but first let me love you

please gogh out with me

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: slight swearing
Word count: 1060
A/N: sorry but I’m a grade A art hoe @imaginesyes requested a first date fic and all I could think of was going to the museum and making really funny jokes also I’m sorry for the title I hate puns but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity on this so yea. Hope you guys enjoy it! I’m also tagging @hufflepuffholland bc charissa is an angel and i love her so much. If you want to request anything, feel free to drop an ask or message me!

“Are you ready to be bored to death?”

“Try me.”

Peter let out a deep sigh and proceeded to walk toward the entrance of the museum. You giggled to yourself and quickly caught up to him. In all honesty, you were just enjoying yourself to see Peter so nervous and antsy on your first date, especially because he was taking you to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You could tell Peter was a bit hesitant about his choice. To anyone else, it might’ve seemed like a boring first date suggestion. But you were ecstatic; it had been so long since you’ve visited the Met and you were excited to see the new exhibits.

Peter and you had just started dating last week, and today would be your first date as a couple. You’ve always had a crush on him since freshman year, and you couldn’t believe you guys were finally going out. Frankly, you were surprised that he had even asked you out at all; Peter was cute and incredibly nice, but he was also extremely shy and seemed to fumble with his words whenever he was with you. (Peter would argue that it’s because he thinks you’re so beautiful that you make his face turn deep red and cause him to freeze up whenever you’re around, but he would rather die than tell you that.)

Peter was walking you to the bus stop yesterday after school when he asked you out tonight. You were talking about some random comment Ned made in class that caused you both to laugh so hard the teacher had to reprimand you for being a distraction to class.

“I can’t believe Ned said he’d rather eat 5 pounds of sriracha than give up his limited edition collection of action figures!” You laughed to yourself.

“Well Ned’s got a lot of pride. He wouldn’t give those up for anything,” Peter chuckled.

“Tell me about it. Oh, I think my bus is here!” As you’re about to gather your things, Peter grabs your arm to stop you. You’re startled but look back at Peter and his face his red.

“Um, [Y/N]? I wanted to ask you… I-If you wanted to go on a date… With me?” He looks at you nervously.

“Peter. You’re seriously asking me if I want to go out with you on date?” you say with an incredulous look on your face.


“Of course! I would love to,” you reply.

Peter looks so relieved, you would think he just finished a marathon with the way he visibly relaxed his shoulders and loosened his grip on his shirt.

“Oh thank god,” he breathes. “U-Um, I can pick you up tomorrow at 5? I mean, not with my car, I don’t have a car. But my Aunt May can drop us off. I-If that’s okay”

You laugh and say, “Sounds like a plan. Looking forward to it, Peter.” You grab the rest of your things and get inside the bus. Peter waves goodbye, simultaneously smacking himself in the face. “Should’ve just lied about the car, damnit…” he mutters to himself.

Inside the bus, you were giddy with excitement. “My first date!” you think to yourself, clutching your bag to your chest. “I wonder where we’ll go…”

After a fun car ride with May, (Peter would disagree) you arrived at the main stairs of the Met. You were so excited to begin exploring the exhibits. Peter bought both of your tickets and handed one to you. You thanked him and started walking inside, but you stop as you notice Peter looking conflicted.

“[Y/N], I’m sorry I asked you to go to a museum on our first date… I really wanted it to be special but they’re ending the Edvard Munch exhibit today and I didn’t want to miss it. God, you must think I’m such a nerd. I’m sorry we can just - ”

You stopped him in his tracks before he started rambling. “Peter, please don’t worry about it. I’m just glad to be with you and I love getting to spend time with you,” you say and give him a big, reassuring smile. Peter blushes hard and returns your smile, staring into your eyes for a long time. After a while, you’re a little confused and ask, “Peter? Why are you staring?”

Without missing a beat, he replies, “Because I love the way you smile and it makes me so happy that you’re mine.”

Speechless, you’re immediately taken aback and your cheeks flush at an alarming rate. You turn away from him and bring your hands to your face in an attempt to hide how embarrassed you were.

