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Voltron fic recs, the first

Yoo, lets get this show on the road! I’ve had a number of requests for this and since I very obviously have a Fanfic Problem, I thought I’d inflict it on the rest of you poor sods. 

As with any rec list, please pay attention to the tags and warnings <3

A Fish and A Bird - 13K; klance; Lance has a boyfriend. Lance does not realize he has a boyfriend. Keith, understandably, does not react well.

i bet you look good on the dancefloor - 43K; klance; Lance McClain’s dancing career begins and ends with Keith. Keith just wants to find out what Lance’s deal is.

The Coxcomb - 56K (WIP); shklance; Lance takes the job for the money. Love is apparently a package deal. [AKA the stripper AU you didn’t know you needed]

The Fox and the Hounds - 21K (WIP); shklance; Lance McClain, better known as Blue, is the greatest thief in the history of the world; no treasure is safe from him. Stealing the hearts of two beautiful detectives, though? That gets a little hairier.

call me, beep me - 85K; klance; (00:31) Do you think she gave me the wrong number on purpose? [Wherein Lance messages the wrong number and things kind of snowball from there…]

Homesick at Space Camp - 33K (WIP); klance; “He can’t marry the princess because he’s already married to me!” For the sake of intergalactic diplomacy Lance and Keith have to pretend to be married. And they have to be convincing about it…

Scorpius is the main character to be honest.

Scorpius meets and falls in love with Albus at one point.

He begins to feel jealousy toward Albus and Delphi, while refusing to let her tag along.

When Albus is forced to let him go, Scorpius has an emotional breakdown making him a mess.

He goes through lengths to get Albus back and puts up a fight.

Out of all characters, he meets Snape who points out what we’ve known all along which is that he has strong feelings toward Albus.

To fight off dementors, he has to think of Albus.

He is the one to go to Albus in the first place and they have their reunion.

At the end of the play, he realizes him and Albus aren’t actually friends. There is a new version of them. This took place during their hug.

HEYY LOVELY PEOPLE!! So I got to 600 followers overnight (it. was. rad) and I’ve been thinking about doing a follow forever for a while, so I’m doing one bc ily!!💕💕💕

I was going to do a regular boring follow forever, but earlier today Liz posted one (kinda) and I decided to steal her idea (don’t worry, she’s cool with it, I think) so lets begin…

@siriusblsck, ILY SO MUCH!! and you were probably one of my first followers lmao, and I love talking to you and every time I get a snap I’m hoping it’s from you, and sometimes it is, bc we do talk a lot, but sometimes it isn’t and it’s kind of a bummer bc I just wanna talk to you forever bc ily (did I already mention that ily enough? no? oh well…), you are definitely one of my bffs, if not my bestestest friend (yes I made up a word for you bc you’re awesome) also we like pretty much the same stuff, and you’ve come here and literally stood like 10 steps from my grandma’s house (STILL. FREAKED. OUT. ABOUT. THAT.) and we’re like the same person only different bc we have so much stuff in common!! (the 5 siblings thing still freaks me out too tbh) so yeah, you are awesome and ily and idk what my life would’ve been (would be) if we hadn’t talked about bridges that one time (past Ana is a life saver!!)

@fjrebolt AGHNBDKHJE ILY SO MUCH NAT!! you are like perfection in a little cute person, also you’re super funny and I wanna play cards against humanity with you again!! and everything you make is awesome and you like me (lmao I’m so lame) and I honestly don’t know what to say about you bc you’re just awesome!! OMG!! I LOVE YOUR VOICE!! (I know you hate that I’m so obsessive about this, but I want your accent bc it’s so adorable!!! XD) you make me want to just go where you are and just like, be with you, and maybe do nothing and just be… 

@foreverjily ok, ily and you’re like as random as I am and it sucks that time zones exist bc I wanna talk to you forever but when I get back from school its really late there and when its not I’m either at school or asleep!! + we always talk about random shit and I love it, we literally just had an honest conversation about the weather, the fucking weather!! I honestly think today’s conversation is the longest we’ve had, and thats sad bc I WANT TO TALK TO YOU MOOOORE!!! also I love how whenever we talk we end up talking about something completely different than what we started with (thanks again past Ana for talking to someone about bridges BRIDGES. ARE. COOL.)

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@alrightevains SELEN!! ily and i love that we ship the same ships and I hate that you don’t have a cat even though you really want one!! idk, I just really like talking to you, you are awesome and ily

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I Can’t Save Her: Part 23

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Swearing, Violence Against Women, Mentions of Torture

Word Count: 1,629

Catch Up Here

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings for him are.

Author’s Notes: Bucky’s back, but for how long? Tags are at the bottom. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged/removed.

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For all of its strength that was built upon blind loyalty – H.Y.D.R.A. agents were typically not the greatest advisories when faced by an Avenger. Steve, Tony, and Nat made quick work of the guards on the first floor as I hacked into their security archives. As I typed furiously I heard movement from behind me – without thinking I pulled my gun and quickly spun around.

“Easy there, Tiger!” Tony said sardonically as he raised his hands in the air.

“Well…. Steve did tell me to be on my guard,” I added sourly as I turned back around.

“Have you found what you’re looking for yet?” Tony asked impatiently as he hovered behind my shoulder.

“I’m almost there,” I added as I hit one final key. Suddenly the screen was filled with a live video feed of Bucky. My hand reached out instinctively to touch the screen. “Steve,” I called hoarsely.

“What is it Y/N?” He asked breathlessly as he rushed into the room.

