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Hello! I’m so grateful for all of you that have chosen to follow me on this
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kindness and I could not be more grateful for that.  I think that all of 
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every single day. I want to let you all know that you are all so spectacular
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than enough. You are all so great in such different ways, and it’s amazing
that we can all come together and form a little community. 

Now, since I am not skilled in many things, here is a little bias list from 
me to you! It contains shoutouts to some of the special people that are 
involved in my roleplaying life and a list of a bunch of other spectacular 
individuals that you all should check out if you haven’t! 

PS: The graphic was made by the super amazing Torie, who you can find 
over at @greaseveined and @madeorator! She’s spectacular, and super 
generous with all of her time and talent! 

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Alone (Kellin Quinn) (Sleeping With Sirens)

Possible triggers

Requested via Wattpad. Personal: Heather

Word Count: 1,066


I’d made a promise to myself and Kellin that I wouldn’t self harm anymore. The promise was easy to keep when he was around, but he was at the studio more and more with his band recording new songs. I didn’t want to be one of those clingy girlfriends, plus I didn’t need the fans to hate me anymore than they already did. I was lovely to them but the majority still decided to hate my guts, they made nasty comments about my appearance and heavy accent. I was a grown up and these were teenage girls, but teenage girls know how to pick out a person’s insecurities.

Leaning against the bath I had the Twitter hate page which was dedicated to me up on my laptop. Twirling the familiar silver blade between my fingers I scrolled through the continuous hate posts. One cut for the weight I’d put on, two cuts for accidently ignoring a fan when I was running late for a flight, three cuts for the fan who photoshopped images of me with other band members to make me look unfaithful,  and the fourth cut for being a useless gold digger.


I wanted to surprise my beautiful Heather so we’d finished up at the studio early. Gabe and Justin had pointed out to me that the hate page dedicated to Heather had come back under a different account name. It broke my heart that fans couldn’t see that Heather made me happy and I wasn’t leaving her to make them happy. I got out my phone and composed a tweet.

@kellinquinn: Can’t wait to surprise my beautiful girlfriend #hatersgonnahate and if you can’t see she makes me happy then I don’t want to call you a fan!

My phone blew up almost immediately with cringe worthy comments and retweets, I was 29 and some of these girls were 14 and 15. When I was their age all I cared about was levelling up my Pokémon and not obsessing over my favourite band members. I wanted to get home quickly and hold my girl in my arms, Heather was all that I wanted and needed.

~Skip Car Ride~

I pulled up outside our apartment complex and got the box of chocolates and flowers off the passenger seat, I’d gotten Heather’s favourites. Flowers and chocolates always seemed to cheer her up on a down day. Usually at this time she’d be in the kitchen pondering what to cook us for dinner, she could be very indecisive so had to plan in advance. However she nowhere to be seen as I placed the gifts and car keys on the kitchen counter.

I walked into our bedroom and threw my jacket on the bed and noticed the bathroom door was slightly open with the light on. Maybe Heather was taking a bath while listening to music; she loved to drown out the outside world.

“Heather babe I’m home.”

I pushed the bathroom door open and my heart sunk at the broken sight in front of me. Heather sat slumped against the bath with fresh cuts on her inner thighs, did she think I wouldn’t find them eventually. She dropped the blade and tears spilled from her eyes as she motioned with a shaky hand at the laptop.

“It came back Kells. Each time it’s worse, why do they hate me? I tell myself I’m strong enough to ignore it but someone from my high school posted about my cutting past. I don’t want them to win, but they know what to say to make me want to hurt myself.”

The internet was a cruel place. I sighed and grabbed the first aid kit out of the cabnet above the sink.

“They’re jealous that you make me happy Heather. I picked you because you didn’t car that I was in a band, you cared about Kellin the person. You don’t have a negative bone in your body, I wouldn’t be half the person I am today without you by my side.”

I crouched down next to her and started to clean the cuts, luckily there weren’t that many. Heather played with my hair which seemed to calm her down.

“I don’t deserve you Kellin, most guys would have seen this and walked away.”

“I would never walk away from you babe. Though I need you to promise me that you’ll never cut or scar your body again, and if you feel like it’s getting too much then feel free to call me no matter where I am.”

She looks up at me and chews her lip before nodding.

“I promise Kells.”

I wrapped the last cut and helped her up off the cold tiles. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed my lips; I kissed back and tapped her side which was our sign for jump. Despite the cuts Heather jumped and wrapped her legs around my waist not once detaching her lips from mine.

I carried her out of the bathroom and past the bed, this caught her attention and she pulled back and raised her eyebrows.

“Err Kellin the bed is back in the bedroom.”

“I know silly but I got you a gift in the kitchen.”

Her eyes lit up as I carried her into the kitchen and sat her on the counter. I reached over for the flowers and chocolates.

“I got you strawberry creams and pink roses because I wanted to cheer you up. I know it’s dorky Heather.”

“Shut up Kellin I love them, you know me so well.”

She ripped open the box of chocolates and popped one in her mouth before forcing one into mine.

“These are so much better than sex Kells.”

I raised a single eyebrow and gasped.

“No there not babe, maybe I should get rid of them Heather.”

I went to grab the box but she slapped my hand away and grabbed my face with her hands before cutting me off with another kiss. This was a good way to get me to keep quiet and not touch her chocolates.

“I love you Kellin.”

“I love you even more Heather. Now how about one more chocolate before I show you just how good sex with me is?”

She laughs before kissing me again, not that I was complaining. No way was I ever going to let the fans come between our happiness.