“Oh my god. Oh my god I just said that out loud, holy shit,” Peter exclaims and you see the panic in his eyes.

Upon seeing the pure shock on his face, you burst out into laughter, earning a few surprised glances from strangers. Peter, all the while a mess, was wondering what was going through your head. You try to maintain your composure and wipe the tears away from the corner of your eyes. You look at Peter, who’s anxiously waiting for your response.

“I’m glad to be yours then, Peter” and your heart swells with warmth and happiness. You really did mean it; there was no other person who made you feel so loved.

Peter sighs and looks at you in awe. He couldn’t believe that such a beautiful, amazing girl like you was really his girlfriend. He smiles wide and grabs your hand, seemingly feeling a lot more confident than before. He intertwines his fingers with yours, and your heart beats faster and faster as you feel the warmth in his palms. You like the way he gives you a slight squeeze before he says, “Thank you, [Y/N]. I’m so lucky to have you.” Swiftly, he reaches over and gives you a small peck on the cheek, just inches away from the corner of your mouth.

Slightly surprised, you giggle and find yourself blushing again. Peter was full of surprises today, and you were obviously in for a lot more.

Leading you to the entrance with his hand in yours, he jokes, “Now, will you please gogh inside with me so we can get this date started?”

“Oh my god.”

“C’mon, [Y/N]. Time is monet, you know.”

“Peter Parker, I swear to god!”

Hong Kong: surprise selfie!

Iceland: wha-

Hong Kong: gotcha! Hey, and it turned out quite nicely!

Iceland: what was that for? You know how self conscious I am with photos.

Hong Kong: but you looked nice! You should try to relax and laugh every now and then.

Iceland: I’m not like you. Plus, it’s hard for me to laugh.

Hong Kong: really… then let it be my mission to cheer you up~!!

-Moments Later-

Denmark, from the distance: AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!

Hong Kong: Hahhahahaha! Told ya it’ll be worth it!

Iceland: Bwahahahaa! It totally is! Thanks, HK, I appreciate it~!

Shoutout to Cheritz

I’m just really happy that, in the good ending of the V Route, two years has passed. They didn’t completely brush off his experiences and beginning stages of recovery and make it so that “oh, I’ve only known you for 11 days and I’m still traumatized by a previous abusive relationship but in these 11 days you’ve really changed me and I love you so let’s get married” or anything.

Self-improvement and learning to love again are such driving forces in Jihyun’s route that it would’ve been wrong and unrealistic for him to get over Rika and be ready to jump head first into another relationship all in a matter of 11 days.

So thank you Cheritz for not erasing an important aspect of the story and characters. I love you. You own my soul and you know it.

Long Night Part 2 - Halo

Originally posted by stallingdemons

Summary: Two days after Peter finds his past love in his literature class, there’s an eventful class period. Based very loosely off the song Halo by Lewis WatsonPart 1

Pairing: Peter Parker x Gender Neutral Reader

Warnings: light anxiety attack, angst? emotional pain? swearing? round 2 

Length: 2.3k 

Announcement: The light panic attack is based off my anxiety so yeah its not the same for everyone and as always mental illness should be taken seriously, and not romanticized. Also if you want to be tagged in either this or all my upcoming fics just shoot me an ask or message! Also sorry this is late, I’m trying my best and i still am nervous about my work. Tag List @nedslaptop

The second you walk into your literature class for the second time your eyes scan to the back of the room looking for lazily gelled curls and an oversized hoodie. Class starts in ten minutes and Peter is never late, late for him is 5 minutes early so where is he? You pull out a chair four seats down from where he had sat the first day, trying not to be too obvious but to send a message that you still cared. If Peter actually picked up on it was another story, throughout your whole relationship you noticed he was a bit too distracted to notice small hints or flirtations. 

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What are your thoughts on the verse (Luke 9:23) where Jesus says that "whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves"? I recently came out to my parents and they're not too happy about it and they keep quoting this verse to tell me that I shouldn't follow the "homosexual lifestyle" and either remain celibate or marry a man like I'm supposed to

Hey there. I’m so sorry your parents didn’t take your coming out well. You deserve to be accepted and loved and celebrated. I promise, whatever they say, God loves you and affirms you.