“I found him. I found Bucky,” I muttered softly.

“Tony?” Steve asked.

“Already on it. I’ve scanned the building – if you and Y/N go over there you won’t be seen by incoming hostiles. Once we have lured them in you can sneak behind them and get downstairs to Barnes,” Tony pointed to a shadowy hall as he spoke.

I began to follow Steve out the door before I stopped for a moment and turned to look at Tony. “Tony?”

“Yes, Y/N?”

“How do you plan on drawing them out?” I asked nervously.

Tony grinned slyly. “Oh you just leave that all to me.”

I wasn’t sure exactly how Tony managed to pull it off but he did it brilliantly. He was certainly the flame that attracted and burned up most of the H.Y.D.R.A. guards. During the chaos Steve and I slipped through unnoticed.

“Which way?” Steve whispered as we slowed to a halt. We had made it down six flights of stairs and were standing in a narrow hallway. As I looked down both ends of the hall– trying to remember the relation of the room to its surroundings – a bloodcurdling scream echoed from our left. I had heard that scream before – every night for the last two months when I had drifted to sleep.

“Bucky,” I muttered under my breath as I broke into a dead sprint down the hall.

“Y/N!” Steve whispered violently behind him.

I had been trained for events like these – but my training and rationale were thrown aside. All I wanted was to stop the cause of Bucky’s screaming. I had to – it was pure instinct that drove me to find him. I was so distracted that I was surprised when a thick metal door slid closed behind me, effectively blocking Steve’s entrance into the room. Of course, it certainly shouldn’t have surprised me when a fist met with the back of my skull causing me to crumple unconscious on the floor.

I awoke to a sharp kick in my ribs which knocked the breath out of me. “Wake up,” a thickly accented male voice demanded. My sharp intake of breath certainly didn’t help the throbbing pain in my side. Heavy footsteps trailed off into the distance as I began to become more conscious of my surroundings. My head was throbbing– luckily nothing felt broken, but it hurt like a son of a bitch. As I lifted my head away from the floor I could feel my matted hair gently tug at my scalp – it had stuck to the dirty floor with the blood that had oozed from my injury. I slowly lowered my head back to the floor – my body felt limp. As I tried to raise my hands to brush away the hair that had fallen into my face I felt the cut of cold metal against my wrists.

Panic set in.

I slowly opened my eyes and blinked to try to clear the blurry images before me. Once my vision had cleared I met the gaze of crystal blue eyes that I knew all too well.

“Bucky,” I whispered hoarsely.

And it was him – under the dark black, and purple bruises. He looked unblinkingly at me – his chest heaving with exertion as sweat trickled down his brow. They had beaten him severely since they had brought him here. Blood had crusted in different areas of his face and head from cuts that he had no doubt received while he was struggling against his captors. The room fell into silence as I watched his chest rise and fall – his eyes never leaving my face. He was bound using some sort of contraption I had never seen before – no doubt because of his incredible strength.

I shifted uncomfortably on the floor. I had wished for this moment for months – now the weight of his stare was too much for me to bear. I closed my eyes and sighed. In the back of my mind I silently hoped that Steve, Tony, and Nat were on the other side of whatever door had been sealed – trying to get us out.

A few minutes had passed in silence and I was once again teetering on the edge of consciousness when he finally spoke. “Y/N?” he asked timidly. The sound of his voice, which I had missed for so long, cut into me like a razorblade. I opened my eyes to look at his face which was etched with worry under its many bruises. I opened my mouth to respond, but was cut short as a stocky man in his late forties to early fifties strolled into the room from a door on the opposite end of where I had entered the room. I could tell by the sound of his boots that he had been the individual that had gifted me with throbbing ribs. As he neared Bucky’s body language changed and his facial expression grew fierce. A sense of dread slowly crept over me as I realized that this man had been the one to make Bucky scream.

“Well… well. I had assured Sargent Barnes that you would eventually join us. I’m glad you proved me right,” he said with a smirk as he dragged me to my feet by my arms. I grimaced at the pain in my arm which he seemed to immediately catch on to. “Ah – my dear. Have you been injured?” he asked curiously as he roughly squeezed my arm. I bit on the inside of my cheek to prevent myself form reacting until he finally flung me in a chair directly across from Bucky. My arm, side, and head were throbbing as the salty metallic taste of blood filled my mouth. I stared at the man without speaking.

He chuckled as he shook his head and looked over at Bucky. I diverted my eyes to Bucky’s— silently asking what our next move was. He stared unseeingly in my direction. And I suddenly realized there was a very real possibility that the torture he had undoubtedly endured probably included H.Y.D.R.A. trying to tap into the dark recesses of his mind where the Winter Soldier still lingered – and the thought absolutely terrified me.

The man had been prattling on as I watched Bucky’s every move. When he turned to look at me and realized I was only paying attention to Bucky he punched him squarely in the side. Causing Bucky to wince in pain. I adjusted my gaze to the man and hissed, “You don’t get it do you? Regardless of what you do… you’ve already lost. It’s only a matter of time.”

The man chuckled and shook his head. “Oh my dear, you haven’t been paying attention I’m afraid. This is all part of H.Y.D.R.A.’s plan. I never intended to leave this facility.”

