but fern look at what i made


It is in the episode “flute spell”, that Finn meets Huntress Wizard. She heard Finn playing the flute and wonders how he could play like that. She explains that something in his notes has the quality of a powerful evocation spell.

Huntress Wizard is in the first place not interested in Finn, but in his arm. The grass arm, which was playing the flute music the whole time.

In episode “Reboot“ Finn lost his grass arm, while fighting Susan Strong. We could see Finnsword and grassword merging together. And Fern was born.

Fern in episode “3 buckets” the moment, right before Finn killed him with a weed whacker. Fern looks completely controlled by the grass demon.

At the end of the episode we could see uncle Gumbald taking the remains of Fern with him in a bucket.

This is Uncle Gumbald s next creation. I think we can almost be certain that this creature is made from the remains of Fern.

Finn and Hunterss Wizard destroyed the last creature. I wonder what her reaction would be, if she met this creature? Because this creature is the arm who made the special flute music in the first place…..

Birthday Dinner for Two [Requested]

“Surprise!” J-Hope beamed. You stood dumbfounded, staring at J-Hope through your doorway. He had talked around a flower in his mouth, held a small fern in a pot in one hand, and a couple bags of groceries in the other.

“Hobi?” You were definitely surprised; you hadn’t thought that you were going to be able to see him for your birthday. You moved out of his way and gestured for him to go inside. He set down the groceries in your kitchen and placed the flower and fern on the table.

“I wanted to plan a birthday dinner for you,” he murmured before pulling you into a big hug. Your heart was immediately warmed by his gestures.

“So, what did you get for dinner, then?” you asked with a smile. He still held you close, and he kissed your forehead.

“I didn’t get anything.” He pulled away from you and started to unpack his groceries in the kitchen. “We’re going to cook it together,” he grinned, pointedly holding up a box of some sort of food. You laughed and helped him unpack.

“Isn’t it my birthday, though? Shouldn’t you cook for me?” you chided playfully. He shook his head ‘no’ with a grin plastered on his face.

J-Hope had bought you the ingredients to cook your favorite dinner and, with some difficulty, was cooked by the both of you. He kissed your neck gently before ushering you out of the kitchen.

“Sit at the table,” he instructed. You scurried to your seat and awaited your next command. “Close your eyes and cover them with your hands. No peeking!” You followed orders, biting your lip with excitement. You heard plates being set down at the table, along with a couple shuffling sounds. There was clacking heard around you, but you couldn’t place the sounds. You heard J-Hope sit in the chair next to you.

“Okay; open them!”

You did, and you were astounded to see electric tea lights set up around the room. It was enough to provide a warm, dim hue of yellow light around you. He was so handsome cast in the lights of the “candles”. There was the flower and the small fern (which you had forgotten about until right then) sitting in the middle of the table. You understood why he got you the flower, but you didn’t quite comprehend why he brought you a fern. Before you could question him, J-Hope started talking.

“I got you this—” he started, picking up the flower and handing it to you, “—because I wanted you to have something for the beauty of tonight. I got you this—” he motioned towards the small fern “—because I wanted you to have something for the beauty of our relationship. What we are and what we can be.” He paused momentarily, looking straight at you and stroking your hair. “I love you.”

You teared up a little bit, biting your lip and smiling.

“I love you, too,” you murmured. J-Hope grinned back at you and motioned towards the dinner plates he’d laid out.

“Let’s eat.”

The dinner you’d made together came out a lot better than you had expected it to. He talked with you the whole time, making you laugh a lot. When you finished eating, your boyfriend picked up the dishes and bustled about in the kitchen. He returned with his hands behind his back. He then revealed a small cupcake with the letter of your first name on it and laid it in front of you.

“I made this earlier; I wanted to make dessert for you,” he said. “I had Jin give me some ideas for recipes. I hope you like it. But before that…” He looked around for a moment, seemingly embarrassed about something. Then, he started to sing “happy birthday” softly. When he finished, you were left speechless. He leaned forward and kissed your lips quickly.

