but everything went better than expected

The maid

Characters: reader, Dean, Sam

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: swearing, smut, Dom!dean, sub!reader, praise!kink, orgasm denial, oral (male and female receiving), unprotected sex

Word count: 3411

Summary: when you take up a new job as a maid at the bunker, you may have a slight crush on your boss; Dean.

A/N: happy Valentine’s Day, here some Dean smut for you beautiful people

You were running late to your job interview. It wasn’t like you weren’t prepared or didn’t leave on time, but this place was very hidden. You were in desperate need of money so you decided to go to an interview to become a maid at a bunker. You had seen the ad for the job, you didn’t have to book an interview you just had to show up between the time 3:00pm-5:30pm. It was 6:30pm and you had only just arrived outside of this bunker.

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Elijah frowned as he shifted through the many documents on his desk. The majority of them were old and archaic, written in Latin-which he could easily read. Whereas the rest of them were just plain old computer paper with words written by his many college students, and unlike the ancient documents…only half of them were written in a language he could understand. A sigh escaped him as Elijah marked down another ‘C’ on a paper. Academics and writing had apparently gone down greatly in the last few centuries. Then again, what could be expected from a generation that considered Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey literature?

   “I’m telling you, brother. You’re taking this role all too seriously.” Klaus stated, from across him. Unlike Elijah, Klaus was enjoying his impersonation of a college professor all too much. His younger brother went so far as to even assign the upmost ridiculous of assignment to his students. “We are here to find the ‘mystical’ relic, our oh-so-loving mother hidden away. Not to teach or-” He made a face. “Grade papers.”

         “Not everything is as simple as it seems, Niklaus. You know better than anyone that we need to blend in if we are to achieve our goal, besides we did misplace their professors…it is only right, we allow students the education they seek.” Elijah chastised.

  Klaus rolled his eyes. “Save me the speech. You and I both know that at the end of day, what they do is anything but scholarly.”

     “That may be some, but not all.” Elijah replied. His lips pulled back into a small smile as the sound of familiar foot-steps could be heard from down the hall. It was almost four-forty, the beginning of his office hours, something he surprisingly enjoyed.

Within seconds you appeared in the doorway, knocking on the wall despite the door being opened and him obviously inside. A small blush made its way to your cheeks as murmured. “Umm…Professor Mikaelson?”

       “(Y/N), I was wondering if I would see you today.” Elijah stated.

You turned even more red as the scent of embarrassment flooded the room. For someone so talkative and participative during class, you were quite the opposite outside of it. Unlike when you were surrounded by your peers, you became a stuttering mess when left alone with him. Almost as if you doubted every word spoken to him. “I was just hoping to pick your brain for a second…but I don’t want to interrupt anything-“

      “Nonsense-” both him and Klaus spoke in unison.

Elijah’s eyes snapped towards Klaus, shooting him a warning. He didn’t know what was going on in his brother’s head, but Elijah was sure, he wouldn’t like it. Klaus had a way of causing trouble, whether meaning to or not. Either way, Elijah refused to add you on to their list of corrupted/dead encounters. Your potential was too great to be destroyed by the likes of them.

        Klaus merely smirked, rising from his chair. A dangerous glint flashed in his eyes as he turned towards you. “I was just about to leave anyway. I’ll see you later, Elijah.” Klaus bowed his head towards you. “Ms. (Y/N), I hope you enjoy conversing with my brother. You’ll be the first in centuries to do so.”

the inquisitor and da4

Before delving into things, I’d like to make it clear that I’m not trying to rag on the Trespasser DLC in any way. In fact, I really enjoyed it. I also know that there was a quote floating around here from someone with Bioware who apparently stated that the Inquisitor won’t be playable in the next game (I can’t find the source or the exact quote right now), but I just wanted to give my two cents anyway.

How did the Trespasser DLC ensure that the Inquisitor would no longer be the playable protagonist? If anything, it only gave me the impression that the Inquisitor would be playing a major role in the next game. Wasn’t Trespasser being advertised as the ‘end’ of the Inquisition? I’m not saying they should have killed the Inquisitor off, but that would at least have been a definite ending to the Inquisitor’s story and would have effectively barred them off as the main character in Dragon Age 4. 

Having the Inquisitor return would make sense because, in a way, they are partially responsible for Solas:

Inquisitor: This war proved that we can’t go back to the way things were. I’ll try to help this world move forward.

Solas: You would risk everything you have in the hope that the future is better? What if it isn’t? What if you wake up to find that the future you shaped is worse than what was?

Inquisitor: I’ll take a breath, see where things went wrong, and then try again.

Solas: Just like that?

Inquisitor: If we don’t keep trying, we’ll never get it right.

Solas: You’re right. Thank you. You have not been what I expected, Inquisitor. You have… impressed me. You have offered hope that if one keeps trying, even if the consequences are grave, that someday, things will be better.

While Solas was already planning to destroy the world by allowing Corypheus to find his orb, his plans were foiled when Corypheus didn’t actually die. Thus, he was forced to find another way to regain his power. The Inquisitor inspired Solas to keep trying to rectify his mistakes. So yes, the consequences of doing so will be grave, but he must persist to make up for creating the Veil, no matter what. That being said, the Inquisitor cannot directly be blamed for what Solas is planning, but they should feel at least feel that it is their duty to stop him and once again save the world.

Sure, Leliana and the Inquisitor both agree that it would be best to find people that Solas doesn’t know since he is familiar with all of their faces and tactics, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Inquisitor will be staying on the sidelines while someone new goes after him. When speaking to Solas at the end of the DLC, the Inquisitor makes it sound like they will personally find a way to stop Solas from destroying the world:

Inquisitor: You don’t have to destroy the world. I’ll prove it to you.

Solas: I welcome the chance to be wrong once again, my friend.


Inquisitor: If I live, I’m coming to stop you.

Solas: I know.

To me, Solas’ response to the first option even sounds like a direct invitation for the Inquisitor to try. Also, wouldn’t it make more sense narratively to have the Inquisitor confront Solas at the end of the next game? I think it would be likely that Solas would respond more positively to the Inquisitor than to someone he doesn’t really know. If you manage to get Solas’ approval high enough, he even tells you that he has great respect for the Inquisitor, so obviously, if anyone could persuade him, it’d be them. 