This revelation unsettled me. I shifted uncomfortably in my chair as I looked at him. He caught my sudden understanding and grinned wickedly. “I heard that you met one of my associates… well met and murdered him,” he paused as he looked at me. Bucky shifted at this revelation – breaking his glassy stare to divert his gaze to his feet. I remained silent – staring only at Bucky. “Listen – I assume we don’t have much time together. I had hoped that Captain Rogers had been less pragmatic on rescuing his dear friend, but it seemed that your recovery took precedent. I had hoped to draw this all out but time is of the essence,” he smirked. At his mention of Steve Bucky had turned his gaze back to me. I was finding it increasingly difficult to read the very slight emotions that played across his face.

I pulled my gaze away from Bucky and looked at the man. “Whatever you have to say… I already know. I know it all. You can’t hurt me,” I said vehemently. My response caused him to lapse into silence for a moment and I seized the opportunity. I turned to Bucky and looked at him earnestly. “Bucky, I don’t need to forgive you because there’s nothing to forgive.” His face crumpled in pain. It was as if I had stabbed him. I swallowed hard as I blinked back tears – this was the exact reaction I had worried about.

“Ah,” the man said amusingly. “You see Sargent Barnes and I had a little heart to heart before you got here, and there may be a few things you don’t know about him that will change your mind.”

I opened my mouth to respond, but the look on Bucky’s face made my breath catch in my throat. I suddenly realized what the man had been eluding to when he had explained that he had no intention of leaving the facility.

I closed my eyes and readied myself for what would happen next.


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Of Letting Go

(( So I wrote a thing this morning. It’s the first work of fanfiction I’ve written in years but I am completely in love with this game and these two. This is Promptis, so only read if you like the idea of Prompto and Noctis being together. I’m also pretty new to contributing in Tumblr fandom, so sorry if I don’t know tagging etiquette yet. This is set at the beginning of the road trip, prior to hearing news of the kingdom falling so there will be no spoilers x ))

Noctis let his hands wander, travelling down over the blond’s chest and let his fingers ghost under his shirt feeling his lightly toned abs beneath him. The soft glow of moonlight didn’t make it through the drawn curtains of the motel and the prince could barely make out the other’s silhouette in front of him. He breathed deeply, trying to control the pent up euphoria that was zipping through his veins at the slightest touches.

The room was silent, apart from their friends’ steady breathing as they slept in the double bed next to them. The hammering of Noctis’s heartbeat and the flutters that he felt in his chest still drowned the noise out and in that moment his whole universe was just Prompto.

“I love you.” He breathed barely audibly into the other’s ear, a phrase he’d only recently gotten used to saying to him. The prince cupped his lover’s face with his free hand, letting his thumb trail softly over his cheek. He imagined his flushed freckles beneath it and he leaned in to place another soft kiss to his lips, taking care to stay quiet. He didn’t want a reminder of his duty from Ignis in the morning.

It wasn’t fair. The intimacy they’d developed over the last year was beautiful but to his birthright it was a dirty little secret that could never be spoken of. When they got to Altissia he’d have to discard both of their feelings like trash, in favour of marrying for the future of his kingdom. Although he cared for Luna, he knew he would never love anyone like this. The whole situation turned his stomach.

A warm wetness hit the tip of his thumb and flowed down. Noctis wiped over the other boy’s cheekbone, trying to erase the single tear that had overflowed. He took a shaky breath and placed his forehead against Prompto’s, just trying to savour the bittersweet moment.

There were times when Noctis didn’t want to be king. He didn’t want this burden on his shoulders. And when he heard Prompto whisper those words back at him, for a moment he thought about giving up everything.

To the Four of Us (Part Four)

I am back with more Angst Queen™ Alexander Hamilton living it up in college with his lil buddies!! lol guys i can see this turning so anGSTY

{you can find parts one, two, and three here}

@heythereitsloey @anitheunicorn (thank u to all two of my readers lmfao this one’s for u)

words: 2,304 (hopefully this will be the approx. length going forward but we shall see folks)

warnings: swears!!! i think that’s it??? sex talk kinda??? idk

soundtrack song: The Balcony Scene - Pierce the Veil

full soundtrack: x

anyways, let me know what y’all think!! and send me a message if you’d like to be tagged when I update :-)))

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Diametrically Opposed

pairing: hamilton x reader, i guess techincally seabury x reader also but that doesn’t really count

summary: Reader is Samuel Seabury’s childhood sweetheart but as she grows older and begins to resent that he doesn’t seem to have a backbone. Her family and Samuel’s family are both loyalists, but she starts writing to Alexander Hamilton and then Oh Boy Do Things Get Spicy.

warnings: idk there’s smut and maybe like? two curse words

word count: 5,080

A/N: this is my first hamilton fic and my first fic set in hamiltime so please take it easy on me i wrote this all it one day and i’m nervous to post it THANKS

You heard the front door shut and you quickly stuffed the papers you were reading under your mattress, careful not to crease them. Around here it seemed that these papers were your only source of sanity. Your father was a devout loyalist, and so was the family of your longtime friend and recent courter Samuel Seabury. 

When you were younger, Samuel had been your first and your best friend. You spent hours on end playing in the garden of the Seabury estate, Samuel plucking you flowers and you pushing Samuel into adventures he never seemed entirely sure of. He was always a cautious child, afraid of everything. As children, you had been able to convince him to do things that scared him. Back then, he looked at you as an equal. Your father says it’s because he didn’t know any better. 

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Let the games begin - Ch. 3

Today were taking it back to the Enterprise to see how Jim and Bones are coping. You get three guesses and the first two don’t count :)

2,364 word(s) of angsty, sad goodness.

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

I think I have decided on around 7 chapters. SO, if you wanted to be tagged for the rest, yay! just shoot me a message. If you don’t want to be tagged, then shoot me a message and I will try to keep my tears to a minimum, and go to my room until further notice. Be gentle. I am a delicate flower.