“And I have to give you birthday kisses. One for each year,” he beamed before kissing you again. Three… four… five… six… he counted all the way up to your age before pulling away. “Oh, I almost forgot!” He gave you a long, sweet kiss that left you breathless and wanting more.

“One more for your Korean age,” he said in a satisfied tone. You just stared at him, unable to say anything coherent. Finally, you took the cupcake and ate it in one bite. It was really good, actually, and it was a welcome distraction from the dull heat in your stomach.

“Daebak,” J-Hope laughed. “I’m glad you like it. I’m going to go clean the dishes.”

You watched his back move; he looked like he had been getting more muscle. The sink started to run, and you knew what you wanted. After a moment of thinking, you stood and padded quietly to the kitchen. You saw that he was somehow on the last dish.

Is he a magician?’ you thought with a bewildered smile. He put the last dish in the dish drainer, turned around, and saw you waiting for him.

“Something wrong, Jagi?” he asked, putting his hands on your hips. You shook your head before leaning forward and kissing him. He reciprocated almost immediately, holding you close to him. Your fingers clenched his hair as a feeling of need shot through you. His grip tightened as he deepened the kiss, and you backed up so you were against the nearest wall. Your hips moved on their own; they pushed against him, and he gasped lightly against your lips. His hands ran up your sides, hiking up your shirt a bit in the process. He tentatively bit your lower lip, and you moaned softly in response. Your fingers brushed down to his shoulders, feeling the muscles in his arms ripple as they worked to touch you.

J-Hope pulled away with a small movement; both of your breathing was heavier then. His eyes searched yours carefully.

“Can I make a birthday request?” you asked breathily.

“Of course, Jagi.”

“Can we go to my bedroom…?” You were a bit embarrassed by the words, but there was no taking them back. He nodded, holding your hand and motioning for you to lead the way. You took him there quietly and shut the door behind you.

“Are you sure?” your boyfriend murmured, caressing your face. You nodded with the utmost sincerity, and he pulled you in for a kiss. He backed you up until you fell back on the bed. Unsure of what to do, you tried to remove your shirt. J-Hope grabbed your hands and stopped them from moving.

“I’ll get that for you.”

Before he bent down, he pulled off his own shirt. Your eyes raked down his abs in awe, feeling the warmth in your core tighten. He eased your shirt off while kissing the exposed skin. He traveled down to your stomach and stopped when he reached your stomach. He removed your pants with ease, kissing the waistband of your underwear. You were getting wet from the anticipation alone. While he kissed your neck, he removed your bra and brushed his thumb across your clothed clit, making you hum. He circled your nub slowly and gently, and you idly hoped that your panties weren’t going to be ruined.

Your body was bowing against his by the time J-Hope moved your panties aside. He sped up his ministrations and teased a finger around your slit, making your body move in ways you didn’t think were possible. A moan escaped your mouth, and you tried to quiet down.

“Don’t, Jagi,” J-Hope whispered. “Let me hear you.” Almost as if to urge you on, he pushed a finger inside of you, and you did just what he asked for. He pumped you in time with his circling, and you found yourself wishing that he could be inside of you soon. He saw how ready you were, so he pushed a second finger into you. The feeling was something that you didn’t know you wanted until it happened. Suddenly, he slowed down.

“I don’t have a condom,” he said almost reluctantly.

“I do,” you admitted, motioning towards your dresser. He looked at you questioningly, but then smirked and retrieved the condom.

“Lay down properly,” he said while unbuckling his belt. You did what he told you to, scooting up the bed to the headboard. “Start touching yourself,” he continued softly. Your heart skipped a beat, but you felt more aroused from the idea. You pulled of your underwear completely, and, cheeks turning pink, you circled your clit like he had been.

J-Hope pulled down his pants and underwear in one go and started to stroke himself. He laid down next to you, kissing you while unwrapping the condom. He released your lips to roll the condom over his impressive length. Grabbing your hips, he laid you on top of him, much to your surprise.

“But I don’t know what I’m doing,” you protested lightly.