Here’s Luke 9:23 – “Then he said to them all, “If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” 

My first thought whenever someone uses that verse to tell LGBT+ folks to be celibate is always: Well, sure, I guess I can see how you read the verse that way…but if you can use it to say I should deny my attraction to women and be celibate, could I say that straight people should deny their attraction to the “opposite” assigned gender and also be celibate?? or to deny their personal opinions about LGBT+ folks and learn to accept us instead?

My favorite discussion of this verse (well actually, of Mark 8:34, which is very similar) is Austen Hartke’s Transgender and Christian vid “Our Cross to Bear?” 

Austen’s interpretation of what the verse means about “denying oneself” is not about denying our gender or orientation, rejecting parts of the very essence of our being – rather, denying the self has to do with “redefinition”: denying the way that the world defines us in favor of defining ourselves in relationship to God. 

He says, “For transgender Christians, that might mean realizing that our trans identity is always secondary to our identity as beloved children of God and disciples. But this doesn’t mean annihilating ourselves or erasing our identity.” We do not embrace suffering for suffering’s sake as if suffering is redemptive – we’ve already been redeemed, by Jesus.

Furthermore, “the cross” that Jesus calls us to pick isn’t something inside us, like being LGBT. The cross that Jesus died on was a tool of Roman oppression – so the crosses that we pick up should align us with the oppressed. Austen says this looks like“joining your voice to a chorus of people who speak out against dehumanization.” He continues:

“And when you do that, there’s bound to be some backlash from the Empire. People who stand up to the Empire tend to experience death in some form. Jesus isn’t calling us into suffering for suffering’s sake. He’s calling us to be ready, because when you stand up against oppression, you may experience some unfortunate and painful consequences. 
When some of us come out as trans, for example, we may lose friends and family. …Our lives, our very existence, are seen as a threat to the system in power.” 

Jesus promises, “I came that [humanity] may have life, and have it abundantly.” Moreover, God called the diversity of Creation in Genesis 1 good. God delights in our individual selves as well as in our collective whole. We are called not to erase the ways God made us unique, but to discover how our unique gifts and identities allow us to nurture the Body of Christ. 

I hope this helps somewhat, anon. I pray your parents’ hearts will be opened to new ways of thinking. <3 

·Ellie Goulding - Still falling for you (live)·

“Fire and ice
This love is like fire and ice
This love is like rain and blue skies
This love is like sun on the rise
This love got me rolling the dice
Don’t let me lose
Still falling for you”

“And just like that
All I breathe
All I feel
You are all for me”

“It took us a while
With every breath a new day
With love on the line
We’ve had our share of mistakes
But all your flaws and scars are mine”

“Falling, crash into my arms
Love you like this
Like a first kiss
Never let go”


i know i sound like a broken record when i say this.. but.. THANK YOU STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO. i can’t say it enough. you guys never fail on putting on an awesome show. it was a pleasure to talk to some of you and jenny after the show! and survive the pit for my very first time. (shoutout to jacob for being the whole reason i survived and protecting me from foots to the face) also let it be known that i have a picture of mike brown and i dabbing. i will respect the man’s wish of not posting that picture anywhere, but the people need to know that a picture of mike brown dabbing is saved in my camera roll. THANKS AGAIN I LOVE YOU GUYS. HEART EYES FOR MY GUYS.



The Losers at a School Dance
Mike bonding with the Losers

- Stan’s stream of consciousness in the sewer, 1958

- It’s stream of consciousness after the battle, 1958

- Bev/Ben/Bill love triangle

- Stan and Bill take a walk through the woods

It’s A Moment That Was Meant For Me and You
- Richie and Stan’s first kiss

soulmates (v. 1)
-  prompted by this post

soulmates (v. 2)
- longer version of v. 1

Reddie prompts via asks
1. “I don’t know why, but I think I’m in love with you.
2. No, listen to me.
3. “Let go of me!” “I’m barely touching you!”

