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Macarons Collection from Boulangerie Patisserie les Halles located in Epcot’s France Pavilion.

I need a scene where Colt accidentally calls Beretta 'MOM'
  • Colt: Mom I'm going out with Sig.
  • Beretta: What?
  • Striker *sits up*: What?
  • Colt *realizes what he had done*: Oh god no.
  • Beretta: Aww Striker look our son has finally learned to call me mommy!
  • Striker: C'mon Colt call me daddy! C'mon!
  • Colt: I'm sorry please stop.
  • Sig: A'm I his older sister?
  • Striker: Ew no Beretta we're not adopting Sig.
  • Sig: Fuck you!
  • Beretta: We can still adopt Emilio, he's okay.
  • Emilio: I don't wanna be part of this.
  • Striker: Hmm I don't know, what do you think son?
  • Colt: I wanna die.

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14 and 22 for the OC ask meme

OC: Ginger (Parappa the Rapper)

14. Does your OC have any siblings?

Yes! She has 13 unnamed brothers and sisters(7 brothers and 6 sisters). Her parents had two litters and she was born first in the second litter. A younger eldest sister (ew, math) lmao

22. Would your OC like you?

Given her extremely friendly and open nature, I think she would. She wouldn’t think much of my cynical attitude but she’s flexible, so I think it’d be alright.