Special thanks to: @outside-the-government for encouraging me to write again, and for being my beta and idea bouncer. Also @imoutofmyvulcanmind for being an idea bouncer, yay!

Tags: @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse @feelmyroarrrr @fandomheadrush @yourtropegirl @bkwrm523 @trekkimagines201 @arrowsshootyouforwards @captian-hannah-kirk @hellhoundsandunicorns @kaitymccoy123 @starmission @kilismaiden @malindacath @starr-trekkk

Jim sat in his Captain’s chair, wound up tight, barely hearing all the commotion around him. He had all the crew looking and listening to anything and everything that could possible give him a hint or a clue as to where you and Jo had been taken.

“Were being hailed Captain” Uhura exclaimed.

“On screen” Jim ordered.

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In celebration of actress Alex Kingston, we’re counting down to her birthday with a week full of Alex love and appreciation! Beginning on March 5th and going through the 11th, please join us in creating and sharing original content – gifs, edits, playlists, art, fics, musings, et cetera – to celebrate all things Alex.


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  • There are 2 prompts listed for each day so you can pick your favorite. Feel free to think of the prompts as suggestions and substitute a lagniappe prompt (below) or deviate entirely.
  • Please do not feel obligated to participate in all seven days!


  • Day 1 (5 March) –  What was your introduction to Alex Kingston? // Alex in a period piece
  • Day 2 (6 March) –  When Alex made you feel all the feels // A time when Alex made you laugh
  • Day 3 (7 March) –  Favorite interview // Cast Alex in a film of your own imagining. Create a graphic, generate a synopsis, and/or write a scene.
  • Day 4 (8 March) –  Favorite acting partnership // Favorite Alex quote (either by or about her)
  • Day 5 (9 March) –  Favorite non-River Song role // Favorite recurring Alex theme (an accessory, outfit, type of role, prop, etc., that’s popped up repeatedly)
  • Day 6 (10 March) –  Alex in a decade // What has Alex taught you? / How has she inspired or influenced you?
  • Day 7 (11 March) –  Happy birthday, Alex Kingston! A free day to create as you please!

Lagniappe prompts: (for substitutions or those who’d like to do just a little extra)

  • A role or production you’d like to see Alex in
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  • Favorite audio recording(s)
  • Favorite stage role(s)

Fic prompts: For the fiction writers out there, write a fic based on a character Alex has played and three words given (to include or inspire).

  • Archaeologist. Dust, worn, shine.
  • Queen. Sword, courageous, skim.
  • Criminal. Atomizer, dense, divulge.
  • Writer. Draft, blurry, tapped.
  • Mother. Water, frayed, grasp.
  • Doctor. Adrenaline, precise, gather.


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Like many–I was there during the Zutara vs Kataang wars. Years down the road I finally decided to get back into the series and attempt to rekindle my love for it. Due to being shamed for my shipping preference by the creators themselves and fans, I sort of let my love for Zutara die. Thanks to my significant other and her found love for it, I found myself loving it just as I had when I was younger. Soooo being on the Zutara side of the shipping spectrum, I of course paid a visit to that tag first, before anything else. I read posts by the wonderful people of tumblr and found out all these years later that seeing something there wasn’t just part of my imagination. That it WAS going to be canon and…idk seeing that makes me feel validated again??

Like from the beginning I was always accepting that Katara would end up with Aang, in fact–I saw it coming and was never hopeful or even thought that Zutara would be end-game in a million years. I wasn’t spiteful towards Kataangers bc I thought the shipping wars were dumb in the first place….

Still, there was a chance and somehow, even though it DIDN’T happen in the end? I still feel like that sort of DOES make it canon in its own way?

So in the end both sides of the shipping war kind of won? IDK. I was never one of the bat-shit insane Zutarian’s who threatened to take their lives over the ship… Nor did I cry and rage at Bryke. The only time Bryke made me feel a bit upset at them was when they immediately started disrespecting a huge portion of their own fanbase, MOCKING them and poking fun at how terrible the Zutara ship was and how it was impossible.

Thinking back on it–Now that I’m not just a teenaged fangirl and I dabble in writing myself? Calling anything in your own story impossible? It’s a sign of your incompetence when it comes to writing. Seeing the bad writing in the LoK ( which I still did like but feel it could never surpass its predecessor series ) proved that to me.

I’m sorry but as a lesbian myself? The way the K/o//rra///s/a//mi pairing was played out and claimed to be a thing from the beginning was total BS to me. I felt like it was a sad attempt to cover up inconsistencies and bad story telling, shoving a pairing in our face and claiming it was planned from the start so that we’ll be happy because OMG THEY TOTALLY WENT THERE!!!!

So I guess I wrote this all just to say? I’m happy. Happy that in some alternative version of the story that the amazing Aaron Ehasz allowed our babies to end up together. That in SOMEONES eyes, Katara wasn’t just a prize to be won. She wasn’t just “the avatars girl”. She didn’t SUDDENLY figure everything out in such a short amount of time and decide that Aang was the ONE for her even though she’d previously JUST claimed she was confused and unsure.

That in some alternative world, there was going to be some build up and not just ‘omg zuko ilu lmao’. A real love story–Something Bryke seems incapable of writing. SIGHS.

Sometimes I wish that Bryke would give him the rights to add that season he’d been planning.. They could even claim it to be non-canonical if that’d make them more comfortable. It could be a netflix exclusive and everything but it would definitely breathe new life into the beloved series and let everyone be happy. I know they won’t and it’s impossible given what they set in stone—but it’s a nice dream. LOL.

