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Camren 2017: They’re So Obvi

Okay. First let me apologize for the delay in getting this theory out to you guys. The last few days have been crazy busy. Secondly…grab a bowl of popcorn and warm cup of tea…this is going to get interesting. I’m sure the skeptics will try to refute any and all evidence I am going to provide in this post. So, “screw you in advance. don’t like it? don’t agree? ignore it. please don’t insult me or my fellow munchkins”. Now that all the preliminary stuff is out of the way…

Camren is alive in 2017. I believe that Lauren and Camila are not only on good terms but also seeing each other on the low again. Crazy right? Hard to believe, I know but the evidence I’ve gathered has me convinced. I’ll start with the release of Camila’s CITC and IHQ video and single. Camila released her debut single CITC on May 19th…two days before on the 17th I came across this photo…

I’m not sure if she followed the Camren account on the 17th or if she followed them along time ago, but I think it was recent. It showed up in my recent suggested likes and posted the same day I found it.
Then on the 19th, the day CITC was released, a photo of Lauren was posted to a stylist IG wearing a wig with bangs…

Not a big deal for most. But my delusional triggered camren mind sees the wig with bangs as a nod to Camila and the release of her single and her new hairdo. I get it. I’m reaching super far with that one right? Well when was the last time we saw Lauren with bangs in a photo? (where she wasn’t a toddler) And the photo happens to post the day Camila’s first single debuts? Coincidence? If you’ve been in this fandom long enough you know that word doesn’t exist.  On May 16th before the picture of Mani following the Manip Squad surfaced and before the Lauren wig pic posted another screenshot surfaced. 

…on the 16th Camila posted some snippets from her music video and supposedly Lauren liked the video. Speculation says that Mila deleted the third video clip because Lauren “accidentally” liked the video. 😏 we know how Lauren likes to accidentally like things…funny how her likes are only accidental when it comes to Mila. Camila is well into her press tour for both her new singles and on the 19th of May after the successful debut of CITC, Mila did an interview with Power 106 FM…

https://youtu.be/4M95O9N_lyw  (link to interview)

in the interview she clarifies the interviewer that her album is NOT about boys…now I know that can be interpreted many ways. But if you’re singing about experiences and relationships and you say the album isn’t about boys (I’m sure she will discuss some 5H things but not for the entire album) then who is the album about Mila? Sorry to inform your representatives…but I think your gay is showing. 

Okay, still hanging in there with me? Excellent. Let’s keep going. On May 21st, Camila made her solo performance debut performing IHQ and CITC at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards…she killed both performances. 😩🙌 Anyway…some of her red carpet photos surfaced and there are some inexplicable scratches on her arms that kind of look like they could have come from a dog or cat.  And who recently got a puppy named Leo? Lauren, that’s who. And who also has a dog named Leo? Camila, that’s who. Lauren was definitely around when Camila got Leo so I’m sure she knew what naming her dog Leo would do to this “delusional” fandom of ours. Don’t believe me about the scratches? Check out the photo.

Now some poor overly dramatic souls speculated that Mila was self harming…😒 smh. Sometimes this fandom is just too much. They are clearly scratch marks from a small animal. Also, since we’re the talking about the BBMAs, MGK and Halsey were there looking very close and cuddly and “coupley”. And I think its very funny that they are both VERY CLOSE to both halves of Camren. I mean come on…do you really think they don’t have the tea? MGK refers to Mila as his sister and Halsey is a die hard Lauren supporter and fan. The pair (halsey and lauren) have gotten super close recently after their collaborative project of Strangers. Which is a bop and I fall in love with it more and more every time I hear it. I feel like with MGK and Halsey being as close to Camila and Lauren as they are if the two (camren) weren’t getting along wouldn’t that cause issues with MGK and Halsey too? Ever hated someone your best friend or significant other like? It will definitely cause tensions to rise. I just want MGK and Halsey to spill all the tea about their double dates with Camren LLS…since Lauren spilled the tea all over Halsey’s carpet its only fair she return the favor…😂😏.

Then on the 27th of May like clock work….Ty$ and Lucy came through to distract us. Ty$ liked a provocative pic of Lauren’s… You guys know the one😏. And Lauren went like crazy on his page too. I wasn’t surprised or derailed by the interaction seeing as how all signs have been pointing to camren since a couple days before the release of Mila’s debut single. Then…supposedly Lucy did an IG live where she was asked to stick out her tongue if Camren was real…or something like that. And she did. 😮 Now I did not witness her doing it. But I have a screenshot of the request and Lucy responding with her tongue out 😜

…but again. I can’t confirm if it happened exactly like that because I did not see the video myself.  

With all that being said. I can say that I am thoroughly convinced Camren is alive and well in 2017. I’m sure I missed a ton of stuff as my personal life has been kind of hectic over the last month or so. But May has rewarded us for sure with Camren indirects/proof. Let me hear your thoughts? Do you agree? Why? Do you disagree? Keep it respectful but tell me why. Did I miss something? Help me fill in the blanks. I hope this theory wasn’t disappointing or too far fetched. I’m just relaying my thoughts on the current Camren situation. Don’t be distracted by Mila’s hetero narrative or Lauren’s PR BS RS…lol. Nothing can Kill Camren. Its the cockroach of Relationships. Their connection will exist long after the nuclear holocaust and Zombie apocalypse. 😂😂 IT’S CAMREN YO!!!

Questions that keep me up at night:

1. What’s Harry’s album cover art going to look like?

2. What’s his first single going to sound like?

3. What’s his music videos going to look like?

4. What do his new tattoos actually look like?

5. Is he going to die in Dunkirk?

6. Am I going to have to sue Chris Nolan for killing Harry in Dunkirk?

7. Whats his favorite flavor smoothie?

8. Does he prefer back massages or head rubs?

9. What’s his guilty pleasure song?

10. What does he clean first in the shower?

11. How does he take his tea?

12. How does he take his coffee?

13. Is he a moaner or a grunter when masturbating?

14. What’s his masturbating strategy?

15. Does he have names of his future kids picked out?

16. Does he like his balls played with?

17. What technique does he use on his hair, or is he a wash and go kind of guy?

18. Does he dance in the shower?

19. Is he a cat or dog kind of guy?

20. Does he know when the Infinity video is getting released?

Sick Day

For @audreycritter you accidentally inspired me today, enjoy the fluff. 

Words: 1,500

Rating: Gen

Summary: Bruce isn’t feeling well, and Damian wants to make sure he gets proper rest. 

Across the table from Bruce Damian sneezed. The boy rubbed fiercely at his nose with the back of his hand, before returning his attention to his breakfast. Bruce watched him for a few moments before deciding the sneeze was the result of some dust in the air and not a sign of illness. He always had to check with Damian, his youngest made a habit of concealing anything he took as a sign of weakness.

Bruce settled back in his chair and took up his coffee mug to take a sip. The liquid caught in his throat for a moment, prompting a cough he knew would result in spraying Damian with hot coffee. He resisted, swallowing the sip a moment before the cough broke out. Damian looked up from his food, a tiny frown on his face. Bruce held a hand up as he tried to stem the coughing fit and at last caught his breath.

