but feel bad for having them

How many times have we had the “the boys don’t owe you a single thing, the boys are human beings, the boys have human feelings” conversation?

Apparently not fucking enough.

So! Once again, here it is for you:

1. The boys don’t owe you a picture, a meeting, a single ounce of personal interaction. They’ve poured their hearts and souls into five albums, four tours, countless pieces of merchandise and the promotion of all of these things with nonstop advertisements and interviews and press junkets— FOR YOU. Anything they do to go above and beyond that makes them another level of angel, but it doesn’t make them a devil if they don’t do it.

2. The boys are human beings. Humans who get tired after long days at work, humans who put on brave faces to disguise bad days, humans who feel anger, sadness, anxiety, joy, pain, hope… all of the same emotions that you do. If they have their reasons for not stopping or saying hello, you better fucking respect them, just like you’d expect someone else to do in that situation.

3. The boys are constantly and consistently lauded as some of the “nicest people in the business” from those who have worked with them. “Kind”, “humble”, “level headed”, “down to earth”, “genuine”, “sweet”, all words used to describe every single one of them when people have interacte with them for the first time. YOU DON’T GET TO TAKE THAT AWAY FROM THEM just because they didn’t stop to give you a fucking picture and bragging rights after a FULL FUCKING DAY AT WORK. You don’t get to erase or dismiss their hard work just because they didn’t give YOU what you wanted in the moment.

That’s all.

probably an unpopular opinion but idk: I find it really cheap that Rick put something in one of the side books about Argo II sleepover because they all missed each other. As if their time on the boat was fun. As if they all were ever asleep at the same time and not taking turns guarding the deck from ancient evils. As if a bunch of bad shit didn’t happen while they were on that boat. As if they spent tons of time all just hanging out and lounging. Sure there were small moments of reprieve but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they all didn’t know each other well at all when they were sharing ice cream or a meal. It feels forced and fake and I’d rather have an honest moment of like “I shared a really unique experience with these kids and I have a deep respect for all of them and I trust them, but they’re not necessarily my family”

Blanche headcanons

I headcanon that Blanche’s pronouns are they/them and she/her. I used “they/them” in this post.

Blanche draws like a little kid. Their drawings aren’t that good and look adorably childish as if a child had drawn them. They are not artistically inclined, despite how people may imagine them.

Blanche isn’t good with needles, in fact they have a fear of them and they make them really squeamish.

Blanche does yoga, and as a result they have an impeccable sense of balance. They are very stable and hardly ever clumsy.

Whenever Blanche tells a joke, it’s usually a very bad one. Candela finds Blanche’s jokes “cute” however. Blanche actually does feel insecure about their lack of a “sense of humor”

Blanche clings to things when sleeping. In their sleep, Blanche tends to cuddle whatever is nearest to them, be it the pillow, or Candela or Spark.

Blanche has an immense vocabulary and often uses words in daily conversation that stump people. However, if you ask them what a word means, they will kindly explain it to you.

Blanche generally has a very cool, collected and unflappable demeanor. They are always calm under pressure and usually is the one analyzing the situation to a problem.

Blanche is very devoted to studying and research, therefore they are very book-smart and wise.

Blanche is also a kind of person who’s always ready to take action.

Even though Blanche may seem dauntingly fearless when it comes to things that can physically harm them, they can be timid when it comes to specific emotion-related things such as failure and negative attention.

Blanche cannot handle any sort of spicy food and doesn’t want to admit it.

In fact, Blanche feels uncomfortable mentioning any of their weaknesses or doing anything that would make them look less than professional. However, this is not due to them being egotistical, as Blanche does have a modest side. They hide their quirks simply because they don’t like attention and is easily embarrassed.

Deep inside, Blanche secretly wishes they could be more outgoing, more charismatic, like their friends Candela and Spark… Doing so is very hard for them.

Blanche DOES wear a diving suit under their clothes, and is usually the one member of the crew who is comfortable swimming out to the water to catch Pokemon. They are a strong swimmer and loves the water.

Blanche is very protective over their teammates, even if they have trouble expressing their emotions.

