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MC: “@danneelharris promised me another lap dance if I posted about her fundraiser (I’m glad Jensen isn’t on Twitter).”


“Michael Mann’s Heat. And the reason I say that is because… I probably watch it once or twice a year and everytime I watch it I find something new in it. It’s the most precise thriller really of our modern era.”


My screens from the DP/30 interview with Eddie & Felicity Jones, shot during the Toronto Film Festival in September 2014. The DP/30 interviews are my absolute favourite interviews - David Poland is a great interviewer & Eddie always seems very relaxed speaking to him. You can watch the video of this interview HERE

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What is your headcanon about the Big Sur trip if you have one? Were they together before? Did they decide they were girlfriends there? That they were exclusive? Did they say I love you? WHAT? We know it was big. But which big???

Well…..(get a drink)

They were already sleeping together, but Taylor was recently hurt and I think she was nervous of going head-first into another relationship. (Wildest dreams)

But they knew this was something different and special and the trip proved that. Yes probably their first proper ‘I love you’. And a decision that this was going to last and they were in it for the long term. (YAIL)

Timings are still up for debate…

From what I can gather they got together very fast - Tay went to London after VSFS 13 and there was a small window before she then went to Australia to carry on the Red tour - in that time they went from zero to ‘BFF’. We knew this cos of Karlie’s interview.

They had been waiting for this a long time and the footage of them behind the scenes of VS makes me wonder how they lasted the night without tearing into each other.

(Toni was there and probably all tays family and management… not to mention cameras and press.. so difficult with logistics and secrecy)

Big Sur although not posted till March may have been Valentine’s weekend..

Karlie was asked what she was going to be doing for Valentine’s in that Cosmo interview and she tried to duck the question… they pressed and eventually she said ‘a home cooked meal and a big fire with my loved one’…

The timings fit for it to be around Feb 15-17, as NYFW was finished and Karlie went MIA.

But… Karlie posted 'shake it off’ on March 10 and said it was after their trip, which worked with when they posted the pics - tho I think by then they were potentially already using latergrams and tricks of timing.

It was supposedly a post pre-oscar party (Feb 27) spontaneous decision - which would then fit better with the march timings when pics were posted - but I’m not convinced that either if them, with their schedules and Taylor’s security needs can truly pull off spontaneous…

It was before snapchat and IGS and Karlie wasn’t that famous - not being papped every day… so it’s based more on Taylor’s documented locations.

Anyway of course it was the biggest event of either of their lives and hence featured in Tays 73 questions and Karlie’s favourite things interview only yesterday.

The heart in the sand will appear in TS6 and probably all the other missing bits of the puzzle.

Tay put YAIL in as a special extra bonus track. It wasn’t written when she 'played Karlie the whole 1989 album’.. I think she wrote it as soon as they got back and then captioned the pic.

She said 1989 wasn’t complete without it.


And people wonder why we stick around.