“Coffee went down the wrong pipe.” He said.

Damian’s frown deepened. “That would not be possible, Father. But I understand your meaning.”

Bruce chuckled and found himself coughing again, the tickle of liquid at the back of his throat still irritating him. He took a second drink from his coffee cup, this one more of a gulp, to stem the tide of the coughs. At last they stilled. Damian’s frown had turned into a line, one that read as worried.

“I’m fine.” Bruce repeated his reassurance. Except now that he said it, he wasn’t sure it was true. His initial coughing had been due to the mishap with the coffee, but his throat was still scratchy. He shrugged it off as burning from the coffee.

Damian clicked his tongue. “If you say so.”

It was afternoon when Bruce finally admitted it to himself. There was something wrong. It didn’t feel like allergies, as much as he hoped it was, but more like the beginnings of a cold. He decided to leave early from the office asking his assistant to forward any messages he might need and returned to the manor. He called a cab instead of Alfred, by the time he made it home he was feeling even worse.

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The Flu

Originally posted by gliceria

Summary: The reader gets sick with the flu and Bucky tries to take care of her, but it doesn’t turn out too well.

Word Count: 1203

A/N: I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while, but between work and school I have been busy. And now I caught the flu that has been going around and I am absolutely miserable. So, I hope you enjoy!

*gift not mine*

You rolled over in bed and groaned. You caught the flu from Sam, and you felt like you were about to die. Your throat was on fire, your nose wouldn’t decided if it wanted to be stuffed up or run, when you coughed it felt like your throat was going to rip out, and your whole body ached in pain.

You reached for a box of tissues as you mumbled, “Damn you, Sam,” you blew your nose and threw it away in the overflowing trashcan sitting next to your bed.

You tired to get comfortable, but it was almost impossible to find a spot that your body didn’t ache or you could try to breathe. You grabbed your remote and flipped through Netflix to find something to watch.

After about ten minutes, you spoke up, “Jarvis?”

“Yes, Ms. Y/L/N?” the voice spoke up.

“Can I get a glass of water, and some more cough drops?” you tried to speak up as loudly as your horse voice would let you.

“Of course. I will send up a cup of hot tea with honey and lemon as well.”

You smiled, “Thank you Jarvis.”

A couple minutes later there was a knock at the door followed by Jarvis, “Ms. Y/L/N, I know you said that you didn’t want any visitors, but-“

“Jarvis, I have the flu,” you cut off, “Whoever it is, tell them I am dead.”     

 “I can hear you, doll,” you heard from the other side of the door, “I have you water, tea, and cough drops.”

You let out a sigh when you heard Bucky’s voice. You guys had only been going out for three months, and this was the first time you had been sick since you started dating.

You took a deep breath, “Jarvis does he have a mask over his face so he doesn’t get sick?”

“No ma’am, he does not,” the voice replied.

 “Bucky you are going to get sick!”

“I don’t care! Have Jarvis unlock the door, doll,” his voice was soft.

You let out a sigh, “Let him in, but it is his funeral.”

Bucky chuckled as he opened the door. When he saw how sick you looked his face sank a little, “Doll, why did you not tell me you were so sick? I would have taken care of you.”

“There is nothing you can do, Buck,” you sniffled your nose.

“Well what did the doctors say?” he asked as he sat down the items on your nightstand.

“I didn’t go to the doctor,” you mumbled grabbing the water.

“Y/N! You need to go to the doctor! They can give you something and cure in instantly,” Bucky’s eyebrows were scrunched together.

“Then next time my body wont be able to fight it off.”

“Y/F/N Y/M/N,” his voice got stern, “You know that isn’t true. I am going to call down right now and have someone sent up.”

“Barnes, I will just fight this off like I did become I became an Avenger,” you snapped as you curled up under the covers, “Now, you can either stay and hold me till I get better on my own, or you can leave.”  

Bucky let out a sigh and crawled into bed next to you, “You are so damn stubborn, you know it?”

He pulled you into your arms and you rested your head on his chest, “Oh, you’ll get over it.”

He let out a chuckle, “Have you taken anything?”

You nodded, “I have been taking Dayquil and Nyquil.”

He shook his head, “We have the best medicines in the world not four floors away and you are taking over the counter drugs?”

You moved back and looked at him, “Go. I’m not going to listen to you bitch while I try to get better the old fashioned way.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he pulled you back, “Come here, I wont say another word, I promise.”

 “Good, now press play, I’m watching New Girl.”

 One day. It took you one more day of misery till you finally agreed to get the shot from the medical wing.

You woke up in the middle of the night unable to breath and you gave up.

You hit Bucky in the side, “Barnes, wake up.”      

He shot up, rubbing his eyes, “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“Call the medical wing,” you mumbled as you walked to the bathroom to start a hot bath.

He chuckled, “Give up on the old fashioned way of getting better.”

“Just shut up and call them,” you grumbled as you slid down into the tub.

Twenty minutes later, a doctor from the medical wing was knocking on your door with the magical shot in hand.

“Now, it is going to take about three to four hours till you start to fell better, but I brought something to give you to help you sleep,” the doctor gave you a sweet smile as he injected the medicine into your arm.

“Thank you, Doctor,” you sighed.

“Of course. If you need anything else, just call me,” he patted your leg as he walked out the door.

Bucky sat down next to you, “Feeling sleepy yet?”

Almost instantly you felt your eyelids becoming heavy. You nodded.

“Come here,” he pulled you into his arms and ran his fingers through your hair, “When you wake up you will be all better, I promise.”

When you finally woke up, you took a deep breath through your nose and realized you could actually breath. You sat up and your body didn’t ache. You let out a sigh, “I should have done that two days ago.”

“I told you,” Bucky mumbled with a sleepy smile on his face.

“Oh shut up,” you nudged his leg.

He sat up and leaned in to give you a kiss, “I’m glad you’re feeling better, doll.”

“Me too! I’m ready to get out of this room,” you chuckled.

Bucky began to chuckle when it got stuck in his throat and he started to cough. He looked at you with wide eyes, “I can’t believe you got me sick!”

“I told you that would happen if you came in here!”

“Oh man!” he flopped back down on the bed.

You grabbed your phone and called the medical bay, “Hi, its Agent Y/L/N, can you send someone up to my room? Sargent Barnes came down with the flu.”

“Yes, ma’am, we will send someone up right now,” the voice on the other end replied.

“Thank you,” you hung up the phone. You looked down the super solider, “Help is on the way, babe.”

“Thank you,” he grumbled.

You patted his leg and laughed, “You don’t get to be the sick guy, you are getting your super medicine early enough!”

“Still doesn’t mean I don’t feel bad now,” he gave you a sad look.

You sighed, “Come here, ya big baby,” you pulled him into your arms and ran your fingers through his hair till the doctor came. As soon as they left, Bucky assumed right back into the same position and you resumed running your fingers through his hair.

“A sick super solider is a lot worse than a sick normal solider,” you mumbled as you turned New Girl back on.