Blanche might seem unemotional, but inside they are in fact sensitive when it comes to things such as failure or things not going to plan. They are also very empathetic when it comes to people who are close to them.

Only Candela and Spark have ever seen Blanche cry; they refuse to even shed a tear in front of people they aren’t extremely close with.

Candela and Blanche once had a rivalry, but thanks to Spark being a peacemaker who suggested the two to get along, all three of them are best friends, as close as family.

Blanche’s two friends Candela and Spark mean the world to her. They are always there for her, and make up for the weaknesses Blanche does have, such as not being very charismatic.

Blanche does not have a problem with stage fright when it’s just speaking. However, they are very scared of performing in front of any sized audience.

Blanche is very shy and unsure what to do when in love. Even though they aren’t the type to get flustered and lose their cool demeanor, it’s exactly how they act when they feel in love with someone.

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wait how could someone feel bad abt having copics/how could someone make another person feel bad abt having copics? do they think kids should not have nice art tools? i got copics when i was 14, used most of them up and i've moved onto painting. they were such a good learning experience and worth the money, even if i prefer painting over them. so like, where's the harm in letting kids get the experience? this ticks me off

idk some ppl are bitter and petty as hell to the point where they make fun of kids who have them 😪 ive had my first set of 6 when it was my 13th birthday and i was ashamed of getting them afterwards, it wasnt until i was around 14 when i started using them more.

like i get it. some adults couldnt afford nice art supplies compared to a 10 year old,and i’d be upset by that! but its so low whenever they start picking on young artists for it, when they did absolutely nothing wrong

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where you embarrassed doing all those things as spark? how do you cosplay out in public without feeling like that?

Not any bit what-so-ever. I will never be embarrassed for cosplaying or doing things in cosplay because it’s not something to be embarrassed about. I was just having fun in my cosplay which is what anyone else does.

I’ve been cosplaying for 6+ years now and have done multiple shoots in front of a mass amount of normal people and didn’t really bat an eye to them because I simply don’t care if people think I am weird, strange, abnormal, whatever word you want to put on me for cosplaying. This is one of my greatest passions in life and i’m not gonna let the silly opinions of others make me feel bad for following/pursuing that. 

Don’t allow negative people stop you from doing something you enjoy, as long as you are happy with what you do and you are proud of your work that is all that matters. 

Cosplaying has given me the opportunity to travel the world, meet TONS of amazing people, advance my craft in various fields, given me job offers, made me a spokesperson and allowed my passion to be seen by thousands of people who love doing the same thing I do. This is something that gives me so much joy and so I will never be embarrassed about it.

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whats your opinion on ishidas portrayal of women? ive seen people complain about the direction he takes with them and how theyre treated,but i think even though there aren't many female characters,the ones that are there are well written and powerful

Complicated, is probably the most reasonable answer.

The women of Tokyo Ghoul are incredible. They are well-written and diverse in personality and looks. So many are powerful fighters, or brilliant thinkers, or have compelling personalities and stories. Love these ladies.

But obviously, there have been issues with their treatment in the story. With them being sidelined from the main narrative, or harmed/killed off for the sake of a male character’s narrative. (coughfurutacough)

:Re has especially been bad about giving us great female characters, and then destroying them. There has been a lot of discontent in the fandom over the current arc and how Eto has been treated. I share some of those feelings, and hope that Ishida can manage to somehow address those misgivings about the current narrative.

Which frustrates me, because even though the series is aimed at a male audience……it has long been one with really fantastic women. A lot of Shouen and Seinen series do not have good female characters. Tokyo Ghoul does, but hasn’t exactly been doing right by them to some degree.

Rule: write 10 random things about yourself and then tag 15 of your favorite followers. Tagged by @thetwo-eyedowl thank youu!!