“It’s okay; I’ll help you,” he reassured you. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.” You nodded again, trusting his judgement. He positioned you over him and kept your body aligned when you lowered yourself. The sensation of him inside you felt strange, but not entirely unwelcome. You were almost overwhelmed, but J-Hope pulled you down so you were laying on him. He locked eyes with you as he pulled out and made his first thrust. You realized immediately that this was a feeling you didn’t want to stop. You let out a small noise of pleasure, your lips searching for his.

He guided your hips until you were moving on your own, and then he thrust up into you. Gasping quietly, you started to pick up the pace. Your body felt unbelievably hot as you moved. Your breasts slid against J-Hope’s chest, and your core was knotting tightly.

“Ho… Hoseok!” you moaned heavily, coming hard around him. His own orgasm came right after yours, and he stilled beneath you. He held you close and muttered your name.

While you caught your breath, J-Hope pulled out of you and laid you next to him so he could dispose of the condom. He got back in bed with you and held you against him.

“Hobi,” you giggled breathlessly, “I can’t breathe. Your chest is in the way.”

He just laughed in response and squeezed you before letting you go.

“I love you,” he smiled, kissing your forehead.

“I love you, too.”

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Not Right

Marceline wasn’t sure how this had happened. She had been on her way to the Candy Kingdom after having heard of Bubblegum’s sudden disappearance. With Finn off on his voyage with Susan and Jake and Fern being too…new for the Vampire Queen to trust, it was up to her to find the missing Princess. She felt that maybe she should’ve brought along Simon, but the Ice King had mentioned he was too into birdwatching the last time she had come over.

Also something about an exotic toucan asking him out, but that was probably the crown talking.

And then suddenly there was a bright light, and then gum began rapidly taking over Ooo. The Treehouse and surrounding plains had already been overrun when Marceline had arrived, and the gum only continued to grow.

Marceline had panicked. Even when faced with the pure essence of the Vampire King some months before, she had never felt this sort of unease.

And that’s when Bubblegum attacked.

A wad of gum struck Marceline in the face, sending the vampire hurtling to the ground, where she became stuck to the never ending candy. She struggled to free herself, but only succeeded in ripping her arm free and prying the gum off her face when she felt the touch of a familiar hand.


That one word froze her, and the vampire’s gaze snapped to see Bubblegum standing over her, smiling ever so sweetly. But the vampire felt a chill go up her undead spine as she how wrong the princess was, her form continuing to ripple and change and warp into something wrong.

“Bubblegum, what are you doing!?” she exclaimed. “What’s happening!?”

Bubblegum giggled, a rare sound from such a prim and proper 1000 year old ruler. “I’m fixing things, obviously. Ooo is such a dangerous place, and everyone is so volatile and crazy. They need to be helped, so I am.”

“Help them?” Marceline couldn’t keep the accusation out of her voice, but Bubblegum didn’t seem offended. If anything, it amused her. The changing woman pointed to the Treehouse behind them, and Marceline cranes her neck to look.

The gum was already receding, and Marceline gazed in shock. In place of her massive green former home, there stood a large plant made almost entirely of glittering rock candy. The landscape surrounding it was entirely pink, even the sky itself. She saw Fern standing high on the roof, but…no, that couldn’t be him. Fern looked so very similar to Finn, but was made entirely of grass and didn’t seem to possess all Finn’s memories.

The…thing on the rock candy home looked like Fern, but was also not. His head looked like a candy wrapper, and the rest of his body brought to her mind an old children’s cartoon she watched, ages and ages ago. What was stranger was rather than look…conflicted, Fern took one look at his surroundings before breaking out in laughter, summersaulting off the roof and down to the ground.

“What did you do?” Marceline asked.

“I fixed him. He’s a lot happier now than before, and that’s all people want, right? To be safe and happy.”

Marceline looked back at Bonnie, the woman she had respected and maybe even admired for years, and saw only a monster. “Stop this!” she exclaimed. “This isn’t right!”

“Don’t worry, Marcy,” Bubblegum soothed. “I’ll fix you too.”

