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Do you sometimes get worried that teh writers will run out of storyline ideas for Olicity get bored and just break them up?

I think it’s normal to be worried about this because if season 3 showed us anything, it was that the writers aren’t very creative. 

BUT, I must say, I’ve always thought that two people getting their crap together and finally deciding to give coupledom a try is only 1/10th of the story. Getting together is easier than staying together. Some people believe that a love story is over when a two people get together, but I believe that’s when things begin to get interesting. 

What’s great about Arrow is that romance doesn’t need to be up front and center. In fact, I quite prefer it to be the b-plot which doesn’t require as much energy and creativity as the a-plot. Arrow works best when there’s a compelling villain and a compelling journey for our titular hero. The romance isn’t supposed to make the show, it’s supposed to enhance it and I feel as though season 4 is where we’ll see Oliver and Felicity enhance the show with them being a couple, just like how Oliver and Felicity enhanced the show in season 1 and 2 with their budding relationship. 

That being said, I feel like there’s still a lot more to explore with Oliver and Felicity and how it affects Oliver’s character and helps him grow as a person. Here’s a few ideas I just thought of in a few minutes:

  • The introduction of Oliver’s son and how that will affect Oliver and Felicity. 
  • Felicity’s father coming back into town which is hopefully when we see Oliver being supportive of Felicity by being her shoulder to lean on. 
  • The writers can tackle how the change in their relationship changes the dynamics of the team, because let’s be real, it will. 
  • How Oliver and Felicity being a couple will affect their actions out in the field. Will they fight when Oliver becomes reckless? Will Oliver be vehemently against Felicity going out into the field? 
  • Felicity dealing with her abandonment issues which in turn could affect her relationship with Oliver. Oliver will have to earn Felicity’s confidence and convince her that he’s not going anywhere. 
  • Oliver and Felicity moving in with each other which will change their dynamics.
  • Oliver asking Felicity to marry him.
  • Felicity possibly getting kidnapped or hospitalized and we can see Oliver’s reaction as he almost loses the love of his life. 
  • Felicity possibly sacrificing herself for Oliver like Chloe did for Oliver in Smallville. 
  • Oliver and Felicity working together to take down the bad guy like they did in episode 5 of season 3. 
  • Felicity helping an anxious Oliver get through the fear of losing Thea as she becomes Speedy. 
  • Felicity being the mediator between John and Oliver whenever they disagree on something or are fighting. 
  • Maybe Felicity can force Oliver to help train her? And if he flat out refuses, she can go to Diggle which Oliver would be unhappy about
  • More. sex. scenes. 
  • More scenes where Oliver and Felicity are being cute and flirty as hell. 
  • Heck, maybe they both can babysit Sara and Felicity learns that Oliver is really amazing with kids. 
  • Maybe we could see moments where Oliver and Felicity learn more about each others deep dark secrets
  • We can finally see Oliver tell Felicity about what happened to him the 5 years he was away. 
  • What about the villain using Felicity to get to Oliver? That could definitely be great to see.  

I’m just saying that there’s a lot to explore. There are so many things that Oliver has to deal with on a day to day basis, and we’ve never seen Oliver in a positive, healthy, long term relationship, so it would be amazing to see how that affects his character, how it changes how he deals with his issues, and how that helps him grow. 

Oliver’s life is just completely dour and he deserves happiness, why can’t Felicity be that happiness for him? Because clearly they make each other better people. I’m just saying, their dynamic is one that will be sorely missed if the writers decide to break them up.