A Matter Of Time

So hey, in honor of valentines day and bunch of headcannons I couldn’t draw out, I wrote some fiction! \(8u8)/  Shoutout to @hybridshadowz and @fkingcaramel for helping, yall are gems <3

This will be a good few chapters long, so give me any feedback ya’ll want! ^u^ Happy early valentines day~

Ch.2 Ch.3

(Do not repost my art/writing)

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A conversation before Ep. 10
  • <p> <b>Viktor:</b> Okay guys it's decided that I am going to be narrating!!!<p/><b>Yuuri:</b> Wait, didn't Yurio do something with Otabek? How will you narrate that you weren't there...<p/><b>Viktor:</b> You're right!!! Yurio what happened on your date???<p/><b>Yuri:</b> Date??? What date???<p/><b>Viktor:</b> We saw you Yurio! At that tea place with Otabek!!!<p/><b>Yuri:</b> Okay first of all that's creepy and second mind your own business!<p/><b>Yuuri:</b> In the paper it says he kidnapped you...<p/><b>Viktor:</b> OHMYGOSH YES!!! THE HERO SAVED THE FAIRY!!!<p/><b>Yuuri:</b> How did you get saved from kidnapped???<p/><b>Yuri:</b> Please tell me you're not going to say that...<p/><b>Viktor:</b> TURNS OUT THEY KNEW EACHOTHER FROM BEFORE!!! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BEGINNING TO THIS LOVE STORY~~~<p/><b></b> <b>Yuri:</b>Love stor- WAIT WHO TOLD YOU THAT AND VIKTOR WE ARE JUST FRIENDS!!!<p/></p>
Mind Games

This was inspired by @whore4batfam, who inspired the idea behind this lovely fic!

This is my first time writing fanfiction, so any comments/suggestions are welcome! (watch for the Read More)

Bruce walked into the kitchen in the morning, not expecting anyone else to be there. He himself didn’t want to be awake this early in the morning, but after the events of the previous night, he wanted to go into the cave to start working on a plan to find the Riddler. Damian should still be asleep, and though Tim and Cass had gotten home before he and Damian had, they weren’t likely to be up yet. They had been working hard on a case together recently, but their last lead had been a dead end. Dick was still in Blüdhaven, and no one knew where Jason was. After the bombing last night, he was privately happy to have a few hours of calm to himself before his children woke up. The only other person he expected to be up was Alfred, who often started chores before the rest of the house woke up and the inevitable chaos of a new day began.

He did not expect Talia al Ghul to be sitting at the table, calmly sipping from a mug.

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Two Men and a Baby

Title: Two Men and a Baby

Characters: Sam, Dean, Charlie, Gabriel, Castiel, Crowley, and little Ava

Word Count: 1,897

Warnings: lots of feels, but the super cute adorable fluffy kind

Summary: After a hunt and an addition to the family the boys are preparing for little Ava’s third birthday.

A/N: You can never have too much fluff right?! Please send feedback and let me know if you want to be added to my tags list! Pictures are not mine. Stay awesome everyone <3

“Dean! Behind you!” Sam bellowed as he turned to slice another vampires head off. He heard a thud and whirled around to see Dean, chest heaving, standing over the now headless vamp. The brothers looked at each other, half smiles playing at the corners of their mouths as they looked around them at the carnage. They both froze and looked to each other when they heard a faint screaming. It almost sound like a woman’s, but that wasn’t right. No, it was a baby.

“I’ll check up, you check down Sammy.” Dean said as he headed to the stairs. The floorboards creaked under his weight as he slowly climbed. He could hear Sam opening doors, clearing the first floor. The crying went away for a moment, and then it was back with a vengeance. Dean carefully moved down the upstairs hallway to the second bedroom on the right, machete at the ready in case.

Sam finished clearing the basement when he heard a loud, “Sammy, I got it!” He sprinted up the stairs and to the base of the upstairs stair case finding Dean standing at the top of them. A soft green wriggling blanket in his arms.

“It’s a baby Sammy. How do I make it stop? It seem’s angrier than the vamps were.”

“Dean how the hell should I know? You’ve been the one that’s good with the kids, not me.”

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Doemestic sentence memes
  • “The toaster is broken.”
  • “What have I told you about the toilet seat?”
  • “Every letter we get are bills.”
  • “We’re out of [pet] food.”
  • “Can you go to the shop?”
  • “Whoops, how do you feel about tinned custard for dinner?”
  • “Pay the rent first, everything else comes after.”
  • “Can you called the landlord?”
  • “Have we payed the rent yet?”
  • “We don’t have enough cutlery if your parents are visiting.”
  • “The world is ending - there’s no more coffee/tea.”
  • “I had some cake in the fridge last night and now it’s gone.”
  • “Hey! People are trying to sleep!”
  • “I can’t water flowers without them dying, how am I going to manage living on my own?”
  • “Privacy at last.”
  • “I tried to change the duvet and I got stuck inside.”
  • “Fancy a takeaway tonight?”
  • “My cooking in awful.”
  • “I vote today to be a pajama day.”
  • “I love you and everything, but do you have to walk around the house naked? What if the neighbors see?”
  • “This house is filthy.”
  • “We live like animals.”
  • “Best thing about living alone? Doing whatever you want, when you want, and no one can judge you.”
  • “Does this milk smell bad?”
  • “I caught you drinking juice from the carton.”
  • “Cold pizza for breakfast again.”
  • “What’s on Netflix?”
  • “Have you been using my toothbrush?”
  • “This side of the wardrobe is mine, and that side is yours.”

I just spent ten hours hanging out with an old friend and i think this is the first time in a long time that I’ve been truly happy. like, we got tea and we saw a movie and we went to a playground and we watched netflix in my backyard and he didn’t go home until 11 when my mom kicked him out, and then being so tired that I go straight to bed. and it felt so great to just have nothing expected of me and I was just… free
for the first time in a long time, I am at peace
and that feels pretty good

zeloboy  asked:

Hi! :) can I please request a Sehun scenario where you're this beautiful idol that everyone is crazy about. All Exo members find you attractive, but you and Sehun hate each other and it becomes a huge thing in the media. One day you two get stuck in a lift together and you fall for each other? (If it makes sense haha) thank you! ^^

Thank you so much for requesting! Thank you so much for being so patient in waiting for this! I felt like this one was pretty difficult and I tried my best, so I really hope you enjoy this one!<3 

“She’s coming this way! Everyone act natural!” shouted Chanyeol. 

“Guys, she’s not even attractive. I don’t understand why you guys do this every single time you see her,” complained Sehun.

“Are you kidding? _____ is the prettiest girl in SM!” 

“Whatever, suit yourself, I’m out of here.”

Just as Sehun got up to leave, you came walking this way. 

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry!” you said as you tried to wipe the spilled water off of Sehun.

“Do you not know how to fucking walk?”

“I’m sorry, but these heels are too tall.” 

Sehun scoffed and walked away. 

Okay? Don’t know what his problem is…

You thought all was okay until you turned on your television two weeks later. EXO was doing an interview and they just so happened to be talking about you. 

“So recently SM’s new girl group has been pretty popular lately…Who do you think is the prettiest member?” asked the host.