Marceline immediately put on a surge of strength, ripping free of the gum and shapeshifting into the most powerful form she could think of. She reached out with a massive, clawed hand, preparing to incapacitate Bonnie and stop her before everything became worse.

Bubblegum only smiled, and raised her hand.


“Hey Bonnie, you want to hear the new song I just wrote? It’ll help soothe anyone overwhelmed by responsibility!”

The massive face of the Candy Elemental looked at her best friend with a wide smile. “I always enjoy hearing your songs, my friend.”

Marshmeline grinned, then strummed her bass and hummed a long, soothing tune. Down below, all her awesome friends stopped playing and listened to her song, relaxing. This felt right, the Campfire Queen thought. No more pain or sadness or fear and awful bad memories to bring down her day.

Now it was all just…fun.

(Fanfic) The Time Traveler 06

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Title: The Time Traveler (Chapter 06) (Slight MC/Jake) (Slight Grace/Aleister)

Chapter Six summary: While waiting for Jake and MC to come back, Sean and the others hide behind tall ferns and discuss sabertooth eating habits.

Story summary: Using a time travel gun prototype, Jake McKenzie travels back to the past. By encouraging friendships between everybody to build up trust and teach each other skills, he hopes to stop a terrible future from happening.

Links to previous five (05) chapters: [01] [02] [03] [04] [05]

Chapter Six: Sabertooth Eating Habits

Sean wiped his brow as Jake led the group deeper into the forest. The sweltering, sticky heat they all felt was made worse by the little insects that buzzed around them. They had already encountered the sabertooth tiger - he really hoped that they didn’t see some humongous mosquito with a sucker as long as a telephone pole, or something.

Then, without warning, Jake suddenly stopped. Quickly, as if he had done so many times before, his left hand performed three signals, the third being a closed fist.

“Uh, guys? Jake’s being weird.”

“Don’t know what you’re protesting, dude, but I’m with ya!”

Startled, Jake turned back to see Zahra, Craig, and everybody else, including Sean, looking at him strangely - and some strange emotion passed over his face for just a second, but Sean had no time to think about that because all of a sudden, Jake and MC were hustling everybody towards the tall ferns to the right of the trail to hide from something only they could see.

“I hope they’re alright,” Grace murmured as she peered into the path Jake and MC had disappeared into. “What’s taking them so long?”

“I don’t know,” replied Sean worriedly. The two of them had made some kind of near-silent agreement to go after whatever had been watching them, leaving the rest of them hiding behind the tall ferns.

Zahra shrugged as she absentmindedly cut into a bright green leaf with a knife. “Better them than me.”

“Did they get a good look at what they went after?” Sean asked. “What if it’s the sabertooth?”

“You’re right, dude! What if the sabertooth eats them?! That huge cat could be having a really good lunch right now!”

“Unlikely, Craig,” said Grace as she looked into space, her brow furrowing. “According to the size of the sabertooth that accosted us, its stomach would only have space for one fully-grown human. Besides, if it follows the hunting habits of the feline family, it will instinctively chase around and play with its prey before eating it.”

Looking up from her now-shredded leaf, Zahra raised her eyebrow at Grace. “Your point, dork?”

“Merely that if the sabertooth were hungry, it wouldn’t be able to eat both Jake and MC-”

Michelle sighed in relief. “Well, that’s good-”

“-it would be able to eat only one of them, and the other, while mauled, may be able to make their way back to us before collapsing from exhaustion and blood loss.”

“Grace!” admonished Michelle.

“…Well, they asked…

Sean frowned. He and Jake had had their disagreements, but he didn’t want to see the guy mauled by a sabertooth, especially not after the conversation they had the night before. Underneath the tough exterior, he seemed to be a good guy. And of course, he didn’t want MC to be hurt either. Sean didn’t know her that well, but he wanted to know more about her. He admired her positive attitude and her willingness to help out and get things done.

Why didn’t he go with the two of them? Why didn’t he try to help? Sitting here, waiting… it was hard. He wanted to get up; he wanted to help. What if-

“Calm down, dude.” Craig, who had been next to Zahra, had crept his way to Sean’s right without him noticing. “Just relax.”

