Lost, But Not Yet Found

A Dean x Reader / Angst

A/N: I have a habit of rewriting certain episodes in my head with a reader. This is how that played out. I didn’t know what to categorize it as. It’s not SUPER angsty, there is some fluff. But it deals with death so… sorry :/ I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think! ♥

Word Count: 2,004

Other Characters: Sam, Jack

- language.
- talk of death.

Tags: (at the bottom)
*since I plan on writing more, I will be making a new, updated tag list. if you want to be tagged in future fics, please let me know.

*gif is NOT mine.

He was sleeping for the first time in days. You watched his forehead crinkle with worry and grief, even in his dreams. Your arm was beginning to fall asleep from staying in the same position for so long, tucked under your head. You were afraid to move; afraid of Dean waking up when he had just finally fallen asleep.

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So, on April 4th our beloved show turns 4 Years Old…

And as ever a little celebration is due because it’s definitely that kind of party!

I think it’s important to make things as inclusive as possible so two different events!

First, A Competition! #BakeACake4Hannibal

Proposed by the lovely @the-winnowing-wind, it’s very simple, over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of April, prepare and photograph a cake Hannibal would be proud of, post a photo to twitter or tumblr with the hashtag and make sure we can contact you!

To the prize! The winner will receive a Cards Against Hannibal set, designed by myself and not available to buy. You’ll receive the main set plus the Season 3 Expansion Pack. (Word to the wise, this game is for horrible adult fannibals. It has bad words. So if you’re under 18 please double check with guardians and if you win and don’t want the deck, I’m sure we can think of something else from my store.)

If you have any questions about the competition or prize, please ask!

Second, lets get posting! #Happy4thBirthdayHannibal

I think it’s important to spread the word of Hannibal as much as celebrating ourselves, so along with the usual posts we get everyday I think it’s fab to give the tags a boost with brand new content!

So what I’ve done previously is asked people to sign up to create a gif set or art for an episode or character, this year I’m opening it up to ANYTHING, whether it’s new meta, new fic, gifs, edits, art, expressive dance. If you have something to say about an episode, LET IT BE KNOWN! (We’ll begin with episodes and then if enough people sign up we’ll move onto characters, maybe double up, I’ll let you know.)

Message me with which episode you’d be up for creating new content for, the episodes will be first come first serve, so feel free to send me a couple if you’d like. And then on April 4th you just need to post your brand new content with the tag #Hannibal and #Happy4thBirthdayHannibal.

I’m gunna nab one of my favourite episodes, Primavera, to get us started!

If you have any Q’s about any of these projects, feel free to message me anytime, I’ll get back to you ASAP.

I hope you like the ideas and want to get involved! Good Luck! And here’s to another wonderful year!

humble beginnings pt. 3 | tom holland

part one  part two

summary: the hard part’s over; you’re already apart of the family

a/n: this part’s more focused on tom and his feelings for “you”! harrison is my favorite third wheel. also i’m a sucker for parallelism. oh! and let me know if you want to be tagged :)

When Tom wakes up, it’s to the sound of glass mugs clinking together and cabinet doors opening and closing.

The first thing he notices isn’t Harrison smirking at him from the kitchen, but the massive crick in his neck and how the weight of your legs draped across his lap feels strangely intimate. You’re sprawled along the length of the couch, blanket covering  your sleeping figure while Tom occupies one corner, legs propped up on the coffee table in front of him.

His eyes burn from watching too much late night TV in the dark, but if it meant having you back in England, he’d watch as many movies and as many TV series as you wanted.

Gingerly, he moves your legs from his lap and onto the couch, taking a moment to appreciate you. A fond smile tugs at his lips as he realizes that you’ve gotten so pretty. Granted, you’ve always been pretty - both he and Harrison had agreed on that years ago - but something about seeing you so relaxed and comfortable, asleep on his couch, sends tiny goosebumps up and down his arms.

“Have fun last night?”

Harrison’s slightly groggy voice does nothing to hide his amusement as he attempts to shield his smile with the lip of his mug. Tom spins on his heel so fast, Harrison is vaguely worried that he’ll get whiplash.

“When did you get home?”

Harrison hums before setting his cup down to pour Tom a glass, shit-eating grin never faltering, “Around three. You two were already knocked out by then, though.”

Making his way to the kitchen after tossing you one last sidelong glance, Tom stretches his stiff muscles before taking the cup of tea with a mumbled thanks.

“What’s that smile for?” Tom asks, wary laugh on his lips.

To that, Harrison shrugs noncommittally and raises his eyebrows, “Nothing.”

Before Tom can question him further, Harrison’s gaze averts to the couch, where you’re sitting up, dazed and yawning. Despite your bedhead and slept in clothes, Tom can’t help but find you absolutely charming.

The thought catches him off guard for a second, but after a moment’s contemplation he decides he’s known he’s loved you all this time; he just kept shoving his feelings to the back of his mind for the sake of your friendship.

When Harrison addresses you, he doesn’t miss the adoration in his best friend’s eyes. Harrison knows him too well to not pick up on it. No matter how subtle or sly Tom tries to be, his weakness has and will always be you, and that’s a fact that Harrison is more than happy to live with; part of him is incredibly surprised neither of you have acted on your feelings yet.

But instead of meddling, he resigns himself to teasing;  he’s an avid believer that when you’re ready to be together, you will be and he’ll be the first to congratulate you two.

“Morning, love. It’s good to have you back.”

Tom doesn’t miss the subtle way Harrison emphasizes the pet name, nor does he miss the smug grin on his lips, poorly concealed by his teacup; it’s like Harrison knows.

He probably does, Tom thinks.

Your body, not quite adapted to the eight hour time difference, feels achy and tired, but your mind is alert as it registers Harrison’s voice. The familiar sound is like a shot of adrenaline as you shoot up from the couch cushions and run into the kitchen, crashing into Harrison’s solid body like a freight train.

“Haz! I missed you,” you pull away and hold him at arms length, assessing his bewildered expression. Forcing your lips down in a pout, you playfully pinch his arm, “You definitely didn’t call as much as you should have.”

Tom watches, contended smile gracing his lips, as the two of you bicker back and forth; he finds himself really liking how the apartment sounds more like a home with you in it. Speaking of home…

“Mum and Dad are coming over later with the boys, is that okay with you?” You turn your attention to Tom when he continues, “They wanna see you.”