Solas even likens himself to the Inquisitor:

Solas: I was Solas first. “Fen’Harel” came later… An insult I took as a badge of pride. The Dread Wolf inspired hope in my friends and fear in my enemies… Not unlike “Inquisitor,” I suppose.

Solas: You also know the burden of a title that all but replaces your name.

Wouldn’t it be more fitting, then, for them to be the one actively working to find and confront Solas once and for all? Not to mention that having the Inquisitor be the one to face Solas in DA4 would also offer more closure to those who romanced him.

All Bioware really did was have the Inquisitor lose the forearm that the Anchor was attached to. Don’t tell me they expect us to believe that losing an arm means they can no longer go after Solas. Dragon Age is a series that has magic, dragons, elves… need I go on? My point is, implying that it’s not realistic for the Inquisitor to be returning as the playable protagonist in DA4 merely because of what happened to their arm is ridiculous. They can’t think of a way to give the Inquisitor some sort of prosthetic that will help them fight? Dagna exists! If anyone can invent something that can help the Inquisitor, it would be Dagna. Cullen even says that Dagna “crafts the impossible every day,” so… there you go. 

I know some think that DA4 will give you the choice to have either the new protagonist or the Inquisitor confront Solas, but that seems unlikely. Having the Inquisitor decide for your character or having the protagonist tell the Inquisitor what to do won’t be very gratifying. If anything, I can see Bioware coming up with a scenario in which the protagonist and the Inquisitor both confront Solas, which will result in the protagonist having to battle Solas with assistance from the Inquisitor. That would be a very cheap and cliché ending, if I’m being honest. I know that Bioware isn’t really one for originality, and their writing tends to contradict itself quite a bit, but I want to give them the benefit of doubt.

I’m also aware that the tradition for the Dragon Age series is that each game will have a new protagonist, but honestly if Bioware wanted that to happen, they shouldn’t have ended Trespasser the way they did. It was too open-ended to keep the Inquisitor from returning as the main protagonist. I hope that I don’t give the impression that I’m just really attached to the Inquisitor (the Warden is my favorite hero, personally). All I’m saying is that it would make for a much interesting and compelling story if the Inquisitor were to continue as the main character in the next game. 

His Witch - Elijah Mikaelson

Being Elijah Mikaelson’s witch had its perks, of course. Your mother had always told you that vampire business was not your business and to stay out of it. But could you, when you met the feared Original? He was as beautiful as they had said, and as honorable as they said.

He had given you his word that you would always be safe with him. Elijah valued your life very much, as long as you did everything he asked.

But despite being his little witch, you never really saw him. He was, however, always calling, even if he didn’t need anything from you. You didn’t mind, of course. You liked talking to Elijah, in fact you liked him so much, you gained feelings for the Original vampire that was never caught dead not wearing a suit.

But that day happened to be the rare occasion that Elijah actually stopped by at your home. You lived by yourself in the mountains in Montana, the house a courtesy gesture from Elijah when you had agreed to be his witch. He had you sign your name on the lease, and told you to invite no one other than him in.

You were in the middle of having a relaxing bath, enjoying a glass of wine, when there was a knock on the door. You hurriedly got out, drying yourself as quick as possible before wrapping your body in a towel, rushing towards the front door.

Standing on your porch was a nicely dressed Elijah, his hair styled to perfection. He had been looking off towards the dense forest that grew around your house, and just turned to look at you. He smiled as he did so, but it faltered when he saw that you were only in a towel. “Am I interrupting something?” he asked, although his eyes never left your body.

“Of course not, please come in. I’ll just be a moment, let me change into something more appropriate,” before Elijah could say anything, you left him in the foyer of your house, rushing to your bed room. Knowing that he was waiting for you, you quickly put on a large sweater and leggings, racing downstairs again. He was waiting at the bottom, his jaw slightly slack as he watched you.

“I must apologize, coming here without letting you know,” Elijah said. “Do not pause your night for me, Y/N, I can always come back.”

“Nonsense,” you giggled, leading him to your office, where you kept all your grimoires and herbs. “What can I do for you?”

Elijah shook his head, following you, but not entering the room. “I do not need anything,” he told you. His eyes watched your every move, noticing as your hands hesitantly grabbed your mothers grimoire.

“Oh,” you managed. “Sorry, I guess I just immediately assumed that you needed some sort of spell-”

Elijah chuckled, cutting you off. “There is no need to apologize, Y/N,” he told you gently, walking towards you. “I do have something for you, of course.”

You blushed lightly as he said that. Elijah was endlessly giving you things, grimoire’s that he had found over the centuries, new herbs, little trinkets he had bought when he saw them, thinking of only you. “Well, thank you,” you managed. “You don’t have to get me anything, you know that.”

“I wish you to give you everything that you want,” Elijah said. His eyes still watched you intently as you nervously played with the hem of your sweater. “You told me last time we spoke that you had wanted to start a library of books that meant everything to you.”

“Elijah, it’s fine, you don’t have-”

The Original cut you off, coming to stand before you. “When I care for people, I like to give them something that they appreciate. This is how I show my affection, so please, take this.” From inside his suit jacket, he produced a slightly weathered copy of Lord of the Rings:Fellowship of the Ring. “This was my copy when the novel was first printed.”

You smiled, biting your lip as you looked up at Elijah. “How did you know that this is my favourite book?” you asked.

“You told me, Y/N, quite a long time ago.”

“And you remembered?” You asked, thinking that the Original never truly listened to you on those late night calls.

“I remember everything you tell me,” Elijah said, gesturing towards the book. “Please, take it. It would mean much to me.”

You blushed, nodding as you took the book from him. The scent of old book caught your nose, and you smiled, looking up. You were slightly startled to see him looking down at you with love in his eyes. “Elijah,” you began hesitantly. “Why did you ask me to be your witch? There are plenty of others who would’ve died to have that honor.”

Elijah smiled, watching you intently. “You are so alluring, Y/N. I had to know more about you. There is just something about your beauty, your intelligence and bravery that caught my eye.”