“I am-”

“No, you’re not. I know what you’re thinking.”

“What am I thinking, then?” Sean asked him.

“You’re thinking about how hard it is to be left behind.”

Surprised, he glanced at Craig, who looked unusually serious as he looked at Sean intently. He was used to the fun-loving, partying Craig. But this Craig, serious and solemn, was one he had seen only very rarely, and despite being his best friend, Sean had no idea what to say.

“Just trust them. It doesn’t always have to fall on you, dude. And after being fast enough to punch you, that sabertooth’s gonna be a piece of cake for Jake!”

Sean laughed. The thing was, he could totally imagine Jake punching a sabertooth.

When Jake and MC finally returned, they looked shocked; they looked worried - but they didn’t look harmed.

As MC opened her mouth to tell them what they had found, Zahra interrupted her. “Are you both okay?”

The concern in her question was so out-of-character that almost everybody turned to look at her as if she were crazy.

“Uh… yes?” MC replied, puzzled by her behavior. “But anyway, guys, guess what! We found-”

“Did you find the sabertooth? Was it hungry? Did it maul you?”

They both blinked.

“Thanks for the concern, but we’re fine, hacker girl. Did you eat any funny-looking plants while we were gone?”

Zahra ignored Jake’s question. “So you weren’t mauled even a little bit?”

She sounded almost… whiny.

Looking vaguely disturbed now, Jake and MC made a point of turning away from Zahra as they addressed the rest of the group. “So, we were in this clearing,” MC told them, “when we saw…”

While they explained what they had seen, Sean noticed movement out of the corner of his eye and turned. While he didn’t see who had moved, he did observe that Zahra looked somewhat disgruntled… and Grace was clutching a five-dollar bill in her left hand as she whispered to Michelle, who was smirking slightly.

Sean smiled to himself. While he had thought that Michelle and Grace coming along was a bad idea, it was nice to see them talking to each other, especially since they were the first two people to make peace during Raj’s feast.

As Zahra grumbled about inconsiderate people who didn’t even have the decency to be mauled by prehistoric animals, Sean thought to himself that even if this island was completely insane, maybe the new friendships they would all form would make everything worth it.

(End of Chapter Six.) (Word count: 999 words.)

Chapter Six notes: (B01-C08.) We know what Jake and the MC were doing during the diamond scene, but I imagine that those who were left behind were probably pretty worried - especially Sean, who is used to being the one to take action and protect the group. Now, he knows a little of how it feels, as Craig pointed out, to be left behind. New friendships are forming in their group, starting with Grace and Michelle… although I think Jake and the MC will want to steer clear of Zahra for a while!

Author’s note: By the way, receiving 🦄🦄 comments 🦄🦄 on my fanfiction lets me know that YOU are interested in reading more… 😊😎 Nudge nudge, wink wink 😀😋

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highlights of my lake district / wordsworth museum trip:

  • the hostel included ‘killing in the name’ on the bar’s playlist during every meal, so we got to eat our stew to a background voice screaming ‘fuck you, i won’t do what you tell me!’
  • WE MADE OUR OWN PAPER. like, dunked a mould into linen mulch, put it on boards and felts, and stood on the boards to get the moisture out. we decorated them with ferns and flowers we found in the grounds, too
  • our supervisor loves dogs as much as i do and spent ten minutes standing with us by the side of a road exclaiming at all the dogs we saw being walked across the street
  • we planned, designed, made, and installed an exhibition case in three and a half hours, and it looked SO GOOD
  • i got to touch and describe dorothy wordsworth’s commonplace book
  • we got to look at so many beautiful, quirky, messy, wonderful manuscripts, and stitched our own little commonplace books together and used the paper we’d made as a cover for them
  • every tea and coffee break included slices of grasmere gingerbread, which is so delicious
  • on our first night at the hostel we spent a good three hours after dinner hosting our own impromptu poetry reading, which was the most earnest, lovely thing ever
  • basically it was all a highlight it was incredible
deaf // newt scamander

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request: can you do a one shot where newt and crew runs into a deaf Thunderbird witch (reader) (maybe Queenie helps translate??) in NYC who then helps them hide the case from MACUSA when they’re on the run?? sorry if it’s too much :// (by anon)

a/n: the giF THO WKENGWJEJWETNW also it’s not too much at all , don’t worry <3 <3

Tina, Queenie, Jacob, and Newt were just finishing up dinner when someone knocked on the Goldsteins’ door. Everyone except Queenie tensed up significantly, Tina even reaching for her wand. “Don’t you guys worry, it’s just (y/n)!” said the blonde airily, smiling widely as she got up and hurried to the door.