Your insides melt at the mention of the rest of the Hollands; when you were growing up, they were your second family. If you weren’t at home with your own, you were with Tom, playing with his brothers in the backyard until after dark.

Stealing Harrison’s mug from his hands to take a sip - “Hey!” - you grin wholeheartedly, “Only if Tessa comes, too.”

And it’s in that moment when Tom knows

His parents love you. His brothers love you. Harrison loves you. Hell, even Tessa adores you.

His next thought kind of leaves him a little dazed, but he feels so right thinking it.

I have to tell her.

He feels like the world’s biggest sap when he looks at you, and he doesn’t even try to hide the tenderness in his eyes. He can’t - nor does he really want to - stop his hand from moving to cup your neck, and he feels his heart do somersaults when your immediate reaction is to lean into his touch.

“She wouldn’t miss it.”

Tom’s hand is almost as warm as your heart as you feel it nearly beat out of your chest. Your worries about losing him because of the way you feel or because of the thousands of miles that separate your homes are completely destroyed; you feel a little silly for even thinking he’d ever leave you. An effortless smiles splits your lips when it finally dawns on you to take the leap.

I have to tell him.

Both of you are snapped out your trances when Harrison clears his throat before loudly taking a sip - when did he take his cup back? - of his tea. Tom pulls away so fast it’s as if your skin is scalding.

Which isn’t far from the truth; your face feels like it’s on fire.

The three of you stand awkwardly in the kitchen before Harrison offers you an out, “Actually, can you help me? There’s this girl I’ve been talking to, but I think she’s mad at me and something tells me it’s because of something I said.”

He starts walking towards his room, and you follow without hesitation; anything to get you out of that mess.

“I bet, if you called me more, you wouldn’t have said something stupid to piss her off.”

Harrison opens the door to his room for you, quipping, “How long are you gonna give me shit for that?”

And as you reply with “as long as it takes to make you call more often,” Harrison turns toward Tom with a wink.

When Tom is sure you’re far enough into Harrison’s room, he sighs and slumps against the counter top.

“Oh, my God.”

He feels wound up and relieved at the same time. On one hand, he almost kissed you, but on the other, when he thinks of you spending time with his family and getting along so well with his best friend - his other best friend, you’d always insist - it feels so right.

part four

tags: @emrysaaryn @hufflepuffholland @apollos-love @davros2004 @muffinfangirl28 @starkintcrn @hiddlesjunkie @ladymercenarywithamouth @lupinlys @quacksontommy @brokenanxiety @songasold@fireismysaftey@siennarossi @dumpsterofsin

anonymous asked:

Hello 😊 sooooo I've JUST recently gotten into SHINee ( honestly I've been wanting to get into SHINee for a while but I've just been lazy until now) so I'm new to the fandom--whooop! - So I was wondering, is there anything I should know about SHINee? Also could you recommend me anything SHINee related?

welcome to the fandom, sweetpea!

there’s a lot of history to tell from these past ten years, so I’ll give you a condensed version of things (there was this huge masterpost/introduction on shinee I was going to link but I can’t seem to find anywhere otl; I’ll keep searching for it, though); even more so because… I believe it’s easier, in fact, to learn about them slowly and steadily as you become more and more involved with them.

so, take all the time you need! it’s really more exciting to fall in love with the boys little by little tbh.

forget about the typical roles found in kpop groups: all five are vocals (and visuals). shinee as a whole is very different from currently active/3rd generation groups - even though they’ve been on the run for longer, they are still young, they always bring in new, exciting concepts and flawless performances and tend to be compared to rookies in what concerns their energy on stage; meaning, they work as hard and with as much enthusiasm as a group that just debuted. 

taemin is very clumsy and has a habit of losing/breaking things by accident. (important: he hates bugs and I don’t say this lightly.) he’s very reserved and an introvert, but he loves his close friends and family dearly. usually more comfortable somewhere with food available. the personification of persistence and passion for what he does. also, he’s a soloist with three (Korean: Ace and Press It / Japanese: Sayonara Hitori) successful albums released. (you can find my - heavily biased - picks of favorite taem videos here.)

oh and still related to taemin - we have this thing where chanting his name brings in luck, apparently

minho is everyone’s dream boy: acts, raps, sings, writes his own lyrics, is gorgeous and charming and athletic, always working hard to become a better version of himself and the sweetest being you’ll ever hear about. he’s tall and big and all, yes, but don’t fool yourself: he’s soft, affectionate, touchy and a Real sap 24/7. his dad pretty much adopted the other four. he starred on a movie titled ‘Derailed’ recently; on KBS’s Hwarang: The Beginning and a bunch of dramas you can find on a masterlist at the end of this post.

key is a hardworking, inspirational and real example of someone who’s been through a lot and has a lot to useful advice to share based on previous experiences (also, he’s the king of aesthetics). he knows where he stands and doesn’t take bullshit from anyone - that’s why he’s the one to quickly shut down any member who’s being Too Much during an interview/show/etc; which is funny, because key himself is full of energy and will like, do the most for as long as he can get away with it. he’s been featured in a bunch of musicals and took part in a duo, Toheart, back in 2014. solo projects include a collab song with Axodus and an ost with NCT’S Doyoung.

a guide on how much of a sweetheart is kim jonghyun - he’s a complex being with a heart much too big and we’re always learning something new about him. I think the best way to get to know him is through the blue night radio; as its dj, he often shares bits of himself you’ll learn to put together little by little and love as a whole. he’s a soloist, too, with two officially promoted albums (Base and She Is) and a self-composed compilation (Story Op.1) released.

onew is their strength, their main pillar; someone who doesn’t impose his views on the boys and who, in exchange, is extremely respected and loved by each of them (despite his dad jokes and bad puns - they adore him, I’m not even joking). no wonder he won leader of the year back in 2015. ah, yes - he’s a prime example of sunshine incarnate. (he acts, too! he was a rockstar on the musical Rock of Ages and a doctor on Descendants of the Sun.)