Still even if it never happens. Zutara WAS canon in several of the writers and artists true vision and that’s good enough for this fan.

MBTI and the Seven Deadly Sins

Ok so I thought this would be a little… fun thing to do, so here’s the deal, state your type and then list in order where the 7 Deadly Sins fall for you, with a little note on the side explaining why (because just listing your sins is boring). Then at the end Tag from 5 to 10 different people or tag yourself, and let the party begin.


  1. Pride. My sense of self can come before all else. I can let my pride get in the way. I can see little in what others say and completely take over in my feelings of being right. 
  2. Sloth. I often settle for what takes the least responsibility. Whenever I am asked to do something more my instinct is always to say no. My first thought is not to do anything. After time I mull it over and change it, I can then be more proactive. But my instinct is to not do.
  3. Greed. I love things! I want everything and growing up I hated to share. Although my ideals lay in Marxism, I love all the materials capitalism lets me consume. 
  4. Wrath. Be happy you don’t actually see my reactions to some comments and messages I get. My wrath at others and ideas is what gives me my spark, but my instant reactions can be harsh and cruel. 
  5. Gluttony. I over indulged in books, television, and movies. I become obsessive. Be glad you didn’t see me back in the day when I discovered Doctor Who. I don’t know how to pace myself with things I love. 
  6. Envy. This isn’t a think for me now, but growing up I felt everyone was calmer, more social, and smarter than me. I had major competitive issues in all parts of my life.
  7. Lust. Back in my school days I always liked men who were taken and may have ruined multiple relationship because of this sin. This is not a thing for me anymore, but at a younger age I was quite the vixen.

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OTPs across 5 fandoms Challenge!!

So I was tagged by @mina-chan98 to do this challenge!! Thank you so much <3 

Let the game begin *3*!

1/ Naruto and Sakura From Naruto :                                                                       

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2/ Stiles and Lydia from Teen wolf :

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3/ Raku and Chitoge from Nisekoi :

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4/ Ichigo and Rukia from Bleach : (didn’t watch bleach all but even if i’m just on the first arc i love these two )

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5/ Igarashi and Serinuma from Watashi ga Motete Dousunda

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Theyy are so cuteee <3 

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So i gotta tag 15 one (that will be hard since i don’t know that many people on tumblr Ehhhh)

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Haikyuu!! x Neko Atsume [Part 4]

[Previous parts and more here!!]

Hey hey HEY!! Here it is, part 4, with Bokuto and Akaashi, that I’ve wanted to draw since the beginning of all this, as well as Tsukishima and Yamaguchi! I‘ve played around more than usual with their designs to get it to work nicely in character, haha~

Next set should come up soon, and I know exactly who I’m gonna do for that one `v´ All my newer art is coming into this artblog now by the way! Not on my main anymore~


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, for language and eventual smut

Notes: This is the first thing I have EVER written, so please take it easy one me! Constructive criticism is welcome, let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy it! Also, there will be a part 2 and if you want a tag, let me know.

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CHIVALRY: A Knight’s simplified take on it, and how to apply it to Real Life and RPG’s

Hi all, Knight is back to bring you another personal scrawling on a chivalric topic, and what is more chivalric than chivalry itself, amirite?

Let’s begin…


An important question; what exactly IS chivalry?
Well, I decided to look for it as a tag on tumblr a little time ago, and I can safely say that, apart from 60% of it being stuff I post on tumblr, it also appears to be a huge major debate on sexism on tumblr as well.

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Well, I’m going to gloss over that right away, and tell you what Chivalry ISN’T, so we can discuss what it IS.

So first, Chivalry is NOT

- Treating a woman nicely. This is simply called being a decent human being.
- Holding doors open for people. This is politeness.
- Sexist. In it’s original form, this was sexist by modern standards, but the past is a different country and they do things differently there. Originally, it was very progressive, and put into a modern context, is sexless.
- An iron-clad set of rules. It’s not as simple as that; there is no universal form of Chivalry, and it is flexible based upon situation. To steadfastly and stubbornly adhere to a single aspect when it is unreasonable is NOT chivalric; it is suicidal. Honour and reason go together, not one before the other.
- Lawful Stupid. See the above, but it should go without saying; Chivalry demands you use your head, play a pragmatic game, but without falling into outright cruelty, or into overly dishonourable methods.

Now we’ve got that out of the way, what IS Chivalry?

The answer is, unfortunately, not so simple.
It’d be nice to simplify it as “A code of honour set in stone for any REAL knight”, but it’s really not.
Chivalry, like Bushido, is a philosophy. It is flexible and vaguely drawn out through means of stories, poems, songs, art, and personal application. Even the direct writings on the topic have different approaches as to HOW chivalry is practiced, and this changes through time as well as place.

Chivalry is, however, comprised of some traits that are universally acknowledged by authors on the subject matter, Primary and Secondary, whether named or merely referenced.
Those traits can be put down to, at a glance, the following things:

- Compassion
- Politeness
- Honour
- Courage
- Skill at arms
- Religious devotion
- Patience
- Wisdom
- Justice

There are far more things to it than this, however, and indeed, Leon Gautier in “La Chavalerie” emphasised other points such as patriotism, feudal devotion, the utter decimation of infidels, utter dedication to the clergy…

But the answer is actually a bit more straight forward than all these things.

See, Chivalry as a concept is, and always has been, open to interpretation.
Like Bushido, there was no universally accepted, set-in-stone version. Only variations upon an idea based in high-standing and morality.