Stand By Me
face your fears
- It x Stand By Me crossover (hiatus)

Music HC
Reddie, in the sewers, 1985

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When I was younger I always made lesbian couples on sims 2 and made them adopt loads of kids and when I used to tell people they'd be like 'wtf are you gay?' and I'd tell what I believed to be the truth and say 'nah I just find boy sims boring' now my lesbian ass looks back like honey... You gay af

dude me!! i remember i had two of my girl sims have an affair with eachother and in the first sims if you kissed a bunch of times you’d have a baby so i just kept making them kiss presuming that the sims would let my two lovers have a baby together but they never did but honestly i was just like so fascinated by these two ladies together like it was quite a scandalous affair but they were in love dammit

Let Me Love You Prologue (One Sided! Armin x Reader x Levi)

A/N: This is my first three part story and one starring my favorite Attack on Titan sweetheart Armin Arlert. This first part is a flashback set around the Clash of the Titans Arc. However, I made it so the Scouts wait a night for some rest before heading out to Utgard Castle. Anyway, hope you enjoy!


“What are you doing?”

Armin practically jumped out of his seat when a familiar deep and intimidating voice came into earshot, interrupting his late night reading. He stood and managed to pluck up enough courage to meet eyes with Captain Levi who raised a brow at him, somewhat entertained by his reaction.

“C-C-Captain Levi!” Armin sputtered.

Hastily, he straightened up and gave a salute in order to avoid any further disrespect towards his superior.

“Why aren’t you in bed?” the older man asked, though it didn’t seem like he planned on reprimanding him.

Armin noticed this when Levi sat down and stared up at him with his usual emotionless expression upon his face. Observing him, he saw his steel eyes rapidly shift to the chair the blonde had occupied then reverting back to look at him. Did he genuinely want to know if something was wrong? With that thought in mind, Armin cautiously sat back down.

“Um, I couldn’t really sleep,”

“You leave in a couple of hours,” Levi pointed out. “You need to get some rest.”

“I know. It’s why I came here. Thought I’d do some reading to help relax me.”

Levi glanced at the paperback on the table.

“Dracula,” he read the title. “Not exactly the best reading material for bedtime.”

“Agreed,” Armin lightly laughed. “But it’s one I’ve been reading for a while now. I wanted to at least try to finish the chapter I was on.”

“Another time Arlert,” Levi commanded. “Our comrades need your mind in top form for this mission. We can’t have it focusing on fictional monsters when there’s actual ones we’re forced to have as our main priority.”

“Yes sir,” Armin responded feebly, now very much embarrassed. “Forgive me for being distracted.”

Levi simply gave a barely noticeable nod. Using that as his dismissal, Armin responded with a salute to the Captain before leaving for bed. That was, until, he was halted by his voice.

“You know, this is {NAME’S} favorite book. Was she the one who recommended it to you?”

“Yes, she was,” Armin answered without turning back to face him due to fear of showing off his now reddening face.

“Couldn’t wait to finish it and then have a long talk with her about it huh?” The dark haired man guessed, a hint of teasing detected in his tone. “No surprise. We usually do all we can to impress the ones we love don’t we?”

Armin’s eyes widened at his statement and had let out a surprised squeak.

“I don’t…I don’t love her sir,” he muttered out the unconvincing lie.

Armin had basically been in love with {NAME} since he first met her. In the beginning he saw it as nothing more than a small crush and an admiration for her strength and willpower that she was known for. But as time went on with her spending time with him at the library, sharing opinions, listening to his rants, helping and encouraging him with fighting and plans he came up with. He realized that these feelings were a lot deeper than he thought.

Too preoccupied with trying to process what was going on and the many emotions he was feeling at the moment, Armin was caught off guard by the hand on his shoulder. He quickly turned and now forced to look at Levi as he analyzed him.

“You’re usually a better liar,” the Captain stated. “I know you love her. I’ve seen the way you look at her. It’s not like the way these pigs do. Always undressing her with their eyes. No, you look at her-”

“The same way you do?” Armin improvised the end of his sentence.

Levi paused for a moment, not expecting what he had said, before a tiny smirk came to his lips along with a faint chuckle.

