but feelings doesn't go away just like that

When you're obsessed with both Hamilton and the Batfam
  • Bruce: Son-
  • Jason: Don't call me son
  • Dick and Damian: Immigrants; we get the job done!
  • Alfred: *after Jason's death* There are moments that the words don’t reach, there is suffering too terrible to name. You hold your child as tight as you can and push away the unimaginable. The moments when you’re in so deep, it feels easier to just swim down
  • Bruce: It's quiet uptown
  • Jason: Death doesn't discriminate, between the sinners and the saints, it takes and it takes and it takes.
  • Bruce: You strike me as a woman who's never been satisfied
  • Selena: I'm sure I don't know what you mean. You forget yourself
  • Bruce: You're like me. I'm never satisfied
  • Selena: Is that right?
  • Damian: My dog speaks more eloquently than thee
  • Joker: *To Batman* You say our love is draining and you can't go on. You'll be the one complaining when I am gone
  • Tim: I had't slept in a week, I was weak, I was awake.

Waverly + angelic lighting

“That night on the homestead. They killed everyone but me. Why?”

“They knew. No one harms the baby. My words. My law. You’re my angel. Fly, fly away. And make Wynonna missing no more.”

Okay but imagine

-Eddie storming into bevs house, bundled up even though it’s only mildly cold outside, full on ranting about Richie and how this was her fault because she got them together so now she has to help him

-she automatically assumes richie said something stupid and now he’s in trouble so she immediately goes to leave her house to find him before Eddie stops her

-“aren’t we going to get richie?” “What? No. Richies fine.”

-he closes all the curtains before angerly taking off is coat and scarf and there’s just. Hickeys. Everywhere. At least 4 on his neck and some on his collarbones, peaking from under his pastel shirt

-Bev immediately starts laughing hysterically

-“this is your fault! If my mom sees these I’m going to get stuck in an emergency room because she thinks I have some weird skin condition you have to cover them”

-hence then every day until they go away Eddie either bikes to beverlys every morning to cover them before school or wears obnoxious layers

-richie notices and thinks it’s hilarious, and is in no way deterring him from making more

  • <p> <b>Person:</b> um you don't have to be so bitter about life all of the time! Quit being negative about politics!!<p/><b>Me:</b> I literally live in fear of the government now and I have friends who are going to be affected worse than me.<p/><b>Person:</b> it won't be that bad!!<p/><b>Me:</b> just because it's not your healthcare or human rights being taken away doesn't mean I am going to be okay.<p/><b>Person:</b> he can't do all that!!<p/><b>Me:</b> he literally has the support of a third of Americans right now. What would you feel like if one third of your country hated you and felt you don't deserve human rights.<p/></p>

You want to quit all this and run?

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Can I just say, I feel like I'm the only one that's extremely irritated with the whole moving theories? Like it's great if they are but in all seriousness, there's a lot to disprove them moving, specially right now with everything going on(vaca). And moving is something serious, not some secret project that doesn't have to be acknowledge right away like moving would. Why the fuck would they be so hush hush over moving? There's no need to?? And dan said he's redecorating his room SOO... no move.

fair enough. idg why it’s the foundation for so much discourse to be honest. if they move they move if they don’t they don’t. they inevitably will eventually bc they’ve said themselves that the house is too small for all of their things. so it’s rly more a matter of “when” and that seems v uninteresting to me overall to be frank

edit: since yesterday i’ve been thinking about the wholly inadequate answer i gave to this ask. not only was i a bit condescending in my response (and i want to say sorry about that bc i didn’t intend for my tone to be laced with so much judgment … of course it’s valid to be interested in if/when they’re moving and think about what it could mean for them,) but i also didn’t even really respond to the question that this anon posed and i feel really bad about it (which is also why i realized i should probs log off and not try to answer much else, since i was not in a great place to be thinking about this stuff.) 