Chivalry, therefore, is a loose set of moral, social, and religious coding, the actual definition of which is very open to interpretation.

How to define it?

So, Chivalry itself is an open-interpretation, what does this mean?

Well, firstly, it means you have a lot of space to work it into a game, or apply it in a realistic fashion.

Lets say you are playing a chivalrous hero (not just a knight or paladin), what would they be like? What if you play a mage or rogue that is chivalrous?

Well, lets take what is universally accepted as being chivalry and add them up:

- Honour. Be it among thieves as a code toward other fellows, a strong sense of law or justice, or simply a personal code of ethics, this is essential, and a character should be caught dead before violating this.
- Honesty. Harder for rogues, but a word given should be serious and honest, truthful.
- Merciful. Even villains grant mercy when it suits them. A character of a chivalrous background should know when to spare someone, even if for their own ends.
- Courage. A chivalrous type is the one who stands up against something, usually on behalf of others.
- Justice. Be it good or ill, a chivalrous hero pursues justice for the sake of either righting wrongs…or bringing retribution toward old grudges.
- Loyalty. Your character should be able to be trusted by their fellows, even to some extent, their enemies. Even a villainous chivalry character can be trusted to some extent, though in true Lawful Evil fashion, they will likely do this to suit themselves.

Chivalry is very much down to interpretation and setting however. High Middle Age period settings will see characters with strong sense of fuedal fealty and loyalty to their Lords. Later periods will see a focus on more romantic aspects such as personal honour, defence of the people, compassion in war, etc. Crusade periods will see a focus on religious devotion.
Think about your setting and what suits you, and apply Chivalry to it as you think fits. it is very open to interpretation, so always consult a GM.

Tweaked Chivalry for a modern gamer

So, what should we take Chivalry in a modern context to mean? After all, it’s no good for us to suggest that in a modern mindset (which is apparent even in fantasy gaming, or historic base settings), should be entrenched in Victorian emphasis upon courtship and treating the “weaker” sex nicely.

What we can take from this, and what chivalry should and can mean in your games (and in reality):

- Chivalry is genderless and sexless. Anyone can stand up and be a Knight. What matters is not who you outside or how you imagine yourself. What matters is your intentions and devotion to your cause.
- Chivalry is courteous to everyone. Manners are extremely important, but not toward any one group. You should respect everyone.
- Weakness or rather, fragility, in anything and anyone, is worth defending. Not simply for the sake of protecting it, but to inspire greatness in others, and to encourage others to take up your cause because it is right, not because weakness is itself admirable, or because of any sense of pity. Someone, somewhere, must fight monsters.
- Honour and justice matter to the character or person. You hold your moral ground and while not forcing it upon others, do not allow others to commit moral sins. This does not mean preventing them from doing things that are otherwise useful or productive, but means that truly morally dark acts should be opposed. It also means that you have to be a figure others can trust to make the right choice, in troubled times.
- Mercy is something you must exhibit. Even if only for personal reasons, knowing when to stay the blade is important. Sometimes there is more to be gained from an act of mercy than an act of battle.
- Skill at arms is important. Even if your character is not an expert combatant, they should be willing to stand and fight for something. True knightly figures will almost certainly fight for their beliefs.
- Religious devotion is usually important here, but not always as much as a Cleric or Paladin. Even so, your character will have some religious inspiration, even if only as a personal hero. Atheistic characters will often draw inspiration from religious figures anyway, but more usually from a sense of right and wrong, or mundane people that exhibit the traits they find desirable.
- Nobility, both social and moral. Always be the one to demonstrate morality to the others. Inspire them toward greatness. Do not drag them to it; show them your way, and why it is better. Let them develop their own chivalry based upon your own.

Here endeth the lesson…for now.

Morning Battles (Steve Rogers x Reader)

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Request: Requested by @always-an-evans-addict , here’s some Steve tickle fluff. I really hope you like it cause it’s so short. but still cute? idk

Summary: The first person you talked with when you joined the Avengers was Steve. He became your best friend despite the fact that you didn’t share his appreciation to your early-morning training sessions with him. He always tried to make you leave the bed for them but now you were beginning to question his new methods.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 994

This is my masterlist!

If you have any request please send it here!

I’m thinking about making a permanent tag list, so let me know if you wanna be there.

Morning Battles

Your first training session in the Avengers compound did not take place. 

You overslept the morning without taking notice of the constant knocking on your bedroom door.

Sighing, the captain left the corridors and went to train by himself. 

You had arrived the tower the night before and you had gotten your welcome party, courtesy of Tony by the way. He thought that you should be tired. So maybe he could throw some punches listening to the list of songs that the guys had given to him. Just to catch up with things.

He hadn’t thought that his mornings were going to be this way since that day.

“Oh, cmon (Y/N). Get up, you have to train with me”

You growled, taking the pillow and covering your face with it.

“Get out of here Steve” you bubbled into the softness of the fabric as you got more comfortable.

“(Y/N), we have to train” he said like he was talking to a 5-year-old.

“Get your sweet ass out of my room, Stevie.”

That was how things were since your first day in the tower. It was not like you didn’t like your job or like you didn’t like to exercise. The thing was that you hated, with all the ferocity that your heart could stand, the thing that you had to wake up that early in the morning and be expected to function like a normal person. You loved to train with Steve, he was your best friend here since day one, but he was really strict with his early training sessions.