  1. i’m a fucking mess tbh
  2. i’m also a pretty horrible person
  3. i forget things a lot and later when i remember them i feel really bad 
  4. i have a small collection of toys. i have a monster high doll, captain phasma lego figure, darth vader and ultron + a bunch of toy soldiers
  5. i also collect random cat statues
  6. i love plants but they always die, i only have one plant in my room currently that is not in the verge of death
  7. half of my big desk is full of art supplies but i never use them because i only draw digitally
  8. i really really really wanna dye my hair blue or purple but i can’t because of my job
  9. i also want dimple piercings but cant for the same reason
  10. i should be drawing right now but i’m not 

i’m not tagging anyone because i dont really feel like it so anyone can do this if they please

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Hi,I was wondering if you could help me with sarcastic dialogue between two characters?I want to make one of them say something and the other to be extremely sarcastic but flirtatious at the same time but I have no idea how.Any examples or advice?

//I know it’s been ten years since I’ve gotten this ask and I just can’t figure out a way to help you, because I’m so bad at flirting. I feel like you’d have a much more successful answer if you asked another writing blog. I do a lot better when I have context, but without knowing what’s going on in the scene that warrants a sarcastic answer, I don’t know how to help. 

Here are some examples I have, but they’re bad- I already know that.

“So there is some wit behind that pretty face of yours.”

“I guess I don’t mind getting stuck with you.”

“I must have done something terrible to deserve this.”

“I must like getting hurt since I keep coming back to you.”

“I suppose I have no choice but to like you. How horrible.”

If some followers have any advice and examples, feel free to give your input- respectfully!

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I imagine that the All Might Protection Squad totally ship Toshinori/Inko. Like they're on protection detail and they're like, "Oh there's Deku's Mom, it's a TOTAL coincidence that we ran into her! Let's go say hi! Oh I'm kinda hungry, let's all go out to dinner! The adults can share a table, we'll be in this one over here." Just all of the Squad conspiring together to set them up.

Oh geez I didn’t see this before, I feel so bad. This is such a cute idea!

I’m posting this while low-key hoping someone else will write this so I can read it, this is such a freakin adorable idea


The Ironman Marathon

Without a doubt the most challenging part of the day but also one of my favorites. It’s one of my favorites because for me at least its the ultimate test of my limits and the prize at the end is one of the greatest I’ve ever experienced. When you look at the big picture it’s pretty crazy. Starting a marathon after 8 hours of swimming and biking.

As soon as I got off the bike and headed into T2 I really started to feel the heat of the day. I remember seeing Adam right at the start of the run course and commenting on how hot it felt. When you’re on your bike and have a little breeze constantly in your face you just don’t feel it as much.

Initially my legs felt ok. Definitely not great but I wouldn’t expect them to feel great at this point in the day. The first mile was all downhill which was both good and bad. Good because it didn’t take much effort to run. Bad because it definitely put some pressure on the quads. Still, it just felt great to be out on the run course.

The first out and back of the day had it all. Crazy crowds in Lake Placid (like the guy cheering while holding onto a giant blow up llama) to very quiet (almost too quiet) rural roads near the turn around. Great scenery all around. I’ll be honest. I wasn’t feeling great towards the end of that first loop. I was walking the uphills and really feeling warm. Standard aid station procedure was to drink a water, dump a water on my head, and dump some ice down my tri top. That felt pretty good but I was having a hard time quenching my thirst. As we made it back to Lake Placid around mile 11 I was forced to walk the really big hills. I kept telling myself not to blow up because there was still lots of race left. In typical Ironman fashion you got to run pretty close to the finish where Mike Reilly’s voice was so close you’d think he was just around the corner. Well in reality he was but it was out for lap 2 instead.

When I started lap 2 the turnaround at mile 19 seemed like a hundred miles away but I just kept plugging away. No matter how much I was struggling I just kept repeating to myself to keep moving forward and I did just that. No one wants to walk, myself included, but sometimes there’s just no other choice.

Miles 16-19 were my toughest of the day. I started feeling a little dizzy and I immediately got paranoid about passing out and getting pulled off the course. It didn’t help when I saw a few guys off in the trees puking their guts out. I also saw some people getting taken away by medical. So I made the decision to walk to the turn around and only run the downhills. During these aid stations I tried to take on some more fluids Coke and broth included. Orange slices tasted pretty good too.

Then it happened. Ironman athlete #1709 2.0. Not long after the turn around he cloud cover arrived, the dizziness went away and I started feeling much better. Running picked up and I really only walked bigger hills and aid stations. I wasn’t running fast but I was running.