i do want to try and respond better tho to the question of why dnp would “be so hush hush over moving” (though i apologize in advance since u said you’re feeling irritated by the moving theories. this is a full on explanation of all the evidence that supports that theory.) the first point i want to make is that i actually don’t think they’re really trying to keep it hush hush. they’re obviously not outright stating that they’re moving, but dan especially has made several allusions to that notion over the last few months, many of which seem to have been forgotten in the overall discussion happening in the fandom right now. there were all of the needing storage mentions of course, and then the explicit statement in that january live show that “getting more storage” was definitely on the agenda for 2017. that could obviously be an innocuous statement, but with dan’s extensive knowledge of phandom discourse, the chance seems slim that he didn’t know that “getting storage” was being used as a way to talk about moving. then there were all of those subtle mentions about how long they’ve lived in the flat–i think on 2 or 3 separate occasions dan brought up that he couldn’t believe they’d been there for 5 years now. there was also the mention that he wants a new piano, and that that was something he would do this year. again while it’s possible he meant getting a new piano in this flat, he’s also stated in the past that the piano has been in that apartment since it was constructed and it just seems more feasible to accomplish that goal in a new place? and he also stated in january that after filming a lot for dapg, the early part of 2017 would be dedicated to “life things.” and, finally, with respect to yesterday’s live show, if they’re really trying to keep this some enormous secret dan would’ve tried a lot harder imo to hide the absence of the wirrow painting and the shit on his bedside table. or he would’ve waited until after the tuesday live show to get the stuff moved. or he would’ve canceled the tuesday live show altogether, especially bc he had a pretty solid excuse in being swamped with pre-travel preparation (he even made it seem like a possibility that he wouldn’t stream today during the joint live show last week.)

generally, i do think there are a number of reasons they would want to keep it mostly secret (the pressure from millions of people openly speculating about it, drawing conclusions from it, expressing their heartbreak bc of their emotional attachment to their current flat, etc. seems like an incomprehensible stress on top of the already stressful process of moving.) but i also think it’s important to note that they’re not really trying very hard to eliminate speculation on it either. in my opinion, they seem more like they’re attempting to lowkey prepare people without outright stating it so that no one who is seriously invested in them and their personal matters (aka the ardent live show watchers) can truly claim to be shocked or surprised when it happens. i mean, just look at their tags here on tumblr rn–if they were aiming to keep it “hush hush” i would say they miserably failed. if, however, their goal was to tell people subtly without confirming it outright,, then they clearly succeeded.

overall, since dnp have always been people who seem to make every decision and statement with so much premeditated thought, the easiest explanation of all of the past statements i’ve listed (and yesterday’s very pointed “you could say i’m relocating it … one could say” …. like rly if he’s aesthetically rearranging his current bedroom why that sketchy “one could say” addendum? it makes literally no sense in that context) is that they’re moving. i also don’t understand why it seems like such a ‘reach’ to people. they’ve lived in that flat so long. they’ve talked about needing more space for so long. it just seems very logical to me on every level that two people with their level of intertwined living and their financial capacity would take this relatively chiller time in their professional lives to do something about their struggle w too limited space, the annoying loudness of their street, their leaky gas pipes, their overbearing landlord, etc. etc. and “see if there’s a better way to live” (also dan’s words from earlier this year, in case ppl forgot) 

in short, all of these things seem to make at least a reasonable case for them moving (and moving soon), and  all of dan’s talk about aesthetics and new backgrounds for his videos, plus asking viewers to send him “palettes,” are easier explained, imo, as just a bit of (adorable) excitement around the upcoming process of redecorating in a new place. he’ll still need to think about how to arrange his furniture and what sort of decorative pieces to add to his background in this hypothetical new place, obvi, and he never explicitly said the words “i’m redecorating this bedroom that i currently inhabit.” moreover, that they’re moving and some of their stuff has already been packed away explains all of the sketchier elements of the show in a much cleaner way. for example, why was dan’s excuse for using his phone that the mouse to his “laptop” was dead? do they not have batteries? do they not have other computer mouses in their house? (they do. like at least 2 if not more.) why would not having a mouse, if that was even true, necessitate him sitting on his bed with his phone? why not use his laptop? or if that’s broken too, why not use phil’s laptop as he has done before? using a phone seems like the most inconvenient solution, and sitting on the bed with that phone seems doubly inconvenient. like, let’s say all of the other tech is packed away for their trip or dead or broken and his only option really was his phone … why did he choose to sit on his bed? something he hasn’t done in a live show in literal years? something that is so clearly uncomfortable? wouldn’t it have been easier to sit at his desk with his phone leaned against something? and then obvi why the weirdness with the painting? why the empty bedside table? also, why will phil be unavailable to do a live show until the 25th if the aus convention ends the 15th and, by dan’s own words, they’re coming home before going to florida? 