the boys are so genuine in themselves, to each other and to everyone else those who work with them are all about compliments and admiration

and it’s not without a reason everyone says they are a family

the importance of the year 2013 to shinee and shawols 

some songs you might want to check out (p.s.: their Japanese discography is amazing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise)

they really like dogs

they’ve won a shit ton of awards since debut

they dote on their youngest like actual brothers

they are a mess™

shawolsource’s tag for masterposts of videos on each member + dl link for all their mvs (the last part compiled by me)

must watch (in my humble opinion): The Ultimate GroupSHINee’s Surprise Party for JonghyunVlive SHINee Begins and this mess of a promotional video

something I highly recommend checking on in terms of dancing and singing skills and the relationship between the members in general: their concerts. the first one I’ve ever watched was the SHINee World Concert III (which is still my favorite!) and if there’s anything that made me fall even harder for them, like… that was it. I can’t find link for all of them, sadly, but here you have the JATSWCII and SWCIV in full and playlists for the BMU TourI’m Your Boy Tour and DxDxD Tour.

some blogs that will help you out getting familiar with them are @fyjjong and @shineesubbed.

shawols wouldn’t ever miss a chance to go on and on about anything shinee, so - any questions, opinions or requests, don’t hesitate to hit one of us up. ♡

All of This and So Much More: Chapter One [poly!hamsquad x reader]

Time Period: Modern

Word Count: 3.0K

Warnings: Swearing, underage (?) drinking

A/N: I didn’t think I was going to be able to get this finished and out, and I definitely wasn’t planning on dropping this until at least tomorrow night, but you all were so supportive and I really thank you for that.  So, have the next chapter (not sure how much you’re going to like me after this though so…)  Let me know what you think!  Also, if I tagged you and it didn’t work, or you asked me to tag you and I didn’t, please let me know!!

Prologue  Chapter Two

Month One (September)

“Hey darlin’.  How’d your first day of school go?” John asked as soon as you answered the Skype call.  

You could hear the crashing waves and see your friends sitting around the bonfire from the open door across the room.  They were celebrating the beginning of the school year, and once you talked to John, you’d be out to join them.

“Hey Jackie.”  As much as you were loving the Caribbean, you missed John.  Being able to see him and hear his voice brought a smile to your face.  “It was good.  There’s this little girl, Leta, who is the sweetest little thing.  She colored a picture and gave it to me today and she’s so smart.  I showed her a Junie B. Jones book and she was half way through it by the time school got out.”

John laughed.  “Did they have the Junie B. Jones books there or did you take yours with you?” You mumbled in response, but he couldn’t make out what you said.  Still grinning, he asked, “sorry, what was that.”

“I said I bought a new set and had it shipped down here with me.”

Even though he was still laughing, you could hear the fondness in his voice.  “You just met these kids and you’re already spoiling them.” You went to respond, but he cut you off. “Not that I’d expect any different from you.  It’s a good thing you’re doing.  I’m proud of you.”  

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Feigning The Connection

Prompt: You seem so invincible. But just touch you and you’ll wince. You have secrets and trust no one. You’re the perfect example of betrayal. Because anyone you’ve ever trusted broke you. Thrust into a new world, will you be able to stay alone, or will Bellamy work his way in.


A/N: I was so pleased with the amount of love and appreciation i got for the first chapter, so I tried to get this out as soon as possible! Remember, if you’d like me to continue this long series, let me know otherwise I will cut it short! Again, THANK YOU to all those who sent me compliments on the first chapter. I appreciate it so so so so much! 

Just send in a little ask letting me know what you thought!!! Please! Also if you’d like to be tagged, just let me know!

Tagged: @frenchzodiacgirl

Based off of: 01x02

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by hvproductions

“B-But Jasper!” A hand grabbed your wrist, yanking you along as you stared in the direction Jasper had been speared. Shortly after you all got over the shock of it, you begin running in the opposite direction, hoping to make it home. But it didn’t settle right in your chest to run off and leave Jasper like that.

“Let’s go, Y/N!” Finn yelled, yanking you harder. Despite how wrong it felt, you listened, running in tow with Finn, Clarke, Monty and Octavia ahead of you. Your heart was beating so hard, you thought it would rip out of your chest. Your chest hurt as well, heaving in anxiety.

You winced when Monty tripped and grunted, landing on the ground. Running further, the group of you all tried to pull him up as he seemed frozen with shock. Looking around, you let go of Monty as he finally stood up and with wide eyes, gaped at the remains of a person around you.

“Oh my God…” You whispered.

“Who are they?” Finn asked, shaking his head. Clarke remained silent as she picked up the skull of one, you felt your breath almost leave you at the odd shape of the skull.

What are they?”

“We are so screwed.” Octavia panted, and in your mind you couldn’t help but agree. You felt fear crawl up your spine as you tried to regain your breath. This was all too much to handle, you felt like your breath was leaving you.

 A distant scream came about and you felt your knees shake. You could barely hear Clarke state that Jasper may be alive and try to run off, as you crouched slightly and placed your hands on your knees. You felt your throat closing in on you, as you tried to take deep breaths. your head shook and everything was becoming a blur.

Your wrist was gripped again as you were pulled off back in the direction of Jasper. Staring at where the boy once was, you found him gone. “Wait where his he?” You faintly heard Finn ask.

“No. Where is he?” Monty repeated, panic set dead in his voice.

“They took him.” With those final words, you shook your head. You felt like crying, nothing was making sense. You had the good sense to realize that some one had placed their hand on your shoulder, trying to gain your attention but you couldn’t focus on them. You were having a panic attack. 

“Y/N!” Finn called, turning to the rest with panicked eyes he tried to gain your attention.

“She’s having a panic attack.” Octavia concurred, shaking her head. 

“What do we do?” Monty asked frantically. Shaking her head, Clarke step forward, lightly pushing Finn away and grabbing you by your shoulders. You were desperately trying to breathe, but the breaths were short and frantic. Realizing that she needed your eyes on her, Clarke grabbed your head, making you lightly focus on her.

“Y/N.” You softly heard her say, grunting your reply, you felt sweat drip down your forehead. “Breathe. You have to breathe.”

“I have to breathe.” You repeated, calming down slightly. Nodding with her, you tried your best to regain yourself and slowly but surely you did. It felt like your throat loosened and you nodded your head, breathing. She continued to look at you, smiling reassuringly as you fixed yourself. Clarke took breaths with you, reminding you when to breathe in and when to exhale. Gaining control, you nodded your head.

“Thank you.” You smiled weakly up at her. She nodded, patting you lightly on the shoulder. Finn walked up to Clarke, confused. “Where’d you learn how to do that?”

“My moms a doctor. I picked up things.”

“Wells!” Clarke yelled, snapping your head up you could see Wells holding the boy from before, Murphy? By the neck with a knife. Confusion filled you as Wells to you didn’t seem like that person. Picking up the speed, you all ran to the middle of the group, you stopping short of just next to Bellamy. Turning to him, you glared.