You blushed heavily, looking down with embarrassment. Elijah quickly grabbed your jaw, lifting your head gently to look at him.

“Do not look away, Y/N. Why are you so surprised to hear this?” He asked, his thumb rubbing gentle circles into your cheek as his hand moved to cup the side of your face.

“I just didn’t think there was anything interesting about me,” you whispered, unable to draw your eyes away from his.

“You have no idea, Y/N, how much I love you,” he whispered.

You were quite shocked to hear this, your eyes widening. “You love me?”

“Yes, I do. I am afraid this was not the way I had expected to tell you, but I suppose it is better than never telling you,” he smiled, chuckling. “Am I right to assume you share the same feelings?”

“Yes,” you whispered. “I love you, Elijah.”

Elijah grinned, nodding as he leaned forward. “May I?”


His lips were more gentle than you could have ever thought possible as he kissed you, doing everything in his power to be as loving and passionate as he could without hurting you. The hand cupping your face went to the back of your neck, pulling you forward. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, one hand sliding into his perfect hair.

As Elijah deepened the kiss, you found yourself bringing one hand to his chest, grasping his tie tightly in your hand in an effort to bring him closer. He chuckled at you, pulling away with a little gasp falling from you lips. “I have waited quite some time for that,” he whispered, caressing the back of your neck.

You blushed, giggling as he smiled down at you. “Will you stay, tonight?” You asked him, looking up at him hopefully.

“If that is what you want,” he whispered. “Go, finish your bath. I will wait until you are done relaxing.”

He released you, and you returned to your bath, reading the book he had given you in the warm water, smiling the entire time as you knew the love of your life was just in the room over, and he was officially yours now.

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This had been going on long enough, two original vampires battling for your affection. Klaus and Elijah had been on a power trip, most likely to prove who was the worthy brother for you. More often than not, you had to sit and listen to the endless bickering that lasted longer than it should

Klaus along with Elijah had gone out to deal with a few supernatural situation that needed their attention. The two of them came walking in, the air around them tense and stiff.

“How did everything go? Did they quake with fear at the sight of two Mikaelson brothers?”. You causally asked, as you continued to flip through a magazine.

Elijah unbuttoned his suit jacket and seated himself in the opposite chair. “It went as expected. Niklaus throwing around demands and possibly making things worse”.

Klaus rolled his eyes. “Well it was a lot better than what you wanted to do brother. I hardly think sitting down for tea and biscuits would have worked”

Setting down the magazine you knew this was only going to go one way.

“Ah yes, I forgot that you only do violence Niklaus”. Elijah retaliated.

Klaus marched on over. “If I have to be the big bad wolf, then so be it brother. At least I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep this family safe”.

Elijah slowly stood up, his posture was calm but his eyes told a different story. “I’d be very careful Niklaus, you’re walking on a very thin line”.

Jumping up and coming in between them, you placed both hands on their chests. “Okay, back to your corners. The constant bickering on how to handle things, isn’t helping. Now I don’t know what happened out there, but pissing the enemy off isn’t exactly the best tactic. You guys need to stand together not tear each other apart”. When you decided it was safe, you stood beside Elijah.

Klaus stared at you, before speaking in a low tone. Why am I not surprised that you’d side with my brother. Standing beside the noble Elijah, how can I be anything but the lesser brother? A liar, a manipulator, a bastard”

He turned to Elijah who hadn’t said a word. “You win brother”.

Trying to call out his name, it didn’t work, he just proceeded up the stairs nothing bothering to look back. The atmosphere went from tense to uncomfortable. This morning you were in a love triangle, and now it had just exploded into a bigger mess. And it was one that you weren’t sure how to fix.



First test if Dabi from Boku no Hero Academia!

I was sad the piercings didn’t work, they were too big and wouldn’t adhere right so I had to settle for paint BUT I have an idea for next time so I’m not giving up on them just yet. Also not 100% happy with my wig so I’ll fix it before doing it again, but overall everything went much better than I expected so I’m quite pleased and excited to improve it even more!

Good Luck Kisses

Simon x Reader #16

Warnings: just fluff my dudes 

Requested: kind of by an anon; I modified a request because I wanted to write something more like this 


The day had arrived. After months of planning and meetings, Upload was actually happening. You were sat in Simon and yours shared hotel room, waiting for him to finish getting ready in the bathroom so the two of you could head over to the convention and help set up before the madness began.

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Dark the 7 plus Nico and Reyna headcannons

Looking back, Percy isn’t sure anymore when it had been ‘too much’, at which point he snapped, and when the rest of them followed. He recalls a darkness, growing inside him ever since his first kill, ever since the minotaur, one that he couldn’t stop anymore now and one that spread to those he called his friends too.

It was Annabeth who had decided that the best way to fight darkness was to become darkness themselves, something Percy might have expected from Nico or even Reyna, never from the girl he loved. He would follow her blindly, he had to Tartarus and back (and maybe, Percy muses now, that had been their breaking point) and where they went, the others weren’t far.

As it soon turned out, they all had a dark side to their powers, something that made even the gods anxious in their marble seats on their far away mountain.

Percy and Jason had never fought better together than they did now, unleashing storms that did not feast on their own power, but on everything they destroyed in their path. Stopping people’s hearts with the blood in their veins and enough electricity to make it lose its rhythm. 

Hazel’s curse became a weapon, her rubies a messenger of death, her sapphires letters of farewell. With every new stone left in her wake, people crumble to her feet.

Frank’s soul was gentle, but he had his father’s wrath inside him. The beasts whose forms he took became bigger and uglier, nastier claws and sharper teeth until one day, Frank seemed to be one with them even in his own skin.

Manic laughter and wrath erupting red and gold, enemies falling to dust before they open their mouths to speak. Leo walks over their charcoal bodies, rising like a phoenix from their ashes.

Men and women falling at her feet, Piper lost her second thoughts about manipulating and bending people’s wills. No door was locked for her, no heart. She made people draw their own blood to appease her, just to step over their cold bodies with a colder smile.