i really think the simplest explanation to all of these things is that his room is being emptied and he didn’t want to show us, they’re in the process of moving some stuff out, maybe all of it, so that they’ll be totally relocated in the coming weeks. i think the notion that he was talking about rearranging his room makes much less sense bc then he would’ve just directly said “lol i’m rearranging my room right now and i need ideas and also that’s why the painting is gone.” there was literally no reason for him to be so weird and unclear about it. that they’ve been house-hunting and packing shit up would also account in large part for their apparent busy schedules and stress over the last few weeks. it would account for why dan has made so many allusions to being tired (rmmbr “i’m so tired … i don’t know why … actually i do know why”?? rmmbr him clarifying at one point that he was “physically” tired??? hmmm.) 

obvi everything is speculation at the end of the day, i could be totally wrong on all of this and dan might just be a crazy person who says random misleading shit for kicks, but i guess overall i’m just a bit confused why the idea that they’re moving is being treated like some sort of outrageous tinhat theory when: 1. there have been so many signs pointing to it 2. it just makes sense for them at this stage of their lives, and 3. they’ve seemingly not tried super hard to hide it either. 

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Any awkward roommate AUs? I just got into contact with my roommate for next year when I start college, and holy heck, and I feel like she doesn't want anything to do with me or like I really annoy her? I feel like an awkward mushroom and just want to write stuff to make it go away... ugh. On another note, hi! Hope your day is going well!

  • “I don’t know what part of ‘four people will be sharing the same bathroom’ that you don’t understand, because you keep leaving your smelly shoes RIGHT next to the toilet. Unless you want to wake up and find them in the toilet, I would recommend finding a new place to put them.” AU
  • Character A is ready for college! They’ve got their roommate assignments and had a few casual conversations with them, but on orientation week when Character A steps into their new dorm, they see that Character B has already completely set up their side of the room with anime posters/Dungeon and Dragons stuff/furry artwork/etc. Turns out Character B is a major fan of some stuff that Character A has never even heard of.
  • “Hey there, I’m an awkward mushroom and I’m really bad about talking to people through social media and stuff, but would you like to maybe go grab bagels and learn about each other?  We are going to be spending the next few months together to it might be good to start off on a good foot.” AU
  • Character A has never really gotten along with their roommate, Character B. Starting off, Character B never really wanted to try to talk to Character A, and instead just spent all of their time on their laptop. One night, while Character A is up and stressing over an exam they have in the morning, Character B looks over and says: “oh hey, I’m really good at that class. Do you need me to help you?”
  • Character A had planned on rooming with Character C, their best friend from high school, but because of an intense fight, Character A is assigned a last minute, random roommate. Not sure what to expect, Character A is surprised on orientation day to find that Character B, their new roommate, has brought Character A brownies/organic trail mix/homemade marshmallow-rice squares/etc. as a sort of ‘I know we haven’t really talked before but here’s this so please please please like me’ gift.
  • “Listen…I’ve never had alcohol before so can we like, forget the fact that we stayed up until 3am spilling our deepest secrets to each other? That was two days ago and we haven’t talked about it since.” AU

**This ask was originally sent in by @genosha-meiuqer but had to be modified slightly and sent again on anon.

  • warren: takes a beating from nathan and encourages max to drive away from the scene so she's safe
  • warren: is genuinely concerned about kate's wellbeing and alyssa's
  • warren: takes max kissing chloe really well and actually encourages her to go ape with chloe instead of him
  • warren: knocks a friggin gun out of nathan's hand and beats him up for hurting him, max, and kate but still feels guilty about going too far afterwards
  • warren: and doesn't butt into max's and chloe's investigations even though he keeps getting involved accidentally

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It's genuinely making me really upset to think that Jack Dylan Grazer is seeing all this stuff about how he's in love with Finn and how he's probably going to have to push him away now, he can't just act like a kid :((( sorry it's just upsetting I wish he knew the whole fandom doesn't thjnk like that

A huge part of this fandom is completely messed up and  disrespectful about the cast of the movie, it’s unbelievable. People need to stop shipping F.ack; the actors are uncomfortable, and I’m pretty sure Finn and Jack feelings and friendship are way more important than this stupid pairing thing people keep crying about, saying they’re doing nothing wrong
my man… let me tell you something…. what you’re doing is wrong. I saw people blurrying Jack from pictures because he is “problematic” like…. bitch he’s a kid. he acts like a kid. don’t blame him for having a close friend an not wanting to be shipped with??? this isn’t so difficult to get…..

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Something with secret identity like.... JM and jk know each other from the past but one of them has something to hide so he fakes that he's someone else or doesn't remember him and the other is ashamed of himself bc of reasons? Btw your au was amazing <3

🌸Jungkook rolls in his bed once again. He looks out of the big window, rain pouring on the streets, just like that night when he ran away.

