but faaaaace


Karen Chen, Turandot || 2015 Skate America (x)
Favorite Asian-American Ladies

+ Other recommendations:
2013-2014 SP “Esperanza”
2014-2015 SP “Requiem for a Tower”
2014-2015 FS “The Godfather”
2015-2016 FS “Les Miserables”
EX “The Butterfly Lovers”

  • switches to other character after playing woodie: WHY DOES IT TAKE YOU FIFTEEN YEARS TO CHOP DOWN ONE TREE
  • switches to other character after playing webber: WHY ARE MY SPIDER FRIENDS SO MAD AT ME
  • switches to other character after playing maxwell: oh thank goodness my armor broke and i survived
  • switches to other character after playing willow: IT'S JUST FIRE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU
  • switches to wilson after playing other character: WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR FAAAAACE

#okay so I am BY NO MEANS an expert on fighting/tactics/general badassery #purely an observer of hunky supersoldiers and their angst lbr #but did anyone else like LOSE THEIR SHIT when the soldier Bucky PULLS STEVE LIKE SUPER CLOSE before shoving him away??? #like seriously that gesture is just WAYYYY TOO INTIMATE for my fragile heart #and it’s actually hurting my soul to watch #because OKAY MAYBE Bucky was just using the motion to get some leverage when he shoves Steve away again #that would be a perfectly reasonable explanation #but instead I’m watching Bucky draw Steve closer #and I’m just sitting here CLUTCHING MY FAAAAACE #because Bucky’s mask hasn’t fallen yet #they’re still strangers to each other here #but Bucky just BRINGS STEVE IN TOWARDS HIMSELF #Steve’s no longer an arms length away #but like RIGHT UP AGAINST BUCKY’S BODY #and like I said I’m no fighting expert #but I’m pretty sure that Bucky could throw Steve into next week without the wind-up #it’s almost UNECESSARILY RECKLESS to bring Steve in closer #it could mean Steve has a better chance of grabbing Bucky or getting away #but Bucky’s metal hand is like a goddamn VICE around Steve’s throat #and he just DRAWS STEVE IN and I just kjsfhasjkdghkjsadg #Bucky was brainwashed and trained to kill without prejudice or hesitation #he was trained to kill his victims INTIMATELY and by any means necessary #no matter the cost to himself #and you watch them in this tiny little moment #and you can see how CLOSE THEY ARE and I’m just clawing at my face and screamingggg #ARE YOU GOING TO KISS HIMMM?? #like ARE YOUUUUUU????? #and I know that I’m PROBABLY READING INTO THIS WAYYYY TOO MUCH #but it just struck me as a STRANGELY INTENSE/INTIMATE MOMENT between them #and maybe it’s only fitting that it occurs amidst one of the best fight sequences around #okay this post turned out wayyyyy longer than expected #sorry?