I swear that during the marathon of an Ironman you reach a point where the finish line almost becomes a magnet. It just pulls you in. I was so glad to be feeling better so I could enjoy the final miles. In fact my favorite section of the day was the final out and back on Mirror Lake Dr. The spectators were amazing throughout the day and throughout the course but they just seemed extra encouraging on this stretch.

The finishing stretch was as awesome as other Ironman’s. There’s really nothing like it. Somehow I managed to catch the song that was playing as I entered the chute. I guess “Walking on Sunshine” now has some special meaning. I crossed the finish line proud of my 13 hrs and 1 minute out on a tough course. Yes, that 1 minute bothers me and 12:59 sounds so much faster but I’ll live :) Ironman #4 complete!

After the race I enjoyed a Coke and a hot cup of chicken broth. After that I felt pretty darn good. Adam, who is the ultimate-best ever support crew, and I then cheered on @imadventure as she made her way to the finish line. It was just a fantastic day.

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I'm trying to imagine Tom reading all those hateful comments and asking himself what did he do and Harry explaining to him how this fandom is fucking imature and how Larry Stylinson bothers him and the rest of the boys...I feel bad for them, honestly.

Ugh.  Me, too, Anon.  Can you just imagine having to tell this kid who’s becoming your friend that there’s an entire group of people so deep into an imaginary ship that they’ll harass anyone who threatens it?

So embarrassing.

I’d also like to point out how disgusting it all is in regards to LGBT+ support. These people are claiming to support LGBT+, but let’s say that Harry and Tom got together as a couple. Obviously, this is hypothetical, but let’s say they did. The fact that Larries are harassing him proves that they would NOT support any LGBT+ relationships with the boys aside from Larry.  They don’t support LGBT+ people, it’s just a guise to hide behind in order to justify their disgusting behavior. 

So the tones leaving awful comments on Tom’s SM, what is it?  Do you actually support LGBT+ relationships or only ones you fetishize?  


What is your favorite SPN ship, that no one else really ships? I’ll tell you what I think about it

I read a really good Crowstiel fic the other day and it just got me curious. 

So far I’ve gotten:

Crobby (I would read a fic about that.)
Wincest (I’m with you there.)
SamChuck (I would be down for that, honestly. The height difference is just *inserts heart eyes*) 
J2 (I usually don’t ship anything with the actors, but J2 is pretty cute)
Dean x Bela (Yes, I wanted them to have angry hate sex)
Bobby x Ellen (Lowkey, that’s pretty cute) 
Megstiel (Yes yes yes)
Dean x Donna (I’m slowly starting to be on board with this) 
Dean x Jo (Ah, I feel for how much Jo was into Dean, not sure if I ship it or not. I feel like Jo is always the bad girl in fics haha) 

I love Jaspis. A lot. But I know full and well that they’re terrible for each other. That doesn’t mean I can’t wish they were better for each other. Doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy seeing them in nice little fluffy au’s. Doesn’t mean I can’t hope that Jasper can be redeemed and maybe she and Lapis could actually have something nice together even if it isn’t romantic. Look man, ship what you wanna ship. Don’t let them guilt-trippy “I, as an abuse victim” posts make you feel bad about shipping what you want to ship. I’m an abuse victim too. I’m sure there are more shippers of it that are abuse victims than you’d think. At the end of the day, it’s all just opinions and you shouldn’t let haters invading a tag that isn’t even for them deter you from something you enjoy. 

You’re all precious and I love you good day

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I was laughed at yesterday for my overgrown eyebrows :((( sad times

From about the ages 11-14 some horrible people would laugh at my eyebrows and make rude comments which made me feel very ashamed and made me feel like I was the problem and therefore I fucked up my eyebrows because I thought they needed to be smaller and that I needed to fit a certain way to be accepted. I think most of these people that laughed at me were the ignorant boys who were not only rude but also sexist & homophobic etc. What I can say is that people who say these things have problems, they are not kind people and have bad things going on inside of them so therefore they pick on peoples vibrant features to feel better about their own feelings of confusion. However they stopped doing it when they grew up a little and I haven’t received anything but positivity for my eyebrows in real life since many years ago - However, If someone did say something I couldn’t care less. There is a whole world out there and these assholes are joking over some hair on someones forehead and making them feel shit. They are idiotic and hopefully will learn one day. Shame on them. Rise above the bullshit and the negativity. You look great. Your eyebrows are doing just fine.

