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Outlaw Queen: "As much as I loved carrying our beautiful baby girl for nine months, no."

“So,” Emma smiled at the both of them, taking a quick sip of her ale before placing it atop the table once more and continuing, “Mom and Dad’s first night out, huh?”

“We have had a drink since she was born, Emma,” Regina replied with an amused roll of her eyes, loving the way Robin draped his arm over her shoulder and pulled her into his side. She was absolutely baked already and he knew it. “Just nothing excessive.”

“I didn’t expect that you’d have gone without your cabernet for too long, Madame Mayor,” the blonde replied on a laugh, “just that it must be nice to get out and feel like a person again instead of a new mother.”

“I don’t know,” Robin turned his head to look at his wife, smiling when she turned and caught his eye, “I think she wears motherhood beautifully,” he squeezed her against him a little more, “she always has.”

She lifted her palm to his cheek, pursing her lips to keep her smile from growing too wide before she brought his lips to her own for a brief but loving kiss that lasted for only a few seconds but lingered wonderfully on her lips and pulled a warm hum from her lips.

“Careful,” Killian teased as he slipped back into the booth with another two drinks for himself and Emma – he had offered to buy both Robin and Regina one also but they’d declined – “keep going like that and we’ll be expecting baby number five.”

“Dear God, no,” Regina chuckled with Robin and with the other two, rubbing her thumb over her husband’s cheek before she turned back to face Emma and the pirate, “As much as I loved carrying our beautiful baby girl for nine months,” she thought of Henry’s impending teenage angst that she knew would be arriving any day now, of Roland’s transition into mainstream school and of Scarlett’s trouble with teething, “no.”

“Oh come on, Regina,” Emma rolled her eyes, “you’re telling me that you’ll be having no more children?”

“And why is that so hard to believe?”

“You’re like born to be a mother, there’s no way you’re not going to have anymore.”

Robin’s palm rubbed her upper arm as he laughed softly beside her for he’d said the exact same thing when they’d discussed the idea of more children.

“I didn’t say I wasn’t going to mother any more children, it’s just…” she shrugged as Robin held her tighter against him, knowing how uncomfortable such personal things were for her but still, she confessed, “there are numerous children begging for a home and for people to love them and if adopting Henry and Roland and Scarlett has taught me anything, it’s that a child doesn’t have to grow in your stomach for them to grow in your heart. I want to afford more children the opportunities that our children have here.”

There was silence for a long moment as her words filled the space around them before Killian was nodding his head and proclaiming, “Well, if that doesn’t deserve a toast, then I don’t know what does.”

And as they all raised a glass in agreement, Regina found she’d never felt more certain about any other decision in her life.