Most of the members said you were, but Sehun just rolled his eyes when he heard your name. 

“Do you disagree Sehun?” 

“______ isn’t even pretty. She’s the biggest klutz, like your a girl, learn how to watch in heels.” 

What the hell? It was one time! 

A week later, you too were invited on the show, but this time you ranted about Sehun. 

“Sehun is such a baby. Like why don’t you try wearing 6 inch heels for 9 hours straight standing in the cold and then tell me how it feels?” 

This back and forth went on and on until both your managers finally called you and Sehun for a meeting.

Look SM can’t have this hate going on between two of its own artists. It’s Christmas Eve and we need a good image before we start a new year, so you two spend some time together, go buy each other something nice, and become friends.” 

“I want some bubble tea,” said Sehun. 

“I’m sorry, but am I supposed to buy that for you?” 

“You heard the man, he said buy each other something nice and be friends.” 

“You think bubble tea is going to solve all of our problems at like 11:30 p.m?” 

“Hell yeah.” 

Just then, a group of girls walked by whispering to each other. 

“OMG, it’s Sehun and _____. I thought they hated each other.” 

“IK! Are they like dating now or something?” 

“It’s almost midnight and they’re out together…this is definitely a date!” 

You wanted to say something, but Sehun grabbed your wrist and led you away. 

“Come on, let’s go get some bubble tea, I know this really great place on the 8th floor.” 

“But the store’s closing.” 

“But the door isn’t locked, so come on.” 

You guys took the elevator up, however, suddenly it decided to stop. 

“What just happened?” 

Both you and Sehun banged the door, but nothing happened. 

“Is anyone there?!” 

Sehun sat down and chuckled. “Your stupid.” 

“I’m stupid? We’re in this mess because of you! What person walks into a closing mall to buy bubble tea!?” 

“Whatever, we’re going to be stuck here all night, so might as well just save your breath.” 

What the hell is this. 

You slumped down and joined Sehun on the floor. 

“This is not how I imagined spending my first Christmas Eve and Christmas in Korea…” 

“This is your first Christmas here?”

“Yeah, but here I am, stuck with you.” 

“I’m not that bad… let’s be real, because of me, this is going to be the most memorable Christmas you will have.” 

You gave Sehun a look. “Ha. You’re so full of yourself.” 

 Sehun took out his phone, ugh no bars. You checked yours and got the same results. Suddenly, he started playing a song from his playlist. 

“What are you doing?” 

“Just get up.” 

“I don’t want to, I—”

Before finishing your sentence, Sehun helped you up and slipped his hands into yours. 

“What are you doing?” 

“Dancing stupid.” 



You and Sehun gently swayed to the slow rhythm of music. In all honestly, you didn’t want the music to stop. You looked Sehun in the eyes, but then his eyes shifted up. You looked up too, and there it was. A mistletoe. 

Sehun checked his phone. “It’s 11:58 p.m. Let’s make a wish. I’ll go first.” 

“I wish from today on we won’t be enemies… your turn.” 

11:59 p.m.

“I wish we can be get to know each other, and get this kiss over with.” 

Sehun smiled and slowly leaned in. He gently pressed his lips against yours and gave you your first kiss under the mistletoe. 

12:00 a.m.

“Merry Christmas Sehun.”

“Merry Chirstmas _____.” 

And with that, you guys started round two of making out ;)

Good morning/dag/evening mortals, first of all, nice to meet ya all lovely ladies *wink*

age:18 19-july-1996, zodiac: Cancer, Moonchild.
country: The Nederlaaannddssss (where cows fly)
likes: EVERYTHING and NOTHING, it depends on my mood -w-
dislikes: greed, lies, the government, selfishness.

Ladies i am a tea enthousiast, the chance is big that i’ll send you some samples of tea lol, i love to snail-mail, go outside, longboard a bit, go out, read a book, walks in the park and sleeping. 

I LOOVEE cooking <not that good at it do>
and LOOVEE baking <not that good at it do>
I often decide randomly when it’s time to bake cookies and share it with my class or psychologist.

oke thats it -w- LETS DO THIS

Rae's Christmas Dream/Secret Santa

So I know this is late for your Christmas but it’s still technically Christmas where I am so…this is for my Secret Santa irish-girl-84  SURPRISE!  Twas me the entire time!!  It was so hard keeping it from you considering how often we talk!!! lol

So this fic is like the Christmas Carol and I hope you like it.  I’m adding my tag list on it just in case anyone else wants to read it. :)

thisissomefreshbullshit rinncincin bitchy-broken kneekeyta finnleysraemundo lametwentysomething carpe-libris shortlttlginger ililypop fantasticab i-love-mmfd irish-girl-84 sarahlouise88ni broughttoyoubythelettera areyousad8118 murderyoursoul gemmarstyles mmfdiaryfan celestev31 i-dream-of-emus jackiewalsh2013 omgbananasnailus ultimate-slice swooningfangirl nutinanutshell curvygirlonabudget milymargot lovemmfdme tinakegg scumothaearff girlwithafoxhat mmfdfanfic losingpudge mallyallyandra kristicallahan endemictoearth courtkismet acciomyownfinnnelson b00byface denaceleste raernundo anglophileyoungblood @cant-getno-sleep arashian-emu




“No Jas, repeat after me, Rae.”

“Rach.”  Rae huffed loudly, giving up hope to get her year and a half year old sister to get her name correctly.

“Oh Rachel, she will get it eventually, she is but a baby remind you.”  Linda quipped wrapping the final gift for her youngest daughter.

“She only calls me Rach because you consistently use my full name.  Why are you wrapping her presents for?  She won’t really get through them all.  She will be too distracted with the wrapping paper mind the gifts.”  Rae crossed her arms and rolled her eyes.

“If you continue to be a Scrooge RAE, I might return your presents.”  Linda looked up from her task at hand at tying the bows on the presents.

“Whatever.”  Rae sat back into the settee crossing her arms watching her baby sister wobble uncertainly around the room.

A few hours later….

Rae was getting ready to settle in for the night.  Her mum insisted she get to bed early because they will be up at dawn to unwrap presents.  But since she wasn’t tired, she decided to take a sleeping aid tablet.

“May cause vivid dreaming.”  Rae read aloud the packaging as she downed the tablet with water.  “Yeah, let’s see about that.”

Rae could hear her mum and Karim talking from the hallway, saying that Rae has been in a terrible mood as of late.  Rae rolled her eyes, she knew her mum knew it was about finn but her mum thought that Finn had been the heartbreaker, but it was Rae.  Hearing their conversation move into their room and their door close Rae gave into her sadness.

“Ba humbug.”  She said to herself, feeling her eyes get heavy with sleep.



Rae tossed and turned for awhile, unsure if she was asleep or awake. 

That is when she felt a tiny hand on her and she startled awake.

“Tixie?”  Rae couldn’t believe it was Tix, sitting next to her on the bed.

“Oh Skinny, it’s so lovely to see you.”

“Likewise Fatty, what are you doing here?”

“Well I’m the ghost of Christmas past silly.  Come on, we got places to go.”  Tix stood up signaling for Rae to follow her to the door.

