but first let me take a selfie

so I just got home and it’s hot as actual hell and GUUUUH! >_<

all in all, it’s just time to get back to the story; 

but first, let me take a selfie, I MEAN, I just wanted to draw the main questers as human girls, cause anime chicks are fun to draw

yeah it’s an ugly rough sketch, don’t judge me

Things to appreciate about Lance

.Says things like razzle dazzle and heebie-jeebies

.Human slinky. Can straight up put his legs behind his head

.Has the back muscles of a young Michael Phelps

.Will spend the whole day in a wishing well collecting coins for his friends.

.Uses humor as a coping mechanism for his crippling self doubt

.Naruto runs

.A shameless furry

.Speaks Spanglish

.Refers to himself as Lancey Lance

.Sharp work, Samurai

.His skin is pretty than yours.

.Brags about his friends when their not around

.Will over share personal information about his life to complete strangers.

.Likes dancing in puddles, eating cheese, and taking naps

.Will rise from a coma just to shoot your ass

.Dancing queen

.But first, let me take a selfie

.Bi Icon

.Is a straight up freak. Ten out of ten would be into wearing handcuffs


Space pick up lines 😙🌌

Are you the winds on Neptune? Because you take my breath away.

I sent all your selfies to nasa, because you’re a star

Are we on Jupiter? Because your hand is heavier than normal, here let me hold it for you

Are you made of fluorine iodine and neon? Because you are F I Ne

Even in 0 g, I’d fall for you

Are you a carbon sample? Because I want to date you

You deserve a ring the size of Saturn’s

You’re hotter than Venus ;)

Are you mercury? Because you’ll always be first to me

Let’s get astrophysical