but feel bad for having them


They’re the only ones left in the tower. Only the four of them.
“The train will leave soon, we should go.”
Peter Pettigrew, his constant concern for everything.
“We’re good, Peter, we’ll be there on time.”
Remus Lupin, the voice of reason.
“Makes me feel bad to have to leave.”
James Potter, disarming honesty.
“Let’s go, idiots, before you all start crying”
Sirius Black, hard facade, criminal appearance. He’ll miss school more than any of them.
Peter doesn’t want to miss the train. James always hopes for a better tomorrow. Remus has been saying goodbye for years so that the pain is not so bad in the end. But Sirius knows that he won’t have any other home like Hogwarts. He came running away from an ancient family, one that was noble and pure. And he found another, of half-bloods and marauders. Not everything was perfect, but they made sure to make it memorable. 


1 .Let her wear her red lipstick. It makes her feel beautiful and sexy at the same time. Respect it as well, don’t you dare smudge it. But when you get behind closed doors, don’t stop her from painting a masterpiece on your skin with her lips.
2. Don’t let her go to sleep without hearing your voice.
3. Flowers are never ever a bad idea, even when you don’t have a reason for giving them.
4. Wash her hair in the shower. You have no idea how relaxing it is.
5. Reassure her you love her. She’ll always worry about you leaving, you’ll learn why.
6. She’ll talk about her past when she’s ready, don’t push it.
7. Telling her she’s beautiful never hurts.
8. Give in sometimes even when you shouldn’t. She’s fought her whole life, it’s the last thing she wants to do.
9. Get drunk and stay in. She’ll spend most of her time confessing how much she loves you, and the rest of the night showing you.
10. She likes when you rub her back, but don’t touch her feet.
11. When she shaves her legs insist on feeling them.
12. She likes to talk about books, and loves when you write poetry about the color of her hair.
13. She hates to repeat herself, so listen closely.
14. Tell her stories about when you first fell for her, she loves to hear them.
15. Let her know when you’re having a bad day, not only will she appreciate the warning, she’ll do all she can to make it better.
16. When you count your blessings, count her twice. You really are so lucky to have her in your life.
—  How to Keep her.
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Like, I’m reluctant to say bad things about JK Rowling, but I feel like the qualities of the non-Gryffindor houses have been more fleshed out by fandom than she originally intended? In later books there are side characters from the other houses like Cedric, Tonks, Regulus Black etc. but all the Marauders and Golden Trio are Gryffindors. It seems like the early books went for a “Gryffindors good, Slytherins evil, other two kind of useless” approach, but fans started identifying with the non-Gryffindor houses and analyzing their possible traits, so JKR responded to them by adding more heroic characters from those houses. By the time Pottermore was created, each house had its own list of unique qualities and famous alumni. I don’t know, it just seems like fans wanting more than one dimension out of the “nerds, useless idiots, and Junior Death Eaters” may have played a part in that. c:

It’s important to remember that individuals with mental illnesses who are having some kind of break down/episode that you might find ‘scary’ are also scared during that episode. They also usually feel bad because they know they’re scaring the people around them.

If someone is having an episode or attack, stay calm. If they’re aware of their surroundings, ask if there’s anything you can do to help calmly.

Do not touch them, and do not get up in their face, especially if they seem to be or tell you they’re hallucinating.

Freaking out, being aggressive, or acting scared isn’t really going to help anyone in the long run.

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I can here the MRAs crying in the distance. Hilarious. The hypocrisy they display... Who cares whose targeted in the game? I play Nazi zombie killer games and say fuck the Nazis,but am I racist against German people? Nope. Nazism is illegal there,and I admire that,because in Amercia,we still have groups like the KKK and Black Panthers. Same with men I guess. I don't look outside and project my feelings towards these idiots on innocent people. How pathetic those people are to stereotype,anyone.

Honestly, there’s a ton of men who are excited about this game too. It’s something fun and different and cool. I feel bad for gamers who can’t put themselves in the shoes of a character that isn’t EXACTLY the same as them. They miss out on so many great gaming experiences. One of the exciting things about gaming is that you get to be someone else for a little while. And we’re doing our best to create at least four someone else’s that you’ll have a lot of fun being.

Wanna know what makes me really mad? The fact that Zayn was in the middle of the OTRA tour. There were so many fans who waited for about 5 years just to see him live. There were so many fans who cried themselves to sleep. So many people lost faith in everything. We all felt bad for him because he said that he didnt feel happy to have so much attention and stuff, that he wanted to get out of the spotlight because he was depressed.