“My ass is not leaving until you wake up”

He was trying to snatch the pillow from your hands but you weren’t going to give up without a fight. No chance you were going to leave the bed at 5 a.m. 

Of course, you left your bed 5:05 mumbling incoherent curses under your breath. No way to avoid the super soldier force. So you had to get dressed to start the day.

“We can get pancakes for breakfast later,” he said before he left the room to let you some time to your morning routine.

You brushed your teeth and did the rest of the things that you had to before you put some sports clothes on. Sighing, you left the room to met him in one of the training rooms of the bottom floors of the tower.

“You are going to make the pancakes, aren’t you?”

“Only if you win, babe”

“Just fifteen minutes more”

You heard his negative response and groaned.

“Don’t wanna wake up! Leave me”

“You should thank me for not making you train with Nat” He got closer to you as he spoke and sat beside you. “In fact… I maybe I should change your schedule so she can train you”

“I know, you’re so good when you’re not trying to wake me up”

“Okay” you felt his fingers tracing the side of your head and you hummed in content with a sleepy smile “So… today’s a break day. Sleep some more.”

Your smile got wider and one of your closed eyes opened.

“Really? Is this a trick?”

He shook his head no and tried to stand from the mattress in which you were laying until you took his hand to stop him. 


“Yes, (Y/N)?”

“Do you want to take a nap with me?”

“Are you sure?”

You hummed.

“I wouldn’t invite you if I weren’t sure”

He smiled a little and took his shoes off before he crawled with you under the comforter. He placed a kiss on your hair and you hugged his arm for dear life so you slept a good two hours cuddled with Steve.

“I’m awake… Just not gonna get up. Now… you can lay here, go away by yourself or get your patriotic ass kicked out of here”

“You’re so grumpy today. You’ll have to stand up to kick my patriotic ass, sweetie.”

“I can do it from here. Can’t you feel me kicking you?”

The mischievous grin that appeared on his face gave you a bad feeling. Maybe you should get up this time. You think about that but decide that your priority now is to sleep for at least an hour more, so you closed your eyes.

“Nope, you should try harder, babe”

You were aware that Steve has always had a soft spot for you and maybe now that you were his girlfriend you could use that in your favor.

You were completely wrong. You knew it the time his hands grabbed your waist. Even before his fingers started quickly moving on your skin. You screamed his name but that didn’t stop him from tickling you.

“Steve!!” you screamed shaking from laughing trying to stop his tickles with kicks “This… this… is not fair”

“Yes, it is. Plus…” he teased evilly using the lie you told him a few weeks ago “you are not ticklish, are you?”  

His hands moved faster as you tried to grab them with yours. Your foot got a good hit on his arm but he didn’t seem to care. Your belly was aching and you felt the tears forming in your eyes, so you tried to collect all the air that you could get before you declared the battle as a lost one.

“I give up, Steve!” you said still laughing “You win!” 

His hands stopped immediately and you could start to breathe with normality. Well… you were still gasping, but still… His fingers started to softly caress the sensitive skin of your abdomen and he pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead.

Steve Rogers always wins his battles.

Bottom Cas Fic List

I told you I’d get it for you and here it is @bottom-cas-trash…. My Favourite Bottom!Cas stories.

So, to be clear. I don’t like angsty stories. So even though some of these are angsty and may be tagged MCD (if your like me and that normally throws you off don’t let it throw you off if its on this list) I promise you that they are all amazing stories worth the read :D  


‘An Unusual Self-Portrait  


I’m putting this one first cause I will forever tell people to read this one. It is the best story I’ve ever read. It’s a wip and it does have a few bottom!dean parts those two parts (I believe there’s two there may only be one) are stated at the beginning of the chapter. Dom!Dean and Sub!Cas. Age difference. Daddy!Kink.  


'Rusty Prison Blues’  


Prison AU. Age Difference.  


'Fuckin With Fire’  


Another amazing Prison AU with an age difference.  


'Kind Alpha’  


This one was one of my first ABO fics I read. And if you’re like I was and didn’t like them cause all the angst and non-con that’s n some of them this fic is for you cause it doesn’t have that much.  SPOILER the second part does have non-con and miscarriage.  


'Chronicals of Serial Killer’  


And amazing Serial Killer AU.  


’Psi Delta Alpha Boys Series’  


Dean is the head of the Psi Delta Alpha fraternity. There are some darker parts in this story and some switching but all and all it’s an amazing College AU.  Dom!Dean / Sub!Cas 


'The Russian Bride’  


Castiel is a male order bride.  


'The Best Laid Plans’  


“Castiel is a cat burglar. Dean is his (un)suspecting victim.”  


'Bay Window’  


Dom!Dean Twink!Cas Cas in panties. Porn without a plot. What more could you ask for.?  


'New Kitten’  


Sub!Cas buys a new toy to surprise Dom!Dean with.   


'Let It Be Me’  


I loved this one so much. High School AU Student!Cas and Teacher!Dean. This one made me cry, but not out of sadness out of how damn cute and amazing it was. (Also available on fanfiction . net)  


'Beyond The Ether’  


Pagan God!Dean. Seriously if you haven’t read this you really need to.!! I’m not gunna lie, though, I wish there was more to this story. I didn’t want it to end it was that amazing.!!  


'When Porn Bloggers Collide’  


Can’t say no to a Supernatural AU where it’s based in the Tumblr Verse. Lol. Underage, Cas is still in High School.  


'The Slash Sherrif’  


This one is just hilarious and needs to be read by everyone.!!  