“Let him go!” Clarke yelled, and Wells shoved him forward. Murphy ran back to Wells, but Bellamy shot from beside you and grabbed him; “whoa!” Though he quickly ran off from Murphy when he saw Octavia and her injured leg. “Octavia! Are you alright?”

“Yeah.” She replied, wincing as he helped her over. Turning to the rest of the group, Bellamy asked; “where’s the food?”

“We didn’t make it to Mount Weather.” Finn explained, sitting down. You let out a heavy breath, remembering what had just happened to you all. Jasper being speared, being taken, you having a panic attack. It was all too much.

“What the hell happened out there?”

“We were attacked.” You spoke up, turning to stare at Bellamy straight in the eye.

“Attacked?” Wells questioned, concerned: “by what?”

“Not by what. Who. Turns out when the last man on earth, died on the Ark. He wasn’t the last grounder.” You watched as every one seemingly froze and you shook your head.

“It’s true.” Clarke confirmed. “Everything we thought we knew about the ground, is wrong. There are people here, survivors. The good news is that means we can survive. Radiation won’t kill us.”

“The bad news is the grounders will.” You explained.

“Where’s the kid with the goggles?” Well asked, and you closed your eyes. 

“Jasper was taken.” You explained, shaking your head. The image of him, speared popped up again and you had to shake your head to breathe. You needed to focus on staying calm.

“Where is your wrist-band?” Clarke suddenly asked, grabbing Wells wrist. He pushed her grip off of him, and you shook your head. “Really Clarke?” You asked, shaking your head. She ignored you and focused on Wells, who glared at Bellamy.

“Ask him.”

“How many?” Clarke asked, stepping forward.

“Twenty-four and counting.” Murphy sneered, smirking up at Clarke.

“You idiots.” Clarke shook her head, disbelieving. “Life support on the Ark is failing. Thats why they brought us down here. They need to know the ground is survivable again, and we need their help against who ever is out there. If you take off your wristbands, you’re not just killing them, you’re killing us.” 

“We’re stronger than you think.” Bellamy spoke up, and you looked at him shocked. But you listened to his words, slightly agreeing with what he has to say. “Don’t listen to her. She’s one of the privileged. If they come down, they’ll have it good. How many of you can say the same? We can take care of ourselves. That wristband on your arm, makes you a prisoner. We are not prisoners anymore!” 

“The grounders should be afraid of us!” He chanted, you shook your head, drawing the line. 

“You had a good point. But now you’re just wrong, we should be afraid of them.” You felt Clarke’s eyes on you and with a nod, you started walking off in her direction as Bellamy began to chant again,

“We are strong!”

Running up to Monty and Clarke, you listened in. “Now what do we do?” You asked, shaking your head at the group still cheering behind you. 

“Now we go after Jasper.”

“Clarke. He’s right, we need him.” Ducking your head, you walked through the door to the drop-ship, finding Clarke, Wells and Monty as well as Finn. You said nothing as you stepped in beside Finn. “So far no one else has volunteered.”

“I’m sorry Monty, but you’re not going either.” Narrowing your eyes, you turned to look at Clarke in shock. 

“Clarke!” You gasped.

 “Like hell i’m not.” Monty stepped forward, anger evident in his tone. “Jasper’s my best friend.”

“He should be allowed to go, Clarke.” You defended, confused as to why she wasn’t allowing him.

“He’s too important.” Clarke said, before turning back to Monty. “You were raised on Farm station and recruited for engineering.”


“So. Food and communication.” Taking a step forward, Clarke pointed at his forehead. “What’s up here, it’s gonna save us all. You figure out how to talk to the Ark and i’ll bring Jasper back.” Monty reluctantly nodded as Clarke turned to you and Finn.  

“You two ready?” She asked to the both of us, you smiled and nodded, giving her a cheapish thumbs up. Turning, the both of you looked expectantly at Finn who only stared at you all in shock. 

“I’m not going, and neither should any of you.” He said, his voice coming out in a dry chuckle. “That spear was thrown with pin-point accuracy from three hundred feet.”

“So what? We let jasper die?” Monty asked and you shook your head, disappointed in Finn.

“That’s not gonna happen.”

“Space walker?” Clarke said, “what a joke. You think you’re such an adventurer, but really you’re just a coward.” 

“it’s not an adventure Clarke. It’s a suicide mission.” Clarke only shook her head, gathering her things and making her way out of the drop ship. Before passing you, she placed a hand on your shoulder.

“You sure you’re up to this?” She asked and you knew exactly what she was referring to.

Nodding your head, you smiled. “Yeah. And besides, i’ve got you doc.” She smiled, walking out of the dropship. You turned to follow her but before you did, you turned to glare up at Finn.

Wells stepped in before you; “build a wall. Use the trees. I’ll watch after her.” 

Repositioning your bag, you shook your head at Finn who only stared at you blankly. “Jasper looked up to you.” And with that, you walked out of the drop-ship. 

“I’m here for you.” Catching up to Wells and Clarke, you were shocked to see Clarke standing next to Bellamy. “I hear you have a gun.”

“Clarke!” You yelled. Bellamy made eye contact with you before slowly raising his shirt by the hip, revealing a handgun. You gasped, holding your hand to your mouth, Bellamy smirked at you. 

“Never seen a gun before sweetheart?” He teased and you glared up at him. 

“I’ve seen one before.” You defended yourself, “but last time I checked, only murders had guns.” He glared at you but you only shook your head.

Clarke surprised you once again; “good. Follow me.” And with that, she turned off walking. You followed her, following closely behind Wells. Passing Bellamy you allowed your eyes to make contact with his and he smirked. You sighed, knowing this was going to be a long trip.

“And why would I do that?” Bellamy asked, turning towards Clarke. Clarke turned, a confident look on her face. 

“Because you want them to follow you, and right now, they’re only thinking one of us are scared.”

“We need to get him down.” Panting, you stood behind Clarke. Staring up at Jasper you felt your heart break at the sight of him. He looked terrible, and deathly ill. He was passed out, strung up on a try with vines carefully knotted around hi, keeping him stuck to the tree.

“I’ll climb up and cut down the vines.” Finn offered, stepping forward. Because of guilt, Finn ended up coming along but things seemed tense and you felt as if you couldn’t talk to him. 