🌸Jungkook was only 17. Too young for the judgment of the world, too young to go through all the shit his feelings would imply. So he just ran away from them. from him.

🌸He met Jimin, a lovely boy with plump lips and soft eyes, when he was 8 years old. Jimin was hanging out with his friends, 2 years older than Jungkook, so he just curled at the side of the park, playing with his toy car. When one of those older kids came to snatch that toy from the younger, it was Jimin that conforted him and gave him his red car back.

🌸From that day, they were inseparable. They spent all the afternoons together, first at the park, then in their rooms playing videogames.

🌸When Jungkook turned 16, Jimin gave him a kiss on the cheek. Jungkook realised that he loved the other in a way you weren’t supposed to love a friend.

🌸One year later, Jungkook found out Jimin had a crush on a pretty girl. Her hair were long and of a warm tone of brown, his legs were long and she was overall very femenine.

🌸He ran away a few nights later, the rain partially covering his tears. 

🌸Rolling another time, he takes his phone from the bedside table, scrolling through the list of contacts.

🌸”Fuck,I’m so gonna regret this”

🌸He types fast, his heart explodig in his chest.

🌸”Hi, how are you? I know it’s been three years since we last talked, but I was thinking about you, and I still have your number” With his hand shaking,he waits for an answer that maybe is never gonna arrive.

🌸”Uh, sorry, I changed my phone and I lost all of my contacts. Who’s this?” I can’t do this, I can’t do this, I can’t.

🌸”Sorry, I must have the wrong number. Bye.” What a fucking coward.

🌸 “No… Are you Jungkook? You ran away three years ago. How’re you? I miss you.” Holy fuck, this is your occasion Jungkook!

🌸 “Uh, no, my name is not Jungkook. Sorry buddy, goodbye. I’m sorry for your friend” he smacks his head so hard that he can see the stars.

🌸 “Oh.. Well… Maybe I wasn’t that much of a friend if he ran away like that and disappeared. Probably he hated me or something.” Shit. 

🌸 “I’m sure he didn’t. Maybe he had reasons to do it.” Yes, way to go, nochu.

🌸 “Thank you, you are really kind. Uhh… maybe we can text another time? :)” OH HELL NO

🌸 “Yes, sure!” What the fuck.

🌸 They texts each other almost everyday, telling stories and horibble puns. But Jungkook knows Jimin. He knows what is going to happen.

🌸 “So, we text so much but I don’t even know your face. How about we meet?” Okay Jungkook, you can do this. You can’t disappear another time. You can’t do this to him.

🌸 “Yes, but I’m not sure you’ll like me”

🌸 The next day, Jungkook waits Jimin, seated on a bench of the park they always went as kids.

🌸 Jimin arrives, more beautiful than ever, with his new orange hair and the body of a greek god.

🌸 Jimin sees him: his childhood friend, the boy he loves so much but was so scared to terrify with his feelings. A tear falls from his eye, soon others to join it.

🌸 Jungkook is crying too, dampening his jeans, fearing a rejection.

🌸 Before they know it, they are hugging so tight they can barely breath. Jimin can hear the sobs of the younger on his ear, and he kisses the brown soft hair, threading his hands in them.

🌸 Jungkook finds the courage to talk on the older’s neck.

🌸 “I tried so much to forget you. I run away because I was scared you would find me disgusting. I’m so sorry Jimin. I loved you. I still love you.”

🌸 Jimin sqeezes him, a tear wetting the younger’s hair.

🌸 “I love you too. I’ve always loved you.”

Trey Parker’s thoughts on Heiman

«Parker said he was a fan of Cartman having a significant other, Heidi Turner, which showed a new side to the usually foul-mouthed, angry, fat kid. 

We don’t want her to go away,” Parker said. “But, I really liked in the end that he was now a dude stuck in a relationship.“»

jane sloan is the ultimate bff cause you can tell her you like girls and she’ll still get undressed/change in front of you without a second thought and won’t make any off hand comments that make you feel weird about your sexuality or like you’re being predatory and making her uncomfortable anyway guys watch the bold type

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The animation will be better. I hope. Like take the moment in princess fragrance where mari falls and tikki flies away. She falls on Adrien and he is like "hey you okay?" And she nearly doesn't have the time to say "yes im okay" or whatever she said because he was going away like nothing happened lmfao🐱 it made me feel so bad idk, maybe its just me xD

LMAO yeah they probably did that cuz either

-They didn’t have enough time in the ep to add anything else to that interaction

-They didn’t want to shift too much of the focus away from the situation that happened with Tikki

But really now that I think about it Adrien’s still an awkward bean and probs would do something like that anyway xD


“My friend fell. How long do I hold this??”

