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Don’t Fear the Reaper  Chapter 65: In this together

Sam Winchester x Reader

1100 Words

Story Summary: You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day. Set in Season 5

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Arriving back at the cabin, you couldn’t keep the smile off of your face. Now that Sam knew about your predicament, you were beginning to look forward to it. For so long, you had been worried and ashamed that you couldn’t give Sam the type of life he had always wanted. And now, you were pregnant, a thing you never would have dreamed possible. It seemed like such a good omen, a way to bring the two of you even closer together, and you couldn’t wait to go through the next step of your life with him by your side.

“What’s got you in such a good mood?” Dean grumbled, noticing how happy the two of you seemed to be. “Just minutes ago, you were running away from us, and now here you are, the happiest I’ve probably ever seen you.”

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Did the Archbishop force you and your girlfriend and others to perform sexual acts while he watched? Yes or no?

– Yes, he did, but…

Yes, he forced you. He forced you using a threat of expulsion from Savior House and a life on the street with no heat and no water and no food. He put you in front of a camera! He made you take off your clothes! Do you know what I would do if someone did that to me? I would kill him. I wouldn’t hesitate.

ICE Breaker

head jerking, moving side to side,
eyes glazed over and lifeless,
lit by countless streaming screens,
screaming data at a furious pace,
a race against time, sweat beading,
draining down his strained, drawn face,
fingers tapping, hands twirling, 
swirling his chair between two desks,
a wreck of an office, strewn with food,
the old wood buckling under his feet,
discreet wires suspended from above,
like a marionette conducting music,
until suddenly, his head bucks,
talking to himself, “Shit. I fucked up,”
rips off his visor, eyes coming to life,
sprays down the desk with foam,
ignites a match, sets it all alight,
turns to us, shrugs, and smiles
while inserting a clip into a pistol,
“They saw me, and they’re coming.”
He chambers a round with flourish,
“I hope you’re both up for a fight.”

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Lance, Hunk and Shiro all having varying degrees of anxiety around jellyfish with Lance straight up being Cnindarophobic and Shiro just being super anxious and they all encounter an aurellia race and Lance tries so hard not to break down crying (1/2)

Alura, Pidge, Keith and Coran are all confused as to why the other 3 are acting so weird and it isnt until Lance nearly breaks down from one brushing by him that Coran notices that its fear & tells the others and they try to help them through it (2/2)

Logically speaking, how many times are you actually to encounter a jellyfish. When your family loved going to the sea constantly…a lot more than you would think. Lance supposed his cnidarophobia started when he was around seven years old and his older sister was stung by a jellyfish. His tough older sister who didn’t bow down to anyone, and she was crying in the sand. Anything that could take her down must be truly terrifying. 

Somehow that was burnt into his psych, and, no matter what he did, Lance couldn’t shake that complete fear of being stung. 

Luckily, there isn’t a particular abundance of jellyfish at the garrison, so he managed to get by without issue. One day the commanders were showing a video on flying in different terrains, and one of the environments was underwater. When he saw the jellyfish he started to feel the fear creeping up on him. Afterwards Hunk came up to him and he talked to Lance about how jellyfish made him feel anxious to, and he was here if Lance ever needed help. It was one of the first things that truly bound them together.

Shiro’s fear came from an entirely different place. In the arena, the galra would…control their champions and gladiators by enslaving an aurelia based alien race that was similar in appearance to jellyfish. Whenever someone stepped out of line the glare would have one of these aliens shock the offender. 

One day, when the castle of lions is running low on supplies, the team heads towards a small trade outpost ran by an alien race called the Medusozoa. 

When they arrive there Shiro almost runs back to the ship. It’s them, and while Shiro tries so hard to think that it’s not all of the Medusozoa, it’s not their fault, he can’t help but feel extremely anxious. 

Meanwhile, Lance is trying so so hard not to literally jump and hide behind Hunk, who is nervous, but he has to be there for Lance, that he is crying. They slow down and Coran notices. 

Allure, Pidge, and Keith had seen that Hunk, Shiro, and Lance were acting strangely, but they put it off adjust another oddity. 

Coran tells the group to stop and after talking with the three of them he sighs. 

“Well, this won’t do,” he says, putting a hand to his mustache.

Lance sighs, he knew this fear would eventually bite him in the ass. He knew he was being weak, but he couldn’t….he couldn’t help it. He had tried, but that was never good enough. 

Corn continued, “Everyone has fears, you shouldn’t have to deal with a situation where you have to confront what ruins you. You three, back to the Castle, we can finish running these errands on our own.”

Shiro tries to protest, but Coran is insistent, and the three thankfully go back to the castle.