“I’ll come with you.” Wells stepped forward but Finn stopped, turning to him with cold eyes. “No. Stay with Clarke. And watch him.” Finn narrowed his eyes at Bellamy, who only shook his head. “You. Come with me.” Murphy listened to the order reluctantly, following behind Finn as you stepped back. There was an obvious set of tension and it felt almost stuffy as you remained silent. 

“Theres a poultice on his wound.” Clarke explained, you followed her gaze up to Jasper, seeing a stranger green thing on top of the spear wound. 

“Medicine?” Wells questioned; “why would they save his life just to string him up for bait?” 

“Maybe what they’re trying to catch likes it’s dinner to be breathing.” Bellamy offered, staring at the gaping ground Clarke had nearly fallen in. You followed his gaze as the tension increased with the aroma of threat flowing through. Staring around at you, you tried to see if you could see anything. 

“Maybe what they’re trying to catch is us.” Finn countered.

You watched as Finn and Murphy climbed up the tree, slowly working their way to cut the vines surrounding Jasper. Hearing a growl and a bristle of trees, you snapped your head to the side. “What the hell was that?”

“What?” Clarke asked.

“You didn’t hear that noise?”

“Was it the grounders?” Bellamy asked, body tensing and you watched as his hand twitched towards his hip. You glared, stepping forward and grabbing his wrist. His gaze snapped to you and you shook your head, he glared back at you. “What?” He whispered.

“No.” You said, referring to his gun. 

Suddenly a snarl filled your ears, and turning you saw a black panther directing itself towards you and Bellamy. Freezing, you crouched, you watched him prowl his way towards you. Bellamy turned to you, a look in his eyes. “now?” He questioned, looking down at his him, you nodded reluctantly, you’re heart stopping as his hands ended up empty and the panther began running towards you and him.

A gun shot echoed, and turning your head you saw Wells holding the gun out. Suddenly the panther dispersed into the grass, Bellamy held his hand out in front of you as you both walked lightly and turned trying to find the animal. Hearing no noise, you figured he was gone as you both un-tensed. “Y/N!” Bellamy yelled, you flinched, turning to your side as the panther shot out.

You moved back instinctively, tripping over a twig. Before the panther could reach you, he fell down to the ground but you barely paid attention as you fell. Arms wound around your waist, catching you. Gasping, you stood up slowly, staring at the panther before turning around to Bellamy. Nodding, you thanked him. 

All of you shared a look, seemingly coming to a conclusion. You needed to get home.

“Do you need any help?” You asked, staring at Clarke who stared at the passed out form of Jasper. Finn stood next you and as well as Monty. You were itching to go, but you needed to check on Jasper and see if Clarke needed help first.

“No. I’m good. I’m gonna go out and get some food.” Clarke said, wiping the sweat against her forehead. You patted her shoulder, following her out of the ship but leaving her side and you searched over the crowd to see if you could find Bellamy. Finding Murphy, you walked up to him who smirked down at you.

Before he could speak you spoke up; “where’s Bellamy?” With a confused and skeptical look he pointed towards his tent and you nodded a quick thanks before making your way over. You didn’t bother knocking, walking into his tent and surprised not to see a girl there as you heard the stories of his many courts.

Bellamy shot up from his bed, confusion filling his gaze. “What are you doing here?” You held up your wrist to his question, pointing at the wristband. “I want this off.”

He shook his head, puzzled. Standing up, he regarded you with careful eyes. “Won’t Clarke be upset?” He asked, eyes narrowed in doubt at your words. 

“I don’t care.” You responded shortly, he sat back down, grabbing the knife from his bed side table and invited you to sit down next to him. You followed, sitting down next to him and holding your wrist out.

“Thought you didn’t trust me sweetheart.” He smirked, teasing you. 

“Yeah. Well, you’re the only one I trust to do this.” You replied, watching as he slid the knife underneath the band, you winced when you felt your skin slightly pinch but ignored it. Soon enough you heard a crack noise and off came your wristband. Rubbing your wrists, you stood up. “Thanks.”

“Hold up, sweetheart.” Bellamy called, standing up and stepping over next to you.

“You’re a mystery.” He said after a short silence, his eyes completely focus on you. You stared back up into his eyes, shaking your head. With a small smile, you dryly commented; “so are you.” Their was the conclusion that what you two were sharing was a moment, but you paid no mind to it, remembering all he had done previously.

“That panther. Is there any food left?” You questioned him, staring up at him questioningly. Smirking down at you, he almost looked proud.

“There is for you.”

Hate to Love You (Part Three; Final)

Story Summary: You hate Castiel. Or at least, you tell yourself you do. In turn, Castiel feels the same about you. Exactly the same.

A/N: I hope you all enjoyed this!! And feedback is always appreciated!! <33

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: language, smut, oral (female receiving) fluffy ending (prepare yourself)

Word Count: 1.7k


Originally posted by mebeingbored1

After sitting in complete silence and listening to Sam and Dean chat in the front seat for what felt like hours, Dean finally pulled up in the bunker garage.

You’d opened the door and gotten out before he even had the car in park and made your way back to your room. You were slightly disappointed when Castiel didn’t follow you, but maybe you’d be better off at getting yourself anyway. You’d just thought that all of those dirty prayers would egg him on. The “I hate you” ones probably ruined everything.

You made your way to your bedroom and closed the door behind you, wishing that you had more of a buzz. You’d only gotten the chance to have two drinks before Cas pulled you away from your potential one night stand. Now you just felt..different – still sexually frustrated, but different. Also not quite as angry as you were before. You almost felt calm.

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solohux’s May fic favourites ✿


–> Our Apartment by @foryoursakegeneral
Hux Comes home. (daddy kink, adhd kylo, domestic cuteness)

–> Nursing/Lactating by Winklepicker
♡ Hux has six-nipples, porn happens. That’s pretty much it.
(milk play, a very lovely fic if you like these kinks!)

–> Accidentally On Purpose by @onewhositswithturtles
Kylo has been harboring feelings for his uptight boss, Hux, over the last year but said nothing for fear of getting fired. Unfortunately one night Kylo’s friends get him drunk and Kylo decides Hux should see what he’s missing, and texts Hux a dick pic. The next morning when Hux tells Kylo to come to his office after work, Kylo has no idea what to expect.
(modern au, bottom hux, a great pining scenario with brilliant smut!)