“lol idk so ima just go. Bye”

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When door alarms go off, doesn't walking away without stopping to be waved through make you seem more sus?? Everyone says not to stop and just to keep walking without looking back, but I feel like that's suspicious.

the issue is that beeping in the first place IS sus!! either way ur suspected of thèft. it’s a case of weighing ur options…
u beep bc u have stolen items on u. u can either:
1) stop, have ur bag searched, and get arrested for thèft😢
2) walk on, and POTENTIALLY get away w it. congratulations, ur not in jail😊
so keep on walking, bc if u stop n they find something on u, u will wish u left when u had the chance

okay so just thinking about it I’m just waiting for life. I know the world doesn't owe me anything, but I’m still like niko in oh boy, just wasting away, but if I move, leave, run, won’t I just still waste away? I’m travelling all of europe in october, with friends. not knowing where to live, where to be. and I’m dwelling, of course, about leaving my cat for a month with my mum, but also leaving my heart in my town but maybe feeling at home somewhere else. I think I am freaking out a bit. but I’m going everywhere in europe this october, and I’m just wondering if I’ll become more okay. 

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6. After climbing too high Adrien gets stuck on top of his climbing wall like a cat, forcing Gorilla and Nathalie to need to come to his rescue. 7 An akuma that turns those in love blind strikes Paris, to everyone's surprise suddenly Marinette and Adrien are joking and flirting back and forth. 8 There's a power outage at school and it's pitch black, Adrien doesn't notice.

Omg I feel like Gorilla would just open his arms and Adrien would jump into them tbh. I mean look at this kid:

He has guts of steel. This boy gives no fucks. 

AND OMG the Adrien and Marinette akuma thing would be a GREAT reveal scenario LMAO

And I love the headcanon that Adrien’s Chat eyes don’t truly go away when he de-transforms. Yes I love this.  Let him have that night vision 24/7

Now that I know that tumblr “hides” n//sfw content under the little lock in the tags, I feel the need to go comb back through the tags since they incorporated this stupid feature, so I can reblog/interact with everyone whose content was unfairly (and probably unknowingly) filed away. I feel like a lot of good content is largely going unseen, and that’s not cool.

When did they start doing this? A few months ago? I won’t do it with the buffy-tags, because good god, who has time for that, but some of my smaller fandoms for sure.

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Another headcanon: Anti is really good at art. Traditional art though, not digital. Only because he cares a lot about it and doesn't want his penchant for messing up electronics to ruin anything. All of his excess energy goes into it and it helps to calm him down when he's really erratic. He doesn't tell anybody about it though. He'll disappear for a while and comes back chilled out. Dark eventually finds a bunch of his works and is low-key blown away at his talent. Anti gets embarrassed.

aw, that’s cute!! and dark makes sure to go out and get him all the necessary supplies that he needs! i feel like anti likes drawing and coloring with colored pencils most of all, and anti spends hours just in his room creating whatever comes into mind. dark probably jokingly gets a sign for anti’s door saying something like ‘do not disturb, artist at work’ or something lmao

anti doesn’t allow dark to see any of the pictures he’s created, but whenever dark comes into his room to clean, dark notices that the black, red, and blue colored pencils are worn down the most 😉💙

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would you say you're in a place where you're happy? im still young (19 soon 20) and i want to feel happy but i feel like i'll only get there if i'm this totally made up version of myself that i'm not sure is achievable. were you ever in a place where you feel like you finally figured out who you are on your own? sorry if this doesn't make any sense.

i’m so happy, i’ve never been happier. that said i really only got to this place less than a year ago and i’m about to be 25 next month. i feel like i know who i am and what i want and how i’m going to get there. 19 feels so far away tbh, i was just in college having fun and fucking around lol. i had darker times when i was older like 21-23 yeas sort of terrible, like rock bottom a thousand times over. 

the best piece of advice i can give you is to stop planning, stop thinking so far ahead. be present. think about what you enjoy doing and who you enjoy being around and take time for yourself and just focus on right now. things don’t go as planned, people come in and out of your life and your feelings change and your interests change and you just have to welcome all of those things and let your life play out.