but ew sister

*right after alex comes out*
kara: alex i love you and support you and will never think less of you for liking girls, go get the girl, i’m so happy for you, go spend time with her, this is a magical time for you, i’m so excited she slept over, omg, i ship it

*after walking in on alex and maggie making out too many times*
kara: alex you useless lesbian stop sucking face and go get me potstickers

I am shook af at the fact that Mon-El left Kara to die just because she said so when he never fucking listen to her, but now he choose to leave and save himself like wtf ? The writers really want us to ship this? Like *sarcastic voice* oh yeah i can clearly see the love now! *end of sarcastic voice*
The straights are so weird man.

Ps: Lena would’ve stayed btw because she’s our badass little human. Hell even James and Winn would’ve stayed or make Kara leave. And dont even get me started on Alex bruh.


alex damnvers appreciation

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  • adorable lil bean
  • ridiculously beautiful
  • actual real life canon lesbian
  • “ladies loving ladies”

•aw I can like imagine our little bunny with his tiny little crown and a fluffy cape thingy like omg this is not healthy for me to be thing about this
•he’s a pretty good Prince overall
•like he does all the work and has a lot of supporters because Kim Doyoung deserves that shit
•kinda clings on to Gong Myung and Jaehyun but that’s okay because their relationships are goals
•as for visuals
•our little bun bun is probably gonna wear a lot of sweaters and they’ll kind of be big on him but who cares
•and like it will be the most adorable thing ever because everything he does is adorable
•sometimes he’ll wear dress shirts like the one he wore back when he was MCing for Show Champion
•he just wears black jeans and like his longs legs always look so good and like um he needs to stay in his lane
•also including forehead!Doyoung because !?!
•basically he looks like predebut aka back when SRB15 was a thing
•I love Doyoung very much as you can see
•Doyoung likes to follow Gongmyung around because he looks up to him and like who doesn’t
•like imagine baby Doyoung following a tiny Gongmyung on to little adventures roaming the halls and probably breaking some expensive things
•but they’re parents can’t get mad at them because have you seen their smiles
•istg these siblings should be ban from roads with all the swerving their doing
•and like their so precious and adorable
•eventually Gongmyung and him get kind of dis attached from each other because Gongmyung has a lot more work to do because he’s becoming king
•and Doyoung is like ‘okay, maybe later’
•don’t get me wrong, they’re still really close but like they just don’t hang out as much anymore
•that’s when he starts hanging out with Jaehyun aka the prince from another kingdom that is always in Doyoung’s kingdom for some reason
•he doesn’t mind tho
•because Jaehyun is now like his new best friend forever
•have I ever mentioned that I shipped DoJae
•DoJae is life no one fight me on that
•like they’ll probably sleepover and stuff
•the queen and king don’t mind really because Jaehyun and Doyoung’s harmonies with music teacher!Taeil are the reason the sun shines
•like that one weekly idol performance has me 😩💦
•any who
•after Gongmyung gets married his parents want Doyoung to get married
•he’s all like
•'um what?’
•'don’t worry honey we arranged a marriage for you’
•'uM wHat’
•'you’ll love her’
•lowkey I wanted to put in 'but I love Jaehyun’
•but just ignore that and move on
•so he wants to go rant to Jaehyun about it because they’re buddies
•luckily Jaehyun comes the next day but this time he has a girl with him
•that girl is you btw
•Doyoung is like
•'you’re getting married’
•'ew no that’s my sister aka the princess’
•'did you figure it out yet?’
•'am I marrying your sister?’
•Doyoung guessed correctly
•sucks for having to deal with Vroom Vroom show for the rest of your life
•Jaehyun just laughs and is like
•'get to know each other, imma steal some cookies’
•so like it’s awkward silence for a good few minutes
•you finally have to break the silence because he wasn’t going to any time soon
•and that was the start of your relationship
•actually now you just thirds wheel onto DoJae’s dates
•when it was time for the two of you to get married which was like the next year you were finally comfortable around each other
•like comfortable enough to go on dates without Jaehyun
•and you guys are close enough to acknowledge your attraction towards each other
•Jaehyun revels that he actually set up the wedding and was the one that suggested it to his parents and Doyoungs
•you’re actually quite thankful because you’re lucky enough to get to marry Doyoung
•Doyoung finally likes you more than he likes Jaehyun
•The End