No one is afraid of the boogeyman anymore, there are worse things lurking in the dark. The shadows under their beds, behind their doors and in their closets, in every crevice the sun can’t reach, writhing and trembling, coming to life at Nico’s call. Life sucked out like the air in your lungs with a kiss blown from afar, ghosts laughing over their corpses before they disappear to be never seen again. There is no mercy in the world of the dead.

Strategists and warriors, Reyna and Annabeth were born to lead. Against Gaea, and with their camps and followers united, against the gods that stole their lives.

Distantly, Percy thinks he hears a voice echo in his memories. A broken boy’s, disappointed in his father and the gods that used them as pawns, turning as dark and old as Tartarus itself.
I always knew you’d follow my path, Percy Jackson.

A one night stand with a mafia member. (Pt.2)

Genre: Mafia!BTS

Pairing: Jimin x reader

Warnings: Explicit language and violence

Word count: 1.1k

(A/N): Again there’s no smut in this despite the title but maybe in pt.3

Here a link to Pt.1 if you haven’t read it yet: Pt.1 , Pt.3, and pt.4// Pt. 5

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You shut the door to your bedroom and slid down the door, sitting on the floor. You covered your face with your hands. “….I can’t believe I saved someone who kills people….” You mumbled. “This is what I get I for trying to have fun or be happy!”

After a while you picked yourself up off the floor and got in the shower. You couldn’t stop thinking about him though. His stupid charming smile, sweet personality, and that dumb tone of voice he got when he heard you on the phone. Maybe it was because you were painfully single but you started to think you caught feelings for him as wrong as you thought it was. Even the thought of being a mafia member’s girlfriend freaked you out. You’d basically be helping out with killing people, drug trafficking, and god knows what else. Wait. What if he came to kill you now? I mean you hadn’t seen his bad side yet.

Suddenly your phone went off and you almost jumped out of your skin. “Fuck!” You put your hand on your chest to calm down, turning the shower off. You stepped out, wrapping a towel over yourself and answered it. “Hello?”

“You picked up…Thank god..listen, (Y/N). I know you don’t want to have anything to do with me right now but I just want you to know I really like you and this really isn’t a big deal-” Jimin managed to get out before you cut him off.

“NOT A BIG DEAL?? Jimin you’re a murderer! I don’t even know what else you do and honestly, I don’t want to find out.”

Jimin sighed. “(Y/N) I’ve only killed someone once and that was because I had to. Killing people isn’t my job. That’s Taehyung’s.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?”

He sounded a little desperate. “Please. I promise you I will never hurt you..just give me one chance to prove it. If I even hurt you, emotionally or physically, in the slightest you can break it off with me and I’ll leave you alone forever.”

You sat there on your bed, hair dripping wet. “…Fine…”

You could hear his cute giggling again. “Good. How about a date tomorrow?”

You suddenly thought about his injured side. “Are you sure you’re okay to go on a date?” Even if you weren’t sure about your feelings towards him you still didn’t want him to be in more pain because of you.

“Why wouldn’t I be? My side? Babe, I’ve been hurt way worse but it’s sweet you’re worried about me” He assured you.

You felt yourself blush even if he couldn’t see you. You sighed realizing you were a soon to be girlfriend of a mafia member. What are you getting yourself into? I guess you were finally getting that exciting non-boring life you wanted.

The next day you tried to dress up a little, wearing a cute dress. Mafia member or not he was really attractive so you had to at least try to look good.

You tried to make him lunch the best you could, despite not being the best cook. There was a knock on your door and you ran over to answer it. Jimin stood there with his hands in his pockets. Holy shit did he look amazing. You weren’t the only one who dressed up. He smiled and kissed your cheek, coming inside. You blushed and shut the door behind him.

“It smells good in here. You made me lunch?” He asked looking back at you, happily.

“Yeah. Sit down and we can eat.” You went to go put everything on the table.

Lunch went better than you expected. He seemed so normal. He told you about his job more to explain that he wasn’t as crazy and dangerous as you were probably thinking. He mostly just handled negotiations and deals with other gangs. You felt a little relived that he wasn’t out murdering innocent people because his boss orders him to.  

After lunch was over the two of you sat on the couch. You leaned your head on his chest and he looked down at you, smiling. He reached over and held your hand. “Thank you, (Y/N).” You looked up at him. “For what?” He kissed you. “For giving me a chance when most people wouldn’t. You won’t regret it.”

“I better not.” You joked, smiling back at him.

A few weeks of the two of you dating passed and Jimin brought up the idea of you going to meet all the members of the gang. He said it wasn’t really a discussion if the two of you wanted to keep dating because Namjoon had to approve. You were a little afraid but if it was for Jimin you were willing to do anything. Well mostly anything.

Jimin came to pick you up and he drove the both of you to his boss’s house. He even bought you a dress to wear but you were starting to get the feeling it was just to show you off because of how tight and short it was. He held you hand tightly and rang the doorbell. “Don’t worry, (Y/N). I won’t let any of them mess with you ok?” You nodded and stayed close to him as you were let in by someone else who must have worked for Namjoon.

You slowly walked into the dining room seeing 6 men sitting at the table. Jungkook had also brought a girl with him, as well as someone you hadn’t met yet. Knowing that there was 3 couples, including you and Jimin, made this a little better.

Namjoon smiled at you and kissed your hand. “You were right Jimin…She’s gorgeous.”

You looked back at Jimin who couldn’t really do much since it was his boss. “(Y/N), this is Namjoon.” You smiled at him shyly. “It’s nice to meet you, sir.”

Namjoon smirked.  “Jimin, you better be treating her right. I mean that in every aspect. If you don’t…. I might take it upon myself to.”

Jimin clenched his fists but you said something before he did. “We actually haven’t gotten that far yet.” You blurted out. The room grew quiet and Tae looked back at Jimin. “You haven’t fucked her yet?” he looked at you. “Don’t worry babe, You aren’t missing out on much. On the other hand though…. I could probably give you one hell of a night.” Taehyung laughed at himself but not for too long when Jimin punched him. Tae instantly stood up, getting ready to fight Jimin. “Watch your mouth Tae!” He growled. You grabbed Jimin’s arm. “Come on don’t Jimin-“

Yoongi came over and stood in the middle of the two of them. “Yeah. Knock it off you two.”