But now all of a sudden he is probably in the studio recording his solo album .
This is not what a “normal 22 year old boy” does.
This is not “taking a break”

I feel like he lied to us all and left his 4 best friends, his 4 brothers. He’s known them 5 years but it feels like a lifetime, where as he’s known Naughty Boy for less then a year. The 4 boys had to change so much and learn Zayns part just so that he could go solo with Naughty Boy

But I will support the rest of the boys until the end because they are the ones who kept us together, they made us strong, they stayed by our side.
They boys stayed for us. They will continue their tour for us. They are making a fifth album for us. They know how much this means to us. So please please please do not throw out your OTRA tickets
As much as it hurts us, it also hurts the boys and they are trying their hardest to keep us happy.

One Direction isn’t the same without Zayn, but it doesnt mean that One Direction is over

I shouldn’t be giving time to this but

When I say you should stop following depression bloggers I’m saying there are people who want others to feel bad. So they post self harming, mia, ana etc.

They are PROMOTING it

There is a difference between that kind of people and people who are simply victims of their own emotions

And there is ALSO a difference between these people and people who reblog depressed things once in a while because they relate to it. 

You shouldn’t unfollow someone who is struggling. You should help them.

I’m at least 2% sure you can tell the difference

Now if you can please stop sending me hate trying to make me feel bad because I reblog sad stuff, that would be nice. I have feelings, you know?

Have I hurt yours? Nice, you’re gonna hurt me back? That’s edgy.

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Hi Sarah :( I'm scared to date boys because of so self conscious about my body, they think my boobs are cute but I feel like when they see them without my bra they're going to be freaked out & all my stretch marks and I don't have a pretty porn star vagina :( I'm just all the way wrong

you should be scared to date boys because they’re hairy and have saggy ballsacks and smell bad in the mornings and are messy and will probably just make you mad most of the time not because of anything you think is wrong with YOU


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okay this has bothered me for a long time and i gotta talk about it

why does everyone seem to hate lars?

yeah, he’s an asshole, he’s angry, he snaps at people, he lies but who doesn’t do these things?

he’s a lonely, insecure teenager and i’m gonna come right out and say i’ve done a lot of the things lars has done- and i’ll bet most teenagers have too

what teenager hasn’t played up a minor injury to get out of doing something they dont want to do? (like “oh, my cough is so bad i cant go to school today i’m too sick *cough*”)

what teenager hasn’t lied to a friend about what they’re doing just because they don’t feel like hanging out with them?

what person hasn’t snapped at someone they love just because they feel like shit and need to take it out on someone?

who hasn’t relied on their phone as a crutch in a stressful situation?

why does everyone hate lars for being a flawed but believable character?

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There's something that really bothers me about the ending of httyd2 and that's how they attacked Drago's alpha. After babbling the whole film that "dragons are noble creatures" and "there are no bad dragons, only bad people who make them do bad things" (I know this isn't the exact quote but you get the idea) suddenly all the dragons shot at the alpha and BROKE ONE OF HIS HORNS. Shouldn't they have attacked Drago instead? Idk it made me feel pretty bad for the poor dragon. He's not guilty.

Are you just as bothered by the ending of the first movie then?  Because Hiccup obliterated that dragon. The Red Death’s story has been speculated about and I know the Bewilderbad was an innocent dragon at one point, but that was a long time ago.  Everyone, no matter what their excuse is, is somebody’s villain.  These individuals happened to become Hiccup’s.  Hiccup’s always been someone who will take action to protect his own when pushed. He was pushed in the first movie and he was pushed in the second movie. He acts in the moment, and sometimes action over forgiveness is the necessary option for the individual. Not the greater good, bullshit, but the individual.

On that note, I wouldn’t say Hiccup didn’t attack Drago.  Drago used the Bewilderbeast as a weapon and as a shield.  Hiccup did initially choose to separate them and then the Bewilderbeast attacked them without Drago.  Like I said, sometimes its action over forgiveness. Forgiveness and saving has its limits—especially when it becomes stupid and harmful for yourself and your loved ones.

Also, recognize that Valka said there are “no bad dragons”.  Not Hiccup. No one else. Valka. Some things are said for narration, but who says them matters.  Valka probably would have chosen to attack Drago over the Bewilderbeast—well, she did (then again, with human judgement she probably felt some level of grief and anger towards the Bewilderbad for killing the alpha of sanctuary).