–> Haunted Soldier by @vadianna
After spending two years completing his training, Kylo Ren comes home to the Finalizer.  He has planned and plotted every instant of his reunion with Hux, and a large part of that centers on Hux’s reactions to the scars he gained at Starkiller.Or: Rough sex on a big desk.Or: Overconfident Kylo Ren takes advantage of feelings.
(bottom kylo, tagged as pwp but it’s the best pwp i’ve read in a long while)

–> For His General by @cosleia
Dopheld Mitaka is a loyal officer of the First Order. Loyal to the cause and loyal to his general. And it’s up to him to save General Hux from Kylo Ren.
(jealous mitaka, pining, some goooood hux & mitaka feels with a soft domestic kylux feel!)

–> Family Secrets by @rannystuffandthings
Hux receives an invitation from his father to bring Kylo to Arkanis to “celebrate” their engagement. Things go as well as Hux assumed they would. (tw homophobia, lots of gorgeous protective kylo)

–> To Each of Us, Our Own Assigned Delusion by @vadianna
The First Order Personnel Counseling Hotline is staffed by sensitivity officers well-trained in dealing with personal issues that arise during service to the First Order, including struggles with worthiness, conflicts with other employees, and even doubts about loyalty.  If you need to talk, they’ll be available for a live conversation during any shift.A mysterious caller manages to find personal issues that they were not trained to deal with.  Specifically, because everyone in the Order is given the same basic sex ed classes at the same time.  There is incredulity and hard feelings on both sides.
(sex ed, awkward virgin kylo, kylo talks to the First Order’s Sexual Health Q&A Hotline and oh my god you’ll laugh at his one, it’ll brighten your day!)

–> Oversimulated by @saltandlimes
♡ Hux first notices exactly what that problem is when he’s a lieutenant on his first cruise. There are a limited number of people to fuck. Hux makes inappropriate use of the stormtrooper training simulations. Kylo likes to watch. (voyeurism, kylo touching himself to the sound & sight of hux having sex, so hot you’ll fucking blush!!!!)

–> Confrontation by @omega-hux
Kylo finally says something worthy of retribution. (arguing, you’ll want to wrap hux up in cotton wool after reading this the poor baby)

–> Join by TrashBinKrem
Kylo didn’t play fair, and it’s been eating Hux up. Now it all comes to a climax. (groping & kissing, a beautiful smutty scene with lots of feels)

–> Leverage by @ballvvasher
Hux, tense one evening, coms for a massage droid but accidentally sends it to Kylo instead. (bottom hux, dirty talk, lots of filth & it’s paced so well, if you like smutty fics then you’ll love this!)

–> Off Limits by @verybadhedgehog
Military man of twinky appearance, previously stereotyped as a bottom, meets annoying xeno-experienced frot evangelist telepath, is persuaded to be less sexually self-denying. Jizz everywhere, job’s a good ‘un. (non-penetrative sex, kylo makes hux feel good and it’s unlike anything i’ve read, this is a stunning fic)

–> Pleated Skirts & Perverts by neptune_bound
Ren has a talented mouth, and Hux appreciates it maybe too much. (hux has a skirt on & kylo eats his ass, a++++++ fic)

–> cry baby by @princessfuckingleiaorgana
Hux orders Kylo to get lost, Kylo obeys. (break-up, lots of angst but a good type of hurt!)

–> you know I’d be so grateful if you’d come to relieve my stress by @agoodflyting
housewife hux is unsatisfied with his sex life, so he decides to seduce the strapping, yet naïve pool boy ben solo. (modern au, power bottom hux, absolutely perfect smut that you’ll definitely want to read again, ive read this like 10 times and STILL love it)

–> Pampered by @kylux-trashpile
Kylo spends some time pampering his lover. (feeding, weight gain, lots of wonderful chubby hux & soft kylo!!!)

–> Fairytale Psychosis by @nonsensicalsoliloquy
♡ Even when Hux was a young child he’d never considered himself all that interested in fairytales.Having one essentially stumble and force itself upon him didn’t exactly change that so much as have him worry he was losing his grip on reality. (modern au, faerie kylo, fluffy & soft with lots of endearments and protective kylo! it’s lovely!)

–> Just Rewards by @stardestroyervigilance
Hux bets Ren that he can’t possibly bring back an entire squad of Stormtroopers alive from one of his dangerous missions and promises to have a special surprise in store for him if he manages to do so. To his credit, Ren does manage it. (smut with plot, lingerie, they’re both confident and cocky and their established relationship is absolutely perfect here)

–> Gravid by Lady_Oscar
A pregnant Hux develops Force abilities, and of course they manifest at an inopportune time. (mpreg, abo ‘verse, hux stands up to snoke and i honestly cheered, i love mpreg and this was lovely!)

–> Personal Jesus by @francisthegreat (WIP)
Ren just wants to sit down and forget his past in peace. Hux predictably mucks up the works. (modern au, hot boys with guns, the style is short and sharp and it perfectly fits the topic, a fresh read!)

–> Scales of Gold by @thegayestcupcake
Kylo Ren is a merfolk hunter. When he finds Armitage Hux swimming in a rural river, he begins to fall for the creature. Snoke bags and tags him with the purpose of selling him. Kylo Ren has to make a decision, does he save Hux, or does he let him be sold like a common piece of decorative art? Kylo decides on his first choice, and brings Hux back to his home. (a wonderful mermaid hux au with pining and sex, everything you could ever want!)

–> changeling by @cracktheglasses
“I’m not strong enough, not by myself,” Kylo whispers. “But you are. Hux, I know if I could have just a portion of your will, I could do anything.” (modern au, cannibalism, it’d be best if you read all of the tags for yourself but, gosh, it’s so well-written and it’s so dark, perfect if you’re in the mood for a dark fic)

–> (in)sensitivity by @symphorophilian
Kylo had never taken care of his toys. Armitage Hux was still all too eager to play the part of his pliant doll. (unhealthy relationship, dubcon, hux’s internal thoughts are so heartfelt and desperate, a really beautifully dark fic feat lots of manipulative kylo)

–> The Rat In The Vent by macabreverbosity
“Except there was the matter of the “haunting”, as it were. It seemed that there had been multiple complaints of disturbances in the airvents, especially on the lower levels and the vents closest to his and Ren’s quarters. Additionally, Hux had been missing several articles of clothing. He suspected that Millicent, with her inquisitive green eyes, might have taken to hiding them somewhere on the ship.” (good crack feat. mitaka)

–> The Loth-Cat’s Out Of The Bag by @rebelwerewolf
Jealous Hux or Kylo which leads to the rest of the Finalizer finding out they are in a relationship (lots of good jealousy & team building exercises lead to poor mitaka being attacked!)