Newt’s firm hold on the handle of his suitcase loosened considerably, as he slumped back into his seat, worries of MACUSA still plaguing his thoughts.

“Alright, everyone, so this is (y/n)!” Queenie introduced happily.

Looking up curiously, Newt wondered why Queenie hadn’t introduced Jacob and himself to you. He glanced over at Tina, who simply gave him a small shrug, a knowing glint in her eyes. (a/n: THIS SOUNDS SO EVIL BUT IT’S NOT GUYS EVERYTHING’S FINE)

Queenie seemed to catch on, probably having read his thoughts, and quickly began to explain.

“(y/n)’s deaf, so normally we tend to use Legilimency to communicate,” Queenie said softly, her happy mood slightly dampened. “You can trust her, Newt,” she added hurriedly. “(y/n)’s been best friends with me and Tina since our days at Ilvermorny.”

“What does she do for a living?” Jacob asked, before instantly looking guilty, as if it wasn’t meant to be blurted out. (y/n) didn’t seem to be offended, however, since you must have known what he was thinking if she was as skilled in Legilimency as Queenie was.

“(y/n) really likes Herbology (a/n: i saw a rllY PRETTY FERN TODAY YALL SO YAY PLANTS) so she travels around to places a lot. Just like you, Newt! I guess it’s just her inner Thunderbird - right, Tina?” Queenie said excitedly, her bright mood returning.

Jacob looked even more confused then ever at the unfamiliar terms, but seemed to decide on keeping quiet.

Newt was silently gazing at (y/n), unable to tear his eyes away from you. There was something about you that made Newt want to drown in your soulful eyes that just held something inside of them that he just couldn’t help but stare and marvel at this beautiful stranger. (a/n: jesus roxanna stop turning everything into a bunch of sappy love crap omyfrick)

“(y/n) can actually help you out, Newt!”

Newt snapped out of his daydreams, glancing sheepishly at Queenie, blushing furiously when he saw (y/n) suppressing an amused grin. “Can she really help?” Newt asked quietly, trying not to look at (y/n).

“Of course she can! She transports plants around almost all year long, so she can definitely bring you and your suitcase somewhere to tide all this out!” (a/n: kids this is called ‘evading the law’ DON’T FUCKING DO IT)

Newt couldn’t help but exchange a hopeful glance with a smiling (y/n), grinning like an absolute idiot.

He knew that he and (y/n) would definitely be spending a lot of time together in the future.

a/n: im tired af but i tested out a cup of coffee so noW IM JUST KWJ BW  HWBB - roxanna




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“I’m an author who just published my first book and you work at a bookstore and recommend my own book to me when I come in” Narry :)

  Harry fiddled with his pen, staring at the blank paper before him with a determined, purposeful air as he tried, and failed, to ignore the fact that the bench he was sitting on was as about as comfortable as being seated on a pile of broken glass. Sighing quietly, he shifted once more before snapping his notebook shut and standing up, his pen stuck somewhat haphazardly in the disarray he dared call a bun as he took to wandering about for inspiration once more.

  The little town’s streets were nearly completely devoid of people, the occasional passerbies slipping past as silently as they had appeared, and Harry felt his brow furrow as he rounded a corner and narrowly missed running into yet another street lamp. The little town had far too many of them, and it seemed as if the universe was decidedly set on seeing how many Harry could plow into and still manage to survive. Not much longer, if Harry had to guess, judging from the number of bruises that decorated his body.

Keep reading