Jimin pulled you close and took you over to sit down, as far from Tae as possible. You ended up sitting next to Jungkook. He smiled at you. “Nice to see you again. Glad to see you’re still alive.” He joked. You laughed and pushed his arm playfully. “I guess I’m stronger than I look.”

Don’t Fear the Reaper Ch. 9: Meeting Cas

Sam Winchester x Reader

1200 Words

Chapter Summary: Meeting Cas is stressful, and you hope that if he does see through your act, he won’t kill you.

Story Summary: You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day. Set in Season 5

Catch Up Here: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5

Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8

As a Reaper, you had the ability to travel through time, much as Angel’s did. It wore you out just as much as it would an Angel, and Death had given strict orders that it should never be done. You knew of some Reapers that had gone against his rules, but you had never attempted it, or had the urge to. You had been a part of all of time, and you were certain you didn’t want to go back and relive certain parts.

However, it seemed like you had a choice to make. Because right now, you were sitting at the table with Bobby, Sam, and Dean, talking about Angels. The topic made you nervous, you weren’t sure you wanted to be around them, Angels and Reapers never really saw eye to eye. And, if their friend, Castiel, showed up like they said he was going to, you hoped he wouldn’t be able to see right through your disguise.

“Y/N, did you zone out there?” Sam asked you, still concerned over your weakness from your visit to Death. You nodded, giving him a reassuring smile.

“So, let me get this straight.” Bobby said. “This Angel chick, came to you, and said she needed your help. Do you trust her?”

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Anakin Skywalker - Jealousy

Requested: Yes. ( Could you do an imagine where anakin gets worried that you’ll leave him for Obi-wan? But in reality the reader was going to Obi-wan for help with something. With a fluff ending. ) + (  secretboyfriend!anakin getting jealous of another jedi showing you some attention maybe? )

Prompt: The reader is Anakin’s padawan and Anakin is supposed to be training her but he’s away often so she turns to Obi-Wan for help and Anakin get’s worried that she’ll leave him for Obi-Wan.

Request: I hope this one’s okay and lives up to the requests!

You were Anakin’s padawan, and you had been for the last few years since you started your Jedi training. At first, you had been told that you were too old to start your training, but then Anakin stepped in and said that he would gladly take you as his padawan, and the Council had accepted because of how skilled he was.

You two quickly became close. You spent a lot of time with one another and you both soon realized the you liked each other as more than just friends. You had tried to ignore your feelings at first, knowing that Jedi weren’t allowed to fall in love, much less a padawan falling in love with their Master and vice versa. But it was too hard for you both. You loved each other and there was no denying it, so you decided to keep your relationship a secret, and it had been that way for two years now.

It was early in the morning and you were getting ready for your daily training session with Anakin. You grabbed your lightsaber and began making your way to the training room. When you arrived, Anakin wasn’t there which made you sigh in frustration. He often got pulled away for meetings or for a mission and for some reason, telling you or asking you to come along almost always slipped his mind. Mostly because he didn’t want you to get hurt which you understood, but you also found it a tad stupid considering he was your Master and was supposed to take you along on missions, to give you experience.

You sighed and pulled out your lightsaber anyways, deciding to just practice different arm and wrist movements for now, there wasn’t much you could do without instruction.

You were still practicing different ways to swing your lightsaber when the door opened. Hopeful and thinking Anakin had returned early, you turned around only to see Obi-Wan standing there.

“Did Anakin leave you to train alone again?” He asked, his eyebrow raised at how you were trying to train yourself.

“Yes. I really wish he would tell me about these things.” You sighed, putting your lightsaber away.

It was silent for a moment, as if Obi-Wan was thinking, before he spoke again. “You know, on days that Anakin is away, I could train you if you’d like. I currently don’t have anyone else to train so it could be classed as a part-time job.” He said with a smile, looking at you and awaiting an answer.

You thought on it for a moment, wondering if Anakin would be okay with this considering you were his padawan. You figured he would considering Obi-Wan was the one that taught him everything that he knew, and could maybe pass some things on to you as well. “That would be great! Thank you, Master Obi-Wan.” You smiled. 

“We could start now, if you’d like. It could be a while before Anakin returns.” He suggested. You just nodded in response, eager to get in at least some training today considering you woke up early for it.

Training with Obi-Wan went even better than you expected. You learned a few new skills and you even learned how to have more control while dueling with lightsabers. You hadn’t realized your training session had gone a lot longer than usual and you figured you should probably return to your room in case Anakin came back and needed anything from you.

You thanked Obi-Wan and then left the training room, making your way back towards your room so you could change into slightly more comfortable clothing.

When you opened the door to your room, you saw Anakin looking out your window, immediately turning around when you entered. “Where have you been?” He asked as he made his way over to you, pulling you into a warm hug.

“I’ve been training. I think the question is ‘where have you been?’ You really need to start telling me when you won’t be here.” You sighed, but hugged him back anyways, never being able to resist his hugs.

“I was on an important mission, I’m sorry, I promise I’ll tell you next time. Were you training alone?” He asked with furrowed eyebrows, pulling away from the hug to look down at you.

“No, I was with Obi-Wan. You know, he’s a really good teacher. He offered to train me when you aren’t here.” You said with a smile, thinking he’d be just as happy as you about this.

“Obi-Wan? Why? You’re my padawan, and my girlfriend. I should be the only one training you. You don’t need him.” He said with a shake of his head, walking back towards the window again so that you could get changed.

“But, Ani, you’re not always here.” You said as you quickly took your shirt off and exchanged it for another, doing the same with your pants and pulling your hair our of the braid it was it. “I think it would be good for Obi-Wan to train me when you aren’t here. I thought you’d be okay with this considering he trained you as well.”

He went quiet for a moment, staring out the window. “You like him, don’t you?” He asked, ignoring everything you had just said.

“What do you mean? Of course I like him, he’s a good friend.” You said, confused on how that would be an issue.

“No. I mean, you like him. How you like me.” He said, turning around to face you. 

“What? Ani, that’s crazy. Of course I don’t like him like that.” You said, crossing your arms and shaking your head in disbelief.

