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Skinny shaming is just as bad as fat shaming, not every skinny person is that way for vanity.I suffer from Chrohn's Disease and find it extremely difficult to maintain a healthy weight, because of the effects of the disease and am often told to eat a decent meal or stop being so desperate to look anorexic. So to see you making fun of the so called "Skinny" girls is disheartening to me as a fan of yours, its not nice to make fun of anyone's weight wether its too big or too small.

I wasn’t and would never make fun of someone’s weight. I was speaking about a thin woman who came into a space FOR FAT WOMEN to talk about how them speaking of their real problems and issuing (specifically finding clothing) was somehow invalidating her experiences. She had no right, and believe me, her opinion was not needed bc we get unsolicited thin opinions and oppression olympics all the time.

Women get shit on because of their weight no matter what, but being fat is an entire other axis of oppression. If someone shits on you for being thin (too thin, whatever bullshit they make up), you have an entire society hell bent on proving that your body type is the ultimate. Fat people have diet culture, the media, movies, tv shows, books, magazines. All telling you how to ‘shed those pounds’ all praising people who have lost weight (when the statistic for those who lose a massive amount of weight and keep it off for more than 5 years is minimal and its shown that losing and gaining weight back is worse on your body than ever being fat at all) Telling you that this is somehow the norm, when the average american woman is in double digit sizes.

Fat people exist and they are HATED for it. How dare you be fat and exist, how dare you be fat and make me look at you. All the time, strangers on the internet an irl, feel the need to comment, whether blatant hatred or that garbage fake 'concern for your health’. Fat people are turned away from medical care, told to 'lose weight’ no matter the circumstance of said weight, fear mongered by the media, by medical professionals, by everyone that if you don’t immediately lose weight you will die. And then there is just the idea, reinforced by every 'success’ story by every of the hundreds of weightloss commercials, that you aren’t a person, you aren’t living life, you aren’t worthy of happiness until you become thin (and thin. Perfect. They don’t even get into the loose skin you’ll have if you’re losing more than, what 20lbs?)

Fat people are expected to be thankful for the clothing we are offered. Which, I can say having been fat all my life, is only just in the last few years even beginning to be more diverse. If you have trouble finding small clothing, every single store carries clothes for thin people. And they are affordable, easy to find, and with a wide variety. Fat women have torrid, small plus size sections in select stores (usually with 90% grandma clothes), and online stores with all curvy small fat or just thin models, and it’s all ridiculously expensive. The whole 'more cloth is used so it should cost more’ outright LIE. And even then, not all fat people are tall, not all fat people are shaped the same way, not all fat people stop at size 18-22. There is a difference between your

And representation? Every fat person on tv or in movies is funny, the friend, the one obsessed either with food or dieting or just straight up the dumb fat fuck everyone gets to shit on bc lol they’re not human. We’re a joke. We’re just about the last group where it’s totally fine to make us a joke and no one  bats an eyelash. Because no one gives a shit.

When people talk about fatness, it’s the worst thing you can possibly be. Girls kill themselves to not be 'fat’. People talk about Trump’s weight in the same breath as his racism, sexism, etc, as if they’re an equivalent. Bad guys are drawn as fat. We teach our kids that foods are 'good or bad’ bc god forbid we have a child that makes us look bad. We tell girls they have to perform to some bullshit idea of small, petite, femininity to the point where we DELIBERATELY TELL LIES LIKE GROWING BOYS NEED MORE FOOD AND WITHHOLD FROM GIRLS. Fat, especially goddamn especially as a woman, might as well be a death sentence.

And this isn’t even GETTING into the race, class, and sexism aspects that play into fatphobia.  

I’ve been fat all my life. I was thin for about 2 years, and I can tell you, people treated me differently. I existed for once, as a human being where people didn’t judge me immediately upon look (bc I’m also white and I look young/nice) I was praised endlessly for losing 170lbs. No matter I went to the gym 6 days a week, even when I was sick, and ate only 1000 calories a day. That was fine, they didn’t care, as long as I was thin. Now that I’m fat, no psychiatrist I’ve met will take my eating disorder seriously, bc I’m fat, just stop eating.

So I’m sorry if my heart isn’t bleeding bc that woman opened her mouth in a conversation that had nothing to do with her.


New update on the Youtube channel. Am I getting any bigger?

I want to sew myself a comfy dress out of jersey knit fabric…

the closest thrift store that sells fabric is an hour walk away and i would be very lucky to get what i’m looking for

the closest fabric store is … far… (i don’t drive)

online i can’t find anything that is gonna cost me less than $70 and at that point i should just go buy a dress which will suck even more! because i am fat and short!