–> Tangled Threads by @theweddingofthefoxes
What is Matt supposed to do when his idol, Kylo Ren, takes more than a slight interest in the guy Matt’s had his eye on, Techie? (jealousy, Clan Techie!!!! precious, such a lovely fic)

–> Exhibition by @redcole
First heatwave of the summer Hux goes out on his balcony for a quiet smoke and a cold drink only to find his new American neighbour in the garden below, naked in a similarly new hot tub, surprisingly large cock bobbing along on the bubble jets, nipples perky in the cooling night air. How absolutely horrid. Poor Hux having to look at that. He could look away any time he wanted and he definitely shouldn’t have a crafty wank… (voyeurism/exhibitionism, pervy neighbour hux & teasing kylo, filthy & perfect!)

–> The Traveller In The Dark by @xx-gigi-sinclair-xx
“They discussed this possibility before they embarked on the lengthy process required for them to have a genetic child. One day, one of them was going to have to leave the other, for the sake of their daughter. It was a forgone conclusion.” (time travel au, kid fic, really heartfelt & a super unique idea, perfect characterisation)

happy reading!  

Not So Innocent After All

Pairing: Dean x reader (Y/N)

Word count: 3898 words (this ended up getting waaaay longer than I expected…)

Warnings: some smut and a cute Sammy…. I think that’s it :)

Summary: You are on a witch hunt with the boys when a spell is cast on you and Dean. Will he find out that you have a crush on him?

A/N: This was written for @whispersandwhiskerburn Much Ado About SPN challenge. my prompts were the Shakespeare quote: “If music be the food of love, play on” (Twelfth Night I.1) and words Impala, Iron, and Innocence. couldn’t really find a way to work Iron into it, so i skipped that :) A big thanks to Angel, since she helped me through this and betaed for me, also, it was basically her challenge that made me start writing fanfic in the first place. THANK YOU ANGEL <3 I think that was all i had to say for now. Happy reading :)

Ever since you first laid eyes on the older Winchester, you had had the biggest crush on him. Mr. Sex-On-Legs had saved you from a big bad werewolf a couple of years prior, and you had decided to join him and his brother in the eternal battle against supernatural evil. Dean had rejected your application as their new partner in crime in the beginning, but since you had nowhere else to go (and a pair of puppy dog eyes as good as Sam’s) he couldn’t refrain from letting you tag along.

Sam quickly became the little brother you never had, and Dean, well, not so much. You knew he thought of you as more of a little sister than anything else, and though it sometimes was extremely painful not being able to tell him how you really felt about him, you wouldn’t dare risk your friendship and your inclusion in the Winchester family. In the beginning, you thought that he actually liked you back, but as it turns out, Dean flirts shamelessly with every girl he meets. It broke your heart into a million pieces the night you realized how wrong and naive you had been.

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Hello and welcome to the first H.I.A.T.U.S. Johnlock Challenge!

April’s theme is Alternative First Meeting!

Have you ever wanted to try writing fanfiction? Well, nows your chance!

Introducing H.I.A.T.U.S. a monthly Johnlock writing challenge blog.

Submissions open on the 2nd of every month for that month’s H.I.A.T.U.S.   theme! The challenge is to write a fic related to the theme between 100 and 25,000 words before submissions close on the 21st.

Everyone is welcome to submit fic, it could be your first time or you could be a seasoned fic author! Already written a fic that suits this month’s theme? Just send us a link to your Fic through our ask box, tagging @hiatustory or by sending us an email at hiatustory@gmail.com. If your fic hasn’t been posted on the blog before we’ll share it for everyone to read and enjoy!

Please make sure to check our submissions guidelines page for more information!

Here are some prompts to help you get started:

Text Prompt

“Because you’re an idiot.” Sherlock looks at him for a moment, affronted. And then … smiles. And if it begins anywhere, it begins here. - ASIP BBC Script

Visual Prompt

Originally posted by brittsinthetardis

Setting Prompts

Sherlock and John could meet for the first time at:

  • Accident and Emergency (A&E)
  • Afghanistan
  • Retirement 
  • School/University
  • Pub/Club
  • While Sherlock is Undercover
  • John works with a charity that helps people struggling with substance addiction
  • On another planet e.g. Mars
  • Underground 

Good luck, everyone!

Tags below:

Please let us know if you would like to be tagged in our future posts and challenge announcements, or if you would like to be removed!

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I was just wondering if you have any ideas on """dale pike's""" Within the Narrative? I don't know what to think of it, because the writing style doesn't seem like fanfic to me and there's enough levels of meta-y things to drown me in. if mofftiss wrote us fanfiction I am going to explode

oh god ‘Within the narrative’ killed me. Oh God. Okay, deep breath. I’ll do the same as I did for ‘The One Word Test’ here, just go through and pick out the most relevant quotes for me as I go along. 

THIS JUST ANALYSES THE INTRODUCTION ‘CAUSE IT GOT LONG. If folk are interested, I could try and pick apart the whole fic if I don’t die from the attempt sos adhflslhgsjlf.

Hope this helps! From the beginning, then?

Okay, so first we have the weird tagging system- why is the fic tagged as both a Tragedy and a Comedy? Well, because of this opening quote from The Three Garridebs: It may have been a comedy, or it may have been a tragedy. It cost one man his reason, it cost me a blood-letting, and it cost yet another man the penalties of the law. Yet there was certainly an element of comedy. Well, you shall judge for yourselves.” See this post by @teaandqueerbaiting!

^I take this to mean we’ve got our ‘comedy’ Garridebs in The Final Problem, the cheap dangling Garridebs brothers gag. We’re still waiting for our truly emotional, true Garridebs scene between John and Sherlock.

Then, we come to the summary and opening notes to chapter 1:

Right, who on earth is Proper Dave? See this and this post by @may-shepard  @laughing-at-the-darkness and @221bloodnun. Proper Dave is a character from the Doctor Who episode Silence in the Library, written by Steven Moffat and directed by Euros Lyn, who also directed The Blind Banker.

Proper Dave is a PILOT (ooh little on the plane in TFP: ‘the driver’s asleep!’) He’s called ‘Proper Dave’ in contrast with another crew member named ‘Other Dave’ because ‘Proper Dave’ was there before him. It’s never twins, Watson. 