“Why else would you want to train with him then? You already have me to teach you, you don’t need anybody else.” He said.

You sighed. “We just went through this, Anakin. You aren’t always here and you rarely take me on missions with you so what do you want me to do? I can’t just sit around and do nothing. I’m meant to become a Jedi and I need to be trained.” 

“And I can train you. I’ll take you on more missions, I promise. I just…please don’t leave me for Obi-Wan.” He said the last part quietly, avoiding eye contact with you.

You sighed, smiling slightly as you walked over to him and took his hands in yours. “I’d never leave you for anyone, Ani. I promise. I love you. I just want you to be around more, or at least let me come with you on your missions.” You said, placing one of your hands on his cheek so he would look at you.

“And I will.” He returned your smile and placed one of his hands on your waist, pulling you closer to him. “How did I get to lucky to have you?” He asked, using his other hand to tuck a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“I don’t know, but you got me.” You smirked, wrapping your arms around his neck. You both laughed before he leaned down, placing his lips to yours.

Billionaire Matchmaker

Bucky x f!reader

y/n: reader’s name.

Summary: Tony plays matchmaker.

Warning: I don’t think there’s anything to mention, just some flirting.

A/n: Just another idea I had. Takes place after Civil War

Special thanks to @sharknadoslut for giving me the confidence to write.

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

Tony would never admit it, but deep down he regretted his actions towards Bucky. When the Avengers reassembled, and were living together again, nobody brought up the events that had took place that had torn them apart. There was just this unspoken agreement that everyone was starting over. Slowly, the tension between everyone was lessening. Wanda and Vision were spending time together. The newbies were finding their places on the team. Scott and Peter’s friendship was beginning to resemble a sibling relationship, constantly chatting about electronics, insects, and all sorts of other stuff. Not to mention how enthusiastic they both were about being part of the team.  But there was still plenty of tension between Tony and Bucky, especially if Rhodey, Sam, or Steve weren’t around to break the awkward silence.

One day, while Tony was making some random repairs, an idea on how to say “I’m sorry”/ “I don’t want you to hate me” hit him. The people who were closest to Bucky, Steve and Sam were seeing people and working on trying to have a life outside of avenging. Steve was with Sharon, and Sam was also dating a girl, Tony couldn’t remember her name, but that’s not the point. This is what Tony could do for Bucky, he could set him up. Tony knew plenty of attractive single ladies.

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So I had my top surgery consultation today and booked my surgery date for may 5th. I’ll be having my surgery with dr hope sherie in North Carolina.

I can’t even begin to explain how excited and how happy I am. I went clothes shopping today for surgery and I’ll be booking a flight tomorrow. Everything’s slowly coming together better than I could of ever expected.
Surgerys paid for
Flight will be paid for tomorrow and then I just need to have money aside for my financing bill and some post surgery care items!

My KanColle Website

So today was the day I present my KanColle website to my Web Development class. I was bit nervous because i’m present KanColle to bunch of normal people, but everything went way better than expected.

After I got done presenting and now had to get feedback from my classmates, I only had like 4-5 criticisms while the rest were compliments. The most funniest thing that happen was the discussion at the end. When it was my teacher’s turn to give criticism, the only thing he said was that “He doesn’t get it” (as in he doesn’t why people made a bunch of Warships into anime girls). He then process to ask the class if they get it. Half of the class said they didn’t get it, while the other half either heard or know about it. He then continues to make the most funniest confuses face I seen.

Another thing was that our classroom had a huge glass wall where everybody in the building can see what was happen inside. I saw couple people in the main building looking inside our classroom and I can just imagine what their reaction would be in just seeing some KanColle girls on a huge screen.

So far I think my website is the best in the class.

If you actual want to see the website and we’re mutuals, just send me a Direct Message on Tumblr and I share you the URL. (The URL is currently private because of reasons)

Busted (part ten--END)

Requested by @steventaylorlogan

Could you do a bucky x reader fluff or smut thing? Where the reader is Tony’s daughter, and she and bucky get caught doin the frik frak?

Bucky x reader, ANGST/FLUFF, Word count: 1484 (I was going to split this into two chapters but was too excited to wait another day to publish the end)

***MAJOR CIVIL WAR SPOILERS*** (although if you’ve made it this far into the series, I’m guessing you’ve already seen the movie)

TW: language

A/N: This is the tenth and final chapter of “Busted,” a multi-part series. Thank you to everyone who stuck with me through this series, and thanks to @steventaylorlogan for sending me this request that I obviously ran quite far with! I really did enjoy writing it, and I hope you all enjoyed reading it. All 10 chapters can be found on my masterlist here.

Missed a chapter?? Check out part nine here

“What?” asked both men simultaneously.

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Wake-Up Call | Part 2

Summary: It’s the next morning after Peter gave you the cookie late last night. It starts with an early wake-up call but definitely worth it after the exam is over.  

Characters: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Warnings: Cursing

Word Count: 1,361

A/N: Study buddy goals, honestly. Where can I find me a cute boy who will help me with a hard exam? Part 1 can be found here.

You were having a great dream until your phone started blaring your ringtone. You looked at your phone and saw that Peter was calling. You answered with a groggy voice.

“Peter, it’s,” you looked at your phone and saw 7:42 AM, “it’s 7:42 AM. Why are you calling me so early?”

“Because studying doesn’t wait for anyone and we have a lot to review for tonight if you want that A!”

You groaned, “Fine, give me 30 minutes to wake up. Want to meet at the dining hall to eat breakfast and study there for the time being?”

“Yeah sure. See you there in 30.” He replied on the other end and you hung up the phone and rolled out of bed. You looked over and your roommate was still sound asleep. You went to your closet and grabbed your shower caddy, some clothes and your towel to take a quick shower. You love the feeling of the warm water hitting you, waking you up. When you got out, you grabbed your backpack and headed to the dining hall. There you saw an eager Peter waiting for you.

