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Okay but to add to the fire, after Thomas and Reader break up she literally starts dating someone he works with sometime later, who's younger than him and Thomas is all like '????' So he starts to question if what they ever had was real and Reader is all like "I don't know Thomas, you tell me." Cause bro I can see that happening



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Hello, can you please give me few writing tips for people whose first language isn't English? :)


Bilingual people, I greatly encourage you to chip in since I don’t have experience with this.

1) READ books that are in English.

1.5) Read anything and everything in English- articles on the Internet, newspapers, etc.

2) Find some grammar lessons online (depending on the extent of your knowledge)

3) Ask for concrit (constructive criticism) on what you write.

4) Focus on the way people who speak English actually talk. I’ve been told that text book Spanish (what I’m learning) isn’t realistic, so I think it could work that way with English?

By the above step, I don’t mean include the “ums”, repetition, and other mistakes of natural speech. That would be really choppy to read. I mean the order of sentences and such (Is that what I’m saying? I don’t really know because I don’t know what makes text book Spanish different from “real” Spanish. I just know that people say there is a difference).

5) Look up a “Differences between (your language) and English” article for some quick notes. Again, the helpfullness of this depends on how well you know English.