but ew sister

*right after alex comes out*
kara: alex i love you and support you and will never think less of you for liking girls, go get the girl, i’m so happy for you, go spend time with her, this is a magical time for you, i’m so excited she slept over, omg, i ship it

*after walking in on alex and maggie making out too many times*
kara: alex you useless lesbian stop sucking face and go get me potstickers

I am shook af at the fact that Mon-El left Kara to die just because she said so when he never fucking listen to her, but now he choose to leave and save himself like wtf ? The writers really want us to ship this? Like *sarcastic voice* oh yeah i can clearly see the love now! *end of sarcastic voice*
The straights are so weird man.

Ps: Lena would’ve stayed btw because she’s our badass little human. Hell even James and Winn would’ve stayed or make Kara leave. And dont even get me started on Alex bruh.

i sorta forget that a lot of ppl in like, The World, are sorta more ://// and Dont Get It when u talk about loving beastly/monster characters or going as far as to saying u have a crush on them bc i was in walmart talking to my mother about the shape of water and needless to say she hasnt yet opened her mind to the possibilities of love being between a fish man and a human


I just said to my little sister (who is obsessed with Supergirl) “Remember that time when Mon-El got blasted into space and it was the best day of my life?” and she took a moment to think then straight-up said “Who??” and she still hasn’t remembered. It’s been five minutes. That’s how forgettable, bland, and pointless his character is. I’m so proud of her.

Boycott 3x07

I don’t know about any of you, but I sure as hell won’t be streaming 3x07 live, or watching it on the cw website. Let the ratings decrease! I’m actually pretty upset I enjoyed tonight’s episode only to be pissed off watching next week’s trailer when mon ew returns. Who’s boycotting next week?

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