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Hey! I took my test today! It went better then expected! Thank you so much for everything love! ~test/broken laptop/taxes anon

AHHH CONGRATS ANON I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU AND SUPER PROUD THAT YOU PULLED THROUGH EVERYTHING!!!!!! It’s really amazing at the end of the day you can always do more than you think you can :D

Take the night off and relax, you definitely deserve it ^-^

Not A French Mistake After All Part 2

Read Part 1 Here

Prompt: Imagine Sam and Dean existing on the same dimension as Jared and Jensen. They are sent to protect you. However, you work on the Supernatural set, which can lead to certain trouble considering the Winchesters and Jensen and Jared look the same.

Word count: 2,258

A/N: As I said, it’s impossible for me to write short stuff so this will to be divided in parts. I wanted to make a French Mistake kinda thing but there are far too many of those out there, so I thought: what if they were all in the same dimension? And this happened. I hope you enjoy it.

Pairings: None (yet!)**

Characters: Sam, Dean, Charlie, Crowley, Kevin, Cas, Jared, Jensen, Misha, Mark, Felicia, Osric… For now.

Warnings: I think none.

You opened your eyes, your vision was blurry but you recognized a person sitting by your side. The person by your side was pressing a cold towel, probably with ice, on your left temple. You moved a little.

“Morning, sweetheart.” Dean spoke, still pressing the towel.


“You fainted, hit your head, and got unconscious. You got a really big bruise in there.” He said with a chuckle. Your vision cleared out a bit more; you were now able to see Dean better, and he looked tired.

“It was a lot to take in.” You sighed.  Dean helped you sit, he handed you the towel as well.

“I have things to do but um… I’m sorry for being a douche, I was tired and you know…” Dean apologized, struggling to find the right words. You smiled and nodded.

“It’s okay, I forgive you.” Dean smiled back and excused himself, leaving you alone.

You looked around the room you were in. The walls were grey and it had no windows; the wooden floor matched with a small table with a chair near the big metal door Dean had just used to leave; a devil’s trap was drawn right in front of it. The night tables and the bed were also wood, but lighter. There was a flask with water – holy water, you guessed– and a bag of salt in one of the tables; the other one was empty. You waited until your headache ceased to leave the room.

You walked out to a hallway, it was dark and it had 7 other metal doors. At the end of the hallway, there was a staircase. You went up the stairs and found yourself at the kitchen, aka the same place from last night. Sam and Dean were at the table, reading something on Sam’s laptop; Charlie and Kevin were cooking something on a stove you hadn’t seen the night before; Castiel was also at the table, staring into the space. Everyone but the angel looked at you when you walked in.

“(Y/N)!” Charlie cheered, Dean focused back on Sam’s laptop. Kevin and Sam walked over to you.

“How are you?” Sam asked concerned. He cupped your face with his left hand and pushed it so he had a better view of your bruise. “It’s not as bad as we expected. That’s good.” He whispered more to himself than to you.

“I’m fine, Sam.” You assured, Sam nodded and went back to his brother. Kevin stood there staring at you. “Everything all right?” you asked and Kevin shared a quick glance with the Winchesters.

“Yes but no.” He said.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Everyone stood quiet for a few seconds. Charlie stopped what she was doing and turned to look at you.

“Well, nothing… It’s just that everyone is looking for you.” She explained.

“You mean…”

“Yes, (Y/N). You were report missing this morning…” Your eyes widened. You looked back at the brothers and Sam turned his laptop around, Jensen’s twitter was on the screen. You walked closer, reading the headline tweet:

“This lady here went home early last Friday’s night, she didn’t come to work this morning and she’s not answering her phone. Please, if you see her or if you know where she is, let us know. This is not like her. #SPNFamily” It had a picture of you next to Jensen, wearing Supernatural tees.

Sam got up and opened another tab, now it showed Jared’s twitter.

“You know her, you’ve seen our live streams with her and the backstage videos, everything… Please, help us find her. #SPNFamily”

It also had a retweet from Misha’s twitter:

“I would like to make an eloquent, funny comment about this, but this is serious. Please, wherever you are, know that we will find you. And if anyone knows something about her, let us know.”

Sam showed you every tweet from every cast and crew member, as well as everything the fans had been tweeting and blogging. Some people even hung posters of you on their towns and even some online newsletters had opened a mailbox for people to send information about your whereabouts.

“By the look on your face, I see you understand how screwed up we are.” Dean spoke, breaking the silence in the room.

“Yeah I know but… I don’t get it, I’ve only been gone for the night, and I didn’t even have to work today.” You replied, and then everybody got quiet again until Sam cleared his throat and turned you to face him. He had his puppy eyes on, which only meant one thing: he had bad news.

“Actually… You were unconscious the whole weekend. Today is Monday, already afternoon…” Your knees weakened. ‘How hard did you hit your head to be unconscious for days?’ Sam held you, scared that you’d fall again; Charlie pulled a chair for you to sit.

“Nothing on the angel radio.”  Cas finally spoke, but no one except for Dean heard him. The angel stood from his chair and walked towards you, he kneeled in front of you, and his baby blue eyes somehow calmed you down a little. “I made you sleep; your soul needed some time to recover from the shock.” The angel explained and you were able to breath out the air you had unconsciously kept in.

“I need to call them.” You whispered, almost like a plead. Castiel and Sam gave you an empathetic look, understanding your feelings; Charlie and Kevin turned to look somewhere else and Dean rolled his eyes angrily.

“No.” The older Winchester said, your head snapped his way.

“Dean, I need to… They have to know I’m fine, or else they won’t stop looking for me.” Dean got up from his seat, he looked very intimidating.

“I said no. Those jerks will eventually give up. Besides, you’re not going anywhere, why would we worry if someone sees you? You stay here and we wait for them to surrender. Done.” Your eyes watered at his words, how could he be so cold hearted with you. This was definitely not the Dean you knew, so different from the one on the show…

“You can’t lock me in here.” You said, trying with all your might not to let the tears spill.

“Watch me, princess.” Dean replied in the most cruel voice tone you had ever heard.

Nobody, not even Sam, convinced Dean otherwise. You were locked inside the strange looking cabin, and there was nothing to do about it. Dean even took your phone and blocked it so you couldn’t call anyone; the only thing it worked for was to listen to music and play those stupid mini games Misha had installed a few months ago, otherwise it was useless.