Intellectual delineations associated with race make for a lack of serious discussion here: White people accept Kathleen Hanna’s branch of feminism though it has often and primarily benefitted other white women, and stand by her in solidarity as she praises icons of White aspiration like Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. While Hanna has, historically, played with sarcasm and irony in her lyrics, her work has never been derided as a joke, her lyrical critiques have been taken as just that. M.I.A. and Heems, however, are often subject to bad press for this same approach—press that paints them as attention-seeking and caustic. The feel-good feminism of white women earns infinitely more respect in both the artistic and ‘real’ world as evidenced by their prominence and visibility; making art about your experience of racism is seemingly much less acceptable, cool or “punk”.

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tbh i feel really bad for all of you, what with all these people asking if they can hug you or kiss you or if you'll marry them- that just doesn't sound like fun. so, all of you get complimentary air hugs and pretend pats on the head, no touching or invasion of personal space at all. have a good day, boys!!

Shu: …Thanks…?

Reiji: Well…thank you, I suppose.

Raito: Bitch-chan is too scared to give me a real hug, isn’t she~? C’mon. Gimme a real hug, bitch-chan~!

Kanato: Good. Stay there and don’t touch me.

Ayato: The hell?! GIMME A REAL HUG, DAMMIT! Maybe I’ll bite ya, but you won’t find out till ya hug me!

Subaru: Fuckin’ good choice.

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Your hate for NH is overwhelming if you don't like it politely I ask stop talking about it. Thanks.

Yes my hate for the NH fandom is growing daily, the arrogant high and mighty “sister shippers” who had no problem throwing us under the bus when they didn’t need us anymore, boy they must have been very threatened by Naruto liking Sakura. I do not hate NH the pairing, but i have grown to dislike a big chunk of the fandom and their superior complex. I have even seen them silencing others in then NH fandom by proving “they’re wrong” even though they weren’t. I still think NH deserved to be canon, NH was obvious, NH had good development, NH makes sense but i am not letting all these “sister shippers” shit all over Sasuke and Sakura, 2 main characters just because they’re unhappy with what they got, i do feel bad because of the nice humble people in the NH fandom of course, nothing is directed at them but honestly i have had it with certain people, SS must be shit and “problematic” and “inferior” and NH must be “perfect” and the “alpha” i’m not listening to that anymore, also this is my blog, i have never hated on NH as a pairing, but even if i did, this is my blog therefore you have no right asking me to stop anything when i tag none of my posts. 

I can’t be the only one getting slightly tired of being told to ship a poly when I go in ship tags.

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What do you think about how the boys are acting? Personally I think its a bit strange if Zayn actually did leave. If he for real left, they wouldn't just act as if nothing happened and they've always been an OT4 in the way they have been. BUT it surprises me that management are letting them act like this, like nothing changed/they dont miss Zayn at all. Its bad for their image, like they don't care about how part of their united front left. IT all just seems...weird.

I think trying to figure out exactly how the boys are feeling is tough.  They’re entertainers, so when they’re on stage, they’re going to be doing their best to entertain.  If one of them bursts out crying and runs off, then we can say clearly something is wrong, and if they’re really bouncy and giggly then we can clearly say they’re doing okay.  Anything in between is foggy.

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I wanna cosplay as a love live girl but I'm black and look NOTHING like any of them...I'm scared my cosplay would be badly received and just look bad. do you have any advice

u can cosplay whoever regardless of your skin color!!! Its not about the color of your skin, but as long as you feel you’ve got the personality and outfit of whoever you’re cosplaying down! don’t let other people’s opinions of how they think a character cosplay should look dissuade you from doing so because, at the end of the day, it is your cosplay and not theirs

Fuck off

Listen here Bitch. You think you won? You think you actually fucking won? Ha, don’t make me laugh. You think you’re all big and bad, when you were to scared to fucking admit that anon was you. You little fucking fake, you even admitted it was you to Socks. Wow and calling me a “thing” is so hurtful(pffttt hahaha) like omfg XD Wow you think you can hurt my feelings, calling me shit when you haven’t done shit. Like seriously, i see you talking, but you ain’t doing shit. So you wanna fight, I’ll bring the damn war. Seren, i’m not scared of someone who thinks they can hide behind anon and act like it wasn’t them. Then to have you flip? XD funniest shit ever. Honestly fuck off ‘cause the “big bad wolf”(aka you) isn’t so big, now is she? No. So leave everyone alone and take your sorry little ass somewhere else.