I’ve not watched this episode but basically for some reason Proper Dave “acquires an extra shadow”- this means the villains of the episode are attacking him. The Doctor tries to save him but fails, leaving Proper Dave’s “data ghost” to echo his last thoughts:  “Hey, who turned out the lights?”  Side-note: if this is the 4th favourite fic, I wonder where Proper Dave’s 3rd and other fave fics are… ;)

Now, what about the “A boring story” bit? I cannot for the life of me find the quote, but I remember Steven once describing The Three Garridebs as “a very boring story”- clearly tongue in cheek as it’s one of the most iconic moments of ACD canon, even saying in his own foreward to the stories that “you’ll be blinking back tears when the moment comes.” (x) Tagging @waitedforgarridebs in case she knows where the quote is, the resident Garridebs expert. ;)

“about the stuff between the lines.”- well, we’re all very good at finding that. <3

And the notes. Of course, nothing is certain, but to me these only become worthwhile and genuinely funny if you see them as written by someone who’s…well… very much an insider on the show. “Series 4 and 5 spoiler alerts”- that’s very presumptuous of you. ;) Saying they’ve deduced things correctly, including what they’re “probably” going to call the Watson baby– this is so funny if at this point they genuinely hadn’t decided what the baby was going to be called lmao.

Then we get one of the most bizarre meta introductions I’ve had the pleasure of reading:

“Most people think they know what’s going to happen. Perhaps you’ll dismiss this narrative early, thinking it is boring and banal and not worth the distance to that innermost cave. Or perhaps you’ll be too easily impressed and think this is a great story.
Perhaps you’re just looking for a cheap thrill. Well, this one has thrills, but they don’t come cheaply. The Powers-That-Be never gave me any trigger warnings, so I’ll give none to you, save this: Here there be dragons.
In any case, we’re going to follow the rules. Stories have rules, of course, just like chemistry, like biology. Like gravity. Perhaps—if you are an omnivorous reader yourself—you know that there are certain rules that a good story must never break.
It turns out that we’ve been wrong… and right… all along. That’s the beauty of it. That’s what makes this a good mystery.
Back up a bit. Ready the players. Set the stage.”

Originally posted by beamlyus

Originally posted by benedict-the-cumbercookie

Why, why why is this so meta. Why does it read like a set of instructions. It’s so out of place for a fic. Why is either “dismissing the narrative early” or “being too easily impressed” such an apt summary for some reactions to The Final Problem? The stage is set, the curtain rises. Here be dragons. 

We know “the rules” of this story- and we know that The Final Problem broke all of them. Steven and Mark themselves have said the episode was deliberately full of “transgressions.”

They’ve been wrong….(The Final Problem)…and right (every other episode) all along. The mixture makes it the mystery. We need to- and have solved- that mystery: why it was wrong. Because it didn’t end with John and Sherlock together. The rest of the true love story is yet to be told.

me before SHINee: why do I feel so little about everything, normal people aren’t this apathetic………there must be something wrong with me

me after SHINee: *in the span of 5 seconds*

MINHO JUST SMILED OMG my dARLING!!! Are you happy baby??? Are you truly happy & healthy?? Are you taking  proper care of yourself? Are you taking proper care of the others?

Are you making sure Jinki doesn’t get overshadowed or left out for ALWAYS giving others the spotlight?

Originally posted by littleshinee

Originally posted by mintokkies

or bullying Key all day only to give an offhand compliment about his activities to remind him that he’s absolutely amazing?

Originally posted by shineemoon

Originally posted by herewegobebe

Are you playing around with Jonghyun and showering him with random affectionate touches because he’s a tiny soft ball of fluff?

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Still in denial about Taemin being a grown-ass adult but constantly brimming with pride that despite being incredibly good & successful at everything he does, he still remains a clumsy absentminded idiot?

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Are you really happy sweetie, because it’s been 7 years since I first saw you and your smile has NEVER failed to make me happy

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aigoo my heart was not ready for this onslaught of emotion *clutches chest* it cannot be normal for someone to feel THIS much. There must be something wrong with me…….

A Blast from the Past (Part 3)

Summary: You didn’t know what to expect when you entered that factory, but you sure didn’t expect running into him.

Characters: Reader, Reader’s little sister, Simon, Negan, the Saviors

Pairing: NeganxReader

Word count: 1980

Warnings: Swearing, violence

A/N: Let me know if your want to be tagged in upcoming parts.

(Y/L/N) stands for your last name.

(Part 1)-(Part 2)

Virginia, three years ago.

The cafeteria of Fairfax High School was crowded at this time of the day. It was a little before the beginning of your first class. You were hanging out with two of your friends, like almost every day. Kate, Riley and you were in the same math class and gym class.

You were settled at a table situated in a corner of the hall. Riley was sitting beside you and Kate sat across from her. They were chatting about random things while you sat curled up on your chair, with your back against the wall, while writing a few things in your notebook.

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Scandalous Love [Negan x Reader] PT. 1

Word Count: 4,023

Negan x Reader, Rick x Reader

Request: In this tumultuous story, the drama begins when Negan threatens to kill your boyfriend, and group leader, Rick Grimes if you don’t join him in the Sanctuary as his wife. Over the time you spend as Negan’s wife, feelings arise, making everything a bit more complicated. Based on this request.

Warnings: Language, death, feels, angst

a/n: this was getting too long to be a one-shot, so I am splitting it into three parts! As of now, this is officially the first part of this mini-series! If you want to be tagged in the upcoming chapters, let me know!

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The trip to the Hilltop isn’t going as expected.

You had volunteered to go along, wanting to help Maggie in any way possible. She’d been one of your best (and only) friends ever since the outbreak began, and panic had wedged its way into your mind at the thought of anything possibly happening to her. Not only that, but Rick was leading the group and you couldn’t bear the thought of Rick being away from you. He’s the only man who had managed to make his way into your cold, closed off heart- if anything were to happen, you’d rather be there for it instead of staying back in Alexandria.

Somewhere along the journey to get Maggie to the Hilltop, you’d been stopped. The Saviors had found you, forced your entire group into a line, and put you into the compromising position you’re currently in.

You know what’s about to happen; you can feel it, and you’re sure everyone can as well. Their leader is about to step out of that RV and undoubtedly kill one of you, if not more. Rick had slaughtered several of his men, and you know that people don’t take kindly to that. Rick wouldn’t.

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