“I guess you could say that,”

There were many big reasons why Armin never made a move on {NAME}. For one thing, she was about 14 years older than him. She more than most likely saw him as nothing more than a kid. A highly intelligent one, maybe. But a kid, nonetheless.

There was also the fact that she was his superior. She outranked him significantly with her title as Lieutenant, Levi’s second in command. He was merely a young cadet. Despite her always seeming to take what he had to say seriously and would put his thoughts into account, he was still intimidated by her reputation and title. He knew he would never be good enough for her.

But what mainly reminded him of the fact that {NAME} would always be nothing more than a dream, was her relationship with Levi. .

“Sir, despite what my feelings are for the Lieutenant, please know that I never once thought of acting upon them,” he admitted truthfully. “I respect you both too much to do that.”

It was true. Armin had watched her care for the Captain, and him doing the same for her. He knew that they truly loved one another. He wanted her to love him like that; to hold him tightly after particularly rough expeditions and have sweet whispers placed in his ear to soothe him. But all he could do was hope she was happy. Even if he wasn’t the one to make her happy

“I believe you,” Levi replied. “But with this upcoming mission, I’d like for you to act upon them at least a little.”

Armin was now the one to raise a brow. He couldn’t understand if what he heard was correct. Especially with how casually Levi said those words.

“I’m sorry?” was all he could say, hoping for some clarification of some kind.

“I won’t be there since I’m not in the best shape at the moment,” Levi sighed. “So, I trust you to be there for {NAME}. She can handle pretty much anything on her own, but just be there by her side. Look out for her.”

Armin had a ghost of a smile appear on his face and almost let out a bitter laugh. In some twisted way, he found this whole situation a bit funny. Guess one would try to find humor in wanting something they couldn’t exactly have. She was off limits, he knew that. He understood that she loved Levi, and he wouldn’t try stopping that.

And he knew that Levi was right for her. Although he’d only heard stories about his superior, he knew that he had been through a lot. He deserved her. Which was another reason why he was able to accept the Captain’s request.

“Yes sir, of course.”

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Thanks Everyone!

Thanks guys fer defenden me today. You guys are really tha best. I haven’t even been here a year already and that was my first ever anon hate. I’m not worried at all though. If someone wants ta hate because I’m not fuckin anybody on here they can go fuck themselves. I’ll be damned if I ever let anyone pure pressure me into anythin that makes me feel uncomfortable. If it means me losin followers because of it so be it, it just means they didn’t really care ta get ta know me for real. But I do appreciate the people on here that do love and care fer me. It makes me feel really good. You guys are awesome! I love ya all!


Question for the people who contributed to the “We Love SOI” post (not its real title)

Would you like to have your quote attributed to your tumblr url, so that people can find or even follow you? Or, if you’d rather stay a little bit more anonymous, I can use just your first name, or your initials, or even “anonymous.” Totally up to you.

Let me know. I’d like to “publish” sometime this week! And thank you again!

The first time a boy called me beautiful,
it felt soft against my skin,
like the midnight air and flushed chill of our cheeks
existed outside of time.
Like no one could touch us.
That night, I felt invincible.

The first time a boy told me he loved me,
it didn’t feel soft;
it felt like the ocean, crashing against an unready shore
and I couldn’t catch my breath.
I’ve never been a good swimmer.
I’m still catching my breath.

It is so much easier to be beautiful
than it is to be loved.

— love has started to taste like salt // p.s.

It’s a week since I gave birth to our ‘Bean’ already ❤️👶❤️
No one tells you how crappy you will feel after having forceps, stitches and losing almost two pints of blood. My labour was nothing like I thought it would be, I knew it wouldn’t be easy but everything went abit wrong. But it was all worthwhile to have her here 😍😍😍😍😍😍 happy and healthy. You also don’t understand how much love you can have for the tiny person you made. I worry about her and wether I’m doing everything right but she seems pretty content. All we can do is try our best.