Rae stood up quickly following Tix, “Ghost of Christmas Past?  What are you on about?”

“I’ll show you, go on open the door.”  Tix pointed to the door knob.  Rae looked at Tix and back at the door, hesitant to open it.  But her couriosity took over and Rae opened the door.

She was greeted with a warm glow of a room, where she saw an older white haired lady dancing and mixing batter in a bowl. 

“Finn, the next batch are ready to come out!”  She shouted. 

A young Finn, no more then 6 years old came barreling through a swinging door into the kitchen.  He was wearing a green jumper with a reindeer with a bright glowing red nose on full display.  His hair is cut short, something Rae thought she would never see and his face is covered in freckles that Rae has never seen so vividly on his face.

“Can they see me?” Rae asked but Tix shook her head no. 

“Are you sure their ready Nan?”  Young Finn asked.

“Are you questioning the biscuit expert?”  Finn’s nan acted shocked.

Young Finn squealed with delight.  “Course not Nan.  I trust ya.”  Rae watched as Finn and his Nan prepared a new batch of biscuits as soon as she placed the ones from the oven on a cooling rack.

“You know Finnley, one day you will teach a lucky lady a few things about these biscuits and she may teach you a thing or two about another type.”  Nan said as she placed the next batch in the oven.  Young Finn looked at her in a disgusted shock.

“No way Nan, girls have cooties.”

“You say that now Finnley, but one day you will love a very beautiful lady.” 

“Nope.  I’m only ever going to love you and mummy forever.  Can we bring some biscuits to mummy and daddy now, please please?  I want them to try them.”

“Oh alright.”  Nan turned following young Finn out the swinging door.

“What was that about?”  Rae turned to Tix.

“That was Finn, when he was little, still with the spirit of Christmas.  You know Rae, you are not the only one taking this break up hard.”

“What ya mean?”

“I can’t tell ya.”

“What?  Can’t tell me?  Oh Fatty, come off it.”

“I can’t.  You will get it Skinny, eventually.  I can’t tell you how lovely it was to see you again Rae.  Please don’t be a stranger at my grave.  It’s so nice to hear you talk to me.”

“No Tixie wait.”  Rae called out.

“Bye Rae.”

And with that Rae was left alone in Finn’s kitchen.  Tears prickled her eyes, she was alone again.  “Tixie.”  She sobbed quietly allowing the darkness to grow around her.  The warm feeling she felt in the kitchen faded, it was dark but she heard murmuring from up the staircase.  She looked up trying to make out what was being said.

Rae felt a hand grasp her shoulder, she placed her hand on it.  “Oh Tixie, I knew you’d come back.”

“Sorry love, guess again.” 

Rae turned quickly at the sound of his voice.  Sure enough, there was Liam standing behind her.  Rae moved her hands breaking contact from him.

“What the bloody fuck are you doin’ here?”  Rae spat angrily.

“I am the Ghost of Christmas present.  Not pleased to see me?”  Liam was passing a toothpick between his teeth.

“Really?  Out of everyone I know, you?  Why?”

“You tell me.  Maybe it’s because I am the reason why you are in your current state.  Why you are questioning all your present decisions?’

“I don’t see you as anything.”  Rae spat.

“Then why me?”  He asked.

“Maybe it’s because you are my biggest current mistake?”  Rae squinted her eyes in anger.

“You sure bout that?”  Liam passed the toothpick in his mouth to the other side.

“What do you know about me?”

“I know you need to march up those stairs and have a listen.”

“Anything to get away from you.”  Rae said, turning on her heels and heading up the flight of stairs. 

She heard mumbling from Finn’s room.  She was hesitant, but she wanted to be able to hear what was being said.  She nudged the door open, she was not expecting what she saw.  Finn was on his bed sitting with his dad, a tiny gift box wrapped was in his hand.

“It’s alright son, I know you have to go back to Leeds.”

“Sorry da’, it’s just too hard to be here.  Knowing, she just, she wants nothing to do with me.”  Finn sniffed holding back tears.

“I don’t think she wants nothing to do with you.  I think she might be going through some things.  Have you tried talking to her again?  Maybe that will help.”  Gary wrapped a single arm around Finn’s shoulder.  “How ‘bout I go make some tea and we watch some telly?” 

“Sound’s good da’, I will be down in a bit.”  With that Gary patted Finn’s leg and walked out. 

Finn was sitting on his bed, turning the gift in his hands back and forth.  A single tear escaped his eye. 

“Nan, why does everyone I love leave me?  First mum and now Rae, what am I doin’ wrong?”  Finn said aloud to himself looking up to the ceiling.  “I can’t take losing anyone else, this is why I open up to no one. Fuck this, fuck Christmas.”  Finn threw the gift he had in his hands across the room making it hit the wall and fall unceremoniously on a pile of records.  Finn stood up and walked to the door. 

Rae followed him down but as soon as they hit the kitchen swinging door Finn was no where to be seen.  She ran to the swinging door pushing it open to see Finn’s lounge dark and empty. 

“You’re not alone Finn.”  She said with her hands on the door, panic started to rise in her.  With her hands flat on the surface she began to count 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10.

“It won’t help it.”  Liam said beside her leaning up against the wall.

“Go away Liam.”

“No, see you’re panicking right now because you are started to become aware that maybe that boy had more feelings for you then you noticed.”

“Shut up Liam.”  Rae clenched her eyes close praying she could do the same to her ears.

“How long do you think it will take for him to find someone else?  A proper fit lass who won’t be a prude with him.  Give him just a bit of lovin’?  How long do you think he will act as if you matter to him?  Isn’t that what you want to hear?”  Liam was berating her, making her feel even smaller.

“NO! GO AWAY PLEASE JUST GO AWAY!”  Rae took off running out of Finn’s house.  She heard Liam snicker behind her.  She ran as fast as her two sock covered feet would carry her.  Before she realized it, she was outside the Swan.  She looked around, no Liam in sight.

“There you are, you sneaky sneak.”  Rae turned to the comfort of a familiar voice.  Behind her stood Izzy and Chloe, dressed in matching white tunics. 

“Oh thank god you two are here.  This has been the weirdest dream ever.”  Rae went to her friends embracing them in a hug, that only Izzy returned.

“Rae, we need to show you somethin’.”  Chloe said as she moved out of the embrace.

“What is it?”  Rae asked nervously.

“Come on, we’ll show ya.” Izzy grabbed Rae’s hand leading her into the pub.

It was decorated for Christmas, but it was off.  There were Christmas songs being played from the jukebox, Rae looked around and saw a newspaper that read December 24, 1999. 

“1999?”  Rae was scared.

“Yes Rae, 1999.  We are the Ghosts of Christmas Future.”  Chloe said peering over Rae’s shoulder skimming the newspaper.

“What am I doin here?” 

“Look Rae, we need to show you what happens to the gang, to Finn if you two continue this on and off friendship.”  Izzy said.

“It’s more off then on though isn’t it?”  Chloe crossed her arms

“I can’t do this guys.  Why are you doin’ this to me?”  Rae started to tear up again.