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Hello! Who do you think would propose? Aaron or Robert? and where? Your thoughts on a robron wedding in the future. Will it be a big/just with family/ofscreen(maybe when they come back from holiday and they spontaneously married there) etc.? (1)

Maybe you also have some headcanons about the proposal and the wedding? Thanks for answering! I appreciate it! (2)  

Hi nonnie!

Thank you so much for this lovely ask. God, I have so many thoughts and feels about a Robron proposal and wedding. I’m more than happy to answer this!

Robert will propose. Both of them have thought about it, but Aaron is caught fluctuating between thinking that he’s not good enough to be someone’s husband (on the bad days), and wondering how best to do it (on the good days). He thinks that Robert will want something really fancy: French restaurant, huge ring, romantic setting, the works. Robert, however, doesn’t want any of this and he knows that Aaron doesn’t either. All that matters to him is that he asks the man he loves to marry him.

Robert asks both Chas and Paddy for their blessing to marry Aaron. Neither of them are particularly over the moon about it, but they can’t deny how happy Robert makes Aaron, and that’s enough for them.

And so they’re in the back room of the pub when it happens. Robert has made a meal for himself and Aaron (and paid everyone to keep out of their way for a few hours). If Aaron were anyone else, Robert would buy him flowers and play romantic music. He lights some candles, though.

They have talked about getting married, but Aaron is still taken by surprise when Robert asks him. It’s not at all how he imagined Robert would do it, but that makes it even more special in Aaron’s eyes: Robert knows that Aaron doesn’t want the pomp and pretension that used to litter Robert’s life with the Whites. Half way through Robert’s speech, Aaron is nodding his head. (‘Let me ask,’ Robert says, but he has the biggest smile on his face.) Aaron waits, and the question is barely out of Robert’s mouth before he answers.

They marry in Emmerdale. They both know that they wouldn’t get away with anything else, and neither of them want to. As much as Aaron may say that he doesn’t care what people think of him, he wants the villagers to know that he and Robert are in love and will promise their lives to each other. For Robert, it’s a chance to show Vic and Diane how happy he is, and maybe to make them proud of him as well.

They marry in Their Barn, decorations (sophisticated lighting on hay bales, maroon and blue cushions on chairs) courtesy of Victoria (though she doesn’t appreciate the detail that Robert goes into when she asks why there of all places). It’s a really small gathering: just the Dingles, Vic, Diane and Doug. Adam is of course Aaron’s best man. Liv is Robert’s. Of course everyone cries, though Aaron casts his Mum a look when she says that she’s crying for completely different reasons (they all know that she’s joking really!) 

They have their reception in the Woolpack. They don’t send out invites, but half the village is there to celebrate their marriage. (Robert thinks that they’re all there mainly for Aaron, and is taken aback when they warmly and sincerely congratulate him). Cain and Paddy give Robert the evil eye until Robert gives his speech. He talks about how lucky he is to have Aaron, how Aaron has made him a better man than he could have ever hoped to be, and pledges his love and his life for as long as Aaron wants him, which he prays will be until the end of their lives. He plans on getting old and grey with Aaron. Cain and Paddy shake his hand after this speech and accept him fully into the Dingle fold.

Thank you again for this ask, nonnie. It was a pleasure to write!

Guys, Thoth is going nuts. I have a jar of preserved figs that my grandmother made from about 2 years ago (the jar hadn’t been open so they’re fine). I got the jar out to eat some and Thoth started losing his shit. I decided to eat them with some biscuits and honey and that was it for Thoth. I’m just letting them sit for few minutes cuz he’s devouring them. I feel kind of bad because I know he likes figs but I forgot I had some. I think all is forgiven tho considering how much he’s enjoying it. :)