’The Courage of Stars’  


A beautiful story of Inmate!Dean and Sick!Cas. Hospital AU. I don’t wanna give too much away but this story is beautiful.  


'The Kinks’  


Dom!Dean gets set Sub!Cas by an agency that pairs Doms and Subs together. Dean doesn’t want Cas at first but figures he might as well since Cas is there. There is switching in this but it is one of my absolute favorite BDSM fics.   


'Buying An Alpha’  


Yet another ABO fic that isn’t heavy in angst. There is no non-con element in this fic other than inappropriate touches.  


'Swimming In The Fast Lane’ 


Castiel's life consists of Swimming, Drugs, Alcohol, and Sex. He doesn’t like authority but when his swim team gets a new coach and Castiel believes things will stay the same he finds that’s not all true. 


'Slice of Heaven’ 


Stripper!Dean Rich Customer!Cas . I loved this story so much. I have a habit of making sure I read the last chapter first to make sure that I don't make the same mistake I did with T&S and I really wish I hadn’t with this fic cause I ruined the major plot twist that happens for myself. I really wish this was part of a series cause I wish there was more to this fic. 


'Claim Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me’ 


Omega!Cas and Alpha!Dean. I loved this so much cause of how Castiel is able to save Dean from his Alpha animal thing (really articulate aren't I.?) This is part of a series, which SPOILER, the second part is how Sabriel mated so if you enjoy that too there’s another part for you. ((if anyone knows of other stories like this let me know, someone told me one but I forgot the title so I can’t share that- also since I never read so it isn’t in my bookmarks.)) 


'Promises Made, Promises Kept’ 


Previously titled 'Kept Boy Verse’. Alpha!Dean is a very important businessman who one day has no choice but to go get his own coffee where he meets barista Omega!Cas and both their lives change forever and neither cares much to stop it. 


’LARPin’ and Lovin’ : Plan DESTIEL’ 


When Charlie plans to have The Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood meet, everyone wins. 


'The Favored Son’ 


Castiel is the favored son of the head of the mob, when he dies Cas has no choice to go home and face the music. Things do not go as everyone assumed they would. I really loved this fic cause it low key bugs me how the bottom is somehow lesser than the top in some fics, especially mob fics where Cas is usually the head or someone important and a top, this one he is all those things and still a bottom cause bottoms are just as strong as tops :) 


'Cupid-Bow Lips’ 


Twink!Cas loves his skirts, he also finds he loves his 'Daddys’ shirts. Daddy!Kink 


'Do You Even Ride’ 


Cowboy!Dean and City Boy!Cas get stuck working together at Dean's parents ranch when Castiel’s parents think he needs something more to do than draw all summer. ((SPOILER- Sam is dead in this fic and Dean does not deal with it well even all the years later when this fic takes place)) 


'Thunder & Angels’ 


Endverse-esque Castiel makes an offer to Dean that Dean can’t refuse. 


'Of Clipped Wings and Clipped Halos’ 


Castiel is a trained assassin who teams up with FBI Agent Dean to stop a new drug- Grace- from becoming an even bigger problem than it already is. Age difference. 


'Take The Lead’ 


Endverse-esque Castiel is a rock star who writes and sings about his sex life when looking for help for his next album he approaches Boxer!Dean to be his Dom for a week. I loved this fic so much cause I love when Cas knows what he wants and goes for it and doesn’t let anything get in his way. 

okay guys!!!! here is my first blurb for #valentine!5sos blurb night w kat and catie

you can send in requests or submit your own writings to either me or @calsdream and use the tag above when you post them!!! LET THE WRITINGS BEGIN!!!!

Ok but imagine you and your longtime best friend/boyfriend Luke going out on Valentine’s Day and Luke being all nervous bc he wants the day to go smoothly. He’d take you to all of the different places that were significant in your relationship like the small sandwich shop where Luke realized you were more than just a friend for him; the ice cream shop where he asked you to be his girlfriend; the park bench where the two of you sat for the day one summer and you shared with him all of your deepest secrets; the art museum that he took you to where he told you he loved you for the first time and gave you the cheesy line of “even in a room full of art, you’re still the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” The whole day would have been filled with memories that you have replayed over and over in your own head, until Luke brought you to the old playground where the two of you first met back in Kindergarten. You would turn to look at him with a questioning look in your eyes, only to find him down on one knee next to the swing set you suddenly remembered. He would say to you “On the last day of Kindergarten, in this very spot, you gave me a Ring Pop as you told me that one day we would get married. I never believed you until the day in the sandwich shop where I realized you were my one and only. I’ve never felt as happy as when I’m with you and I never want to be without you.” as he would start to pull a ring box out of his pocket. When he’d open the box, you’d see a ring shaped like a mini Ring Pop that would sparkle in the sunset over your heads as he held it out to you. “It probably won’t taste as good, but the meaning behind it makes up for that I hope” he’d say nervously as you would just stand there, hands covering your mouth as tears would well up in your eyes. You would probably sink to your knees to meet his lips in a sweet kiss before he’d slide the ring onto your finger. “My forever,” would be the last thing that comes out of his mouth before your lips met in a soft, rushed and loving kiss full of passion.

“clear skies my ass,” asa muttered, grumpily walking into the library. he was wet–soaking wet–from head to toe, backpack and all, all because the fucking weatherman predicted the forecast incorrectly. bitter didn’t even begin to cover it. frustration slightly blinding him ( and the rain on his glasses, too ), he accidentally bumped directly into someone’s back rather forcefully within his first dozen steps through the doors, recoiling immediately so that he caught his own balance. “shit–my bad, dude.”