“Finn! There you are mate!”  Archie shouted crossing the Swan that was now full of people.  Archie made his way to a far corner booth, where Finn sat by himself, looking into a pint and a shot of brown liquor in front of him.

“Archie?”  Finn asked confused, a slur to his words.

“My god Finn are you that pissed already?” 

“Piss off.”  Finn slurred even worse.

“Sorry mate.  Just haven’t seen ya in forever.  How’s Leeds?  Are you going to Chop’s Sexy Mistletoe Party later?”

“I’m here to see me da’ and then I’m off again.”  Finn downed the shot in front of him without any sign of the liquid causing a burn.

“Oh right, just you know, haven’t see you and I just thought maybe you would come with me to” Archie was was about to continue to talk but Finn cut him off.

“No Arch, don’t think I will be there.  Especially with her being, well with her being anywhere near me.”

Archie looked at his oldest and dearest mate with a look of sympathy.  Rae stood by the booth where a spotlight was held above them now, Chloe and Izzy returning to either of her sides.

“Poor Finn, he’s been so closed off since the big fight.”  Izzy said shaking her head.

“What fight?”  Rae’s head snapped to the side where Izzy was.

“When you and Finn had it out at the New Year’s Party that has yet to happen.  He was so desperate for you to talk to him but instead you brushed him of again.  He begged and begged until he lost his temper.  Telling you if you want nothing from him, there is no point to bother.  He said you two are through, friendship and all.” Chloe shrugged.

“He, he yelled at me?”  Rae asked.

Both Chloe and Izzy nodded their heads.

“He’s been different.  We hardly see him now.  He moved to Leeds permanently.  Not wanting to be around anything that reminds him of you.  He lost passion for music because it was just a constant reminder of what he lost.  He drinks himself dumb until he can hardly walk, then wakes up works, and starts the cycle all over again.”  Izzy was visibly sad with the state of Finn.

“I didn’t know this would happen.  Any of this, I want to make this right.” Rae wiped the tears flowing from her eyes.

“You can’t Rae, it’s too late.”  Chloe said.

“No please, I can make it better.”  Rae went to the Swan door but it was locked.  She turned around noticing that no one, not even Chloe and Izzy remained in the pub.

“Wake up, please wake up!” Rae was screaming to herself.  She tried the door again and this time it unlocked. 

She walked behind a stumbling figure.  “Finn?”  He kept walking, stumbling from side to side, obviously intoxicated.

“Finn wait! Please hear me! Finn!” 

But he didn’t turn around, he just continued his path as he went to cross the road, “FINN WAIT!”  Before she realized there were headlights too close to Finn’s silhouette, there was no time, Rae ran waiting for the impact, screaming his name.


Rae woke up in her bed, a layer of cold sweat upon her forehead. 

“It was a dream.  It was just a dream.”  Rae gripped her duvet in her hands. 

Rae heard her mum make her way to her room.

“Rae for fucks sake are you alright?”  Linda was still tying her robe around her.

“Yeah, sorry mum it was a horrible dream.”

“Well, don’t wake your sister up, she’s been up all night.  We may have to postpone the presents until she’s up.”

“That’s ok mum, in fact, I need to do something.”  Rae said already making her way around her room grabbing her leggings, skirt, oasis shirt and heaviest jumper she could find.

“Where the bloody hell are you going?  It’s Christmas morning.” 

“I need to drop off a gift.”  Rae said grabbing her bag and heading out her bedroom without any further words to her mum.

The walk to her destination was a lot longer without the proper warm attire but she had a mission.

Soon she was at her destination and knocked.

“Rachel?”  Gary asked with a mug of steaming tea in hand.  “What do we owe the pleasure of this visit on Christmas morning?”

“Is Finn here?  Is he awake?”  Rae asked.  Gary gave her a reassuring smile, stepping aside to expose Finn who was still in his red flannel pajama bottoms and white thermal shirt.

“I got it dad.”  Finn said, Gary gave Rae a smile and headed back inside the house.

“Mornin’” Rae said shyly.

“Mornin’.”  Finn repeated.

“Look Finn can we talk?”  Finn nodded opening the door wider for her to step inside.

“Rae, what are wearing?  It’s cold as hell out there.  Head up to my room, I will be there with a cuppa for ya alrigh’?”  Rae smiled weakly at him and made her way up the stairs.  All she kept thinking was that the last time she was here was her dream and was hoping it wouldn’t end the way her dream did.

Rae sat on his bed feeling the duvet under her.  He soon joined her handing her the cup of steaming hot tea.

“Finn first I want to apologize for interrupting your Christmas morning.”

“Nothing to apologize for, dad and I were just having a tea.  Gifts are already open.  Did you already open gifts at home?”  Finn asked trying to make small talk.

“Oh no, mum wants to wait for Jazz to be awake and in a good mood.  Look, Finn that’s not why I’m here.  I want to, to talk.”

“I’m all ears Rae, are you alright?”

“I wanted to apologize for not giving you a better reason for why I broke up with you.  It’s just I know I said I’m better but I need to be honest.  I’m still a mess.  I, I want you to know that you did nothing wrong.  It’s all my fault, I just don’t feel good enough for you.  You deserve to be with someone who you can walk proudly with down the road or in college.  I’m an embarrassment, I’m embarrassed for you.” 

Rae spoke so fast that it took Finn a few moments to register everything she had said.  She watched as his eyes went from relief to pain and settle on anger.

“What do you mean Rae?  I was nothing but proud to walk around with you.  I have never been more happy in me entire life, seriously.  You are the most understanding, caring, funny, beautiful and most musically inclined girl I have ever met.” 

Rae blushed and Finn nudged her with his shoulder, “Don’t let me callin’ ya beautiful get to that head of yours.  I can’t stand to hear you bang on about that for months.”

Rae acted offended.  “I wouldn’t talk about it for months, weeks yes but months no.  Like you don’t walk around knowing you are the most fittest lad in all of Stamford.”  Now it was Finn’s turn to blush.

“So where does this leave us girl?”

“Before I give you that answer, I need to know, is there a chance that we could possibly work on us?”  Rae asked, hoping that his answer was yes.

Finn just smiled at her and then engulfed her in a hug.  He moved her hair to one side, exposing his favorite place to place his head, the crook of her neck and nuzzled in, taking a deep breath.  Getting the smell of vanilla and laundry detergent, the smell of Rae.  “Do you really need to ask that question?”

“I just want to make sure.”  Rae blushed.

“Hold on, stay here, I can prove it to you.”  With that Finn was up and out of his room quickly.  She heard his heavy feet stomp down the stairs and then quickly back up.  Finn returned with a small gift wrapped box in hand, taking his spot next to Rae on his bed, he handed her the box.

“This is the box from my dream.”  Rae muttered.

“What?”  Finn asked confused.

“Oh nothing, I said it was a nice wrapped gift.”  She blushed trying to cover her lie.

“Look I decided to get you this gift for Christmas awhile back,  I just didn’t know if I was going to have the courage to give it to you.  Open it.”  Finn leaned over her shoulder so he can watch her hands toggle with the box.