You missed your boys with all your heart. You missed Jensen and his overprotectiveness, and Jared sensibility, Misha’s weirdness; Pulling pranks on Mark, going to the spa with Ruth and Sam, the karaoke nights with Briana, Rob and Rich… You felt like you could cry your heart out, and even so that wouldn’t ease the pain. In spite of being locked down in your room, you still felt like Dean Winchester didn’t deserve a single tear, you weren’t going to give him the satisfaction of watching you cry.

Kevin knocked the door and then he entered through it.

“Still a ghost, huh?” You said mockingly, trying to play off your sadness. Kevin chuckled.

“Not so much of a ghost, really. Chuck let me come down here for a while, to help Sam and Dean… I guess you could say I’m alive, except that I got to keep certain ghost abilities.” He explained.

“If I weren’t here, I would think this is some of the worst fanfiction ever!” You laughed and Kevin followed you. Once the laughter died, Kevin’s face turned more serious.

“I know you miss them, and I know it’s not fair to keep you here.” He started, holding your hand in his icy cold ones, “Dean doesn’t like it, and neither does Sam. Charlie won’t even talk about it, and Cas… The point is that we’re doing it for your own good. I don’t know what kinds of friends you are with those actors, but if you need someone to talk to, or just to spend some time, you can count me in.” He gave you a warm smile and you nodded.

“Thanks, Kevin. I’ll keep that in mind.” Before you two could say anything else, a loud noise called your attention.

Dean and Sam had just gotten back from a supply run and, by the sound of it, Dean was ranting furiously about something. Kevin and you walked out to the kitchen, only to find the brothers discussing.

“Dean, CALM DOWN!” Sam insisted, Dean throwing his arms in the air over and over again, the younger trying to dodge them.

“I can’t believe it! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!” Dean shouted, his face was red in anger.

“Dean, we’ve been through this before, no one will notice.” Sam grabbed his brother by the shoulders and tried to calm him down.

“Yeah, but this time those assholes are all over social media! We’re not used to have this much attention on us… Them… Whatever.” Dean argued.

“Calm down, Dean.” Charlie spoke behind you. “What happened?” She walked past you to face Dean.

“Some kids at the store confused us with them again!” Dean explained angrily, Charlie shook her head.

“It’s not the first time, you’re used to it. What’s the real problem?” She asked. Dean opened his mouth and shut it again, not knowing how to put his feelings into words. Sam palmed his brother’s shoulder, a sign that he was going to take charge.

“They weren’t the usual fans that just want a picture. They interrogated us about when was the last time we saw (Y/N) and stuff like that.” Sam began explaining.

“They even had notepads…” Dean observed, interrupting his brother who looked back at him. “Sorry, keep going.” Sam sighed before continuing.

“They followed us out of the store, still asking questions when a notification rung in one of their phones.”

“It was a ‘tweet’ from Jenson.” Dean interrupted once more, marking the quotation marks with his fingers. Sam groaned and Dean apologized again.

“Jensen.” Now it was you who interrupted. Dean rolled his eyes and Sam nodded.

“Right, a tweet from Jensen so the girls started asking more questions about who we are and why were we pretending to be them and all of that.” Sam continued. Charlie, Kevin and you immediately understood what that meant.

“Basically, we have to move.” Finished Dean, and everyone nodded. “I hope you don’t mind, we snuck into your apartment and got you some… things for the trip.” The Winchester gave you a fake smile and showed you your travel bag, which seemed to be full. “Sammy did the packing, so if a piece of underwear is missing, you know who to blame.” Sam blushed and punched Dean in the arm.

“I didn’t steal any piece of your underwear.” The younger Winchester assured you. Dean muttered a “yet” and Sam punched him again.

“It’s okay, Sam. I know you didn’t. Thanks for bringing me my stuff.” You said, taking your bag in your hands.

“The trip to Kansas is two days long… It’s too dangerous. What if someone sees her?” Charlie observed and, by the look on their face, you could tell the brothers hadn’t thought of it.

“We can get her on the trunk.” Dean suggested, and everyone including you gave him a death glare. “I was just joking.” He defended himself.

“She can wear a wig.” Sam said and everyone considered that. Castiel rolled his eyes.

“I can teleport her to the bunker.” He said.

“Cas, you’re too weak.” Kevin spoke, but Cas shook his head.

“I’m too weak to teleport all of you.” Castiel had faced a few demons, followers of the new leader, and had lost some strength during the fight. However, the angel was strong and he was now recovered enough to take you with him. No matter how the rest of the group argued, Cas didn’t change his mind and everyone ended up agreeing with him teleporting you. “Ready?” the angel asked after you giving you some time to pick up all of your stuff (your jacket, phone and bag).

“Ready.” You said, excited for finally knowing what it felt like to teleport.

“Be careful sweetheart, it’s not as cool as on TV.” Dean mocked with a sassy smirk.

“We’ll see you in two days.” Sam continued, he held your hand and gave it a slight squeeze.

“Hold your breath.” Charlie advised, and before you could do it Castiel teleported you all the way to the bunker.

It was a millisecond trip, but as soon as you landed you fell on your knees, trying to recover the air you had lost. You felt like you were dying. Castiel helped you stand up; all you could focus on was his blue eyes.

“You need to recover; the first teleportation can be painful. I will put you to sleep until they get here.” You barely nodded your head. Cas pressed to fingers against your forehead, making you fall into a dream where none of this was real.

Meanwhile, every single member of the SPN fandom spread the word about the fake Jared and Jensen, which gave the Winchesters no other choice but to use a costume in other to travel from Vancouver to Kansas without being arrested or worse.


** So I asked you to choose whether I should make this a paring fanfic or not, and if yes with who. So far I’ve only received two answers: one asking for Dean and another one asking for Sam. Until this is settled, I will somehow juggle between the brothers. The reason why I asked you to choose was because I had already done a Dean Fanfic, however during the day I’ve been doing a Sam Spam (1, 2, 3, 4) which will continue up to tomorrow.

If this doesn’t get settled (and because I’m a Dean girl) I will make this a Dean x reader thing.

Feel free to send me an ask telling me what you think. Requests are always open!

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