but find me one footballer with a q and u and then talk to me

Hey! lovely fruit cakes.. so this is my follow forever as promised.. this year was a great year and this is not going to be long because I really have nothing to say but thank you all for the wonderful memories and for making my life a little better with your funny, wonderful, and informational posts… I will definitely follow you all forever!! Also Merry late Christmas and a Happy new year!! May 2015 be a great year!!

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Z-  zia-adira 

barcagunners- Elke 

ELKE!!!!!! My pumpkin sliced latte.. so you know I love your crazy ways.. especially your cycling talent and the fact that you cycle everywhere you go.. ahem and your party ways which will not be specified here.. Our drag fc squad will be lonely and dessert like without you.. please don’t party to much especially when you are cycling and oh yeah I’m a chelsea fan now.. also always were your helmet those cycling accidents can get wild!!! Love ya!!!

beernard-duarte - Griciele 

Eu decidi escrever isso em portugues…kkkkk!!! Voce sabe que eu te adoro… um pouco menos quando voce esta me corrigindo..Kkkkk!! eu estou brincando! eu realmente aprendi muito com suas correcoes e eu espero que eles tornam-se menos como eu estou aprendendo.. de qualquer maneira nao se perder.. eu sei onde te encontrar sempre… no twitter.. kkkkk!!! (eu sei que ha um monte de accentos e outras coisas que faltam, mas estou no computador e eu nao sei onde econtra-los kkk!) 

darlin-youre-perfect-to-me - Maria 

Maria!! well first of all you might not believe this but you have probably taught me more then you have learned from me lol… You are gods bread literally and wine too.. I sincerely hope that you feel beautiful all day everyday because you are… I love you! 

geezygeezer- Alina 

Heyyyyyy!! so guess what the day that we were going to do that challenge has passed well it has passed like 200 times and we don’t even notice lmfaoo.. but anyways *snifles* I miss talking to you so much… I- our dunga jokes were some kevin hart quality jokes lmfaoo we should send them in.. anyhow I love how we bonded over stalking the brazilian nt in Miami ( we were going crazy) and we knew the hotel and everything but then you got to meet them and experience dungas stupidness too… I am still jealous. And then Lebron"s traitor characteristics..le gone.. le traitor. le bullshit.. lebron.  I miss you a lot tho.. hope we can talk soon and good luck with those applications!!  ( If you go to cleveland slap lebron for me.. if you can reach) 

silva-thiago- Akiyah 

Pleathe.. FALCAO… Falcao.. were do I even start with you… you hold one of my biggest kink secrets.. and I hold yours and I have them in my notebook too… on December 15, 2014 Akiyah said and I quote… I have a kink on ( stop sweating I'am not going to say anything) kierstin the snake is probably reading this right now.. I hope you feel better about your throat.. ahem . di- ahem.. I love you severely and dearly. 

ultimately-crismes - Cathia 

Cathia my chocolate smoothie that gives you chronic diarrhea when you just take a sip..  lmfaoo. me pagan por ver. Mis dichos amuse you and idek why but to be fair your searching Dani boy skill amuses me too.. I- you should get a medal of honor in the Dani boy museum for finding those embarrassing fossils.. sometimes you drag me through hell  but I know your kinks so that has stopped.. ahem. also change that profile pic.. wakala. So here is the deal I love you more then chocolate.. 

neymarjrswife- Jasmine

MY SPORTS BUDDY!!! that just summarizes our relationship.. we talk about UFC, BARCA, LE traitor, The heat, Boxing.. I mean we should have our own show pleathe those ESPN shows are all trash now especially the English ones they don’t even mention football.. I cry. Anyhow I wov you.. *snifles* and your blog is beyond amazing!!! xoxo

kcscb - Khoezik( the one who fucked me over)

YOU DRAG ME THROUGH HELL ON THE DAILY…. and you fucked me over when it was the season to be jolly.. pleathe. You make my heart ventricles pop and my nuts to come out roasted every time you drag me through hell with pedro and bastin.. and messi is not the best kink to have either so….. but on the other side of the exploding diarrhea you cause me.. we defend each other against madristas remember  that one lmfaoo that he had to look for something else to drag us.. and ahem don’t tell Kierstin this but I like you more then her. 

mmdelissh - kierstin ( the one who fucked me over 2) 

MOM you snake pleathe. you told Khoezik who they were because oh yeah why not embarrass her. That’s why I'am preparing a dani boy infestation.. you give me mushroom soup everyday plus you are part of our squad so we cannot talk about kinks anymore.. but on the other hand no one will believe you because you are a grandma that  those calcium proteins are already a thing of the past and you probably can’t control your explosive diarrhea. but I love you anyways and btw stop saying I wrote Kohezik that ask because I didn’t. Btw don’t tell kohezik that I said that I love you more then her.. shhhh.