Rae slowly unwrapped the box, she lifted the lid off and in side the box was 20p.  Rae laughed softly looking up at Finn.

“I was thinkin that if I convinced you to go to the Swan with me to prove me wrong again, maybe we could start again.”  Finn still had his eyes locked with Rae’s.

“Finn, can I give you your present now?”  Finn nodded.  Rae slowly closed the little distance between them and pressed her lips to his.  His lips responded to hers right away and they got lost in their lips dancing together.  Finn placed one hand on the back of her neck and the other on her cheek before breaking the kiss.

“Does this mean that we are together again?”  Finn needed to know this just wasn’t because of Christmas.  But relief spread through him when Rae smiled and said “If you’ll have me.”  He smiled before crashing his lips to hers again.

He broke their lips apart slowly and placed his forehead on hers.

“Happy Christmas Rae.”

“Happy Christmas Finn.”

How Bleach characters would react (if they awoke to find that they had been proclaimed the Quincy heir)

As requested by anon. :)

Bleach characters have just woken up…and discovered that they have been proclaimed Yhwach’s Quincy heir. How will each of them react?



Karin: Quincy heir? What the hell are the Quincy?

Karin: They sound made up. Go away.

Yuzu: W-what’s going on??

Haschwalth: What? I’m the heir again?

Haschwalth: So, uh, things didn’t work out so well with Ishida Uryu, then?


Liltotto: Makes it awkward that you just joined the shinigami, though.

Bazz-B: Does it?

Renji: B-but I’m not a Quincy!

Renji: …

Renji: Am I?


Kyoraku: There are easier ways for us to have that cup of tea, Haschwalth!

Askin: Wow. First I’m made a member of Yhwach’s inner circle, and now I’m the heir?

Askin: Laziness has a surprisingly good payoff.

Gerard: Excellent. I knew dressing like Thor would make people think me kingly!

Soul King: ….oh come on. Now you’re just pouring salt on the wound.

Ryuken: …

Ryuken: No thank you.

Gremmy: What’s this? Did I accidentally turn my dreams into reality again?

Kenpachi: I refuse!

Kenpachi: I gotta fight Yhwach first!

As Nodt: Does this mean I won’t die? I’d like that.

Orihime: Um……………….is there something about my back story that I don’t know?

Orihime: Or is this one of those “let’s try to make Orihime join us by telling her she’s already one of us” sort of things?

Grimmjow: Hey! Just ‘cause I’ll occasionally work for shinigami doesn’t mean I just switch sides willy nilly!

Grimmjow: Although if you guys are gonna let me fight Kurosaki Ichigo, then I’m listening.

Cang Du: Cool offer. But I am still dead.

Giselle: Mmmmm….I can’t wait to turn everyone into zombies.

Giselle: Like Haschwalth. He will make such a pretty zombie.

Giselle: Gets me excited just to think about it!

Haschwalth: ….Your Majesty, why?

Yhwach: In case you haven’t realized, I actually hate you all.

thececechronicles  asked:

Hi there, long time stalker, first time question asker! So question: I noticed you said you thought there were some questionable writing choices. Since you're a writer, and since I'm always curious about this sort of thing, what did you find questionable/what would you have done differently? Thank you! Also, you are a wonderful, spectacular human being! *kisses**hugs**all the love*

Okay, so I’ve gotten some asks about this and I decided to consolidate it into one. I don’t really want to spend a super lot of time rehashing over and over; I’d prefer to look forward. But I do think it deserves to be laid out:

The Bad

  • I agree with everyone’s overall criticism that the episode was sloppy, oddly paced, and shoddily written. We go from everyone desperate to find a portal back to Arendelle, to Rumple threatening Killian, to Rumbelle dark forest flashbacks (I’ll get to those in a second). The sense of urgency was all off. I also agree that if anything should have been a two-hour episode, it really should have been this one, not 4x09. You have Rumple telling Hook to keep an eye on Anna, and then nothing, Emma being openly worried about his odd behavior at the diner and then nothing, and so on. It felt as if they wanted to hit a lot of emotional notes but didn’t have time to do anything with them. As for the final scene with Elsa and Anna, it was cute, but I agree that it should have been a deleted scene. That time should have been used for a few more minutes with CS. The portal to Arendelle was, of course, massively convenient, and then that conflict was quickly watered down by us hearing that Anna punched Hans again and it’s over. Cute, but still underwhelming.
  • Likewise, the rushed goodbye of the Frozen characters was disappointing. I think the time for those was taken by….
  • Rumbelle flashbacks. I understand these were to introduce the Badass Lady Villains, but still, they felt strange. Also, I’m rolling my eyes at the fact that they introduced this eleventh-hour magical object (the gauntlet) to help Belle discover Rumple’s treachery, rather than doing so in a logical way to take advantage of previous plot developments/character interactions. We could have had Belle faking sleep like we all thought, we could have had her finding Killian’s phone with the voicemail, we could have had her confronting Killian himself, any number of things, rather than dropping in another deus ex machina plot device. With everything that is happening in 4B, I don’t think we either will or should have time to squeeze in a trip to Camelot, so I doubt we’ll see it again, and it’s disappointing that that’s how they wrote themselves out of that corner.
  • The heart plotline. Yes, it was miserably shortchanged and rushed through, and I predicted a TLK because I said it would make logical sense with what they’d developed and it DIDN’T make sense to resolve it with something tepid. Well, lesson learned: sometimes I am a great deal more logical than the show is. It makes just as much sense now as it did then to have something big happen, but sense was not made because it had a time limit and needed to finish up and put everybody where they needed to be for 4B. As I said, some of the mistakes are at least excusable knowing there’s going to be a second part, but it still was not by any means midseason finale material.
  • I see both sides of the Emma/Killian/Regina scene arguments. I would have liked her to stay with Killian, but I also recognize that this would be a HUGE vulnerability for Emma, having to really face almost losing Killian, and maybe not something she is currently prepared to do. My darling Svenja (winter-by-the-sea) wrote a great meta pointing out how going back into Savior mode and helping Regina is emotionally easier for Emma than having to face nearly losing the man she loves. Still, I understand why people were upset about it; I too thought that wall kiss was going to lead to sexy times. But we have another 11 episodes to go, and a lot of milestones for CS still to come. We thought we were getting them all in 4a; not the case, and now we have plenty to look forward to in 4b.