But I am getting fed up of certain things, my sister MSG’s me everyday throughout the day to see if my baby is happy, if I’ve fed her (no I’m just going to let her starve!!!) and almost interrogate me as to what I’m doing.
She lost a bit of weight over the first few days and she has mild jaundice. My mum and sister were adamant that she needed to be bottle fed and at one point tried to feed her and I had to step in and stop them. I’m trying to breastfeed her the best I can. And the constant feeling of being judged is dragging me down!!!

Most Wanted Week - Masterlist

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who participated in this, it was a great week and you guys made it possible! Most Wanted is a great book and these works really do honor it! 💕

If I forgot anyone, let me know and I’ll update this.

Playlists / Moodboard / Aesthetics / Edits

a kick-ass playlist about our favorite US marshal by @brokechoices

a Sam Massey playlist by @thechrispowell

Mirasol Bautista aesthetics by @thechrispowell

 Men of Choices Aesthetics: Ryan Summers by @punexpectedly

This person loves Dave Reyes by @emilyxchoices


 Most Wanted in the 1920′s by @thechrispowell


Islands in the Stream (A Choices Fanfic) by @toglidethroughlife

 Sick Days by @kathleen-kitty


Dave texting Sam late at night by @kathleen-kitty

Just a normal conversation between Detective Dave Reyes and Ryan Summers by @kathleen-kitty

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Guess who's back with more Rich content! Rich would be very loud & vocal. He moans loud and proud. You have to be careful sometimes if you bring him back to your place. Anything sets him off. At first he tries to be quiet with hitched breaths & soft mewls but it soon escalates to louder & drawn out moans. He loves to say your name and let you know how good you're making him feel. He sometimes gets insecure about dirty talk because of his lisp but if you reassure him there's no stopping him. ~💛

I love the lisp. Talk dirty to me, Rich like fuuuck ~🐳

thedeathtrap  asked:

The Rolling Stones


1. Song I like the most.

Again, is really difficult to choose one, and even more with The Stones ‘cause I have more than a hundred in my Spotify library. I will say that their 60s’ period is my favourite, so I guess almost every one there can go on the list…

2. Album cover I like the most.

“Let It Bleed”, apart from the content of the album, which is great, the cover is one of these covers that you want on vinyl just to have the larger version.

3. Song that makes me wanna dance.

“Jumpin’ Jack Flash”, the main riff is cool as fuck… that song has some kind of badassery that I love and when it comes out on shuffle play I find myself singing and dancing like an idiot.

4. Song that made me cry.

Ok, first I’m gonna explain although everyone that follows me must be tired of reading this again that I have a huge weakness with Brian Jones. He’s my favourite member and I feel like after his death The Stones lost a huge amount of creativity and innovation with their songs. In the 60s they had lots of songs involving different instruments (sitar, recorder, saxophone, dulcimer, harp, mellotron… etc) all of them played by Bri and styles… and then… nothing. They (mainly Mick and Keef) tossed Brian aside ‘cause he was taking many drugs and whatever, but Keef was a full heroin junkie in the 70s and no one spoke a word against him. They could have helped Brian, instead of rejecting him, but they didn’t give a shit.

So the song that made me cry was “No Expectations”, ‘cause you can see that Brian’s potential, even at his worst times, was twice as good as the others. That slide guitar was just beautiful, and Mick saying that he was a hindrance in the studio? Sure bitch.

5. Member I feel the closest connection with.

The poor Charlie Watts ‘cause he had to deal with lots of bullshit in his life.

6. Hottest/most beautiful member.

7. Most entertaining member.

8. Merchandise I own.

Ugh I need a shirt of the original members! I have The Rock N’ Roll Circus and their EP “Five By Five”… I don’t know if a EP is considered merchandise but I bought it a couple days ago and it’s wonderful.

I also customized my 2017/2018 Agenda with a cute photo of Brian yeah, I’m obsessed.

9. If I have seen them live and where.

*cries ‘cause she could have bought a ticket to see them in Barcelona next week but she had college classes*

10. Memories involving the band.

I remember starting to see The Rock N’ Roll Circus with my mother and she was saying that Mick Jagger was horrible… at the end of the thing she asked me if I had more DVDs of The Rolling Stones in the 60s! hahahaha