but failed halfway through

that adhd feel when you don’t have enough time to finish an important test and you tell the teacher but you don’t get extra time unless you have accommodations, and despite professionally diagnosed adhd that is on your file, you’re too scared to go ask if you have accommodations even though you’re failing this class so getting halfway through a unit test will bring down your grade even worse than it already is so you just cry.

Priest/Demon AU: Mako is a missionary who travels all around the world. He goes to this beautiful lush island that seems like a paradise, until he goes for a walk and finds an empty, dilapidated church. Its white and stone and open to the elements, except that every plant stops on its threshold. He wanders inside out of curiosity but then starts to feel ill and he can smell rot. His heart races, body heats up, he feels dizzy and falls to his knees. A local finds Mako and drags him out, then tells him that nobody goes near that temple because a demon dwells inside.
After this experience, Mako keeps having nightmares. Then he starts to see a dark figure in the corner of his eye where ever he goes. Sleep deprived and paranoid, his health declines and he’s losing his mind. He decides to attempt to exorcise himself, but fails halfway through. The demon finally becomes visible only to him, but its shackled to his soul.

Random fact about the signs
  • Aries: Gets irritated when someone’s not being straight forward.
  • Taurus: They can be forgiving people, they just don’t forget.
  • Gemini: Good at changing subjects halfway through the conversation.
  • Cancer: Will never fail to see the very best in you even after all the bullshit you put them through.
  • Leo: Gives respect when respect is given, especially in relationships; you get what you put in.
  • Virgo: Loyalty is extremely important to them. Break that and you will never be forgiven.
  • Libra: Will never allow someone else to make their decisions for them. They do what feels right.
  • Scorpio: They are some of the realist and nicest people ever. You’ll only see their dark side when they have been pushed too far.
  • Sagittarius: Show themselves through actions not emotions.
  • Capricorn: Thinks about absolutely everything they have to do the next day before sleeping.
  • Aquarius: Definitely have a rebellious reputation, only because they are very independent and have a mind of their own.
  • Pisces: A heartbroken pisces will build a cage around their heart. You’ll have to be special to reopen it.

what do yall think about the new note feature? the slide note, i mean
like, i think it’s pretty cool, but it’s really difficult. it’s so hard to follow and it hurts my stamina a lot when i miss. i failed both onegai! cinderella and couldn’t even get halfway through smiling…
do you guys think it will get easier with practice? i can’t tell…

So I DM a game with a great group of friends, all online. One of them chose to be a centaur, who is keeping his worship of a lich secret, as well as the fact that he’s evil. A god created for this campaign sent the party to go take care of some undead lieutenants to help her in a war against the god of undead. They eventually found a dracolich at the end of a series of catacombs, seemingly entombed and unable to fight. With the last of its sanity, our elf was able to communicate slightly.

Elf: “What happened to you, who’s controlling this”

*Dragon nods behind the party, the direction they came from*

Elf: “I don’t get it, did you check the whole room?”

At this point the demon-god appeared behind them and they all failed to notice

The centaur notices the demon halfway through his sentence “Yeah, all we found was that eyeball-WILL YOU FATHER MY CHILDREN?”

The centaur then spent the next 20 minutes trying to seduce the demon-god of the undead

this arc is so hard to watch

Krell: “Here’s a plan that will literally obviously get you all killed.”



Rex: “Come on guys, let’s give him a try, what’s the worst that can happen?”


This arc is incredibly important because it serves as a reminder of how important it is to question your superiors when you’re the one that’s taking the bullet for their mistakes, but I’m halfway through the second episode and I still fail to see why it had to be stretched out for 4.

oh right, inktober, huh

okay i’m notoriously bad about saying i’m gonna commit to art challenge things and then failing less than halfway through, so NO PROMISES, cause i’m seriously really busy, but if i do have time/get the urge to draw something, i’ll try to do it with ink

i drew this on tracing paper? experimenting, idk. complete with smudges bc did i mention i’m terrible with ink ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

should’ve been home yesterday: a mix for failed southern prophets, abandoned halfway through their missions and left to either fend for themselves or find their own way back to before. for the ones still clinging to hope and for the ones who’ve let themselves become furious about it. (x)

the man comes around, johnny cash

whoever is unjust, let him be unjust still.

whoever is righteous, let him be righteous still.

whoever is filthy, let him be filthy still.

listen the words long written down

when the man comes around.

psalms 40:2, the mountain goats

in the burning fuselage of my days

let my mouth be ever fresh with praise

learn to be still, the eagles

it’s just another day in paradise as you stumble to your bed 

you’d give anything to silence those voices ringing in your head

bartholomew, the silent comedy

oh, my god

please help me, neck deep in the river screamin’ for relief

he says it’s mine to give, but it’s yours to choose

you’re gonna sink or swim, you’re gonna learn the truth

no matter what you do you’re gonna learn the truth 

hurt, johnny cash

if i could start again a million miles away

i would keep myself, i would find a way.

idumea, sacred harp singers

and am i born to die, to lay this body down?

and must my trembling spirit fly

into a world unknown?

hope in the air, laura marling

no hope in the air, no hope in the water

not even for me, your last serving daughter

wayfaring stranger, jack white

i know dark clouds will hover o’er me

i know my pathway’s rough and steep

but golden fields lie out before me

where weary eyes no more will weep

the girl with the weight of the world in her hands, indigo girls

she won’t recover from her losses

she’s not chosen this path, but she watches who it crosses

boulder to birmingham, emmylou harris

i would rock my soul in the bosom of abraham

i would hold my life in his saving grace

i would walk all the way from boulder to birmingham

if i thought i could see, i could see your face

starlight, the wailin’ jennys

kingdom come, their will was done

and now the earth is far away

from any kind of heaven

take me home country roads, john denver

i hear her voice, in the morning hours she calls me

the radio reminds me of my home far away

and driving down this road i get the feeling that i should’ve been

home yesterday, yesterday

eleanor, cake bake betty

let the sea change, let’s remember all the good i did 

the ending was no more than spare repentance 

this is nothing like my home

landslide, dixie chicks

well, i’ve been afraid of changin’

‘cause i built my life around you

the song of purple summer, from spring awakening

and all shall fade: the flowers of spring,

the world, and all the sorrow

at the heart of everything

Back in 2009, DJ Kendrick Shepherd was busy spinning tunes at a wedding reception in Houston. Because this was an American wedding, we can assume that Mr. Shepherd was also on the lookout for an accidental shooting. This vigilance failed to save him, though, because halfway through the reception, the best man pulled out a gun and very deliberately shot it in the air.

Having caused irreparable urine-staining to a whole lot of rented tuxedos, the best man then grabbed a bottle of expensive liquor that belonged to the DJ and ran. Despite sustained efforts by police to find the person that the press unfortunately never dubbed the Wedding Band-It, the best man was never seen again. Wait, they never found the guy? Couldn’t the cops just, you know, ask the groom where he thought his closest friend in the world might have run off to?

Apparently not, because the groom claimed to know absolutely nothing about the best man at his own wedding, informing police that he had met the guy recently on a basketball court, and that the stranger had given his name as “Johnny Smith.” Sure, the groom might simply have been lying to the cops to protect his friend, but I prefer to believe that the mysterious best man was in fact an extremely drunken, basketball-loving Time Lord.

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