The Good

  • The resolution of the OQ love triangle plot pleased me greatly. Everyone acted like adults, made the best choice for Roland and then for Marian, and nobody was forced to be the villain. We had sympathy for all parties involved, the goodbye was heart-wrenching, and Regina’s scene with Rumple, calling him out on his BS and refusing to be manipulated by him, was terrific.
  • Likewise, the Rumbelle banishment scene, and Belle finally standing up for herself, was very well done. I was afraid she was going to recant and forgive him, but she didn’t, and she held strong, and my prediction that Rumple loses his magic and is working with the BLV to get it back came true.
  • I did very much appreciate the steamy CS kiss and the fact that we’re clearly being set up for them to be very couple-y and intimate in 4b. Some of us were worried that the finale would end with them still apart/the heart thing not fixed, and at least that wasn’t the case.
  • Likewise, I did appreciate the Emma/Regina scene. Also, I’m just going to say this once because I don’t want to get into the pit of fandom drama, but every Emma/Regina scene on the show is not fanservice. Emma wanting/making overtures of friendship to Regina is not fanservice. You can’t have it both ways: CS isn’t fanservice, but then SQ scenes are. That makes no sense. Plus, it is childish and disappointing. Objecting to Emma and Regina being friends mostly rests on what has become an ingrained pathological hatred of Regina that, just like with Hook haters, takes the first chance to leap on the worst possible interpretation of her behavior and clings to her past self rather than taking into account new developments. Once more, I am not here and am never here to order anyone to like Regina. She is not everyone’s cup of tea. But taking out anger on her for our disappointment with the CS storyline (and god sakes, we still got Emma putting Killian’s heart back and a passionate kiss!) is unfair and petty. We have never seen every single moment in their relationship before. We’re not going to see every single moment since. In some cases, we’re just going to have to invent the missing pieces ourselves, and not act like their relationship has been destroyed, or the writers don’t care about it, or so forth. There is still more to come.

I love waking up at 3 AM just to chase the sun rise to the coast. I love hiking with blurry eyes and cold air, physically feeling the earth wake up as the star-dotted skies fade slowly into magnificent colors painted on a wide open canvas. I love everything about the early morning and starting the day feeling like maybe, just maybe, today will be different from all others. Because in the end, isn’t that what we all want? New days? New friendship? New experience? New life

Point being, I love the morning, but sometimes it’s necessary to acknowledge when you just need to sleep in…because I swear, I haven’t felt this blissfully peaceful sleeping in a long time. I faded in and out for hours and just let myself feel the full impact of having nowhere to be and nothing to do in that exact moment. 

When school starts, every year, I am overwhelmed. It could be because I’m actually busier than the year before, but honestly I think it’s just the stark contrast to summer’s bliss–suddenly, 8 hours of our days are out the door by no one’s decision but our parents’ and the government. 40 hours a week of full-time school, followed by 30 hours of working two jobs, 15 hours of personal projects and self love, 5-10 hours of socialization just to stay sane, and just relaxing and watching Netflix when I have time…my days seem to fill up so fast, to the point where I feel like I am no part of the decision process. 

This is why I’ve come to the conclusion that this year will be different. I’ve cut toxicity out of my life–I quit volleyball because I disliked the sport, the people, the overall vibe…I quit my internship because I wasn’t learning anything…I got another job because I was becoming too comfortable in my current one, and I needed to be pushed outside of my comfort zone. I go to parties with people I don’t know not because I am best friends with them, but because I know that I will inevitably grow and learn as result. 

I don’t feel like I’m suffocating this year, and I think I can attribute that to the fact that I am finally making the most out of my situation. I don’t thrive off of the people I’m with in school, so I share my light and my story always…for the first time, my full personality (and inevitably dry, dry humor) is coming out in front of my peers with no regard for how it will be interpreted. I’m the most open and free to share feelings I have ever been in my life. I’ve always been the type of person to “over-share,” which anyone who knows me in person knows, but I love that about myself. It’s what separates me from the grind. I’m not hidden. Everything I am and everything I project online is exactly what I am in person. Hmmm. 

I think I’m just preparing for the way my life will be after high school, and I think this is all a huge reason why I don’t wish to go to college right now. I’m so open, and so free, that all I want to do is just connect…I don’t thrive off of classroom education, I thrive off of speaking to others and hearing their experiences, and using it to fuel my own desires. I’m so aware of who I am, but that doesn’t mean I’m completely aware of what I’m doing…I don’t have some big master plan right now. It’s uncomfortable and scary at many moments, but I am trusting in the process of this Universe and fully believing that I will end up precisely where I am meant to be. That is all. 

To wrap up this fabulously scattered post, I can talk about some things I have coming up and basically what my life looks like right now…Today, I am going to my new place of employment to fill out paperwork at 9:30, and then at 11 I have work at my other job. Tonight, I think I’m going to slip away to my favorite coffee shop and work on some website stuffies and sip on tea and listen to live music. 

Tomorrow, amazingly, is the first completely open day I’ve had in awhile. I may be getting together and going biking with a friend, or possibly hiking, but all I know is that it is going to be beautiful. I’ve felt out of touch with the earth for a little while now–kind of like, I go to these beautiful places, but I’m so preoccupied with capturing the perfect photo in the moment that I don’t fully allow myself to divulge in the moment. I want to fully love and live tomorrow…and I will, I know I will. I need this connection to ground me. 

Next weekend is the DC Veg Fest, which I will be road tripping to and attending (+ a meet up) and having so much fun at with tangerineqveen and oats-and-yoga. I can’t wait for that feeling of getting into my car and knowing that there are hours of music, endless roads and talking between me and the destination…gosh, I sometimes think I live for the feeling right before a road trip. 

There are so many small things to be done that I keep pushing off, so after this I think I’m going to make a big list and slowly cross them off. It’s so important to do this for better peace of mind, but like every other human I crave avoidance of problems when they only affect me. So…here’s to changing that. First on the list, QUIT MY RELIANCE ON COFFEE. Too many late nights and early mornings has led to lack of energy and, therefore, a wee too much coffee. Skin has been unhappy and scattered brain even less happy, so it’s about time I take into account the needs of my entire and soul and just do it. Blah. I CAN DO IT. 

Okay, so I feel like this post has maybe caught you all up on the craziness of my mind lately…I don’t feel like I write like this enough anymore, but I have to really be in the mood to divulge this much information about my life without getting bored, so I suppose it’s a good thing I waited. Hmmmmm….love love. BYE! x

anonymous asked:

I am really scared because i never dated anyone and i am so ugly.. I'm afraid i'll be alone forever! What should I do?

first, you arent ugly. maybe youre just used to yourself or you feel ugly but again, you are not ugly. whenever i feel ugly, i’ll go out for a new look! i always have my hair and nails done then i go shopping or just hang out with my friends. change is good! while youre out, visit your fave coffee/tea/smoothie shop and buy a drink! pamper yourself! you are not ugly. you are beautiful. we are all beautiful in a way :)

second, dont rush! enjoy being single. hang out with friends, play with your siblings, spend time with family. theres always the right timing for everything! :)

The First To Leave

Still going strong! SFW, 1.193 words. Hope you lot are enjoying these! Feel free to drop by and let me know what you think, about this story or any other.


The First To Leave

It’s been ten minutes, and Hannah wonders whether that constitutes as fashionably late or slightly rude. She checks her phone for the fourth time, before grabbing her spoon and stirring her tea once more. She’s not sure why this café has become her favourite one in the whole city, but it definitely has become the one spot where she tends to go to at least twice a week.

It’s in a quiet, secluded part of the Lake area. She keeps seeing the same people around her, appreciates the fact it’s a local little thing, where nobody bothers her and nobody even recognises her – bar one waitress, who once made it known that she figured out where she recognised Hannah from, and had ever since just smirked at Hannah when she came in and sometimes brought her a slice of cake, free of charge.

Although that’s not why she loves it, really.

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